Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mixed Britannia

'Mixed Britannia' is a three part series on mixed race and inter racial relationships spanning three different periods of British history broadcast on Thursday BBC 9pm, part one can be viewed on BBC iplayer below...

As I'm in Asia, due to viewing restrictions, I do not have permission to watch this programme, but one already knows the 'Chinese' story, I read about it over a decade ago whilst researching the Chinese community in Liverpool. The story follows Stanley and Emily Ah Foo and how she became an Alien in order to marry a Chinese seaman and the race riots of 1919 that followed...British Chinese rioting? Now there's a shocker! The race riots were attributed to angry white working class squaddies and ex soldiers returning from the trenches of the First World War to a 'Land Fit For heroes' only to find their home towns and cities suffering from high unemployment, poverty and their white women inter racially married to 'aliens' that arrived in the Britain for the war effort, hence ethnic ghetto's were targeted, being the most visible and easiest target.  

I cannot speak for the programme, but the story itself is one that highlights the early history of extreme racism and anti-foreigner sentiment towards Chinese people in the UK, although the solution of assimilation is one that should be questioned. Lets not forget the main reason Chinese sailors married White British women was due to the absence of Chinese females in the UK, the early Chinese migrants to the UK were predominantly male, they married white women because they had no choice, not because they wanted an inter racial partner or inter racial marriage. Their mixed race offspring could not speak Chinese as they were largely raised by their white mothers as their Chinese fathers were often away, some repatriated. 

Today as it was yesterday, for a Chinese to be inter racially married in the UK is a slippery descent into multi-generational Chinese genocide, cultricide and linguicide, but the BEEB will obviously not consider this point, merely celebrating diversity- Mixed Race Britain.

Whilst early Chinese seamen had no choice, its rather different today, mixed race are mainstream and are highly promoted making them desirable, many Chinese are actively making the choice to dissolve their Chinese bloodlines by marrying inter racially. It is the British Born Chinese group, in particular the BBC males who should be  the most concerned by the dissolution of their community, BBC female inter racial marriage rates are at genocidal levels (see Further reading link below), for every BBC female that marries inter racially, their corresponding BBC males will have to marry inter racially too, the inter racial marriage rate will continue to spiral upwards. Increasing numbers of Mixed race Eurasian are a visible representation of the destruction of the British Chinese community, it takes on a new meaning to the term 'Chinese invisibility.'

When the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation, not British Born Chinese) researchers contacted me in spring 2011 after reading my blog, one was sceptical as to their reasons, after all my blog is not exactly politically correct on the subject, since when has the BEEB ever been interested in hearing a British Born Chinese voice?

Any programme on multiculturalism or inter racial marriage will be agenda driven. Why would the BEEB commission it otherwise? A programme that negatively questions racial mixing  - would not be commissioned in the first place, so of course such relationships are presented in a positive light - a struggle against adversity and how a beautiful intelligent mixed race baby makes it all worth while, just look how far we've come today...look at all these famous successful beautiful mixed race celebrities! It's always the same agenda - to promote race mixing positively. Indeed, as another commenter on this blog pointed to a link to another BBC article..'.mixed race ethnicity is mainstream now,' ( Recent research stated that mixed race people are "over-represented at the top level of a number of meritocratic professions". Mixed race encounter very little racism or discrimination these days, so why should we watch programmes like these and pity them?

In the end, the BEEB chose not to press my alternative minority British Born Chinese opinions any further, rightly too, my BBC perspectives would never have fitted into the mainstream mixed race 'agenda.'

Mixed Britannia Thursday BBC2 9pm

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  1. I hate the Beeb. They are full of biased crap!

  2. the seamen that were allegedly repatriated were ethnic Chinese, so who was allowed to stay despite being also illegal aliens?

    Their white wives and their mixed race eurasian children were allowed to stay, so even historically mixed race Eurasians were given special privilege as they have white blood, never mind 2011.

  3. Mixed race is the agenda for Chinese by the imperialists. Nevermind mixing white and black - theres no agenda there because blacks are already enslaved.South asians tend not to mix but indians sold out to the west ages ago. But china...mixed race , promotion of white skin cream, using white hollywood idols in china, white guy with chinese girl promotion in adverts...its the agenda because its one of the tactics to undermine the Chinese race to misrepresent us...and undermine they will try. But we are a quarter of a billion strong. So fuck them and their social engineering. In the meantime, with blogs like this, we can speak out more against this gross bbc misrepresentation and privelege that hapas get that we bbc are denied of. And in meantime develop our militant mindset.

  4. Your're all paranoid, what's wrong with being mixed race(I am), nobody's forcing you to marry 'inter-racially', they're only saying there's nothing wrong about it, in fact you even have benefits that others don't, Yet you take it as an attack on your 'bloodlines'. Have you ever thought about how the mixed children feel- perhaps they lose that part of their culture (language ect.), because you don't accept them as proper Chinese, therefore they feel more at home with the culture that accepts them.
    Also it's offensive to those families to say their sailor fathers only married their white mothers because of necessity is it unimaginable to you that love could have come into the equation as well?

  5. administrator should be aware that the swastika comment above contains a link to a racist website!!!

  6. The author blog is not only racist himself but is also likely to encourage non-Chinese who have the misfortune of stumbling upon it to become more racist. I applaud your efforts!