Sunday, 4 December 2011

Chinese And The World Of Classical Music

Part One: Cultural Aspirations Of China's Elite
In the world of western elitism, classical music is a bourgeois measure of expressing the pinnacle of western aspiration/sophistication – a practice nouveau riche Chinese FOBS are all too willing to embrace.

And thanks to an anonymous commentator below, part one of this article is made from a PLETHORA of delectable tasty tid-bits for your ever so sensitive taste buds as to the relevance of the social movement of Classical music in China.

For the main course, we have from  Lady Davies. who as the Guardian tells us,
" runs the British-based Kt Wong Foundation whose efforts have resulted in a Beijing production of Handel's Semele and will see a young Chinese-cast version of Britten's Noye's Fludde in Belfast as part of next year's Olympic celebrations. At the elite level of international music-making, Chinese players, conductors and composers have become part of the furniture, or in the case of pianist Lang Lang, a global phenomenon."
Well firstly r.e: Lady Linda Wong Davies,

As a high achieving female British Chinese, with a surname like that, you could be right to assume that she  married a white male partner, and that the absolutely delightful music that welcomes you on Lady Davies' website will make you want to claw your brain wait don't open it ! no ! dont ! too late!!!!!,