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Bumbling Detective In The Murdered Simon San Case Is 'Promoted.'

Bumbling Detective In The Murdered Simon San Case Is 'Promoted.'

Full Article: The Scotsman

The family of tragic Chinese delivery driver Simon San today mounted a furious attack on the police, saying they had been left “betrayed” and “sickened”. 

Relatives of Simon San hit out after learning that a detective involved in the heavily criticised investigation into the case had been promoted. They said there was no explanation for the decision to promote DCI Gareth Blair to the rank of Superintendent just months after an internal inquiry found “significant failings” in the police’s repeated denials that the killing was racist. Deputy Chief Constable Steve Allen made a high-profile public apology for the force’s failings following the case. Today, however, the San family branded that apology a “public show”.
Their statement read: 
“We believe that no explanation can justify [the decision to promote DCI Blair] considering the pain [he] and his colleagues have inflicted on the family. We feel deeply betrayed by Lothian and Borders Police and by Mr Allen in particular. We trusted Mr Allen to do right for the family, however we now feel Mr Allen says one thing but does the other. Some of our family members felt sickened by the news and no longer wish to have any interaction with the police on this matter. We feel the trust we had in the police is completely lost. We now feel the public apology was just a public show. We feel we have been lied to by Mr Allen as he continually reassured us the complaints were being handled seriously by the force and by himself.”
Mr San, 40, died last August after an attack by a gang as he parked outside his family’s takeaway in Lochend Road. Mr San’s head hit the ground with fatal force after one attacker, John Reid, 16, struck him with a single blow.


  1. Would it be a bit of a stretch to say that the general apathy and lack of backbone that British Chinese media representation ( BBCS included) in this country has in speaking out against racism against Chinese in the UK, instead choosing to make shitty plays with yellowface orientalism for the last 30 odd years may have contributed to a 16yr old scottish teen punching Simon San to the floor dead?

    How about bad hapa actors? self serving feminist plays?hmm. lets see. i know - how about a nice exotic chinese recipe for your white husband? thatll bring Simon San back!

    Politics? Whats that? Not interested? Make more money ah? ok la

    Back to more navelgazing then...

  2. Dsniel York writes-

    Thr stretch of logic that Happy manages to construct to link Eurasian actors to the tragic racist murder of a Chinese delivery driver is absolute proof of the power of the human psyche to concoct a scenario for literally anything around a certain set of limited obsessions.

    Global warming? Shitty hapa actors

    Third world poverty? Feminist drama

    Economic recession? Mixed marriages

    On topic. The police will generally excuse anything an officer of the law does as a "mistake" that should be overlooked unlike say a struggling drug addict from a troubled background who gets caught shoplifting. It could be argued that the latter person has made a series of tragic mistakes (getting hooked on drugs, in desperation stealing to support the habit) yet the police will take an extremely dim view of this unlike the generally benevolent view they'll take of one of their own who has erred with often tragic consequences.

  3. Excessive white-worshipping /zero assertive ethnic Chinese political/media arts representation in britain = whites assume we ethnic Chinese are easy targets = Dead Simon San.

  4. Daniel York writes-

    Whilst I would agree that East Asians in general simply aren't assertive enough in British public life the police have a track record for this type of thing that stretches across all minority groups and even white people.

    You're relating this to mixed race actors is absolutely absurd.

  5. British eurasian actors have done nothing for political awareness for racism against Chinese in the UK and when they do speak out its usually done in a way that involves undermining the issue to turn it into some kind of selfish promotion of their own career.

    You making out that the police arent racist against Chinese just shows how little you understand this case or have looked into it.

    Your whole casual attitude towards Simon Sans death and turning this into another hapa self promotion thread just says it all.

    Dont do it on this thread please, take a leaf out of the other bbcs who have read this thread: if you dont have anything to say that is respectful towards Simon San on this thread DONT SAY IT.

  6. Daniel York writes-

    On the contrary, Happy, it's you who shows a total lack of respect for Simon San by using his death to make a posively surreal connection with your ravid and hysterical hatred of mixed race actors.

    The police certainly ARE racist towards Chinese people, as they are towards black and South Asian people. Your linking it with your own prejudicial views is opportunistic and really quite sick.

    Do you think Simon's family cares one iota about mixed race actors?

  7. Why you consider yourself Chinese when you take no interest in Chinese affairs unless they are selfserving is beyond me.

    You already have a white / white worshipping audience to watch your east asian theater shite that has done nothing for fighting against racism against Chinese and now we have to listen to your BS on this blog as well. unbelievable.

    What have you done to fight/speak out against racism against Chinese in Britain daniel york?

    And what effect did it have?

    Did you call up Simon San's family to see if they needed help?

    Did you write to the guy in charge of Simon Sans case and tell him you would like an independent inquiry?

  8. Daniel York writes-

    Happy, I'm not going to list all the things I've done to fight/speak out against racism towards Chinese people because you'll only accuse me of "narcisstic self justification".

    I signed an online petition to do with Simon San's death.

    I didn't personally contact his family, no. Did you out of interest? If so, maybe there's something practical that we could all do that you could suggest from your contact with them. Perhaps you have the contact details of the guy in charge of Simon's case. Why don't you publish it and let's all write to the useless fucker.

    Your accusations of "self serving" are facile and hypocrtical. It was YOU who peppered the initial discussion with your over riding obsession with mixed race theatricals and I called you on it.

    Happy. I'm reluctant to go on about "me" too much in a thread that's about something far more tragic than probably anything going on in yours or my life at the moment but I'm pretty sure I know a lot more about racsim towards Chinese people than you think.

    This blog is very good when it's highlighting issues like this.

    It's not so good when it's promoting prejudice and bigotry.

  9. ^ List out what you have done to fight against racism , please. If its honest truth, people on here will get a better idea about you rather than stereotyping you as the self obsessed hapa actor we keep accusing you of.

    I never peppered the initial discussion, if you read my first comment clearly i aimed the comment at the WHOLE British Chinese community. self serving hapa actors and their misguided efforts to speak out against racism in the UK was PART of it. Obviously you with narcissistic tendencies as we know you on here would hone on on JUST THAT ONE PART.

    If you want to contact Simon san, reread the old threads on this blog and do some basic internet research .

    Maybe when you have taken initiative to do those two things ie contact Simon San's family and write to the guy in charge and report back we can discuss further .

    And if you want to talk about promoting prejudice and bigotry maybe you should address this article, and possibly in a way that is without prejudice and bigotry

    Would be interesting to hear as a hapa what you genuinely have to say about white privelege in the UK

  10. Daniel York writes-

    Thing is though, Happa I mean Happy, the whole of your first post seemed to be dedicated to crappy plays and mixed race actors-all of which make up an incredibly minute part of British East Asian activity. It does seem to be something of an obsession for you.

    I'd be interested to hear your experiences of contacting Simon's family though. I'd worry I was being too intrusive doing that personally though writing to the bozos who promoted the other bozo does seem a good idea. Instead of slagging each other off all the time maybe we could launch some sort of collective campaign?

  11. Daniel York writes-

    "List out what you have done to fight against racism , please. If its honest truth, people on here will get a better idea about you rather than stereotyping you as the self obsessed hapa actor we keep accusing you of."

    Most of it does relate to the entertainment industry I'm afraid but, there you go, it's where I work.

    I'm the vice chair of the Equity Minority Ethnic Members Committee. We campaign both within the union and to the media world at large to combat discrimination in an industry that's still ridiculously middle class and caucasian-particularly in terms of who's making all the decisions.

    On behalf of the committee I carried a motion to the 2009 TUC Black Workers Conference urging the Race Relations Committee to pressurise broadcasters about the lack of East Asians on TV.

    I was also heavily involved in the campaign to change a union rule relating to discrimination. To cut a long story short there was a dancer at the English National Ballet who was outed as a BNP member. She was also the Equity trade union rep but owing to a loophole in the regulations Equity were unable to even confront her about it. We campaigned to change that rule which involved a referrendum. I took part in debates and wrote articles about it in the face of vehement opposition from the union's right wing who felt it infringed on their "free speech".

    In the new year we’re going to form a working committee with the other Federation Of Entertainment Unions (BECTU & National Union Of Journalists) aimed at tackling East Asian “invisibility”.

    I have also, off my own back, confronted many extremely powerful people both in TV and theatre, very probably to the detriment of any "career" I may have, about their pathological unwillingness to employ East Asian practitioners. This has involved writing countless letters and having face to face meetings, some of which have got very stormy.

    I have had to face down an awful of intimidation in my work because I'm very outspoken about portrayals of East Asian people that I feel are sterotypical and weak. I have received several veiled threats that I am "alienating" powerful people. I am fairly actively despised in several BBC departments and by many connected with Yellow Earth theatre who I very publicly criticised for absolutely failing to raise the profile of East Asian performers in any effective manner.

    This may sound like not much but, as I'm sure you'll agree, if a particular group isn't an active part of the media and arts scene then they effectively become "invisible".

    It all seems a bit trivial in a Simon San thread though.

    I first came to this blog because BBCZ wrote something inaccurate about me in an article about Yellow Earth losing their funding. What I do see here however is an awful lot of invaluable information about incidences where Chinese people have been victimised and discriminated against. It just seems a shame that all too often the over riding tone is one of hatred aimed at certain East Asian minorities.

  12. Thing is though, Happy, I mean Hapa, I mean Yorkie...does the 5 word, one line sentence :'How about bad hapa actors?' read like 'the whole of my first post'.


    Of course youd be interested to find out what response I had but I want YOU to find out for yourself, like I said, when you have proved you can do something for the British Chinese community that doesnt involve self promotion, specifically, taking action to supporting Simon San's family then we can talk.

    Also notice you ignored my first suggestion:

    'List out what you have done to fight against racism , please. If its honest truth, people on here will get a better idea about you rather than stereotyping you as the self obsessed hapa actor we keep accusing you of.'

    As long as you practice selective read and response on this blog before your captive BBC audience you are not going to win any allies on here much less convince us you're just trolling to kill time.

  13. Daniel York writes-

    Happy, you should hang fire. I answered the question but comments sometimes take a while to appear here.

    I don't want to get into semantics but the whole first post you made was "that British Chinese media representation ( BBCS included) in this country has in speaking out against racism against Chinese in the UK, instead choosing to make shitty plays with yellowface orientalism for the last 30 odd years may have contributed to a 16yr old scottish teen punching Simon San to the floor dead? "

    It's all about the "shitty plays". I probably over highlighted the bit about "bad hapa actors" for satirical purposes but there you go. I kind of see the point you're making now but it was a it confusing at first.

    FWIW Yellow Earth did a play about the Chinese immigrants you suffocated in Dover. It was shit.

  14. Daniel York writes-

    I read the previous articles about Simon's murder.

    I saw you did a lot to try and help Simon's family, Happy.

    I've written an email to Lothian & Borders police and Scottish parliament.

    There was talk on the other thread about a "protest video". If I can help in any way let me know.

  15. If you are doing as much as you can within your area of entertainment, then I wont contest.

    As far as video is concerned, Chris Li seems to be the only person who is interested in interviewing British Chinese, maybe you can contact him.

    Re: protest video , you can google for Simon Sans restaurant and contact them. When I tried to speak to them, a relative text me back, a week later, and she said she will contact me but they already have support from their community going on and will get back to me if they needed help.

    Now the Detective is getting promoted Im not sure how that will affect the independent enquiry.

    Plus I dont live in Scotland, and any form of effective demonstration would be from the Scottish chinese community .

    As I recall his sister said that they have enough support from the Chinese community up there.

    I no longer have her number. So Ive just googled the takeaway Yong Hua Garden in Edinburgh, will have to go through the whole process again and try and try get his relatives phone number.

    Also these people are worth contacting.

    Tel: 01413 410026

    Its the Scottish Chinese Community.

    If anything happens I'll leave a note on here.

    Simon San RIP.

  16. Latest update is that I have text Simon's relative and now waiting a response from her. If nothing happens I will follow up in the new year.

  17. Another example of double standards in the government, regarding specific racism towards the Chinese...

    Recently an Indian student was shot point blank in the head by a white youth. There was nothing said, no indication of racism. Read the following:

    "Investigators say that although there is no specific evidence of the crime being racially motivated they are responding to those affected by the crime who believe it to be a hate crime."

    So based on his friends' perceptions AND NOTHING ELSE, it is treated as racism. Now compared this to the case of Simon San, where, despite the family and lawyers repeatedly telling the investigation team and the cunt who got promoted that it was racism - including examples of what the killers said (see above) - the entire court case did not take into account racial hatred.

    We have known for years that the British, the government and the authorities are racist, but they are racist to different degrees depending on the race, as clearly seen here.

    Indeed it is worth keeping an eye on the court case of this unfortunate Indian - anything more than 5 years' and there is further proof that British Chinese are treated worse than Indians from abroad.

  18. ^ Exactly bro, re racial preferential treatment Chinese are bottom of the list

    1. Blacks - colonised by imperialists, hence seen as powerless. 'Dont mention slavery etc'. Having said that the riots that sparked off earlier this year was because a white brickhead police shot a black man.

    2. Indians - colonised by imperialists and whole country is corrupt. case in point when India was flooded this year, where was the Indian PM? Where else but living it up with his white imperialist buddies in the UK whilst his own people were suffering.

    3. Chinese - not colonised, therefore imperialists hate us and also scared of the CCP. Hence the social engineering and what not to depopulate us and outbreed us.

    That was a horrible thing that happened to that Indian kid. Simon San, Mark Duggan,
    now this indian kid Anuj Bidve. Racist-led murders and in 2011. Tragic.

  19. There is also a disparity in gender too. When Jia Ashton (married a white guy, surprise) was found raped and mutilated, her mother in China (who btw, was also married to a white man... Jia's father in law - no I am not making this up! - they met at the wedding!) was informed. Already there is a candlelit vigil for Anuj Bidve, with the local white community and Indian students alike coming out for support.

    Once again, compare this with Simon San, a Chinese man... where was his support? The sympathy from the local community? And of course the authorities? The differences are astounding, and extremely worrying for any Chinese man. Chinese women hide behind their white men... whilst we are abandoned, alone to fend for ourselves.

  20. ^
    Re: Jia Ashton i checked out the link hadnt even heard of the case and found this

    As soon as saw his fat white face and read about her being crushed by him i couldnt read any more. its a fucking sick world we live in.

    Yeah bro i dont know what to add to that, we BBC men fend for ourselves, we get support from our loved ones ( well at least those who care to understand us), and we support our loved ones, we are men, at the end of the day, so maybe its a a toughening lesson for us.

    Its not easy being British Born Chinese with so many odds stacked against us as a culture, but thats who we are. And as long as we are here in the UK, just find friends who we can turn to, and show our strength by putting others first before ourselves. I think in the darkest situation, and bearing in mind all the other crap thats going on in the world right now, thats the most we can hope for, to be honest.