Friday, 15 July 2011

Lazy Police 'Could Not Be Bothered' to Arrest Robber Breaking into Chinese Restaurant

Police Woman Michele Selby 'Could Not Be Bothered' To Arrest Robber Breaking Into Chinese Restaurant

News source: The Scotsman (14/7/2011)

A police officer who "could not be bothered" to arrest a suspected robber breaking into the Moon River Chinese Restaurant in Kirkintilloch at 0530 BST last July,  has been found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The court heard she told the suspected robber - who has six previous convictions, including one for a similar offence - that she knew he was trying to break in and if she did not have another call to go to he would have gone to jail. But the job that Selby claimed she had to rush to was not a 999 call but delivering letters to another police station.

Selby, of Cumbernauld, Glasgow, then told her less experienced colleague, "If I could be bothered he would have got the jail" before throwing his tools in a bin at Kirkintilloch Police station and clocking off duty at 7am.

She said in court she believed the man was trying to fix the door at the request of the owner and that she believed no crime was being committed.

The 38-year-old was found guilty yesterday of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by failing to detain the man and of disposing his tools and failing investigate the incident, on 26 July last year. Selby was warned she now may face a jail term.

BBCZeitgeist Commentary: This is a case of 'couldn't be bothered to arrest the robber' because he was breaking into a 'Chinese restaurant,' do we seriously believe she would not have made the arrest if the robber  was breaking in a bank? 


  1. 2 things:

    1. police are overpaid and underworking moronic racist pricks. thats a generalisation, but it probably fits a good percentage of them.

    2. not knowing the amount of work it takes to run a takeaway and or restaurant but i know its a lot of work, owners have to take care of themselves. same as that other article you posted about takeaways. its the risks Chinese have to face to survive in these shitty areas. And glasgow? Scots are f--king racist as hell.
    check this out

    like i said in my other post, if you had a forum this could be something we could discuss but because you are strictly dealing with recent issues, it restricts the dialogue to current news, whereas in reality the problems that face east asians/Chinese are never ending and part of a much bigger complex issue that in a nutshell is the product of Anglo/Imperialist hate. Anyway this little news nugget is one the media tried to hide as much as possible.and/or people didnt pay much interest to it. i think the kid ended up getting 6yrs and then..scott free! IF it was any other community - raised arms. British Chinese Community? Nothing. Not a peep. Not interested . Lack of political infrastructure, lack of interest. the usual apathy. work talk.

  2. well that beating was a year ago, there was another press story yesterday about Chinese Takeaway abuse by White youths in Wales.


    Min Quan should be speaking out, but then again, you have to contact them otherwise they'll sit on the backsides and do nothing.

    CTA - Chinese Takeaway Association (for which the first Chinese mayor of Redbridge Thomas Chan was once its head) should be speaking out, yet these useless trade associations...all run by FOB's ... do nothing. What has the CTA ever achieved?

    FOB+Radical=oxymoron. FOB cronyism...

  3. I just read that...these stupid hoodies always going around in pairs and too chicken to around by themselves. Anyway at Least this time the judge seems to be a bit fairer.

    Just found this on Min Quans website
    'To help victims of racism and hate crimes seek justice by providing advice and practical assistance. In doing so we seek to raise public awareness of racism and religious hatred and its consequences, and, where possible, influence thinking at a local, regional and international level.' - are they effective in emergency situations?

    looks a bit lame, but i could be wrong. hadnt heard of the CTA either but maybe there on the same level, as you say lipservice for us 'minorities' run by FOBS; or oriental white-arse lickers.

    I swear, some people come to this blog and say ' oh its only this...oh thats just a small incident..oh thats just a one off....oh he meant no one commentor who on your other article who thinks we are idiots for complaining when we live in a western country.

    amazes me how BLIND these idiots are at not seeing the bigger picture of how Anglo imperialist system hates us. the imperialist brainwashing really - i mean really - works.

    Living in the west doesnt make it easier. For a recently woken Chinese like me it makes me sick to my stomach living in the home of the zionists. But what can i do? just get on with some ways i wish i could be a white-washed East Asian like most of the British Chinese Community. At least i wouldnt have to worry about 'impractical issues' like this.

    The reality is we just have to put up with model minority type racism like this until our motherland starts getting its act together on a global scale. But they got enough restless crap in their own country to deal with right now.

    If i were Huang , id find out where that bastard wolverhampton scab lives and break a ton of snow through that little pricks front window. Fighting talk but its no less than what he and other like him deserves.

  4. Was it was racially motivated [police and the thieve]. If yes, how do we prove it?

  5. I would not look towards China to assist BBC's, the CCP doesn't care in the slightest about BBC's, in fact the opposite is in fact true, they're bending over backwards to adopt and accomodate western tastes, 'benign child friendly chinese culture for the west' just look at the Confucius Institute, Chinese and the west... let's hold hands and learn mandarin! CCP is no longer a radical revolutionary machine.

  6. Kai, i think the solution as BBCZ suggests, likes in these guys from the CTA. Or Chinese Takeaway Association:

    Its the only one solution we Chinese know.

  7. Re: kai, I doubt it was even considered. But generally speaking, if you remember the American case Va Hasko, there was an exhibited history of targeting Chinese or Chinese property and/or expressly showing racial hatred towards Chinese in the act of committing the offence.

    If it falls below the threshold required by law to be considered 'racial,' it does not mean it is not 'racial,' but only according to the law.

    How do you prove the police are institutionally racist? It's a well known fact...

  8. I should not have deleted some of these hilarious comments posted by caucasians who uphold the British legal system as holy! mens rea and the rule of law!

    According to them,
    1) the law is the only legitimate measure of whether an individual is racist or not towards Chinese!
    2) Chinese can't possibly know whether they've been racially abused or not..they need the statute to tell them if it was racial or not!
    3)If you can't prove its 'racial' using the law, then its not 'racial!'

  9. Hey look! Chinese food, lol! Chinese people, lol! We can make fun of them, pass it off as a joke, because they're Chinese, lol! thank god for the Chinese, at least we can take the piss out of them, can't do it with blacks and asians...

    the irony is... he's American, and from New York...where the food and hygiene is truly third world re: the growing rat problem.

  10. google: the chinese are coming - its a bbc tv series that was shown at christmas. demonises us and mocks the africans and the business between china and africa. fucking white zionists creating divide and conquer wherever they go. sticking their nose in business that doesnt concern them.

  11. As for the article and the rising apathy with regards to treatment towards the Chinese in general, I honestly believe that we should set up something along these lines:

    a charity that focuses on the protection and wellbeing of our race. Because central government, local councils, police and the wider community certainly don't give a shit. Only we do. Therefore we have to act, else other people in Britain (and looking at the latest stats, whites, asians and blacks are breeding at a sky high rate compared to the Chinese) will pick the Chinese off one by one, as they are doing now.

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  13. Daniel York writes-

    Zeitgeist is going to end up deleting more posts than the ones that are left on here!

  14. Above comment.... maybe you should read this

    It's just a bit more serious than the above... add them up all up and the situation is pretty grave regarding the Chinese race, and their treatment by whites. I'd like to see how you can deny that.

  15. Affirmative, its backed by statistics...

    Perpetrators of racial abuse, harassment & attacks on British Chinese are predominantly White people who seldom act alone...

    53% gangs of local youths
    17% neighbours
    9% customers (takeaways etc)
    3% landlords
    5% schoolmates
    7% unknown persons in the street
    6% 'THE POLICE'

    Re: The Guardian... every now and again has a brow raising article on Chinese/China etc, only because of its association with 'The Left' + Manchester do we expect better from them, but we must not forget The Guardian is 'mainstream press' - it does not represent Chinese interests. Incidently, I remember Dimsum made a complaint to The Guardian in regards to its use of the word 'inscrutable,' (trivial example I know).

    And the only reason comment posted 17 July 03:41 hasn't been removed...let it be a reminder of what Chinese people have to face in this country, don't expect empathy from non-Chinese.

  16. Daniel York writes-

    The Guardian, for a supposedly "liberal" paper, is quite staggeringly uninterested in covering anything to do with the plight of Chinese people, though it does, of course, cover the failings of the Chinese government extensively.

  17. Guardian does report on the plight of 'Chinese' people as in 'mainland China,' but it totally ignores the plight of 'British Chinese,' the British press believes the UK is the saviour of the world, saving these dissent Chinese from Communist persecution, thats why they're always reporting on humans rights failings in China and never report on British Chinese, "apparently, Chinese are all safe in the UK, the wonderland."

    Increasing number of news articles on China are not necessarily doing the British Chinese community any favours, in fact, it could be argued it has the reverse effect, the more China grows, the more China is reported on, the more invisible British Chinese will become, after all if its covering mainland Chinese, why does it need to bother to cover the insignificant tiny powerless British Chinese community? Remarkable indeed for not just a liberal paper, but a BRITISH paper.

  18. Being British means nothing unless you are white British. Its like the 'united' states. the main media are ruled by the same people. racists who brainwash you to feel a 'minority' and second class ethnic group.

    Its the price we pay for choosing to live the comfortable life and what our parents fought so hard for because our own motherland was raped by the west and became unliveable.

    As long as the west control the world, and are the most influential culture, and rule with unrestrained power then it will go on, and on.

    This is the quiet voice murmering in the corner that seems to go unheard because these words just fall on deaf ears and are seen as 'extremist'. Im almost ready to give up on you middleground lot.Radicalism never had a chance. Thats why it gets snuffed out with each generation because the shortcut is always taken and noone has a longterm perspective.

    Which is also why we never leave this place in a better place. Because after all is said and done, nothing has changed because we never made an effort to.

  19. whoever posted this link above 17 July 2011 01:46

    Have you seen this working in action in the Jewish community?

    I can already envisage huge issues and problems with fundraising and organisation of such a fund with the dispersal of the British Chinese population.

  20. 'I would not look towards China to assist BBC's, the CCP doesn't care in the slightest about BBC's...'
    lol why should they care anyway? They already got millions to care about in their own country. In fact don't be surprised if we're to be called traitors for abandoning the motherland.

    As for the British police, yeah I think a lot of them are incompetent slobs, consider the amount of tax we had to pay.

  21. Another story today

    Heidi Ao, manager for the Fortune House Chinese takeaway, said they had not opened their metal security shutters for around two years after windows were smashed repeatedly. Takeaway staff had also suffered racist abuse.

    “At one time I was having to ring 999 every week,” she said. “

  22. Bit of an off-topic link, especially as the vandals appear to have been completely non-discriminatory in their choice of targets:

    "Elaine Garnish, owner of beauty salon Encore in West Mills, has had several windows broken in the last few months - costing £600 a time to fix."

    "The proprietor of neighbouring Jayne's Sew and Sew, Jayne Tarrant, said: "The law's an ass. It's one law for the victim and another law for the criminals."
    Mrs Tarrant's window was smashed and a computer was stolen when she was broken into just before Christmas."

    "Staff at The Furnishing Place and Christian coffee shop Shoemakers have suffered smashed windows, having kebabs smeared on their shopfronts and people urinating in the alleyway."

  23. Doesnt matter, it can be a separate offence, it states 'they had suffered racial abuse,' if the victim did not perceive it to be racial, they would not use the term 'racial abuse,' merely 'abuse.' Of course some Chinese people are so naive especially the FOBs and wouldnt know what racial abuse was even if its staring them in the face.

    Now, whether it falls into the threshold of an prosecutable 'racial' offence under the law is another issue.

  24. From your link

    'There have also been claims of racist attacks on staff of firms operating on the road and surrounding the market place.'

    I think that disperses any myth that these attacks are non-racial, incase anyone should contest that fact

    I think some members of the BBC online forum who are takeaway owners are aware of it, but as usual, BBCS keep quiet and as long as it doesnt bother them, why should they care? Well folks, this is our blood. And being dispersed around the UK as we are, need to have some political group that protects us. From reading this blog theres WAAAY too many attacks on restaurants and takeaways for us NOT to have a decent protection agency. What they will do if the police dont do anything i dont know.

    But again from that article ( and i imagine this is a typical scenario)Heido Ao the owner of the takeaway concerned says this:

    They sit there in the market place drinking and it’s only a matter of time before something starts up,” he said. “They should not be drinking there in the first place - we need a greater police presence so they can’t get away with it.

    “The only thing you can do is to try and keep them onside - as soon as you show your anger, things get a lot worse'

    So basically a bunch of unemployed louts who take it out on anyone with money, and police dont do anything. Because Police being 'acutely aware' doesnt seem to translate into taking action.Maybe they should be offered free takeaway?

    My friend told me when he was looking out for his mum's takeaway he would take a chair and smash it on the counter to prove he meant business. For the owners who have no son to protect them i think they should get a close relative or someone who is willing to help.

    Not sure what to say, honest people trying to make a living and scum spoiling it. Id blame the government for the economy up north but they're beyond blame, as usual. BBC vigilante takeaway protection society?

  25. bbc vigilante takeaway protection society....

    blacks has their ghettos and gangsters. the browns has their extremists.... now for the yellows to have something.... well what do you know... triad business in the new black!?

  26. triads dont protect chinese businesses from whites, they just extort money from the restaurant owners and threaten to smash up the restaurant if they dont pay up. triads are actually worse than whites, they only bully vulnerable people of their own Chinese race.

    Ever heard of triads fighting white people? Its unheard of.

    Sums up a lot of Chinese in general, they send tanks to massacre their own people, but wont send tanks onto the American Embassy.

  27. comment above is a little regressive!

  28. She thought as many people do that Chinese are insignificant and she could just "rubbish this off" and get on with her shift.

    Moral of the story know how to kick and scream and make yourself heard on all levels.Learn how to assert yourself verbally,physically if poss. and intellectually!! Otherwise people will continue to take the piss!!