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Nonetheless, please follow these simple rules (with effect July 2011)
  1. No excessive profanity, flooding or spam advertising.
  2. No trolling i.e targeting an individual/group to induce a continuous personal fight. No derailing of the article topic. i.e subverting the article topic to an unrelated topic intended to reverse attack the writer and/or his race.
  3. No anti-Chinese comments/slurs (see below examples)
  4. Posts discussing moderation policy will be removed. 
  5. We reserve the right to close/delete/modify articles, comments and rules without notice. 
  6. Comments such as "Race doesn't matter, we're all part of the same race - the human race," will be removed. These comments dis-empower racial identity as an irrelevance.
  7. Comments promoting the interests of non-Chinese maybe removed. Niche blogs based on religion, ideology, gender, race or sexuality promote their own interests.

    Examples of anti-Chinese comments:
"Tell your pathetic commie Chinese government to free Tibet"
"Don't be bitter coz your Chinese race is so inferior & you have a small p*nis and can't get laid" 
"Mao Tse Tung was a totalitarian fascist Nazi dictator murderer"
"Herro, ch*ng chong ch*nk"
"Chinese democracy is a pathetic joke"
"Go back home to China if you don't like it"
"I hate Chinese people, they're a subspecies that eat dog."
"You Chinese people have weird almond shaped slitty eyes."
"Your country is cheap, just like your products, your labour and your women."

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Objective is to create awareness by introducing diaspora concepts into the British Chinese community, debating cultural issues facing the British Chinese community, as the blog develops and grows, there will be opportunities for activism and boycotts, in the mean time it is important to create a vocal community of writers/bloggers to share their opinions.

There is little news concerning British Chinese life in the mainstream press as the owners, columnists and  readership are non-Chinese, it is not in the interests of the mainstream press to report on the British Chinese community. News doesn't just appear, it has to be written, if the mainstream press does not report it, the British Chinese community must report it, if we don't - the British Chinese community will remain invisible and without a voice.

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