Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Filipina Hong Kong Residency

Filipina Hong Kong Residency Rights

By BBCZeitgeist in Asia

Today is Chung Yeung, a public holiday in Hong Kong, whilst the Chinese have a day off to pay their respects to the dead, Filipina are out in force, the pavements are paved with Filipinas. Filipina have been hot news all week with their equal rights court ruling.

It seems to me the Hong Kong Chinese are to blame for their own predicament. If Hong Kong Chinese weren’t so snobbish in wanting to hire a maid from the Third World at such low rates of pay, to perform duties that lazy Chinese tai-tai’s should be performing for themselves, then Hong Kong Chinese only have themselves to blame when the ‘fei hung’ start fighting for their Hong Kong residency rights. Many workers from the Developing World will want to stay in a richer country, its common sense, they’re economic migrants. Did the Hong Kong Chinese seriously not think this would happen?

Hiring a maid isn’t only about practicalities in terms of help around the house, it’s a statement of class and status, having a maid presents you with a higher class status - especially as Filipinas speak English, speaking English is very important to those who want to get a head start in raising their children to be bilingual in privileged elite International Schools. Undoubtedly lazy Hong Kong Chinese women in particular those who have a kitchen phobia have to look at themselves as to why this is happening, there are many Hong Kong women that haven’t cooked a meal in years.

Its quite simple, stop hiring maids, get off your lazy backside, start cooking and raise your children yourself. This is something I’ve never understood, why would anyone want a complete stranger to raise their own child?


  1. I'm sure most Hong Kongers don't have maids.

  2. Daniel York writes-

    In Singapore maids aren't allowed to apply for citizenship at all. They get HALF A DAY off a week!

    Kai, maybe MOST Hong Kongers don't have maids but a lot still do. On Sunday afternoon you can't move for Filipina maids in certain parts of HK.

  3. Even as this pointless comment is being written, 4 months later, Kai, no offense but you should really listen to Daniel. He is an authority on not being able to move due to being surrounded by Filipina maids on a Sunday afternoon.

  4. Children’s song singer Purple Lee makes her maid sleep in bathroom haha