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I Feel British - But Not British Enough To Support Team GB At The London Olympics

Whilst patriotic Brits industriously paved the roadside with Union Jacks for 140km from Dorking to The Mall to inspire road racer Lizzie Armitstead to claim Britain’s first medal of the games, observing this as a discombobulated British Chinese, the feel good factor is hard to masticate let alone swallow, I feel British, but not British enough to fly the Union Jack in support of 'Team GB.'

We’re constantly reminded by the British multiculturalism debate that ethnic representation promotes both inclusion and the feeling of being part of something bigger, whilst it maybe partly true, the argument is not entirely convincing. In the run up to the London Olympic Games 2012 there was East Asian representation aplenty. The Olympic torch passed through the hub of London's Chinatown, carried by popular Spectrum Radio DJ Steven Cheung (half Chinese half Filipino speaks fluent Cantonese).

Judging by his Twitterings, Steven Cheung appears somewhat enamoured by the British monarchy, so is pianist Lang Lang for that matter, nonetheless it's still East Asian paper representation, not to mention British Chinese musicians Andy Leung and Liz Liew who were commissioned to compose XX/XY for the games.

Roll on the opening ceremony, East Asian faces were bountiful but none were given a prominent role. Instead Black producer Catherine Ugwu and ebony obsessed Danny Boyle - blatantly agenda driven by his own inter racial relationship with mixed Black actress Rosario Dawson, intentionally over-hyped and over-represented Blacks with their Windrush, their urban music, their inter racial relationships and even their mixed Black offspring, however, our Chinese culture, our struggle, our journey was absent from the ceremony, tokenism is not to be taken lightly - as usual our identity is only tolerated within the narrow context of being multicultural rather than being Chinese.

Onto the games itself. Who am I expected to cheer for if there are no British Born Chinese sportsmen nor sportswomen representing Team GB? Of the 564 athletes representing Great Britain at the London Olympic games 2012, only two are of East Asian origin. Laotian Anne Keothavong is British Born East Asian, she's not a big name, nor is Chinese immigrant Na Liu. Hypothetically if high profile Chinese legend Wang Hao jumped ship to become a British citizen to compete for Team GB, would that be persuasive in supporting Team GB unequivocally? The answer would probably still be No. Its not that I'm anti-British nor anti-English, as a Londoner I paid my contribution to the games, I recognised all the ‘Best of British’ references in the opening ceremony...William Henry Monk’s Abide With Me, Blur, Brunel, Jk Rowling and I'm proud of the NHS, however none of the aforementioned will ever rescind my Chineseness, I will never willfully fly a Union Jack flag nor sing God Save The Queen, nor am I alone - five Team GB footballers including Welshmen Ryan Giggs snubbed the British national anthem.

To put it in perspective, University of Essex's Institute of Social And Economic Research recent household study Understanding Society revealed that of Britain’s ethnic groups, Whites (Scottish and Welsh hold strong non-British identities), Chinese and Afro-Caribbeans associate least closely with Britishness, though as expected, identification with Britishness was higher among the children and grandchildren of migrants.  Evidently, for those of us who take pride in being Chinese and consider our mother roots to be important, our ethnic identity as 'Chinese' remains very strong, stronger than any concept of Britishness.

By BBCZeitgeist



    What are the odds that the abusers told her to "sucky sucky" or to "love me long time"? Regardless she will probably end up just marrying a white man. I don't see her making any connection with her Laotian heritage. (I don't know any western Chinese called "Jorge", he is also her coach)

    All married to white males, shock?

    There are more mainland Chinese players representing other countries as well, a source stating that because the Chinese national team is hard to get in to.

    Look at how the media are viciously attacking Ye Shiwen claiming that she is on substances, would they attack the athlete if she was French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Irish?

    Brilliant comments from the DM:

    For the common principle that the developed world clings on to, "innocent until proven guilty", it seems to fall flat if the person in hand is Chinese.

    I support the GB team, although sometimes I contemplate to myself, whats the point? When the British Chinese community is virtually non-existant, if I have a shirt or mini-flag saying "Support GB" or whatever in public, then people would rather laugh and mock me rather than join hands and celebrate medals together.

    The American, Canadian and Australian teams all have native-born ethnic Chinese players, the GB team has 0. The majority of British Chinese are too concerned about the latest clothes from Hollister, beating the next boss on Diablo 3, the new single from Rihanna, or desperately trying to marry a white male to fulfil their ultimate self-hating fantasies.

    What do you think should be done to encourage more BBC in to sport? Or could it be that, there are already quite a promising number, but they're in a Jeremy Lin situation where their skills and talents were/are constantly being underesimated, due to the racist perception that Chinese aren't in to sports?

    1. the British sportsmen/women tend to be mixed race East Asian descent rather than East Asian, Marissa King at the last Beijing olympics had a Thai mother. Alex Huan Tian has a white mother, he rides for china because the British equestrian team is too competitive to get into, so you see its not just mainland FOBs who jump ship.

    2. The lack of BBC sportsmen/women is similar to the lack of BBC popstars or actors etc. We all know the parenting issue.

      However, additionally, in the UK you need to join a private sports club to get specialist tuition, Chinese parents are not going to waste their money on that, they'll spend it on Kumon instead. Its not like in China they're handpicked and State sponsored at a young age, in the UK you need to pay for it yourself.

      The other issue is height and bulk, Cantonese are short, how many of Chinas top sportsmen are Cantonese? Not many I bet. Jeremy Lin is not Cantonese. Look at Hong Kong, how many top sports stars does it churn out? not many right? The ones who have been successful are usually in non-contact sports. HKChinese people are a bunch of nerds and geeks, same as BBCs in some respects, they're too emotionally immature to apply themselves to be competitive sportsmen/women.

    3. You supporting Team GB? Do you know the words to God Save the Queen?

    4. I don't, but even if I did, I wouldn't sing it anyways as a republican.

      Well, Yi Jianlian, is 7ft and from Guangdong.

      The average height of HK males is 5'7.5. Wouldn't the average height for BBC males be taller atleast? I'm 6' myself.

    5. I don't see the relevance of me knowing the national anthem anyways.

    6. That's pretty sad @ original post. How all the Chinese women are part of the white man family now. Also notice that Chinese women are going into other countries to compete for them, as their native country is too competitive (much like blacks are in athletics).... yet if this is true, why are we not seeing Chinese MEN in these categories??? Black men and women are overrepresented in British and American athletics (they only make up a minority of the country, yet are overwhelmingly the majority in athletics)... so British and Americans have no issues with accepting them as Team US or GB.... and now they're doing it with Chinese WOMEN - but not men (divers, badminton and table tennis and now swimming they could use). It's all part of the white man strategy (which encompasses not just sports but media and general society) of importing Chinese women and depriving Chinese men of descandants for the Chinese race.... the white man is slowly killing off our future.

    7. The press and the opening ceremony bent over backwards to over-promote over-hype blacks and mixed blacks especially jessica ennis - the Black multicultural London olympics! But looking at Team GBs gold medals, the black athletes have delivered very little, of TEAM GB 25 gold medals so far, only 2 have been won by Blacks - MO Farrah and the female bozer Nicola Adams, and 1 by half black Jessica Ennis. 22 out of 25 have been won by whites.

      Class divide discussed here:

    8. Nothing like the opportunity to create more racial segregation than the all-white London Olympics eh?

      If class is something that is close to the hearts of Chinese, and we are unable to compute racism against Chinese, how long can our delusional 'white'class status last for?

      Completely unrepresented and the social abyss that we occupy is deepening. Recognised but invisible, celebrated but orientalised:

      On the buses i've noticed an advert for Chinese dairy company Yili

      Shows Chinese families eg Chinese elderly husband and wife with the line: 'Ordinary Chinese people, extraordinary story' - really strange. Are Chinese in Britain being accepted? But the bus writing is in Chinese. So now perpetual foreigner stereotype being promoted on buses?

      Sometimes I think the media oligarchies enjoy playing some kind of twisted game, that goes way beyond the Olympics

  2. few ramblings... the swiss footballer who made offensive remarks on twitter about the Korean team got dismissed GOOD precedent should of happened to the Spanish basketball team who made slitty eye gestures to mock the chinese, during the last olympics and should of been penalised.
    errr.. not happy with the odd anti-chinese commentary like Claire Balding live insinuation of Ye's Gold medal and her cynicism. Team GB has Wayne chambers got done for doping and th 400m runner who was able to dodge testing.

    It also bit of a myth that the chinese aren't good at sports look at who winning the medals, albeit not the sprint field sports, well apart from 110 hurdles. HK and a few E Asian are represented in the light racket and minor sports, they won't be televised.

    as for encouraging BBCs to do sport, as a pastime fine, but pro is a waste of time because if you spent 4-5 years training and don't win or earn nothing. It is the supposed wisdom of materalist tiger mothering mentality not to do sports or drama, but solely on training that leads ultimately to rich finanical opportunities via academia. In a less wordy way the new BBC middle class attitude post TA.

    good on BBCz in bringing this tropical subject up see what others say.

    1. so, are you supporting Team GB or not?

    2. not supporting any team, only interested if there are hotbirds playing in beach volleyball, and the track races final, every else boring.

  3. Just got back from HK and I never thought I would say this: but HK is in danger and under attack from the usual bunch of white-lickers, self jealous Chinese, cowards, Jews and of course the ubiquitous Indian, who's ugly head seems to pop up like an unflushable shit everytime there is an immigration hole to take advantage.

    Too many things - I haven't enough time.

    But all patriotic real Chinese all round the world, watch out for and take revenge on:

    1) TVB and their incessant, unwanted, unwarranted puching AhChas on their fee paying customers despite only a VERY tiny minority that even notices that Indian wannabe Chinese fraud - chia bobo.

    It's clear now that TVB execs and Virginia Loke have taken the anti Chinese agenda. Very clear that she and her cohorts are blaming the rest of China for her ugliness, failures, her cowardism for not acting against her family - the real source of their misery.

    2) Singapore: ultimate Asian whitelickers, egged on by their non speaking wannbe white leader LKY. He " speaks " mandarin like he has a egg stuck up his ass, totally hilarious.

    3)Weinstein and co: taken what was the old golden harvest chain few years back and the movies as yo might have noticed are shittier and shittier and full of Western overtures and of course the ever ubiquitous half breeds ( ugly as they are)

    4) badcanto wordpress: an obvious anti chnese blog disguised as the voice of reason.

    5) HK independence group: dedicated to returning HK as a UK colony along with the accompanying masses of gweilos and ahchas. Claims to be in defense of " cantonese " but this is just a cover for white licking.

    I am now going to redouble my efforts for Mandarin !

    Yige Guo, yige ren, yige xue. zhongguo ren xihuan zhongguo ren yongheng !

    Death to anti chinese faggots !

    Well done to BBCZ for your efforts on badcanto.

    Oh, HBC DO NOT reply as I will not be replying you, I have no time for fakes.

    The one and only Ming Zhou

  4. speaking of the olympics, the yanks always cry foul play when they lose

    it was probably an attempt to psychologically disrupt her and try to prevent her from performing

    michael phelps is even more of a freak - is he a druggy too ?!

    1. Well of course theyre bad losers and of course innocent until proven guilty, however, they do have a point, she swam 50m section faster the men. Its too good to be believed.

    2. China's hitting back, for what it's worth:

      Some of Ye's supporters have accused her detractors of racism, pointing out that far from appearing out of nowhere, Ye, a world champion over the 200 medley last year, had been an emerging star for years.

      "Ye Shiwen has been consistently training in swimming since she was six or seven-years-old," said the Chinese paper. "Her outstanding performance was not out of the blue."

    3. Brit Rebecca Adlington and a few other girls (see post from another comment here) did it. Note - she was 21 SECONDS behind the male winning time, 3 seconds behind the last placed male finalist. What is just strategy i.e. pacing herself for 80% of the race (Ye wasn't leading until the last bit) before making an explosive finish) has been turned into allegations of cheating. If a white had done it, they will have been praised (and rightly so) for good strategy. Not so with the Chinese.

      Also note that the white media has (purposely) not done any favours in defusing the matter. The drug tests are procedure and the results of course known - otherwise they wouldn't be able to compete. Yet it took the British anti doping spokesman to explicitly say Ye was clean - DAYS after the allegations had came to AND LEFT TO GROW - before they were discounted. The damage was done, mud sticks. As whites intended.

      White media have also not been clear with the "fastest time" thing.. at first (right after Clare Balding's comments) the initial articles said Ye had swam a faster time, period, than the male winner of the event. Then it was amended with more detail. Of course people simplify things, and cue both a lot of the DM and Guardian comments stating she had swam a faster time than a man - period.

      Of course there were sensible comments from white who thought "what a load of crap", but by far the majority was of the "discard facts, fuck the chinese" nature. As one comment from that Yahoo article put it

      "I agree with the disqualification of these cheats but it has to be said that most of the comments below are just celebrating that China has been hit, rather than why. That clearly is sour grapes as was the American accusation of cheating for the swimmer. Perhaps when countries like America slander the name of a brilliant athlete the people gobbing off should be thrown out of the Olympics as well??

      No, I didnt think you'd be so keen on that. After all, who cares about fairness when racism is what drives most of you.

  5. As you wrote, Chinese are only tolerated in the context of multiculturalism, and as long as we will never be taken seriously as an individual British ethnic group, the rest, including media and sports representation flows accordingly.

    As TeamBBC mentioned above, sports may as well be a past-time except maybe unless you are 5 years old, when we have potentially more social clout in the British Chinese community in 20 years time, and presumably more affluent Mandarin FOB parents dont have to raise their children in TAs that make them hate their Chinese roots.

    For me, in light of the increasing debt economy, the Olympics is more of a corporate scam,rather than British national pride it ought to be, emphasising even more, those who should benefit ( London taxpayers) dont and those who shouldnt ( corporate sponsors, the military) , do.

    I believe the figures were in the billions of pounds 'invested'.haha what a joke.

    BTW excessive military is something you missed in your critique, so I'll add it here - being hired to fill the empty seats lol

    Looking around, I've noticed that regardless of ethnicity theres been a feeling of all round apathy.

    Unfortunately the clueless FOBS from the BC community who cant gush enough will always be the ones seen to'represent'.

    Then again with quality of critical social thinking in general like Mingrev who spam the same irrelevant shit, is it any wonder British Chinese community will ever get it's social act together, never mind getting serious representation in sports?

    1. And no, I dont support Team GB. I was only briefly interested in watching the China add to their medal collection

    2. I was amazed when the biritsh military were employed to put bums on empty seats. And also the military march before the medal ceremonies... imagine the uproar if the Chinese did that!

      Oh and no-one mentioned Paul McCartney'd think after the little girl miming at Beijing 2008 the white press would be all over fakes and suchlike... oh wait, they wouldn't want to slander a white event.

  6. Hang on a second, not quite as simple BBCZeitgeist!
    There are a few issues here:-

    Personally, I feel their is a lot of professional jealousy by the americans against the chinese but a few things to consider :-

    The facts:-
    Ye's total time was 4:28.43 (5 seconds quicker than her personal best). The last 50 meters was clocked at 28.93s.
    Lochte total time was 4:05:18 (23s faster than Ye overall) . The last 50m was clocked at 29.10s.
    The difference was 0.17s

    1. Why are other nationals not being criticised and China being singled out?

    Australian Stephanie Rice’s world record time of 4:29.45 at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, aged 19, her last 50 m was 28.55 also faster than Lockte, yet no comments?
    Lithuanian Ruta Meilutyte won gold in the 100m breaststroke on tuesday with a time of 1:05.56 in heat 4 faster than her personal best by 2 seconds

    Australian, Ian Thorpe also took 5 s off his personal best in 2004.


    2. The coaching issue
    Ye herself was humble in response to her record-breaking swim, and put it down to the quality of her coaching. US swimmers rarely acknowledge their coaches publicaly.

    John Leonard (the US coach who made the comments) has been vocal about the integirty of chinese coaches over the past 2 years. Yet he has made no comment regarding the US swimming coaches who recently abused several young US swimmers

    John Leonard also advocated the use of polyurethane-coated swimming suits such as Speedos LZR racer used by rebecca adlington and US atheletes broke records, developing countries unable to afford the suits did less well.


  7. PS US atheletes who have been PROVEN guilty of drugs offences include David Jenkins, Marion Jones, Tim Montogmery and Steve Riddick all gold medalists


  8. I'm not saying the chinese dont use drugs, may be they do, may be they dont.

    BUT they have passed all IOC tests.

    What I find unsettling is that the chinese seem to be singled out by the media and this has implications for BBCs like us who then have to put up with comments like "you're all cheats"

    Your average Kev (or gary) isn't going to research the issue, he's just going to remember that SKY news said the chinese cheated and is going to associate the chinese with cheating from now until kingdom come !

    1. Wai, Checking your media references ( although the DM sinophobia is to be expected by now), that's another reason why I don't take interest in 'Team GB'or the celebrations , because despite Britain's opening Olympic announcements to the effect of 'it's not the winning, it's the taking part', like everything else the spirit of their sinophobic media tactics as usual run counter to whatever is publicly announced.

      Personally I'm not a big sports-watcher, but these events which could be great opportunities to genuinely celebrate culture and achievement, just leave me cold. Let China just do it's job. Wake me up when it's over.

  9. It's only been a week. We had the regulatory swimming scandal, shocked that no one started to attack the ages of the China women's gymnasts. Perhaps they did not do as well? But now, the classic one. Get all of south east Asia up in arms so they can all bicker. But make sure they all attack the Chinese though. Please see link, and let me know what you think.

    It's that old chestnut. The Koreans and Taiwanese again. The west are having a field day. I can't say how upset I am if most of this is true. Don't these people understand, the west want this to happen? SF.

    1. Read your link and what I got from it was that the Olympic Badminton Commitee created the regulations that are allowed to be manipulated, but it was abused by Chinese and Koreans.

      Theres also a quote by Lin Dan :

      "Why would the tournament rules people have (a format) like this?" men's singles world number one Lin Dan told reporters at Wembley Arena. "If they just had a knockout round it would all be fine. You lose and that's it,"

      Confusing, but basically, if the players abuse it, then it's the players fault. But its also the rule-makers fault for having such a crap system to be abused in the first place.

    2. Yes, it is a mess, and definitely a fault of the round robin system. Apparently, their leading player Yu Yang has quit. It's all a bit sad really and all I see is China apologising, but no sound-bites from South Korea or Indonesia. Typical distortion via the media.

      See the link for the latest as example:

      Firstly, no journalist wants to chase a comment by these two other players or their coach unless it's some kind of personal attack on China as seen on the first day when the scandal broke out.

      Now that China has apologised, the Daily Mail is running the "Look how China treats its athletes". The media groups are all latching onto a piece in a Shanghai newspaper where the father of an Olympic champion diver had to conceal her family's death and mother's cancer battle so she can concentrate on her disciplines. This is what the media want, not the apologetic officials. They want the Robotic, alien and cold official. Stereotyping on a grand scale. SF.

    3. I hate the DM so fucking much.

  10. re feeling 'British'

    They are considering bringing a new law in:

    British Born Ethnic Minority holders of a British passport will soon have to be able to recite the first verse of God Save the Queen, under an overhaul of the UK citizenship test this autumn.

    They could also be tested on their knowledge of Winston Churchill, Lord Byron, Florence Nightingale and William Shakespeare, as well as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, before they can qualify to remain a British citizen. Those who are unable to qualify will forcibly have their British passport removed.


  11. At least the Chinese people around the world are finally getting a glimpse of white's true notions of fair play. Previously our race had the perception of whites as fair and just, impartial...but truth is, it has always been in THEIR best interests.

    First it was the drug allegations. The 16 year old Chinese girl, a double gold medallist AND WORLD RECORD HOLDER, should be revered and respected around the world. When Michael Phelps, Chris Hoy, Steven Redgrave and Usain Bolt trounced the competition, there was no allegation of doping or cheating. No, they gained fans worldwide and respect. Even from "rivals" i.e. China with American athletes. I recall Beijing 2008, when Phelps took his multiple golds, of course the Americans were ecstatic - but alongside them, so were the Chinese fans. Making up rumours and allegations of unfair play didn't even enter their minds - it was all about respect of a monumental achievement.

    Fast forward to London 2012. The first Chinese man to ever win gold in swimming - (Men's 400m freestyle). Sun Yang takes the gold, and what do you see? The Chinese fans of course happy, but right next to them... the British and Americans looking glum, passive aggressive. They do NOT want a Chinese man to win, you can see it in their faces.There were a couple of old white women sharing the joy with the Chinese, that's and contrast that to EVERY chinese in the stadium congratulating the American of Phelps, British Adlingtone, Australia Thorpe (the white english speaking countries). Many Chinese people became fans of the above, wanted to BE them. How many whites became fans of Sun Yang or Ye Shiwen afterwards.... after all, winning 2 golds, a world record at 16... that's something to look up to.

    Yet instead we get allegations, negativity, her win tarnished by allegations of first doping (even when the finalists were tested RIGHT AFTER the race, and the Americans knowing full well about this procedure, their "respected" coach still went loose on the lies). Oh by the way, you know who also swam faster in her last 50m of her final race than the men's winner? Gold medallist Rebecca Adlington. And when it was clear the drug allegations were going to stick - they are now accusing the Chinese of GENETIC MANIPULATION. That's right, there's no possible way those slanted eyed Chinese could excel at sport - BEAT THE AMERICANS and other WHITE ENGLISH - without genetic manipulation. And the hypocrisy of all this is startling.... several Americans and a few from other White english nations have been PROVEN to take drugs the past decade. How many Chinese? ZERO. It's a case where lies and propoganda have taken precedence over the TRUTH. The truth being, the Chinese beat white english folk fair and square. And that whites couldn't handle it.

    Of course all this serves to ruin the Chinese party. Most whites don't give a shit about when other nonwhite nations win medals; it's when a non white nation is rivalling, even beating them overall that they worry, feel threatened, and then feel insecure about themselves. That's when the bitching starts.

    1. It's part of the wider issue of one way tribalism, where the Chinese have no issue with giving credit where it's due and accept when whites have won something or accomplished something. Our attitude is - how can we do better? What can we do to win and improve ourselves? Whereas the whites' attitude is "They're better than us???? No way! That can never be. Let's find out REALLY what they're doing to win (as evidenced by the quoted articles) - and then criticise the things they are doing to win (i.e. excessive training from a young age, witholding bad news from family so they can concentrate on winning) - things that have been spun by white media as bad, but something that white media would take pride in - if the whites did it.

      Also post race of that men's freestyle final - notice that no-one came over to hug or congratulate him. First chinese man to win gold in swimming, that's quite a milestone. If a white guy wins it, usually you get others (white and nonwhite) going up to them and hugging or saying well done or whatever. Here, Yang was on his own. Just a clench of the fist. He had an American to his side, he didn't go up. Nor did his "arch nemesis" from S Korea. So much for east asian solidarity. If a, say German had won, you can bet your arse a Brit or American would say well done.

      What is quite interesting (and worrying) is that this is focused on the Chinese. They have no issue with blacks winning, indeed they accept it so much so as to integrate British blacks and even immigrants to make up a substantial part of the team (one of the reasons why China is lagging behind in athletics - the last major hurdle - whilst the Chinese and Russians have worked to improve their own lot, the Americans and British have just imported blacks to do the job).This attitude of whites needs to be looked at - why the double standards of race? Much like the ceremony, where substantial black british coverage was featured as "british".... the first wave of immigrants were Chinese - they helped the war effort on british navy ships, before settling in port cities with British women... before being forcibly kicked out when their job was done. Many (not all) seem accepting of blacks as british/american etc., but not chinese.... why is this?

    2. The only person except for the Chinese supporters who was cheering Sun was the commentator lol, although I guess it's his job to be supportive of all athletes.

      DO you think they would extend this negativity to western-born Chinese athletes?

    3. Yeah, the commentary was great, a rare sign of white media where they don't give a shit about race (or more accurately, whether they are chinese or not) but about the love of the sport. It's how it should be, the Olympics, not descend into racial allegiances

      And to answer your question - we'll never know, because Chinese (especially men) are hardly accepted into sport. And it's not because they're not the sporting type, as China (and the other east asian nations - the Koreas are doing remarkably well) has shown.... ut because of some subconcious racial bias that somehow doesn't apply to blacks that prevents whites from accepting us as British

  12. And the Daily Mail's campaign of slandering the Chinese for being a sporting powerhouse


    Other white news outlets are also doing it of course. read the Guardian Olympic coverage, and even the BBC - "But as John Sudworth reports from Beijing, for the Chinese there is only one place on the podium that's worth having."

    - rahter stupid, stereotyping 1.3 billion like that...besides, it's not like American and British athletes compete to win bronze, is it? They compete to win. I have been in the Athletic Union at uni, they are extremely competitive alpha males and females. Yet hey, oh no, the Chinese are winning, so let's criticise their drive to win? The white media are really desperate.

    1. How is waving their national flag a "demonstration to the world of its rising political power????", when have people in China ever suggested that? Is it too hard to believe that the Chinese public support their athletes because they're also from China? He can apply that ridiculous argument to any other country in the world.

    2. I know, a load of white bullshit isn't it? Americans do exactly this, more hysterically, and have done for decades. But of course the white media won't focus on this, our "cousins across the pond" are just showing patriotic pride.... heaven forbid if the Chinese do the same.

    3. It's also stupid because if you are competing the Olympics (or world championships, etc) OF COURSE you ONLY aim for gold. Who goes into a major - even minor tournament aiming to just compete? That's just not good enough. e.g. Hannah Miley, who finished 7th in the swimming final where Shiwen won gold, in her interviews she was pushing to win. It was always unlikely, but of course she - and everyone competing - wants it. This is just pathetic desperation from the white media, attempting to discount the achievements of the Chinese from BEATING THEIR OWN.

  13. On the plus point, BBC's olympic player is excellent. I recommend you all watch (and refer) to it, in particular China/Korea/Japan vs Uk/US/AUS/other white country events, if you want to see racial bias in action.

  14. More proof of racial bias

    The white British/German guy ADMITTED he fell so the race could be restarted as they were losing. This was in the qualifier, had they lost no medal for them. So why isn't this get the attention of the white world, moreso than the ALLEGATIONS of doping and genetic manipulation that have tarnished the gold medalist of a 16 year old Chinese girl? Oh wait of course, he's white, he's British.

    Furthermore, falling deliberately for a restart - even if within the rules (France said they would not contest it because of that reason) - isn't it against the Olmpyic spirit? You know, the same spirit that made several Chinese, Korean and Indonesian badminton players to be disqualified for "playing to lose/without effort" because they had already won.... double standards by the whites yet again

  15. lets not forget, deliberate red cards in the world cup so players dont miss the next match

    David Beckham, England v Wales - 09/10/2004
    Dirk Kuyt, Liverpool v PSV - 3/4/2007
    Xabi Alonso & Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid – March 2007

  16. With Regards to the Badminton I actually dont see what the fuss is about

    As far as I am concerned, if it is within the rules then it is allowed. If it is not within the rules it is not allowed.

    If it is fair play you want then the cycling team should not have been allowed to conceal their 30 grand cycles or have a technological advantage over teams who cannot afford graphite frames.

    And who knows where the funding for such an aerodynamic frame comes from?

    I do wonder how much recently acquired overseas oil reserves at the expense of middle eastern "women" and "children" brings in ?!

  17. People people, it's simple, and have been for a long time. The media machine against China is political. America and Britain are threatened. Why? It wasn't supposed to be like that. China should have always been the serving underdog politically. Hence the total negativity played out year after year when any huge sporting event happens where China excels.

    I don't think it's attack on the Chinese people, but more about the whole nation.

    If a British Cyclist deliberately crashes, he's doing it for himself. It was his 'own' personal choice. A Chinese sports-person throwing a few matches, orders from the communist coach. An attack on the nation's system and how it controls its people. If a Chinese athelete is caught for drugs, it won't be his/her personal greed but orders from his/her coach, which ultimately leads back to the communist state.

    The general tone is, the cruel party rules through cruelty, therefore the common person will eventually be cruel too, which is why many Daily Mail comments are full of "the Chinese are cruel people."

    Sadly, China continue to applaud western success such as their sport stars. As mentioned by other posters, it's not the same the other way round when the Chinese excel or break records. Never underestimate the influence of the media's control of the average western mindset.

    Ignore China making all the luxuries for them, and try to talk down China's ability to now create luxury brands themselves. The only easy way to attack China's success is to say people have no independent thought, the one last western concept. SF.

  18. LeDecky 15 year old american has just knocked 20 seconds off her personal best in the 800m freestyle (equivalent of 10 seconds over 400m)

    Ye knocked 6 seconds off her personal best.

    Where does that leave american coach, John Leonards comments now ?

    1. Was just going to say! 1hr 8 min into the coverage (if you're reading this later, it's the 800m women's freestyle), Gary Lineker asks multiple gold medal winner Ian Thorpe if the Ledecky would get the same controversy as Shiwen did - she knocked 20 seconds off her best in 2 years, compared to Shiwen's 6....considering what the yanks just did to China - basically ruined and distracted the celebrations of a 16 year old and her nation - it is simply taking the piss that a similar story, at a more extreme time difference, gets no negativity at all. Because she is white. Because she is American.

      This goes against the Olympic spirit of equality, and while it makes the Americans look the jealous bully, it still undoubtedly has tarnished China and Shiwen's victory whilst the yanks (yet again) get away with doing something even more controversial whilst being able to enjoy their victory without conflict.

      This applies in all walks of life, not just sport - in business, trade, arts, quotas... China and ethnic Chinese have always been on the receiving end of allegations of foul play despite playing by the book (which was written by the yanks btw), forever hurting the accomplishments of their hard work and graft.... whilst yanks never receive such damage to their reputations, allowing them to fully glorify their accomplishments - even if there was a bit of unfairness involved. WHY IS THAT?

  19. Wai asks where does that leave coach John Leonard's comments.

    Well it's simple. The Chinese need to give the Americans a bit of their own medicine. When will I see China stand boldly and say that there's something fishy about this young lady's perfomance?

    China needs to play dirty like the US. Only then will the world learn that China is not a walk-over. Sometimes, being right and polite is wrong. I would like to see China speak out on this result. But I somehow doubt it. By speaking out, they are sending a clear message of the double-standards being dished out by the media and commentators, and they know it, and the world also will know about China's feelings on it. SF.

    1. the problem is that the world situation is currently whites v China. i.e. Thus there are several white countries to back, discount and ally themselves with America - for they are their "cousins" - whilst China doesn't have any. Thus media attention can easily ignored by America, and their athletes do not need to be distracted by Chinese media because it is just China. Whereas (using her example) Ye Shiwen had no choice but to be distracted, because first the British hinted at it, then a senior American coach, then the British and American media picked up on it - they kept talking about it, wouldn't die down and eventually the British board in charge of testing had to publicly announce she was clean, and Shiwen had to personally fend off the attacks. This not only "spoils her moment", but also distracted her from her 2nd event - for which she also won gold for. Little things like this can ruin the mindset of an athlete, where preparation is key.

      So I doubt Chinese media and senior Chinese coaches have the same global outreach as to affect influence on the Americans, certainly not enough to indirectly distract American athletes' from competing. You see, the Americans and white hemisphere have concoted a simple, useful and effective way to shrug off any Chinese viewpoint - you're communist. You're red. You're Chinese. Notice how our very race has been seen as negative in the white world... negative stereotyping with our race, eventually leads to the race itself automatically being dismissed.

      Americans do not have that problem - for all their destructive actions across the world, they still somehow manage to spin a positive image of themselves, mostly helped by the rest of the white world.

    2. Anonymous 20.42, China will always stand alone because no south east Asian country can really stick by China because of the last one hundred of years' history. Japan, although nowadays can be an ally to any country are still relatively influenced by America. Korea and Taiwan are classic examples of what happens when the west try to meddle. Indonesia has joined the Muslim bandwagon and have decided, if in doubt, let's blame the Chinese because they seem to be successful in whatever they do, whichever country they choose.

      China is alone against Europe, America and Britain. The fact that world politics is really under the control of these countries, the media can run vague and misguided stories about China being best buddies with Iran and Zimbabwe even though both of these countries have been very closely linked to Britain's past, it only serves to confirm that once finished with these countries, no one can touch them, least of all, China. As I have said before, the underlying tone is "it was not meant to be like this. China is not supposed to flourish." SF.

  20. So what do we do ? How do we get our own back ? We have the brains. My Chinese mates are in banking law and medicine. How do we reverse the racism? How do we make out voice heard

    1. Start creating urgency amongst all the Chinese you know to advocate a UK chinese media that speaks out on these issues that matter to our culture until it reaches critical mass

      Nothing will be reversed until there's enough urgency in all of us UK Chinese, to step outside our own comfort zone, and unite over issues that matter beyond our own creature comforts, which by the day are being eroded, anyway.

  21. A HK female cyclist won bronze, where the hell that come from !?!!!?

    Generally agree about the western bias on sports, and the anti-Chinese sentiments, why are there no interviews or airtime with chinese winners giving their side of the story like other countries.
    There is an uproar amongst black americans concerning a NBC advert of a monkey doing gymnastics, in between the Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas performance. I don't think she cares don't forget her great trainer...

    1. There are no airtime or broadcasting because of the susupiciousness from both sides. Until these barriers have been broken down, it will remain the same. Plus, the Olympics is held in Britain, therefore Brit coverage is central. Because America and Britain's 'special' relationship is cemented by our politicians.

      Perhaps, China needs more 'special' relationships with Japan and Korea. It's all about creating solid long term allies with neighbouring countries. At the moment, China stands alone.

      What was even more unnerving is seeing two different flags alongside the Union Jack in Victoira Pendleton's win. It makes you wonder, in another life, it could easily have been to China flags. SF.

  22. Moving away from the Olympics for a bit, a story about the police putting up a poster warning women about rape:

    Yep there's a Chinese girl there. Check out the comments:

    It looks like an advert for a Kung-fu film.

    - Mr Grimsdale, Here, 3/8/2012 14:08

    > Somehow I can't imagine if this was a black or asian woman, "Mr Grimsdale" would be saying "it looks like an advert for Bollywood or a gangster movie", would you? At least it won't be published. So why, in this day and age, is it fine to do so re: Chinese?

    ~Was this photo done in China for the Chinese?

    - Jessica Sands, Putney, SW London, 3/8/2012 17:22

    > More shockingly, Jessica lives in London, you know, that London where most BBCs are born and bred. You can't fail to notice them, and if anywhere BBCs are accepted as British, it's probably London. Which just goes to show how far behind ethnic Chinese are not accepted by white British, especially when you compare and contrast the fates of other races e.g.

    The guy is from Somalia and he's more British than us, according to the white British public. How worrying is that???

    1. The intellect of the DM readers knows no bounds.

      By no bounds, I mean downwards.

    2. @anonymous 02.02, the very last comment about how worrying is that. What do you think?

      Do the so-called indigenous population have an identity crisis? If so, who created that? The common culture, the government, the media? Or is it another scaremongering poster using the victim status to appeal for the passive aggressive angry posters who feel that ethnics should have no business in this country let alone behave like a "British"? SF.

  23. Wong, with Dail Mail's circulation figures it should send out a clear message. Britain like many countries will have to serve the mass. The mass tend to be the not so bright. The not so bright need to read something too. And let's not forget, the politicians need all the votes they can get which means pandering to the not so bright. SF.

  24. Well there are black and white and asian sports presenters on TV, but NO chinese/east asian presenters or chinese sports journos (that plentiful and well spoken) could redress the balance. Sky sports and radio are relatively more "objective" whether thats has anything to do with Wendi deng Murdoch behind the scenes i dunno.

    Anyway when this olympics farce is over, that is when the recession and debt crisis will hit hard all this is a distraction to serious econ issues. Think about Greece olympics it did F.. All to the country.

    1. If youre referring to more East asian/Chinese sports journos on Sky, it could also be that Murdoch has interest in Chinese media companies. But Wendy Deng Murdoch was also responsible for this feast of female exotification looking to escape those evil footbinding Chinese males- 'Snow Flower and the secret fan'

      Agreed with you re: Olympics as a distraction. But spectacle and temporary fix is the next best thing, esp when the real 'games' are the ones going on in the economy that most people consider themselves unable to do anything about.

    2. Exactly inspiring people to get into sport is ridiculous, it is a very very short career once you over 25 its over and it can damage your body to push yourself to such physical extremes, tiger mothering has it points, don't waste your time doin sports, acting lessons or playing the drums, if all my brothers and BBC friends spent my training sports they be seriously skint with no career prospects. aspiring to be Olympician won't lift most people out of poverty but stay in it.

    3. I disagree, depends on the sport and how successful you are. If you win a gold medal in the olympics in a top event you'll make millions from sponsorship deals alone, you'll be set for life. if you make it as a top premiership footballer, your weekly wage is equivalent to a years wages of a normal job. Of course the odds of you succeeding are low, you need a back up career The issue is that most British Chinese parents will not nurture any sporting talent that their child may show at a young age.

  25. Always lovely to see hypocrisy in the tone of white media, especially if the articles/video are just a few days apart:

    A look into China's obsession with Gold:

    This was posted before Team GB started their gold rush, and China was well away... hints of jealously and resentment (Clare Balding's allegations, and the crowd's rather mute and neutral response to Chinese winners cemented this notion) were evident at this stage of the games. Also note the links in that video - "Can China Stay on top of the Olympics" and "China media: Gold Medal debate".... it's as if the BBC are desperate for China to fail, looking for cracks in their game.

    Then this, a week later, when Britan had won tons of medals: an article on the disappointment of British athletes with silver, wanting gold.

    But somehow when the Chinese are disappointed with 2nd, it's because the state pressures them into winning and not accepting anything less; but when a Brit (or American) does it it's because they're full of passion and really want it. Hmmm

  26. Another BBC article blowing their own trumpet...even when it's completely untrue.

    It centres around the premise that 2012 will be the first "social media" games... even though Beijing 2008 was the first games for that, what with everyone talking about it on Twitter and Facebook. But oh no, the numbers don't make it so. So let's call ourselves first!

  27. Continuing the BBC's obsession with wanting China (and to a lesser extent, East Asia) to lose:

    The article basically revolves around 1 guy predicting it might happen. Probably not, but might. Good work BBC! Couple that with the above video's links (China's obsession with gold; can China stay on top etc." and you have a clear, biased agenda that the BBC is trying to put forward. The Chinese are a temporary blip in the power at the top, they "shouldn't be there". Not unlike the plucky Americans, who, when suffering defeats and silvers when they should've been gold, do not receive such negative attention.

    Indeed, every time there is a China gold you can just anticipate the white journalists going "awwww", before coming up with another "what if" article predicting China's demise. What is wrong with these whites.

    1. I agree its not so much about wanting East Asia to lose as much as it wants China to lose. South Korea has won a lot of medals this year, yet GB are not bothered about South Korea, China is the target.

      The BBC article focused on Japanese fukukara ai - "Super cute," pinning their hopes on the better looking more elegant more humanistic Japanese eclipsing China's inhuman cruel robotic overly competitive aggressive table tennis dominance. Everyone in Japan is table tennis mad they claim, this should put an end to china dominance! They forget that the main reason shes so good is because she was trained for many years in China, she speaks fluent Mandarin.

    2. its not oriental/east asian as much, they dont care if japs or whites that beat china as long as china lose. They want to see the downfall of china, they dont mind of if another East Asian (japs) country that replaces them.


      China womens hockey team also made similar complaints, the partisan crowds were booing the Chinese and cheering for the opposition Japanese and wanting China to lose, which they did. though one explanation was that China had to lose in order for Team GB to advance from the group.

      "They were cheering for Japan all the way through. There was no support for China. I went to the Beijing Games, to watch the basketball. I thought the crowds there were much more friendly, much more welcoming to other teams."

  28. You know how in a game of tennis/badminton etc., when osmeone makes an error, even if the opponent is the one you're supporting (eg. Federer hits the net vs Murray), no-one actually applauds it? Well see this:

    go to the marker "Dan (Chn) vs Evans (Ire)", around the 3hr 15m mark...where else in a sport do you have the loser actually getting more applause than the winner (China)? Oh yeah, when a white is competing against one of us. Compare that to in Beijing, a white American beats a Chinese... guess what? the host chinese applaud THE WINNER. Not the home player. Compare and contrast.

  29. Haha, you can't get more blatant about the white agenda than this:

    Jonathan Overend BBC Sport taekwondo commentator

    "In this sport, which is an Asian sport, an Asian martial art, a teenage athlete from Great Britain has just beaten two Asian champions back-to-back to win Olympic gold. I don't think Olympic stories come much better than this one."

    I wonder if Chinese media said the same of swimming, archery, rowing (China taking the gold from GB in 2008)

  30. The main difference that has become quite obvious in the games is that when whites beat Chinese or east asians in something, they take more joy not only in winning but also in the east asian's loss, than with other races. Say it was an American vs Btazilian or Ghanian in the final (white vs latino, or white vs black)... when the white wins obviously they feel happy... but when it's a white vs an oriental, they aren't just happy... it's as if there's added satisfaction in beating one of ours.

    Conversely, when an oriental wins, against whoever, you don't really see this rivary at all. It seems the white culture is gearing themselves up in mindset and behaviour for a conflict with orientals, something that orientals don't feel at all.

    1. we saw it twice today, in womens boxing and tae kwan do, two brits won gold beating chinese in the final. we hardly saw the face of the chinese competitors, the cameras were entirely focussed on the brits.

    2. concerning adams the female boxer, the amount times they 've played the slow-mo of the chinese boxer being knocked down, again and again, as if was a heroic metaphor of sinister undertones.
      Sadly the abiding memory of the london olympics, is this "otherness" US vs THEM portrayal of chinese competitors. The chinese competitors are too often referred as expressionless or machine like or the sour grapes rationalisation that they've have undergone some brutal childhood training that no democratic western country would endure.

    3. If you saw the taekwondo final you might also have noticed one of the referees (white British no doubt) actually celebrated when she won. Hmmmm, so much for impartiality. She might have hid her bias during the match, but it was clear for the world to see.

      If this happened with a Chinese judge there would be loud claims of bias, whereas here it's just an ordinary person showing joy for their country.

  31. Anonymous10 August 2012 03:41
    The chinese competitors are too often referred as expressionless or machine like or the sour grapes rationalisation that they've have undergone some brutal childhood training that no democratic western country would endure.

    Exactly, I was just reading up on Chris Hoy and how he trained. He said he was frequently pushed by his trainers until he was made to spew his guts out. Tell me that isn't brutal. But the most damaging thing is making out Chinese athletes as machines or automatons - whilst medalists (and even losers) as part of the American medal machine are stars rising and past, they always get interviews, they always get a face and expression, a brand, to their name. Chinese press interviewed Ye Shiwen, Sun Yang and other winners and medalists - they are all stars back home - but here in the west they are just faceless robots, steeped in controversy. Phelps and other white stars in Beijing 2008 weren't faceless in China - they were stars both in the west and in China. That is the key difference, and it's quite likely that the white media know this bias - they want to keep perpetuating the myth and stereotype of our people as robots, as distant, as unscrutable. It's quite incredible that this pretense has lasted for so long, but as seen in the Guardian article, as more mainland Chinese are waking up to the bias (because BBCs seem to be mostly placid and ignorant), maybe that force will change things socially and media wise.

  32. Someone should seriously do a dissertation on this, get it published and known to the world!!!

  33. Daily Mail up to its old tricks of unmoderating comments re: Chinese articles, knowing racial abuse will follow

    Oh borrocks !

    - Horst, Munich , Germany, 10/8/2012 16:13

    1. It has +18 upvotes as well, typical.

      The thing about the DM, is that they honestly don't care about the story itself, they just put it up on their website to incite more sinophobia.

  34. Hmmm

    2139: ATHLETICS

    Joining Tatyana on the podium for the women's hammer ceremony will be Poland's Anita Wlodarczyk, who threw a season's best 77.60m, and Germany's Betty Heidler (77.13m). China's Wenxiu Zhang thought she had won the bronze and ran towards the crowd with the national flag in her grasp, but had to suffer the disappointment of being told that third place was no longer hers as the officials had measured Heidler's fifth throw incorrectly.


    Just last week a South Korean was denied a chance of gold in fencing, she had won but for NO REASON AT ALL the timekeepers reset it to 1 second left.... again to a German. Same applies here, the officials measured it "incorrectly". What a farce.

    I do recall when there were allegations of bias in the judging in boxing in China, an Irishman lost to a Chinese in the semis... when he was interviewed he said "what do you expect in China".... no such comments here about Britain.

  35. I heard the BBC commentator on the Chinese diver- "the chinese diver has a few chinks in his armour."

    1. Ah, its Jeremy Lin all over again, you can consider making a complaint to the BBC

      Though, anyone who has done this before will know its pretty pointless, the BBC shrug it off as trivial and always defend the commentator.

      heres an example of someone complaining about Gary linekers german comment on the 29 July 2012.

      BBC Response

      Gary Lineker was presenting from the Olympic Stadium on the evening that Team GB had won their first two medals – a silver in the Women’s Road Race and a bronze in the Women’s 400m Freestyle in the pool.

      The production team have said in response:

      “Gary Lineker was presenting live from the Olympic Stadium on a busy night of sport. This was a light-hearted remark about the sporting rivalry with Germany and was clearly in that context”.

    2. Not necessarily true if there is hard evidence then there are consequences take Ron Akinson on Desailly calling him lazy B*** etc off camera, his commentary career is tarnished and game over.

    3. Do you have a link for this? It's on the BBC iplayer/olympic player, just search for the event and the approx time he dived...

      Also this happened in 2008 as well, the gymnastics commentator said "chinaman" when one of the Chinese team was doing his routine. She was taken off air for a brief moment, I believe. Nothing came of it - indeed she's still commentating in this olympics

    4. You know what gets me about all of this? Is that why whites seem to be so touchy over racism or potential racial issues coming up with blacks and even asians... including mild slurs, stereotypes etc... whilst they feel no issue with doing not just these but obvious, "in your face" racial slurs on the Chinese. Is this about education? White guilt over the black slave trade? More empathy with blacks as they are part of the commonwealth/former british colonies?

    5. The answer to that is guilt forced on by the black people. That's why it pays to keep up the work you lot are doing, and never give up. It's this relentlessnes that slowly makes the white people re-examine themselves. Of course, the slave-trade is an example of the worst kind of total control and humiliation, therefore why many are as you say 'touchy' on the issue.

      I've always said, by China never been officially under the control, the British, can get away with subtle racial slurs even seen today. That's one of the ironies of modern day politics. In order to gain more respect is to once been under the control of Europe. And before people start going on about the last week dynasty's weak rule which led to control anyway, it was never 'official'. SF.

    6. why would she be taken off air? I find that difficult to believe as chinaman is not considered dergoatory term in the UK, its been used by sports commentators as far back as I can remember, complaints have been sent into the BBC many times before as far back as 15 years ago I remember people complained, again its the usual reply, 'commentator X is an experienced commentator, we do not consider it to be racist in its contect blah blah.' the term chinaman is still used today by commentators.

      Also we need a link, a time of broadcast, which channel it was broadcast etc, more details of the chink in the armour comment, as I didnt see it myself.

  36. Of course you know what would dampen the effects of this... a British Chinese athlete thrown in to the mix, and equally importantly SPEAKING OUT when such things happen. e.g. when racist incidents happen in football, you get a bunch of black footballers being very vocal about it on Twitter. even if it's just one person it makes a difference. Yet because we have no presence in sports, no British presence in sports... then whites feel no pressure not to be racist as they do with blacks - because with the latter they know there are many British blacks watching.

    1. I agree. The lack of presence on the sporting front leads to lack support from the BBBCs and then this gap between BBCs and mainland China doesn't help. That's why so much of this is going unchecked (but not when you listen to your parents noticing with silent dismay). A lot of this was brought on by my parents in the past banging on about the double-standards. As time went by, you knew they were right.

      Personally, I always feel for China athletes, but in Britain, there is this strong assumption that if you are a BBC, you would automatically support team GB. This is actually projected by Brits themselves.

      I find that by listening to our parents' comments, we would naturally follow China's progress with interest because they obviously are. SF.

    2. Are your FOB parents that perceptive? Mine are not that aware, they never were, as they've got older they've become more and more clueless, their social circle is 100% chinese, they have no white friends, they dont read English newspapers and dont watch english news, they're also fairly racist towards mainland china as lot of Hk'ers are. Indeed the clueless stupidity and apathy from our FOBS parents generation is one of the reasons to blame for the failure of Chinese to make an impression in Britain.

    3. If you gauge Twitter, British Born Chinese on Twitter supported both Team GB and China, as the games went on and Team GB success grew and grew, BBCs became more vocally supportive of Team GB over China as many of Team GB's athletes are also on twitter, they tweeted to them, i dont think there are any Chinese athletes on twitter. The tweets in support of China gradually dissipated over time and were replaced by 'GO TEAM GB!'

      UK media played a huge role in previewing laregly only british athletes (except foreign black runners such as rudisha and bolt blake etc) and hyping up the success of Team GB and not focussing on nor broadcasting china's successes, where china did win, it was often tainted by some negative story. I found myself supporting the Womens Team GB football team, I didnt think that would happen,but again it shows the overwhleming biased coverage of largely only Team GB events on our screens. Its relentless, it does impact on you.

    4. Finally, I'm disappointed by the response to my article, the olympic games presented an opportunity for British Chinese and BBCs to re-evaluate and be reflective about their identity and allegiance in terms of what it means to be British but ethnically Chinese in the 21stcentury, a globalised world where chinas growing power is causing unease, whether the games has changed your identity, has it made you more British or more Chinese, but I dont think ive seen anyone actually even think deeply about the impact the games has on their identity.

    5. they dont read English newspapers and dont watch english news, they're also fairly racist towards mainland china as lot of Hk'ers are

      This is a huge problem, because of their (and many mainland and immigrant Chinese) insularity and only caring about the affairs of their own, it has made them turn on their own whilst oblivious that outside, non Chinese are equally spreading the hate to them (if not more so)... if 1st generation Chinese (and mainland, HK, Singapore etc.) actually looked at how whites perceive and act towards us in detail, we would stop with the stupid in fighting and concentrate more on how others, namely whites, are treating us in everyday life.

      As for how the olympics has changed my view and allegiance on being British Chinese, I thought it was obvious.. how can any of us feel remotely proud to be British when the majority white British have such obvious, ingrained racial bias in who they choose to support... judging by the crowds, they would rather accept a Russian as their own than a British Chinese. I can see how British Muslims feel so alienated despite being British, they shouldn't have to prove they are British by shedding their racial identity, yet at the same time as a Brit there's no way I would support a non Brit moreso than any other nonBrit based on their race. Which unfortunately, the white British (and other whites) have shown to be the case.

  37. Just watched Russia v China in the beach volleyball prelim Match (Mon 20 July).... even when Russia was losing they had more support than China, just compare China winning the first set's applause v Russia winning the 2nd set... the former was muted applause, the 2nd the crowd went mental. So nothing to do with "the west" and everything to do with white, racial bias.

  38. The first comment on this article got me thinking

    Mo Farah is a representative for the Somali community in Britain, and despite the mundane facts telling us that the vast majority are unemployed, rely on benefits and social housing, he is a positive symbol that other British races respect and more importantly, ACCEPT, This acceptance by the wider British community is the reflected onto the wider Somali community in general - despite all the former issues I mentioned before.

    This equally applies to other minorities in Britain - poor stats saying that the majority/significant number are reliant on state aid, unemployed, high crime rates etc.... but they have those few outstanding representatives - in sport, business, arts, whatever - that propel them, and as an extension their community in a positive light.

    Compare this with ethnic Chinese. Most of us are doing well, in a decent if not remarkable or important job. But there is no outstanding member of the British Chinese community that other British respect or look up to as one of their own. Despite the majority of us being decent members of society, trying to fit in - the popular perception (compared to other races) is that we are the least integrated. This shows that people do not look at a minority community as a whole for their views - but rather, the achievements and status of one or two remarkable individuals of that community. Of which, sadly, the Chinese is lacking.

    What ethnic Chinese need, especially in Britain, is a few outstanding British Chinese (no I don't mean Gok Wan) that all British can be proud of and see as one of their own. People like Mo Farah, Amir Kahn, etc. Though it's rather stupid for the wider British population to base the status of a minority on whether a few individuals have done spectacularly, rather than the majority doing OK, it's clear that this is hindering ethnic Chinese being accepted as British, at least as much as other races are.

    1. I agree, that we need rolemodels in sports and other media, but i'm also a realist in the sense that as SFs comment above, it's not going to happen as long as China is not 'under control' by the elites, hence all the anti-China comments that you peeps have all mentioned already.

      Even though I'm not bothered to watch the olympics because i get bored of watching sports as i think i mentioned If it were the case that China WAS to become under control, similar to how western media Olympics reporting seems to swarm and diss China at every opportunity, ironically, with China submitting to western political 'control' then we probably WOULD have ethnic British Chinese representation in sports.

      ' you're one of us now welcome to British acceptance'

      And re: BBCz's deep thinking about our identity, as far as I can see, it's a dilemma. If we cheer China, we are seen as outsiders, if we cheer Britain we are betraying our roots. For me, what that means is that as a British Born Chinese, who is strongly pro-China, I would rather eat dogshit before I support the intentions of fascist sinophobic western elite, olympics or otherwise.

      If that means having no representation or putting up with racial slights, so be it. I've always said we should just represent ourselves and support each other with our own media , anyway, I don't really care about being seen to be accepted as British, by whites, what is more important for me is celebrating our own lives as individuals, our arts , opinions, creative culture, and appreciating each other for those efforts. Whether that will ever happen, who knows, but that's why I keep blogging on here.

      For me, if we have our own sense of social solidarity, being loved by British whites will happen on it's own, regardless.

    2. Great comments. It's funny, if there was a British Chinese athlete in Team GB, then I can imagine the mainstraim media still being sinophobic, with common folk still yelling their sinophobic epiphets, whatever, but when you tell them about the BBC athlete, they will just either go blank, or just go "yeah but he/she is the exception", like talking as if he/she was the only BBC in the UK, and it's worth noting that those racial epiphets would still apply to the BBC athlete.

      Of course, they can always use the excuse of "yeah but I'm talking about da evil communist governmentz!" even when it's obvious that 99% of these comments and articles are plain sinophobia.

    3. ha yeah, TEAM GB with a British Chinese competing against China swapping between Sinophobic slur and Cheering. Comedic. No wait, he's Team GB isn't he?

      On another note, in line with comment made by

      Anonymous7 August 2012 02:56

      re; Tiger mum upbringing. That British Chinese seem to be at a disadvantage from both ends ie: tiger mum upbringing wanting practicality over, not athletic enough, racist media, again this is why BBC's should celebrate our own achievements. One of the problems that we are so lame apart from those issues is that we are so ashamed that we don't have any representation in media such as Sports. But if as I said we took appreciation in the effort that each of us as individuals make, without it having to be gold standard, we would have a healthier social identity. The problem is on top of the above ailments, it's the old face-saving problems that makes us our own enemy. We are so critical of our culture and of each other, that anything below a certain standard is just not good enough. BBC's need to lower their standards for BBC's and take genuine interest in each other and not always compare to the white default, this goes for sports etc anything. Blacks do this, whites do this, why don't British Chinese? If we love criticizing each other, why don't we do this in a way to make ourselves healthier and improve, just like we do on this blog to build ourselves up. There's a huge issue I have with Chinese criticism - the bad type - that doesn't build ourselves up. We are always looking down on each other because we don't want to build our own set of standards. Unless we have that sense of comradery and support as a race, you can forget the whole issue about British Chinese representation in sports, because look at what non-white athletes ( eg footballers) have to put up with in this white-centric country. Even if British Chinese suddenly got socially 'accepted', this element will not go away overnight, that's why we need to be seen to support each other's efforts, good or bad, with our OWN efforts. With over-riding white media, of course that's a challenge, but that's the whole point isn't it? We are a niche minority, so we should make the most of the cards we are dealt with rather than pretending to be something we are not. Approach our identity as a creator, not a consumer.As I said above, at times, appreciate the effort, and spirit, not always the winning.

      The problem is that we are always comparing ourselves to white culture, when we should be competing ourselves to each other. Using the athlete example, it's pointless comparing ourselves to say a Chinese athlete, when the environment, diet, coaching opportunities, for a British Chinese athlete are the same as white athletes. But within that framework, we need to challenge and compete with each other to make each other, so that if the opportunity did arise, we would have the support. Right now, even if we had a BBC/BC athlete, there's no fan-base for it.Stuff like this is grassroots based, you don't create a superhuman British Chinese athlete overnight, forcefeed him a shitload of ginseng and herbal jelly wind him and watch him go. Although that's what the BBCs that are unrealistic seem to want. Not enough give, too much take. Actually this is a common issue I think with Hong Kong Chinese FOB mentality, which I wonder can be undone so easily by this generation.

    4. Great post and so true, instead of carving out our own place as British ethnic Chinese (like other races here), we are Chinese trying to be white British.

    5. I made the original post at 11 August 2012 19:54

      Guess what the BBC have done?

    6. Mo Farah's double win is fantastic for British Somalians and Somalians, but whats the history between UK and Somalia? I think as we already discussed Britain wont accept any UK ethnic unless his /her home country has been colonised.

      In this respect, it also explains the complacent attitude and laziness of BBCs towards sports and as most BBC/ Chinese of the sports age are too busy fiddling with their iphone or thinking about making money to take any form of athleticism seriously.

  39. US just took gold in diving, China with silver (and Daley Bronze). This is the first comment I see


    Also well done to David Boudia, ensuring China only had a 75% Gold rate in diving this games, compared to the 100% expected. A brilliant set of dives from you


    says it all really. It's not just Go Team GB, but go Anyone vs Chinese. Fuck these krauts.

  40. Does anyone recall how just a week or so ago, when China was leading the medals table, how the white press were cynical and passive-aggressive to this fact in their stories? The links above I mentioned about "Will their dominance in table tennis end" and "China's obsession with Gold", as if to make the Chinese feel guilty about winning?

    Well now the roles are reversed and the US have the most golds, look at how the white press portray it now

    "USA push China aside to restore medal dominance"

    Oh I'm sorry, I thought winning gold was a negative? That being on top isn't a big deal, that this isn't really a competition or rivalry? So why the warlike headline then - "push China aside".... you didn't sound in such fighting mood last week, did you white media?

    When losing = passive aggressive, bitter, dismissive about Chinese achievements

    When winning = us whites beat them and fucked them up good.

    This is the danger of a prevalent white media being the "go to", default outlet for news stories.

    1. That's the insidious media for you. Two-faced to the last. Makes you wonder where the hell they come up with the 'unscrupulous oriental' stereotype, when these white-subcategory homeless fake hebrew diaspora are the most unscrupulous scum on the planet.

    2. Happybritishchinese, I wouldn't call it two-faced, but the classic fake sincerity that's always pushed. The tone is often slow clapping than happy clapping. The fact that China's dominance has been used as a negative, it means nothing China can do to gain respect. That's why I believe China must push the same feeling too.

      Something for you to consider, so whenever you think of why why why. Caucasions around the world make up a far smaller portion in mass over ethnics (or people of colour) yet when you think about it, the media is run by the west = prodominantely white, and they are serving for their own interests. What do they care about China (for now) and their feelings. I believe it's worse now because of China's strong economic position in the (ironically) capitalist system, therefore, the only last attack is the single party politics. SF.

    3. SF Its not just 'white'. Read what I wrote:

      'white-subcategory homeless fake hebrew diaspora'

      I didnt write that to sound 'cool' or 'intellectual'

      Somewhere in the drafts, I have an article somewhere on here that was rejected, and someday I get round to it will rewrite it and make it more relevant to this blog, because its the same story over and over again. They attack, we react, etc etc its about time we looked at the scum that are pulling the strings.

    4. Happybritishchinese, I'm sure you didn't write that to sound cool or intellectual. Having said that, the Christian right in America might be using these Zionist loving ex-Americans to harvest their dream of making sure Israel is in the right hands.

      In the end, it (to me anyway) all means one thing. A media dominated by a Christian right, with colonial tendencies. Which means, ethnics are and always should be under the control of them. Certainly, the media's underlying tones says that.

      And China is finding itself in a strange place. Is it the tall poppy syndrome? It can be a lonely place at the top, and especially when past dominating countries find themselves having to contend with what was once a poverty ridden nation. I think a really bad case of sour grapes not only in Olympics.

      It's so blatant nowadays that so many people who are 'not' Chinese notice and point it out to me. Any BBC who fails to admit this 'must' be either desperate or living on a parallel universe.

      Finally, I believe the BBC (British Broadcasting) are trying to get their own back in a sly way. They were practically kicked out of China and partially banned for their biased reporting in the past, and I was not at all surprised to see them allow their presenters have total artistic control with minimal corrections. SF.

    5. Its not the Christians we have to worry about. Interesting point about the tall poppy syndrome. China doesn't know how to deal with the fame and glory. Its like a shy child thats always wanted the attention that others got, and now its got it doesn't know what to do with it.

      She should just ignore whats around her ( or at least as best she can whilst being courted by imperialists) and just tend to her people.

      BBCs that dont notice the sour grapes are just apolitical. Pride doesn't exist because for them priority is first and foremost practicality and good old Chinese survivalist nature. May as well be all 1's and 0's.

    6. Happybritishchinese, I wish I understood this obsession about the Jews. You really sound like my father. He's always blaming them too. For now, I have to see. But I still believe it's the Christian right from America who are really the driving force. They need to ensure that the Jews are living and in control of Israel. It serves their religious purpose.

      As for China, she might be shy, but she barks every now and then. Or is that correct people. Every time the wrong flag has been flown, example the recent Chinese Taipei flag, you almost feel someone is behind the deliberate attempt to bait China into a defensive mode.

      Corrections sends out two messages. For too long, people think they can be ignorant about Asian politics and make usual mistakes like assuming Taiwan is main China. China has a duty to put it right, not from foreigner's mouth, but from China, and only then will people slowly realise China will no longer stay silent.

      Of course, further down the line, there is still a huge issue of idolising western ideals, and it will be for a long time. China has more or less copied the world model of capitalism, and on a grander scale mimicking white culture. The only difference is, China like a lot of individual Chinese are always more competitive and want to do that extra better than others.

      And for that, China will go through the same pitfalls and same shorterm successess. It's after that, where will China be amongst Europe and America. But for now, it's strange to witness jealousy masked under the guise of concern for Human rights.

      Ironic really since when China kicked out a group of former terror suspects held in Guantanamo bay, the world's media didn't know where to look or what to say. For me, it's the best example of the double standards employed, and the simple truth was, China held up a mirror for other nations to look into and realise their own hypocrisy. It also spelt out the many unjustified bullying going on for decades that China had to put up with. SF.

    7. Your father is a good man, I like him already. Maybe he will like my article too, when it's done.

      Speaking of which, how are your articles coming along? Time you spend commenting you could have written several by now, woman!

      Yes i'm aware Taiwan is used as bait by the west just like the other 'tigers' to attack China

      And now for some royal-related news:

    8. Happybritishchinese, I have submitted my first one, but it seems BBCZeitgeist feels I'm more into chit-chat rather than stating my views. He wants a more article format with facts and figures, something I'm unused to and to be honest time consuming. I have re-submitted for the third time, so hope it makes it, I'm waiting.

      I find it so much more easier to reply to comments, and build a natural conversation that way. I don't like researching and finding links etc. Many of what I have written on this blog are what just comes out of my mind. I have set views and opinions on why some things are the way they are, theories even, but I believe they'll not be transformed into articles well. SF.

    9. SF if you need assistance/feedback send me an email:

      Whilst I respect BBCz's independent approach, I'm also open to trying to assist anyone here who wants to contribute their points but finds it a challenge to get it into article format.

      What I've found that if you're writing from personal experience,in a personal way, sometimes that can over-ride the facts and figures. But I do agree that a little research can help cement your argument.

    10. Happybritishchinese, I'm waiting for the reply to see if it's accepted. This is the third version. If nothing next week, I'll forward the whole article to you. I will not be able to post over the next few days because I'm away, but hope to update you on Monday. Thanks for the email. SF.

  41. Hahahaha just saw Jeremy Hunt's Chinese wife sing God Save the Queen! That is just taking the piss.

    1. God Fuck The Queen12 August 2012 at 21:46

      Yeah, fuck jeremy hunt, fuck his chinese wife, fuck all white men and their chinese wives and lastly...fuck the monarchy

    2. and more inter racial white man asian woman representation in the closinjg ceremony...yoko ono and John lennon...are we getting the message yet?

    3. Whites seem to be accepting blacks and indians (wonderful bit of indian dancing in the monty python bit, what a representation of Britain, eh). the only demographic that wasn't covered was us. And since it was London, you can't fail to notice us there.... kinda like the OC (US TV show), where orientals make up a huge percentage but the show never featured a single one...

  42. @BBCZeitgeist, my parents have always drummed into us the double-standards of the west. They do support China and this rubs off, and without fail, we would take a lot of interest with China's progress. I should imagine right now, my father will be really worked up that the US has taken top spot.

    But my mother is not as bad. She is like a lot of the Hong Kongers, careful to distance herself from mainlanders. Even ten years back when I was with her in Hong Kong, she ruthlessly started a huge row with some mainlanders about their lack of queuing skills in some fairground ride. I was so embarrassed when she blatantly attacked "their ways" as if all mainlanders push in.

    I'm not sure how clueless other parents are, but if it's anything like your parents, that's not a good place to be. However, I consider my parents to be like many of the FOBs from Hong Kong. FOBs do stick together, and if my father's not permenantly glued to Phoenix TV, then my mother is attending her Mar-Jong mates' house to gamble. There is no integration going on. Ignorance is bliss. If they've not been exposed to the discrimination and racism today, it's because of their little circle they've built around themselves. SF.

    1. The difference is that they are the old... the old are sticking together. What about the young, the future? That is most telling about which direction our race will be going. (whitewashed, judging by our youth)

    2. Anonymous 00.35, I don't have the answers to that. I believe that respect and being proud of one's heritage has to come from the home/family first. I can see here for instance, a fair few feeling like they had to find themselves, not through their parents' but through soul searching and sudden realisation that something is not right, us BBCs are losing something. And that's the lust for white culture and not forming something half-way or independent of this country's mass culture. But just blindly following this country's mainstream culture.

      This can sometimes cause resentment and anger. Maybe even an over-reaction on some issues. It's a shame that many of our parents fail to understand what has happened. I can bet that they'll also be expecting many of you lot to find a good Chinese girl too. But at the same time always looking up to all things western. It's this strange mix and hypocrisy that has caused some identity issues.

      You only have to look at the Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus, they are all born with native names, still practice their religions, and of course still wear traditonal wear. Evers since the revolution in China, the only real down side has been to wash away treaditional culture and ape western culture. Hence many Hong Kong families adopting Christian first names at the drop of a hat! Says it all. SF.

    3. On the flipside, what I find pathetically amusing is white males, with their Chinese whitelicking girlfriend in arm, have their name ( or some equivalent to'white pasty cunt') tattooed in Chinese on their own/their girlfriend's part of their body to show how they 'accepting' of our culture they are.

  43. About identity. I don't consider myself to be a proud BBC because it doesn't sit naturally. This label has been put around my neck due to the place I happen to be born in. I'm happy to support and see Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis win golds because I know their golds are worth more than one medal. I support them as individuals. With China, I watch with interest, because I recognise hard work, and I believe in hard work. The British like to talk down hard work like it's wrong, like some fairytale they think they win by default. SF.

  44. Closing olympic ceremony, Jeremy Hunt's Chinese wife is sitting directly behind Kate Middleton, how wonderful it must be for her as a Chinese mainlander to be able to just marry into the White British Bourgeoisie, this ceremony is broadcast back to China, sending a lovely message to Chinese women all over China that they can also fulfil their dream by seeking a posh rich White British man! Just ask Gu kailai!

    1. Chinese women the world over have got the message already, a million times over, this just further promotes it. Like a leading black guy getting the white girl in a Hollywood film, but this is more damaging as it's reality. No wonder the whites have no respect for ethnic Chinese when the men lose their women so easily to other races, and the women WANT to wash their racial identity out. Of course they don't need to see ethnic Chinese representation in a British, American etc. team - Chinese women's descendants in Britain will be white in a couple of generations, whilst the Chinese men will be left without a family to call their own.

      Whereas blacks seem to have cemented their place as British AND carved their own identity as both Black AND British. A dire future for our race.

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.