Friday, 29 April 2011

Chinese Who Celebrated Royal Wedding Should be Ashamed

Globally, an estimated two billion watched the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, but I was not among them. Whilst ardent Republicans stood their ground in opposition of the Royal family's parasitic leeching on the state, as a Chinese, that was not of primary concern. Nor the British crown's historical role in sanctioning the opium trade during the Qing dynasty resulting in the poisoning of our Chinese  ancestors, the subsequent lost wars with Britain, the theft and looting of national Chinese treasures that still adorn the Royal collections in Britain, no, rather it is the vainglorious xenophobic attitudes still prevalent among the Royal family today.

Prince William's father, Charles is known to call his dark skinned friend by the name of 'Sooty,' boycotted Jiang Zemin's banquet over Tibet and in his personal diary after the hand over of Hong Kong in 1997 described Chinese officials as 'appalling waxworks.'

Prince William's military brother Harry, haughtily decked out in Nazi attire and labelled non-white soldiers 'p*ki's' and 'ragheads.'

Yet none can surpass William's Sinophobic grandfather Prince Philip...
"If it has got four legs and is not a chair, if it has two wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane, and if it swims and is not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it."                                       (Prince Philip Commenting on Chinese eating habits, World Wildlife Fund conference 1986)

"If you stay here much longer you'll all be slitty-eyed."                                 (Prince Philip commenting to British students in China during Royal visit to China 1986)

"Ghastly."                                                                                                                        (Prince Philip Commenting on Beijing, China, during an official 1986 visit to Beijing)
Those unaware of Prince Philip's racist gaffes will certainly be familiar with his Duke of Edinburgh awards, established in 1956, Prince Philip remains the patron of  the scheme. Many Chinese students in British and Hong Kong schools servilely participate in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme without question, Chinese should  withdraw their child from the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, for the sake of an award to impress on a university application form? No, Chinese should not acquiesce nor honour such schemes in the name of Anti-Chinese Sinophobe's such as the Duke of Edinburgh.

As a modern British Born Chinese living in a multicultural country, the wedding of an archaic anti-Chinese institution was one event one did not watch, Chinese people who watched and celebrated William and Kate's wedding should be ashamed of themselves, as should the widely reported shameful pair of middle class obsequious Uncle Tam's from Nanjing China with their imitation shanzhai marriage on a Royal theme.

BBCZeitgeist (pseudonym)


  1. Just another example of whitewashing, to be honest. I take it you haven't seen the Chinese owned restaurants and bars in China celebrating American Independence Day with its Chinese patrons? I have yet to see any non-Chinese American celebrate anything Chinese in the US with their non-Chinese friends.

  2. What about Chinese New Year? I'm sure some non-Chinese Americans celebrate it, well maybe celebrate is not right word, they dont do it in the way Chinese do, maybe only passively as bystander in Chinatown to watch the dragon parade, but does that constitute as an equivalent example to Royal wedding celebration?

  3. That's what I mean by "with their non Chinese friends". It was a US news report years ago and the places were owned by Chinese, for Chinese people... only they're celebrating a purely US holiday. How many white people celebrate an exclusively Chinese festival with their white friends? Even the thought of it is ridiculous, yet reverse the roles and we have Chinese people the world over celebrating distinctly non-Chinese festivals - not because they have white friends, or grew up in a white culture - but because they've been whitewashed.

  4. You do see many Chinese themed events on UK scheduled television around Chinese New Year, whether it'd be on cooking programmes, Chinese themed BBC intros, "Gung Hei Fat Choi" announcements on the news and Good Morning TV, or report specials of schoolchildren trying to participate in the celebration.

  5. Good article. Agree with the comments above, its white worship, and we must end it. Chinese are their own worst enemy. Its one thing to be in China/HK and be anti whitewashing but in the west BBCs need to wake up to it. Fuck the royals. They and their alliance fucked this world and is still fucking the world over with their present day covert colonisation, with their tool USA as muscle. China needs to teach these selfish colonialists a lesson. And they will.

  6. The way the Chinese were glued to their TVs throughout the royal wedding and the sheer 'goodness' that the scenes from Westminster eminated combine to show that perhaps we still have something the Chinese can't copy.


    Along with the comments (though it is the Daily Mail), no one sees a problem. Now substitute "slitty eyed" (pointing it out as if it was abnormal, compared to the "rounder" eyes of whites) with "flat nosed" when referring to blacks. Would he have gotten away with it?

    I suppose it is our fault (as always) - he says that no Chinese cares, so why should anyone else? He's right - maybe we should blow up buildings and hold violent protests like the Muslims do. That will show them we care.

  8. Amrapali said...
    The way the Chinese were glued to their TVs throughout the royal wedding and the sheer 'goodness' that the scenes from Westminster eminated combine to show that perhaps we still have something the Chinese can't copy.


    By "we" surely you don't mean Indians? Because that is quite laughable.

    As for the Chinese "being glued to their seats".... unless you have a register of all the Chinese people's places of residence and went to their properties to spy on whether they were watching the wedding or not, then congratulations, you just made a complete lie in order to backup your point.

  9. For me, as a BBC myself, I did watch the Royal Wedding -kill me now- I was bored and needed a break from the depressing news of war and natural disasters. I am no Royal Family fanatic. I just watched out of boredom and curiosity. Does this mean I should be ashamed?

  10. The Chinese in the far East don't understand the 'slitty eyes' slur, I recall the Beijing Olympic games photos with the Spanish Basketball team, there was no reaction from the Mainland Chinese, they didn't understand it as they have never seen it before, only those who live in the west understand the slur.

  11. To the above commentor. Thats why China needs education. All Chinese. In the west we say nothing at slitty eyes and in China they dont know about it. Ive even seen Jackie Chan pulling his own slitty eyes when doing promo work for The Spy Next Door . Unity vs racism. Why we are so passive is because we hope itll just go away. amazes me. 1/4 of the worlds population and we act like we can just out work off our countries karma just by earning more money. when the f are we going to wake up to the fact that getting down and dirty against political discrimination and standing together and speaking out is our duty ?

  12. I think you take his comment too seriously, in the press, things can be taken out of context and make it sounds really bad? like Prince Harry 'famously' called one of his fellow soldier 'paki' , and he himself is referred to as ' ginger' (inferior right?) by his peers, and what's wrong with messing around with your own friends, the 'paki' could just be his affectionate way of calling his mate, and they are quit close anyway - okay not as close to others, so what? Prince philip also said Michelle Obama looks like a man (cos she's so tall), so that makes him racist/sexiest? Don't forget he has to walk a step behind his significant other, it's just him, Prince Harry also sort of referred Prince Philip as being a shorty as he seems shorter than the new wife of Williams, does that make him disrespecting of the senior member of the Royal? (frm a Chinese point of view it would be, cos your elders is older and wiser and should be respected at all times, ooh, and they are always right regardless, and never joke or make fun of them, it's the stupid Confucius protocol...Sometime ago, I started to hate this well worshipped Chinese philosopher, who was responsible of suppressing women as women are the subjects of men including their sons, and some time ago I started hating Chinese historians who blamed women (beautiful one) for Kings/Emperors losing their Kingdom because the Kings/Emperors indulged women from the tribes they plundered; women that were summoned by the Kings'/Emperors' order to satisfy his personal #$@, when they lost the country, then it's all down to the women they were indulging, blaming the ones they took by force. Women from all kinds of family could be forced into prostitution only because there is no male member of the family left to take care of them - don't forget there won't jobs for women except servant jobs or the old days divorcing one's wife is one sided, it's like firing once employee and that employee would usually become unemployable, in other worlds those 'fired' women brought shame upon themselves - ooh how, cos their husbands found new birds?!
    Okay, now there are new laws, but unfortunately those superior feelings of male over female is still present at least in my generation of men. Also, the many men still keeps one or more mistresses outside of the marriage who would classify themselves as studs when at the same time women would classified as whores if doing the same thing, talking about double standard!

  13. And for all you Satanic Monarchy arselickers enjoy this vid use your Chinese accountancy brains to add 1+1 and figure out who is causing all the wars in the world:

  14. I didn't watch it for Prince Phillip.

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