Thursday, 1 March 2012

British Chinese Kickboxing Association

' Jet Li? Oo's that ? Ah loov Van Damme me! '

Take a look at the following website  :

Like many of these kinds of martial arts schools in the UK, its a franchise. The website states the following:
"The BCKA is a non-elitist organisation that caters for all. Students of all ages, abilities and either gender are welcome to train with the BCKA and maximise their potential in whichever side of the BCKA they choose to concentrate, whether this be kickboxing for sport or martial arts in its pure form. With top quality instructors, upcoming and proven fighters and unrivalled choice - opt for the BCKA for a true martial art experience."
Non-elitist? This implies that it doesn't matter if the founder isn't Chinese despite being called a British Chinese Martial Arts Association as its open to all. But if its open to all why doesn't it say the word ' races' above? Is it assumed? Does that mean its okay for a British Chinese to enrol? 

Well looking at the website, it doesn't look like it...

'Fo' Queen and Country ey oop smell mi chip fat armpits lad'
'Fo me next trick Um gonna poonch dat daft coont out at the local Chinky'

 'Ow did dat fookin Paki lad get in da photo?'

British Chinese martial arts as a euphemism for White English barbarianism ?

Whilst Chinese in the UK are scrambling to be accepted by British elitism, Chinese culture is being abused and appropriated in whatever way as seen fit. If 'British Chinese Kickboxing' is just a technicality, they could  at least have renamed it ' White English Kickboxing Association guest-starring South Asian janitor.' The example of this school in the north of the UK is not special, it is the same all over the UK - its usually white people teaching Chinese martial arts, there's never a Chinese in sight. Or if its run by a Chinese, the assistants are usually either White or Black.

Kickboxing as we know isn't Chinese, its based in Korean martial arts tae kwon do,  most Chinese martial arts that's taught in the UK is Wing Chun. But in the instance that a school can call themselves 'British Chinese' shouldn't it bother British Chinese? 

What if those same Chavs used martial arts against you? Wouldnt that be ironic?

There are enough BBCs who want to be White, so why aren't there any BBCs exclusively exploiting White culture?


  1. They're EDL chav's by the looks.

  2. They don't mention 'races' in their 'list' because sports groups are frequently classified by gender, age or ability (men's rugby, under-16 five-a-side, beginners' lacrosse). This does not make them racist.

    Neither does the fact that they don't have any non-white people in their pictures (apart from the South Asian man) make them a 'whites-only' racist group. Parts of the north have few ethnic minorities. Also, many Chinese community centres have martial arts lessons which Chinese people prefer to the British ones. (Chinese-majority martial arts lessons are not racist)

    Unless you have specific proof that the people you are 'mocking' are nasty racists (the England flag is not racist unless appropriated by racists like the EDL), it is wrong for you to mock their 'northern', 'working class' culture. Just as it would be equally wrong for someone to 'mock' Chinese people for their English and their culture. Your 'joke' about the 'paki' being used as a 'token' is offensive. Would you dare say that to his face? Why do you think you can say things like that when you are sat in front of a computer screen? It simply serves to lower the tone of debate on this blog.

    I do agree, though, that the use of 'Chinese' in their name is not appropriate if they do kickboxing. However, misunderstandings about these things arise, their 'appropriation' is not meant in a hateful or racist way, rather, it's simply down to ignorance about martial arts history.

    It is true that many martial arts groups are run by British people and not Asians. But this is not China, and the number of Chinese in this country is low, it is only to be expected that many martial arts classes will be taught and attended by whites. In addition, Chinese people in this country tend to be concentrated in the restaurant business (older generation) or the professions such as finance, law, healthcare (younger generation). Neither are particularly conducive to running martial arts centres.

    1. Would you join them then? No? Didn't think so. You'd join a Chinese martial arts group wouldn't you?

      Many Sports remain segregated whether you like to admit it or not. The British Asian cricket leagues for example, it took many years before any players from the Asian leagues were accepted into playing for the mainstream counties. Local football tournaments and leagues, teams are also often divided along racial lines. Look at the local British Chinese teams for examples.

      Would you fly a St.George flag outside your bedroom then? I certainly wouldn't.

    2. @AnonymousMar 1, 2012 01:07 PM

      THe BBC multicultural argument, defending everyone and everything as equal and fair but wait..surprise surprise missed out the Chinese factor.

      Do you see BBC players in british football teams? No.Nor Chinese for that matter. Chinese culture is allowed to be exploited but whites are sacred. That you would defend white exploitation and usage of ' British Chinese ' in their organisation name with their St George Flags says a lot.

      Yes those lot are ignorant. But I blame British Chinese apathy for not speaking out against cultural violation, and you, an idiot for defending their ignorance.

  3. Ever seen Fist of Fury, and Hu Yujiana stories?

    In traditional Chinese style if you disagree with it, you go to the school, and break their sign as a sign of a challenge.

    Perhaps you'd like to have a go?

    Much as I'd lend a hand, Chow Gar is a Hakka art, and you punti lo's aren't one of us.

    1. HAHA. Do competing martial arts schools still have honour fights these days? I doubt it.

      Hakka is not an ethnicity, still Han.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. What is it with all the Hakka vs Punti comments...

      Talk of defending Chinese honour against white exploitation of our culture and then discriminating against ethnic Chinese in the same comment?

      How honourable of you.

    4. Anonymous01/03/12.21.22 has a point. Tradition has it, you really must break the sign. I doubt it was serious, was probably a joke HappyBritishChinese. But again, you touched upon an issue that is now light-hearted but quite serious in the long run.

      I could never understand the silly in-fightings us Chinese have. But, many responsible BBCs will (hopefully) do away with their parents' village ways where clans still seem so important, and sadly, some bring it here and start so much fuss that when you stand back, you think to yourself, "shouldn't you be standing together to fight something far more bigger?"

      In regards to the Kick Boxing Club, another example of all orientals are the same all over again. In this country, martial art classes are usually formed from working class comunities. It has recently been hijacked as some form of discipline to combat aggression. So you have a point about these Chavvie looking youths.

      You could say, it's even been claimed by the streets as a form of coolness, being able to take care of yourself.

      Chinese people in this country are less likely to be part of these organisations, because it seems mad to push your kids into these sports when they need to quickly take advantage of piano lessons to lift themselves up the ladder of the upper echelons of British society.

      Martial Arts on the other hand are for those less achedemic. A shame really, because as seen, the English are not all aware of Kick Boxing roots, and not sure whether it's a compliment or not, but labelling it under the Chinese banner might be thanks for all the Project A movies. SF.

    5. On BBC identity, and in answer to your comment:

      It's no bad thing that Chinese are known for martial arts,
      but its just unfortunate that to be validated as an ethnic in the UK ( or any other western country) ,you need to be known for 'something' to justify your existance. Whilst white is the colour that covers all bases, other races have to 'offer' something. Apart from food, and loose women , martial arts is all we have to 'offer.'

      It's been a said a lot on here, but that's probably one of the reasons that BBC stay away from martial arts, but as the article says it's ironic those same chavs that enjoy the racial gestures are the same ones that take up kickboxing.

      In that respect I disagree with BBCz and a few others on here who say that Chinese shouldn't be known just for martial arts. I would say that BBCs need to be known for something else in addition - eg as someone else stated on another thread, an understated cool fashion sense, is one thing, something that no doubt whites and others will latch onto and try claim for their own, but also something that we can identify amongst ourselves and more importantly break the ice with each other.

      For example, I actually think BBCs have a unique quirky sense of humour it's like an odd combination of British oddball down to earthness and Hong Kong mou lei tau observation humour, which we need to play up on a bit more, as a way of relating to each other in social situations, and create a sense of 'us'

      Again, whilst it's unimportant to show this to non-Chinese, but moreso that we naturally form our own small non-verbal identity clues that both distinguishes us from both FOBS and non-Chinese.

    6. Mou lei tou, I gather a Cantonese expression? I know that to be confused and dazed? I guess it's Chinese quirkiness. Self awareness is also another trait I notice. SF.


    8. Happybritishchinese, you could have just mentioned Stephen Chow, and I would have got it! It's still dazed and confuzed to me. SF.

  4. So you don't think they are holding flags because they have travelled to competitions in other countries and represented England - nothing to do with EDL you fucking moron.

    I will be waiting for you to have a go at anyone who runs an indian restaurant and happens to be white as well

  5. It's a shame that young men and women who are doing something positive instead of hanging around the streets and getting into trouble are mocked by the likes of someone who sits behind a computer wanking off to Bruce Lee - shame you couldn't find a worthwhile cause to persue - how are the folks in Tibet getting along these days?

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