Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Shameful Brits Out To Ruin Chinese Businesses

Three recent press stories concerning malicious attempts at ruining Chinese catering businesses. 

Cat Meat Rumour Ruins Restaurant Business 

Newspaper Source (Full Article): Salisbury Journal

Xu Qiau Wu and Cai Ming have run The Dragon Chinese restaurant in Fisherton Street, Salisbury, for the past 11 years, employing six staff, the couple have been left devastated and unsure of the future after a rumour that a dead cat was found in their freezer. 

Mrs Wu said: “My son heard this first at school, we have no idea where it came from. The past few years have been hard and we were struggling already but surviving, then this started happening and takings dropped by a third. It is completely untrue.”

Wiltshire Council’s Environmental Health Officers carried out a full inspection of the premises in March, looking into supply chains, traceability, storage and hygiene practices. Food safety standards and management was found to be good and all meat is purchased from reputable suppliers. The business was awarded three stars under the council’s Food Hygiene Star Rating Scheme.

A spokesman for the council said: “The allegation was completely unfounded.” 

Mrs Wu said: “People come in and make cat noises at us which may be funny to them but to us it’s our business and it’s not just about our family but also the people we employ.”
Chav Scam's Takeaway Cockroach Story - (6/5/2011)
Newspaper Source (Full Article): Coventry Telegraph

Sophie Russell, 18-year-old mum-to-be, discovered a dead oriental cockroach lurking at the bottom of the bag of prawn crackers.

Sophie, who is four months pregnant, is a beauty therapy student at Henley College, said...

"Even if I’m drunk and desperate, I wouldn’t go near a takeaway"
Suzanne, Sophie and Lauren Russell, 13, ordered the meal from the Golden Parlour takeaway in Far Gosford Street, Coventry on Sunday.

They finished off the meal but only had a few prawn crackers, so the following day Sophie, went back for more, that’s when she made her gruesome discovery. Restaurant manager Jimmy Fan  immediately gave them a full refund.

Mr Fan said: "My restaurant is very clean. We’ve been open for four years and I’ve never had a complaint, cleanliness is my top priority and my full time job."

Suzanne has alerted the city council’s food safety team and is planning to drop the cockroach into their offices this week.

Coventry Telegraph - Follow Up Report - (18/5/2011)
Newspaper Source (Full Article): Coventry Telegraph

"Teams from the council’s environmental health department have conducted an extensive search of the restaurant and have discovered no evidence of the pests."

Officers praised the Golden Parlour’s “clean, tidy and orderly kitchen”.
    On the Brink of Ruin - (6/6/2011)
    Newspaper Source (Full Article): Pontefract & Castleford Express

    Wai Wing Lee, manager of Eastern Court Cantonese Restaurant in Glass Houghton, claims hundreds of diners have been driven away by false reports that a dentist recovered a chip  between a diner’s teeth when he complained of toothache after eating at the Oriental buffet.

    Mr Lee revealed the business had made a loss for the last three weeks and had lost two-thirds of its trade – as the rumours continue to spread on social networking websites Facebook and Twitter.

    “I’ve heard from people from as far away as Barnsley and Doncaster who’ve heard the rumour.  I’ve not spoken to a single person who hasn’t heard it. It’s destroying our business. We’ve had to get money from elsewhere just to keep our business afloat."
    Mr Lee has contacted the Wakefield council’s environmental health department. A council spokesman confirmed there were no current investigations in relation to food hygiene matters at the restaurant.

    He said: “We have had no complaints related to the restaurant and have no evidence to support what appear to be malicious rumours.

    “The premises has a three-star rating under the Scores on the Doors scheme and continues to be subject to the standard routine food hygiene inspections required by the Food Standards Agency."


      1. Ironically the residents of Coventry, Salisbury and Glass Houghton will come to regret their racist scaremongering... not least dear Sophie Rusell, yet another teen mum who will scrounge off the state with her multiple children... as these hard working folk go bankrupt and wind their businesses down, the local council coffers will suffer a double whammy - no business tax revenue from the takeaways, and more people such as these unfortunate folk and their children will start claiming benefits.

      2. I think us Chinese should never have to set up takeaway here. We shudnt deal with this crap!

      3. This is terrible. Another form of covert racism by the uk media. That four month pregnant chav probably found the cockroach crawling under her armpit to get a refund and pay for her weekly ciggies.

        I really am saddened by the lack of Chinese community in this country but as usual we just get on with it independently. Our nose to the grindstone attitude is defenseless when it comes to civil rights against media racism. Oh well.

        On the plus side of this new article, Kai has left us another thoughtful post musing in his/her pink sweater and tranny pose.

      4. Keep a watch on the Spratly islands.

        Looks like the Zions are setting up China for another fall after pretending to be a friend, ' advising ' on how to modernise ( read Westernise).

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      6. You guys should read the comments page from the Daily Mail

        Never trust a Chinaman that smiles

        - DESSIPUERA, (Caves Under North Terrace, Scotland) United Kingdom NOT E.U., 27/6/2011 13:24 Rating 4

        Nice to know that national newspapers accept racist comments openly on their site. Imagine if this was directed towards blacks or asians!

      7. RACIST:

      8. any news website publishing articles on Chinese people or China in the English language will automatically attract anti-chinese sinophobic comments because they're mostly read by non-Chinese. Daily Mail comments are actually quite mild in comparison to some other websites I could name.

        Re: French Chinese attacked, robbed, mugged in Paris France, the French Chinese had protested before in great numbers previously, its an ongoing crime problem. Its interesting they are deliberately holding French flags, as if to imply 'we are French too, we deserve the same level protection as other French citizens.'

        The only recent equivalent example one can think of in the UK....

        Chinese students were robbed at cashpoint machines in Preston, Lancashire.

      9. Racism?

      10. From the French attacks article:

        ""Chinese people are attacked very often, not because of racist problems but because thugs have this opportunity of making money easily, because Chinese people are used to carrying cash - a lot of cash," said Ms Calandra.

        The Chinese may have become targets because they are seen as relatively prosperous. hard for them to avoid carrying large amounts of cash after they close their businesses for the day.

        Officials say the muggers are often of immigrant descent themselves, from other communities."


        Double Fuck off to France. Not only are they saying that the Chinese are being targeted because they're rich, not because they're Chinese... but they're conveniently using that as an excuse to target other races' too.

        Fucking cunts.

      11. BBCZeitgeist said...
        any news website publishing articles on Chinese people or China in the English language will automatically attract anti-chinese sinophobic comments because they're mostly read by non-Chinese.

        Yeah I would normally agree, except when I read about black or asian related racist attacks, or something negative (honour killings, knife attacks, violence, etc.) the media and the comments ARE VERY CAREFUL about the language they used, to the extent that everything they say has been "cleansed". The comments that are direct and do get through are quickly taken off. Whereas with the Chinese, all the comments are flat out racist, no holds barred with the Chinese... there is a double standard in Western media, it's "tiptoe around the blacks and asians" whilst "sod the Chinese"

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      13. There are many instances, reporting of Asian muslim gangs targeting white girls is another example, depending on their agenda...some press reports publish the ethnicities of the perpetrators, whilst other news sources do not state their ethnicities due to 'sensitivity.'

      14. This makes me angry, angry at the passive chinese too, if we just take a little more time to think of ourselves as a unit instead of thinking of number 1 all the time, people would be careful and think twice not to offend us. Chinese every where abroad should do as much as they can to educate chinese in east asian countries at just how badly we are treated, so those who are responsible do not get a smooth ride in east asia, why should they when we don't, besides we get sh*t come our way regardless may as well treat them as they treat us, that's the way it should be to make the playing field fair, that way we don't lose out. We dont get preferential treatment in europe why should they.

      15. That's very amusing, the so-called Chav-scam mum article mentions nothing of it being a scam.

        Are you assuming that because she is white she is lying and because Mr. Fan is of asian descent he is clearly telling the truth?

        This puts a very racist slant on your opinions, does it not?

        I'd be careful printing this nonsense in future, the so-called "Scam Chav Mum " may sue you for defamation of character.