Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Northampton Chinese Murder Inquiry - Daily Mail Style

A look at press bias in the gruesome homicide of the Mr Jifeng Ding and his Chinese family of four in Northampton.

Whilst most online newspapers fielded conservative non-speculative headlines, the Daily Mail however, this morning had this header:
"Wiped Out By a Triad Hit Squad - A Lecturer, His wife, His daughters"
Either the Daily Mail has extremely good criminal foresight or is just plain sinophobic, judging by its ongoing anti-Chinese agenda, its more likely to be the latter. After all, the British Chinese community are either Triads, caterers employing illegal immigrants, counterfeiters, sellers of deadly Chinese herbal medicine, or overseas students stealing industrial secrets from British universities.

When the news broke of business associate Anxiang Du as the only murder suspect, the Daily Mail changed its headline to
 'Time to say goodbye': The terrifying note left by businessman suspect in killings of university lecturer and his family.
However, the Mail's Triad section near the bottom of the article has not been removed, it's so large you cannot miss it...

Daily Mail is still praying for a Triad hit squad to assume responsibility for the killings.


  1. bunch of comments on the daily mail link. some of them are shill but i think this ones genuine.

    'There are more than just three gangs of triad in UK ... so information seems a bit slim by just suggested the three gang ..... the mentioned three gang had been rooted in UK for years ... killing will rock the boat ... car missing indicate that could be the murder were not pre-meditated other wise the killer should have their own transport. I f as described murder by Triad hit squad ... should be well plan for the get away ... most crime what ever crime they usually will plan the get away first. my personal view ...hope they catch and solve this terrible murder young gilrs full of hopes and futures.

    - Sam Leong, Greater Manchester, 3/5/2011 8:06

    'In related to the high light of the Triad Crime Gang, information seems inaccurate. The numbers of gang member as well as their crime activities.'

    - Sam Leong, Greater Manchester, 3/5/2011 7:41

    i think sam is onto something. and basically i think this murder is not triads because as he says triads are organised and dont leave traces. call me paranoid but i think its M15. and heres why -

    fact 1 BBCs are peaceful loving
    fact 2 this family are peaceful loving - you can tell that from the condolences left by students on faecbook and daily mail comments
    fact 3 noone in this day and age kills a whole family with knives. and leaves it out in the open.
    fact 4 whoever planned this figured that 'hey this family are new here,are less well off mainlanders so probably dont have connections to back home we been watching them a while they dont have any connections. easy target'
    fact 5 like sam says - if it was triads, leaving a mess would have rocked the boat.

    my verdict? its an m15 set up , along with all the other shit that is coming against us...and the other antichinese shit in the media.

    when will Chinese unite and do something about this real racism and injustice against our people? probably never. you can tell by the lack of comments on this page and interest from our so called 'community'. pathetic. BBChinese are pathetic. Being british has just made us even more apathetic.

  2. Crazy conspiracy theory, why would MI5 kill a chinese family of 4? for what reason?

  3. @anonymous 2. You are obviously not Chinese. Sam Leong of the comment above is CHINESE and Triads would not leave such a blatant mess when offing someone. SO if triads are out of it, then who else would it be? if you read this article, zeitgeist has mentioned that THE HEADLINE CHANGED and THE DAILY MAIL LIKES TO EDUCATE PEOPLE HOW DANGEROUS TRIADS ARE . RACIST MURDER and they are desperately looking to pin it on 'triads'. who owns the media and who owns the police? and why so desperate to change headlines. honestly some people are such idiots or heard of media manipulation. if you ARE Chinese, then you need your brain checked and start reading between the lines.

  4. You guys are almost as hilarious as the Daily Mail readership. For all we know, "Sam Leong" can be Prince Philip taking the piss, just because he can. I can type any name I want there and it gets accepted. No checks.

    What the post suggests, and rightly so, is that because the victims were Chinese = then killers must be Triads. It's baby logic - Muslims are terrorists, blacks will rob your wallets and whites are paedophiles (of course the Daily mail had a different twist on that). That in itself is racism, as it is making an assumption based on race.

    Of course reality is never so convenient and stereotypical - turns out the wife of the family owed money to the bald killer chap from a past joint business venture - and they witheld payment from him. You lose Daily Fail.

    If anything it is a precaution to all families, Chinese minorities especially - teach your family how to fight back. 4 against 1, even with a knife, would be a no brainer. There are so many things to use as weapons in the house - any of them would have stopped this baldy. Either all 4 were seperate and caught unawares, or they simply cowered and refused to put up a fight. Bad mistake if the latter.

  5. 'The car has not been traced and officers admit that they are puzzled that it has not been seen since or triggered cameras on the road network which record number plates.'

    'The scene of the murders remains cordoned off and police, who have yet to find the murder weapon, were still searching nearby drains.

    In excess of 60 officers are now working on the investigation, although that number is likely to increase as the inquiry widens, Mr Timmins said.'

    invisible man strikes again? its an m15 set up you morons. how can you have 60 officers after him and still not find him? sounds like another bin laden story. if you notice the guy always goes missing and they send a shedload of pigs after him. typical shill news story. if an m15 operative is going to knife a family of four to make peace-loving chinese look bad then thats pathetic . in the case of sam leongs comments he seems to be more genuine than the above commentor. one family against one man and a knife. theres more to it than this. to knife a whole family you need a gang to hold the people down. this is a fucking mi5 set up. since 2001 we all know who the real terrorists are folks. and if you dont by now, then you must be living under a rock. same ones who colonised us and same ones who fighting covert resource wars against china....time to wake up you sleepy lot. or go wave your stupid british flag.

  6. heres a chestnut from 2008. easily forgotten as its 3 years later. they found that a restaurant worker called 'Cao' was involved


    in fact the article begins like this:

    Cao killed Xi Zhou and Zhen Xing Yang, both 25, at their home in Croydon Road on August 7 last year.

    'Cao' like the guy only has one name? Why not 'Cowabunga' at least everyone knows the teenage mutant ninja turtles

    check this out ending of this article too:

    'As the jury foreman returned the two unanimous guilty verdicts, there were gasps and shouts of "Yes" from the packed public gallery.'

    YES! YES! YES! sounds like a football match

  7. How to fight back? This is self-denial. Or better, do not teach or allow yourself and you wife/spouse and children to gamble, or even to play the Mahjong! This is not the United States of America! A Chinese and/or Oriental family of four does not become decimated for no particular reason, certainly not in a robbery!