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Military Wives XMAS NO 1 2011


Despite this year's Remembrance Day falling on Sunday, 13 November 2011, we are already into the middle of December and there are still white vans, construction lorries and taxis with big fat plastic poppies embedded into grillplates.

 Not to mention Gareth Malone's Military Wives Choir single- 'wherever you are,' which is heading straight for 2011 Christmas number one spot.

By wearing a poppy what does that signify?

Well according to wiki:

It is the anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War at 11 a.m. in 1918, "to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts".

So what would any self respecting BBC care about the significance of  poppy wearing for? If you are self-respecting Chinese you will know that that poppy serves as a reminder of our humiliation at the hands of the western alliance during the Opium War - Just ask David Cameron in Nov 2010 on a trade visit to China, he looks like he could be a politically sensitive chap.

 Little did they know Hu Jin Tao had laced their champers with 100% Absolut Chinese piss

As some of you already read from the guardian link Hu JinTao wasn't too pleased. But then again this kind of behaviour is only to be expected from arrogant British imperialists.

So 'its only a poppy'...maybe I'm being over sensitive? Come on I know any whitewashed British Chinese still cant see my point and maybe FOBS think it's 'Hi Culture?'

Here's another example of western racism, blog of a White media executive living/working in China , with Chinese FOB wife and adorable mixed race baby.

Scroll 1/3 down and you can see him proudly showing off his opium poppy, his Chinese wife, typically clueless, doesn't give a crap. And as long as she has her collection of Gucci bags, adorable baby, and hi western assimilated Chinese lifestyle why should she?

So there you have it, FOB Chinese woman happily married with baby to white imperialist racist. Chinese hi culture bourgeois lifestyle at it's finest. Just add poppy.

To us British Born Chinese, a poppy is representative of  the reasoning that 'immigrants are allowed' to live in the UK and should feel 'grateful'. After all, if India, Africa and Hong Kong weren't colonised by England, England wouldn't have been able to purge the riches from these countries and have such a high standard of living. Wearing a poppy is also a political tactic that gives average white English a false sense of pride .

'We died in the war for you lot' blahblah

 Never mind the same children of those people sent to war by Imperialist warmongers and STILL sent to colonise Iraq, Middle East and latest news, maybe Iran, who are hiding Bin Laden's long lost brother's great auntie's false teeth.

So fellow BBC'ers the next time some snide China-hater flashes a poppy in front of you knowing that it will piss you off as a Chinese , I suggest you say the following:

'Yeah you keep wearing the plastic poppies mate, no point mourning the dead when the government are still sending out young soldiers to be killed daily for queen and country. You Moron.'

And if that comment fails to create any reaction , step into your car,  and calmly notify him you are playing this song for any imperialist who believes that killing innocents and plundering countries for their wealth somehow equates to nationalist pride:



    More worryingly is that he is applying for a visa so the Chinese wife and mixed kid could stay in Britain. Further following the predictable pattern of white expats going to China, hooking up with a bride and then taking them from China... ie. Chinese women being exported from China, further exacerbating the shortage of women in China.

    Like I said in a previous post, this is the future, the way things are going. White men tend to already have white kids of previous families (thus ensuring the continuation and GROWTH of the white race), but for their "next" conquest (after leaving their wives, white kids grown up) they pick an easy Chinese woman, denying a Chinese man from having even their first (and only) wife and child. Painful to watch in slow motion.

    What is more painful is the Chinese government allowing such things to occur - mail order brides (so white men don't even need to stay in China for a bit in the first place), preferential treatment, lack of resistance of Chinese men (you'd think, watching this in their backyard and on home territory they'd be forced into action) and exporting women and unwanted baby girls (always girls, you notice) to white lands, further destroying the Chinese race... you have to ask, what the fuck are they thinking???

    Oh I did pay my respects on Rememberance Day. To the millions who died to repel white forces in the Korean War. To the millions who fended off the Japanese in WW2. To the Chinese fathers who were forcibly deported from Britain, leaving their families behind in post war Britain, because the white men coming home couldn't take it. Maybe the Chinese government should take a leaf from the British government's books.

  2. The opium poppy is just a flower, its meaning can be abstracted to symbolise anything you want it to mean, I honestly do not have a problem with the poppy day appeal in the context of the it does not signify the opium war, though I can understand those who may have a problem with it.

  3. HappyBritishChinese21 December 2011 at 18:09

    @ BBC Zeitgeist. In some ways you can say its just a flower. But then at the same time lots of things have symbolic meanings. If a white child went up to you and pulled the corner of his eyes, and laughed at you, you could dismiss him as a mischievous child and not a racist one. Racism is by nature a perception thing. Unfortunately those who started this segregational war think that Chinese are easy targets. The biggest form of racism aimed at Chinese is 'casual racism'.

    The example you see in the above pic of Cameron and Co wearing poppies is another example of racial slyness, except in a political way.

    If Hu Jin Tao can be seen as 'mature' for tolerating Cameron and co who refused to remove their poppies despite being asked, then thats another matter entirely.

  4. HappyBritishChinese21 December 2011 at 18:10

    @Anonymous. My point of including that guy's blog in this discussion is my amazement at how something so bloody and evil ( starting wars and invading countries that did no harm) can be reversed and seen as noble and even honourable. But yes, western civilisation is oh so perfect and can do no wrong.

    Re: your comment about Chinese gov taking a leaf out of the book of the UK Gov in terms of PR work then I agree with you. China really needs better political PR ie arrogance instead of perpetually being seen to be stuck as this 'little boy' constantly asking for permission from the bully ( the west) for validation when all the bully is interested in is ...bullying him. I would also add the west needs to learn more humility from China.

  5. I dont think eye pulling is a good example because it only really symbolises one thing- depiction of 'oriental's, it cannot really be subverted.

    The poppy however can mean different things, as the first poster said quite subjectively when we have a minute's silence every year, we dont have to use that minute to remember white soldiers, but can remember 'East Asians' that died in the wars instead.

  6. Of course wearing the poppy in china as opposed to the UK has different ramifications, but I think it goes to show that many of these white foreigners that go to China especially the men, are not going to turn native nor become Chinese nationals (they have no intention of throwing their foreign passports away), they are merely there to use and take what they can from China and then p*ss off back to the West with it, they fill these types of self-serving attitudes and personality traits discussed here...

    "They have little or no interest in learning about the [Chinese] culture beyond superficial things like food and celebrations. The underlying assumption is that while they have something valuable to teach the [Chinese], the [Chinese] have nothing as valuable to teach them."

    and here...

  7. I used to believe BBCZeitgeist is a very angry person, before happybritishchinese started posting articles.

  8. All comments unrelated to the poppy article about white male chinese female relationships and migration have been moved to ....

    Btw, we have just passed over 'ONE THOUSAND' blog comments in total! Keep up the good discussions!

  9. HappyBritishChinese21 December 2011 at 18:14

    @anonymous I'm trying to think of something happy to post about Chinese culture/social identity in this country but recently doesnt seem much to discuss. Maybe you can suggest something?

  10. HappyBritishChinese21 December 2011 at 18:14

    @BBCz Fair enough I get your point, I was obviously going in from the purely Chinese aspect, rather than the political aspect of remembrance day.

    Agreed about how the imperialist mindset promotes white privilege with a legal passport to taking from China without giving anything in return. Modern plundering.

    Funny how noone has decided to dispute my suggestion of imperialist war mongering. Either im imagining things or people, as usual are too scared to question British moralism on here. British Born Chinese are we?

    Guess its back to talking about xfactor and dogs in prams. Maybe that's what we can define as 'happy' topics.

  11. Gosh, what shock, horror no Yorkie bar me me me i-am-so-important Commercials what has happened?!!?! must of seen the light. The blunt dissing in the other blogs was so funny, this blog is a bit too deep for me, sorry I am a bit shallow, but i guess there needs to be some light and shade... guess what, when you crack an egg the egg Yolk is always yellow, unless its an egg York LOL.

  12. HappyBritishChinese21 December 2011 at 18:15

    ^ haha exactly bro thats what i was thinking - where is he?

    Mr York - youve spammed the crap out of the other articles what do you have to say about the ethics of british imperialism.

    Surely you arent going to just ignore the comments of the anonymous 22:01 ?

    He was addressing the gentleman in this blog in case you need reminding

    BBCz is saying that white privilege is a ticket for white men to visit China to use and take what they can from China and then p*ss off back to the West with it

    what say ye?

  13. Gareth Malone military wives choir single wherever you are - should be renamed ...Wherever you are you're still a f***ing murderer.

  14. the choir military wives facebook page

    Don't buy the Paul Mealor single! Don't support the British armed forces!

  15. american news:

    19yr Chinese American soldier revealed to have been killed by 8 racists co-soldiers in USA army.

    This is what can happen when you support the military, and more relevantly, when a western born Chinese signs up.

    Dont Support The Armed Forces, exactly.

    Daniel York - what sayeth thee?

  16. Just to clear up - who is Daniel York?

    A very sad case indeed. The pressures of minorities to conform to the host white country (note that this never is the case in nonwhite nations, e.g. in China you have white expats doing, thinking believing whatever they want with no repercussions), resulting in this misguided young man with a respectful but ultimately foolish motive to "serve his country", not knowing that in reality, most of his country are disgusted by the very sight of him. Thankfully SOME of us have managed to break free from that persuasive mind hold over minorities (especially the Chinese) in the west - we are patriotic to the nation, but we have no desire to throw ourselves into the sea of piranhas by signing up, "serving our country", respecting "our boys" when they would not hesistate to kill and mutiliate us if they were given the order. Remember, most (if not all) white British do not see us as British, no matter how loyal to OUR country we are.

    Also do not forget the fact that the government (not the people) would LOVE to see minorities in the frontline.... they make good cannon fodder without altering the genetic makeup of white Britain, after all. I recall, after they were rounded up in concentration camps, that Americans of Japanese descent were asked if they were loyal to America, were willing to fight for America, DIE for America... end result, exclusively ethnic Japanese regiments were sent on basically suicide missions to hold the line in Nazi Germany. 90% who went never came back. They were repaid with ethnic Japanese survivors being left with nothing, and openly racially abused, beaten etc. post war America. They had served the country, risked and died for America, yet were still treated like shit.

    So don't think for one minute that "serving your country" will somehow elevate you into a true Brit. I suppose that is why Chinese women breed with white men - because that is the only way to be seen as British, to be white and British, which their descendants will look like 2 generations down.

  17. Daniel York writes-

    Verily I have tried to comment but my comments doth not appear. Talk to BBCZ about it.

    No, it's not a good idea to join the army.

    Yes, some white people pillage what they can come Eatern cultures.

    Poppies, however, have nothing to do with commemorating the Opium War.

    The soldiers in World War 1 and 2 were conscripts. They had no choice. They were not a marauding army of colonialists.

  18. Daniel York writes-

    What do you want me to say, Happy?

    No, I wouldn't advise anyone to join the army personally.

    "BBCz is saying that white privilege is a ticket for white men to visit China to use and take what they can from China and then p*ss off back to the West with it"

    Yes, that definitely happens.


    "It is the anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War at 11 a.m. in 1918, "to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts".

    The Opium War which took in the previous century so it's certainly no celebration of that particular British atrocity.

    Poppies grew in Flanders, France where a great many (conscripted) World War 1 soldiers died. The poppies in no way symbolise opium poppies.

  19. Daniel York writes-

    @ Anonymous

    "Just to clear up - who is Daniel York?"

    Don't worry about me. I'm invisible!

  20. ^ 'Who is Daniel York' ha

    'do not forget the fact that the government (not the people) would LOVE to see minorities in the frontline'

    Yeah I found this link the army are actively looking for minorities but as you say thankfully the british ethnics arent stupid enough to.

    Re: your comment on Chinese women breeding with white men.And not turning it into a hapa thread but yeah i agree. Here its for acceptance and in the east its for privilege.

    Re: 'serving your country'. It's quite clever how its been set up - the brickheads are loyal to imperialist murderers and we are the perpetual guests.

    But theres being 'unaware' and then theres willful ignorance.

    The way this country is going waking up will be compulsory.

    If Chinese were more confrontational the world would be a better place.Its a real shame.

  21. Does anyone know any Chinese that joined the armed forces in UK? I've never met any that have, you could say we are non-patriots or just too damn civil and smart!

    The Chinese security forces can be bloody aggressive and confrontational though, I've seen white female foreign journalists in China being man handled like dogs.

    Even hollywood celebs like Christian Bale was man handled too the other day for trying to visit dissident Chen Guangcheng.

  22. @BBCz Personally i dont know anyone who has joined the armed forces. Non-patriots or too smart. Probably the latter. British Chinese Patriotism vs British Chinese political representation, wonder if theres another article in that....

    Havent experienced Chinese security, but I do recall getting out at Dongzhimen, a subway stop in Beijing on a Foggy day, and lo and behold two police standing in the street armed holding machine guns strapped around their shoulder, just on guard on a sidewalk, maybe waiting for someone important to arrive.

    Had to walk past him quickly, I hate guns.

    Re: Christian Bale. ha that idiot deserved it. Got another article ready for that incident but he definately was out to provoke trouble by playing with Chinese politics by visiting Chen Guangcheng

  23. Daniel York writes-

    My dad was in the RAF when I was a kid. He absolutely hated it and broke the rules to get out. He was adamant that I should never join though I was never tempted for one second. The thought of dying somewhere horrible for "queen and country" sickens me.

    Most of the American forces are from poor backgrounds and many of them are minority ethnic. They join up to escape poverty and the next thing they know the ruling elite have packed them off to a foreign land to kill and be killed.

    The British ones I think join for a "good career" but many of them come out badly, even the ones who aren't killed or maimed horribly. The rate of alcoholism, mental illness and homelessness amongst ex servicemen is incredibly high.

    I still don't see how this relates to a rather lame blog by a staggeringly uninteresting white bloke who's managed to get himself a Chinese wife though.

    "I suppose that is why Chinese women breed with white men"

    You talk about them as if they're farm yard animals.

    "Who is Daniel York?"

    See, Happy. You're a doing a far better job of promoting me than I ever could.

  24. ^ Funny you still cant manage to comment without mentioning something related to your acting career. Not sure if 'Hapa Actor Troll' is something you want to be remembered on this blog for, though.

    Re: our hi-cultured poppy wearing friend. If his Chinese wife had any dignity or cultural awareness of what imperialists did in opium war she would make her husband eat that poppy rather than wear it infront of her IMO. But then shes a gucci-wearing FOB so cant really expect much more.

    Plus, she has a gorgeous mixed race baby.

    Speaking of hi-culture, as a half Chinese actor , do you see a connection between British Imperialist racism and Shakespeare? And if not, how in your opinion does it benefit British Chinese representation?

  25. Daniel York writes-

    When did I mention my acting career? Happy, I honestly don't want to discuss it.

    Re-poppy wearing fat Brit. I don't want to get into defending this bloke we know next to nothing about but, as I pointed out previously, as poppies are generally seen to be about the two world wars in the last century, he would more than probably not see it as celebrating the opium war. However, if people in China think it IS he should take it off. The Brits can be incredibly intransigent about this stuff, though.

    Do we know for certain his wife wears gucci?

    Don't take it out on their baby, Hap. People don't specifically request to have mixed parentage.

    Shakespeare. This is an interesting question. I don't see a direct link with imperial racism, no, though ALL aspects of British culture (Shakespeare, Dickens, Elgar) can get highjacked by the ruling classes for their own ends so I can see why it might have that connotation. But his plays are first and foremost about humanity. The "hath not a Jew eyes" speech from Merchant Of Venice is probably one of the greatest speeches about racism ever, though his portrayal of Jews elsewhere in the play isn't so great, this, from a 16th century writer, is quite staggeringly progressive. He also writes brilliantly about the barbarism of warfare. The scene in Hamlet where the Captain talks about two armies fighting over a "tiny piece of ground" is just one example.

    How does it benefit British Chinese representation? He is the foremost and most performed British playwrite. If there's lots of white people doing it then, yes, it definitely becomes "imperial". Mostly (in London anyway) Shakespeare is nowadays performed by multi racial casts. But still very few (none in fact) East Asians who are of course the completely forgotten minority in Britain. The stablishment's attitude seems to be "we've got our black and brown people, no need to worry about those little yellow ones". Surely this is something worth shouting about.

    What do you think? Should British Chinese performers be actively avoiding it? If so what SHOULD they be doing?

  26. Daniel York writes-

    Incidentally. It's absolutely fine to have a pop about "self promotion". Everyone in media and politics does it. Criticise by all means but I think it's wrong to associate it with peoples' racial heritage.

    Do you honestly think mixed race actors "self promote" more than full blooded ones?

  27. I was serious about the who is Daniel York thing btw. At first I thought it was the admin reposting his comments because he's under some sort of ban. Then I realised, yes someone is vain enough to actually post their name under an anonymous tag to get some airtime.

    Besides, you talk about self promotion, why are you doing it on a British Born Chinese blog? It has nothing to do with you. The blog isn't aimed at actors, and it isn't aimed at people who are the British Born Mixed. Why? A prime example is that you mention your white dad serving in the RAF - look already! Your heritage, your upbringing and thus your understanding has already been affected by you being half white as opposed to ethnic Chinese.


    "I still don't see how this relates to a rather lame blog by a staggeringly uninteresting white bloke who's managed to get himself a Chinese wife though. "

    It relates because said white man pushing the poppy culture onto a Chinese woman has proudly posted pictures of her Chinese wife with him on the same blog. It's the internet, we're not restricted to commenting on stuff based on the title of the article.

    "I suppose that is why Chinese women breed with white men"

    "You talk about them as if they're farm yard animals."

    The irony is that white men DO treat them as if they're farm yard animals - ordering one online, or going out to fuck and be with them as if it were a certainty. If they were seen as human there wouldn't be this absolute confidence.

    In general I am struck, and saddened by the number of oriental women pairing off with white men though. With black men-white women (and increasingly asian men and white women), then if you are a white man you can avoid it by just staying away from cities and the obvious multiracial areas. If you are Chinese you have nowhere to go. Not even in China. It feels like every day, whether just general walking around at work, leisure, etc. I see a white man-chinese woman couple. The stats are obviously lying because it's common as muck. Even online, when browsing random things that have nothing to do with race, for example artists that are featured in a magazine with an ordinary white name, I click through only to find that yes, that very English name represents a Chinese woman.

    The most recent example is just now, I'm reading about the release of this little computer thing

    and there's a link to the blog of their representative, Liz Upton. Very white. Very ordin... oh wait look she's oriental.

    I do wonder what is the extent of this, how many oriental people are masquerading under white names in the white world, whether by marriage, adoption by white parents and/or shame of being oriental?

  28. Sure you are right, although the blog is not specifically aimed at the aforementioned above, the blog is not a closed blog, its a public blog, therefore anyone is entitled to post comments here regardless of race, gender, sexuality etc (as long as they dont start trolling etc).

  29. It's just that, like with most "British Chinese" groups online and off, our "message" gets diluted when someone who is not British Born Chinese comes in. Like on the Britishbornchinese and dragon-something forums (can't remember the exact name), both quite popular but they are frequently joined by white or mixed race members who wade into discussions that they have zero or limited understanding of... they were brought up differently, so they shrug off racism as a chip on our shoulders rather than something that affects our lives, etc etc. At times those forums just became a blatant area for white members to flirt and meet up with chinese women... it's as if they are denying us our own space to talk issues that ONLY concern us.

  30. HappyBritishChinese23 December 2011 at 23:46

    @ anonymous 21:08

    This blog is called BBC zeitgeist so I'll assume that the main objective is to give us BBC's a genuine voice, and at the same time developing links with whoever can help give us that voice, whether its media etc, but i will agree with you that mixed race come to troll, but BBCz does such a great job of moderating this blog it shouldnt be something to worry about.

    @Daniel York if you genuinely want to help and not promote your own acting agenda and not trolling, thats great.

    Re: Shakespeare, In a nutshell think its a racist institution, and any BBC that performs for that is basically a white puppet. And that goes for any ethnic minority that performs that stuff. There are much better ways of portraying us BBCS as regular people with hobbies, relationships, lives without having to pander to the establishment. Shakespeare IMO is establishment and like everything else in this country is some kind of social pyramid that we have to climb in order to be 'accepted'.

    @Anonymous 19:01


    and there's a link to the blog of their representative, Liz Upton. Very white. Very ordin... oh wait look she's oriental. '

    HAHA i think you are a human Chinese female sellout detector bro.

    But to seriously address your point,and on the topic of British Imperialism, this is exactly what im getting at. This is the pyramid that we as ethnics in this country have to climb up some more 'successful' than others but its just a f--king sham.

    We will never be accepted. 'They' wont want us to and 'they' never will do. The central core of authority in this country as i think i said before is based on a solid structure that is unbelievably white.

    If you check one of BBCz's articles on here

    You can see how,in a way the landscape is 'set up'. I mean where white people live and where ethnics live.

    As he rightly says in the article

    'you cannot hide reality, racial segregation is alive and well in the UK.'

    Its set up that way - and for a reason. British Born Chinese in my opinion have the toughest call because we are so spread out. I even did a bit of research myself to find out where the most British Chinese are and these are the results i found

    (2005 estimates)

    London - 107,100 (1.4%)
    Manchester - 10,800 (2.3%)
    Birmingham - 10,700 (1.1%)
    Liverpool - 6,800 (1.5%)
    Sheffield - 5,100 (1.0%)
    Oxford - 4,200 (2.9%)
    Cambridge - 3,600 (3.1%)
    Newcastle upon Tyne - 3,100 (1.1%)
    Edinburgh - 2635 (0.92%)

    Cambridge and Oxford - like Mr York says - is this including the students?Because if not, then the two top locations of British Chinese population are sellout central.

    So when stuff happens like in the Simon San incident what can we do when we dont live in Scotland to support? And the white authorities once again dont give a shit. and in some cases get promoted for not giving a shit:

    The only realistic thing I can think that BBCS can do is just keep ourselves aware with social issues and , individually speak out and protest in our own way, when we feel we have to.

  31. Daniel York writes-

    @ Anonymous

    1. I only came here because BBCZ was writing stuff about me in the first place. There was some misconceptions that I attempted to clear up.

    2. I post under my real name because I was talking initially about stuff said about me and I don't like hiding behind online identities.

    3. My father is CHINESE. He was adopted. That's why my surname's "York". I was responding to Happy asking if anyone knew of any Chinese who'd joined the armed forces.

    4. I don't think there's much chance of anyone meeting any "oriental women" here. Besides, I'm happily married. To a Chinese woman.

    "Besides, you talk about self promotion, why are you doing it on a British Born Chinese blog? It has nothing to do with you."

    I'm absolutely not "self promoting". I have nothing to sell. As I said I came to clear up some misconceptions. There's been a lot of arguments and I do have to say I find the pervasive prejudice towards Eurasians quite disturbing but the issues being discussed are interesting plus Chinese people who are angry and passionate about things are a rarity frankly.

    "The irony is that white men DO treat them as if they're farm yard animals -"

    All of them? You're rather big on generalisations. You probably wouldn't like it if a white person said "all Chinese eat monkey's brains".

    Yes, white man/Chinese woman couples are extremely common but I don't think anywhere near the majority of Chinese women marry white men.

    " white or mixed race members who wade into discussions that they have zero or limited understanding of... they were brought up differently, so they shrug off racism as a chip on our shoulders rather than something that affects our lives, etc etc"

    I'm not going to go on and on about my life but I'm willing to bet I have just as much experience of "racism" as you do. In fact, when I talk to most BBC's about my school days they're quite shocked by some of the things that happened to me.

  32. Daniel York writes-


    "This blog is called BBC zeitgeist so I'll assume that the main objective is to give us BBC's a genuine voice, and at the same time developing links with whoever can help give us that voice, whether its media etc, but i will agree with you that mixed race come to troll, but BBCz does such a great job of moderating this blog it shouldnt be something to worry about."

    Well, it's never been MY intention to "troll". You have to understand that when people log on here what they see is an awful lot of vitriol directed towards Eurasians. Now if you go through a lot of the posts here and substitute the word "Chinese" for "Hapa" you'll get "shitty Chinese actors", "Chinese troll", "self promoting Chinese" etc. I don't think you'd take kindly to it.

    Re. Shakespeare.

    You make some valid points about the structure around this writer, the bastion of "Englishness" the establishment imbues this with. But in what way is Shakespeare "racist"? It could be argued that minority ethnics by performing in this stuff, by invading the temple of English "tradition" are staking their place in this country and making themselves visible in the process.

    I don't want to talk about my work but I think this is relevant. I once performed in a Shakespeare play set in Shanghai with East Asian actors. We got letters of complaints before we'd even opened.

    If "racial segregation is alive and well in the UK" surely anything that combats that mindset has to be good.

  33. @Daniel York. This blog is for outspoken opinionated BBCS who care about our Chinese culture. IF your trolling is an excuse to defend eurasians on here, then maybe you shouldnt post on here.

    Derogatory reference to HAPAS or FOBS is a way that we have been marginalised in the past from FOBS: 'he calls himself Chinese and he cant write it? What kind of Chinese is that' or ' sorry you cant get a job teaching English here in China, we already have another candidate ( points to russian guy who doesnt speak a word of english' and so on .

    HAPA males are preferenced over BBCS in a lot of areas, and ironically a lot of HAPAS dont even like Chinese girls, yet Chinese girls love them. Jealousy? No. Because when you are awake, it boils down to racist indoctrination. As usual you dont get it and im having to explain whats been reitereated here many times before. Hopefully I wont have to close this thread too.
    Yes this thread that js an ethnic Chinese BBC Blog.

    RE: combating racial segregation. In a nutshell the answer isnt 'multiculturalism' - its equal representation. But that doesnt exist so we may as well poke holes at the injustice, on this blog, because thats about as much real justice as you'll get for an ethnic Chinese in a white-centric white-ruled country. Just ask Simon San.

  34. ^ who and what did they complain about?

    re ANON: most "British Chinese" groups online and off, our "message" gets diluted when someone who is not British Born Chinese comes in.

    Although most topics are about the BBC perspective, there are some discussions that concern the wider British Chinese community or even the East Asian community, especially those topics where its 'Asians v white,' but that should not detract from our own ethnic issues in terms of sub group v sub group, no one will hold us to ransom, we're still publishing radical articles from a BBC perspective, if that upsets another sub group - so be it.

    Besides one cannot always ascertain the race of those posting comments due to anonymity, therefore we have to take the comments as we see them. But I understand your points and its an issue I will address in another article.

  35. By the way the fact that you have married a Chinese woman means nothing. Your ignorance towards BBC politics and constant bartering and wangling to be accepted for us to accept Eurasians when Eurasianism is clearly an imperialist agenda against Chinese culture( yes BBC politics again, whether you want to understand or respect that truth) , just makes you come across as another white guy who wants to 'help the poor underrepressented' ethnics, but has spent so long licking the establishments arse that respecting Chinese culture just becomes another box to tick.

    If i were you Mr Daniel York, Id show a bit more of a humble attitude on this blog. If theres anything you may have noticed, white-based arrogance isnt tolerated on here. Chinese yes, white no. If you dont like it, you know where the door is. Dimsum and the like are only a google search away.

  36. Lets return to the discussion on poppies.

    The article already establishes the origins of the poppy from WW1, there is no need to even discuss its origins, its common sense. The argument is that the Tories in insisting on wearing the poppy offended the Chinese government who believed wearing 'a poppy' 'of any sorts' is an insult to the Chinese as a reminder of the opium wars, should 'we' as ethnic Chinese also take a similar stance and also be feel offended and empathise with Hu Jin Tao as solidarity for our Chinese homeland?

    Its entirely relevant to BBC's as we would not be born in the UK nor would our parents have emigrated to the UK specifically if China hadn't lost the opium wars allowing Britain sovereignty of HK.

    The comments mitigating these innocent 'conscripted' white soldiers is yet another predictable attempt at diversion to divert the issues away from the main discussion about 'Chinese' (& promoting Chinese perspectives) a different and somewhat irrelevant discussion from a mixed race/white/multi-culturalist perspective promoting the interests of mixed race/white/multiculturalism.

    Remembrance Day represents all soliders in the line of duty including Iraq, Afghanistan, Falklands, Ireland etc, there has not been any conscription since the 2 major world wars, they are full time soldiers.

    Maybe Daniel has been too well indoctrinated by his white mother and his highly westernised Chinese father in the RAF (after all no real ethnic Chinese person would ever voluntarily join the RAF except a white licker, actually there is only one high profile 'Chinese' that joined the RAF that I know of, well I say Chinese, its actually a non-ethnic Chinese mixed race Eurasian that Paul Hyu loves to promote as being 'Chinese' - Rory Underwood, oh its 'The Missing Chink' again! What does that tell you!?

  37. Daniel York writes-

    My father was trying to earn a living to support a family. Something you probably wouldn't know anything about. You're in no position to call anyone a "white licker".

    The World War 1 and World War 2 soldiers WERE conscripted. If they refused they were sent to prison to do hard labour. If the same thing happened tomorrow that would be you (as a British citizen) getting called up if you're between 18-35. In WW2 they were fighting a war in which more Chinese died than from any other country.

    If you're not going to publish my comments then please don't refer to me.

  38. RE: mitigating the argument. In a way criticism of white imperialism plays a large part of our culture because its shaped us into who we have become. think about it, we have little contact with our homeland, FOBS marginalised us, HAPAS were given and gladly took our representation...without an effort to create a new culture of our own...what do we have left?

    'Its entirely relevant to BBC's as we would not be born in the UK nor would our parents have emigrated to the UK specifically if China hadn't lost the opium wars allowing Britain sovereignty of HK. '

    ^ Right - sums up the BBC predicament. The connection is THAT deep.

  39. You're right, as a stakeholder, British citizen and property owner, I would quite happily defend the UK shores from an invading force, however, if asking me to go onto some foreign land and kill in the name of the British army, forget it. I'd take the first flight to Hong Kong and stay there.

  40. What's the difference between a bartender and Daniel York serving in a whites only pub?

    The barender doesn't need a licker license.

  41. Mr York WHERE ART THOU, art thouest going to respond to thine heckling?

  42. @comedian ...unless its a milky bar LOL
    @HBC... I guest he can't take the white heat,

    ah ha ah

  43. Alot of post's on this site seem to promote segregation. Try to break away from society and live in a chinese bubble. It is very similar to the whites complaining about how they are losing there country to immigrants. How the blacks complain about being singled out by society. How the arabs complain about how the have to follow british laws. Every race has it's problems and will blame it on anyone they can. It really comes down to the people as i know you do not speak for the entire BBC community as prince phillip dosent for white people, abu hamza for the arabs etc. For years to come racsim will still exsist and will go in all directions. But the most important thing is not to assume the few speak for the many. Here is a quote from american history X which i think is very profound - "Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it". Some people will never change there views and will pass them on to their children but while those people waste there time being bitter and blogging the rest of the us will be enjoying our lives.

    1. ^^Mr.Miyagi?!

      ...and yet you still read and post on an ethnic Chinese blog which is you claim is bitter and not enjoying life like yourself. Oh the irony!

      American History X? For a moment, I thought you were referring to Malcolm X, but I googled it, and discovered what it was and had a good chuckle after realising where you derive your 'philosophy of life' from.

    2. @AnonymousFeb 19, 2012 06:35 AM

      So what are you saying, blacks have the right to celebrate their culture after slavery, south asians after complete colonisation, whites get to indulge in east enders, wear poppies and celebrate killing innocents in the name of imperialism and British born ethnic Chinese arent allowed to develop their own pride and after years of casual racist slandering now we are living in an economic destraught times brought on by western imperialism you want to suddenly consider lucky to be 'accepted' as equals? how generous.

      Races will be equal - when your imperialist rulership stop causing wars, then we will all have peace and not before then.

      If anything you whites ought to be self-hating and not so f-cking pompous, because its YOUR MONARCHY that to date cause and are STILL causing all the wars.

      You want equality? Think about what i just wrote and then you will know who is to blame for international divide and conquer...question is, what will YOU do about it?

    3. no, no, no, regardless of the fact that for many Chinese, racism/discrimination is an economic reality, his solution is to turn a blind eye to it all i.e (since were on the subject of film quotes)...SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL.

    4. @BBcz ha exactly

      Oh look here comes another police car flashing blue lights! catch those terrorists mate! What you lost them? AGAIN? never mind theres nice juicy big mac waiting for you at the end of the rainbow, and remember...GOD SAVE OUR WARMONGERING MONARCHY. Ah ignorance is bliss.

  44. Hello,

    This is an ABC writing to you from New York. I know you primarily cover Chinese issues on this website but I want to give you a heads up on a recent racist incident. A racist white f*ggot by the name of Vince Sant took racist photos of himself mocking Asian people.

    Since the American media is trying to completely black out this issue and cover his face on articles - I think you should write a story since I know you get a lot of hits on your site. I also like that you tell it like it is and aren't afraid like other fairy sites such as 8Asians.!/Vincent_Sant/

    Also, I want to bring attention to another incident that happened. A racist Joo was harassing a 1.5 Chinese guy and his date. Anyways, the fat ass got his ass clocked.


    1. Hi SumAzngrl, thats an interesting story that needs to publicised, however this is a UK blog, we dont really cover US or Korean issues, but Asian American sites should be covering these domestic issues. 'Angry Asian Man' is your best bet, you should email him, hes Korean American, it will be right up his street, for example he has also already covered the Youtube link story you posted. If you have other stories, dont hesitate to contact me.

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