Sunday, 8 April 2012

Analiza Ching

Britain's Got Talent Analiza Ching violinist wants to perform nude for princes Harry and William

 Analiza will not rule out putting on a naked violinist routine at the BGT live semi-finals although bosses say it might be too hot for the family show

She was told by David ­Walliams on the show last night “You make playing the violin sexy”, but says she wants to be even sexier.

She said: “It would be my dream to play in front of Prince Harry and William. Would I do it naked? Bring it on. I would have to think about stripping for the semi-final. I will see how I feel that day.”

Speaking about a naked photoshoot she has done, single Analiza, 29, said: “I don’t think we should be ashamed of our bodies. I would not rule out doing it again.

“You can never try to be sexy. You’ve either got it or you haven’t. But the moment I start playing my music, my body and my ­personality changes. I am given confidence and turn into a different person. I just go with the music.”

Britains Got Talent Chinese violinist Analiza Ching, who moved to the UK from China 12 years ago to study at The Royal Academy of Music in London, has played in front of ­Princess Anne, without underwear. She said: “I was in a rush so I didn’t have the chance to put any on.”

She said: “My ambition is to be a worldwide, respected violinist. Maybe I could be a naked violinist.”
Analiza says her father made her cry by forcing her to practise but added: “If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be doing what I do today.”


  1. I dont want to see this chinese girl play violin naked on britains got talent. ewww gross, so gross. shes not sexy.

    1. Isn't it strange how Asiaphiles and White men see these types of Chinese women (that are really average looking by Chinese standards) in a completely different way?

      White man: "analiza ching is hot and exotic!"

  2. let me guess, she has a white boyfriend?

    1. Haha, you know these types of Chinese women so well!

  3. spring chicken8 April 2012 at 17:59

    Is this a younger version of goldie cheung? If this is the way to go to get media coverage and fame in the UK then that is so sad.
    The tragic thing is that BGT is always on the look-out for these "exotic" acts. Gees another chinese tiger mother schooled female violin player.
    I think there was of chinese accountant bloke having ago, no chance, can't sing no talent, but a laugh and piss take yep.

    1. Goldie Cheung meets Vanessa Mae meets Tinglan Hong? I agree shes a tragedy of tiger mother parenting and represents everything thats wrong with these types of Chinese women. I didn't see the Chinese accountant? do you have a video link?

      Good extension of the discussion here...

      The world of Chinese classical music here...

  4. I am embarrassed by this kind of trash. Funny enough, they tend to come from the mainland.
    By the way, please cover the recent article on the New York Times on chinese prostitution in Barcelona.

    1. Mainland, or Play Cantonese turtlemum, yet another win for British Chinese females.

    2. "please cover the recent article on the New York Times on chinese prostitution in Barcelona."


      Until recently, for instance, the police in Barcelona did not even realize that Chinese mafias ran prostitution rings in the city. Then they began noticing more and more advertisements for Chinese, Japanese and Korean women — all of them, it turned out, Chinese — working in a network of about 30 brothels.

      The working conditions were brutal, Mr. Cort√©s said. On wiretaps, he said, “we listened to them complain that they needed to rest, they were in pain. But they had to keep working. One woman committed suicide after finding out she was H.I.V.-positive.”


      Fucking hell. Chinese men who want a long term, decent future for the race need to proactively be against this. We have so many problems on so many fronts. There are the Chinese men who see nothing but profit in our women, who, despite knowing full well of the women shortage in China, are exporting more abroad to use them as prostitutes just so they can make a quick buck... to what end? Sex, drugs, gadgets? They should be thinking more long term, more to the point that they're slowly killing off their own race. Also the Chinese government has a major role in this too - surely they realise by now the demographic is going to collapse due to the massive male-female disparity.

      And over here in the UK, and in other ethnic Chinese born in non-Chinese countries, we have an image problem. One that somehow makes the children of immigrants feel shame, even disgust of their own race, to the extent they want to be white. That they laugh and ridicule their own men just so they can appease the white man, rather than support them - because after all, you'd think, blood is thicker than water.

      That experiencing racism doesn't make them turn to their race more for solidarity and support, but towards the very people who discriminate against them in the hope that they can appease them...

      That the children of immigrants grow up thinking that the only way to feel accepted and be someone in a white majority country is to turn white, through breeding... rather than carving your own identity, as a true British Chinese, rather than white "with some chinese blood in there somewhere".

      When girls think that they have to sexualise themselves in front of a white man to be successful - yep, our people need fixing.

    3. Its not really relevant to the UK. The only paragraph in the article that contains any Chinese reference is what you quoted.

      It is touched in these articles:

  5. As you sure "Analiza" is her real name, and not typos??!!? oh come on Anal-iza? You don't have to be a branding expert to cum up with a stage name as obvious as that.
    My advice, she should stay away from drunk blokes who think all chinese women are "available", these false stereotypes which feed the white male fantasy don't help.

    1. They certainly do not. What hope do ethnic Chinese have of breaking stereotypes when many Chinese women are playing their part to actively SUPPORT them? It doesn't matter if there are hardworking Chinese women who do not have to sell themselves sexually to get ahead in life - because these whores will always be there to wreck the perception.

      Also I came here after visiting a video diary of an east asian looking guy and a white girl couple - turns out he's from central asia. So in the messages, an east asian girl says "ah so you don't have an east asian bf, that makes you cool"... and I'm thinking, WTF. What possesses a girl to slander her own race - what SHE is herself. This is the image problem that ties in with pretty much everything re: lack of all chinese couples in minority areas - chinese women don't see their men as good enough, and couple that with other races "wanting" them, it gives them the impression that they don't need chinese men to get on. Furthermore, because they don't see chinese as good enough, period... they then try "harder" when with men of other races than a girl would normally do... dressing up more, performing more sexual favours - hence where the sexualisation of chinese women comes in.

      Yet I fail to see black and arab women following the same pattern, on such a scale - I certainly do not see these women slag off their men, even when there are many "undesirables", asian women for example are still keen to look for an asian man for a partner. Chinese women however....

      ...any reasons why?

    2. @ Eddy. That's funny. Also Ching = Money!

      @ Anonymous. I've been doing research on Black women and Inter racial partners, Black pride in Black American women is considerably stronger than that of Black British women, I think you maybe referring to African American women esp with the Arab reference, since there are few Arab women in the UK.

      Unfortunately the myth has to expelled, British born Black Caribbean community actually has the highest percentage of inter racially couples in the UK, slightly higher than the Chinese. Blacks in the UK are even more white washed than the Chinese. You can tick Black Caribbean women off the list. It seems that only those who live in the London Black ghetto's actually exhibit 'Black' pride. I'll show you the statistics in a later article.

    3. @ Eddy you are right. Theres something odd about her name. Actually theres something about her whole media persona that feels a bit 'set up' to me from her tarty appearance to published quotes to willingly perform nude for William and Harry...

      Remember with these programs, we are TOLD that they are picked from millions, but how do we know that they arent groomed for these shows ie what to say how to dress and have their whole image prepared for the show? We have no idea, we are just told to believe what the media tells us.


      Theres enough research on this blog, to detail the sellout nature of these kind of women, and because of the nature of the racist media, bar hapas who are natural sellouts, its only the sellouts that are picked for western media attention. unfortunate they ruin the perception of decent Chinese women, but as long as they are in the narcissistic media industry, then that will always be the aim to denigrate us. Passively hoping for a fair representation unless we take it by force ie creating our own media and supporting our own. Like i think other ethnic groups must have their UK based ethnic TV channels,at least i think they do. And convincing our own that we should support our own. Quite frankly, its gotten to the point that I dont give a shit about what the loving british public are 'programmed' to watch. Its only our own British Chinese community that needs our own programming,to nurture our own social identity rather than bitching about it on blogs or facebook.

  6. Apparently we're an intelligent race. So tell me why is that when Chinese women want to be "internationally famous" - fair enough - the only avenue they see is to sell themselves sexually to the white man?

    Also, I'm guessing her parents of one of many who rue the day they thought "we're going to have a better life in the west!" - maybe in terms of living standards - but you only have to sell your daughter's soul to get there. Well done.

    1. Thats what I dont understand about people who work in the western media industry. If you know its going to be a negative portrayal, dont accept the job. Working in the west in the media industry for an ethnic Chinese as an actor or model is always going to be require some kind of selling out because thats the nature of beast.

      That chinese complain about media representation and yet as individuals we dont even want to do anything to care about chinese suicides or racist incidents and rather just keep to ourselves is just our own chinese money before principle nature to blame. That this whore that springs out of nowhere represents all chinese, is indirectly also down to our own irresponsible selfish nature.

      If the worm is on the end of the hook, the fish can either eat it and get caught or find its own food,which may take longer, but at least it doesnt get eaten up.

  7. ...good job GokWan ain't her stylist/agent coz he probs call her something like Analisa Chink, what a retrogressive move that would be, his sell out selfish business plan typically is to make chinese people appear like servile "chinky" beings so they would bring in the money for his cheap clothing range aimed at those very people who can only see chinese people as "chinks" and not, as culturally accepted intelligent independent folk (like most BBCs men and WOMEN). Analisa is doing similar to get the votes and record CONtract by appeasing the grandsons of the empire past and playing the "Goldie Cheung" card less overtly... thank god she aint using the chink word to get ahead (yet) like some dreadful hapas actors in the past u know who those culprits are if you been following the superb blunt blogs.
    There also have been chinese women complaining why chinese guys have a dimwit view of them, we don't, start looking at the chinese women themselves in the media like Analis/goldie and sites like Dimsum, that are doing the damage in the way they are representing chinese people to the masses.... there is a Oxbridge educated female in one article what does she do? promotes herself in a beauty pageant, Not what I would like to have seen to done, to engage the subject with from oxbridge educated, social or political critique, the funny thing she ain't editorially pretty either, nor has a clue about how to be photographed.

    Its all about the Ker ching ££££

    1. i mustve been stupid or naive not to see this as an obvious play to get the votes and record contract and blaming the program makers. maybe ive read so much of this sellout stuff on the blog that such an obvious sellout move i couldnt believe it could be so blatant.

      but i was wrong .its 90s suzie wong era hypersexualised dragon lady stuff all over again and here in 2012.

      like i said above i think we need our own media, but regarding this, i think she wanted to it, and the racist media obliged.

      sad sad sad

  8. yet another reason to be embarrassed about being chinese/asian......someone get me some white paint.

  9. You are all so right about her. In an interview, Analiza ching said she wants to date Simon Cowell. Perfect! White, rich, powerful, influential and MONEY. Analisa CHING!

    Annaliza Ching said...“I want to take him to an authentic Chinese restaurant. We’d order roast duck and the violin would stay at home!”

    Read more:

    That's the Worse thing about these types of Chinese women - their Turtle mother logic- 'they want to have their cake and eat it.' They use aspects of Chinese as a means of selling themselves to whites. They want to keep aspects of their Chinese culture but don't want a Chinese partner. Instead they think they can keep their yellow culture, customs etc, moulding a white partner into having a yellow hue as a compromised replacement for a Chinese to save face.

    Discussed here:

    And its even mentioned here in the comments:

  10. oh man I despair...

  11. hugh grant is waiting for her. he has many choices these day in west.

    1. Don't tempt fate!

    2. These women may be "sellouts" but they ruthless in business, once they get married maybe have a child haha....get a divorced it s 50%, like the Heather Mills woman, who tried it on with an ex-beatle.

    3. Anyone who considers using a human life as a bargaining chip and marrying and divorcing someone to get 50% as 'smart at business' is a major problem in Chinese identity, nevermind human society IMO.

  12. Read this guys!

    BRITAINS Got Talent Analiza Ching was in tears last night after naked pictures of her spread like wildfire in her native China — and brought shame on her family!! Her father could now lose his job as a Music teacher!

    Analiza — real name Hui Quin Jiang — said: “My family are very strict. My dad pushed me all my life and I worked so hard but now all they see is that picture — they don’t think I’m a musician, just someone selling their body."

    I'm laughing - whore, whore-whore, whore-whore!

    1. Haha If that were true, then great. However I was reading the comments on that article which makes me think it could be publicity stunt-

      'Love the fact that by doing the interview to say how upset she and her family are about the pics it keeps the story alive and her naked pics in the public eye .......genuis'

      You know the Sun pays money to these bitches for any dirt they can come up with. And with internet these days anythings possible a la Edison Chen.

      If she got a pasting from her dad, its no less than what she deserves. Be funny tho if she wins, whats going to happen then? Pasting from family or celebration for bringing home the mullah? We are only told what the Sun tells us.

      But yes either way shes a whore.

    2. Hey guys an update,

      People in China in general respect their identity, roots and cultural reputation so I don't blame them from steering away from bad influence. In the UK pah! do what you want as long as it doesn't effect me or cash till, no collectiv rightly or wrongly.

    3. That's why I believe the blog articles and the resulting comments play an important role in publicly condemning Chinese people that behave so disgracefully, disrespectfully or sell out etc. Its our duty as Chinese to publicly condemn them. Since we are perhaps the only ones who probably condemned this whore whilst everyone else thought her actions were cool, we should be very proud feel justified as those in China hold the same views.

      Its precisely because of weak Chinese parenting, weak family relations and the lack of community, that the actions of these Chinese whores that seek inter racial etc go unchallenged, there simply isn't the community pressure to shame or condemn them to make them accountable for their actions, they have it too easy, too much freedom.

      @HBC, oh they are milking it, they blew up Analiza Ching nude pic X-large to rub salt into the wounds of her discomfort!

  13. “They say I have brought shame on the family and all of China when all I want to do is be a white mans whore.”

    “I’m so upset that this has over-shadowed my performance on BGT.”

    her dad didn't beat her hard enough. poor dad, poor family. our poor race.

    sadly a lot of chinese will view her as a hero & wish they were in her shoes (if she wears any clothes now).

    1. I know. But you also know that her parents are largely to be blame. Her tiger parents are also classical music white worshippers, they made her the way she is, they wanted her to be an international violinist, they send her to the UK to study it.

  14. I think there is a drama about "Wild Swans" going on somewhere, i haven't seen it, people are expecting a rave reviews, if there are artistic nude scenes I might give it a go lol.

  15. She's out. Analiza Ching failed to make the top 3 qualifiers on the BGT live show.

  16. Great now we can breathe easy... until another attention seeking whore comes along to replace her.

  17. Disgrace to our race!

  18. I'm sorry BBC Zeitgeist

    You write a lot of horrifically misogynistic articles against Chinese women

    It makes perfect sense why they marry men of other races

    Despite the ironic nature of Chinese and other east Asian cultures having feminine looking men, they are so misogynistic

    As for LaughinGor

    "Disgrace to our race!"

    It's almost as if she's committed the crime of the century with that statement! Total bullocks!

    BBCZeitgeist, why can't you some actual positive articles relating to the success of the BBC community

    Instead diverting your self-loathing onto not just certain BBC peoples but other British peoples in general

    No wonder the BBC community is so fucked

    1. "It makes perfect sense why they marry men of other races"

      No, it doesn't. These views are as a RESULT of oriental women being with white men in such numbers, and the nature of such pairings - not like black men and white women or other interracial couples.... oriental women worship the white race PERIOD - simply because they are white.

      If it was true about oriental women doing it because of feminsed oriental men, then why do I frequently see oriental women with short white men? Ugly white men? Girly looking white men? Yes, the only common factor is that they are white.

    2. I disagree with the above view. Quite one tracked since I have seen 'good looking' Chinese men go out with white women, so does that mean Chinese men are white worshippers too? I think you'll find that in general, women will go for people who are simply good looking rather than skin colour. Maybe the FOB women might be a little star struck and simply want to try some white.

      This self painted image of Chinese men being picky and having total self restraint is cringy and insincere. Rather than look at things constructively, we're seeing a small minority of BBCs lashing out in the most ugly way. Let's not let this shadow decent BBC men who can be critical of Britain and show a balanced hand on world politics. Getting angry at the opposite sex and blaming them is nothing short of basic and failing to address real issues such as world media dominated by caucasian ideals. How even Communism is a western concept, how Chinese culture more or less disappeared and became backward since the cultural revolution, all contributing factors to today's Chinese culture and aspirations.

    3. I disagree with the above view. Quite one tracked since I have seen 'good looking' Chinese men go out with white women, so does that mean Chinese men are white worshippers too?

      Yes. Not to the extent of changing their physicality like women (although in the far east comestic surgery of men to "white up" their features is known to have happened).....

      If you read this blog and its comments, you will realise that there are many BBC men who, in the process of becoming British, also shun their racial identity and try to be white, and yes, many Chinese men want to have white children just like Chinese women. You admitted this unwittingly in your first sentence - good looking Chinese men with white women... where the women good looking? It is quite common for a successful, oriental man who is whitewashed to pair up with any woman who is white - no matter how ugly, unappealing etc. they were.... just like Chinese and oriental women.

      You could argue that the reason WHY more oriental women are "whiting up" than oriental men is because white society is more favourable towards them.... white (and other races) men consider them "easy", thus they get approached more and made to feel more welcome.... especially compared to oriental men.

    4. So finally a decent comment here. Yes, physically men have not gone to the extremes yet, because as you point out, oriental men are not marketed in a positive and an appealing light in the west, quite the opposite. Hence oriental women similating into western culture more easily, because they already exhibit 50% of western ideals for men(small, demure and submissive).

      And before the BBC angry men try to correct me about the submissive comment, please refer to how western books and films tend to portray oriental women. Being a victim of poverty or political upheavel tends to blur the boundaries of thankful and submissive.

      I simply want to correct this misguided view that has been repeated time and time again by BBCZeigeist about BBC and FOB women being too dumb to work it out. It's all too easy to see it from a point of view where mainstream western society has not included BBC/oriental men, therefore creating a shortsighted reaction of blaming the women first. This is classic and precisely how the old colonials would have loved. Create division and hatred within the one country that was once united.

      Why not address the real issue, which as you stated in your post. It's how media can brainwash all of us, our parents and possibly the new-wave culture in China and Hong Kong, to worship all things western and white. All contributing to the end result here.

      What Chinese people need right now is a Jackie Chan character that is good looking that is taking Hollywood by storm minus all the mad-cap antics, then we might start to see the beginning of oriental men finally taking a slice of the limelight.

    5. You raise a good point, how Chinese women want to show their assertiveness and individuality, and part of this is attaching themselves to white culture and ultimately white men - because that represents individuality as opposed to the traditional Chinese culture of "the collective".

      It becomes ironic when white men are overwhemingly (obviously not all) attracted to oriental women because they represent submissive qualities - whether true or not - and in order to be part of that individual white culture they worship they have to become an anonymous dutiful housewife, mother and carer to children to a dad that is not capable of handling a woman of his own race.

    6. As for what ethnic Chinese need now, a "Jackie Chan" would simply enforce existing racial stereotypes. What we need are decent Chinese guys who are lead characters in English speaking, best selling films doing completely normal roles. Not the geek, not the martial artist, not the token evil bad guy who subjugates women.

  19. What's more her dad lost his job as a music teacher just because of some naked pics appearing on the net

    In the west no-one could give a fuck

    Why can't you just stop slamming her as some deranged exhibitionist lusting over white cock-

    -and just embrace her like other ethnic communities in Britain would do?

    1. -and just embrace her like other ethnic communities in Britain would do?

      I bet they do. Much like blacks and asians embrace your little girls.

  20. I know this person she is also ungrateful and thinks she deserves it all because to herself she is a kind of Queen.. I am glad I have red the above so I know there is more to it and some thing should be done, she doesn't deserve working around the world!

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