Friday, 24 February 2012

British Born Chinese Girls Ugly?

FOB Chinese model
British Born Chinese Model
British Born Chinese Model
FOB Chinese model
Are British Born Chinese girls fat ugly compared to FOB girls? Are BBC girls generally less attractive than FOBs? What are the differences?

Thursday, 23 February 2012



With British Chinese women inter racially marrying at unprecedented levels (Discussed HERE), just how to do they balance their desire to assimilate into British society without ignominiously bringing shame to their Chinese ancestry?

When an inter racial couple tie the knot, the first dilemma is whether to adopt her husband's surname. Whilst there are Chinese women maintaining their Chinese maiden name, many others happily join the White race by removing all trace of  their Chinese name, E.g. Liberal Democrat's Merlene Emerson. However, there's another group of Chinese women that have developed an alternative solution (see examples below).

Sneered at by some sections of the Chinese community and often castigated by members of their own family, these types of Chinese women are saddled with guilt for marrying a non-Chinese, they fear they are non-filial or being disrespectful to their Chinese tradition, customs and heritage, but at the same time don't want to upset their White husband, the result is an improvised bastardised compromise in the form of a double barrel pseudo-Chinese-western name to save face (i.e Wong-Smith see photograph above). However, this is a false compromise, the Chinese surname/family name is formally passed through the line of the Chinese father and not the mother. The creation of the East-west double barrel name neither conforms to Chinese tradition nor Chinese custom, in creating a pseudo-western-Chinese compromise whether they like it or not, these Chinese women  are treacherously and shamelessly destroying and betraying their Chinese traditional ancestral heritage, they are making up the rules as they go along as a solution to the problems they have created themselves as a consequence of their own selfish decision to break Chinese tradition by marrying a non-Chinese.

But the guilt trip doesn't stop there, complexities are taken to a new level as she reproduces a mixed race child (typically Eurasian) and raises it in the UK, the child adopts the double barrel surname. The poor confused child is given an additional Chinese name (as their middle name) to add to their western name. These shameful turtle mothers believe they can bypass both Chinese customs and the Chinese genetic factor (their hatred of Chinese men by refusing to date, marry or breed with Chinese men) and still reproduce a 'Chinese child' by breeding with a White man and artificially raising the mixed race child to be a 'Chinese' child simply by calling it 'a Chinese baby,' giving it 'a Chinese baby name' and giving it 'Chinese linguistic lessons,' in others words, they want to have their cake and eat it.

A perfect example is Fiona Falcone, a Chinese (BBC) married to an Italian and her article for She set up a 'Playcantonese' creche for parents wishing to raise their children in a Chinese Cantonese speaking environment. But why doesn't she herself speak Cantonese to the child at home instead?  Because her Cantonese is too poor and her husband and his family are white and can't speak Cantonese, nor will they ever learn to speak Cantonese.

Be Afraid: The Future of the British Cantonese community - Circled are all non-ethnic Chinese & their mixed race children attending the PlayCantonese creche
She epitomises the mentality of westernised Chinese attitudes in prioritising learning a non-Chinese second language such as Spanish, Italian, French, Latin or English (in FOB's) etc to please their non-Chinese partner, to develop their career or to pass grades....over learning their own Chinese dialect or sub-dialect. Ironically, the article is entitled ‘Keeping Cantonese Alive!’ She lays out the creche's mission objective:
   “I hope (to) keep Chinese language and culture alive so many years to come, my grandchildren will be wondering how to keep Cantonese alive for their children.”
You do not keep Cantonese alive by inter racially marrying with a White man, reproducing a mixed race child and raising it in the UK and still expect your grandchildren to speak Cantonese in two generations time, rather that is how you destroy Cantonese. In two generations time, her grandchildren will not be ethnic Chinese (Discussed here). If you want a Cantonese speaking Chinese child and Cantonese Chinese speaking grandchildren, its quite simple - marry a Chinese man from a Cantonese speaking family,  there is no compromise, you can't have your cake and eat it.
By BBCZeigeist

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chinese Restaurant Fires Employee For Being White?

 A law student has won thousands of pounds in compensation from The Ocean Dragon Chinese restaurant in Birmingham, after it sacked him for being white. David O’Neill had been working as a waiter to help pay for his degree but was sacked when workers were brought in from China.


BBCZEITGEIST: Daily Mail is so proficient at digging out reverse discrimination stories, however the fact the Daily Mail headline used BOLD CAPS for 'WHITE' is acknowledgement that these cases are incredibly rare, indeed, there have only been three other cases that the Daily Mail have covered in the last 2 years on the subject of Chinese on White discrimination in the workplace. Huawei Telecommunication's downsizing and laying off British workers, a Chinese restaurant giving its White staff a lower lunch budget in comparison to its Chinese staff and a White lawyer claimed racial discrimination after being sacked from a Chinese owned Law firm because he couldn't speak Mandarin.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Top Gear Anti-China Racism

Car fanatic James May hoping that the size of his new car will compensate for his dick size
BBC TOP GEAR hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, who only last month made a racist reference to the Morecambe Bay Chinese cocklepickers, READ HERE, has now taken a step further by  mocking Chinese car manufacturers in a BBC Top Gear China Special - broadcast on the 11th February.
 Not many BBC'ers responded to the previous article, so it begs the question :

Is anti-Chinese casual racism by the British media so deeply accepted amongst British Born Chinese that we would not want to make a complaint about it, because by not doing so shows that British Born Chinese shouldn't get offended by it?

For those that think that what Top Gear promotes is just harmless fun, take a look at this link from 2007 that discusses its irreverent attitude , 

Richard Hammond, 37, was left fighting for his life in September following the crash in when his jet-powered car came off a runway near York at 280mph, the BBC Two show featured footage of the crash. A BBC spokesman said: "Top Gear's audience is familiar with the irreverent tone of the programme and this was typical of the type of exchanges that take place between the presenters. It was certainly not intended to cause any offence.

The programme has fallen foul of Brake, the national road safety charity. 
"A shockingly disproportionate number of young male drivers are dying on our roads and it is highly irresponsible for the BBC to allow Top Gear, with its target audience of young males, to openly make light the deadly act of speeding."
Is it now okay, in the spirit of irreverence  to laugh at the near-death of Mr Hammond who maybe should have died by smashing his car in a state of complete boy wonder idiocy? No? Then why is it okay for idiots like Jeremy Clarkson to make light of Chinese car manufacturers or make reference to cockle pickers? 

Does Top Gear justify casual racism against Chinese by the target audience of it's programme, arguably mindless 18+ car fanatics, and even be deemed as inoffensive by British Born Chinese sellouts ?