Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Old Man Young Girl

By BBCZeitgeist in Asia

Hong Kong's favourite bin tai lo - Edison Chen, his latest escapade is 16 yr old teenage Chinese model Cammi Tse, difference in age of 15 years. Story Here

Not to be outdone by these leisurely celebrities... whilst I was standing in a taxi queue at a popular getaway resort, an older Chinese male aged 50-55 and a younger Chinese female aged 18-22 stood in front. 

Its a holiday break, time for father and daughter to spend some quality family time together?  

 Signs of public affection ...

 Not father and daughter! A possible 37 years dating age difference?


  1. If your maths are correct if he was 39, she would be 2. This stuff seems prevelant in HK with rich older businessmen - wasnt 49yr old Stephen Chow going out with 22yr Kama Lo for 3 months? Thats 27yrs difference.

    I think you should change the title of this blog to BBCgossipzeitgeist btw

  2. Haha, I sneakily took photos of them whilst pretending to take photos of the scenery behind them.
    Oh yes, gossip! A spin off British Chinese site on the theme of 'Hello' 'Ok?' magazine called...'Wai Neehao magazine!' with compulsory beauty, bridal, plastic surgery and tattooing advertising - a must. Oh Neehao magazine beat us to it.

  3. Ha

    Maybe you could retitle article: Edison Chen in scandal with 16yr old

    to get more traffic.

    He looks like a right old perv on his face in that pic and she looks like shes about to cry.

    i wonder if this kind of trend inspires mainland women to migrate to larger cities with goals of 'higher standards' denying the homeland men? just a thought

  4. Well, they are still what you label as 'homeland' i.e native Chinese. Unless you mean by homeland... "small town and rural men" are being denied a wife?

  5. older man younger woman relationships or older man and younger woman romance with such a big generational age difference are usually about sex and money, the older man wants to be a playboy and the younger female wants his money, job promotion etc.

  6. yeah small town and rural men being denied by money job promo young rural women in favour of older HK beijing shanghai businessmen.

    I read the amount of high earning single career girls in HK is bigger than before. Women get older, and if cant find a mainlander tycoon or white male english teacher then what? Rather die lonely than find love with a poor chinese man lol.

  7. There are loads of naughty antics that HK celebs get into that don't reported, Edison got caught purely because of his bad IT skills as mention somewhere. If there is link to his entire photo album of beauties, this blog will have a meltdown LOL, not that I am interested of course, only for matters of high brow, intellectual cultural discussion haha.

    ... Yep there lots of left-on-the-shelf over30s women who have reached an "older" age and can't get a man, it a very common problem in HK and Singapore, because generally a bloke doesn't want to get involved with a woman who is more "successful" and career-mined than he is, the canto yap yap gossip will be relentless, (eats woman's rice etc). I know a woman who gone to a top uni has a top well paid job but can't get a bloke and the gossip of her peers who are married is getting embarrassing for her, also, making a sweeping generalisation here, chinese women aren't that upfront in the dating the subtext of the does-my-lorpeck-look-big articles in DimSum you know what i mean LOL.

    Yeah a "BBCgossipzeitgeist" section is a good idea bcoz i be adding my fair share of gossip that cheeky blunt BBC peeps wanna hear.

  8. ^then to avoid being a lo groo por, she will get an older white man....oh how vicious is this circle!?

  9. let the BBCgossipzeitgeist COMMENCE:

  10. tasty stuff here too in the comments section

    'Yes, a lot of people in China think that Hong Kongers are rich, but Hong Kongers are shorter indeed. For the skin tone, I think that Zhejiang and Beijing people are very white, it might be because of the whether (which is more cold than that in Hong Kong). The reason who Hong Kong people’s skin colour is more tanned than people in the northern region is obvious – Hong Kong is a sub-tropical region where there is more sunlight.

    For the Fujian and Guangdong heritage part, I’m not that sure. Fujian and Guangdong people are less white than Zhejiang and Beijing people genetically anyway. But what I’m try to say in the article is that in the old days where Mainlanders still worked in the field, Hong Kong people were indeed way more white physically, now it might not be the case.'

    1. colder places faster evolution fairer skin taller aesthetically more appealing more efficient brain cells wirings. all to do with energy efficiency.
      1/energy saved from making the dark pigments on the skin (to protect skin from sun) can be channelled to mental functions for one to become more sophisticated and more insightful. ppl intuitively attracted to fair skin. even babies(black and white) prefer looking at pictures of white.
      2/less energy needed to build thin lips(tissue) and for its maintenance(bloodsupply) than thick lips. pronouciation by thin lips is less clumsy and more precise than thick lips and sounds more pleasant. the most obvious facial feature difference between a white and a black is the lips (other than skin colour).
      3/being tall is more efficient in conserving body heat.

      such efficiency is work of nature and is written into gene. matters more than cultural shaping.

      we are attracted to aesthetic appeal intuitively. aesthetic appeal is the guide to more efficient survival wisdom.

      moral judgement over discussion about racial differences makes truth look inconvenient and slows down the discovery of truth.

      over the spectrum of attractiveness, an average looking northerner always win over an average southerner.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I disagree, the link above is from a hong kong gossip girly blog, not a scientific exercise in...eugenics, and the talk about lighter skin tone being attractive and being too dark etc is just western socially engineering influence perpetuated through white aspirational advertising. white pigmentation is actually scientifically unhealthy and unnatural, based on the research that white people are actually originally albino black people.

      For all the talk about northerners being tall and white, in many cases its actually the reverse. and western media-wise , the trend gravitates to where the most success lies at the time - there are enough blacks straightening their hair wanting to be east asian and whites wanting to be east asian by having tans which unfortunately makes them look like walking oranges, so by definition with the chinese being the most successful ( richest) people in the world, the worlds natural global standard for beauty and skin tone and attractiveness will eventually be yellow mongoloid, not white neanderthal.

    4. Sighs, 'the Southern cantonese are inferior to Northern Chinese' poster is back again with the same point.

    5. Wonder if he's the same northerner on facebook who hates hong kongers? I thought he was the jew troll with his usual science textbook speak. either way theyre both obsessed with spamming their white skin arguments, on an ethnic chinese blog , no less.

      another interesting aside about these obsessed one note agenda morons- why dont they have blogs of their own? maybe because noone wants to read their insecure crap so they have to troll elsewhere to get it heard haha

    6. its human nature to be discriminatory based on differences. thats how ppl improve and progress.

      western culture has been very influential but i dont think what i mentioned above is to do with being whitewashed. i grew up in a remote countryside in china. my first exposure to foreigners was thru pictures of white and black ppl in a book and my instant comment was “the black is so u*ly”. i was still a pre-school kid so i dont think i was in anyway culturally biased yet. as i was probably in early teens i also started to notice that southerners in general look less attractive than northerners and wondered why. i just came to the above conclusion in the last couple years based on observation, brief experience in stock market and some readings about chinese medicine and Daoism.

      there is an evolutionary psychologist of japanese ethnicity in the london school of economics (sth like that) published some of his research reports about look and intelligence. he published sth about black women being the most unattractive and the eastern asian women the most attractive last year and got into trouble bcoz of that.

      albino is result of genetic mutation and very natural in its own right. it is a way of adaptation to changes in the enviroment, just like revolution being a way of societal progression. mutation can be favourable for selection depending on the enviroment. in the tropical area, its obviously not a favourable trait and the mutated gene has little chance to pass on.

      interesting that so much anti-white sentiment from the white-culture shaped. any different argument has the potential to be linked with "white lies".

    7. 'observation, brief experience in stock market and some readings about chinese medicine and Daoism.' haha in that order eh?

      for someone who can only write in academic speak and cannot understand how western ethnic social groups are set up? just because you jews think you can morph in and out of white culture in real life in the name of multiculturalism doesnt mean we cant suss your trolling online. or sth like that.

    8. odd as it may have seemed but thats how things came together to make sense for me.

      take the last 1000yr history of china, half of the time it was ruled by northern horseback tribes(mongol 200yr and manchu 300yr). southern tribes were never of any serious threat to central china. many of the indigenous ppl were even driven off their homeland to further south.

      or have a look at the shift of cultural centres in europe in the last 2000yrs: from greece, rome to today's paris, berlin and london. is the northward shift just co-incidence?

      similar shift also happens in east asia(where there has also been a long established civilization)

      as long as man is territorial and resources are limited, this world will always be dog eat dog between individuals and bewteen groups. the winner doesnt win for no reason.

    9. btw, relevant to the topic, sun yat sen also happened to be one of those dirty old guy with a fetish for teen girls. hard to take it that he has been hailed as a national figure on both sides of strait all these years.

    10. Ok never knew that about Sun Yat Sen. i guess with a lot of this historical figures and people who need their idols to be idols tend to forget these are real people with their own issues. I agree there will be dog and dog . It makes real sacrifice from the few who are real heroes, stand out even more in a world that is, thanks to global 'development' arguably getting more pathetic by the day:

      '48-year-old bus driver, Wu Bin, was struck by a piece of flying metal smashed through the bus’ windshield while driving on the highway between Southern cities of Wuxi and Huangzhou. Though severely injured, he still managed to “stop the bus, turn on the hazard lights, put on the parking brake and advise the passengers to remain seated before collapsing from his injuries.'

      He knew his fate, so he may as well save the people from harm.

    11. the only reason you're anti Sun Yat Sen is because he disproves your theory, hes a southern cantonese, and we all know you dont like southern Cantonese. If he was a northerner, you'll be licking him all over.

    12. Was that the anti-southerner? And there I was trying to debate reasonably. I noticed he didnt care about my Beijing article but was keen to plaster his thoughts on the guangzhou trip article. These obsessed one agenda morons and their twisted are really sad. And then people wonder why we are so verbally extremist.

      Its obviously called de-trolling the blog.

  11. Older man,younger lady is not catchy to us.But younger man,older lady makes us raise our eyebrow.They look grudge to our sight.