Monday, 2 January 2012

Once You Go Black You Can't Go Back

Chinese parents have traditionally held  firm on the subject of marrying Blacks...“ng mau ka hakkgwai” is repetitively indoctrinated into our psyche, so much so that statistically interracial Chinese Black marriages remain an oddity (read this article Black Chinese inter racial marriage statistics). 

However, jungle fever does exist. I once knew a FOB Chinese female that worked for an offshore firm in the Caribbean, there she frolicked with local Black natives, but did not marry them. Another was a British Born Chinese female that grew up in London in a urban Black multi ethnic area, she gave birth to a Blasian child, but has remained unmarried, fulfilling the stereotype 'once you go black you become a single mom.'

Further examples can be found in the British Born Chinese Facebook group - this group epitomises the state of modern twenty something BBC's.

The above unnamed BBC female has (if one is not mistaken) a Colombian boyfriend. How can one tell She's partial to inter racial dating, especially men of color (i.e Blacks)? Well, the profile's content is a dead give-away. Firstly her 'swag,' heavy tanning (she's almost the same color as her boyfriend) either through excessive globe trotting or sunbathing on beaches/sunbeds probably in the Balearic's – copycat western culture. Secondly, cultural tastes. RnB, Alexandra  Burke, Rihanna, Beyonce, JLS, Cheryl Cole (married to Black footballer Ashley Cole), these are typical examples of urban ‘Black’ culture. She has bought into it.

She supports the British Legion - Maximum respect to the British armed forces! This is British multiculturalist indoctrination in action, She is proud to be British, but her social circle provides the biggest clue, her friends list contain a plethora of Blacks and other non-Chinese. BBC diaspora exhibit a tendency to deliberately display photos of themselves with their arms around/hugging their friends that are Brown, Black, White etc as if to prove they're one of them...and say 'yeah, I wannabe and can be just  like you.'

Now, look at two further social network profiles, one from Facebook and one from Tumblr, these are 'very' Black profiles...they must belong to Black's right?

Wrong, both profiles belong to British Born Chinese 'chigger' females, the first one lists three African American's as her philosophical role models. The second girl lists almost all Black Blasian Urban RnB Rap artists and pin up models as her musical tastes and role models. 

So why is this relevant? 

I was recently introduced to a BBC female, a very pretty girl, but unfortunately she exhibited these exact traits of a White and/or Black-washed multi-culturalist BBC, i.e heavy dark tanning, multi-ethnic friends of every ethnicity, her role models are Kim Kardashian, Beyonce etc, her music tastes are RnB, she vacates to the Balearics, she goes out drinking a lot with her non-Chinese friends etc, plus two other traits not visible to a Facebook profile...the accent, she had a strong regional urban accent and a stinky attitude, similar to a ghetto attitude. There is no doubt, this is the type of Chinese female most likely to be partial to dating ‘urban’ guys (i.e Blacks etc), the very thought of her with a Black guy was enough to turn me away for life. Its not so much  a case of ‘once you go black you can’t go back’...but 'if you go Chinese man will want you, therefore you can't go back.'  (BBCZeitgeist)


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    1. What's true? do we BBC Chinese really need to be so insecure to tell everyone about this embarrassing with so much insecurity, now even talking Black men? it only makes Chinese men sounds like whiny losers full of jealousy

      What about when historically 100,000 Cantonese men (coolies and male migrants) married Black carribean women,
      African women, madagascar women? . How about when thousands of Hakka men married jamaican women?

    2. Discussed here.

    3. In my opinion, the article expresses a very normal Chinese perspective on Blacks, I don't even consider it to be controversial. Your reaction and the way you have internalised the article as embarrassing...speaks volumes about your own personal insecurities, even more so if you need to continuously big up black women in about 5 posts.

  2. 'Jungle fever'? Can this site get more unnecessary racist and stereotyping? I hope, for the sake of the normal Chinese men out there that most people won't take this serious.

    1. EXACTLY! all the blogs this guy wrote are basically full of negativity and hate. He keeps telling these stories based from his own exaggerated experiences, it's hard to take this guy seriously. He is right about some Chinese girls are brainwashed by media but yet he only blames the media and never mentions the fact there are signficant numbers of Chinese guys that are just so physically and mentally unnatractive, with serious lack confidence, aswell close minded are partly to blame. Heck I find myself ugly but I've seen worse in some BBC males some of look similar to William hung types, those types need excuses to make up for their failure, looking for someone to blame is the only solution to make them feel better. I never dated white girl but I don't need to make excuses for my dating failure because I'm seen plenty of Chinese men with white girls before, so you can't just complain that western media is responsible. I wouldn't surprised if HappybritishChinese is bbczeitgeist. An happy Chinese British has no need to discusses in such negative and discouraging blogs

      Now as for this Chinese-black marriage, historically hundred thousand Chinese men married Black carribean women,
      African women, madagascar women. But I'm show he has now problem with this.

    2. Who are you refering to? We're not the same person, we don't even share the same perspectives. On the contrary, I consider my articles to be full of positivity and Chinese male pride.

      Are you in a relationship with a black girl by any chance?
      Chinese men and black women is discussed here

    3. Interesting I just found this comment. No @ anonymous me and the zeitgeist are two separate people, and Im just as much a happybritishchinese, just like you are an anonymous.

      Id also agree with BBCz that this article is about Chinese male pride - and that you cant see that, means this article hit you on a personal level or you have some of your own conflicts with your pride and decided to solve it by bashing Chinese males and slinging mud at a wall.

  3. ^ Typical bbc brainwashed multiculturalist argument, ignoring the point of the article whilst ironically embracing the point of it

    btw i just googled it 'jungle fever' is not a racist term

    When a non-black person is atracted sexually to black people. Originally it was used for when a white woman dates black men, but now it could refer to a white man who thinks black women are hot and wants to date them.

    A Stevie Wonder song about black man/white woman love.
    "She's gon black guy crazy
    He's gone white girl hazy
    They got jungle fever"--Stevie Wonder.

    1. tell me how you feel about 100,000 Cantonese men from shunde, Guangzhou, Taishan married to Black Carribean women, African-American women, Madagascar women during 1870's-1950. Or how about how Hakka men married thousand Jamaican women. Both them are Chinese, and nobody has problems but apparently Chinese men always have problem when when it comes to the opposite.

    2. ^^Anon has jungle fever fo sho!

  4. The only Chinese musician that girl has on her facebook is rnb Jay Chou.

    You can see how this attitude is reflected in the music thats played at 'Asian' Clubs or the events run by bbcs - it's all wannabe black music. complete with urban posing. BBCS, girls especially at the desperation to fit in and lack of a BBC culture embrace blurry multiculturalism .

    White girls did this and do this since two decade ago. Asian girls do the same thing but there was a distinct Asian music scene in the 90s. When Chinese girls do this they neither have the white privilege nor the asian music scene to back them up and it just looks desperate and sad.

    BBCS just want to bypass the political aspect that any ethnic minority in the west needs to be taken seriously, and instead just want to 'fit in'

    The problem is, and BBCS dont seem to understand that you cant 'fit in' unless you culturally stand out first. Thats the paradox. People need to respect you as CHINESE first.

    This is the way culture works. This is exactly what i said here

    Once people see you have a CHINESE culture ( in this case music) they will respect you. After that you can have as many wannabe black Rnb djs like Stevie Hoang as you want.

    Stop hiding behind black culture, take a break from the urban fitting in, stop calling yourselves asian and start developing BBC culture.

    Oh its so comforting hiding behind a multiculturalist veneer. Like a bourgoisis white person. Is that what you people are after? Privilege to be multicultural like a dim sum platter at the cost of developing our own BBC culture? Fucking sellouts.

    Why are BBCS so culturally LAZY? The more we remain conformist and trying to blend in the more we wont be taken seriously as a cultural ethnicity. Stop looking to others to make the effort pull the thumb out your arse and take some initiative.

  5. Absolutely amazes me the - next economic superpower, cutting edge HK film industry of the 80s 90s, 2nd most spoken language in the world apart from English, and the majority of us in the west have comfortable lives, yet we are still desperate to fit in and get accepted by western standards. Incredible. Without China there would be no malaysian Chinese, vietnamese Chinese..yet I dont know if you noticed but in the west its always the subsets who seem to be making the effort and getting recognition when it comes to can also see that from the amount of eurasians in the top ten famous Chinese - almost as if the Chinese gene is like a pool of resources for other ethnicities to tap into, use and then get left in the lurch once the purpose has been served

  6. To the BBC musicians/DJS:

    Chinese history, philosophy, wordplay ( like LMF),mythology, fashion, architecture, wu xia, instruments.. look at this list

    all of these can be incorporated into technology and remixed and sampled..with keyboards and sampling,etc

    if you wanted to have edge you can use any of the political issues of this blog and give it a bit of added depth, but even without it

    you can still use the above list of ethnic Chinese resources in a luke-warm but trendy manner without being a ;me-too multiculturalism 'product...

    why settle for urban wannabe when you can have Chinese substance?

  7. I wonder if the initial Chinese couples (not the ones who come here as a product of another interracial marriage/mail order bride) who came here to settle permanently are aware that, in less than 2 generations, their descendants will be white-black-anything but Chinese?

  8. here is the answer to all your questions
    please set asie 70 mins to watch WHOLE video.

    thank you

    chris li

  9. You are SO right in it being a cultural thing. There has always been the stereotype that we are small... and as a result, can't get women because of that... yet all the time I see plenty of asian, white even black men who are small yet have a wife and children. Especially asian, where I rarely see an interracial relationship, despite their size.

    It isn't about wealth either, because (especially in this country) there is the welfare state, and by seeing such pairings where the guy is a deadbeat but still she loves him soooo much, it isn't an issue.

    Which brings us down to culture. Whites obviously are culturally significant - they are the majority, they can bring in the patriotic "our troops" bandwagon if things get bad, and a plethora of other tools. Blacks have created a subculture for themselves - gangster, rap etc. Asians have religion - Islam or Hindu, both effective at typing like for like together. It is only the Chinese who is lacking in any of the above. Thus the Chinese women flocking towards non Chinese men, for there is nothing culturally or socially to tie them together. And thus begins the destruction of our race.

  10. Anonymous said...
    'Jungle fever'? Can this site get more unnecessary racist and stereotyping? I hope, for the sake of the normal Chinese men out there that most people won't take this serious.
    2 January 2012 21:21


    I hope for the sake of the Chinese race that people will take this seriously. It is racial genocide in slow motion.

  11. @ Chris that was an interesting video. I only watched parts of it. But to sum it up for soundbite lovers here , MY take on it was:

    imperialism is bad and must be stopped but in an organised way by showing the value of the countries that the west is invading.

    multiculturalism as an imperalist strategy of distraction and divide and conquer to promote enjoy your life type feel good atmosphere for bbc youth is a distraction from the reality of the evil that is going on right now led by imperialism. that video shows that as brits we have a head in the sand approach when it comes to politics and would rather just adopt the work hard play hard ethic.

    but i dont think culture is the issue here. we need political activism. bbcs/ chinese being the most apolitical but its the reality of the world we face. we cannot be chinese and get the best of being chinese and fuck the west and then be british and enjoy the west and say china has nothig to do with us if we are in britain,

    Ive said it once and ill say it again Chinese need to get political solidarity . we need to stand for something rather than just being a pathetic me-too culture.

    we dont have to lead our own group but we need to support those that are genuinely against imperialism like those in that video.

    Sign up for a google ID and make a conscious effort to write an article on this blog. lets develop our british political mindset.

  12. Maybe we should set up a pressure group or political party called 'Banana' ? lol!

  13. Although non-chinese culture has a huge impact, in terms of race, Chinese FOBs remain married to FOBs, their social circles are pretty much all Chinese. Hong Kong'ers are a good example, whilst they copy western culture, they conversely dislike western people, they know where to draw the line.

    BBC's however, have no qualms about making friends with westerners, just look at their friends list on Facebook.

    A FOB living in China may want to try a westerner, but have no means of doing it, for example parental disapproval, societal disapproval, not having white social circles, not having good standard of English, cultural differences etc etc.

    But an assimilated BBC does not have these problems, they have white/black social circles, theyre native English speakers, they ignore parental barriers, the community barrier doesnt exist because we have no real community either - we're dispersed, nor are there are societal barriers because they're living in Multicultural Britain - which promotes inter racial breeding.

    There are only two barriers that can stop them, one - native population, two - themselves.

    However, BBC's have no effective role models for promoting their Chinese identity, their role models will be either themselves (I do whatever I want, go wherever I want, marry whoever I want etc) or their peers, their peers are White/Black/Indian...etc. Many BBC's don't have any Chinese friends. So in effect, as long they're integrated and assimilated, there are no barriers to stop them marrying black/white/indian etc.

  14. @BBCz thing is, most of the people visiting this blog dont really care. Being british is part of being a BBC.

    The reality is :

    - few Chinese friends, and if you do, if they are anything like the BBCS on that facebook, then what does that mean?

    - less population than Chinese in vancouver or USA san francisco area

    - huge white is normal media - hence all the british chinese and east asian artists sucking up to the council for grants and hapas running it
    not to mention east enders biggest tv show features no chinese except a dvd salesperson

    - huge dispersal across the UK. this to an extent can be blamed on FOBS ie: we will set up our takeaway here and thats that. So if the BBC grows up in some shithole in no idea where, thats hardly his / her fault. growing up, its only the sibling and cousins. and going to school would be a local ( white is normal) , then after that sense of isolation, off to uni ( again white is normal). Unless they had hardcore Chineseness from their FOB parents, they will start to lose identity, to say nothing of the BBCS who werent encouraged.

    also there are a lot of experiences where at uni where some of them do try to join a BBC group but there isnt one, just a FOB group that they dont fit in, or dont speak mandarin...and when someone does try to start a BBC group. well what happens?

    - then off to the real world. so if the BBC has at this point 2 options - lost his culture and works in the city or whichever part of UK that their degree takes them, or if they have a gap year off they travel to teach english or something. but by this point its really late.

    THe odds are really stacked against BBCS not to mention all the reasons you pointed above about multiculturalist social engineering/lack of role model/ China demonising etc

    You have to be a pretty tough character/ focused/
    have some kind of Chinese rebirth in order to remain Chinese. And then theres all that catching up to do, which depends on individual initiative and language learning prowess ( which lets face it is the main issue with BBCS)

    Then theres the lack of political participation of creating a Chinese structure, because you basically have to create your own.

    Lets hope its not as bad as we make out. Some what some young BBCS far as i know is take notes from the asian american youtube youth culture.trends, culture etc which does involve that black culture thing

    how effective this is i dont know but its better than no culture i suppose.

    For a BBC who is confused, I can only suggest that they reidentify with their Chineseness and what it means to them as an individual to be Chinese and to what extent they can embrace this.

    This doesnt end at language but like i said on the comment above before, if you arent developing the culture, then it gets left behind.

    Regardless of parental discipline, a BBC should WANT to renew his love for Chinese culture when that want kicks in.

  15. i couldnt put it better myself, although I dont think it makes any difference to BBC marriage statistics if you have a chinese family in eastenders or not, the younger characters would probably be represented as dating inter racially anyway.

  16. On the subject of HAPAs/interacial marriage i found this - was googling for half black half chinese and found this

    curiously the blogger is anonymous but it looks new and looks like some entity is promoting hapa-dom as a chic lifestyle. maybe you want to write an article on it. theres something about it that doesnt feel right.

  17. This "white is normal" thing has made me think. It isn't just Britain where white is perceived to be the norm... it goes far more deep than we realise. Imagine, a white man in China. He will be seen as rich, high status, charasmatic etc etc even if he is none of these things. A white man is free to be with oriental women, with no resistance from oriental men. He is always the protaganist in the media, always the good guy, the creator, inventor, leader.

    And on the other side, the disturbing movement of nonwhite women AND men bleaching their skin, having nose surgery, eye surgery, adopting white behaviours/attitudes/culture, to try to be more "white". I said in a previous article, nonwhites who are born in a white country make such an effort - joining the army, pairing off with a white partner - drinking themselves to death - in an effort to "fit in". It is all about appeasement. When one talks about whites, it is one of praise or achievement - even when there is much for whites to be ashamed of, somehow the media spin it into a positive (or at least, neutral).

    Quite simply, it is normal for white to mean "first". But when we think of the Chinese...and obviously this is supported and strengthened by the constant barrage of anti Chinese rubbish we hear all the time - we are seen as a negative. "The Chinese are coming." "Yellow peril". "Yellow Fever". Human rights, Tibet, cruelty etc. All things that people link our race to. Whereas the term "white" is constantly linked to positive subjects (whether deserving or not), "Chinese" has somehow been drilled into minds as a bad thing. Just read this article:

    It's about a Vietnamese born guy who became a German minister.

    "Political allies speak of him as 'lucid and intelligent,' while rivals have been known to refer to him disparagingly as 'the Chinese,' media reports said."

    WTF? How on earth can "Chinese" in itself be a disparaging remark?

    And that's the sort of uphill task ethnic Chinese face. It isn't just about reverting the disproportionate numbers of Chinese women abandoning their race. It is a far more problematic issue, stemming from the very roots of who we are. And how other races are saying, manipulating and changing who we are, based on what THEY write and say.

  18. @4 January 2012 01:19

    Not anonymous, her name is Jody

    Twitter -

    She seems OBSESSED with that specific combo. Notice in the drop down box, 99% of the names are white (i.e. white father). Of course what really happens is that, after half-half children have children themselves, they will become more and more white. No more "perfect mix". Just white, like everyone else in the country you love in.

    It's got me thinking again though. White men don't like it even when a single chinese man is with a white woman. Yet if a half half woman who LOOKED mostly white was with a chinese man, I wonder white men would still be hostile? Because that would be funny.

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. @ 4 January 2012 05:52

    haha this deserves a new article. we bbcs are genetically extinct. culturally irrelevant. make way for the new and improved hapa generation MULTICULTURALISM IS HERE

    remember folks - uk is always behind the us when it comes to trends

    Thing is, in the US, it's a different situation, in the UK they are used to make us invisible, over there they are a bit of an anomaly, due to bigger representation of native Chinese in the US

    mind you still lots of hapa celebs and in line with this thread, tiger woods, naomi campbell - old skool hapas

  21. Read the BritishbornChinese group facebook wall right now... there is a question raised by an 'Asian' female (she is obviously not BBC, but one of these multiethnic multicultural asian american transnational types' by the name of Jeninioo Snow Vuongy (Tuyết)asking....

    "if you parents said they would disown you if you didn't conform to their racist attitude in life, religious beliefs or career choices... what would your do?"

    How do you think BBC's will reply to the question!? Any ideas!? I gave the answer above a few days before the question was even asked!

    If you look at her profile Jeninioo Snow Vuongy (Tuyết, it is even more pitiful than the female in my article. Its pure multiculturalism in action...She has Vietnamese Chinese name, her hometown is Hawaii, she was educated in Canada, then educated in UK, she speaks cantonese, arabic and hawaiian, she follows Christianity, she listens to Black music such as Bob Marley, her sports hero is Shaq O'Neal! Yes, that's right Shaq O'neal that Black **** that racially taunted/abused Yao Ming when he first arrived in the NBA.

    Be afraid, be very afraid, this is the future of Chinese diaspora.

    1. Be Afraid???So now you are insulting someone for the fact they have global interests?

      You know what you are sounding like? The chinese equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan. This blog is inherently racist to the core. You condemn and judge everyone you think who doesnt fit your perfect stereotype. Sad that you seem to target Asian females the most...Makes me think you had bad experiences?..

    2. Lee, I know you have a different opinion now, but our 'extremism' is an antidote to the lame-arseness that British Chinese community is. Right or wrong, we cant see anyone else stepping up to declare their Chinese pride and sharing what that means for them. Mostly, it's the usual pathetic measure of sellouts and kowtowists.

    3. Quite simply, statistically the females overwhelming account for inter racial marriages. If Chinese males were accountable for it, I'd be attacking Chinese males instead. Until these Chinese females develop some Chinese pride, I will continue to publicly shame them.

      Stereotype? You think stereotypes are only limited to common ones? You might as well argue, this internationalist multi-cultural global trotting Chinese is a new stereotype. Lots of the types of Chinese have quite repulsive values like the female writers on Dimsum.

      Read the wiki profile history of former Chinese model/actress Christy Chung and you'll see what I mean, she epitomises this type of internationalist Chinese.

    4. another one...her tumblr is full of photos of blacks or mixed blacks

      surprise surprise her bf looks mixed black....

    5. Looking at her tumblr you can tell she really feels liberated to be an honorary hoodgal. long nails, chained necklace, liberated naked bum photo, her look is like of one of those american black women who straighten their hair and dye it blonde to become more white.

    6. Her tumblr makes me want to vomit. Why does she even call herself BBC when nothing about her is BBC beyond her looks, and she obviously feels no connectiion to it as part of her identity? To market herself as more exotic, or what? Pathetic.

  22. theres more....self declared white man lover from BBC facebook group...

    Pui-Yung Janet Downer: i disowned them (parents) as they didn't agree with my mixed race relationship, so moved out got married (to the same bloke) and had a child.

  23. I'm a FOB mainland Cantonese, male, 27, work in the ethnic Chinese third sector as a charity project manager. BBCs by and large hate me for being a mainlander. HKBC ditto. I will NEVER consider myself British. I will NEVER consider myself British. I'm ASIAN (Asia stretches from Turkey to Japan, and is not just the bit the British managed to conquer). I practice ancestor worship in a completely non-ironic way, and know about the correct rituals and rites. I am fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin (written and spoken). I visit China on a yearly basis for extended periods. I don't listen to Cantopop (which is indefensibly shit) but listen to Shidaiqu as well as underground Chinese rock and urban music. I'm in a very stable relationship with a British Caribbean girl who is "ghetto". Our relationship has many ups and downs like all others. My conservative fobby non-English speaking parents approve. My illiterate fobby left-over eating grandparents approve. People stare and gawk at us. Black boys cuss me. Chinese girls cuss her. I have dated Chinese girls before in long term relationships, BBCs and FOBs.

    This is not a plead to each to their own, judge not lest ye be judged or any of that sentimental nonsense. I recognise that ideology and power relations imbue culture, representation, as well as socio-sexual being(phenomenologically speaking). White privilege is real. Exoticism and fetishisation is real too. But calling it like "dating interracially" ergo "sellouts"?? Come on....

    There's a infinite amount of ways for us to be Chinese. I am not less Chinese than you, indeed if I was going to be all ignorant I can very well make the fobby case that you are too Jook Sing. Instead, I'm suggesting it may be better to recognise Chinese as ethnicity rather than reifying it as something essentialist and intrinsic. This will better bridge intra-community discrimination and tensions, generate a version of ethnic solidarity beyond the reactionary one imagined by our so called community leaders, or the atavistic and reactionary plea to history promoted by various governments, or the dehumanising homogenisation which the Western mainstream forces upon us.

    Asian American-ness developed out of a mimetic hunger to blackness, whether you like it or not. Red Guards, I Wor Kuen, Frank Chin etc. form the foundations of contemporary politics (crossed over from activism to electorial) and cultural life. I put it to you that your quest for some sort of equivilent coherent BBC authenticity actually shows cultural insecurity rather than pride. We're not like blacks or the South Asians, so why should we have a "racial bloc" version of popular culture (which not all blacks and south asians subscribe to anyhow)?

    I'm not trying to justify my relationship to you - a stranger. I'm not trying to pick a fight or start a flame war, but I hope I've inspired you to read a bit more around the subject (books not blogs).

    End of the day, I don't need your version of redemption.

    1. DAMN I'M GRATEFUL you posted this in the right place and good to know you're in relationship with Black Carribean girl, too bad that the Chinese guys don't really care when it comes to Black women, but give a damn about Black men. By the way historically it was not uncommon Chinese men of Cantonese to marry Black women. Historically 100,000 Cantonese from shunde, Guangzhou, Taishan married to Black Carribean women, African-American women, Madagascar women during 1870's-1950 and made many childrens. These Cantonese were mostly coolies and male migrants.

  24. ^ so wins the multiculturalist argument lol

  25. Intellectual urban-music listening FOB springs out of nowhere with his one-off comment,tells us to read more books, calls himself himself 'Asian American', despite not being British thinks he can criticise our BBC outlook, by justifying his multiculturalist viewpoint.

    Having a point, but ultimately, not having any.

    Ticking all the Chinese-can do boxes you think you can somehow bypass Chinese pride and use the term asian american as self-ingratiating euphemism for multiculturalism.

    You and your FOB commentor on the other 'flowers of war' page both deserve an article write-up:

    'multicultural urban FOB trend'

    ergo, how kool iz dat?

    You dont need our version of redemption because by the sounds of it you arent even a BBC and if you are then your a pretty f--ked up one lol

  26. "My illiterate fobby left-over eating grandparents"

    Haha, very tongue in cheek.

    You are right, there are many ways to be Chinese, but Black Blasian isn't one of them.

    Black Blasian is not based upon being Chinese, but Black. Indeed, when you produce a Blasian child, he/she will identity with Blacks and follow Black culture or default western country just like pretty much every other non-far east raised Blasian child out there.

    I'm guessing the reason you label yourself Asian rather than Chinese is an excuse to justify your choice in having a non-Chinese partner. Pan-Asianist movement accomodates inter racial breeding, Black Blasian can be pan-Asian, but it is not Chinese, that's why you call yourself Asian and not Chinese.

    Jooksing whilst derogatory, is still perfectly applicable to most BBC's, even I don't follow all aspects of my own ancestral clan tradition, I have my disagreements with FOB folks all the time, I pick and choose just like most British Born Chinese do, culture is just one issue, values is another and your future direction is also different issue, but at least I make sure my future direction will be more Chinese than Black, White or Indian, but your future will not be Chinese, you have already decided to go in the opposite direction.

  27. ^ Another hollow victory for multiculturalism

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  29. ^ Another hollow victory for this racist blog

  30. ^ I think you got the wrong blog - here try this you'll feel right at home

  31. Well, of course I'm not feeling like home on this racist/misanthropic blog and I'm here to merely be entertained by the close-minded. But I'm very full Asian and believe me, that doesn't mean acting the bitter way you do.

    1. when you say you are very full asian you mean you are a fat-arse

    2. not only racist but spiteful need to resort to namecalling now...

  32. Can you explain in plain english in what ways it is "closed minded" other than just saying it then we can a discussion rather than just stating a premise without justifying it.

  33. Is this blog a joke? I honestly can't tell.

  34. @anon 2003 ,that is your problem, and your inability to read the subtext or powers of depth interpretation. ....I know something for sure and that is when a certain a certain Mr Yorkie Bar speaks it is utter Cringe worthy narcissism

    ah ha ah

  35. Part I

    This article was very intriguing. The same way FOB Chinese view blacks seem to be the same way FOB Africans view blacks. (I say blacks for lack of a better term. Of course sub-Saharan Africans are blacks but IDK what else to call black British or black Americans. The cultures are quite different.)

    I am Nigerian-born, U.S.-raised. At first, I grew up with other immigrants, the very close circle being African (Nigerian mainly). But we had everything from Jamaican to Bangladeshi to Polish and everything else. Then we moved out to the country and I was raised "white". LOL I didn't really know blacks (I mean, African-Americans) 'til university. It took me years to fit in with them.

  36. Part II

    Now I attract and am attracted to every "race" for lack of a better word. (I'd say every ethnic group because "race" for me is a social construct...but I can't say I attract every single ethnic group either. LOL) I didn't know Chinese would have a problem with me because a Nigerian family friend married a Chinese...and they were both FOBs! Maybe the dynamics are different because was the female was the Chinese? Perhaps an isolated case? Nigerian culture and Chinese are very similar w.r.t. religion, education, family, even prejudices so it would never occur to me that there would be an issue with me. And Asians and blacks date/marry here with enough frequency as to make me think there wouldn't be an issue. Admittedly, it's mainly Asian women and IDK how much of that is actually a Chinese percentage. I thought the Japanese were supposed to be the most prejudiced ones, but again it's not the women that are with the Japanese. But I thought the reason you don't see black (any) women with Asian men a lot was because most black women (and AA women seem to feel more strongly) prefer black (any) men to any type of men. I thought it was because of the (black) women's preferences, not the (Asian) man's prejudices. Interesting.

    What's even more interesting is that I met a Chinese guy recently. However, it didn't turn into anything. I was expecting someone more ethnic Chinese and he was expecting someone more urban black! (He was raised urban here.) Ironically, if he had been more "whitey" like me, he might not have been attracted to me in the first place. LOL I guess the same thing goes for if he were more ethnic, true? But, interestingly enough, I find the same dynamic (men being attracted to me because I'm some sort of black woman) across the board, across all groups, even among black men. When black men see me, they see someone like them. AAs tend to think I'm AA like them. Nigerians tend to think I'm Nigerian like them. But I'm not the "strong black woman", as they call it here. I'm not an aggressive Nigerian woman. The only ones that tend to see me for just a regular person are other immigrants (non-Westernized), Hispanics (I speak Spanish), and whites, especially Europeans. So for me a Chinese man seeing me as a certain kind of black woman is no different from a black man seeing me as a certain kind of black woman.

    I've found Chinese guys sexy ever since "China Cry". (Okay, I know he's only half. But his daughter's half-black. Wonder why they never married tho'. Hmm.) And I am ready to fit into whatever culture I date/marry into. It's what I like about dating "other" people; I want a strong sense of culture in my life that I've lost of my own culture since my family didn't instill a strong cultural heritage.

    My friends always say I'll end up with a white man. I'd like to end up with someone with more culture, though. (Europeans have a stronger culture, and they are even more like me than whites (American), culturally speaking.

    It never occurred to me that there was ANY group that might not find me attractive, especially once they got to know me.
    Well, except Indians. I know their culture is the most exclusive. But even Indians are getting with black women. Mainly in the Caribbean I suppose.

    So where does all this place me? As a black woman, I have no hope?
    Should "check off" Chinese as potential mates? LOL

    1. Who is China Cry???

      The point about not instilling a strong cultural heritage is indeed part of the problem, but even if it is instilled but you are raised in a white area surrounded by white peers, your heritage is not going to stand the test of time.

      Isn't the mismatch idea of you wanting someone 'very' culturally FOBBY Chinese, the same as a black washed Chinese wanting a black person who is very ghetto? And ironically, the more typically FOBBY they are, the less likely they are want to inter racially marry? Eg, there are many girls who watch Korean drama and want a Korean guy that is culturally so Korean that he could step straight out of the drama, but these types of guys are the ones who are probably the least likely to inter racially marry with a westerner.

    2. China Cry starring Russell Wong, Michael's elder half.

  37. A black person does not necessarily have to be 'ghetto' in order to have had their heritage and culture instilled within them. The commentator had stated that they were of Nigerian descent and in Nigeria there is no 'ghetto' culture, thus even if she had had a FOBBY upbringing the product would not have been a 'ghetto' black woman. I think you are making a very wide generalisation in assuming that blacks are 'ghetto'. I have read some of your other articles that deal with interracial relationships and find that you tend to target the black community. First off by calling it black culture, when there is no such thing. There are many different types of black people from different places, making a generalisation that wide is bordering on foolish. I am black British before you spout on about the irrelevance of my comment which you undoubtedly will. I am aware that many people have called you racist but I think of you as more of a fascist. Much like Hitler and the Klu Klux Klan :) I can't change your views obviously since every time somebody attempts to, you "school" them with off-topic information and web links. I just wanted to point out that if you are going to be so openly racist and consistently write about Why Blacks are polluting society and the Chinese. Then at least school yourself with PC terminology and correct information before making sweeping generalisations. I don't even have the energy to be angered. I would just like a decent argument that isn't full of bullshit information.

  38. Most black/white relationships are chavvy aren't they? My Facebook is mainly white or Asian, a few Indian. But surprisingly no blacks.

    My Chinese friends at school hated blacks, and I hope BBC don't change and start liking blacks. I can't stand how fuxking popular hip pop is in Korea, and though it reminds me of Bollywood, it's too black for me.

    Reign in the blackness guys! I want more tennis and electronic music!