Thursday, 26 July 2012

ONS Happiness Index

ONS Happiness Index 2012 measuring national 'well being' in the UK published its findings yesterday. For an overview, read The Guardian 'Key to well-being- Live on a remote island and don't work'

Here's the Methodology: For 'life satisfaction,' an evaluative approach asked individuals to make a cognitive assessment of how their life is going overall. The 'worthwhile' question uses the eudemonic approach and measures peoples sense of meaning and purpose in life, i.e connections with friends and family, sense of control and whether they feel part of something bigger than themselves.

The groups reporting the lowest average rating out of 10 for life satisfaction were Black African/Black Caribbean (6.7), Chinese and White group were the second highest at (7.4), surprisingly Indians reported the highest rating at (7.5). For the worthwhile index, lower than average ratings were reported by all groups except whites.

Differences are accountable to cultural bias and certain ethnic groups experiencing disadvantage in certain areas of life such as education, income, health and living conditions. 

As much as I would like to apply the same methodology by dismissing the results of the ONS Happiness Survey as 'unsatisfactory,' any differences in statistical numbers are so insignificant to render the entire survey - an 'un-worth-while' waste of £2million, if I was happy yesterday, I'm sure as anxious as hell today - shockingly, in the UK, Chinese are as content with their life as Whites and are no more subjectively affected by any significant disadvantages in life than Whites - maybe this explains why the ignorantly blissful 'happily satisfied' British Chinese community is so apathetic towards radical racial politics and identity in Britain. What do you think?

By BBCZeitgeist


  1. BBCs and chinese in general are not only apathetic but want to be apart of the global community. it is sad however that this is not the feeling of other people.

    the 2008 beijing olympics moto was "one world, one dream" 100s of overseas american and british nationals were used as torch bearing relays

    in contrast this is what happened is essex

    as chinese we need to wake up

    1. A typical xenophobe who doesn't draw any discernable difference between the people of China and the government of China.

      Are there any other international flag-bearers? Why is he not criticisng them as well?

      I bet he would say the same if it was a BBC carrying the torch.

    2. He urged residents to “remember the terrible breaches of human rights in Tibet and Tiananmen Square as another loyal party member runs through your town or village on the July 7”.

      Generic scaremongering, how does he even know these people are CCP members?

    3. The Tiananmen Square massacre is a sinophobic misguided comparative symbolic reference to the flame bearing goddess of democracy. That issue aside, I actually agree with the locals on a different point, the named mainland Chinese national torch bearers are IMO bourgeois twits, '100% foreigner' who have no link with London or the UK and are merely exercising their corporate privilege to gain access to the torch, its inevitable, the games are a huge corporate event. Though the muted response from UK's Chinese FOB communities probably shows how happily satisfied they are!

      If the mainland torch bearers were replaced by a local Chinese schoolgirl from a local London school, all would be calm I suppose?

    4. Yeah what a cunt. The Tibet and TS issues completely wash over me nowadays when others bring it up in an argument (yes I'm a BBC and when I'm winning one, they still do that). It's just another tickbox to use, I'm sure Americans do the same with their frequent wars and land grabs and military bases across the world.

      Having said that, I am concerned about the lack of "localism" with ethnic chinese in China.. this white obviously displayed the "Not in my backyard" attitude, but is there any evidence of ethnic Chinese doing the same with whites in China?

  2. Being that Chinese stick their nose to the grindstone, save, and ignore impractical issues like race and social identity, it would probably explain why those figures are so high. They dont make trouble so they dont get trouble, and being trouble free equals happiness.

    Having said that, its all vague as to who was interviewed,how the sample was created. Happiness is less to do with race and more to do with self achievement, and with the current UK economic climate, cant see how any of the figures are so high unless the samples were taken from a presumably affluent selection of middleclass.

    Measuring happiness is stupid IMO, if anything they should do one on reasons for unhappy people, if they wanted a real insight into the social mood of the country , but as far as Chinese are concerned, its unlikely they would share how unhappy they are unless you start reading the forums or conduct proper person to person research.

    1. Great points. The study actually showed that who were interviewed by telephone rather than person-to-person gave more positive ratings. In terms of cultural bias, You know what these Chinese FOBs are like, they behave very differently in the company of non-chinese people or whites, they're often very negative and honest when around Chinese people, but very positive, limiting and paint a rosy picture when they're around whites.

  3. Some woman on sky news said the same thing "it should be locals who carry the torch" as for tianamen square. What happened was a form of law enforcement (albeit harsh) and had the army not moved in the country would be like Libya today

    1. My god, are you trying to defend the TS massacre?!

    2. I don't defend massacre of any kind but if the riots sparked off China to turn democratic, she would have ended just like the once great soviet union, and not the super power that the China forum fawn about on facebook today.

      Theres a lot of complications with China, it's huge population, it's rapid advancement, however, if China embraced western democracy, I believe all the issues that we discuss on here in relation to China ie IR issue, white males in China pillaging etc, foreign companies abusing slave labour , rampant modernism etc could be much worse.

      In fact the only reason it's so bad now is because the megarich in China are emulating the foreign companies and owning sweatshops, then jetting to the west to enjoy it.

      Having said that, improvement for hospital standards and welfare system can be improved when compared to the west, but everything comes at a cost.

      Like Chinese living in the UK. We are a happy apolitical bunch, moan on forums and at the end of the day do we really give a shit about other countries being bombed or innocents killed in the name of liberty whilst we sup our tapioca bubble tea?

      Freedom will come for China, but it's playing by different rules to the west. Hong Kong doesn't count because it's an ex-British colony.

  4. hang on, there are a few issues here:-

    1. it was an illegal protest, the protestors did not seek the necessary approval to march on the worlds biggest square, all protests of all kinds around the world apply for local government approval when they want to organise such a large event so the students were illegal in the first place.

    2. even if they did apply and even if approval was granted a protest is suppose to express a viewpoint to the government at the time. this was not a protest, it was an occupation demanding the removal of the government with immediate effect, i.e. regime change.
    the CCP had given the students the opportunity to negotiate and they demanded no negotiations, just removal of the government or they wouldn't move. that isn't democratic. if they were put in power not only would the subsequent economic reform not have taken place but it would have set the pace for another rally by some other students if 10 years demanding their removal and so on. and stability would never be achieved.

    3. the square is the biggest public square in the world, what are the people on either side of it suppose to do - the money lost in business, the woman that is having a heart attack and needs emergency medical attention but the paramedics can't get to her because of 50 thousand students blocking the square

    4. 50,000 students (quoted by western media) out of a total population of 1 billion is 0.5%, do they speak for the country, methinks not, would their success have the been democratic.

    5. it wasn't a massacre. one photo of student who decided to stand in front of a tank doesn't mean it was a massacre. what happened next.

    6. live ammunition was used in response to petrol bombs being used against law enforcement officers and soldiers being killed as a result.

    7. 2 months the students were there before any military action was taken. how long do you suggest they wait? 50,000 holding a country of 1 billion to ransom

    8. if it were the ones that shouted the loudest that won, the US would be in Syria by now.

  5. Well said Wai. This is not a defence but plain facts that needs to be 're-balanced'. Sadly, no western media will stick their necks out to admit this. Considering, in this country, you need to 'get permission' before you protest. You most certainly cannot hang around en-mass outside parliament. In fact, there are huge barriers to protect those inside that building.

    But of course, this is not about human rights nor cruelty to human beings. It's about the Communist Party and the fear of such an unfriendly party. I do stress unfriendly because China refuses to play ball on bigger issues concerning world politics whilst enjoying a permenant position on such events. The fact that on numerous occasions it has stood alone against Britain and the US says it all. SF.

  6. Regarding the ONS survey, what a load of paper pushing madness. Until you highlighted this, I had no idea ONS would waste such money on such surveys. As if happiness can be that easily measured. I thought this sort of stuff was for "take a break" type magazines.

    The Chinese (I suspect) tend to stick together, preferring to avoid conflict. Say everything thing is fine but grumble under their breath about the two headed ghost(an expression about white people's fakeness) trying to pretend to be nice. The usual stuff.

    There is this sadness that seems to span across the board. FOBs know what injustice is, but somehow feel a need to mask it just in order to have an easier life. It's ironic they should label the white people this way, since the only difference would suggest the Chinese do it to survive, and the English people do it so they can wash away their past cruelty and wash away their guilt. If both don't meet or admit it, no one is going anyway, nor will there be progression on both sides. SF.

  7. Its because when elder FOBS do their best to be straight,when being interviewed by whites, like this lady working at Christmas, some pisstaking whites adopt a fucking attitude, like this video i found on another BBC blog:

    1. The lady was outnumbered from the start. White environment, white audience and white interrogator (she certainly sounded like one) speaking English... reverse the roles, an old white woman being interviewed on the spot being asked why she isn't celebrating Chinese New Year in China by a group of immature Chinese young adults who laugh and take the piss - nothing short of bullying and harassment. Of course, just a bit of fun for whites. I sincerely hope the Chinese do the same to whites. But of course, how can we outnumber then in a scenario outside China when all we are doing as a race is being assimilated, not growing the Chinese race (like blacks and asians are doing so well in white nations)

    2. Ok, Im beginning to understand your population angle now, and I agree outnumber is a good point, and its worked in Vancouver and San Francisco, but this is something that is beyond the control of the individual, other than his own family.

      However in addition to having bigger families,another major issue is cohesiveness, ie looking beyond our own nose, pocket or self interest.

      This is something western Chinese need to develop in addition to big families.Unless we develop this level of solidarity and we are on the same page, conversation-wise, a foundation or platform or shared dialogue cant be created.

      Our own media would solve this, but we just dont have the urgency enough.

  8. Happybritishchinese, I don't think the Chinese lady was trying to conceal her feelings. The video is a link to culture clashes. Something often enjoyed and even okayed by the likes of Chris Tarrant when he used to get Japanese videos and show their cruelty and mad-cap nature.

    The view-point is from a western view-point designed for the west. The idea is, she sniggers and giggles expecting the Chinese lady to not really understand she is subjected to abuse, and the Chinese woman is annoyed but more likely fed-up with her and is resigned to play along with the culture of studipness, which is infecting the YouTube fame hungry crowds, all hungry to out-do each other. Reminds me of the happy slapping craze. Go after unsuspecting people who have no idea what has hit them. Sad and pathetic. SF.

  9. Happybritishchinese, I don't think she was keeping a straight face, but more fed up with the mass culture she has to deal with on a daily basis. The video is from the west for the west, therefore for a western audience. Reminds me of the happy slapping craze. Go after innocent unsuspecting victims and enjoy seeing them confused unable to recognised they've been hit.

    It's sad really, how youths are stooping to new lows such as racial slurs just to get their cheap frills and mini-fame. Because that's what the You Tube generation does, bring out the ugliest nature in people. Especially those who think they are superior. SF.

    1. In reference to the video, Chinese work hard, and whites cannot handle it, and in the case of that white american girl, mocking the Chinese woman for not fitting into western traditions. This line of thought echoes throughout all of western media right through to all the takeaway attacks in the UK reported on this blog.

      On topic, the only happiness that Chinese get in the UK is DESPITE any 'approval' from the mainstream because we've learned to tune out any social relevance because it doesnt pay the bills. Doesn't make us happier being a social anomaly in the UK, but we have the best 'coping mechanisms.'that work overtime to a fault.

      As far as nationalism, IMO most British people just get on with their own lives, and any happiness is to do with our own individual effort and what we make of it as individuals.

      In that respect, ONS as a measure of nationalist happiness is an unctuous proposition , and its timing, is a joke, made at a point in time when Britain is at its most segregated and apathetic...and is at best, maybe a desperate propaganda attempt to improve the tone for British Olympics nationalism, and further ignore the real economic woes this country is being put through.

  10. Happybritishchinese, it's more than "they can't handle it", but a case of trying to avoid the obvious racist abuse, choosing to adopt the "why don't you do things like the way of the host nation." That way, she can command some kind of right that she is somehow ever so slightly superior because she can say these things without seeming offensive. But sadly, these recordings are more to do with alienation and further driving apart culture. The fact that it is seen as funny speaks volumes to me.

    As for happiness, the FOBs might feel happy in their little bubble built upon Chinese groups funded by local councils. There, they feel secure in their circles gossiping and swapping notes on the latest gadgets to help prolong their good health and life.

    For many, you could argue, live their lives through their children's success. In these little circles, they may brag about their offsprings' earning power and how they passed so many exams etc. But as demonstrated in (hopefully if BBCZeitgeist accepts)a piece I will contribute, it's only for the Chinese circles.

    It's as if FOBs are living in a parallel dream-world away from the realities of Britain. Detached from the social norms and culture of this country. For many, they have found a neat little circle away from the eye of the storm, and set up shop like another make-belief Chinese village. In that sense, they could be very happy. SF.

    1. Chinese immigration dream become a nightmare for those who have to come of age through it

      Long term happiness is never won by short term ignorance, in my humble opinion.

    2. If you remove the casinos and TVB memberships the ONS score for FOBs probably drop by 95%

    3. Happybritishchinese, regarding the Lord Nat Wei speech, I have to question, is he even equipped to speak on behalf of BBCs? I'm troubled by the over usage of being seen on the outside, how we should be mindful of how we behave and how we can work with China. As if we are suddenly the embassadors for China's growing economic might.

      I'm troubled because yet again, there is the (uneeded) push to be a certain way to serve the west. Yes, we live in a western world, but our local leaders should be encouraging us to be ourselves. The only times he asks us to promote our own views and feelings is through to China. As if we need to be burdened into that role when we have yet to do that ourselves here in Britain.

      I wonder whether he actually wants to speak to the readers on NeeHao or was it some Tory exercise to push out the ethnic vote so they seem more mulit-cultural, therefore it's simply another image thing that is hollow and pointless to the people it's supposed to serve.

      The actual 'nightmare' is the lack of awareness. Like what you have been saying time and time again, how many BBCs and even FOBs fail to recognise the injustice, the unbalanced view of China and the Chinese living abroad.

      I believe our profile have slowly been lifted to the front purely due to China poised to be a super-power, and many BBCs are confused. After a life-time of sitting at the back and being virtually being invisible, we are realising we are different and not the same as the white people. Physical appearance for one. Why?

      Because more and more people ask us about China because they remembered we once told them we are of Chinese ethnicity. And if I'm honest, many will be a bit blank and non-plus, because for many, their parents were more interested in personal success and running away from poverty. A time when sometimes it was about survival. Nationalism comes second. And now that China is rising, our parents are slowly jumping on the bandwagon.

      In my opinion, the true nightmare is how there are no support network within our groups. No one wants to admit or recognise the fact that being so fragmented and isolated as a group, it's not dance classes we want, but people similar to Lord Nat Wei's background, but not speaking on behalf of his party, but truly speaking for BBCs and getting more closer with Chinese in this country to work towards being proud of our heritage instead of working to enhance our image to help China. Because the latter is nothing but serving the western culture which ultimately sends out a negative self image of us BBCs and FOBs. In short, he is simply saying, we have a very damaged image.

      This brings me back to what we have been discussing for some time about. How the media have been building this subtle negative image. Lord Nat Wei needs to take these issues and bring them to the fore. But as usual, is he simply another selfish self serving individual again? SF.

    4. Yes but what does 'jumping on the bandwagon' mean for our parents who are mainly Cantonese speakers? Mandarin FOBS dont communicate with Cantonese FOBS and even Mandarin FOBS dont care about the bandwagon, why else come here? As the article says, to escape. The bandwagon is superficial.

      In the UK this 'oh let's pay China respect'attitude is complete BS. You can see the China/UK flags alongside each other in the Chinatowns and the DM and Olympics media reporting etcetera reveals the true objective.

      As stated in that article, I'd hope Nat is there to serve us, but as we know in this day and age, 'Hope' and 'action' when it comes to governmental bodies are almost opposite in actuality. Whilst his actions have been so far to be exclusively pro-China, as you say the real nightmare is no support network for us.

      The Chinese community in Manchester has no links to the one in Scotland, to the one in Ireland to the one in London to the one in Birmingham. And the only thing they all have in common is a Wing Yip Supermarket.


    5. Happybritishchinese, I agree with part of your comment on mainlanders and Hong Kong people not toally seeing eye to eye. However, I believe that many FOBs are actually now enjoying the success of China's growth. Cetainly from an arm's length level where western people are unable to notice the regeional differences, just lump anyone who came from Hong Kong originally as mainlanders.

      Being united with China when something as complex as land leasing will never suddenly change overnight. Just as some Taiwanese despised being lumped as China and make every effort to distance themaselves.

      The respect is not expected of the British of course, and organisers of Chinatown are forever tied with the British, therefore need to play along with being Mr/rs Nice. This is what I term as fake gestures. But it's modern day politics, it happens and it is how the world's so-called civilised community cooperate without using guns.

      As for Lord Nat, I don't hold out much for politicians. Most are self-serving people who like the sounds of their own voices. They are representing no-one other than themselves, simply using us mere citizens as a vessel for their vanity and self promotion.

      Let's hope a blog like this (minus all the obsession about race purity) can be a start to something good. SF.

    6. Let me correct you. Our ethnicity is THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL part of our identity, without our ethnicity this blog would cease to exist. If I'm not Chinese would I even care about Chinese community? The answer is NO. There is nothing racist about preserving the future of British Born Chinese if its facing genocide, linguicide, and cultricide, we are a tiny minority in the UK, we are not the indigenuous majority.

      If you personally want an IR relationship and therefore refuse to acknowledge the damage these IR partnerships have done to the BBC community because it would make you feel ashamed - thats your problem, dont dismiss the opinions of those who are concerned and care about the future of their community.

    7. BBCZeitgeist, again I have to repeat to you I fully understand that ethnicity is of importance, especially when we are all here discussing BBC issues. However, in many discussions, you have allowed derogetory remarks about defenseless children who happen to be born mixed. That's why I used the term racial purity.

      I recognise the need to make a stand and the reasoning behind it, but I don't agree when remarks are directed at the wrong people.

      My view is awareness should be more than yelling at our sisters to open our eyes, rather rally and attack the media, especially in China too, since I believe that the new arrivals are also contributing to interracial relationships. That too me would be a more urgent issue that BBCs that make up a small group right now.

      Finally, where have I said I wanted any form of IR relationship? Even if I had, be sure I can separate the two. SF.