Saturday, 1 January 2011

Why Chinese Men Don't Marry Indian Pakistani Black Women

Ever seen a Chinese Male Black Female married couple in the UK?
No? Why do Chinese men seldom marry women of colour, i.e Black, Indian, Pakistani?

Black women
In the western world, studies and polls consistently point out that the least desirable women are Black and the least desirable men are Asian. Its been suggested by some observers that Black women and Asian men ought to date due to the numerical imbalance resulting from the disproportionate number of Black male/White female and White male/Asian Female pairings hence promotion of American subcultural fetish groups under the acronym AMBW (Asian male/man Black Woman). However, it must be remembered, it is not just Caucasian men who find Black  women the least attractive, Asian men are no different, by the same token, it is not just Caucasian women but Black women also consider Asian men to be the least attractive, the  attraction void between Asian men and Black women is mutual. According to the US Census 2006, Chinese Male Black Female marriages only accounted for 0.1% of all Chinese Male marriages and 0.5% of American Raised Chinese male marriages. It is the lowest percentage for any ethnic Asian marriage involving a Black spouse, even lower than 'Indian Male Black Female.' The UK Census 2001 figures are equally as low. What are the possible explanations?

1a) Black Culture
Black popular culture is an area of significant appeal to non-Blacks, notably the fields of music, fashion, dance etc, forming a major part of British urban multi-culture, however, Asians are unenthused, evidenced by low Chinese attendance figures at the annual Notting Hill carnival. Even when urban Asians jump on the urban bandwagon as many Koreans do, it is via the cultural appropriation of Black urban music and dress etc, i.e cultural theft, it isn't in homage nor in admiration of Black culture nor Black people at all.

In the UK, British Born Blacks are predominantly located in aggressive urban cities, many have picked up an 'ghetto swagger/attitude,' and a ghetto twang. It is the Marmite principle, you either love it or hate it....most Asians hate it. The recent influx of African immigrants behave rather differently to their British Afro-Caribbean counterparts, many have thick accents, it is sometimes difficult to comprehend nor does it sound particularly attractive. Nigerian immigrants have strong characters, very aggressive verbally with plenty of attitude, exactly the kind of attitude required to deal with the urban jungle, however, would you want to go home to a woman like that, its too much, there lies the negative perception that Black women are too aggressive. Chinese men prefer their women to be demure.

1b) Geography
Black community is largely segregated from the Chinese community. Unlike the USA, the British Chinese do not live in concentrated ghetto areas, they are geographically dispersed. Map of London below shows the  dispersal of Chinese population, even in dark highly populated areas, Chinese only form a maximum of between 3% to 5.35% of a borough's population.

Chinese tend to live in white areas, not ethnic strongholds populated by Blacks etc. There are many Chinatown's in the UK, but they are not real residential areas, they are small in size and consist of many  commercial buildings.

Globally, in the Far East, Black women are not choosing the Far East as a target destination for employment, study etc. From observation, although there does appear to be a growing number of Black weeaboo's for the next generation, they're American not British and tend to be nerdy and removed from ghettoised Black culture, it is often said the types of Black women that date inter racially are the well educated  intentionally detaching themselves from underachieving Black males. Most Black females in the UK are not high educational achievers whereas most Chinese rate education very highly, there is an intellectual mismatch.  Black's tend to live in Ghettoised built up urban areas where educational achievement has been historically low.

There is also racial conflict, inner city schools densely populated by Blacks, its common for Black students to racially abuse the small minority of Chinese that attend the school. Its unfortunate, but despite the mass media's attempts to spin a multi-cultural Britain, the UK is a segregated country.

2) Physical Attributes
Black male archetype and Asian male archetype are different, the former perceived as masculine the latter perceived as feminine. Black women prefer their guys to be well built, tall and muscular, Asian guys are usually shorter and thinner.

Theres a general perception that the physical features of Black females are less desirable than other racial groups. Voluptuous lips for example are in vogue...but the irony according to non-blacks...'bubble lips' are only attractive on White women, such is the media and social bias against Black women, whenever big voluptuous lips are mentioned, its attributed to Angelina Jolie and not Black women. Black women have flatter noses and wider nostrils, even Latoyah Jackson had hers closed, undoubtedly, a slim nose is generally considered more attractive. Even in Chinese culture, women with a short flat fat nose with no bridge is considered unattractive, 'tat-bei.' Black women are often perceived to be physically heavy, the anti-thesis of a stereotypical feminine petite oriental woman, size matters. 

White skin in East Asian culture. White skin is considered pure, upper class like pearl, Black skin is lower caste with a low desirability, it is a convention of beauty passed down from history where the lower class manual labourers and field workers had sun bronzed skin. Today, Black, Hispanic, Indian and  even Chinese women (who are already pale) buy skin bleaching Cream's. Why? Because its desirable to have pale skin. In India, skin whitening cream's outsell coca-cola. Even Black men prefer Black women with lighter skinned tones as 'brownies' as they call them. Black women are at a disadvantage because of their darker skin tone.

Generally Chinese  men give consideration to their parents wishes in choosing a wife, after all she is theoretically speaking - marrying into his family. Most FOB Asian parents are unfavourable to the idea of a Black daughter in law, of course dating is passable but any attempt to push it to the next level (i.e marriage), expect the proverbial to hit the fan. Generally, parents of non-mixed race children prefer their son/daughter to marry their own race, the question is the extent to which disapproval is expressed, don't expect the average Chinese male to shut out their family for a woman. Chinese families are in contrast to Black families which are synonymous with broken homes and single parenting, the anti-thesis of the strong Chinese family unit. UK Census 2001, revealed Black single parent households were three times higher than Chinese.

There have been numerous risible attempts to market the idea to America that Chinese and Black's are both ghettoised urban ethnicities. Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Yao Ming and NBA, Jackie Chan in particular consistently targets Black American audiences with Afro-Sino partnerships in his movies. Blacks are  intrigued by martial arts, but its not doing them any favours,  its implied aggression, hence the stereotype that Blacks have a propensity for violence. Still, there was a Jet Li Aaliyah partnership in Romeo Must Die, their relationship was maladroit, unconvincing and unpersuasive, America has got it wrong, Chinese are closer to White culture  than Black culture. In the UK, British Blacks and Chinese are arguably culturally much further apart than America, the same concept would not sell here.

Pakistani women are mostly Muslim and with the exception of nominal Muslims or cultural Muslims (i.e the Konnie Huq types, highly westernised who wear short skirts, chain smoke, go clubbing etc), generally Chinese and Muslim's are incompatible. A Chinese male would have to convert to Islam to marry her or be considered 'kafir.' In fact, she would also be considered 'kafir' if she merely date someone who isn't a Muslim. As a part atheist and part Buddhist/Taoist, the probability of conversion to Islam would be zero, most Chinese males would probably agree.

Indian and South East Asian women
Indian women have a propensity to marry other Indians from the same religion, there are few inter racial marriages.  According to US Census 2006, Indian women accounted for the lowest  inter racial marriage percentages for any Asian ethnic group by gender. I have not personally seen any Chinese male/Indian female marriages in the UK, if there are some, the females are highly unlikely to be the religious types. Indian women are racially driven and don't mix well. Look at Indian population in London on the map below...

In conversation with other Chinese, a common opinion is that it is considered very low for a Chinese to marry an Indian,  generally a Chinese male would only do so if he was impecunious and unable to find a suitable Chinese bride,  one  would have to assume its related to status and skin colour, the darker the skin, the lower the status, it transpires that those with dark skin form the lower echelons of  the Developing world, they have a low economic and social status thus reducing their desirability, it is plausible given that Chinese males in Hong Kong do not marry the thousands of darker skinned Filipino or Indonesian housemaids that work there.

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  1. aren't there about 24million Muslims in China?

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  2. ... most of whom are on the Western border of China, wanting independence.

    It is worth pointing out that a "westernised" black woman and chinese man can get along really well, but both would require shedding their parents' culture and such. You're not wrong about the level of hatred towards the Chinese in Asia though... most of it stems from jealousy, their disbelief at how China has managed to grow from peasant land to a kind of developed nation in a few decades - something they are slowly doing, despite their best efforts.

    Still doesn't stop Indian men marrying Chinese women though!

  3. it doesnt stop them, but do Chinese women want to marry indian men? Chinese women find indian men more detestable than Black men.

    1. Oh please! you race-war monger; the ignorance of your contention is disappointing.

      Indian males marrying chinese women is very common here in Canada and the USA (I'm not sure about the UK). Reason: common values (i.e. career values and family values); basically a cultural compatibility when it comes to targeting professional jobs and family stability. It's true that Indian girls consider chinese men to effeminate and weak; they prefer Indian or white males as a sexual partner. Also, unfortunately, I'm embarrassed to admit, many Indians hold idiotic irrational prejudices (particularly our women) against Chinese small eyes. Women, in general, are especially focused/attracted to people with large beautiful eyes (even White & Chinese women have this problem) and so Indian women are immediately repelled by individuals with small eyes. For men this fixation on the aesthetics of one's eyes is less relevant (and sometimes quite perplexing); as an Indian male I cannot understand my Chinese fiancee's inferiority complex regarding the size of her eyes; I think oriental eyes are beautiful, but apparently many oriental men & women don't (witness all the eye enlargement surgery in China, Japan and Korea). Even Chinese media tends to favor chinese with larger eyes or surgically altered eyes (a national embarrassment that I hope the Chinese government stamps out).

      Finally it isn't politics that guides most Indian's prejudicial attitude towards a Chinese individual's physical appearance; just like the idiotic prejudices found amongst chinese against Indians, it's sheer irrationality, ignorance and subjective tastes that fuels Indian bigotry against the chinese phenotype (especially Chinese eyes and delicate physique). As an Indian, I've really been disgusted (and disappointed) by my fellow Indians looking down upon Chinese people and making fun of their eyes; it enrages me and embarrasses me when members of my own race behave like idiots, I would hope that educated Chinese would have enough self-respect and pride to feel equal anger at some of the equally idiotic attitudes and prejudices that are common amongst chinese people towards Indians and other races.

    2. "Indian males marrying chinese women is very common here in Canada and the USA ????"

      haha, common? Ironic, maybe you need a dictionary as you don't appear to know the definition of common. Let me educate you. At the last US census, Indian male marriages to non-Indian Asians accounted for just 0.9% of all Indian male marriages. Bear in mind, this figure is for all non-Indian Asians not specifically Chinese, the specific Chinese figure will of course be much lower than that.

      Btw, this article is about Chinese males, its not about Indian males, quite frankly I'm not really interested in Indian males or their opinions of Chinese, in fact, some would argue its rather good they mutually dislike each other as it'll keep the races apart. BTW, China loves Pakistan and Pakistan loves China, both countries unite in their hatred of India. Ciao!

    3. Chinese man marries Indian woman proof: is common in places like mainland China, Nepal, India, Singapore, Malaysia....just not in Europe because people in Europe are generally think they are more 'white' in Europe and tend to be more ignorant (sorry but its true)....Asia is more multicultural and harmonious than most people think. We get along with everyone here...Indians, Thai, Chinese, everyone. These days in mainland China there are so many Indian and Chinese couples...and we make Chindian babies too! :-)

      Bottom line is we live in a globalized and multicultural world, and if some people don't accept that then...well..

    4. The comments made by BBCZeitgeist seems to conflict. He enjoys India's hatred towards Pakistan yet he doesn't want to enter a conversation about Indian men and Chinese women. This picking and choosing of subjects on this topic fails to address what his article is trying to say. Let's be honest here, isn't he lumping the two as one, and putting under the banner of Indian? Is it his observation for all BBC men or just his opinion. He flits from speaking on his opinion to laying a braod tar brush on all other BBCs.

      I know two BBC men still happily married to Indian women. And being a BBC, I believe this trend will continue. The article questions why the lack of Black/Indians with Chinese men. Well, he has answered them quite straight forwardly. However, he might want to keep those figures and measure them again 5-10 years later. He'll see a steady increase rather than question why it's so low.

      Most BBCs know what parents are like and after time, those ideals fade and the new generation will make their own decisions.

      The real question is, are BBC men constantly being rejected by BBC females...

    5. Someone mention indian and chinese couple are common in north america.....LOL WHAT?

    6. I actually haven't seen white/black relationships in London. I know they exisit but I've seen more Indians and mainly Asians. Facebook also agrees with this statement.

      Being gay has advantages that sex is easy, and if you are not looking to settle down then it's actually quite good. This time not only do I see more white/Indian than white/black, but I see a lot of racism against blacks too and there are similar stereotypes against blacks as found in the female community, but colourism is less strong.

      So I know this sounds wierd , but I only ever feel inferior to East Asians and Whites, sometimes Latinos. Skin colour considering.

  4. where the hell do you get your statistics from

  5. Chinese think of themselves as a majority thats why they see themselves as equal to whites. unfortunately whites see Chinese as below them but Chinese cant see this and keep coming back for more. We are not black we are not white we are Chinese. And on a bigger scale we are East Asian. But lets sort out the HK/Mainland bitchwars , north south bitch wars and agree first.

  6. re intermarrying with Blacks or Asians. you said it yourself we are too snobby. In return for our snobbery blacks and asians look down on us like whites, because they are ironically more integrated into western society than we are.

    We need to stop thinking of ourselves as centre of the world and honorary whites. Self love, folks. And less of the what can i get out of it mentality . because a rich whoring lifestyle in the end leads to a culturally backwards whorish race that our children will have the burden of carrying on.

  7. "Chinese women find indian men more detestable than Black men."

    Haven't you got anything more constructive to do with your time than post this racialist tripe, you tedious fuckwit?

    1. Haha, totally agree that the author of this blog is highly tedious with far too much time on his negativity filled hands! And deeply racist to boot!

    2. The only racist is when a BBC woman with a white boyfriend is looking to commit racial genocide with her white boyfriend, defending white people and then labelling ethnic Chinese who recognise you for the slut that you are as 'racist'.

      Who needs Nazis when you have your own Chinese women to do the ethnic cleansing haha

  8. People have a right like or fancy who ever they want, which may imply that they would not find certain aspects of other people attractive. However, racial discrimination is abhorrent in every conceivable way, selfish and very anti-social in this age. But it's all good as what goes around most usually ends up coming around :-)

  9. Ming-revival:

    Yeah exactly, so if a Chinese wants to only be with a Chinese then that should be fine.

    The problem is that so called integration panders to self racists.

    Why is deliberately hunting out another race and rejecting your own not racism ?

    Surely that's the worse kind of racism and yet it the mainstream media never talks about it.

    I am Chinese guy I've had loads of European women but I can tell you being love with your kind is just out of this world. That will never change.

    zhongren he zhongren de ai shi zui hao de !!!!!

  10. "I hate my own race, ive never date my own race, i only ever date other races"

    ...translated by the mainstream media as 'open minded non-racist.'


    "ive only ever date my own race, ive never dated inter racially"

    ...translated by the mainstream as 'narrow minded racist.'

  11. a lot of bullshit, in Malaysia ,there are many Chinese-indian relationships...the only people who have a big problem with these relationships are the ones who don't know they've already left China. Racists are racists wherever you go, and love is love too

  12. oh so if an angry multi-culturalist is able to give an example of a country - be a it a rather poor third world country in South East Asia that has a fair number of Chinese Indian relationships, the thesis is nonsense!?

    There are many explanations - the location of Malaysia as a corridor in South East Asia, the long history of multi-generational ancestry of Indian and Chinese migrants for over 2 centuries that have assimilated, ethnic Malaysians holding racist views towards the Chinese, but perhaps most importantly Malaysia is an islamic country, so Malaysians tend not to marry Chinese and vice versa, therefore Chinese (form almost one quarter of population) that do inter racially marry are likely to favour Indians instead as they hold 7% of the population.

    However, with the exception of Malaysia and maybe its regional south east neighbour i.e Singapore (has a tiny population and only 20,000 marriages a year), you'll struggle to find Chinese populations globally that marry Indians in numbers. Unlike Malaysia which doesn't really have a White Caucasian population, in the west where there is more racial options and where whites form the majority, Indians or indeed 'all those of colour' are extremely undesirable and very low down the pecking order for any Chinese that wish to partake in such inter racial marriages.

    1. Oh so you're one of those idiots that's an embarrassment to the Chinese race I was referring to earlier. For a moment there I actually thought you had a modicum of intelligence, how disappointing.

      Since you don't have access to the social and professional circles in the USA, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia, you're obviously clueless about what social trends are occurring in these countries where Indians and Chinese actually have an opportunity to mix and socialize.

      (Don't try to go to China any time too soon, you might just get picked up by the authorities for embarrassing the Chinese race).

      BTW, Do you even speak or write your 'own' language? As an Indian I can both speak and write your language;

      你可以说汉语? 你可以写你的语言? 真的吗? --I seriously doubt it.

      Based on this article, you don't appear to be bright enough to learn other cultures or languages; perhaps you've deluded yourself into confusing being pedantic (go get a dictionary as you'll likely need one) with being wise or informed.

    2. angry, angry. I have already discussed singapore and malaysia, but I guess single issue knee jerkers dont like to listen. No,I speak Cantonese, not barbarian Mandarin and I'm not from China either. BTW, ironic you mention China, the only embarrassment to the Chinese race is your Chinese finacee for choosing an Indian fiance, now if she chose a Paki fiance, China would be quite proud of her, as you know China loves Pakistan, Pakistan loves China, both unite in their hatred of India.

    3. Funny how some Indians make out they love China, when in the UK some are also too keen to adopt white colonised mindset attitudes and make racial antics towards Chinese. Maybe Jealous of Chinese?

  13. Maybe you need to go to the Caribbean i.e. Jamaica, you will see plenty of Mixed Black and Chinese offspring there! Do your research properly!

  14. Yes there are indeed inter racial marriages in the Caribbean between Chinese and black females, however, what has that got to do with the article's geographical context?

    The article states quite clearly at the top under the photograph, it concerns 'the UK,' whilst drawing examples from the Far East and the USA, it does not concern the Caribbean, nor the antipodeans etc, this is a British Chinese blog.

    Now, if you want to be pedantic, it could also be argued there are Chinese in Africa now that are also marrying local black women, and again what has that got to do with the article?

    Absolutely nothing.

    The answer to the Caribbean and the Africa question is the same answer given here as to why early Chinese male settlers/migrants interbred with local native women...lack of options resulting from the scarcity of Chinese females and white skinned females.

  15. These chinese in jamaica are called "HAKA Chinese and have been in
    Jamaica for 150 years.

  16. Pathetic racism from an inbred.

    1. who, from your beloved british monarchy? its called colonialism, but yes racism is another way of putting it.

    2. Because 99.99% (I don't want to stereotype the two of them that aren't) of Black people are freaking ugly.

      Honestly, I don't see how black features are beautiful. Nappy hair and fat noses? Really?

      NO one copies black people, trust me. If anything, they copy everyone else. The original "gangsters" were Italian (blacks stole it and made it a joke). Now the women are even brain washed into believing they can be "barbies."

    3. Woow that has to be the single most rascist comment i have ever had the opportunity to read, thank you sir or madam!!!

      PS: youshould get out and socialise more, you'll lose the hate and maybe meet some nice black people. we do not live in the 15th century anymore!!

    4. I think Black women ugly. esp their prognathous jaw ... kinda primitive looking, like some less evolved hominids

    5. That is greatly disturbing that you think that way, I'm mixed black and white, so I guess unlike a lot of people here I have the view that race doesn't exist because we are all HUMAN, not different species! To me everyone is the same, people from other countries like China are my brothers/sisters, why would I hate on them just because of the way the looked or acted. If you ask me the idea that we all "evolved" out of Africa, and so therefore black people are further down on the evolutionary scale than everybody else, is partly to blame.

  17. Why do you group "black" people in a single category? You clearly seem to realise that "Asians" aren't similar therefore "Africans" (an even smaller subgroup of "blacks") most be as well.

    Your generalisations are pretty ignorant.

  18. East Asian is a more accurate shorthand, and would apply to all East Asians in the UK - Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Thai,etc.However being that this is a Chinese blog, we do not refer to ourselves as Asians,or East Asians, but Chinese.

    Is there an another shorthand, other than 'Black' that covers African, Jamaican, Caribbean community in the UK?

  19. Yay! Yet another article reminding Black women how ugly they are! It’s not as if we don’t see message boards with threads up to 500 posts with every comment voicing their disgust about Black women’s features. It is not like we can’t read the millions of “scientific” studies on trying to prove why Black women are supposedly inferior aesthetic-wise. And it’s not like we are unable to see the media degrade Black women for the physical attributes nature gave them. No, we must read another article about how Black women are fat, ugly, undesirable, masculine, etc.
    Amazing how people try their hardest to destroy Black women’s dignity, womanhood, and humanity.
    And ironic since it is the Black woman who is the original woman.

    1. No, I agree, an article entitled "why chinese men should marry black women" or "Why Black women are the most compatible race for Chinese men" would be far more controversial, however, as I've never such a couple in my life, it would be difficult for me to write from that perspective. However, if you're willing to write such an article from a black female perspective, I'll be very interested to see what you write and would be more than happy to publish it.

    2. Quit acting like Chinese men are hot commodities themselves. Ever ask why those women wouldn't want to date your ass? Or why your women don't either?

  20. That wasn’t the point. It is not about making a controversial title. It’s about the need to constantly reiterate why darker color of women are so unattractive and unfeminine. We get it! We are not feminine even if we bleed, give birth, and have breast like any other women. We are ugly, we are ghetto, we have weird noses our lips are too big, our butts are grotesque, our hair is nappy/dirty, our dark skin is disgusting. Damn, why do we even exist! It’s funny how often Chinese men are emasculated in society, yet they feel the need to make certain women masculine/inferior. Especially coming from people who do not fit Eurocentric standards themselves.

    1. Its about explaining why chinese men seldom marry women of color, my point is that if you want to subvert it, YOU need to tell US who are East Asian....why 'Black' women are more compatible or make better partners than other preferred races for Chinese/East Asian men. You need to sell it to us. I am prepared to listen.

    2. What the hell are you talking about “selling” women of color to you? What I was saying has nothing to do with that. I think East Asian women are the best suited for East Asian women, yet even they often beg to differ. I was speaking about how often people feel the need to put down Black/darker skinned women through the internet, media, and society. Over and over again, Black women must be reminded why no one wants them? Honestly I doubt Black, Indian, or Pakistani women are losing sleep because East Asian men don’t want them. I never even hear them utter words about Chinese men.

    3. East Asian women are the best suited for East Asian *men

    4. Well, if you have neither a counter argument to the thesis and nor do you want to 'sell' your race to counter the anti-black media and you're not even interested East Asian men, then why are you even complaining about it?

    5. Why all this talk about race! surely you should judge a person as an individual not generalize or stereotype an entire group of people. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,and it's certainly not impossible to overcome the physical or cultural barriers- those things are only a problem if you make them one. Really all a person has to be is open minded, then they will see that people are the same wherever they are from, and that squabbling over which skin colour is best is really petty.

  21. oh dear oh dear oh dear someone needs to do their research. there is no such thing as a "cultural Muslim" as Islam os not a culture or a race.

    1. dear oh dear, go educate yourself...

  22. It's all a bit of a shame really. Humans are just humans to me. Personally I find the polite ones best company.
    I would love to live in Japan because I hear they are very polite. Where I live they (humans) are very noisy and make me grumpy for work because my sleep gets disturbed.
    If only everyone could be polite and considerate would the world not be a much better place to live regardless of race.
    I thank all the hardworking Chinese people's for making good stuff for me to buy. I hope pay and conditions improve to what they should be.
    Thank you.

  23. I am Chinese American. My first wife was Black. We were together for 14 years until cancer took her. My new wife is FOB Chinese. There were White women who were interested in me before I remarried. I just did'nt think they were wife material. In my youth, avaiable Chinese women were few because even then White guys porked them. Needless to say, Most attractive White females then would not bother with Chinese. I hated the dating scene. When I met good looking Black women who showed an interest in me, why would I walk away? Sure it was horrible to deal with family. but I was not ready for a life as a monk.

    1. Good to see some appreciation for women of other races (I'm sorry for your loss)

      Unlike two certain gimps in disguise (yes you know who are by now)

    2. Thanks for speaking up hun! I'm a Black woman who has dated an Asian man. Sorry for the lost of your first wife.


  25. Absolute bullocks dude!
    I'm a black girl who taught in Hong Kong for 2 years. yes..we do travel.
    Please take a look at whose behind most of those K Pop songs..Nick Cannon l, Akon...etc.
    It is influenced by black 'ghetto' music. ..take a look.
    I'm born and bred in London and have never lived in a 'ghettoised' you call it. I've lived in a house and come from a family who has never depended on benefits.
    Stop generalising..

  26. " I've lived in a house "

    Thats good, you primitive niggaz have moved on from cave dwellings. Welcome to the 21stc.

  27. This is the most racist sh*t I've ever seen. And that's bad coming from a heavy, big lipped, aggressive, black woman -_-

  28. today news china selling baby girls,see who want to marry them or their womens

  29. Um this is funny as hell. What makes u think that Black, Indian or Pakistani women even want to marry Chinese men. Sorry but your aren't even on their radar. So keep your stereotypical racist ignorant BS to yourself. The reason why you aren't marrying them in the UK is because they don't want you not the other way around.

  30. lol this article is hilarious, bbczeigeists, your a joke, you typed all that but as others have said these women don't want you anyway. they won't even consider you so it's very hollow for you to talk about why you dont like them.

    maybe you bitter because you know these girls dont want you, dont even consider you so you try to make yourself feel better and talk about why you dont like them as if your rejecting them when in reality they dont want you in first place.

  31. I actually want to thank you since you confirmed that geography matters and that Blacks don't get along with East Asians in London.

    I think fair skin plays a smaller role than you think. Pakistanis/Kasmhiris are considered unattractive in London, below Blacks and dark Indians. I've seen several Indian/White relationships, but no Pakistani/White relationships. Regardless of gender or sexuality, except I know black mean are popular with lower class white girls.

    IMO Blacks are too undeveloped for East Asians. Black girls are too stereotypically poor and masculine.

    1. Hahahahaha, Pakistanis and Kashmiris pimp and sell white women out you dumb g00k, take a look at who Princess Diana was with and who Tony Blair's sister was with.

  32. Meanwhile the White people laugh at this blog and in the interracial conflict.
    I wonder if the Author realises he's doing the work of divide and conquer.
    African, Indians and Chinese are the majority on the planet yet the Whites seem to have control.
    Yet the Author chooses to focus on this issue.
    The biggest fear is a planet not control by white people who fear non whites is when they have to do as a non white says.
    The Question for non white are we going to copy whites and treat each other the way have done us?