Monday, 31 October 2011

Crystal Chan Model

In Hong Kong they are ’lang mo,’ in Malaysia ‘ah-lian,’ in Japan ‘gravure idols,’ in America ‘Hoochie TABs,' the cultureless British Born Chinese and British Chinese community being periodically sluggish in development, still use the genre of ‘glamour modelling.’ 

Although a lightweight in comparison to British Born Chinese pornstar – Tigerr Benson, naturally unattractive, an obvious Chinese victim of a white female and white male dominated western society with her huge unrealistic implants, our own middle shelf British Born Chinese glamour model Crystal Chan is rather similar but less acute.

At 5ft 2in with short fat stumpy legs, Crystal Chan is an unlikely model, neither classy enough nor tall enough, nor attractive enough nor Chinese enough for the Chinese cosmos pageants, however, this is not the higher class world of pageanting, this is the white dominated world of British glamour modelling, there aren’t many Chinese girls doing this in the UK, so for the moment she can have her cake and eat it. 

Her latest shoot reached the echelons of the mainstream - Zoo magazine. Zoo magazine rather like The Daily Sport is read by lower class white men, a reflection of the fact the models are also of the same variety -i.e  white and lower class, presumably Crystal Chan is the first East Asian (or at least BBC) model for Zoo, whilst an achievement, it’s not necessarily a positive one. The real question is... Why would any Chinese girl want to appear on a wank mag for lower class White men? (Note the St.George flag bra below).

 Perhaps the answer is all too obvious. Although Crystal Chan is a representation of many other young Asian girls in recent years that have entered the world of pseudo-modelling, Crystal  however, has avoided the Far East market, rather she is westernised, she was raised and educated in Cornwall, yes that very Chinese part of Britain called Cornwall, attended a predominantly white academy school, her heroes are other non-Asian models Katie Price Jordan and Kim Kardashian, her musical tastes are black/urban – 50cent, Rihanna, Rochelle etc, she does not follow any Chinese people on her 120+ long Twitter list, in fact the only Asian person she follows on Twitter is Yoko Ono – who of course was married to White man John Lennon, do we need to say more?

 Crystal appears to follow the looks of other westernised or Americanised Asian models such as Francine Dee, Kaila Yu, Tila Tequila, it’s not an East Asian look, she is also extremely tanned, another sign of her swaying towards black/urban or western culture, when so many East Asians are buying skin whitening products, the westernised Asian females go sun bathing - the favorite pastime of white people.

 In this photo, her tattoo’s are visible on her pelvic girdles and her belly button piercing, both are typical signs of skankiness. Tattooing of the skin is highly frowned upon in Confucian culture. Tattooing, tanning and hair dying of the blonde variety are all reflections of western influence although many trashy South East Asian girls also sport that look, just add a drug infested drunken night out in a dance club and the list is complete.

So two questions, is it pitiful that British Born Chinese females of the educational underachieving variety have trodden down this route or is she simply a product of weak British Chinese parenting trodden over by dominant western culture?

 Or... Crystal Chan empowering young British Born Chinese women to achieve their ambitions in white dominated industries in ways unrelated to traditional Chinese educational achievement?



  1. haha cant wait for the comments to start trolling in for this one. st george flag bras...classic

  2. Yeah, the epidemic of oriental women losing their identity (and proud to do so) continues to escalate.

    Congratulations "Sophie" Hong, you are now British!

    I do wonder how the Chinese got it wrong when compared to immigrant communities of other races - Indians, Muslims, blacks, Latinos - was it lack of religion? The Family Unit? Inability to prevent the women from "exploring" hedonism? Maybe that applies to asians, but for blacks black women have just as much freedom (if not more) than oriental women in white countries do... yet they have no wish to whitewash their race. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR WOMEN???

  3. At least she's modelling harmlessly, not letting children die in the middle of street.

  4. Ironic you should say that, because either way it leads to the same result - a loss of oriental identity and heritage.

    Whether through death or through pairing off with a white man and ignoring her roots, we are in a moment of history where the oriental races are slowly being cut away. Similarly, I just read on the BBC news site that divorce rates in China have gone up by 20%. No longer do people compromise in order to realise the goal of a stable family, they are copying whites and sacrificing stability and family security by going off in their hedonistic ways.


    Like Hugh Grant's little whore who knew exactly what she was doing to secure substantial financial assets, it seems most Chinese women are just money grabbing whores. Read this part

    "Traditionally, men buy the marital home. In a recent survey, 70% of women said that a man had to have a house before they would get married to him.

    Before the enactment of the new law, if a couple got divorced the house would be spilt.

    But now the property will be divided, according to how much each partner paid towards the home.

    It is big change and coupled with soaring house prices is generating strong emotions among the public.

    "I think this new law is anti-women," said one resident, Ms Liu, as she shopped in Beijing. "But then marriage isn't just about property - money shouldn't matter that much."

    So a staggering 70% of Chinese women in China are in a marriage for the house, not for... the nerve.... LOVE.

    And the last comment says it all about the state of Chinese golddigging whores disguised as "normal" women. As she was "shopping" in Beijing, she regards the new law that seperates the house according to how much you paid into it as "unfair to women"..... and, as is always the case with Chinese women, the instant backtrack to try and make herself sound reasonable - "but then marriage isn't just about property - money shouldn't matter that much"

    Tell that to the 70%. And to the Chinese women in white countries.

  6. good links, do you want me to start a new discussion topic on the subject of ting lan hong and chinese gold diggers in view of these two recent news items?

    If you get a goodle ID, I can give you the credit for the discussion or give you blogger rights to post your own articles/topics on here, but you need to create a google account first.

  7. i think she'll be alright.
    props to her.

    1. i aggree with you! Nothing wrong with that!

      support her!

  8. "Ironic you should say that, because either way it leads to the same result - a loss of oriental identity and heritage.

    Whether through death or through pairing off with a white man and ignoring her roots, we are in a moment of history where the oriental races are slowly being cut away. Similarly, I just read on the BBC news site that divorce rates in China have gone up by 20%. No longer do people compromise in order to realise the goal of a stable family, they are copying whites and sacrificing stability and family security by going off in their hedonistic ways."

    this was always going to be inevitable.

  9. Are you really Chinese chris, because you seem to just suck it up, which is the sort of attitude responsible for letting it get so bad in the first place. If Chinese men were more protective and forward with Chinese women, there wouldn't be this gradual racial genocide.

    There is much on Grant's playboy lifestyle, but anyone who isn't living under a rock knows of this... presumably that's why, of the countless number of women he's dated, NONE have saw fit to settle down and have children with him... enter the Chinese woman!

    Some choice quotes that will make your blood boil:

    Friends of Tinglan in China have told how she allowed the star to call all the shots in their relationship.



    Neighbours at Tinglan’s old flat in New Malden remember her as a girl who enjoyed a good social life.

    One said: ‘Cars would turn up late at night and drop her off – you used to see Mercedes and Bentleys turning up at all hours.

    So basically she was a proud whore then, giving herself up to the highest bidder. Once again, it is Chinese women who are at fault here. There is something fundementally wrong with their character. You cannot blame poverty because her mother was a successful businesswoman. That, and other races are not so quick to give in to the white man, and with such easy conditions, when having a child. This gold digger obviously went to the same school as Wendi Deng.

    And her reward?

    "Little more than a year ago, 31-year-old Tinglan was living in a tiny rented flat in suburban New Malden, Surrey.

    Her new home was bought for £1,175,000 by Grant’s cousin Flora Hood, wife of Henry, the 8th Viscount Hood and Personal Lord in Waiting to the Queen.

    Grant claims his relationship with Tinglan – who now drives a £40,000 Mercedes and wears designer clothes including £500 Christian Louboutin shoes – was a ‘fleeting romance’."

    Take note white men. That's the price for wiping out the Chinese race, Chinese identity and heritage, without "killing" anyone.

  10. yes i am chinese. yes it p*sses me off that there is a hidden agenda against chinese men. yes i find authors who wrote Wild Swans and similar works disturbing.

    i frequently try to come up with ideas on how to do some brainwashing myself. how to make chinese men empower themselves.

    but i regret to say, i find it to be a useless activity.

    This glamour model can do what she wants, what you going to do? lock her up?

    and how do you stop bbc girls from dating white men?

    people can date whomever they like. there'll be consequences for sure.

    its about balance. its about that chinese men has a stigma attached to it. like msg and greasy chow mein.
    stigmas, created by non chinese.

    i come to realise... lifes too short. pray. live your dream.

  11. You sound preachy chris and you are not as clever as you think you are IMO, you might as well say I rubbish at certain things that other people are better at.
    Of course you can counter with my comments... play on, but keep it real, I am not that clever FYI ;)

  12. Oh, some Chinese girl getting tanned and blonde-sort-of for a skanky photoshoot is AS bad as a 2 year old dying, being hit by two cars and passed by a lot of people. Nice mentality. No wonder people think what they think about us.

  13. @above^ why are the two comparisons being made when the two issues are completely unrelated?

    Does anyone believe what she's doing is positive?

    Going back to some other discussion points, there are women of every race that play the gold digging class/status/wealth game, arguably it is not exclusively a Chinese thing, obviously we are Chinese therefore concentrate solely on Chinese examples, but in high society, aren't there are women of all backgrounds and races having affairs with celebrities and getting pregnant as an insurance policy?

  14. Racial genocide? What is so special about being Chinese? Is every other tribe out there not worthy to share your bloodline? I say tribe as there really isn't any other race except the human race and we all came from the same place. So what is the big deal with us intermingling and having babies together? When a Chinese woman and a British man have a kid then isn't the same to say that that kid is losing his white bloodline too? It seems like racism to me. Eventually the world will become one homogenous tribe.

  15. @ above.People can date/ marry whoever they want but when the western media ostracise Chinese males with the whole desexualised stereotypes and hypersexualising our women for white consumption, then that is racial genocide.

    The fact that our women fall for it is because we dont have a chinese-empowered media that is strong enough to promote chinese men in a good light - yet - to counter all the brainwashing lies that is going on from the imperialist western media.

    IR is a big issue in the Chinese community because of all of the onesided socially engineered mis-representation mentioned above.

    It will continue, because i dont think Chinese in general have the balls to stand up to white-worshipping and infact feel they have no choice but to embrace 'the culture', and when you do stand up against it, you get apathy. Just look at this blog. So far only maybe 3 regular commenters at the most, outside myself and the blog owner have the balls to get a google ID and actually discuss and debate issues regularly or take interest in contributing articles. Everyone else just seems to leave the one-off comment and then vanish into thin air. With this level of apathy, is it any wonder british chinese community is as it is?

    The only way forward is embracing our own culture no matter what is socially engineered against us, and help develop it IMO. They can try and assimilate and outbreed/divide us but only if we let them.

  16. The idea that the world should be become one homogenous tribe sounds like the usual lib-tard fantasy. The Romans tried it within their empire but eventually a great tribal wave from the north and east overran the empire and their notional tribe was no more.

    The idea of belonging to a one-world lib-tard homogenous tribe under "white" or "western" hegemony sounds like an utterly repugnant idea. And does anyone honestly believe they would willing cede their hegemony under a one-world tribe? I seem to think that this is a like a last gasp effort to maintain control not out altruism or higher ideal but more from typically human goal of wiping out of your competition. They're just doing it through time-tested methods of cultural brain-washing, appropriation or appealing to the hypergamous natures of another tribe's women.

    Back on topic, it's nice to see average-looking to surgically enhanced Asian women perpetuating the yellow cab stereotype for fetishist western audiences.

    Great blog, keep up the great work.

  17. OMygod, look at all the angry tinglan hong responses to asian girl-white man relationship model. ALSO I'd like to make this clear, the article is CLEARLY about British born chinese girls or chinese girls that have been brought up here most of their lives. I don't think this even touches upon Hugh Grant's former flame.

    You make it sound like it is last resort that they have 'trodden'down this route and I don't think that is the case. I don't think it's down to the parenting either. It's just she grew up in a multicultural country and in her mind she can do whatever any other girl who had the chance to do so. I'm not calling it positive but it's a sociological result of living within another culture. I don't think her aim is to empower young girls to rise about the white dominated industry, it not as deep as that, she wants to get naked, she's going to get naked. It's a modern british female mindset.

    I'm not going to trash it but she could've put that determination into something more serious if she wanted to be in Media...if she wants a better career. That Zoo shoot isn't going to make her well known at all. She's just another asian face.

    I agree that there is too much apathy (@happybritishchinese) within the BBC community and I really think that boils down to the career paths that most bbcs still choose. Majority of them do degrees that will only benefit them. I haven't met any bbc that has done sociology or gender studies because if they did, they would perhaps be more aware. But Racial genocide seems to be very strong terminology and I resent the fact that you say 'our women fall for it.' Don't generalise us, your comment pretty much just said 'yeah they can marry whoever they want but if they go for any other race, I don't like it and if you had your way you wouldn't allow it!' WHY does it have to be defined in race? Why can't you just see it as two people. (apply this to Homosexuality too)

    Now I've done that, I'm going to talk as a fellow BBC female, which I see is lacking within these comments. Do you know what the sad thing is? The article and the comments have made this girl, a young girl to be rather unattractive, 'short stumpy legs', 'tanned' 'average looking.' That's so completely sexist, it's just unbelievable. You wonder why there isn't enough british chinese faces in the media when you've just made more than 60% of british chinese girls to be quite self conscious about their appearance and young girls of any race and culture are impressionable. They're not going to be confident in themselves and hence hide themselves away. As a chinese girl, I've faced SO many of these insults from family members 'oh you're too fat' even when you're a UK size 8. I'll get back to Crystal Chan, no she's not stick thin, but she's healthy, and that's one tiny little positive because so many chinese, british or other, are so self conscious with their weight having battled it, even if it is unnecessary, most of their lives.

  18. @yin. As far as 'racial genocide' I stand by my words. No, its not harsh. Western media propaganda is modern colonisation. But because we think we are too smart, and 'used to it'or as in the case of a lot of socially conditioned people who have had their analytical abilities stumped...refuse to see.

    I also agree with one of my anonymous brothers on here who once said that 'one of the problem with chinese men is that they dont protect their women enough'. well in a non-chinese media ruled environment and whitewashing area, i can only presume that the BBC males on here who who hate IR may well feel the same way. In other words, its our way of speaking out against the whitewashing that bbc girls tend to fall hook line and sinker for, whilst we ourselves do what we can against being targeted against as well.

    Alternatively, criticizing the real enemy - those who hide behind the scenes and pay crystal chan to wear st george bras for her white admirers is not something that people care to discuss about on here, because we are too scared for offending 'the powers that be'

    anyway her appearance has at least made some traffic spike on this blog so plus one for controversy.

    The war, folks, is psychological. anyone who cannot see that , just shouldnt be reading this blog.

  19. Again, with the women are weak argument. Okay, this is besides the real argument here, but 'don't protect their women enough...' Hello! Welcome to the 21st Century! I know it's your way of speaking out against the whitewashing BUT if you keep putting women in the subservient/ignorant position, it's a bit of a giveaway. If anything Chinese girls nowadays are much in a much stronger position and they are educated. For someone to turn around and say to them that they need 'protecting' is just a turn off.

    'BBC girls tend to fall hook line and sinker for' Again with the sexism. Women know exactly what they're doing, we're not all mindless sheep. A lot of friends who dated white guys, the white guys actually CONFORM to a more chinese traditional way to please the asian half of the family. Is that Sino-washing?

    The war is psychological and the war cannot be won with divides in factions. By pinning most of the blame on the most obvious observations such as chinese girls-white guys is just going to cause divide and dispute against men and women and if we can't both unite, the community will never be vocal enough.

  20. white man conform to chinese through dating? haha, are you serious?

    When a white man dates asian woman, he doesnt have dim sum in mind, there is only one thing he has in his mind...

    "does she have a hairy one like the japanese porn videos and will it be tight?"

  21. Here you go, one normal poster - Yin - and none of you really listen to her. Chinese women don't like men of other races just because of the media/white washing/ whatever, it's because Chinese men can be such sexist, misogynistic, close-minded and outdated tyrants, like the ones on this site. No one will find this attractive.

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  23. @anonymous ( above) and yin

    East asian women have been fooled into this hypersexualised plaything for white guys. when you combine that with the socially engineered 'feminist power' that is around today- career women making all the demands whilst the guys change diapers...dont you think theres something strange going on?

    that 'strength' as you mentioned is a socially engineered lie.

    i mentioned protect our women, yes because thats what men traditionally do for women. but you have been socially trained not to want that.

    I'll stand by my words, yes people can date and marry and have kids with who they want, but when east asian women are hypersexualised and eastasian men are desexualised /invisible in the media and you are lied to that white men are seen as a solution to all this and thats completely untrue...then im sorry, but that IS socially programmed racial genocide

    yes its obvious, because its real and happening before your very eyes. theres no secret about it

    may i suggest you read a few of the articles on here before replying back:

    let me make one thing clear - east asian men want to date east asian women, but because of the above, have been forced to date outside. then when you get the desexualised myth for east asian men in favour of your white knight, you have a double war going.

    in my own personal life, i have no problem with this, and let me get this clear, this is not a personal gripe. so label me as sexist chauvenist chinese whatever but what IS a gripe for me is OUR CULTURE and PEOPLE are being attacked because of this and so many of us are still too unaware and THATS what annoys me, personally.

    bbcz is probably better with the stats than i am, so you better ask him if you need those.

    as far as the community uniting...what do you suggest? this is not just a male vs female thing...half the people on here still post albeit smart one off comments with an anonymous id because for whatever reason dont want to be recognised for engaging in regular debate. and yes, they could well be male.

    then you have the usual anti-chinese trolls posting their anon crap. i dont envy the blog owners job to keep having to delete that.

  24. Comments about females weight, or more specifically the weight of Chinese females is spoken by everyone Chinese, not just males, in fact its more likely to be spoken by females, i.e parents especially the mother, it is even mentioned in Amy Chua's Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. So if anyone is trying to turn this argument into a 'Chinese male is an outdated sexist, misogynistic tyrant' thing, you're seriously mistaken.

    FYI, 'Protecting' is just a figure of speech, protecting means anyone who is Chinese (male female, old young, mother father, grandfather, grandmother) with a duty as a Chinese to be more assertive in expressing disapproval of issues such as inter racial dating or marriage. That duty should be placed on those concerned by other Chinese, especially parents, it should not be the duty an older Chinese brother 'protecting' his younger sister, in fact the argument is in reverse, if Chinese males were more 'protective,' then the IR rate wouldn't be so high, therefore it shows Chinese males are not protective in that sense, but are actually liberal.

    It is the duty of the parents to instill Chinese values. In the case of Crystal Chan, her parents should be disapproving of her white-washed ways. If you don't blame parenting, do you believe Crystal Chan was raised by traditional Chinese parents within a stable family?

    IMO, she is likely the product of a broken home (separated parents, divorced, remarried, single parent etc, no elders present) or non-existent laissez faire parenting completely devoid of values, where there is a void, the void gets filled by her default environment ...i.e localised culture, in the case of Crystal Chan who is British- its modern British culture.

    What can she do for a media career? she's an educationally underachieving young british born chinese female in the UK, shes only going to get famous in the UK by either doing sexual things for the interests of white men or going on reality TV.

  25. And I disagree this is a Chinese male v Chinese female split issue, it is an issue about those who wish to maintain their future Chinese bloodlines vs those who wish to dissolve them, that is not by gender as there are BBC males who also want to dissolve their race, but by values, it only transpires to be by gender because 1) Yin is obviously fond of feminism and therefore looking at it from gender perspective and turned it into a gender debate 2) that BBC females are statistically the Chinese group with the highest IR of marriage in the UK.

  26. I also disagree that gender studies can make british chinese females more aware of being chinese, in fact the opposite is likely to happen, you will get chinese females that will turn everything into a gender debate as has happened on this thread and look at chinese society as backward blaming chinese paternalism and the chinese male....with the white knight as the solution or even worse, lesbianism as a solution, both result in the subjugation of the chinese male, but thats ok because chinese males quote..."sexist, misogynistic, close-minded and outdated tyrants!"

  27. "A lot of friends who dated white guys, the white guys actually CONFORM to a more chinese traditional way to please the asian half of the family. Is that Sino-washing?"

    Answer: yes and no, its superficial, not genuine. A Chinese girl that marries/dates a white guy will not fall under traditional Chinese values in the first place, if she did she wouldn't have married a White man.

    What you mean is that the white guy may go to Hong Kong with his wife (her country of origin) for a vacation and visit her family village for a half day trip once in 20 years and attend some gathering and have 'poon-choi.' Of course you will probably say..."OH THE WHITE GUY IS FOLLOWING OUR CHINESE TRADITION!" Or....the white guy may go to his Chinese wife's mothers for dinner once a year and and buy her some mooncakes ( and say kung hai fat choi! Four chinese words is typically the most white men have managed to learn after 10 years marriage to a Chinese woman) just because his wife told him to do it.

    In other words typical touristy superficial things such as food and celebrations once in a blue moon- this has already been discussed in Asian fetish

    its not positive at all.

    I think its naive to think White people 'can turn Chinese' when many BBC's such as Crystal Chan aren't even able to turn Chinese. If a BBC can't do it, a white man certainly isn't going to be able to do it.

  28. @ Yin, from the pic I can't tell if you are a male or female, or perhaps transgender?!! LOL
    ....anyway it doesn't matter i have one of those can’t-do-maths, gender star trek studies degrees (BBC alumni hello!! U know who I am LOL), which only valve is speed dating, and writing sarcastic blogs about disenfranchised social groups.
    .... BBCz main point rehashed again and again (don’t mind bcoz good point) the idea that BBCs are undermined by non-BBCs making the editorial decisions when its comes to (female) Chinese representation. The market model explains partly for this reason, it attempts reflects the UK consumer or the cynicism of the publishers. If the majority of the readers was say... Edison Chen then of course the emphasis would be more about hairystyles.

  29. Right, letting you guys have a cock-fest since you proved yourself unworthy of having a conversation with. "career women making all the demands whilst the guys change diapers...dont you think theres something strange going on?" and not at all, you misogynistic pig. A lot of men of other races evolved and modernized their views. You are undesirable because your backwards views no modern woman, chinese or not, is interested in.

  30. ^ @anonymous. You probably didnt read any of the links posted above, dont like to listen to any other peoples points of views and pretty soon got back to taking up the back and forth argument, and decided to make things personal against me. Which i refuse to engage in. trolling much?

    If you are BBC, by your words, you are doing little to negate the 'negative stereotype' of a bbc girl.

  31. Happychinese, it's hard to tell whether you're being willfully obtuse or not. Yin and anonymous are the only two female posters in a thread specifically about the role of Chinese women in Western society, and yet you and your cohort of misogynistic baboons have taken absolutely no note of their perfectly valid comments except to dismiss them out of hand.

    It's quite pathetic to see adult males behaving like this, but then thankfully you're a minority and always will be. You've managed to alienate half of your potential audience with your sexist tirades, so please, by all means continue!

  32. ^'thankfully you're a minority and always will be' - please tell me anyonymous troll - do you consider yourself BBC? ( that stands for British Born Chinese, in case you haven't bothered to read the title of this blog)

  33. In answer to your question - yes, I am. My point about you being in minority had nothing to do with your ethnicity, but was a comment on your antidilvian, primitive attitude towards women. You seem to be labouring under the erroneous impression that Chinese culture is incompatible with women's rights. It's hugely ironic that you keep asserting your need to 'protect' Chinese women and yet haven't made a single comment defending Yin from the unpleasant, sexist ad hominem attacks from the poster above ("Are you a transexual lol"). Happy, I don't think you and Zeity realise how much you're undermining your own cause here. Some of the points that you've raised in the past haven't been entirely preposterous, but your obsession with miscagnation just makes you look like a sexually frustrated prick. No offence.

  34. @^ anonymous. Im sure Yin is quite capable at defending herself from Ian Ting Hong's 'transexual' comment - after all thats what debate on here is for - to broaden the bbc cultural mindset. She at least had the decency to grab a google id and make herself known on here.

    Speaking of which without appeasing to your continued anonymous personal trolling attacks, do you mind sharing with us fellow bbc'ers your facebook ID? it would just make us feel better that you actually are a BBC, and not some anonymous HAPA or sellout or even worse white racist who is determined to undermine this blog with personal verbal diarreah-like attacks whilst adding nothing of value to the actual conversation.

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  36. ...agrees partly with HappyBC, yeah I think yin whether a man or woman can defend her/his transgender self if he/she wants to, there is no need for patronising posters who think they are clever by using big words (wrong usage by the way LOL see below). There is nothing wrong being "transgender" if you feel empowered by it, but stirring things up and labelling ppl sexist is not really making a point, or developing a debate of intelligence or substance.... example

    " In answer to your question - yes, I am. My point about you being in minority had nothing to do with your ethnicity, but was a comment on your antidilvian, primitive attitude towards women. You seem to be labouring under the erroneous impression that Chinese culture is incompatible with women's rights. It's hugely ironic that you keep asserting your need to 'protect' Chinese women and yet haven't made a single comment defending Yin from the unpleasant, sexist ad hominem attacks from the poster above ("Are you a transexual lol"). Happy, I don't think you and Zeity realise how much you're undermining your own cause here. Some of the points that you've raised in the past haven't been entirely preposterous, but your obsession with miscagnation just makes you look like a sexually frustrated prick. No offence"

    Sad projection of the poster's frustrations and inability to form a coherent discussion. I recommend the person the Dimsum website for super lame debates that includes Oxbridge student who think it is empowering to be a beauty contest (fair dos), anyway need to relax and have a Yorkie bar.

    heycumsin, BBCz happyBC yau neill!!! Get u guys a BEER someday.

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  39. @frankfurters, thanks for the support bro, yeah could do with a drink, even though i dont, after this anonymous trolling moron is copying and pasting his comments above again despite my best efforts to play by blog rules and remain reasonable. anyway the blog owner can take care of it from now on, im done with trolls. this is what happens when you try and be reasonable...when this blog becomes some social experiment relic in 10yrs from now,if the internets still around, regardless of bbc cultural progress or not, for what its worth i hope people can look back and see the amount of crap some people have to put up with just to create a f--king voice for a voiceless community.

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  41. Please refrain from personal attacks against other commenters.

    Terms for posting comments:

    1. that's interesting because you personally attack PEOPLE

  42. thank u BBCz, "trolling" usually is a last desperate angry response of someone who has the inability and lack of intelligence to express their ideas and opinions in a coherent way that persuades others to think or further the discussion in a way that is progressive. i happen to be fine with some elements of feminism which no one has put forward lucidly even "transgenders" or what not. You can disagree without making personal attacks, if you don't it says more about the poster.

    good blogs this is a way forward


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  44. Firstly, I'm rather offended that you think I'm a transgender. If you really wanted to know, click the bloody google id.

    I can see that BBC Zeitgeist has made a good point that perhaps this we can't use feminist principles in place here but I really do resent being generalised as a dumb woman that has been brainwashed by white media into a hyper sexualised plaything. Just because YOU feel crystal chan has sold herself out by doing this, some of the comments here have been rather sweeping which is what I was trying to comment on. Crystal chan is one woman, she does not represent the rest of us.

    Yes, it is a danger that BBC girls think this way of themselves, and yes I agree that the editorial process may be harmful to the images of BBC females being sexualised and bbc males being phased out as invisible. I understand you get pissed off by it, but perhaps offering a solution would perhaps be a more constructive way of going about it, just in general (Not attacking anyone here). Perhaps there should be more bbcs trying to get into journalism and interactive/written media (Ie: not as models but independent artists, writers, producers) to be the people controlling the industry from the inside (Like you said in another blogpost on this website.)

    So, with solutions in mind, What is your plan to turn back this supposed hyper sexualised view of the asian woman in the British White Media. How would you go about changing the statistics?

  45. @yin I m not one of those who is generalising you as "dumb" or "transgender" (don't care tbh), but if you think some bloggers all think like that then you underestimated the intelligence of some readers, or misread some of their comments and project yourself into them. If you want to get all intellectual about it, read Roland Barthes critically.
    The fact that you have the space to counter arguments and put right what you think is wrong is good debate/discussion, and by offering your opinions. I am no journalist or aspire to be one, but i am aware of the issues debated and the way how discussions can be distorted for an agenda etc. My take is that there are just too few talented intellectual chinese people (that includes me) and the ones that are in "power" aren't that clever and are out-of-touch with the mood of most BBCs. This blog has its faults (srry BBcz but still like the blogs) but it does one thing right... it gives a voice for BBCs...that includes you and me.

  46. @big tau hock. sorry to correct you, but i think yin is referring to the guy who calls himself 'ian ting hong'.

    hard to tell whose who here with so many anonymouses...what IS the mood of bbc's in your opinion? whats YOUR mood? and do you feel strongly enough about it to write an article about? maybe email the blog owner?

    @yin - re solutions why not go youtube as a vlogger questioning bbc female hypersexualising and white man worship issues? at least then white media cant censor you. and you can remain undiluted.

    re journalism, why not submit an article on here? or write your own blog? blogs dont really do much for creating change change unless they have a huge following, but even then we'd need major artists ( who are worthy of supporting) to support.

    personally i think bbcs need to step out of their comfort zone and get over their love of remaining anonymous before even addressing the idea of creating political statements through art

  47. Is Crystal Chan hot or not?

  48. A Reply

    ...what IS the mood of bbc's in your opinion? whats YOUR mood? and do you feel strongly enough about it to write an article about? maybe email the blog owner?

    BBCs...It is fragmented and largely not interested in active “BBC” collectivism, the way say Canadian BC Edison Chen is who is cynical with his talents and assets, most hot blooded guys would do the same but less ruthless and with better IT skills or if they lucky actually fall in love and not get involved in naughty antics. @ HappyBritChin you yourself are anonymous as well "we" have no idea what you are really about as a person and it is difficult to trust your assertions or whether its all hyperbole marketing or opinion fishing, the way you negate responses you don’t agree with go and get a Email etc when it would be easier to say lets meet up at Chinatown or SOSA or Chinese arts Centre etc then a proper debate and plan of action could ensue and debated in face to face with all interested BBC people. I for one and my BBCs friends will be there but their opinions are way more mild that BBCZ and yours. Then again we only know this is we actually meet up. Some Chinese communities set-ups actually began like this by meeting up in a restaurant but this is the thing i am concerned it could be a bit dodgy and not what is seems, hence better to remain anon a bit like you and BBCz.

  49. ^ @ anon. speaking for myself, those are solid practical suggestions. agree meeting up would be the best way to see who we are in the flesh , and not just yakking on here because its fun

    re plan of action, first thing that comes to my mind is contributors which as you say wed need to discuss and agree on the initial direction.

    maybe not so radical as you suggest, but maybe a documentary just light awareness to begin with, something that firstly just asks... questions?

    theres plenty of material on this blog to steal from and capture the face of british chinese in opening up with questions, getting more contraversial, and ending with a question - what is our future? with answers from the public.

    the problem with this idea is that it can look a bit lame when its just random people who arent given much time to think so maybe we can intersperse it with some rehearsed comedy that promotes bbc pride ( this is the activist part)

    defining an identity on camera, sometimes you cant think about it too much. a problem and i think this could be a british issue as well , is perfectionism.

    whilst definitely having a definite structure,ie beginning, middle, end... maybe it just needs to be shot, done, and then onto the next, without worrying too much about 'whether it represents us correctly'...otherwise nothing will get done and we'll still be on here griping ten years later, anyway thats just my thoughts.

    maybe start by emailing bbcz, you can get to know him personally and discuss. thats how i got involved on here, anyway.

  50. btw im just vocalising my pride and trying to help do my bit by shaping bbc identity on here, which i guess may be a bit limited as you say we arent talking in person and having the luxury of being able to premediate and edit our comments.

    the only issues i can think of avoiding are the ones that the troll who has now been deleted but harassing me about being a sexist. i think ive addressed all that above, and also , hopefully, gave enough solutions that Yin was asking me for.

    if not, just ask me for more.

    i guess it can seem intense at times, but yknow, just speak your mind on here. we are all learning all the time. i know ive definately learnt a hell of a lot coming on this blog that i didnt know before.

    i think we should have levels like they have in wing chun, except that the highest level is expressed by how depressed we are with the british chinese community lol

    anyway just wish there were more people on here to discuss with. lol at Edison Chens IT skills

  51. Still laughing at Edison Chen's IT skills LOL

  52. ^ someone get this activist a google ID

  53. Crystal Chan is really pretty and if she wants to glamour model, then that's her life. We are not her relatives and she is not under 18, so let her carry on in her life. Plus there have been loads of chinese girls who have glamour modeled in magazines, some of them have even took part in pornographic movies.

    Don't forget Annabel Chong, the chinese descent girl, who made a world record in the largest sex gangbang ever made. Don't know who is the current holder, but I can safely it isn't a chinese lady or a BBC !!

  54. Wow, i am a British Born Black Male and i am amazed by what i am reading, however these issues are the same for all communities in this country. in my experience my female chinese friends only date chinese guys just hought i would mention it. Thanks.

  55. Right, lets put things straight; I went to secondary school with this girl. The stereotypes that you have tarred her with are entirely unfair. She was not an under achiever at school and I also believe that Crystal went on to do a college course too!
    As for the insulting description :

    "At 5ft 2in with short fat stumpy legs, Crystal Chan is an unlikely model, neither classy enough nor tall enough, nor attractive enough"

    That is totally out of order, if you have not met her, how can you judge? As for the 'skankiness' comment... well as far as i can tell crystal is in a steady relationship and has been for some time now.

    Also the "huge unrealistic implants" are entirely real I can ensure you!

    1. is she in a steady relationship with some white english guy? if she is then even better news - why ruin a perfectly acceptable trend?

  56. she wears a padded bra for christ sake and shes always slutting it up whether shes in a relationship or not trust me i know the girl personally !

  57. I also went to school with this girl - this article couldn't be more true - she is known for her promiscuous reputation in Cornwall. Her breasts aren't fake - she just wears an unbelievable amount of padding.

  58. "East asian women have been fooled into this hypersexualised plaything for white guys..."

    I totally disagree with that comment. You only have to see the Hong Kong show-biz circuit to see the sexualisation and exploitation of women. The role of women in the media is very much like the western market. Then there's those that enter the market unawares of triad groups getting ready to 'buy' the star as a forced form of protection. But be sure that if the star falls out of line, she too falls victim of these so-called triad groups.

    Very often the latest beauty pagents offers the latest star in the making. But the winner very often gets bundled off for marriage to an older creep only to be let out for a bit of publicity every now and then.

    Posters confuse the piercings and tattoos for skankiness, where in the eastern markets, cutey poses and with cuddly toys are simply the men's fantasies. As far as I'm concerned, it's a mixture of taste and culture. Most oriental men prefer to see giggly school-girly shyness rather than sultry sulky poses.

    Finally, this model follows this culture most likely due to the skanky area she has been brought up in. The Chinese are not postcode snobs, so very often fail to realise their children will grow up surrounded by chavvy culture. SF.

    1. Often, Asian women that dislike the concept of the hypersexualised Asian female is down to the fact they think its a male created perspective and therefore 'sexist,' but ironically the concept derives from Asian American female feminist discourse and relates to the role or portrayal of Asian females in the western media, since we're dealing with Asian American discourse, but of course they are also influenced by feminists in the Far East.

      I don't personally think that these girls if they were not driven by money and status would even apply to contest a pageant in the first place. They want to meet rich powerful famous people, this is their foot in the door to a life of glamour and wealth etc, of course those who have real influence and power that can advance these girls social status in life are likely to be old. In HK, its also the same for some hot chinese men, a Mr.HongKong winner (cant remember his name) 'serviced' rich cougars.

    2. BBCZeitgeist, I know where you are going on this one. I am looking at it from a BBC viewpoint which is quite often (sure you know this) from a western influenced feminism. I understand the Far East form of feminism, and both come to their conclusions through what they believe to be liberation.

      In Hong Kong, the culture is very western when it comes to entertainment. This is where you are likely to see inter-racial relationships like late Lydia Shum's daughter, and sometimes male stars taking a wife but openly sleeping with other stars.

      Women are often decoration. They need to play their parts in acting and presenting, but behind the scenes, they are often under the control of TV bosses who dictate their every move. Men often bounce back when they have their mishaps. See Edison Chan as example.

      Plastic surgery for women is an all time high. This can only mean two things. Low self-confidence because of what is expected as an ideal, or the fact that in order to get on for a woman, you cannot assume your qualifications will get you a placement.

      If this becomes the norm, it will not be a surprise that the younger generation of girls will think it is the norm to be superficial. SF.

    3. I dont think any of those girls that edison took photos of have seen their careers plummet, so IMO its not necessarily a male vs female issue, but status & power.

    4. BBCZeitgeist, let's just say it is power, the root to power is via a man. If that were the same for the many so-called sell-outs you bang on about on this blog, isn't the choice through marrying white men?

      I often see this repeated, whether it is controlled or marrying a man, women require the help of a man to get places, and I note that Chinese women have cottoned on to this very well, and for me, I find it quite damaging to all Chinese women who do not think that way. SF.

  59. The topic was going so well until it started "fat stocky legs.."

    Do I detect that BBC females are somehow the poorer cousins to China and HK? Are BBC men just as demanding and require exacting standards as intolerant white men? Certainly, the tone seems to be us BBC men have access to much better looking Chinese women whilst white men are left with the second bests. Hence that 5ft 2inches comment.

    I do wonder whether the accusations of BBC women shunning BBC men or is it actaully the other way round. It seems BBC women are either too fat, too dark, too short or too simple. Anything else guys?? SF.

    1. When i introduced my Bbc friends and english mates, to my Hong Kong relatives they are misinformed and reckon overseas chinese women, BBCs, are bigger and Dai-jeck because they don't eat a steam choi rice diet. Not all BBC women are fat there some skinny lui as well. But snuggling an ironing board ain't as good as curvy cushions during those cold rainy nights. Anyway having some chicken fillets with my missus.

    2. @Anonymous 00.52, you do know that sometimes these "dai-jecks" are compliments. Very often, if boys and girls are under 21, they like to think it's a sign of prosperity and good health. They may also think that the water's different in the west.

      Having said that, Hong Kong has a big divide. The younger style concsious types tend to be slender whereas the older generations are carrying spare tyres with not a care. So it's not so much about what's to hand, but more about people choosing to be slim and judging by the craze for Sushi, the style concious are super slim. SF.

    3. What would happen if the younger gen decided it was cool to be fat? Would everyone in Hong Kong suddenly be hugging each other like rolypolys?

      The water IS different in the west, it has fluoride in it.

    4. Ha ha Happybritishchinese, well, that's what I heard when the older generation was commenting about the "differences" between BBCs and the native Hong Kongers. Can't say it was intelligent thinking there. There's this big need to draw a distinction between Hong Kong and BBC. As if to say, west is best. Sad really. SF.

  60. Shut up BBC Zeitgeist and Happybritishchinese you pair of utter cockfaces (hbc isn't a very happy person, is he?)

    So what if Crystal wants white cock?

    A lot of BBC men want white fannies

    You have both shown yourselves not just dreadfully racist but also misogynistic


    Clearly had no game at school did ya?

    So what if she wants gruff working class white men

    Can't blame herself for not wanting self-loathing BBCs like you (I'm BBC male btw)

    FUCK the pair of you, you both enforce the stereotype of BBC males suffering from severe masculine inadequacies

    Now fuck off and suck on each other's cocks
    (I'm sure you won't like that either- quite amazed you haven't attacked gay people you intolerant AIDS-ridden cunt-faces)

  61. Oh yeah western water has fluoride for hygiene reasons you ignorant retard happybritishchinese