Friday, 16 December 2011

Chinese Language Banned In China

China's Middle Class Aspirations vs Economic Reality

China is to build a fake English market town where Chinese language is banned and its residents and visitors must speak only English. Miyun County official Wang Haichen said....
 "We plan to build in the European architectural style...with a castle. When people arrive in the town, it will be like going abroad. They have to get a 'passport' which has to be stamped," 
Four miles of polluted rivers running through 1,000 acres of blighted semi-rural land in Beiing will be restored and landscaped into scenic standards becoming of the English countryside to lure the middle classes seeking to boost their linguistic skills in an English-inspiring, green setting.

Mr Wang unveiled the county's anglophilisim at the Communist-run Miyun County Fifteenth People's Congress, a major regional government meeting, on Thursday.

Thames Town on the banks of the Yangtze River near Shanghai was opened amid much fan fare in 2006, boasting mock tutor brick homes, a pub, chippy, privet hedges, manicured lawns and leafy roads.

Five years on however, the complex is a near ghost town and draws mainly newly weds seeking a novel backdrop for their wedding photos.

American English may be more widely taught than The Queen's in Chinese classrooms, but all things British remain a benchmark for style and standards for many Chinese. 

Economic Reality of China's Ghost Cities...


  1. China has too much construction money. Next thing theyll be building the map of europe there.

    Gov do anything to prevent its citizens from escaping. Fact that it remains a ghost town says it all.

    Not sure how long this facade is going to go on for.

    They should build a replica of the British Chinese arts association and dress some mannequins up inside one of the buildings

    'this is the british chinese arts community - yes they are fake, but its a genuine replica'

  2. white worshipping at its finest. can you imagine the uk govt building a chinatown where all white middle class people that live or visit have to speak chinese? ludicrous to say the least.

  3. Daniel York writes-

    @ happybritishchinese

    "They should build a replica of the British Chinese arts association and dress some mannequins up inside one of the buildings

    'this is the british chinese arts community - yes they are fake, but its a genuine replica' "

    What's the "british chinese arts community", Happy? Doesn't exist as far as I can see.

    It's interesting that the Chinese government have chosen to build an exact replica of the kind of drab suburban town that most of us would run a mile from.

    Looks like Basingstoke or somewhere...

  4. Whitewashing I would expect in white countries. Doing it in an exclusively Chinese country? Well, look at Singapore, HK, China - it is an exclusively Chinese trait. How can we reverse this? Answers on a postcard.

    I'll tell you what will happen if we DON'T reverse it though - our race will be so insignificant, without culture, pride or heritage, our women a sponge for white losers and social outcasts who either can't find a wife of their own race, or simply hunting our young because they want more kids after having divorced their white wives - the Chinese men will have nothing worth living for.

    Have a look at this article, typical pictures of busy shopping centres at Xmas. Now, what are the chances of seeing a white man-oriental woman couple there? Quite rare, no? Rarer than black men-white women even? Well not exactly:

    All white except... oh look, a lone oriental woman! Who's that she's with? Surprise!

    How cosy is that, awwww...

    The future.

  5. HAHA^ Brilliant. Bro you should write an article on this stuff you have a good eye for it.

    Yes, associating white with right is indeed a problem. And the only we can fight back is pushing for a new Chinese culture.

  6. It's not so much white = right, but rather white = normal, the default setting if you like. In a white country then obviously it is normal, but to do so in China, and other Chinese populated areas is ridiculous and severe brainwashing of one's culture. You do not see Muslims do it. Indians. Blacks. They all live in a predominantly white culture, do you see them shy away from it and "be white"? I'd actually say the opposite is true, whites are "acting" black (see London and how they speak), and white people are converting to Islam in droves. The only non native culture that has diminished in presence (were it not for the recent immigrants plugging the gap) is the Chinese one.

    By all means integrate, get along with others, but not at the expense of your roots. I wonder if the Chinese in two generations time will even know about their roots, the way things are going they will probably think they came from a line of Anglo Saxons!

  7. If you think this town is bad wait until you visit places like York...

  8. @lol at Anglo saxon British Chinese. Ironically the origins of white people ,

    if anything white by default is anything but normal.

    If China as a country didnt exist and there was just the white-washed western Chinese, how sad would that be?

    Also the fact that we are scattered and dispersed all over th UK rather than condensed in one area says a lot.

    What is the highest concentration of Chinese in the UK?

  9. ^ Which part of the UK , i mean - London? Birmingham? Manchester?

  10. its okay i found it.

    Largest urban Chinese communities - Cambridge? then oxford 2nd place? no wonder British Chinese have so many damned sellouts

    (2005 estimates)[51]

    London - 107,100 (1.4%)
    Manchester - 10,800 (2.3%)
    Birmingham - 10,700 (1.1%)
    Liverpool - 6,800 (1.5%)
    Sheffield - 5,100 (1.0%)
    Oxford - 4,200 (2.9%)
    Cambridge - 3,600 (3.1%)
    Newcastle upon Tyne - 3,100 (1.1%)
    Edinburgh - 2635 (0.92%)

  11. Daniel York writes-

    Oxford and Cambridge. Why is that? Are they counting the student population?

  12. Austrian Village replica built in Guangdong

  13. No official colonisation equals China today. Of course, it's on the face of it. The fact is, China had allowed the "white man" to tread its country for centuries. Trading but all the same allowing them to pillage heritage plants and re-package and sell them as English plants. How many people care to think where Camellias, Peonies, Magnolias and tea roses come from?

    Then there's the religion. The laugh is, the whole population of Christians in China (officially because house churches are banned) eclipse the whole of Britain's population alone.

    With that in mind, is it a surprise a mini village like that exists? It only allows westerners to mock China's copying status. There's enough press about countereits, then there are many coming to China to have artists copy Rembrants to Van Goghs for a snippet. This demolishes the independent mind that westerners love to go on about and reinforces the images of Chinese people being servents that had their artistic talents clipped, only to be there to copy things.

    China has to stop this. They need to quickly ask themselves, do they want to join the western capitalist dream which they seem to, or ditch this and bring home the business and start building technology from Chinese companies rather than European and American giants. They have been trained by the best, so why not turn that as a weapon or tool? SF.

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