Friday, 9 September 2011

Simon San murdered for being a 'Chinky'

Police admit failure to treat Chinese man's murder as racist

The family of a murdered Chinese man Simon San received a public apology after the police admitted that officers had failed to treat an attack by a gang of youths as a racist murder and hate crime.

Simon San, a delivery driver was set upon outside his family's takeaway by gang of white youths and killed with single punch by John Reid, aged just 16 years old. The police ignored witness evidence that he was called a 'chinky', previous hate attacks on simon's relatives and previous racial incidents involving  the accused, as a result police refused to treat it as a racist crime and Reid was caged for just five years.

Although Lothian and Borders police have apologised for their failure to treat the murder as a racial hate crime, the family's request for an inquiry has been rejected ...
"We can confirm the Lord Advocate will not be instructing an inquiry and is satisfied with the Crown's prosecution of the case."
Read The Full Article of the Simon San case:  Severin Carrell - The Guardian

Read more failings of the Scottish Police in treating Chinese victims: 
Police could not be bothered to arrest robber breaking into Chinese restaurant


  1. HappyBritishChinese9 September 2011 at 01:35

    Not sure what other evidence Crown Court need to justify a racist murder, Mark Duggan getting shot point blank in the face is one racist murder. Now this little **** gets off the hook after 5 years for racist manslaughter. Asian Americans would be up in arms by now like the Vincent Chin murder, but us? Too busy squabbling over hapas and fobs and dreaming about million pound TV sponsorship when we really should be documenting and raising awareness in public about this murder.

  2. HappyBritishChinese9 September 2011 at 01:36

    Email :

    if you want get involved in organising a protest video about this.

  3. HappyBritishChinese9 September 2011 at 01:39

    This is the result of white racists and a apathetic british chinese community so desperate to assimilate. our worst nightmare.

  4. Its not as simple as that. Some Brits consider Chinese takeaways as foreign, i.e they haven't assimilated, that is why they are targeted for abuse. For example, does Simon San's father speak English? If his English is poor like many of his generation, that is not assimilation.

    Some believe the solution to racism is not just to assimilate, to think like Brits, live like Brits and take on the British agenda too, but to go further and interbreed and inter marry and dissolve their Chinese race. it is ironic that those who accuse me of racism. i.e inadvertently advocating British right wing policy are indeed those who believe the above, it is the 'British Right wing' that believes all ethnic minorities should assimilate into British life, that clearly isn't me!

  5. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg, there are probably many racist attacks (verbal or physical) that happens to East Asians but goes unreported or unnoticed.

  6. What is wrong with whites in this country? I recall several cases where police AUTOMATICALLY treat as racist if the victim is Asian or Black, but for us - NO. We pay more than our fair proportion in taxes to this country, work our socks off (more so than other races including whites) and we are treated like ****. I call on all Chinese to stop what theyre doing in the UK - breed like rabbits and live off the state. maybe they will take notice then, they seem to be pouring money to the demographics who do exactly that.

  7. They tax us like hell and treat us like 2nd class citizens! Clearly UK is not suitable for Chinese to grow and live in!!

  8. HappyBritishChinese9 September 2011 at 01:55

    Just to give you an update, the mother of Simon San replied to my text, saying she already has support in Edinburgh, but if needs any more support she will contact me.

    See, all this talk about FOBs goes to show...reach out to give a gesture of help and they will appreciate. Im not a model human, Im just trying to make a point that we need to stop yakking and start being accountable - dont be scared , get a google ID and lets get a visible group think tank together.

  9. HappyBritishChinese9 September 2011 at 02:00

    The first step is social consciousness for Chinese globally even in China. Creating a video that shows how Scots treat Chinese overseas and let the Chinese govt/mainlanders work it out for themselves. Like I said, im not sure whether they are clued up on British race politics and even if they are they need to care enough not to turn a quick buck to make Scotland suffer for it.

    Whether Scotland would see a drop in its whiskey exports as a result of Chinese boycott is debatable but if China was to assume a colelctive stance in it defiance, its quite possible.

    My original concept of protesting on the families behalf would 1. create media attention
    2. let overseas Chinese know of this
    3. make scottish police even worse

    If theres ever a time for Chinese to unite and speak out against the effects of racism, now would be the time.

    1. Yes, I agree with your point on social consciousness. Unfortunately, there are Chinese people all over the world that are being mistreated, but especially in the Anglosphere nations (USA, Great Britain, Australia). We really need to do something about this.

  10. The activities of the govt of the PRC has little to do with BBCs or the UK, implying a country should ban whiskey imports on the grounds a Chinese person who has never been a PRC national in the first place is about ludicrous as it gets. As I understand, Simon San's family were ethnic Chinese of former Vietnamese nationality.

  11. Your response is disappointing, its this sort of division that leads to apathy, thus nothing is done. What matters is that the Chinese need to use whatever possible means to hurt the Scottish and make them change, backing down on a technicality (like the police have done) because 'hes not proper Chinese,' is stupid. China is the country with the largest Chinese population, thus carries the most clout.

    'Social consciousness' - I take it all your views about China comes from western press? Social consciousness is integral to our people, always has been and is stronger than ever. when Tibetan and Muslim riots took place and destroyed property, injuring ethnic Chinese etc, they grouped together and marched into the areas of injustive. Are you under the assumption that Ethnic Chinese are midnless automatons? You underestimate your own race. Show them injustices and people will react.

    Tell your family and Chinese friends about the boycott here, let it spread, this isnt about nationality, but getting help where possible and what better place than China.

    LORD ADVOCATE MULLHOLLAND IS REFUSING AN INQUIRY. When have inquiries ever chamged anything significantly to warrant a difference? They are used by govt's to diffuse situations, give those affected closure, nothing more. Yet Simon San is dead.... that's closure enough for me...I want justice )prper sentences for Reid and his cronies)....and I want to see politices put into action to prevent such things from occuring again. An inquiry will never achieve that.

  12. Heres more proof of extreme bias of our country's judges agaisnt ethnic Chinese, especially Chinese men.

    White guy stabs girlfriend repeatedly, gets 15 yrs. Thankfully she survives.

    So attempted murder of a white woman = 15 years.

    ACTUAL MURDER of Chinese man = 5 years

    Therefore according to British Justice, injuring a white woman is 3 times worse than killing a Chinese man.

  13. Skip to 23.04 and the white man said the racial slur 'gook'! I'm outraged that this is allowed by the BBC! Lets report them to Ofcom!

  14. 'it is the 'British Right wing' that believes all ethnic minorities should assimilate into British life, that clearly isn't me!'
    Right wing or left wing, it makes no difference. They never take the concerns of British Chinese community seriously.

    @HappyBritishChinese it's very thoughtful of you
    for going all the way out to get in touch with the family. I think at the moment they want to move on and get on with their lives. About this Lord Mulholland person if anyone know a way to contact him, it's a good idea get as many people to write some complaints and demand an inquiry.


    above email you can contact any of the ministers.more details here:

  16. For the record, I did write an email to them, demanding an independent inquiry but havent heard anything back yet.

  17. ^ Keep emailing them still get so annoyed that they will respond.

  18. For the record, they do think we are foreigner, and the reason they picked on us is because we work 10 times harder than all of them, while they are lying in their sofa watching tele and we start working in early morning till midnight. We still have our business running, and get the same benefit, but the gov push them to work, and give less benefit to them due to the current financial situation.....

    With all that, they picked on us.

    The police won't care whether it's racism or not, they ignore you even when they see it happen. The only way is to file a complaint like I did years ago, and get the Chief Constable to give direct order for somebody to review the matter in our area.

  19. ^ Thanks for the comments, sorry to hear about your bad experience. I think its a combination of police not interested in 'domestic' situations, and possibly, in some cases, maybe being a bit racist the meantime, if you could be a regular commentor on here we'd welcome your comments , please get a google ID and join us.