Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mainland Chinese Give British Chinese a Bad Reputation?

British Chinese seldom make the front pages of the UK press, but with daily new developments in the Northampton Chinese murder investigation into the death of the Ding family, Anxiang Du has arguably become the most famous Chinese in Britain. Although there is a propensity for the western press to publish inimical articles on China and the Mainland Chinese, (i.e British Chinese crime related news reports  revolve around Chinese Mainland immigrants), it is doubtful Crimestoppers UK could be accused of racial bias too.

According to Crimestoppers, the number one most wanted criminal in the UK is Anxiang Du, he takes his place in Crimestoppers historic 'most wanted criminal list' alongside the 2005 London terrorist bombers. Should we congratulate him as the first Chinese to be made Britain's most wanted criminal? 

An xiang Du is not the only Chinese on the current Crimestoppers 'wanted list,' there is another Chinese, also of Mainland origin.

For the past decade, conceivably a legacy of the Dover lorry deaths, Mainland Chinese  criminal  activity has become a feeding ground for the British press, with new mainland immigration came mainland criminal activity - cannabis farming, money laundering, human trafficking, sex trafficking, indeed currently, alongside the Northampton murder case, there is also press coverage of the attempted rape of an Mainland Chinese illegal immigrant by a Mainland Chinese chef in Cambridge.

For Chinese crimes of a serious nature, both the criminals and/or the victims are overwhelmingly of Mainland Chinese origin. These crimes are perceived as Chinese crimes or ethnic underworld crimes - largely cloistered from non-Chinese British citizens, hence police appeal for information from the 'Chinese community.'

Is the British Chinese community no longer perceived as law abiding but harbouring criminals and dark secrets? Why should the Chinese community know the whereabouts of Anxiang Du? Neither police statistics nor the  press differentiate between third wave Mainland Chinese immigration or second wave commonwealth Chinese from Hong Kong - illegal or legal, they are all of 'oriental or Chinese origin.' Imagine the furore if a crime of sorts was committed by a Chinese Mainlander causing the death of an indigenous White British citizen, a media backlash is certain to ferule the broader British Chinese community.

British Chinese crime rates are renown for being low, however with mainland immigration issues at the forefront of western media reporting, does the British public still perceive the British Chinese community as law abiding? If mainland Chinese are responsible for the majority of crimes committed by the Chinese in Britain - are they tarnishing the reputation of the British Chinese community?
By BBCZeitgeist


  1. OP you have some good articles. I wonder if you are a member of the BBC forum?

  2. Laughingor, thank you. I have an inactive account, are you a regular user of the forum?

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  3. For some reason this made me think of when South Korea's President actually apologised for the guy who went on a shooting spree at Virginia Tech even though most news reports weren't emphasising his ethnicity and he was a naturalised American. Then therew was some stuff with Korean religious leaders trying to order around their flocks to show remorse and at that point I was thinking "What the hell does one have to do with the other?"

    Honestly though, I don't think it makes a difference between being BBC or mainland because if you're not wearing a suit, every non-Chinese automatically assumes you're mainland anyway. Just today (I work for a Chinese business) I was approached and asked if I spoke English four separate times. No joke.

  4. Latest on Sky news...

    Police in Northampton believe that someone within the Chinese community may be harbouring An xiang du in connection with the murders of a family of four.

    DS Timmins - Northamptonshire police said yesterday...

    "Most of the Chinese community, like anyone else, will be appalled by the horror and violence of the crime. But somebody somewhere, I would say, is giving assistance."

    Why? Is it so inconceivable for someone of a different ethnic origin 'other than chinese' to be assisting him?

  5. 'are they tarnishing rep of BBC's'? no theyre tarnishing rep of ALL CHINESE WITH THEIR MEDIA LIES. bbcs are way too (a)pathetic.

    An xiang Du? sounds as made up as Bin Laden to me.

  6. latest report: - witnesses found an xiang du having his features photoshopped together from a random bunch of pics of chinese men, heavily assisted by a white male zionist. more made up crap as we have it. anyway back to the western elite's latest colonisation of libya and their war of resources against china

    yes folks, god bless our satanic queen. YOU MORONS.

  7. wootton murder An xiang Du will feature on Crimewatch tonight. RE:anonmyous it is not photoshopped, there is moving CCTV footage of An Xiang Du.

  8. @zeitgeist -

    'He is believed to have left a suicide note at his Chinese herbal medicine shop in Birmingham shortly before the murders are thought to have been committed.
    Police have declined to disclose exact details of the note but confirmed that it "appeared to be saying goodbye".

    wtf - suicide? so he killed them, and now he left a suicide note? okay...

    and re cctv what they had 7/7 pics of 'bombers' means nothing when we have the laughing man himself

    just a conspiracy folks...nothing to see here.

    and on a more local level i think we chinese in uk need to band together get political and speak out for one another ( id say stand up but thats way too extreme for the selfhating whores who dont even acknowledge each other on a train with eye contact) instead of spending our energy hating our competing takeaway across the street from us. sucking imperialist dick only gets you so far and thats F--KED.

  9. Name calling will not change the passive behaviour of BBC's, its ingrained for many.

    We must not forget that FOB's are largely responsible for BBC's behaviour. Why? because they raised them that way, and then excluded BBC's from Chinese public bodies, Chinese Associations etc - these Chinese organisations are all run by ineffective passive apolitical FOB's.

  10. FOBS. thats your mum and dad, right? Anyway I dont blame FOBS because they didnt know better. All Old School Chinese are like that and too busy working to raise a family in a new land. Comparitively our challenges are different but If us new gen of western born/raised arent more political about our identity then itll go on. Shame the infrastructures not there and we have fake charity ethnic organisations sucking more lottery money but then maybe this blog can be the start of a new one that doesnt need any funding, just initiative.

  11. If a Chinese man murdered a white family like that, can you imagine how much news coverage there will be?! Everyone will start hating Chinese ppl for a while eventho most are nice ppl!

  12. Kai , you bloke/female question mark. 'everyone will start hating Chinese ppl for a while even tho most are nice people' - are you a white rat troll? you talk like one. Moderator....

  13. are mainlanders less prejudiced?

  14. Yes, the Chinese think they can do what they like in other countries and when you as a foreigner steps slightly out of line in China, then god help you. They should all (700,000 of them)leave the UK

    1. That's very true. I get that smug attitude anywhere I met them or encounter them in my day to day life.

  15. ^ above comment was posted by a White Englishman married to a Chinese woman in switzerland. He was refused a China visa by the Chinese consulate so he now has a gripe and hates all Chinese people including his own wife! So he went online looking for any Chinese people to attack, hence stumbled across this Chinese blog!

    How do I know? He bombarded my mailbox with his hatred of Chinese people and said he was going to report me to the police (and the BNP EDL + UKIP!) for being racist towards whites after I refused to publish his visa rejection story!

    Moral of the story : Marry a patheic white man at your peril!

    1. ...=/
      I should avoid marrying the Chinese girls altogether =P

    2. Yeah if youre a white guy, then you should probably stick to your own.

  16. ^ 'hates all chinese people including his own wife'


  17. The Chinese Herbal Medicine industry is full of shady fucking bastards, that's for sure.

    I would not trust them for anything, and I certainly advise you to never to turn your back on them.

    It makes me ashamed of being Chinese with these people bullocking about.

    1. Why dont you elaborate instead of generalising? If your going to say something like that and then not give a reason, makes me think you are ashamed to be Chinese.Either that or your pretending to be Chinese from behind the safety of an anonymous ID.