Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Why Chinese Females Don't Fight Racism Against Chinese

An anonymous commenter posted the following:
"Chinese women do not take a proactive approach to stopping and fighting out against White racism to Chinese... because they know that eventually they will pair up with a white man and have half white children, who will go on to have more white children down the generations. That is how Chinese women eliminate racism."
  How true is it? In Consideration of racism to Chinese people in the UK - I beg this question...
“Have you ever seen an ethnic Chinese female overtly fight racism or defend her race against the White man?”
Female critics accuse this blog of over focussing on interracial relationships and Eurasians, yet the irony is that these are usually the only articles females post comments on. It also follows that these are usually the only articles non-Chinese males post comments on too. Evidently, both the wannabe western Chinese female and the non-Chinese male share the same agenda - to defend their WM/CF relationship and eliminate the Chinese male. Chinese men express altruistic concern for the health of their Chinese community, Chinese women however, do not. The Chinese woman is a highly selfish creature indulging in narcissistic self-gratification. On the rare occasion, a Chinese female protests, she does so as a woman, prioritising goals for her own gendered gratification.

The net presence of Chinese female blogs written in the English language, it’s their own webspace – they can write about any subject, yet they overwhelmingly focus on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and inter racial relationships- it’s all about ‘the self.’

British Chinese females received schooling from British educational establishments, numerically engulfed by their White peers, they envied them, whatever these White girls have or do, they wanted it too, they developed an inferiority complex and a compulsion to achieve via assimilation.
“I’m Chinese, what chance do I have to date the most popular White guy in class? My Chineseness is holding me back from achieving, I must make myself more western and spend £££ on beauty products!”
Many British Chinese females compete with their white counterpart - often to gain acceptance. Infatuation with fashion/Beauty/make up is an attempt to compete with western female physicalities, i.e bigger breasts, different coloured iris, double eyelids, slimmer narrower nose, skin tanning or bleaching etc. Asian women claim there are not enough Asian female models/faces on the cover of magazines or roles on screen etc, but never complain about there not being an all-Chinese male-female couple on the western screen. The selfish Chinese female is only concerned with her own gendered status as a woman.

Look at the recent racially motivated attack on a Chinese female by a White male in Plymouth, not a single Chinese female condemned the attack. The female victim was mistaken for a male. The victims of racially motivated attacks are usually male, therefore the Chinese female cannot see ‘evil’ in the White man. How can she condemn the attack if her social circle is White, her work colleagues are White, her employer is White, her partner is White, her in-laws are White? Instead blame is attributed to the victim.

What happens when a White man chooses a Chinese female for dating? She exclaims:
“At last! The White man loves us beautiful Asian women more than you White women! We can be adored by White men too! They are so open-minded, so accepting of us into their race!”
I have never heard a British Born Chinese woman speak out against White male/Chinese female relationships, they believe such relationships puts the Chinese female on a par with or above the 'superior' White woman, therefore the White male is championed for putting her there. Look at this...

Dave Cornthwaite - ‘Date If you dated a new person every day how long would it take to find love?' The book typifies 'White' literature with a cover to reflect its white readership. But notice the token Chinese female on the book cover? What is she doing there!? Its the compulsion to compete with the white female.

The Chinese female is propelled onto the same pedestal as the ‘superior’ alpha White female (Black and South Asian Muslim women have failed to attain white privilege) in terms of desirability status for the ‘superior’ alpha White male. Chinese female feels empowered, high achieving, basking in her new found status within the dominated world of the White male and the White female - that she tried so hard to compete with. "If I can't beat the whitey, I'll breed with them instead!" The Chinese female on the book cover is Jenny Hao, former article contributor for Dimsum. Need I say more?

By BBCZeigeist


  1. welcome to 21st century, the century of the white man and chinese girl couples.

    1. 'Black and South Asian Muslim women have failed to attain white privilege'. This could also explain in the UK why Blacks and South Asian Muslim women stick to their own.

      But why in a western world give 'Asian women' privilege over Black and South Asian women? Is it western media playing on the selfish nature of the Chinese woman in order to dilute the Chinese/East asian race only? Or would Chinese/East asian women have taken this route as a natural route? Chicken and Egg.

      'The Chinese woman is a highly selfish creature indulging in narcissistic self-gratification'

      How did this even happen in the first place? Is the colonisation of Hong Kong the cause of this or the start of this kind of experiment? Or goes further to other east asian continents? eg korea japan etc.

    2. Because the other race's women had a bit of racial pride in them? White men don't idolise east asian women, they PREY on them. Mostly because they are easy catches. That's why they include them in this "privilege".

      takes two to tango, after all.

    3. Yes white-washing has done an ace job, on the Chinese female.

    4. Its not just chinese women. Its the majority of westernized asian women living in western countries

    5. The problem of white supremacy occurs in every mainly white country. BBCs are born into a society where they are different - and not in a good way. They can't help feeling like they want acceptance. This article is biased, sexist, and most likely written by a jealous BBC male. BBC women aren't property of chinese men. You can't choose your race, but you're free to marry whatever race. Just because you're the same race doesn't mean you belong together. BBC women are good to show this. They're not 'easy'. Maybe they seem easy to WM because CM find them so hard to get.

      Have you ever considered that it's not down to race why there are CW/WM marrying? You marry because you love someone.

      And if it is down to race, have you consider why CW don't want CM? BBC males aren't attractive, are mostly geeks who only care to study and video game, and expect to get Chinese women without work. They can't get women, so they're using the pathetic excuse that same race = marriage. So this article is completely stupid to say Chinese women are selfish creatures, because chinese and white both are selfish. Chinese men aren't expressing concern for their 'chinese community', they're worried that no one will want them. They need to make a harder effort.

      BBC women are pretty. Both white and chinese females use makeup. A man shouldn't complain that they're making an effort. CM don't make that effort.

      I am a BBC female and I agree with some of the article, honestly. CW do get insecurities growing up around WW, but so do CM. The inferiority complex exists. But I think that people shouldn't marry on race. I know of many chinese couples, and wouldn't mind marrying a Chinese man so long as his race isn't all that matters to him. Race shouldn't affect how you live. The goal should be to empower and ensure that chinese are equal to whites. I have never known of a BBC male who is attractive. I know attractive BBC females.

      Chinese families are kind to chinese men. Females experience sexist beliefs that they must serve and wait on their husbands, make children and be worked by cruel mother in laws. Women are seen as inferior to men. Is it a surprise white and chinese women don't want to be a part of this?

      Before posting such an ignorant article,'ensure you consider all points of views fairly and respectfully. This is a troll of an article. There should be happiness that interracial couples exist. Chinese couples still happen. Race equality should be the main goal. if people stick to someone just because they're the same race, then there will be segregation. Chinese men should try harder to get any women - chinese women are NOT inferior to white women. Women are more driven by personality when attracted - they won't care for your race unless you do. Chinese men should be equal to white men but they don't make the effort.

      We should all seek to establish the freedom to marry whoever and all be seen as equals. If you keep posting this drivel, thay can't happen. Posting this article won't get you any women.

    6. more specifically, the century of white man and unattractive chinese woman couples. ever notice how you generally don't see pretty chinese women dating white men? at least that's how it is here in the States, I can only assume it's the same in the UK as well.

      it may have something to do with the fact these women have low self-esteem because they know they are not good looking; otherwise, they wouldn't need to feel inferior to whites.

  2. Have either of you ever stopped to question why, after all these months of posting, you still only have 14 subscribers - including yourselves? Why do you think you haven't attracted more BBC's to your cause? What do consider the reasons might be for garnering so little support from educated, young Chinese in Britain? Could it be that it's because your racist, sexist, anachronistic fuckwittery doesn't actually appeal to anyone?

    No doubt you'll put it down to the "apathetic" BBC community, but in reality it's because you're a couple of ignorant fools, with the erudition and intellectual nous of a particularly backward chimpanzee. Do keep it up though, this page is always good for a giggle xxx

    1. The fact you keep returning is testament to you giving this blog a thumbs up! You should know by now to read and not knee jerk. This is a discussion blog, it is neither a political party nor a pressure group, therefore there is no 'cause.'

      Doesn't appeal to anyone? Haha. We average more comments per article than any other British Chinese non-forum website in the English language!

    2. 'racist, sexist, anachronistic fuckwittery'

      sour grapes

    3. Over 100,000 hits! I can retire from blogging now!

    4. educated, young Chinese in Britain? Haha! So what have you done or contributed? Answer: Nothing. These young educated Chinese are the same as those from 20 years ago in the sense that they still don't know how to progress their cultural identity beyond primitive stereotypes such as..."do BBc's eat everyday?" Is maths built into our genes?" who watches anime?" "do bbcs all do kung fu?"

      These are the same primitive non-progressive garbage questions from 20 years ago. It shows BBC's culture and identity hasn't progressed, its remained stagnant, IN FACT I'd say it has hardly moved from its opening base after 2 decades. In 20 years time, the same bullshit questions will be repeated again, with still no progression.

    5. Yep, we are reaping the rewards from academically centric ethnic Chinese... whilst looking good on paper, does nothing for ethnic Chinese identity - and thus respect - in Britain.

      This all stems from the mistakes our parents made, they may have had good intentions focusing on hard work, academic excellence etc... but it has hardly made its mark on British society, has it? Instead our race has been consumed by the British - good if you're white British I suppose (or WANT to be white British) - which is why we get these responses.

      For those trying to eek out some pride in being a Brit of ethnic Chinese identity however, it is shameful, to actively realise your own people are whitewashing themselves just so they can assimilate themselves better.

      You can be British without being white, you know.

    6. Ah, FOB parents who won't challenge racism! Who has FOB parents that told you to keep quiet and not speak out against racism against Asians Chinese, East Asians?

    7. @ AnonymousMar 27, 2012 09:24 AM

      'You can be British without being white, you know.'

      That was my point

      when I was calling them 'sellouts'

      @BBCz yes FOBS dont challenge racism, and so when its up to the gen who face it the most, US BBC'ers

      the whitewashed lot say ' its only racist if you think it is'

      Talk about living in denial.

      'Gosh! I see a white english person when I stare at my mirror in the morning!'

    8. This article is truth n nothing but the truth

  3. Thats why this blog is the best BBC blog around because it raises controverisal question other lames sites ignore, my take isn't just females but also those in successful business and showbiz because well... its money and self greed.

    1. sure but money and self greed doesnt encourage interbreeding . like i said in my other question what is it about being priviliged that would cause chinese women to interbreed? the only thing i can think of is a huge feeling of insecurity that doubles up amongst chinese.

      ie if women are insecure, chinese women are double insecure, hence their need to interbreed. social engineering has taken advantage of their innate double insecurity to feel the need to make up for their lack, by interbreeding. that is the one thing missing from the article.

      since china was invaded by west in opium wars, and western capitalist system was set up, china has never gotten over white privilege.

      now china is up and coming in the world, west is racing to china to grab its money and we are seeing jeremy lin appear in basketball. games games games

      but you can bet once the west has cracked into the east and got what its wanted, its gonna change its tune.

      the west hates the east. this is about money and power, and control, and how these insecure creatures called chinese women see themselves is to do with who holds the power.

      the interbreeding social engineering between chinese women and white men in the uk is just the tip of the iceberg. its constantly been going on as a colonial weapon in advertising media etc etc until china figure out a way to deal with it. and they can start by not releasing films like flowers of war. and start focusing on their own self confidence.

      re: the issues raised here, theres not much we can do, except put forward positive images of ourselves and make our own non-interbreeding decisions to deny white privelege of its privelege.

      that a people would interbreed so much just signifies lack of confidence in their own culture more than anything else

  4. So ask yourself the question, have you ever seen a ethnic Chinese female fight racism against the white man/race in the UK?

    1. @ Z
      Not that I am aware of, but I can name a handful in the US, you can put forward the case that ppl like Anna Chen, Madam miao maio, but her real agenda is herself and self PR. Notice her comment is actually about directing to her blog. But i am goin to diss her.
      I have seen a few chinese people fight against racism but i have also seen humane white people fighting racism (towards chinese) aswell, in fact a white guy got his teeth knocked out by defending a chinese bar tender in london (eveing standard) last year, i think you have to be careful, not to come across as dissing an entire skin colour even though that maybe not the case, because ppl can't be arsed to read all the details and get the wrong idea.

    2. typos
      i meant NOT goin to diss her, yes i am aware that she mixed raced aswell

      good debate, let others comment

    3. I agree, theres many US Asian American females that are radical - very 'pro-Asian American,' but in the UK? PAH!

      As you said, here, mixed race appear to show more interest in speaking out against racism than ethnic Chinese females. There is just something very wrong with the mentality of our British Chinese females (ethnic Chinese females).

    4. Seen ethnic Chinese women fight black women, other Chinese girls, Chinese males, never whites. Not even white women. None of those reasons were for anti-racism, just own petty issues.

      I dont think ive seen an ethnic British Chinese female either FOB or BBC fight racism. Its almost the same as asking any FOB or BBC female if they have a political opinion on anything, again, from my own observation, no.

      Chinese pride/cultural advancement seems to be a more male thing, for ethnic Chinese females it's a cultural commodity for self advancement/ western legitimisation Eg play cantonese.

      In such cases if cultural identity is not viewed as a source of strength, rather than a commodity to be bargained with, that also says a lot about that individual's political expression - ie political or apolitical, which also defines the real strength of that person's attitude towards racism.

    5. I agree with that

    6. NEVER seen an Chinese female fight against White racism? were none of you ever embarrased by your Chinese mothers talking loud in public, trains, buses?

      How many British Chinese females do you know? when in Chinatown the loudest talking people you know.

    7. talking loudly in public has nothing to do with fighting racism.

  5. you also have to look at the main mediums that represents chinese people in the UK, the subtext of dimsum for example is it only interested in to making business opportunities within an closed conservative clique, that comprises of single menopausal women waffling about cuisine and dysfunctional parenting techniques.
    Also Gokwan on Jonathan Ross is so willing to degrade people from China by refering them as short. The contrived dog thing I guess is to pre-empt Chinese eats dog stereotype why? Coz he got a programme about Chinese cooking soon. He reminds of Lenny Henry’s early days when he was willing to appear in the Minstrel show doing servile self-deprecating black jokes which would now be considered racist, no one questioned then, but now he won’t get away with it. I think Chinese representation is still in the early Lenny henry phrase, with people like Gok, Nancy Lam etc to name a few reinforcing these subliminal negative messages.

  6. lenny henry phase lol

    one of the big comedians on youtube is this cbc called peter chao who puts on hong kong FOB stereotype accent cleverly gets to be racist to other cultures, but is still has that self-depreciating element which plays well to white audiences.

    theres another guy a FOB called joe wong who is a big hit with american tv for the same reason - FOB accent.

    gok is probably is the closest bbcs have as a charismatic eurasian HK male lookalike rolemodel but seems long time for an ethnic western chinese as legit as even americans dont have this yet.

    until that happens british chinese women probably will stick to their boring dimsum stuff or make up videos, to say nothing of fighting white racism.

    in fact, cant think of one programme where ive seen an ethnic chinese woman on tv with a white male that didnt infer IR. and as for ethnic chinese males on tv in the uk beyond bit parts, yet to happen. again its all about what is digestible for white audiences ie within the boundaries of enforced stereotypes that we are seen by others, and unfortunately as we see ourselves. in some ways its unsurprising ethnic chinese women dont fight white racism, and even attack us bbcs for being racist towards whites ( such as recently on this blog) when theres complete lack of male ethnic Chinese in UK media.

  7. An Asian woman flour-bombed Kim Kardashian...

    1. Yes, I saw it. But that's the point we've been making...

      1) Asian Americans are more radical and proactive about protesting than the British Chinese female. British Born Chinese female is docile.

      2) Re: Kim Kardashian - it was reported an unnamed Asian assailant shouted 'fur hag' as she threw the powder. So its NOT a 'race' issue, but an animal rights issue - i.e fashion. If you read my article, Fashion is a typical issue Chinese females partake in, NOT RACE issues. Chinese women appear to refuse to fight anti-chinese racism or defend her race.

    2. British Chinese female don't talk loud in public? they don't shout and talk loud in public?

  8. Wow - its kinda obvious that this blog is by a guy who really has something against BBC women, this kind of hatred makes that whole blog seem quite pathetic and undermines alot of your 'real' arguments.

    I would say Chinese women have been inherently conditioned to be submissive, not only just within their own community and family but also their envorinment. If they were aggressive and violent, next you'd be saying they were showing up the entire Asian race for acting so 'un-asian.'

    1. In what way does this article reflect a general hatred of BBC women?

      Btw Jenny Hao is a FOB not a BBC. I don't think the details of the article are inaccurate, I haven't heard a piece of criticism that challenges the article to be incorrect.

    2. I agree with Lee, it is not only this article but most of this blog seem to have something against BBC females. I wonder if the blogger is bitter about not being able to find a decent BBC girlfriend/wife?

      When I was at school (years ago) my friends and I got called Chinky more times than I can remember. What did we do? Not stand back and smile, we told them to 'f'ck off' and other stuff which usually surprised them and yes, most of us have chosen to marry BBC men. My point being, you don't know enough of us to judge.

      What have you done when racism was in your face?

    3. @AnonymousMar 28, 2012 04:52 AM

      Congratulations on fighting white racism at school. I guess that solves the racism issue for the whole British Chinese community then. Lets go play some more spelling games.

      But then how do you explain white male chinese male couples like here

      Fighting racism by eliminating Chinese blood or just expressing freedom as an individual?

    4. ^Chinese female i meant, unless you are Gok

    5. Thats good. I'm not saying all Chinese should say fight back in a school environment due to repercussions esp if they're isolated and the only Chinese in the school and they know where you live. It all depends on the nature of the racism. The problem though is that as someone else said our FOB parents have a lot to answer for. Not only did they put BBC in these difficult situations and not support them but they tell you not to fight back against racism and not report racism, hence collectively created an image that Chinese are a walkover.

    6. @happybritishchinese 29, 2012 05:04 AM

      No, it doesn't solve the racism issue (who can solve it? Perhaps, you can enlighten me) but that is not what my comment is about. I am commenting on THIS particular article about Chinese women not fighting white racism - we do. I gave school as an example as that was when I had it most, now that I am older I get less racist remarks but when I do, I still challenge people, unless I'm alone and there's a group of them - I'm not stupid.

      My FOB mother did everything she can for us and would challenge bullies even though her English is limited. That proves not all FOB parents are the same when it comes to how they support us.

      Slightly off topic, there was a white washed BBC girl in our school who only went out with white guys. She made a comment about her being 'British and not Chinese'. It pissed my friend off (also BBC) so she asked her for a fight after school. Now isn't that refreshing for you BBC women haters.

    7. @BBCz id agree with what you say about FOBS parents not speaking out against it, and partly thanks to our confucian genetics:

      @AnonymousMar 29, 2012 01:06 PM

      Solve racism? Getting all BBCS to unite against anti-Chinese racism ( tv, FOBS getting beatn up, killed, etc) and speaking out against it in our own BBC media would be a start. May not solve it but at least id show those of us who do speak out against it arent pushovers, plus fix our apathetic community.

      Youre FOB upbringing seems quite unusual. Good for you.

      Re: Your story about BBC fighting whitewashed BBC. Im guessing your are in your mid 20s at the oldest so school wasnt as long ago as it was for me because your story sounds almost unbelievable.

      Contribute an article and maybe we can tick 'BBC woman hating' off the list of insults we've been called.

      Because all this name calling is like being back at school again. Boohoo.

  9. Jenny Hao is a vainglorious piece of work who loves to promote herself in anyway she can but im not here to shoot arrows...

    When you ask 'Why dont Chinese females fight white racism' I would say that sometimes there's too many animals in the jungle...cant find them all....regardless of which gender you are...

  10. 'both the wannabe western Chinese female and the non-Chinese male share the same agenda - to eliminate the Chinese male'

    thats an interesting point, because another question could be 'do chinese women fight back against racism towards chinese men' well if their first instinct is to rid of racism by having hapa children as your first point makes, it would also be logical to note that the answer would be 'no'.

    In fact the self hate could even be associated with the male psychologically - the whole you remind me of my father, i dont date people who look like my brother etc.

    The Chinese male, in the distorted mind of such self hating females is something worth noting, and their mother is someone who is stereotypically someone who 'suffered under the hands of their father'

    So as white is perched as the white knight in shining armour, appearing at the right time, its the diabolical perversion of East asian psychology that has twisted things so that no matter what the white man says can be no wrong, because in the mind of the self hater ANYTHING is better than the patriarchal footbinding dictator male dad.

    To be fair such tyrant Chinese males could do with communicating more, but in cases like this first the problem has to be acknowledged. Without even acknowledging the problem its like the whole Chinese female race going around with a huge propensity to sellout simply because they dont understand how they are affected by the situation, and typically in each generation only react to it, with the usual white default as the answer to all the problems.

  11. So Mr HappyBritishChinese, its clear that you are positing all your hatred and inadequacies upon Chinese females?....

    1. Er, no im trying to examine why some Chinese women in the west view white males as more attractive than Chinese men by looking at the Chinese family set up and how western social engineering has taken advantage of this.

      If you think im joking read this first

    2. I see nothing wrong or exceptional to the mentioned link. What you are trying to do is force your own will and opinion upon other people - but remember everyone has their own free will.

      What does one person's choice with who they marry and have children with affect YOU? You would do better to cast your energy upon your own efforts and encourage the spread of Chinese culture rather than knocking down other people and castigating them.

      This public and social castigation of individuals who choose to live their lives as they see fit and not in tune to YOUR way of life smacks of narrowminded tyranny...Live and let live...

    3. Identity and community. Why do you post on here? Because you're a BBC (well, I'm guessing you're a BBC, although judging by your interests in Tang poetry, which has nothing to do with BBC culture). Since you say your identity is 'Asian,' obviously you don't identify with other BBC, therefore you wouldn't care about the future of the BBC community, you don't even call yourself Chinese. In effect, your apathy and disconnect with your own BBC identity/community answers your own question.

    4. But how would you define BBC culture? This is what I find so elusive. Yes I am BBC. Do I identify with them? Yes sometimes I do, but Im also my own person, I dont believe in labels as such, I consider myself quite international.

      Am I concerned with the future of the BBC community? The answer is no. Not with the future. But with the current wellbeing of the people within that community - then yes.

      The future will take care of itself, with or without my help.

      Im posting on here because I believe (correct me if Im wrong) that you have started a site to foster discussion and encouragement within the BBC community, and NOT to foster hatred, suspicion or correct me if Im wrong though.

      It's good that you have highlighted certain cases that are not being reported anywhere else, but some of the judgements made on here are unbelievable and just point up the author's own failings and insecurities.

    5. PS - that you feel Tang poetry has nothing to do with BBC culture is incredibly disappointing...

    6. Tang poetry is an example of FOB traditional culture, like Chinese caligraphy. As you said BBC culture is indeed elusive, you're dissatisfied, thats why you'd rather align yourself with Asian FOBs.

    7. such a cursory attitude...always so quick to attack..

    8. How the hell is Tang poetry part of BBC culture. its part of Chinese culture, BBC culture hasnt even been invented yet.

    9. goodness grief...Tang poetry ...FONG PEI...who da hell cares... isn't that yellow earth theatre territory !!??!!

      BBC culture my take is the ultimate postmodern condition. What that means i tellya laters.

    10. ^ Bro, you should have posted that point on the sellout article

      even though it doesnt let them off the hook for being whitewashed and not fighting racism, i guess it kind of explains the ( what i call ) hipster attitude, so thanks for mentioning.

  12. Back on topic - are there actually any BBC women who have fought against white racism?

    1. Why not answer your own question? - are there any BBC men who have fought against white racism?

      You will see hopefully what a ridiculous question this is...We all fight it everyday and cope with it on our own way, some visible, sometimes not to other people...

    2. HBC can give you his answer. I'll give you mine using examples.

      This blog is an example of speaking out against white racism, there are no ethnic Chinese females who have ever contributed an article here. Look at the net presence of BBC females, their websites, their blogs, they do not overtly fight racism in the UK at all, their blogs typically revolve around fashion/Beauty/lifestyle/inter racial relationships etc, the 'self.' Whereas there are Asian American females who write about diaspora issues and racism, they are activists. There are no BBC ethnic Chinese female 'racial' activists in the UK. BBC females will not even condemn racially motivated attacks by white men.

      Those who have privately contacted me with their stories of combating racism and further ideas to promote etc, have all been male.

    3. Superb retort, reason for this much needed blog for BBCs, with BBCs interests,, maybe there be more lui contributors, when i speak to some BBc females, not all of them are LV hugging bag dimwits, but actually have a hidden social conscience when given a safe space for them speak without being dissed. must admit it is not usual, as for blokes there alot of bavardo, that includes me after a few.

    4. no ethnic Chinese female activists? Good Lord next you'll be asking where are all the Muslim women activists...

      My point is why do you need to be an activist and make it your one cause? I think you are inherently wrong and also placing your frustrations on an easy scapegoat..the Chinese female, who is doubly oppressed - by her own community and by the greater white western community. Easy to kick a dog when its down and then moan why the dog doesnt stand up to the white oppressors isnt it..

    5. There are plenty of muslim activists. They bravely defend their right to wear islamic attire such as hijab. I've seen them at demo's confronting EDL too. How many BBC females would do that? The only thing BBC females their right to marry a white man and as the previous anon said, their right to own an LV bag.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. ^Removed for comment violation

    8. Lee You admit as Chinese in the west we face racism and yet downplay it. and wonder why Chinese need to be activist about it. Its because we ethnic Chinese havent been activist about it is why we get incidents like this

      and this

      Its also why in articles like this

      you get comments like 'so sad' and yet noone does anything and goes back to small talk on the facebook board. Chinese mentality is too nuclear and family focused plus the fact that we dont speak out against racism, and in this case, Chinese women. that we get it again and again. And it'll keep going on until we unite as Chinese to speak out against it. I cant see the problem, blacks do this when that guy got shot by the police last year, cant remember his name, asians do it, why dont Chinese? Theres nothing activist about it, its just a normal thing that we should speak out for our human rights. Theres nothing extremist about it. The extremist thing is that British Chinese havent done anything whilst incidents like the 3 above - one girl beaten up, one murder and two robberies and another murder have happened. Think about it THAT way.

      If men are speaking/have spoken out - at least the BBCs I know, have known,then why arent the BBC women? We are all in it together so we should all look out for each other. Why is that so complicated to understand? If some do, as someone mentioned above, then itd be nice if there were more vocal or commented on here. Anyone who speaks out against racism would not act on the defensive and start labelling people Muslim extremists. A true survivor of someone who has spoken out against it would be proud and confident of who they are knowing they have spoken out, because it was their own dignity they were defending. Hopefully you can understand that.

    9. "If men are speaking/have spoken out - at least the BBCs I know, have known,then why arent the BBC women?"

      Because it's far less hassle to just pair off with a white guy and ignore it under his protection. Simple really, you can tell by the lack of Chinese women responding here and regarding racial incidents at large (Elizabeth Chan is an exception though, read her recent Guardian article). And the ones that do come on here are ridiculing us, saying racism doesn't affect them because they're so well integrated with the white man.

    10. I'm under no doubt, there are some Chinese women who think marrying a white guy is a form of protection from racism, if shes with a white guy, shes less likely to encounter racial problems.

      Absolutely, Chinese should stand up against racism against Chinese Asians. Chinese should speak out against racism against Chinese Asians.

  13. The only one I know of is Madame Miaow, she has been a continual source of activism calling out against the inherent racial bias against ethnic Chinese. She is only a blip though, compared to other communities who not only have significant female bloggers in the fashion of e.g. Madame Miaow., but also numerous representatives, community leaders, ELECTED politicians and councillors, local neigbhourhood leaders etc...these are not your professionals, highly educated etc... but just ordinary women, mothers and such. Ethnic Chinese have none of that, certainly none that make a mark on the British community as a whole, and none to effect change in how the ethnic Chinese is perceived.

    Read this comment in an article about a Taiwanese girl killing herself whilst talking to her "friends" on Facebook:

    Well, in China, if they can ignore a dying todler on the street, what chance do facebook friends have?

    - Nina, West Midlands, 27/3/2012 14:02

    TAIWAN was mentioned several times in the article, not CHINA... pretty different words. You can't mix up England and Germany, after all. The only sort of people who would lump the two together are the racists - i.e. they're all the same.

    Also note that the comment received by far more comments than the others... proof that when white people are presented with a racial stereotype, they will latch on to it.

    This is in comparison to many Chinese women who at pains to distinguish the variations between white American, British, French, Australian etc....there is a fundemental difference to how white women perceive other races (they're all the same) to how Chinese women perceive others (whites anyway)... Why is this?

    1. My hunch this is written by Anna Chen


  14. The Chinese female is propelled onto the same pedestal as the ‘superior’ alpha White female (Black and South Asian Muslim women have failed to attain white privilege)
    Black and south asian women are not on the same pedestal not solely because of white men... it's because they would rather keep their legs shut to retain their identity. This is overwhelmingly the case with white women too. Worldwide studies show that women (in 98% of cases, whether as a majority or a minority in a country) follow this - with one exception - East Asian women in non east asian countries.

    I have no doubt that if black and south asian women were as easy and complaint as east asian women to white men, they too would be regarded as "attractive" - solely because they would be easy fucks.

    1. Hard to speak out against white male racism when youre eager to spread your legs for them I agree. No wonder theres a lot of white male abuse against Chinese females that noone seems to talk about, which at least is reported in some of the US tabloids.

      Here? No no no, how dare you, that would be very 'racist' to say such a thing etc etc

  15. In a more generalised overview of things, all can be summarised by the following: ethnic Chinese people are too nice, too docile. Certainly as a minority community. Chinese men do not get on with other race's women because the lack the relative assertiveness of other race's men; by contrast, Chinese women are so easy to "conquer" for other men because they are so "nice" compared to other race's women.

    Racial incidents, mistreatment, lack of respect etc. continue because ethnic Chinese would rather sit tight and let things pass than be proactive. Compare this to other races, the more reistance (less NICE) to whatever mistreatment they receive - the more hesitant the racist perpetrator(s) will be in future encounters.

    Of course it's no use if a single ethnic Chinese here or there is "not nice" (another words, not a walkover).

    This has to be a unified, communal thing, where the majority of ethnic Chinese have a bit of pride in who they are, rather than a one off Chinese man who will just get lynched, regardless of how "nice" he is.

    e.g. when an asian kid was assaulted in Yorkshire a couple of years ago, asian gangs retaliated by looking for white kids in similar vulnerable positions. It wasn't right, but it got the message across - don't mess with us.

    1. Spot on. Unfortunately you just get labelled an extremist by the confucius minded Chinese when you speak out against racism lol

  16. still a spring chicken27 March 2012 at 18:26

    Concerning old women, regarding their view of this blog, trying to take the moral high ground PAH!

    Zeit man you getting famous LOL

    1. WAH, kam sai lei! Good balanced reviews! They should post on here!

    2. Even edwina likes the blog. Wonder if she knows about the tranny photos yet tho lol

    3. LOL there's probs loads of old biddies who love reading these blogs but speak out against it in public :D

      great blogs, dimsum you re going down, but not like edison's lasses LOL

    4. That's hilarious - it's absolutely transparent that "turtlemother" is Happy trying to stir up a little enthusiasm for this dishrag of a blog. All "turtlemother's" posts seem to link to this page! haha

    5. nothing wrong with that,Dimsum been doing for ages and getting away with it for yonks, they even award awards to themselves sneaky or what. and pretending to be for the "whole" chinese community

    6. AnonymousMar 28, 2012 04:55 PM

      Gosh a few links for this blog - how underhanded!

      Just remember the more crap you white-worshipping sellouts and other sellouts spew, the more articles for us!

  17. I like your blog. I thought I was in the minority in having similar idea to you. However, in my view, most of the chinese girls you mention are from the mainland. Anyway, they are butt ugly and their white boyfriends are all nerdy losers. What I do not understand is why are they so keen to be pregnant? The number of children born by chinese women even makes a dent to the national statistics. Is it because they suck up to the whites or is it just a case of wanting a UK passport?
    Keep up with the good work.

    1. 'why are they so keen to be pregnant'

      Passport probably but also read this

    2. TY! Are you talking about women in mainland China or those in UK?

    3. Anonymous - if you're noticing it enough to think it, then more than likely other chinese men here are thinking it too...that goes for everything, so never be afraid to voice your opinions.

  18. Too complimentary to the BBC woman.

    It's not selfishness, its cowardism. That's the word they are scared of.

    Also old saying applies: " Mo Kah Kao " Sure you all heard of it, their families must suck, coward mother and father.

    End of

  19. What I find fascinating is that if a black, asian, man, woman - doesn't matter - were called a nigger or a paki, and they responded angrily or hit out on the racist, then no-one would be surprised. It would be the obvious reaction, right?

    But if a chinese was called chink, and they react angrily or hit back, the racist - and a lot of society - would be saying things like "they overreacted, flipped out etc." - why do many whites have such double standards with regards to racism??? Is it because of this lack of previous resistance from Chinese that empowers them, and warps their minds into thinking it's acceptable?

    1. Its 'casual racism' its a socially engineered way of saying that we shouldnt be offended because it was only a 'joke'. Its also a common thing amongst the whitewashed lot that race isnt an issue.

      Its acceptable because we havent learn to speak out against it as a group. Most chinese women in being trained to be more timid when it comes to this stuff , if they arent whitewashed would , if they arent feisty individuals just ignore it. And if we were to be honest, its the men too. Its inbuilt into our confucian genetics as Chinese.

      Casual racism is a vicious circle - Chinese say nothing because they dont want to lose face, and as a result whites keep saying it because they think they can get away with it.

      The only solution is as western born Chinese to BREAK the circle by speaking out against it when any of us are affected, something that our FOB forebears would be proud of, because thats something they couldnt do themselves, after all it takes a command of the english language to insult a racist unless you do it in Cantonese/Mandarin, which doesnt really work in a western environment.

    2. actually i'm one one those who do speak out when there is causal racism when it is "safe" to do so, and i don't mean getting married-of with a white person LOL, i believe most educated clued-up BBcs would do so aswell, but as a collective BBC identity it's different. Sites like DS don't help because it never raises the subject in a way that reflects the victim or the oppressed or as a collective, even amongst ppl who are in a position to write something constructive and real abt it. As a more deeper discussion it is also abt unequal power relations. Look if you in a position of good wealth and position, how would you sustain that? well one ansa is what i would could loosely as dimsum ideology, that is to say, don't rock the boat and appease those who feeding you with rice which means in most cases selling out. don't 4get it is the traditional of this non-intervention self-greed that is ingrained in chinese culture that underpins the success of takeaway business etc. That hasn't and won't be change because of the pricetag

    3. True, self-greed and selling out is part of our culture, and whilst its good to make money, its also the path most BBCS have chosen to pursue at the cost of developing social identity to create our culture and identity.

      BBC culture needs to be more open expressive, and IMO rebellious, but also principle based, which would counter the sellout stuff you talk about. Right now BBC culture is kind of stuck in the middle. its not FOB sellout, its not radical, its just..meh.

      Again without any 1 person with the initiative eg Nat Wei or some equally socially-savvy influential person, or some great BBC artists making waves, with everything as you say, being made secondary to accumulating self-wealth, just have to accept it as the norm for the time being.

    4. agreed but i think you poised the question what is BBC identity somewhere? well one poss ansa, it is prob this taoist actionless action as a tang poet would put it, or imo sadly it is what it IS, this do nothing, nothingless which is the ultimate wisdom according to Taoist philosophy.
      As to being "rebellious" well it is one of most common BBC final year art statements or cultural thesis, I wrote one meself lol, I seen a BBC fashion student who packaged her T shirt collection into a designer takeaway foil carton... genius, turning "low" life into "high" art, many BBCs have done that sort of thing more professionally (some are really bad IMO see DS), but it remains niche. maybe in the future its potency will come more to the fore. I believe this will happen because BBCs are in this unique privilege of reflecting this "postmodern" self, that is to say you can't really pin it down with any essentialism. And because some are just clever.

    5. nothingless. yup that is highest taoist point.

      art is one thing, is this taoist attitude throughout the new bbc post modern culture? if so, needs to be known/recognised so everyone can have opportunity to be part of it.

      t-shirt collection into designer takeaway foil carton. has she got a link/website? Maybe if she doesnt mind we can make it into an article? Sounds interesting enough to make into an article because right now BBCS need as much culture as we can get.

    6. the irony is, you start can at the DS resource page, the list of sites (eg ccc), as always approach it critically and consult your own experience what to make of it, i can't and will not tell u how to think and what to do, srry that very taoist.

    7. DS resource page? Whats the link?

  20. Whilst I find your other posts very insightful, even humourous, I found this one particularly offensive. There is a massive difference between attraction to a particular person (or race, if you insist) and apathy towards racism.

    I am a Chinese female and my boyfriend is English/White. Before you judge, allow me to enlighten you. I have no patience for racism, especially when incited by white people. I left my job at a English/white dominated workplace for one staffed predominantly by non-English. I speak openly about racism in public places (someone once threatened to throw me off the train and let the train run over me if I didn't shut up). I dislike my boyfriend's racist friends and have no problem making them aware that I will not tolerate any silly race-related remarks they hurl at me. In fact, I have a dozen good comebacks up my sleeve. I do not envy white people (I am better educated, have a better job, more savings, have a better figure, and age slower - what's there to envy?)

    I will not hesitate to tell a person, regardless of race, to STFU when they speak unfavourably about my race and country. I do not support the monarchy. I do not desperately try to fit in or seek white friends. In fact, the only white person I can count as a friend is my boyfriend.

    So please do not generalise Chinese women who date white males. Not all of us are these weak, passive, meek creatures apathetic about racism happening around them, just to feel better about ourselves.
    Sometimes you need to put your cynicism aside and appreciate mutual attraction and love, albeit interracial.

    Take Aung San Suu Kyi for instance. She may not be Chinese but Burmese values are very similar to those of the Chinese. Her late husband was English and white. She could not be further away from your descriptions above.

    1. Ironic that you choose share with us your fighting racism from whites whilst establishing your intention to create racial genocide by being with one?

      You sound like this woman

      Cake and eat it too?

      That Burmese bitch is a sellout to her race and western political plant.

    2. So ironic, rather than disproving the way Chinese women are portrayed in article, if you re-read what you wrote and compare it to the article, you will see that actually you conform to the article to a T, from the way you're trying to show how much better you are than white women by talking about your body and higher income etc as if to say we Chinese girls can out-compete and surpass white girls and can get White guys easily now. You're deliberately dating a white guy for this reason and to show how assimilated British you are and therefore less likely to get harrassed etc, to your choice of role model Aung san suu kyi - Oh I wonder why you chose her as a role model, yes she is married to a white man. In fact, I believe pretty much all the Chinese female politicians in the UK are married to white men discussed here...

      It is not that there are no Chinese female politicians, in almost every non-Chinese western country where there is sizeable Chinese populace you will find Chinese female trying to enter politics, its the fact they don't radically fight politically on Chinese racial grounds (racial politics) against the White majority. One of the reasons why they don't do it is because they're married to white men.

    3. I must add, having read your comment again, I have to say you are a pretty low piece of filth.

      Your strong independent minded actions implies you make your own decisions, you encounter so much racism from whites, you have no whites as friends, your white bf's friends are all ignorant racists that's who he hangs out with, yet that's still not enough to deter no still decide to have this white guy as your bf, as if to say..."I'm going to prove to you not all white people are evil, take my white knight boyfriend of example - a shining example of how a gentleman white man can be, who respects me for who I am." You want to prove to Chinese not all whites are evil to justify your inter racial relationship with one.

      You are in effect saying..."my friends are all Chinese but I like to keep my lovers white."

  21. Just out of interest, what do you do BBCZeitgeist? Do you judge someone on their colour before they've even opened their mouth? Because that's what you are doing in a round-a-bout way. So, the Burmese ex-politician was not one of the greatest examples, but in the end, you are saying "all" BBC females are the same? Low self confidence, self-hating and sell-outs.

    Judging from your many comments, it seems you are the one that has real issues with yourself, but projecting it onto others. What proof do you have of 'all' BBC females are self-haters? It would seem that feeling confident equates to competing with white females. Well excuse me if I have a really big head then. I'm not competing with anyone. I just happen to think I'm made of great things without a male's approval. I find it quite depressing how a so-called BBC can have such dated views. I know it's fashionable to hark back in time, but this?

    Before you start, no I'm not linked to any form of a white man. It's not one of my greatest ambitions either. I'm not obsessed with gossiping and failing to look at the wider picture. Most of all, I will not and do not tolerate racism, bigots (plenty of those on this thread) and pandering. SF.

    1. Well everyone judges others on characteristics, whether it'll be height, class, economics, age, education, race etc etc. We have preferences and discriminatory practice, we're not blind deaf and dumb lacking in olfactory senses and just date or marry a random piece of flesh? We have certain types that appeal. I personally do not think the criteria for dating and marriage are the same, but thats another topic.

      There are no 'harking back in time' references in the article, no footbinding or jum chu loong etc. You probably think that any chinese person who criticise the actions of a Chinese female is automatically backward and out dated. But anyone can criticise anyone just like you and I openly criticise our parents (i'm guessing you probably do as most BBCs do). In traditional Chinese culture, no one dared to criticise their parents.

      I have not said anywhere that 'ALL' BBC Chinese females are self-haters. of course they are many types as there are different types of BBC males.

      Anyway, you clearly want to have a say, so why don't you write an article sometime, present a female perspective on a topic of your choice.

  22. @BBCZeitgeist, for now, I have nothing to ask, but plenty to answer by the looks of the numerous subjects. Just a little sad I didn't see these threads earlier.

    I'm quite opinionated, and I had many rows with my parents. Both had different views but be sure I encountered enough sexism by my father to last for a lifetime. When I see these comments by seemingly BBCs, it's quite sad. Not from an emotional viewpoint, but purely on the feel that 'all' female BBCs are shallow and disinterested in anything other than acceptance and gossip.

    I'm not going to go into detail about ethnicity inside mainland China because I have seen it goes nowhere on this forum. It is only ever brought up because of the argument of inter-racial relationships and the need to keep it 'pure'.

    This is misquided and to be honest, mixed with the kind of racism in this country. The master and slave form that is often seen in European countries. This kind of racism has likely clouded your judgment on matters of ethnicity. Perhaps caused a defensive reaction. People can try to control race, but look what happened in the past. It's just unnatural. SF.

    1. That was kind of discussed in the comments section here.

    2. You keep making these very wishy washy rheoritcal comments that have no real meaning. You have to give examples of what you consider to be sexism. It seems to me sexism to you is just any criticism of a Chinese woman by a Chinese man or Chinese parents, even if its not sexist in nature, you still call it sexism, maybe you just can't take criticism because you see white girls not being criticised in the same way by their parents, which is partly what the article was about, British Chinese girls look at white girls and wished their lives were like the white females.

    3. Not to mention the fact that sexist comments and Asian fetish sexual harassment are very openly and forcbily made by white men, yet I seldom ever see Chinese women complain about these types of sexism issues against White men. Sexism by white men is empowering, sexism by chinese men is degrading! A clasic example is the woman who posted on here somewhere above who complains about white racism yet is still determinated to keep her lovers white. To these types of Chinese women - the white man can do no wrong, whereas the chinese man can only do wrong.

      "I encountered enough sexism by my father to last for a lifetime..."

      There you go, you also conform, typically have issues with Chinese patriarchy, I've met so many BBC females whose entire philosophy of life is based on fighting against chinese tradition/patriarchy, the ultimate proof of this is their desire to form a partnership with the white man, oh yes im so modern, I'm a rebel! They are Chinese male haters, they are sino-misandrists, they think all Chinese males are the same. I have logged conversations I show you of BBC females who have extreme issues who hate 'chinese culture' chines families, chinese parents, so much, they are determined to marry out, that my friend is racial self-hatred.

  23. @SF Yes it is sad that most Chinese females are shallow and disinterested in anything than acceptance and gossip, all the more reason for you to present a female perspective. So far you are debating the points but you are not coming up with any counter evidence. In many ways, by not taking up the offer to write an article, you are somewhat including yourself in that group.

  24. Happybritishchinese, give me a chance. I have only chanced upon this forum recently and really have little time to even think about issues. Yes, some of the debates and discussions have made me think more and of course I do have a quick reaction to them, however, up until now, I did not feel a need for counter evidence because I really can only speak about myself and a few other BBCs that I have encountered, and truth be told, I don't know many other BBCs, so therefore unable to bring more to the table.

    If the core of the female BBCs were like what I've read on this discussion, then I would not fit in. I do not read gossip magazines, nor British newspapers, and definitely find no time for loyalty cards with Boots! SF.

  25. BBCZeitgeist, I see you are quite quick to form a judgment of me. I may have many disagreements with my parents in the past, but be sure, I totally understand and respect their views. Just as I would with your views. I do not agree on some of your views, but understand where you are coming from.

    My father openly admits to me that he wanted a boy, and I was born a girl. He even openly tells me he only stayed with my mother because he felt sorry for her. He's of the generation that believes that women should not care for any form of education other than get married and stay at home.

    Do I hate all BBC men for that? The answer is no. Why will one person turn me against a whole race? Do you really want to categories me based on that? I'm proud of my parents, and they have taught me a lot along the way. My father is very proud of his Chinese heritage and so am I. The shame and meekness comes from my mother. She always reminded me I was in someone else's country, and that if I wanted to succeed, I had to try doubly harder.

    I have no idea what it is like for a BBC male growing up in this country. My brother was spoilt and treated differently to us girls.

    When I mentioned sexism, I was not directing it at you. Your views on preserving the race reminded me of the previous generation. It's not something that is preached today, because ultimately, it's about culture rather than ethnicity. We are different for now, but in the end we will all mix. You can't hold that back, it's part of evolution. Just as China is ever evolving, allowing people to enter the country to work, the mixing will happen. SF.

    1. F*cking hell this jew-troll is monotonous, delete it already.

    2. Oh dear oh dear, typical Chinese female with family patriarchy/matriarchy issues projecting their family issues onto Chinese men and anything Chinese with the only resolution they see is the dissolution and destruction of the Chinese family through inter racial marriage. I rest my case.

  26. Oh dear you BBCZeitgeist, I'm quite well and fine. Removal of my words are evidence that it is you who is projecting ang closing down debate. With all this female submissiveness and typical wording, your words are no different to that of the white people you generalise about.

    What is a 'typical Chinese female'. How nasty of you to use such a negative word for a whole sex. Would you like it if I were to use similar term to you? It's quite fine to be insult me but not okay for me to speak my mind.

    What has my family got to do with me posting about equality? Don't you like equal? Choice? Are these threats to you? My father has dated views on women, I forgive him, that was his norm of his generation. But for someone who claims to be a BBC, using words like typical is quite tragic, and perhaps the reason your idea of bringing BBCs to a new level hits the buffers.

    You seem to have a one dimension view of BBC females, and I put the question to you. It is you who seems to have bitter hatred towards female BBCs. You are not being radical, just following the classic angry young man trend. SF

    1. Its a reaction to the monotony and repetition of the types of female opinions expressed on this blog and on websites like Dimsum. Your views are 'typical' of a certain group or groups of Chinese females that are pro-inter racial marriage.

      I'm researching a statistical article at the moment, which is very revealing, the current youthful British Chinese generation 16-29 years old are predominantly partnering with their own race.

      Chinese marrying Chinese is the norm in the Far East, Chinese marrying Chinese is the norm in the UK, it is specifically the 'BBC female/FOB females arrived in the UK under 14 yrs age' group that is predominantly inter racially partnering out, it is specifically this group that is problem, as BBCs, it is our duty to highlight this, this is our own BBC group after all.

      Incidently, theres only been one female commenter that I remember who actually understood how Chinese family marriage relations work, she was a FOB, it suggests BBC females in general are too white washed to have any understanding.

      I reserve the right to remove comments to pre-empt arguments that look as though they will spiral into a continuous personal tit-for-tat.

  27. BBCZeitgeist, being pro or defending people for have their own choice is not what I would call not fighting racism. After all, racism is simply judging someone based on the tone of their skin. Isn't that what some of the comments have been like, posted by yourself and Happybritishchinese? Surely that's also being racist.

    BBC females who happen to marry someone other than their own ethnic group are simply allowing racism. This is what was discussed at the early discussions on this topic, and some posters are suggesting it's the same thing. How can that be unless you assume all men that are not of Chinese origins have an agenda.

    To consume, use and take advantage of their far inferior partner. That would again mean that 'all' Chinese women are apparently inferior without a shadow of doubt. I don't agree with that sweeping statement.

    However, I do agree that society has taught us to assume that caucasians are supposed to be superior and that Chinese women are often seen as serving, obedient and thankful. All great combinations served up willingly. That can be detrimental to BBCs who happen to live in a country where these stereotypes exist so strongly.

    In those cases, it's the women's chance to assert herself, and that is to open up and realise some 'are' really taking advantage.

    This idea that being comptitive or getting even with the white equivalent reminds me of modern day feminism, which I find quite grotesque. In other words, I don't need to be more western aping the English women to feel empowered, just like women acting and behaving like men to feel empowered. That's false indoctrination designed to make women unecessary aggressive.

    Finally tit-for-tat usually starts when another posters starts posting juvenile comments like Jew-Troll. Totally irrelevent to the subject. I'm only responding like with like. SF.

    1. Depends what you mean by submissive and obedient. obedient could just mean they like to cook, clean and look after the house, not necessarily the whiteman orders her to do it. Examples are given here.

      if we're talking about being instructional, many of these Chinese women who are in inter racial partnerships with white men are not obedient in this sense, but its relative, they may still objectively be considered obedient relative to the average White or Black British woman - we know how aggressive they can be.

      In fact, I've seen many relationships where the white guy is a softie, some of these Chinese women on a power trip feel empowered that she has such control of the relationship. If you look at the behaviour of Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch, marrying a weak old white man, she clearly wears the trousers in the relationship. Compare that with his Jeremy Hunt's wife who looks like a submissive housewife type.

      Many of these guys that marry these Chinese girls, most of the guys are either weak, nerdy or geeky, it cant be that hard for the Chinese female to assert herself if she wants to assume a dominant role in the relationship. Isn't it the case that these types of women believe they're sat a pedestal many times over, not only are they married to a race that they consider 'superior' race than Chinese, living in a western country they consider 'superior' to the far east, have higher social status as a result and even control their weak white husband who is suppose to be of a superior race? In her mind, Shes living in heaven.

      Anyway, you should write an article sometime soon, I think you've got plenty of ideas now.

  28. BBCZeitgeist, I agree with your last post regarding about some BBC women. There are 'some' women who relish their new-found status thanks to their indoctrinated belief that Chinese women are better than white women, but slightly lower than a white man, however, held with high esteem in places like China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    They are and can be aggressive. However, you cannot deny the fact that there is this strong stereotype of 'oriental' women being meek, obedient and serving. When I say obedient, I usually mean saying yes to anything. Knowing one's place (usually below the man's status) in life and never likely to challenge anything even if she knows she is right. Ting Tong character was funny for one mintue, but quite depressing on a broader level.

    Then there are older FOB types of women who are cunning in their ways. Is it learned culture?? A way to cope in a difficult climate? They behave like a simpering fool when an older white man appears and then cast a dirty look when a fellow Chinese woman appears near them, as if to say the fellow Chinese woman will somehow snatch her catch off her.

    This happened years ago when I was accompanying another BBC at a shop selling gifts. The FOB sales assisstant was 'acting' all soft and gentle in front of the old white man, chatting quietly and smiling like mad. We had to break their little 'chat' to ask her some advice. She shoved us to one quiet corner and pointed rudely to a shelf and said " I don nol. U find there." She then quickly scuttled back to the counter to behave like a saint. I must admit, this is just a long line of similar situations repeating itself again and again.

    I can't speak for BBC men, but certainly, there are a fair few China born ladies that think by entering into a relationship with a white man will lift them into another world, probably a world of wealth and adulation. But with BBCs, I think it's a little more complext than that.

    If you are not brought up on a diet of TVB but on Smash-hit pin-ups, it's not all that difficult to see the result. Women simply find white men attractive. And then there's no denying that a high portion of Chinese women are attractive all-round. Slim, smooth skin, long glossy straight hair. The usual superficial sides to attractiveness. If both were found to be true, it's only time this happens.

    I do have some ideas, but give me time, it can be very time consuming. SF.

    1. " I don nol. U find there."

      So you are doing racist impersonations of FOB women now? Surely if you speak Cantonese, you would have asked her in Cantonese?

      Ting Tong? Isnt that also a racist reference to Andrea Wallace making fun of 'Asians speaking in the library? Thats an american reference. You said you are a BBC, right?

      Where exactly was this shop that you were served by a Chinese woman? Which part of China? What was the Chinese language dialect spoken? What were you doing there being that you don't know too many BBCs? And yet your sister is a BBC, and your friend was a BBC at this shop.

      Which part of the UK are you from? What was your reason for your parents emigrating to the UK? What year did they emigrate?

      As a BBC female you ever dated a Chinese male? If so, why not?

      It's time consuming for you to come up with ideas because you are too busy researching online forums in desperation to create a patched up argument to defend your interacial argument that unfortunately lacks any ethnic cultural detail to be convincing.

      Finally, you speak Cantonese and Hakka, correct? If that's the case, why dont you ask us something in Cantonese. And make sure you type the pinyin correctly.

      Make sure you answer all of the above.

  29. "Women simply find white men attractive. And then there's no denying that a high portion of Chinese women are attractive all-round. Slim, smooth skin, long glossy straight hair. The usual superficial sides to attractiveness. If both were found to be true, it's only time this happens."

    Are you implying that Chinese women and white men were made for each other? Or are you implying that Chinese women are intrinsically more attractive than Chinese men?

    1. dunno about that considering how most chinese women you see in public are actually pretty ugly. a good looking chinese male would still be superior to majority of chinese women.

  30. @Happybritishchinese, I came to this forum for some nice discussion about China politics and the British media. And I have to admit, when I chanced upon all this BBC females are selling-out or whitewash thanks to the BBC women, how can I ignore such sweeping statements?

    Whilst I understand the need to highlight this plight, I cannot sit back and let some posters have too much fun by saying all BBC females are the same. Because they are not.

    I never came on here to start subjects, I only wanted to hear and contribute to some more serious issues affecting China and Britain, but it seems I have stumbled upon some radical site that has two to three main agendas that I have not thought a lot about. So, no I'm not researching anything because I thought the forum was a bit of leisure time after work. But it seems I can only be taken seriously if I start a subject or if I lay my life bare for you to continue to mock my charlatan status.

    You ask a whole lot of questions, and yet reveal nothing to me about yourself. If I were to ask you openly like that, will you answer them? I'm treated like someone about to enter into some clicky set. Surely that is part of the problem too.

    The Pinyin comment is meant to make you realise that I don't use that, because it's standardise, therefore you can't accuse me of lifting things off other sites. Surely that is proof that I can't be one of these "Jew-trolls" you keep accusing me of.

    So let's start again. I was in China Town, buying a gift that required a little more knowledge. The Ting Tong comment is part of the "Little Britain" series on British TVs, and nothing to do with America. It is a stereotypical image of the classic oriental bride that nasty old white men try to buy.

    I'm still single, but not looking for a relationship. I have not dated a Chinese man, but I'm not anti-Chinese men either. It's just the way that I have not really been brought up around BBCs. I was when I was a child, but many have moved away, some even back to China/Hong Kong.

    Now why don't you tell me when your parents arrived, which town you are from. And "ney gey dor sui." 'Cause you sure act quite juvenile. SF.

    1. In china town buying a gift that required a 'little more knowledge'.. Knowledge of what? Of sinophobic impersonations of FOB women to make up for your lack of 'knowledge'?

      Thats not only juvenile, but racist as well.

      In fact, as an ethnic Chinese woman, why dont you justify to us BBCs, your racist comment that you just made to that other Chinese woman?

      In your response to me calling you a 'jew troll'. It almost certainly proof that you are, because if you were an ethnic Chinese female you would not come across as so wishy washy in your response.

      Consider yourself lucky to be allowed to get away on here for being

      1/ sinophobic
      2/ lack of cultural opinion
      3/ boring

      Not sure how long BBCz will let this one drag this out, but the first offence in my opinion is enough to warrant a permanent delete.

    2. 'Then there are older FOB types of women who are cunning in their ways. Is it learned culture?? A way to cope in a difficult climate?'

      As an ethnic Chinese female, your mum is a FOB, who had to emigrate here. right? So why are you making references to racist british TV series when talking about the nature of Chinese females who you should be familiar with, never mind having to resort to stereotypical impersonations to express yourself?

      You are incredibly weak.

    3. Finally, the topic of this thread is called 'Why Chinese Females Don't Fight Racism Against Chinese'

      Well if you indeed are an ethnic Chinese female, and not a eurasian tranny or jew-troll, then despite your spineless argument despite considering yourself extremist ( unless that means extremely lame) you have proven with your sinophobic slandering that you do not Fight Racism against Chinese, but in fact, endorse it.

  31. @Pete, not at all. What I am saying is, the combinations makes it likely to happen. Not made for each other. BBC males are not unattractive. But I think BBC males here deliberately seek to not have any relationship with other race other than their own. This is not what I've seen from around me though. SF.

    1. You sound sexually and ethnically confused. Are you a eurasian tranny?

  32. Happybritishchinese, you display all the classic signs of a hypocrite. You don't seem to like sweeping statements when it suits you. Jew Trolls are all the same according to you, and you (wrongly) accuse me of one. Quite a bit of guess-work too, not fact. Weren't you busy making nasty sweeping statements about fellow BBCs that are females? And now, when it suits you, it's all about attacking FOBs.

    Where have I been racist? Since when is accurate accounts of what actually happened constitutes racism? Because I wrote in tones I heard? You are clutching at straws. If my ramblings are racist comments, then yours constitutes as ignorant, bigoted and selfish.

    It seems, you only have ears for opinions that suit you. But you must realise, we are discussing matters that don't always go the way you want, you rant about BBC women selling out and then you go to attack me for making an imformed opinion of 'some' FOBs and BBC women who 'do' pander to the white men. It's as if you can't accept an opinion from another BBC female saying it because it doesn't suit your agenda. Therefore, I put it to you, it is you who needs to find out why that is.

    What has my mother to do with my opinion on 'some' FOB women? I'm not saying all are the same like some of the previous comments on this topic. When I made reference to the TV series comedy, I was merely showing you the social stereotype that has been pushed by our mainstream channel in this country. I actually state that it is depressing, but you choose to over-look that instead choosing to accuse me of attacking my own mother. Please read my post again, and you'll see you have mis-read my post altogether.

    Sinophobic - Where? Because I wrote about my own experience? If I'm sinophobic, then you might as well be anti BBC females going by your previous commments.

    Lack of cultural opinions - Not sure where you get that from. I never knew that wishy washy opinions are not a BBC trait. But if you read my opinions on Niall Ferguson thread and the death of a Chinese Euro fan in China, it is hardly bland reading, but I suppose, you do need everything laced with expletives to feel liberated. It is part of British culture to feel a need to get attention. It seems you are more influenced by the Brits than you might think.

    Boring - Of course, I would expect that from you. You do jump up and down when there's more than five paragraphs. I find that people who use the words boring too often think an interesting life is filled with extremes when all they are doing is conforming with the masses.

    I notice you did not answer one question I put to you. I answered some of yours. Why are you behaving this way? Did you need more details so you can further attack/mock me? You want further information on the China town shop? It's Guanghwa bookshop. It's a health book in Chinese. Thanks. SF.

  33. Heaven help me with you Happybritishchinese, where do I endorse it? Because I slandered according to you? But, BBCZeitgeist gets away with the words slandering because he's a male? I see, it's the double-standard thing is it? BBC males are fighting because they are trying to tell the BBC females to wake up, yet when I join in and agree, it's called slandering. Unbelievable. SF.

    1. You you seem to know a lot about Jews, and apparently, quick to defend them.

      However, despite being a native Cantonese speaker, you are quick to mimick tonal ethnic impersonations of ethnic Chinese shop assistants in Chinatown. FOB or not.

      Even if you are self-hating, if, as an ethnic Chinese, you are unable see the slandering behaviour in that, you must be a complete moron.

      Show me on this whole blog,one example, where you can find one sinophobic slur/slander/impersonation by an ethnic Chinese towards ANOTHER ethnic Chinese, except, in reference to when a EURASIAN thinks they are being cool in casual usage, or when, it's in demonstration, of how some dumb whites behave towards Chinese.

      Take your time.

  34. “ cant be that hard for the Chinese female to assert herself if she wants to assume a dominant role in the relationship. Isn't it the case that these types of women believe they're sat a pedestal many times over, not only are they married to a race that they consider 'superior' race than Chinese, living in a western country they consider 'superior' to the far east, have higher social status as a result and even control their weak white husband who is suppose to be of a superior race? In her mind, Shes living in heaven.” Posted by BBCZeitgeist on this very topic. That seems to be an assessment but my accurate recount in that shop is a slander in response to his views. And let’s not forget, I’m a moron. Another slander at me, but it’s fine because you think you are somehow superior to me for whatever reason.

    “..on the whole id say HKers are more white worshippers than China because if you think about it, despite Cantonese being an older language, HK didnt have its real history/significant cultural development until it became a British Colony.” Posted by yourself on another thread in October last year. I guess that’s not slanderous, because it’s analysis, yes?

    “..cantonese is not as well developed and well regulated as mandarin. cantonese is actually a more backward or less evolved (or politically more correct or culturally more sensitive way of saying is "more conservative") langauge than mandarin due to warm weather in the south and segregation from the rest of china by mountains. cantonese sounds less pleasant to ears than mandarin. language is a communication tool. the aesthetic appeal of a tool is like the light house to guide the tool's development to become more user-friendly and more efficient. the aesthetic appeal of a language is its pleasantness to ears. cantonese is the least liked chinese dialect in china.” Posted by a seemingly analytical view-point, but again, this is not considered bordering bigoted because it’s well written and informative? Posted last year also in October on this forum.

    “The Kong Lui debate applies to both HK Shanghai and BBC girls too- basically westernised Chinese girls. Money and presents being the main thing and they fall under the Ying Fun category- date you and act like they are doing you a favour.

    You dont get that attitude as much with mainlander FOBS.Northerners even less so. Unfortunately when you have BBC girls that are pig-ugly + Kong Lui attitude on top its a complete turn off. No thanks.

    Ugly westernised priveleged girls vs pretty nice personality non-priveleged girls? Says it all, doesnt it

    Pretty westernised BBC girls with nice personality... a rarity.”

    Another one of your analytical view-points that is informative and never slanderous. Please explain how it’s quite OK for you to judge this way but when I write one sentence that is an accurate account. This single post illustrates to me your often one sided agenda, therefore you can suddenly accuse me of being “racist” when this one post would really make you just as bigoted yourself.

    Please note, I barely scratched the surface on this because I have seen more. Hopefully I will have more time this evening to gather more, because I have seen plenty of slanders on stars like Lukien Wang. People like her are game because people like you have your agenda. So when I post one view, you are over-reacting. This demonstrates a need for a balance here. You can’t sweep me away. Since you bitch so much about people like me (what a shame since it’s Chinese on Chinese), it’s time you get your challenge.

    Have a good day. I’m need to go work now. SF.

  35. I would like to ask, what is Sinophobic. I gather from this discussion, thoroughly different to BBC women bashing. That's not 'phobe' anything. That's intelletual discussion on here.

    My previous post copies the many comments posted on this forum in the last six to nine months. Whilst I read with a wry smile on some, I didn't react in a way to assume it was racist, after all, I'm ethnically Chinese. These posters are meant to be too.

    But then I thought, could Chinese be anti-Chinese? According to Happybritishchinese, you can be. I'm not only self-hating, I hate FOBs because I have somehow belittled them.

    I have been accused of being one of these sinophobics for simply spelling words that best describes the situation. Over-reacting or am I a racist/sinophobe.

    My fellow BBCs are happy to attack BBC females, but if I merely touch on FOBs, it's off limits. Why? Unless someone has been sold this belief that FOBs 'are' inferior, so therefore need special kid-glove handling. I sense an inbalance.

    BBC females are tainted and FOBs are pure. Is it possible for me to say otherwise without being labelled a sinophobe? None of the posters that have slated BBC females are morons, but I'm a moron for mimicking ethnic tonal impersonations. Seems there is some kind of hierarchy amongst us Chinese. The more mainland the more careful. Sorry to break it to you Happybritishchinese, I don't buy that. SF.

  36. Heres a copy and paste of my previous comment, please address it:

    'You you seem to know a lot about Jews, and apparently, quick to defend them.

    However, despite being a native Cantonese speaker, you are quick to mimick tonal ethnic impersonations of ethnic Chinese shop assistants in Chinatown. FOB or not.'

  37. Happybritishchinese, I'm happy to address it. But why do you ignore my copy and pastes on slandering/slating female BBCs? Is it somehow fine for an ethnic Chinese male to do this, but not fine for an ethnic female to do the same? Do you want to answer that?

    I know nothing about Jews,except for the fact that you are the one labelling me one, therefore, I'm simply repeating your words. By knowing a bit about Bloodlines and history of this strip of land doesn't make me a Jew by the way, unless you assume all BBC females are the same, as one poster puts (was that you?)it, to have LV hand bags and Hello Kitty merchandise as standard. Putting you right means defend. It is you who has an issue with Jews, and I have issue with your obvious agenda of all things bad, blame the Jews. Considering the fact that you want to speak out against racism, you do have a strange way of showing it.

    By being a Cantonese speaker, I'm not quick to mimick. I'm quick to say it as I see it. I thought you said BBCs are 'to the point' and not all wishy washy.

    Did you know, I waited 10 whole minutes whilst she gazed lovingly at the old white man? She had time for him, answering his questions not relating to literature nor any gifts. But, I don't expect you to experience this sort of thing, because you are a male.

    Perhaps you need to read from a female's view, to see what it is like. You can try to cut me down by these comments about 'impersonations' but it will not swipe away the fact that I will write what I experience with fellow Ethnic Chinese, and I have to say, normally those that are FOB, I have experience a two-faced attitude that is blatant and unsubtle. When I say that, I mean the doe-eyes for the white man, and the mean dragon-like creature towards me. Please note, this is not sinophobia but my experience. It's no different to your comments about the nasty attitudes of BBC females.

    Being a BBC, I believe I am quite equipped to hold a view of fellow BBCs and FOBs. I repeat for the last time, the impersonations are much needed to further highlight her curt reply juxtaposed with her gentle tones previously with the old white man. SF.

    1. To answer your question, and keep it short, seeing as I seemed to have unintentionally hijacked the conversation between you and BBCz,IMO, your impersonation came across as not just slandering but sinophobic, especially in contrast to when you are so keen to defend Jews.

      Regarding my so called anti-semitism, you have to read the history of when this anti-jew troll started. Again to keep it short, it was instigated by, as usual, a troll. Seeing as you enjoy reading , study the blog. Being that there are so many people on here that are anonymous you need to have x-ray vision to be able to see whose taking the piss whose serious etc etc

      Re: slander, as far as I can see thats the way 'us males' talk on here. I still get some of my comments deleted by BBCz when i go over the top, or when I post something irrelevant, and at the end of the day, its his blog, but I'm not going to apologise for the way I write, especially when its with the intention of Chinese pride, social political identity and all the rest of it.

  38. Happybritishchinese, if it comes across as sinophobe, then that's your opinion. As in life, you should only judge someone based on knowing their views and experiences throughout life, and as far as I'm concerned, my 'impersonation' was not anti-Chinese nor was it trying to belittle someone of my ethnic origin. Just as you slate certain types of BBC females, I'm doing the same on some FOBs living here. And believe me, my views are not formed off the cuff. They are built on my life experience, what I've witnessed around me and friends of my parents etc etc.

    If males can speak about fellow Chinese in that way, then I see no difference to how I can also say it as I see it. You seem to confuse FOBs with respect of the older generation. As far as I'm concerned, totally different.

    FOBs can come in all ages, and if you feel my comments are offensive, then you should know how I will feel when I read negative comments about BBC females. But somehow, I feel I'm reminded about my place, to never make negative comments about FOBs. Do us BBCs have a nostalgic view of China which creates this positive discrimmination of all things from China? I certainly notice that. SF.

    1. I have to say that you do esteem opinions of white people like on the Niall Ferguson thread calling him by his first name, and so far you havent really shown anything that shows you are pro-Chinese.

      If im to guess your views and experiences, I'll take a gamble and say that you say you work in the world of corporate finance, you are surrounded by white people, jews and hence you have been trained to lionise them.Am I right?

      I've also experienced bad experiences from those same nitpicking FOBS but I dont hold it against them, because for all their faults, thats who they are. FOBS in general hold this privileged position of being Chinese and can say and think whatever they want in arrogance to the point that they dont have to develop critical thinking ability. Id say a lot of BBCs have inherited this trait. Course that becomes a problem when, as a western Chinese, you dont have a developed social identity.

      Me slating certain types of BBC females is my opinion, just as you no doubt have opinions on certain BBC men.

      Yes maybe I do have a nostalgic view of China and maybe willing to overlook the dirty side of China government and the issues that I read about and my Chinese friends tell me, which is easier being that im not living there, but knowledge of the dirty media tactics that the west does to demonise her out of jealousy, that has also affected my social identity in the west as a Chinese, it bothers me.

      Finally, on topic with this thread, have you ever fought racism? If so, how.

  39. I can say, I'm not in finance and work in a lower-middle ranking managerial position. Based on Chinese standards, well below standards. And we all know standards for the Chinese is with a capital S.

    If I'm honest, I have not really experienced obvious outward racism after Junior school where I was beaten up and often had people pulling their eyes around me. The kind of racism I see daily is clearly seen in our media. The way articles have been reported makes me very frustrated and it is kind of racism which I find very damaging and dangerous. I have complained numerous times to the Press Complaints, but it's just some board made up of news papers itself.

    Unlike black people where there seems to be a strong negative stereotype, in workplaces and in life, my ethnicity has not hindered me. If anything, jeaslousy might be more the correct way of describing my experiences.

    Very often, in public places where people don't know me,I find that when I have not spoken with the person, the first few seconds can be full of dirty looks and rudeness. Once I open my mouth and people realise I can speak English, they usually soften up and start to behave more civilised. I can only put this down to prejudices and in-grained superiority rights. They feel they can treat me more like some sub-human because they think I will not be able to fight back nor understand it. But once they clock on I speak English just like any other, they quickly change their behaviour.

    That to me is letting the cat out of the bag. People if given the chance will bully and take light advantage if they think they can, and that to me is very sad and real. We do live in a society where people do have a pecking order based on race.

    The reason I ended up on this thread because it mentions females. After reading a few comments, I felt it very unjust to say BBC females are not fighting racism because they are dating them. That's a broad statement and definitely mis-selling the title of this thread. The two are different.

    Now if you said, some tried to kill it by making it love them, then fair enough, but that's not what the title suggests. A couple of similar views seemed to take hold and it's as if that's the sole reason and another chance to bash your own Chinese people again, and sadly inward fighting and blaming a whole sex is quite a poor show as far as I'm concerned. I have to stand up for some of the females who have been slandered this way.

    I can see the China nostalgia everywhere, but it's always laced with a bit of criticism. It's almost as if it's wrong to criticise. I think, in order to be honest as BBCs, we should be able to open up more about the negatives too. If we try to shield the bad things then we are not really being honest and further allowing this belief that all Chinese are robots and refuse to see sense because Chinese people always spend too much time trying to save face.

    We can be confident of China and also criticise it. For instance, I can debate with my father on the one child policy. He openly admits it's one of China's big mistakes and China will soon realise that in a decade's time. And yet, he is very proud of China and cares about her future.

    I don't have to say I'm pro China or not. My views will come out in the end when I post on topic. There seems to be this fear that if I don't sing to the tune of being Nationalistic, I'm somehow a "my gok chut". Not true. I believe you can care about something, and yet disagree about what it is doing. The nostalgia thing is very often to do with the fact that many of us are not living there and maybe it's a guilt complex. SF.

  40. Whilst you say BBC women want to 'love' their way out of racism rather than fight it by having mixed race babies, they are pretty much the same thing. It's the whole self denial attitude combined with the negotiable identity that we see ourselves as having.

    Whether you think that creates segregation, as BBCz has mentioned before, this is to do with the fact that BBCs have not enough pressure from outside or within the family

    Id agree with you that locally we have infighting and squabbling and as you say not discussing our faults as a people instead of as you say saving face. But with all of the above, a lot of it has to do with again, standing up for each other and not always looking out for number one. And maybe realising by actually supporting each other, everyone can benefit.

    I didnt understand your point about jealousy in regards to racism, maybe you can explain that.

    Most BBCs dont seem to care about China's people, rather than how China affects them as individuals in the UK, and though there are a few learning mandarin, again this is all done in the name of 'what can i get out of it' and self advancement.

    Its the same reason we are learning mandarin before developing a BBC social identity.Because its unprofitable for us as individuals to develop any kind of western social identity.

    Similarly in 2012 where China is a superpower, it's lending huge amounts of cash to the west, instead of looking after its own people and ignoring the west's pandering.

    For me, I dont feel guilty about being nostalgic. I just want Chinese people to do better and have a good standard of living just like we already enjoy in the west. Whatever the government decides to do, without people you do not have a country.

  41. Happybritishchinese, the infighting also includes the attacks on BBC females, and if I'm honest, I never knew there was such an uproar about marrying 'out'. I still think that what I read on this blog is a minority view, therefore, when you say not enough pressure from family/extended family, that includes BBC men.

    In-fighting includes mainlanders and people from Hong Kong. The jealousy of how new comers from mainland China are so much more wealthier. It's as if people from Hong Kong wished the mainlanders came here with not a penny and made to suffer and work their way up.

    Then there's the bigoted stereotypes of Chinese Malaysians(stingy and crooked), Vietnamese Chinese (bringing in Cannibis factories and claiming benefits), Mainland women (all prostitutes at some point in their lives), Cantonese Vs Hakka clans. It's endless, the ones above are just a few I've heard in the past.

    The nostalgia thing came about the time when Beijing was hosting the Olympics. I believe that any BBC would put aside any negativity about China just to marvel at the sheer scale and achievement made. A silent two fingers up to the many doubters.

    For many years, Hong Kong basked in its glory, and now China is finally coming to its own. Some of us feel an obligation to keep quiet about some things/issues, even though we know there are some elements not worth mentioning in case it gets hijacked by some old colonial cousin ready find a way to put China down again. I don't have all the answers, but reiterate again, it's sometimes better to be honest and say what we see or feel, rather than sweeping it away pretending it doesn't exist. I don't think it makes me less proud because of it. At least I'm interested in China.

    When I mentioned jealousy, I felt it the best way to describe my experiences. I have been brought up with a strong work ethic, and I'm very proud of that. Somehow, in this country, the norm is not to look up to people who want to work and do their best, but rather sneer at them like they're abnormal or a teacher's pet. I really have no time for this kind of mentality, and very often feel I get isolated because of that.

    The jealousy comes from mainstream culture of trying to put others down rather than look up to people. For every achievement, I make double the enemies. I can't say if this is true of a Chinese workforce, but my parents used to say no. People always look up to the best and the high achievers. In this country, I think it's the opposite.

    The mainstream papers are always busy trying to tear the rich and famous down. Always finding a way to get them back. This filters down to society and probably the reason so many don't get inspired by hard working success. Rather dream about joining a queue to audition for some reality programme, hoping to get rich the dreamy easy way. Is that jealousy or do I live in a by-gone era. SF.

    1. Yes I'd also agree with not enough social pressure from family for all BBCs which includes males.

      You get jealousy from people which leads to racism in the workforce? Okay.

      Amongst Chinese I think as we know, if you want to get all'say it as it is' jealousy amongst us. However if you are refering to the putting others down on this blog, I think a lot of it is justified.

      Again being that relocating to the west is every Chinese dream to make it, therefore anything that is jealous is to do with money, and ownership of material things usually.

      In some ways its catch 22, because whilst as Chinese we celebrate those who are rich and famous, apart from lionising those, we unfortunately do not lionise the intellect and social issues and values that we ought to have as people.

      Indeed apart from being money making machines, Chinese have little culture to show off about apart from that. As a people as Ive already said, theres a huge lack of critical thought. Why is it when you go back through Chinese history we have all the philosophers and poets full of wisdom that we still implement today, and arguably now with more knowledge and the internet at our disposal, we take even less interest than ever in that which can benefit us as a culture?

      To me thats amazingly ignorant. And in the sole pursuit of materialist wealthy purely for its own benefit, It also leads to an arguably boring culture.

      BTW Rich is good, im just saying that being rich is the plateau of the Chinese mind. Beyond that, there seems little development.As you say its this limited scope that has created all the in-fighting.

      Its also funny that when you look at other east asian cultures, or the ones that have been colonised, they dont have this issue.

      Why then, that Chinese gravitate towards Kpop, anime, and taiwanese pop idols, is also telling.

  42. Happybritishchinese, the boring culture you are talking about may have been the start of communism in China, the same Communism that united China as a whole and help shape China that is today, a capitalist dream with a name tag under communism. Through the drastic change, all traditional clothes were abandoned, literature and culture banished. What can you do. Success lies in greed and single-minded determination or success lies in centuries old traditions. That's China's turning point.

    You could argue, Communism was the silent colonisation. It's a western trend. A trend that will end the traditional feudal system of old and create equality on a mass scale. Chinese people are very patriotic. If the leader is Chinese, he will sell communism well, which is why China united. But with that comes the lost of many traditional customs, religions and clothing.

    India, despite being under British rule for centuries, have been allowed to practice their religion and continue with traditional dress. They also had their moment when they fought colonisation. With the two together, it creates a potent symbol independent identity.

    Due to the lease deal on Hong Kong, the British made sure Hong Kong prospered during their time, and in that sense, the success has created a form of envy accross the border in China, and also created a snobbish attitude with the people of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is held up as a success story where a generation has tasted capitalism and the luxuries that goes with it. This craving for western culture has continued even after '97 because by then, China has learnt that if you can't beat them, join them, but do it even better. And as far as I'm concerned, that has been the story so far. China just wants to be better at what others are doing, but this creates a culture of fast-paced competitiveness that has now been rubber stamped as what Chinese people are like. Hard working, disciplined and determined. The sort of thing my parents go by.

    As for idolising western power ballards sung in Mandarin/Cantonese, how can the Chinese resist. It's a halfway house between western pop culture with oriental faces. It's just a copied culture and not a culture that has progressed from one to another one.

    People can challenge me on this, but I believe that since Communism arrived, it was a nail in the coffin for the old Chinese culture, replaced by a culture of the western model but born and bred in China. So is it such a surprise that the culture would seem 'boring'? SF.

    1. Yes Communism was as i recall enforced by Jews. Theres even an interesting discussion I also read somewhere that Mao received a lot of western 'education'. Sun Yat Sen too. Yes everything great that happens to china comes from the wonderful west, isnt the west great?

      With communism, I recall in the advent of communism, Beijing destroyed all of its old culture and buildings. Not much remained.

      'Traditional Chinese culture sought harmony between man and the universe and emphasized an individual’s ethics and morality.'

      That article seems to echo what I was saying about old philosophers etc.If anything the consumerist cultural nature that ethnic Chinese have is the antithesis of the way China is now.

      What a shameful waste.

      Arguably with culture destroyed and now a communist government with leaders who have 'made the most' of Deng Xiao Peng's capitalist system, theres huge inequality ruled band no cultural development allowed. Thats not a good combination.Ironically communism in integrating the values of capitalism has created even more inequality...a system that only benefits those in with the government and ordinary people get shafted both ends.

      From what I read about India recently, they are jealous of China's economic rise. True they dont have cultural issues, but I dont give much of a crap personally about Indian culture what with its nauseating Bollywood singing and dancing. But each to their own.

      Yes Hong Kong benefited and integrated modernisation the best. It managed to retain its Chineseness the best.Enjoying western consumption whilst retaining its personality. Ironic now that in its heading back to China , the motherland, that being 'mainlanded' means for many HK'ers being squashed by communist ideology and values

      RE: China being 'better' . Yes its arguable whether 'better' means more and faster. I see a lot of mainlanders nowadays out and about shopping like crazy. Guess its the holiday season and all that, but theres something sickly about it. Like i said hardwork discipline and determination is to be respected and admired but when the Chinese brain hits that materialist ceiling, Im sorry, just doesnt interest me in the slightest. Again each to their own.

      Xerox culture. And when we complain about it as racism, we have nothing to back it up because as you have said,culturally, we are a bunch of white-lickers. Its far easier to consume than to invent.

      Makes me sometimes think that all the pride of Chinese is really a bunch of face-saving. After all, when you have nothing left, what else is there to do?

      BTW I never said Chinese culture is boring. To clarify, its Chinese laziness into lack of development and all the government-controlled crap that has stifled its development. Potentially, China culture is rich and waiting to be rediscovered. And hopefully by a Chinese who actually gives a shit. Not by some mercenary eurasian or gweilo/subcategory looking to repackage and sell it back to us or popularise it for white weeaboo vultures.

      By the way, as if you didnt know already, note that whites never invented a thing.They just steal.

    2. Whites invented racism too. Ironic that Chinese who dont believe in racism whilst only to happy to uncritically consume western way of life whilst being too lazy to develop our own culture refuse to question the one thing that actually separates us from white-vulture culture in a healthy way.

      THAT to me , is the biggest form of hypocrisy amongst Chinese people. Hope you BBC eavesdroppers on this conversation reading this comment enjoy what I just wrote. I just made a huge revelation for you. Thank me later.

  43. Happybritishchinese, fine with the comment on boring culture, I did see it was all about the latest generation where the trend has been not about trend-setting but trend following. To be honest, China churns out fine scientists and many are beavering away with micro technology which is the future, and it won't be long for China to be able to name their own car as a status symbol to be proud of or a computer to be proud of.

    But, for now, the danger of a new growing bourgeois class of people doing well from the free market and corrupted officials has created a generation of consumers as seen in this country, spending their hours in Selfridges and Harrods. Have you seen the faces on the annual new year's day sales in Selfridges? It's always full of young Chinese students ready to spend spend spend at the front of the queues. Even the Chinese get competitive at queuing!

    I wouldn't say that 'whites' never invent, that would be inaccurate and are whites Europeans? You probably mean 'taking' what they believe was theirs back in the empire days. That was then, and this is now. And they'll need to cut trhough quite a bit of red tape to do that kind of thing again.

    Whilst I agree that racism is a western concept, the Chinese seem to argue about people looking up or looking down. They don't want to connect the reasons behind looking up or down other than to say it's down to jealousy. I believe it's more to do with an insular way of thinking. The experience and the word was hatched inside China, therefore the idea of this happening in another country is still simply put down to the same. They look down on us "because we are from China" like to say China 'is' supposed to be inferior.

    This is dangerous for the whole culture, and perhaps the reason there seems to be such a patriotic sense. I believe the patriotism has been urged on by this collective way of thinking. A feeling that deep down, the Chinese are always seen as inferior. By having this view, it's not hard to imagine how some are trying to rid themselves of their heritage and culture at the first instance.

    Having said that, it's not exclusive to females. The blogger states on this discussion the following on his opening statement..."British Chinese females received schooling from British educational establishments, numerically engulfed by their White peers, they envied them, whatever these White girls have or do, they wanted it too, they developed an inferiority complex and a compulsion to achieve via assimilation." I couldn't disagree more.

    This is also the same with BBC males. I don't know about you, but expect that you would have also received schooling from British educational establishments. But why would the BBC females end up brainwashed and not men? I believe BBC males are also brainwashed. How many have I seen posing in their geeky horned rimmed glasses and designer jeans. It's almost as if they're ladened with labels to try and impress.

    I find that where cultures are deeply insecure, they run to the nearest designer outlets to try and show-off. This showing off is over-compensating as far as I can see. You see this with rap stars and and street style kids. The reality is, they are just filling the pockets of the men at the top in the corporate world, whilst the minority kids degrade themselves to beg, borrow or steal just to have these garments on their backs.

    You see, this is not criticism of China or BBCs in this country. It's analysis and from what I have witness through the years. It means I do care, and worry about the future of China and the people here. We don't have an identity crisis, we have a pre-occupation with trying to follow western trends, be it fashion, music, culture and even politics. SF.

    1. Good to know about the cars and technology being improved. Yeah the selfridges shoppers, thats what Im on about. Being BBC I suppose we take Selfridges for granted. Yes im talking about old empire. They steal and appropriate, and obviously had ages to improve whilst China was still in stone age. Funny I read another comment by another commentor on here just now, it was interesting what he wrote about the US invading everyone with their softpower. In these respects I dont think it matters regarding the red tape. Unless China cuts off its internet from the world, and kicks all its foreigners out, everyone, as they are, will just go US softpower mad. Now they are all cooperating with the US. Oh well we can only see how it goes. Yes I agree about this materialist obsession people and Chinese have in showing off what they have. All egged on by advertising, etc.

      However I disagree withyou re identity crisis. Preoccupation with the trends as you say is basically identity crisis. Its the same reason why Chinese want to move to west, live like west, dress like west. This IS identity crisis. It can be resolved though by making an effort with intention to unify and connecting with each other with intention.

      Re: looking up looking down, saving face. Its only when Chinese wake up to the fact that they are 'looking up' to whites and 'looking down' to their heritage, and this process needs to be reversed, will there be any progress IMO.

      Again on the topic of materialism, its the endless cycle of buying stuff and accumulation. We have all fallen into that trap, because that stuff never ends. And its created divide and war and division. Needs to end. How? No idea, but as with everything else, start by looking at ourselves.

      Just to add, until Chinese develop its culture, as long as they keep purchasing and accumulating and competing, and putting the money in pockets of western corporations, it will never change.

      Look at it for what it is, for one second, forget we are talking about money, just look at it as intention of energy. Then you will get a clearer idea of what is going.

      re: the article, youd have to ask BBCz for his opinion, but whilst both males and females are brainwashed by esteemed british educational establishments, IMO its the females who have made it 'pay off'. Which if you read into as selling out, getting a white husband and all the rest of it, can make them seem a 'success' in relation to a BBC male. In this respect I have no idea what your point is about BBC males wearing horn rimmed glasses and designer jeans has to do with assimilation, maybe as a western fashion statement, but thats superficial in comparison to 'how high up the western ladder' the women have climbed in my opinion.

  44. BTW, I noticed you copied an Epoch-times article. Whilst it's welcoming for all views from all angles, this paper is really propped up by some New York organisation hell-bent on using the Falun Gong as a way to attack the Communist government. They fund them and use them to rise up against the Communist Party.

    There are constructive arguments against Communism, and I for one can say how 'communist' is the Communist Party. But, then there are those who are only there to topple the party using another new-fangled religion to do it. This is probably why even some western media are shunning the very blatant propaganda theatre shows set up by them like the recent Shen Yun shows that tour the world, and are also targeted towards the Chinese too. See the following articles for a taster:


    1. Shen Yun yeah i remember seeing posters for this everywhere. Pure exoticisation orientalisation.Never realised it was so sinister though I had to google it

      Re: epoch times, I had the feeling it was propaganda, but I just used it as a reference.

      By the way you just signed your initials the wrong way around

  45. Happybritishchinese, ha ha, I guess I got carried away. There's a saying about the British. They do everything back to front or upside-down. I signed the 'Chinese'way(Surname first and main name last) until I then ended up signing the Western way. Is it habit?

    In regards to Shen Yun, you will see that if you Google it, so many western commentators are oblivious to its propaganda or even celebrating it because it helps with the collective agenda of toppling China's current regime.

    I don't have a problem with honest analysis on China politics, but find it distastful when it's been dressed in some dance-show billed as China's history ironically with plenty of western instruments. You only have to see countries like Libya and Syria to see how so-called sane minded western thinkers feel it is quite right to hand the weapons to a gang of cow-boys just so they can do the dirty work. I see the same with Falun Gong, foolishly handing the reins to some American funded organisation who will want some favours back in the future.

    As for the comments on BBC males, I was trying to show attempt at assimulation and the worshipping of all things western. Are these men not indoctrinated like the females? I think you are assuming, inter-marrying pushes the BBC women to a higher status. If this is so, who sees this? Is it her or her contempories (fellow BBCs and FOBs).

    Your comments will really mean that by mixing with the white man, it brings you to a new status. A borrowed status perhaps. Maybe awareness in the mainstream. Even if this is reality, you cannot be certain this is intentional. I have seen plenty of comments on here about FOBs outwardly admitting to that, like some kind of economic prostitution racket.

    But I believe BBC females less so. And for that reason, I'm still bashing away on this topic because I think it's unfair to say BBC women don't fight racism, because they are marrying white men. That's to assume all white men are the same. Are all Chinese men or BBC men all the same?

    Finally, on materialism, it has to follow the cycle of growth, consume and bust. That's what China chose to follow, the tried and tested western model of capitalism with a communist name tag. They're simply sixty to seventy years behind America and Europe. Just like America and Europe, there will come a time when consumer spending will be so central to the economy, the customer and manufacturer will need to find a country to suppress to get the goods at competitive pricing. China will slow down just like the others before them.

    Culture is just like a bye-gone era. Something to marvel at the museum. Ironically, the age of the internet has somehow diluted individualism and cultures around the world. It's bringing people together in a way that ditches countries' cultures. So, it's somehow hard to imagine China trying to find its own modern culture free from influence. SF.

    1. re: Culture, funny how its only considered culture when in fact its repackaged globalism. Thats also what internet has accelerated. However not encouraging more artists and rewarding artistic and invention is a serious mistake by China.

      Re: BBC women marrying white men, leave a comment here

      If you cannot see how the female chinese psyche is brainwashed by how white males are supposed to be so great, then I dont think you have any business commenting on here. Twisting the argument into are all white men the same are all bbc males the same is just pointless. Thats not the point, but its the privilege of the white status symbol that white cannot do wrong. Like i said if you cannot see that, then you do not know the simple ABC of the rules of racism.

      Again if you are going to be act like a denialist in this area, then by not coming up with strong arguments or twisting the facts, instead of acknowledging white male privilege for what it is, just means going around in circles. Because So far you havent come up with a counter-argument.

  46. "If you cannot see how the female chinese psyche is brainwashed by how white males are supposed to be so great, then I dont think you have any business commenting on here."

    Happybritishchinese, I'm not adverse to being turfed out of this forum for having opposite opinions to the main bloggers here, my past posts have been removed, so be sure, it's closing down of debate if you do not at least consider another viewpoint.

    I have never denied the trophy white men status. But to say all white men are seen like that from the Chinese community or even the female Chinese community is inaccurate. Whilst I agree that FOBs are more likely to have this view, I believe this is less so (do not confuse with none) for the BBC females. The choice of seeking the lowest of low white men as BBCZeigeist suggest is his way of highlighting how lowly we view ourselves, preferring to shun BBC males.

    Not totally sure this is really an accurate way of forming an opinion. I can only go by what I know and see, so whilst not scientific, it'still evidence. Take my relatives from my mum's side for example. My mother's father's sister was the first wife of a fully blooded Chinese man who subsequently took a second wife in Jamaica whilst working there. Because of the difficulties at that time, she actually took their son from the second wife(half Chinese and half Black)back to China to be educated. The result was, he then went on to marry a Maritian woman in this country. The Children all went out with Chinese people, some married. They mixed with Chinese friends and also white people.

    My mother's sister's family live in Holland. Both came from Suriname, a former Dutch colony on the northern tip of south America. After taking refuge in Holland, their son married an FOB. I know of people who have married Vietnamese men or Malaysian men, so not always accurate. I'm not blind to plenty who have married white men too, however, it is more to do with attraction than washing away racism via love.

    I will take a look at the PlayCantonese topic later. SF.

    1. SF thats really great interesting reading. In the case of your parents examples it shows Chinese immigrating/relocating to different countries where the local Chinese population is considerably less in comparison to say the British Chinese community. Its debatable however whether BBC females would have the same excuse for that very same reason ( higher pop of ethnic Chinese in UK).

      I wasnt trying to turf you off, apologies if it was coming across that way. However, I would say that as great as it is having your conversation here, and getting to know you in this public one to one, you really do have some interesting opinions to share. And valid from a BBC female point of view.

      Not sure if you are nervous about it, or whether you need any pointers for writing an article, but if you are, one good way, I find is to take one of your own comments and expand upon it. Writing on here as a back and forth is not really sharing with the wider audience. Also no doubt you could probably defend yourself quite reasonably, if need be. Any advice you need on compiling the article, dont hesitate to email us. I think it would be great to see a female perspective on here for a change, rather than indepth debatable opinions and valid experiences, filling up the comments section, where they can get lost in the passages of time. Ive also a feeling any female readers that have felt that they have been misunderstood would enjoy a female voice backing them up. Please do consider it.

    2. Happybritishchinese, I find this blog/forum too in-depth. I'm used to firing an answer, or starting a topic with a title and a couple of paragraphs. Here, you need to submit and even turn it into some kind of project for one topic, with pictures and proper statistics. I'm very behind the times when it comes to computers.

      Not sure I'm cut out for all this project work. I originally came on here to read and perhaps answer some questions, but the more I read, the more I feel I needed to add my voice. You are right, it's very male dominated here, and my points seem like the minority or unpopular view.

      I'm still reading topics as I go on this site, so not sure if I'm ready for adding more yet. However, I might later do one about a Chinese obsession with showing off, but only within the community. I want to know why some Chinese people insist on mad 888 number plates which some pay high money for, yet behave quite the opposite in front of westerners or white people. There seems to be two faces being displayed. The opulent and brash flash cash within Chinese circles and the more humble and hidden within the white community. No doubt, this might bring out all the "you anti Chinese, you sinophobe" crowd.

      With regards to my mother's family, my mother's father's second son (half black and hafl Chinese)was educated in China, came here in his twenties, married a Mauritian woman who was half Chinese. Their children all ended up with Chinese partners. It's all here in Britain. Not anywhere else. I'm not using this as prime example of no-one marrying white men etc. It was just to let you know, I don't see it much around me.

      I haven't even started on my father's side. His side is very colourful(not in an inter-ractial way). My cousin once arranged a fake marriage with an Irish lady from Ireland just so he can get money from my father, and it worked. If you know, it's tradition to give money to people who have just got married. He later discovered he had been duped. So, never mind about inter-racial, how about 'fake' inter-racials!

    3. Ha okay. Yes I know about giving gift money at weddings. Interesting about the fake marriage. The lengths some people go to for money.

      You seem to have an unusual family.Having said that I dont know many families that can be considered'normal' or what 'normal' even means. The guy with the numberplates sounds great, you should write it. Not sure if it will bring out the anti Chinese , maybe stereotypical FOB comments.

      If you wrote a basic outline and sent it to the blog email, it would be fine. Pics could probably help you find a relevent google image, its just to add visual appeal to the article or set the tone of the theme, again not difficult to find if you needed our assistance. I dont think it necessarily has to be exhaustively researched, as it seems a personal observation topic.And as long as the topic touches on something that can be discussed, and interesting enough to warrant several viewpoints, with a closing question, eg ' Why do FOBS behave differently infront of other Chinese than whites ' IMO. Anyway, worth a go.

    4. the blog thus far has been a reflection of the writers who are male, but that doesn't mean new writers have to follow the same discourse/topics as well.

      there millions of issues you can write about, theres a distinct lack of discussive topics on lifestyle comparisons, family relations, beauty, fashion, womens issues, gender issues, workplace issues, science, business, reproductive rights etc etc. or even simply a film review from a British chinese perspective, these are just some examples of things that havent really been explored on this blog.

  47. Happybritishchines and BBCZeitgeist, I will see if I can do something for topics over the weekend. I will not have internet for around 2-3 weeks after middle of next week due to a move. So I might start sending some topics after that.

    Certainly want to discuss Chinse superstitions and how us BBC still believe in it or not. I want to ask others to share any strange ones past down from previous generations. Then the other topic is about the insular mentality of FOB generations who tend to display two faces in Britain. And maybe women's issues with western envy formed from even many Chinese publications. Apparently, in Korea(South of course), it has some of the highest figures for surgical proceedures in the world. Sadly also some of the highest figures for suicides too. Catch up soon. SF.

  48. if you are racist to them, they'll just give you a nasty tasting jellybean.

    1. haha, what a great study! Great link! The study also showed there was little difference in the reaction of Chinese females to racism regardless FOB or ABC, I know many Chinese females like to think its only the FOBs that wont fight racism, but this study supports my ideas in the article to be correct. I love Jen from Disgrasian, shes probably my favorite Asian American blogger.

  49. I'm a BBC chinese female. I would rather date another BBC chinese guy, but there just aren't many around and as for all the empowering crap you have wrote about, I would only say white guys were my next preference simply because I find them more attractive than black or indian guys. Also, I don't react to rascism much because it normally comes from an uneducated idiot and is not worth any time or effort. Simple as.

    1. There aren't many BBC males about? Where do you live, the styx? If anything sounds like you are offended by the 'empowering crap'in justifying your typical BBC female self interest, ie dating the almighty white male.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. hunny, does the truth hurt dr hao?

  53. Motivational Speaker20 December 2012 at 08:55

    LOL, what a vain, obsessed mad woman,she is, her greatest achievement was her tenure as a brash PR officer for the Dimsum website, which because of her shallow misguided and racist "20 th century Suzie Wong" like articles etc rightly led to the website's demise.
    Don't worry love, a lot of guys don't wanna date your crude status hunting and hanger-on personality. Unless you are available for the cheap or free.

  54. Does this make our community proud then? All in the name of charity eh Doc?

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I think you'll find from REAL past cases of online defamation that this takes ages to prove. As in years. And no doubt as a professional you will have heard in the news recently that the government has told police authorities to take a backseat with online insults (which this doesn't even qualify as), only pursuing the most extreme cases e.g. death threats.

      But go on, pay for that lawyer to send that expensive letter (oh wait, it's not even that... an EMAIL!!!!111. You'd be shit yourselves everyone.) to take down the photo you asked to be in, and references to what YOU wrote using YOUR name on the site. In a real court of law you'll be laughed out, and your "reputation" even worse off if it makes the press. Which I hope it will, if you choose to push it that far.

    2. *better, not be

      Crucially (especially to the court of law, at least in this country) it's worth pointing out that anything we have commented on is based on what YOU have chosen to publish IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. Therefore it is simply impossible to ask anyone to take down such material. I figure you already know this, but - having had years of amateur PR experience for DimSum, you are well versed in talking the talk, which you are currently doing "firmly and politely" now.

      I imagine you have also thought about balancing this situation you have put yourself in; should you ignore this and hope this site remains niche and that any investigate employer or future family (unless of course they support the whitewashing of orientals) will not read this; or pursue this through to the courts, where no doubt everything will be laid bare to the public to see and decide. But hey, at least your reputation will be back after, right?

      And as a last case resort, the blog holder can simply migrate to a server located in a country outside of British jurisdiction, where all your efforts would be in vain. A good recent case was that of the naked pictures being published by Italian and Danish newspapers - the British legal system could block all publication here, but not other countries - as a result, the world saw those pictures. And they were PRIVATE - unlike your "contributions".

    3. This lady is a 'legend in her own lunchtime', and it shows. Everyone in the Chinese community knows this fact about her.

    4. Streisand effect......

    5. You lot need to be careful. Never argue with or hassle a never know when you need their help in LIFE. God bless and be happy. And one more thing...being Anonymous on Blogger doesn't hide anyone's identity. It can be revealed easily. Would you like someone saying bad things about you in your face? don't do it online either. Respect and be respected. Period. Finally I don't understand what/who this blog represents...doesn't make sense on what you are trying to achieve.

    6. Sorry, but she looks like a FOB cheap slapper to me! wouldn't be surprised if she ends up marrying a white guy. A Chinese FOB looking for cheap fame by posing on a book cover. If this lady is a model/writer than so am I. How can someone call themselves a writer when their English is bad, their PR skills are bad, and have very little knowledge of being British (except being a FOB).

    7. U will not POLITELY N FIRMLY DO SHIT to make the writer remove his post. Now go back to sucking white peckers as it will be THE ONLY THING U WILL EVER ACHIEVE IN UR LIFETIME

  56. please point out specifically what you consider to be 'false and defamatory' against an NHS doctor?

    Your ability to practice medicine has not been mentioned anywhere by anyone. The article culturally discusses the use of a chinese girl on a book cover (which is in the public domain), this is no different to discussing the cover of twilight or fifty Shades of grey or a film poster. As to the post above with a jpeg link, the jepg is also in the public domain, what 'false' or 'malicious' material is there about you again? I dont see any.

    1. I am sticking up for my friends...Jenny Hao is now a GP in a London surgery (respect to her!)...she is part of a team that are the new breed of British people (while this may appear to you that they have somewhat abandoned their Chinese culture- despite all being mainlanders of course - they haven't...Jenny is a very nice girl). One of her friends is Charlotte Hu ( daughter of an Airbus China Director, and girlfriend to the son of the GP of Eton College (another mainlander dating a white bloke)...this is the new cream of Chinese elite who have been educated in the UK and are very much part of the Middle and Upper class of British culture. I wouldn't be surprised if Jenny Hao becomes the next TV doctor for Embarrassing Bodies or if Charlotte Hu becomes a National Graphic Photographer. If foreigners in China can become Chinese, why can't Chinese people in the UK become British?

  57. Oriental looking lady with white man in DM:

    1. Relax, it's funny because they're ugly. Thanks for your sacrifice, bro!

  58. Cowards who write passive aggressive anonymous vitriol they wouldn't dare put their name next to. Have some balls and sign your name?

  59. Online trolls who revel in hating women. So boring. I'm so glad this site has died.

  60. I am a pacfic-chinese guy, what about a question for racist and traitor chinese female sluts, "Do you like the English guys more the Scottish and Welsh guys?" If they do, then they should GO STRAIGHT TO HELL since the Scottish and the Welsh hate the EnGlish so much!

    It is also because of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE which is the reason why chinese guys are made fun of with "Ching Chong Chinaman" so much!

    I think the main reason why there is a lot of conflict within ethnicities and nationalities nowadays is because of some racist EnGlish people, and not some people which they call "White"!

    If China helps William Wallace's and Robert Bruce's army of Scotland and also the people of Wales, EnGlish cannot be superior over Great Britain anymore and also chinese guys from overseas and asian countries will now have Scottish and Welsh friends to stand against EnGlish brainwashed racist non east-asian guys and chinese girl traitors of any country! "NO MORE CHING CHONG RACISM WHICH WAS STARTED BY THE ENGLISH!"