Monday, 5 September 2011

Crystal Renn Vogue - Japanese Slitty Eyes?

 Vogue is caught in another race scandal for taping back the eyes of model Crystal Renn to make them slanted or slitty for a glossy photo editorial shoot to be featured in the October issue of Vogue Nippon.

In a video that shows behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot for Japanese Vogue, creative consultant and Editor-at-large Anna Della Russo is seen, with the help of others, to be stretching Renn’s eyes for the shoot.

For the full story : Yahoo News (Thanks Ken for the link)


  1. Think you miss the point where the japanese are the ones trying to make white people look like them, not the other way around, so crying racism is silly. Only if you want to call racism against the white girl, who had to look asian, but of course no one does that.

    Anyway, the japanese do that, noticed the same thing here , they do it often.

  2. You are the one missing the point entirely, the the vogue creative consultant and editor for the Crystal Renn shoot is white, not Japanese.

    Lady Gaga does not have slitty eyes in that photoshoot.

    This is just another example of yellowface/orientalism.

  3. the hemdean article is a similar thing. its still yellowface but because its the fashion industry 'exotic look' is deemed more permissible.

  4. Yea, but they sell for the Japanese people, the Japanese prefer to see an 'Asian' face more than a white one.

    No, but they did make her look Asian. And not all Asians have 'slitty' eyes.

    This is just another example of crass exaggeration.

  5. crass exaggeration? if Japanese prefer to see an Asian face than a white one, why not show a Japanese model?

    This is typical sneaky western racism showing a white actress trying to fit in, whilst despite the orientalism, showing that at end of day, its a white model that is in 'vogue'

    why dont we see Japanese actor Ken Watanabe with white-powdered face, monkey-mask, beergut, puking from can of lager and england shirt, tripping over a football, and you can call your headline news ' David Beckham showing off his English Pride'


  6. Right, right.

    Well, I did do a bit of research and noticed that yes, it's not very common that they put Japanese models/celebrities on the cover of Vogue Japan, which I find pretty odd. But then again, I guess it applies to Vogue [insert any country], they just put on popular models and such, because it's an international magazine. I'm sure Japan has plenty of its own fashion magazines.

    My point was though, that if an Asian model would have been made to look white for Vogue US, you would have screamed 'racism' again. But when a white model is made to look Asian, this is still racism against you?

    Football hooligans are as bad in any country, by the way, it's not just whites or the English or whatever you're trying to point out in your angry post.
    I'm sure if they hypothetically did that to Watanabe, you'd call them racist for making him look so white, anyway.

  7. When was the last time an east asian model was made to look white? never. never done and never will be done. name one example? white media wouldnt allow it. so dont deal with ethereal arguments.

    basically, its typical white imperialist media infiltrating east asian culture. and you are defending orientalism. just dont try and be so snakish about it.

  8. well, I suppose it could be argued some Asian women desire more western shaped eyes, ie, double eye lid surgery etc, however that is a given standard of beauty that is heavily western influence of which post-surgery is fixed, not just for temporary effect.

    However, there are no white women who want permanent eye lid reduction surgery to have slanting eyes with a reduced single eyelid like some Asians, its only done for temporary effect for orientalist racial drag such as the photoshoot.

  9. It looks fantastic I like it, they really did a great job. =)

  10. Lets face it, the Vogue fashion police are so cliched in their ideas, they roll out all the cliches it gets soooo boring. They love to put people and races in boxes, yes they have their asian fetish, yawn..please can people start doing something original!

  11. Crystal Renn is apparently regarded as some very super-hot model, and the flavour of the month. Vogue is simply show-casing this model there, in the hope she'll get more work and also sell clothes.

    Sadly, this is basiv promotion of white worshipping of the highest order. What more basic than have the model mimic the local beauties? You couldn't get more brash then that, having the model 'remodelled' as an oriental looking woman so people can smile to themselves and think "she's just like us."

    Let's not go into racism yet, since it is disrespectful to people's intelligence in that country, with such a basic form of promotion. Then to expect people of that country to literally 'buy' into Crystal Renn and what she has over her shoulders. The main aim was to let Japan know about Crystal, so that every woman there will worship her and her 'natural' looks minus the false look.

    In the end, it's just repeating again the West Is Best brand of marketing. Sadly, nothing new.

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