Friday, 4 March 2011

Mixed Race Chinese & those of Chinese Descent

Alexa Chung is of Chinese descent but who actually considers her to be Chinese?
A controversial discussion on Eurasian Mixed race Chinese and those of Chinese descent and their relationship with the British Chinese community.

“[In the UK] 9% of children are of "mixed or multiple heritage" - that is, they live with parents from different ethnic groups, or they are themselves of mixed ethnicity. Over the past 14 years the number of children of... Chinese heritage with one white parent has risen from 15% to 35%.”

With a 133% growth over a 14 year period, is this a sign that Britain has finally embraced miscegenation and multiculturalism? What are the implications for the British Chinese community?

The statistical figures are tangible, one can physically see it in Britain's city schools, international schools and in Chinese Sunday schools there are more and more Mixed Race enrolled, yet nobody dares to question the implications. Reading the partial views of inter racially married Chinese writers on British Chinese website -, miscegenation is incontestable, there is no adverse critique.

Seemingly spellbound and infatuated by those who are ‘mixed race and/or of Chinese descent,’ like some unique exotic specimen, they exclaim “there are no ugly Mixed race Chinese babies,” as to imply a physically beautiful child is a form of justification for interracial breeding and marriage. Mixed race Chinese baby fetishers believe such an offspring is the apotheosis of perfection, amalgamating the best features of both races. 

The beauty argument is a double edged sword. On the one hand, a ceaseless stream of  successful beautiful celebrities with Chinese blood (i.e Keanu Reeves, Alexa Chung, Kristen Kreuk, Naomi Campbell etc) helps to perpetuate this myth, but then theres Gok Wan, he is considered below the standard of beauty. An article appeared in the Daily Mail last year of a British Chinese Male White Female couple who had TEN children. yes...TEN. I saw the photograph for myself, the kids differed in natural hair colours, some western looking with blonde hair, some looked a little Chinese, they all looked different, as nature intended, there is no guarantee of a beautiful child. One has to feel pity for those who fail to meet the stereotypical mixed race beauty expectations, its as if they failed to justify the reason why they're born. With the upside comes the downside, 'mixed race' are disproportionately judged on their appearance.

"You don’t look English? You don’t look Chinese? What are you? Where are you from?"

Even though British Born Chinese are probed with these questions too, their treatment differs from Mixed race. When a FOB meets a Mixed race who manages 5 words in Cantonese, the FOB will take a positive view..."Oh you can speak some Chinese, that's amazing!" Mixed race are not considered Chinese, its rare for them to speak the Chinese language, so the expectation is low. However, if a BBC (full blood) speaks Cantonese at a higher standard than a mixed race but not fluently, a FOB will say..."Oh your Cantonese is not good." Full blood Chinese are expected to speak it fluently, thus expectations are determined by physical appearance and mixed race are somewhat ambiguous.

In terms of identity, Mixed race can be in an very advantageous position. Their ambiguous ethnicity allows them to manipulate equal opportunities policies. Those with identity issues can metaphorically conceal their 'Chinese blood,' so they can simply claim to be...

  1. ...'White.' If that fails,  they can then "play  the race card" by jumping on 'ethnic' bandwagon by claiming to be...
  2. ...'Chinese.' In fact when that fails, they can try again a third time by claiming to be...
  3. ...'Mixed race/Other' In theory, they have three bites at the cherry, whereas a  full blood Chinese is limited to one.

This begs the question, are these successful 'mixed race' paving the way for the full blood Chinese or are they merely blocking them by stealing their opportunities?

Take  this recent example, 
"Britain's first British-Chinese musical, a hip hop version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing...tells the story of Eddie Woo, a youthful dreamer and wannabe ladies’ man who works day and night in his father’s Chinese takeaway."  

The leading actor in the role is Stephen Hoo. Perhaps conveniently he doesn't say where his parents are from, merely 'being proud of his heritage.' Visibly, his facial appearance screams charlatan, he is not Chinese, rather he is mixed race. Have you ever seen a Chinese White mixed race person working in a Chinese take away in the UK? Restaurant yes, takeaway no. (Gok Wan's father owned a restaurant and Tita Lau too ) Yet theres one playing the leading role in the musical about a Chinese Takeaway. The Chinese take-away is an iconic of representation of British Chinese culture, yet even that is not represented by a full blood Chinese.

I have been asking the same question for two decades now, why are there no famous British Born Chinese people who were born and raised in the UK (to parents who are both pure blood Chinese) and still live in the UK? (Stevie Hoang, but he's not exactly famous).

There are established factors, i.e Chinese parental discouragement, industrial discrimination of Chinese, class factors or...could it be that the few limited ‘ethnic’opportunities that arise for Chinese in the UK are all purloined by the mixed race and other non-BBC Chinese? Reading the biographical backgrounds of relatively famous British Chinese people, most are either born overseas, raised overseas, have emigrated or are mixed race (This issue will be explored in my next blog). Being optimistic, someone will come through eventually....or won't they? They now have to compete with a 133% rise in mixed race children.

Consequences of miscegenation - Genocide, Cultricide and Linguicide

In general, there are three routes.
  1. Hegemonic Western Cultural Assimilation 
  2. Multiculturalism/Biculturalism 
  3. Sinocentricism
It is common for mixed race children to enter a phase where their identity is questioned, even within a multicultural society they theorectically still have to choose which way they go. In practice however, their future is determined at birth.

Hierachy of ‘Chineseness’ (i.e how culturally Chinese you will be 1 = most 5 = Least) 
  1. Far East Raised FOB's
  2. Far East Raised emigrating Overseas
  3. Western Raised BBC's Born to Foreign Raised Parents
  4. Western raised BBC's Born to Western Raised Parents
  5. Mixed Race
The most culturally Chinese are those raised in the Far East. The least culturally Chinese are Mixed Race.  There isn't a British Chinese mixed race culture to envelop them in, so on probability, mixed race will assimilate into local hegemonic culture or 'turn native' by default.

Hierarchy of Chineseness For Mixed Race Chinese and White

1.      Chinese father, White mother
2.      White father, Chinese mother

 The least culturally Chinese will be a Mixed Chinese White baby born to a White father Chinese mother, based on personal experience, more so if its a girl than a boy.  A self-hating inter racially married Chinese female whose life ambition is to obliterate her Chinese bloodline should pray that she gives birth to a daughter.

If the Child has a Chinese father, his Chinese surname can act as a gravitational pull towards a Chinese identity, 'carrying the family name' along with its obligations is a reminder of their heritage, at least for Chinese males (females have different obligations), so it cannot be enforced by a White Father or his Chinese she has a tendency to follow her husband's culture. However, there are limits, a mixed race child is a tabula rasa, it is devoid of heritage or cultural responsibility and if it is raised in the UK, it is highly unlikely to be sinocentric. If the child doesn't become westernised in the home during its early years, it certainly will be by the time it spends a year in nursery or studying in a British school. These establishments will do their utmost to white-wash the child via socialisation and assimilation, it is not uncommon for Chinese parents to be instructed by the school or nursery not to speak Chinese in the home, it is said that speaking an alternative language to English impairs the Child's development in school causing him to lag behind in class. Consequently, servile BBC's who complied with this white-washing route are well educated, mastering Latin and French, yet they can't speak their own ethnic Chinese language. Generally, by raising a child in the west,  the overall odds for racial, cultural and linguistic preservation are poor, irrespective of ethnic parenting variations.

It gets worse. Statistically, according to 2001 census, mixed race are more likely to marry inter racially than any other race, its not uncommon for their partner also to be mixed race like themselves but not necessarily the same mix nor Mixed race Chinese. Its  rare for a mixed race Chinese to marry a full blood Chinese. There are exceptions of course, Jamie Cho whose partner is British Taiwanese chef Ching He Huang.


British mixed race Chinese are barely Chinese, neither in physical shape, cultural form nor linguistically, if they themselves are incapable of upholding their Chineseness, then their offspring are certainly not going to do it.

A topical example, Polly Samson (of Chinese descent). 
The mother of Charlie Gilmour who was arrested for his part in the student riots in London late last year. There is nothing Chinese about her or her son, if it wasn't reported in the press, nobody would know she had Chinese blood.  

And...if a full blood Chinese has an child with a half White half Chinese partner, the child will be 75% 3/4 Chinese. Will a 75% Chinese uphold their Chineseness? There is a famous example, Alexa Chung. Alexa Chung's father is 75% 3/4 Chinese,
"I'm 3/8 Chinese 5/8 English. A very silly fraction. Less than a half,more that a quarter." 
Her father did not marry a Chinese, he married a White woman. How Chinese is their '3/8 Chinese' daughter? Alexa Chung is basically a White woman who will marry a White guy or a non-Chinese mixed race.

It is puzzling as to why mixed race are 'considered' part of the British Chinese community. Mona Hammond who played Blossom Jackson in Eastenders has a Chinese father, yet it is doubtful a Chinese person would consider her to be Chinese, but Black, she has never played a Chinese role in her life. Maybe exceptions are made for Alexa Chung et al because She is mixed race Chinese and White Caucasian and has White skin as opposed to Black skin. Or perhaps the fact there are no famous British Born Chinese people (full bloods raised and live in UK) with celebrity status, so mixed race are the next best thing, rather like clutching straws. Chinese people really do wish that Alexa Chung can speak Chinese so they can proudly claim "She's one of ours and she's an A-list."

However, merely being mixed race or biracial or of 'Chinese descent' flatters to deceive, it doesn't follow that a half White half Chinese person will be bi-cultural,  they will rarely reflect 50% British culture and 50% Chinese culture, culturally its likely to be nearer 90% non-Chinese 10% Chinese, whereas their children in the next generation (as in case of Alexa Chung i.e who has a pureblood Chinese grandparent) will be culturally 0% Chinese. They cannot speak Chinese, they do not look Chinese, they do not follow Chinese culture, they do not identify themselves with other Chinese people, their social or dating circles are not Chinese, nor do many Chinese people perceive mixed race as being Chinese. In the west, miscegenation is the start of a slippery descent into multi-generational cultricide, genocide and linguicide, it is extremely unlikely the following generations will re-breed with Chinese and yet amusingly they can claim to be Chinese by virtue of a Han Chinese relative high up the family tree.


  1. I work in documentaries and am working on one about mixed race. Would it be possible to speak to you over the phone? XXXXXXXXXXXXXX@XXXXX.XXX

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  2. this reminds me of Americans calling themselves Irish because their great great ancestor, twice removed etc. was... despite them being 5th generation Americans.

  3. There's a reason why white men who tend to have children with asian women either already have previous families, or are quite likely to break up with their asian bride for a white woman later on. Essentially they want to keep their "pure" bloodline i.e. have white kids with a white mother to raise them up - let's call it the "proper" family - whilst spreading his seed and denying other races' men of their families by doing to same to their women.

    Hence why young white men want to take their asian brides back home, so they can increase the chances of diversity in his genes (at the expense of the asians) - whilst its old expats who retire to asia, after having see his white family grow up and thus going to Thailand or similar to start a new one.

    1. I can not believe what I am reading!! I am British my partner Cantonese and we are expecting our baby in 6wks! I feel so upset about what is being said about mixed race Chinese, I know our baby is going to be beautiful and I am proud to be having a half Chinese baby... You make it sound like there is a book that is meant to be followed and god help you if you do not follow by the rules.. My partner was born in England but both his parents Cantonese, if Chinese are so against mixed race why bring their children to a country full of English girls/boys.. It is bound to happen.. Really worried about how our baby is going to be looked upon now :(

    2. Why should you have anything to worry about? By the time your child is a teenager, being Eurasian could well be the BBC norm.

      Re: Why bring their children to a country full of English girls/boys.

      Some earlier generations to escape communism, or from places ironically, indirectly affected by British Colonialism, but in general to have a better standard of living,unaware when those children come of age they are left mentally defenseless in an Anti-china jealous western world.

    3. This website, if anything, appears hugely Xenophobic.

    4. I agree. Although this blog seem seemingly well-researched, the conclusion(s) from said research is rather misguided. What is the point? Mixed race babies are the result of mixed race couples - who more often than not, marry because of their attraction to each other. And a mixed race person should acknowledge his/her ancestry and heritage, no matter how minor. Would you rather Alexa Chung et. al not say anything about her Chinese heritage? I am of mixed white/asian heritage and I am quite comfortable with myself and proud of both. It seems the writer raises quite (meaningless) points that are actually non issues to most happy mixed race folks.

  4. That is an interesting theory, maybe if someone can find some statistics to show what percentage of these White men with brides or girlfriends in Asia were already previously married i.e ex-divorcee.

  5. so should chinese men (pure blood) spread their seeds and populate as many non chinese females as possible? It can be done as there are enough sexy chinese male that attract non chinese females. BUT to me it is totally against my beliefs.

  6. > The most culturally Chinese are those raised in the Far East.

    Not quite true. They will deny it now, but a few years ago many HK'ers would go out of their way point out that they weren't Chinese almost as if it were a mark of pride to be from a British run colony instead. And then there were the culturally naive mainlanders who came over in the 1990's and early 2000's facinated by Western ideals...

    Ok, back to topic. There has always been pressure on Chinese families to stay Chinese. But could it be that that the past weakness of Chinese culture in places like the UK significantly weakened this pressure and therefore contributed to increased inter marriage? If so, this should change due to China's ascendancy.

    On the other hand, there may be a growing number of overeducated Chinese with new age ideas about multiculturalism so who knows... Be interesting to see some statistics.

  7. Daniel York writes-

    I notice you closed the other discusssion because you couldn't take the pasting you were getting, Zitty. That really is the worst thing about you by the way. Being an ignorant racist is bad enough but the fact you've got no guts and can't even take part in a decent argument really do make Zitty a dull, dull boy.

    I see you're spouting your usual racial claptrap on here, though. Been into every SINGLE Chinese takeaway in Britain have you? Got solid evidence for your dubious racial slurs?

    It's ironic you dislike The Daily Mail so much, Zitty, because that's exactly what you resemble with your glib reactions to situations which you then use to write ill informed missives about fuelled by your own innate prejudices.

    "Uber Chinaman" is what YOU are in your head, Zitty. In YOUR mind (no one else's) YOU know exactly how every single Chinese person thinks, feels, reacts. You're qualified to talk with absolute authority on anything pertaining to be Chinese issues. YOU are judge and jury over who is and isn't Chinese and what Chinese do and don't want to watch, like, appreciate.

    In answer to the question which didn't want an answer to: black people have been playing with stereotypical ideas about their identity for YEARS now, though not in the crude hyperbole which, you in your profound knee jerk ignorance, think is aping The Missing Chink.

    Anyway, my challenge stands. You and me, we watch The Missing Chink at the same time, we both write about it. We DISCUSS. We DEBATE.

    Or can you not take the heat?

  8. No Daniel, its an open discussion, not a personal ‘tit for tat’ between you and me.
    I’m not here to inflame you and you need to stop continuously labelling me a racist to anything i post - that is classic knee jerk reaction. You also need to stop using chinese racial slurs, it makes you the racist, or even worse - a self-hater.

    TMC is old news, its been over-discussed to the point of death- there is nothing more to discuss without going in circles, that is why I closed it, there are over 20 very long comments on it, thats probably longer than any discussion on any article on Dimsum. If you want me or any other reader to watch something ‘RECENT’ that you’ve written or produced or acted in etc, I will happily do so.

  9. Daniel York writes-


    I will endeavour to refrain from describing you as "racist" but you have to admit the way you constantly dismiss people as "not even ethnic Chinese" is somewhat uncomfortable. I appreciate that you're not ACTUALLY referring to people as "dirty half breeds" but it's perilously close at times.

    I have NEVER attempted to use racial slurs at you. When I describe you as "Uber Chinaman" I am sarcastically calling you "Super Chinaman" for your constant trumpeting of what is and isn't Chinese and what the "Chinese Community" likes, dislikes or is "served" or "represented" by. If you've taken that as a "racial slur" then I apologise. I must confess I'm somewhat flattered, though, that you refer to me as a "self hater" as this means that MAYBE you consider me "ethnically Chinese" enough to have something to hate.

    Yes, TMC (which I had nothing to do with BTW) is "old news". But YOU brought it up and used it to attack Paul in the same way you used the unsubstantiated "personal gripe" jibe to attack me. I found this very frustrating as it just completely negates the points Paul and myself were making (in different ways). I don't mind you DISAGREEING with the points but at times you seem ridiculously eager to rubbish everyone and everything without really weighing up what they're actually SAYING. There is a serious debate to be had about East Asians in UK theatre. On one hand, you're right. We CANNOT have a theatre company that represents any "community". But we CAN have one that provides performers and writers of East Asian descent to have a platform to create work that reflects ASPECTS of East Asian experience.

    Zeit, do you REALLY find that concept so disagreeable?

    I also got annoyed because labelling it as a "personal gripe" is exactly the tactic that Yellow Earth have constantly used to dismiss my criticisms of their fundamental mismanagement. Again, I'm happy for people to attempt to dismiss my criticisms but stamping on them with that non-argument is just plain reductive.

    Incidentally I actually find your calling Burt Kwouk a "black n' white minstrel" quite funny and perceptive. It's only undermined by the fact I can't see what type of Chinese actor you WOULD like to see beyond an "ethnically pure" Chinese one screaming melodrama in fluent Cantonese to a huge audience of undiluted "ethnically pure" Chinese viewers.

  10. I'll reserve judgement until I see the kind of work produced. Banzai was labelled an Asian black n white minstrel show by Asian American media groups, he was part of that project, hence the link.

    btw, Daniel, my blog statistics indicate almost 50 Facebook referrals from the other Y.E.T discussion. Someone is watching you. You can probably guess who it is.

  11. Daniel York writes-

    Yeah I think I can probably guess who that is.

    Incidentally I saw the True Heart Theatre Company production of 73A tonight at the New Diorama Theatre ( They're a new company run by Wing-Hong Li and Veronica Needa (one of the Y.E.T. founders).

    I enjoyed it. The play's a bit talky but at 45 mins that's not too bad. It feels like a proper "Hong Kong" play for me. Even the piano music used reminds me of a HK TV series. The acting is nice and understated and the direction subtle and unobtrusive. They're doing both English and Cantonese performances but they're struggling for audiences.

    Be interested to see what you'd make of it, Zeit. I only watched the English version, my Canto's really not up to a 45 minute drama but then what can you expect from a Eurasian? Ha ha ha!

    Go and check it out if you can, seriously. And start a blog on it. Might as well give you know who something to watch!

  12. What does FOB stand for ?

  13. Fresh Of the Boat?

  14. Ming-revival.

    European - Chinese : the best of both worlds ?

    ahahahaha. That's a joke right ?

    1 vs 1

    Gong Li, Ng Mei hung, Chen fat Lei, Yeung yi, Betty Liu vs kirsten kreuk, Maggi Q, Kiyoku altman?

    No contest, Chinese girls win hands down, and that's just scratching the surface.

  15. Hey does anyone know what FOB means I don't know was this article is on about.

    By the way I saw that "missing Chink" on youtube... er makes chinese people look cheap nothing new, avoids answers by asking obvious questions, doesn't interview chinese about how they THINK and FEEL. Missed oppotunity not keen on the word "chink" either.

  16. Daniel York-

    "By the way I saw that "missing Chink" on youtube... er makes chinese people look cheap nothing new, avoids answers by asking obvious questions, doesn't interview chinese about how they THINK and FEEL. Missed oppotunity not keen on the word "chink" either."

    I'd be interested to hear how you thought it made Chinese people look "cheap", Anonymous, and what "obvious questions" it asks. Plus, it's meant to be satire NOT documentary. Does sound like you're taking "cheap" shots without backing them up, I'm afraid.

    Incidentally I saw Takeaway last night. It's not perfect but some of it's VERY funny. Stephen's very good and I can't believe ANYONE in the audience gives a damn about his racial make up.

  17. To be fair i dont think anyone here should be having a go at the lack of representation of BBCs in media as it boils down to several things

    1. BBCs being a practical people by nature, not being invested / interested in a media /artistic career ( in front of the camera) due to it not paying except when Hollywood needs a coachload of extras. And this only emphasised more in these economic stringent times.

    2. Something mentioned above, about hapas ( half white half Chinese) getting 3 bites at the cherry and fitting in wherever they want .

    I dont think this is a jealousy issue as so much as a fairness issue as'why arent full blooded Chinese men represented enough and the only full blood we see is a Chinese female slapper who hooks up with the white guy to produce more hapas but if you take the above two points, then whether you like it or not, hapas or FOB will represent the BBCS. It does say a lot about the social state of BBCS but then it also says a lot about western cultural imperialism too and how strong it is in the home of it all, jolly old England.

    I think with media discrimination against the full-blooded ( looking) Chinese male, and lack of Chinese males wanting to enter this area that discriminates against them, this wont change. Check out the Asian american stars. It's the same issue - just on a bigger scale, but at least they have youtube kids. The full blood looking ( Korean, Japanese, Chinese ) man is always in the bit part and best friend or kung fu clown on tv or film. Even Jackie Chan ( who isnt western Born Chinese) gave up and admitted he just does the kung fu clown role for the paycheck.

    And as long as East-asian artists are going to get pigeon holed and not fight against this discrimination, everything is up for grabs. Hapas, flappas, crappas, who cares.

    Like i said before, its not until we speak out against the racism, nothing will change. Hapas dont care so much understandably,as they are grateful to be make a living as an artist in the first place and with 3 bites of the cherry shouldnt complain when they are discriminated against by full blooded (looking) chinese. . To those fortunate /unfortunate enough to look fullblooded , we have to make do with being pigeonholed in the shit support roles/ remaining invisible until Hollywood is running entirely on China money. Then maybe we'll see change. Maybe. Unless Zhang Yimou casts Christian Bale as the white saviour in the sequel. But hey, it could be Keanu instead :D

    The practical solution is just to watch Asian tv cinema and accept our role of media's ( and society's) perpetual foreigner. Most UK film and tv is shit these days anyway. I think.

  18. re:Missing Chink

    Well if you can’t understand why using the word chink can be regarded as provocative disdainful tag, albeit not racist, but is still derogatory and degrading to Chinese people, that’s your problem. The clips don’t give a Chinese perspective nor allows Chinese people to express their particular cultural chinese identity or individuality (why use chinese people?), instead it relies on a misanthropic sarcasm, avoiding the hard issues of chinese discrimination, it does not break down negative stereotypes nor is critical enough outside the frame of reference in which is questioning, but rather reinforces attitudes of indifference and ducking answers, then again why should I care I m just a herbalist... dill.

  19. Interesting blog, glad I found it;)

    I've never understood why people see Asian/white mixed race people more or less attractive than the rest of us. I've seen loads of asian/white mixed people and they always seem a little too pale/pasty, or a bit strange looking to me (I'm a bbc female). There are a few exceptions, but they're the ones who look more Asian with just a bit of european. Maybe thats just me with my bias.

    I think this fascination also goes for black/white mixed people too, theres countless examples I won't list. This kind of multi-cultural, left-wing ideal of everyone getting along, a cultural/racial/political homogeny: perceived happyland.

    Unfortunately, I'm just guessing now, that most of these mixed race people will go onto have relationships with mainly other white people, and produce 3/4 white children...and so on.

    1. In reply to Anonymous' -"Unfortunately, I'm just guessing now, that most of these mixed race people will go onto have relationships with mainly other white people, and produce 3/4 white children...and so on"

      I think everyone forgets the racial balance is now upset, and the greater masses of East Indian, Chinese and other Asian peoples outnumber the Caucasian race. So it appears the world will eventually be populated by bi-racial and multi-racial people in the future. Let's hope they'll get along without raising blue-eyed vs brown-eyed or variances in skin-shades as reasons for superiority.

  20. Us BBCs should relocate to another country that's more Chinese-friendly. I don't think UK is a great place for us to grow up in. UK is ranked rather low for a western/developed nation in quality of life and in education.

  21. If you have travelled widely you will find that a multicultural city like London (maybe others as well), has its faults but if you are surrounded by the "right" non-racist educated people and in a job that treats you "equally" it is the best in the world.
    BBCs encounter problems when british people NOT all, don't allow them to be "British" like anyone else or accept them as "normal people.
    Places like China isn't that "chinese" friendly either if you don't bother to learn the language and adapt to its subtle customs, like its dress code etc, which is different from european fashion trends.
    If you have gew-lo sing or jook sing, can't speak the language you will get wicked put downs, even more if you have the cheek to say you represent chinese people when you haven't in their opinion not raised in that way, culturally and politically.
    That why a lot of mixed race people have problems, is should NOT be like that, and in reality we are all the same, but people want to preserve their identity, history and culture.

  22. Daniel York writes-

    "re:Missing Chink

    Well if you can’t understand why using the word chink can be regarded as provocative disdainful tag, albeit not racist, but is still derogatory and degrading to Chinese people, that’s your problem. The clips don’t give a Chinese perspective nor allows Chinese people to express their particular cultural chinese identity or individuality (why use chinese people?), instead it relies on a misanthropic sarcasm, avoiding the hard issues of chinese discrimination, it does not break down negative stereotypes nor is critical enough outside the frame of reference in which is questioning, but rather reinforces attitudes of indifference and ducking answers, then again why should I care I m just a herbalist... dill."

    Of course I understand why the word "chink" is offensive but it's use here is so obviously an ironic one that people throwing their toys out of the pram over it is frankly ludicrous. It's like that rap group-"Niggas With Attitude"-it's a term of abuse turned on its head to provoke thought.

    Your opinion on The Missing Chink is of course valid but it is SATIRE. It features two characters portrayed by actors of Chinese descent (though the fact that one of them is mixed race probably discounts him for many of you) searching for Chinese people in UK media. It is NOT a documentary and I'm not sure I see the "sarcasm" you complain of.

    It never ceases to amaze me how po faced many in the BBC "community" are and how quick they are to label things "disrespectful" whereas, when you watch Asian Chinese TV and films, it's astonishing how irreverent and "disrespectful" they often are.

    As for the other comments on this page, the "Eurasian Phobia" expressed in many of the posts is unbelievably hypocritical when in the same breath many are complaining of discrimination.

  23. Eurasian's are a visible representation of the destruction of the British ethnic Chinese community and the subjugation of the ethnic Chinese male, mixed race of Chinese descent overwhelmingly have white fathers, as someone said earlier, it represents a victory for the White male over the Chinese male.

    Its amusing, Theatre Royal Stratford East musical - Takeaway, a British Chinese musical only garners support from non-British Chinese. The question is why is an 'all Black' cast permitted for a black musical, but not permissible to have 'all Chinese' cast for a Chinese musical?

    'Black Britain' is permitted, but 'Chinese Britain?' NO NO NO, can't have that, rather Chinese are always presented as a small irrelevant segment of multi-ethnic or multi-cultural Britain with no individual ethnic identity, hence this musical is not strictly a British Chinese musical but a skewered FOB interpretation of multi-cultural multi-ethnic Britain with an multi-ethnic cast, not a Chinese cast.

    A British Chinese musical ought to have an 'all Chinese cast,' how many were chinese? half or less than half? To cast a Mixed race of Chinese descent into the lead role of a British Born Chinese is the last insult to BBC's such as myself. It's as if this FOB Robert Lee reduced his 'clueless tourist insights' of Chinese Britain to the obvious...British Chinese? Takeaways, mixed race, open interracial relationships...melted, blended and voila, you have a British Chinese musical!

    As it is said here..."When I wrote Takeaway, a show celebrating Britain's ethnic diversity, I was told race wasn't an issue in this country."

    Robert has never heard of research, he should hand his quills over to a BBC. Why do you need a New Yorker to write a British Chinese musical?

    To answer his own question, why were there no British east Asian pop stars or romantic film leads – or musical theatre stars?

    Ironically because they are all purloined by FOB's like himself and Mixed race.

  24. Daniel York writes-

    Ah, Zeit, being your usual unenlightened, ignorant self I see...

    So Eurasians represent the white males' victory over Chinese males?

    Well, MY father's Chinese believe it or not. Does that make me a victory for Chinese males? Or for white females? Frankly, Zeit, if it was a choice between YOU and a white man I could imagine many girls choosing a white man, yes!

    Have you actually seen Takeaway? It's perfectly understandable for people to not like it, it IS a bit of a mess (albeit an enjoyable one) but, as usual, your dismissals of it are all about your crude and uninformed racial "politics". The cast features South Asian, black and white characters because the writers wanted to show how the central Chinese character interacts with the community around him as well as with his own "culture". It's DRAMA not an exercise in racial purity. Of course, you're perfectly at liberty to say he failed in that objective but to say he HAS to have an all Chinese cast is frankly ridiculous.

    Your aspersions about the actor playing the lead role are shockingly prejudicial. I doubt if the people casting it gave a rat's arse whether Stephen Hoo was full, mixed race or what, they just thought he'd be the best actor to play the part and, having seen it, I'd concur with that. He manages to make a largely unsympathetic character palatable. This perceived discrimination against full blooded Chinese is a nonsense. It occasionally happens the other way round where Eurasians are told they're "not Chinese enough" to play certain roles but no one, to my knowledge, has EVER been told they're too Chinese.

    What's to stop YOU writing the musical you'd like to see, Zeit?


    From London to The Shires to Britain to Europe to The World.
    YOUR RACE IS YOUR RELIGION The most powerful religio-political movement for more than 3500 years, possibly.

    Will you join us?

  26. I am not convinced by Daniel York's comments. There is nothing wrong in having a mind set of a "white man", "chinese" BBC whatever. Racism and using satire as a way to slip in degrading remarks as in TMC is not.

  27. "Racism and using satire as a way to slip in degrading remarks as in TMC is not. "

    What racism? The degrading remark is ironic. As in Niggas With Attitude. You can say the satire failed because of XYZ but I'm afraid most of you on here just bang the same drum tediously "It calls Chinese people "chinks"".

    It doesn't.

  28. I think it is misleading to compare TMC with NWA, at least NWA tries to defend and empower black people which is the antithesis of what the likes of TMC as I see it (my opinion) stand for. It isn’t just the problematic usage of the work “chink”, but also its fragmentary documentary footage like people making slitty eye gestures that go unchallenged and normalised as if all non-chinese people have consent do that. I don’t think NWA or anyone with an assertive attitude that supports the interests of the Chinese community would stand up to that crap.
    Also NWA is very dated, it was the height of the period of divided racial tension when the documentary footage of Rodney King beatings by white policemen was in the global news agenda, NWA did have an aggressive political edge ( again unlike TMC prefer to avoid despite calling it itself “satire”) and exploited it big time for commercial purposes. Another thing Dr Dre, Snoopy and Co were perceived as 100% “black”, if for example other races start playing around with the “N” word people understandingly “black” people will cast aspersions and some will stand up for their rights.

  29. Daniel York-

    At last, some sensible comments on this issue!

    Well, I would say to you that in TMC they were people's honest reactions and they were allowed to stand uncommented on and that in itself says something very interesting about how Chinese people are perceived in Britain.

    Yes, if I'd made it myself I'd have preferred it to be far angrier and edgier and to say it's not is valid criticism. What I've never been able to understand is the volley of reactionary bile it received. I don't see the "racism". In fact it's a pretty tame series of programmes. People just reacted to the ironic use of the word "chink"

  30. If black people were the model minority, we didnt have Martin Luther King or Malcome X, and it was called the Missing Nigger, would that be considered smart and ironic?

    Re: takeaway, again, another stereotype. A reality for some British Chinese who look at it as their livelihood, but theres so many bad things in it as mentioned above: lack of BBC cast, lack of BBC audience, produced by NY director who knows nothing about BBC lifestyle.

    The representation of BBCs is a vicious circle. Noone wants to hire us, and we dont look at media as a serious living, our culture is non-existant, our political standing is nonexistant so we say nothing when a mainlander family gets slaughtered by an invisible knifeman, our takeaways/family businesses dont know where to go when we get abuse. nothing changes. except suzie wong in apprentice. oh, how exotic. she's really smart and intelligent...and...which reminds me i must leave a dirty comment on her facebook page, quite imminently.fwoar ill ave a bit o chinese takeaway geddit

  31. haha @ above comment. bitter sweet.

  32. Daniel York-

    "If black people were the model minority, we didnt have Martin Luther King or Malcome X, and it was called the Missing Nigger, would that be considered smart and ironic?"

    In case you hadn't noticed he word "nigger" doesn't play in that sentence the same way "chink" does but black people HAVE used the word "nigger" ironically again and again.

    "Re: takeaway, again, another stereotype. A reality for some British Chinese who look at it as their livelihood, but theres so many bad things in it as mentioned above: lack of BBC cast, lack of BBC audience, produced by NY director who knows nothing about BBC lifestyle"

    The only criticism you make here that has ANY validation is the one about the NY director who knows nothing about Britain.

    The rest? "Lack of BBC cast" Well, there were 5 of them. "Lack of BBC audience"? Not entirely true. Did you SEE it? Sounds like you read BBCZ's uniformed comments and jump on the bandwagon.

    "The representation of BBCs is a vicious circle". Absolutely true and nowhere more evidenced than by the reactions of po faced know it alls who don't even bother to WATCH things!

  33. Daniel, my comments are far from uniformed, they are opinions, your comments are opinions too, your opinion is not holy, its just an opinion - nothing more.

    Look at the other comments in this thread, they're calm and speak generally, compare them to your're constantly trying to hijack, belittle and attack other commentators whose opinions dont conform to your own, you are EXTREMELY INTOLERANT of others opinions. I strongly recommend you change the way you post or I will remove your comments.

    BTW, talking about being uninformed, there are not 5 BBC's in takeaway. Pik Sen Lim was not born in the UK, Stephen is not 'a BBC' but mixed race.

  34. Reviews are indicators for people to decide to or not to spend time and hard earned money on.

    2 takeaway reviews = one mainstream - the guardian ( 2/5 stars)

    'But the show wants us to invest in Eddie and his confused identity, even as it swerves into mickey-taking japery - think Tom Jones dream sequences and "Yellow Power" Asian liberation movements ("Yellow, the piss I stream at my foes!").'

    and one nonmainstream - another bbc blog-

    'Repeatious and unecesary physical actions such as cast members pulling their eyes back to "make them appear Chinese" even the Chinese members of cast doing this, shuffling feet, saying Chink and Ching Chong. I found unnecesary and offensive. I know that it wasn't meant to be. It was meant to be ironic'

    i could look for more reviews to justify shelling out money for this racist and artistically desperate crap but i have some wendy deng/rupert murdoch photos i need to urgently have a wank over

  35. gladys winehouse27 July 2011 at 19:28

    Re:The missing chink

    "Well, I would say to you that in TMC they were people's honest reactions and they were allowed to stand uncommented on and that in itself says something very interesting about how Chinese people are perceived in Britain"

    And HOW the makers of the programme deal with it, which is to allow it to happen unchallenged. It says more about the beliefs of people who are involved in the programme who can't debate these difficult issues in a way that it is progressive.

    If Daniel York et al think it so so obviously ironic and are so well informed about race issues, why are they so ignorant of the responses of others, like chinese victims of racism. I starting to wonder whether they actually they knew it among would cause a stir and disrespect maybe more who knows, in which case I underestimated their intelligence, but not their talent for making art, comedy or satire.

  36. Alexa Chung and Alex Turner have split up!

  37. Daniel York writes-

    Gladys (how that name chills the bones),

    I didn't make TMC. In fact I had nothing to do with it. People get irate when I talk about having a reactionary response to the word "chink" in the title. It was being deliberately provocative and maybe you think that doesn't work but what I would argue is that by putting the camera on "ordinary" Britons and asking them what their perceptions of Chinese people are it shone a very clear light on attitudes in British society.

    Look, up to the age of 15 I don't remember being called by my name at school. It was always "chink", "China", "Bruce Lee" whatever. I've definitely been a victim of anti Chinese racism. This programme didn't encourage this in my humble opinion.

    By exposing those views to the harsh light of the camera those views were exposed. Again in my humble opinion.

    To Anonymous above who quotes theatre reviews. Yes, I understand that. I could also pick out several reviews that said completely the opposite. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Saying it HAS to have an all Chinese cast is silly though. It's a drama. It'll have the cast members it needs to make that drama.

  38. Look, up to the age of 15 I don't remember being called by my name at school. It was always "chink", "China", "Bruce Lee" whatever. I've definitely been a victim of anti Chinese racism...
    Re-worded slightly that would a great opening of a novel or cultural study. A POV, or a starting point that TMC is missing, and I would of preferred to see and explored more. It is a perspective not uncommon of the many the cult and literary classics that still reside in my expanding bookshelf where others are consigned into the bin.
    Few opinions, and these are just opinions, I don’t think everyone is just responding to the word “chink” as a Pavlovian conditioned response, it is far more subtle than that. It is the passive acceptance of otherness, that I find disappointing and the realisation that attempts to be thought provoking or avant-garde still have a long long way to go. What i consider to be great satire is when it exposes the hidden contradictions and hegemony that go unnoticed, as great French philosopher once remarked the greatest form of control and power is consent, to let it happen unchallenged.
    The point is, is to make the gold fish notice the water.

  39. Daniel York writes-

    Ha! Well I didn't say it was GREAT satire I just said it was an ATTEMPT at satire. It's certainly not beyond reproach and you seem to be criticising from a considered place. My only argument was that an awful lot of people just seemed to see the word "chink" and go into a tailspin.

    I'm glad you liked that bit of mine you quoted. That's the kind of stuff I write. Hopefully it's more effective but I can't go round saying it myself, can I? :)

  40. if you are an artistic genius people will come, if you don't well..
    .. having said that Ai Weiwei early work is very ordinary no different from any typical art student, but now he is regard as "great", whether it will be sustained we are in a better position to judge in 50 years time. I think he is given the great art status in the west because he uses (or copies) the visual language (Pop art, Dada etc)the standard history of modern western cultural narrative is built upon.
    About Alexa Chung, I have known, not dated alas, chinese females that are more pretty than she is, I guess some enjoy laying down on an warm ironing board LOL.

  41. It really depends on the looks of the Eurasians, photogenic types that don't look Asian such as Alexa Chung - will have few problems finding work within the media, they're versatile and have more options. However if they look very Asian and aren't particular good looking, especially if they're male too, they will encounter far more problems finding work in the British media. If Anthony Wong (who is ugly) was born 25 years later he probably wouldn't find much work in the Far East because these days its now all about good looking cute people on the screen. If you're the latter, use your common sense - don't become an actor.

  42. Hey, you forgot James Wong from Grow Your Own Drugs on BBC2!

    His dad's Chinese, English mum I think.

    Anyways, I always find mixed Asian/White people rather sickly looking, unusually pale and palid (I've known 3 personally). James Wong on the other hand looks nice and healthy, must be all those natural herbal remedies! And sun!

    I don't think asian/white mixed people are any more or less attractive than anyone else though. I think both sides, both cultures have fetishised these types as 'exotic' equally. And the same goes for black/white mixed people too I think.


    Recent research suggested that mixed race people are "over-represented at the top level of a number of meritocratic professions".

    Despite the false cries of racism and discrimination by mixed race Eurasians such as Daniel York and Paul Hyu - who are just playing the race card for their own PR, the reality is that mixed race don't encounter much racism or discrimination at all, therefore mixed race shouldn't be falsely claiming to be victims of racism/discrimination nor should they be fighting for or representing the real repressed minorities such as the British ethnic Chinese.

    As the BBC article says..."mixed race is mainstream," there are twice as many mixed race in the UK than ethnic Chinese.

  44. Gok Wan, Alexia Chung, James wong and Mylenne Klass the connection?...all mixed raced on main stream British TV .
    I find the "false cries of racism and discrimination by mixed race Eurasians such as Daniel York and Paul Hyu" not only valid, but their arrogance and entitlement to tell other chinese and non-chinese people the usage of the term "chink".
    btw I just read gok wan's bio he mentions it too and i happen to disagree. he keeps his chinese identity and roots a very low profile.

    smart guy in business.

    1. @ Anonymous Oct 24, 2011 08:10 AM

      Yet another mixed race Eurasian on mainstream BBC TV with her own series The Little Paris Kitchen BBC2 Rachel Khoo. Rachel Khoo was born in Croydon England, but has a Malay-Chinese-Austrian heritage.

  45. I'm half Maltese and half Irish both my parents are or pure race. I'm now pregnant and my BF is a BBC but he is the first one of his family to date a non Asian lady. His mum and dad came to the U.K from HK in the 60's they are not happy about us dating but we have been together for just over 2 years now and were very much in love and are baby is due in June 2012 . I all way's think what will it look it ??? .

  46. It'll look adorable!

  47. @^agreed
    but you shouldn't forget the offensive "Chinky" or "chink" comments that some mixed race or FOBs Hapas etc use to lower themselves and appease the "white" audience and willing to undermine BBCs identity.
    I can recall Gok Wan once refered himself to Geri Halliwell as her "chinky friend" on TV, I don't think a black stylist would use the N-friend word to a white female. Don't let people who say racist things get a way with it, that includes the FEW mixed chinese people who are only concerned with their career, which it fine but don't take the mick.

    Its all about the CON-fid-dunce

  48. I do wonder even if Claire Khaw is a self-hating Chinese woman, especially when she joined the British National Party. Interestingly the BNP sacked her not because they found out she wasn't white, but she said something about disabled people. Interestingly Claire Khaw's parents are both ethnic chinese people from Malaysia.

  49. I'm mixed race and I find the views expressed here objectionable. They're all based on false assumptions about mixed raced people, which is what racism is: false assumptions about an ethnic group.

    If mixed race people are thought to be highly desirable, that is because we've been exoticised by Chinese people, not because of any fault of our own.

    Our Chineseness is decided by our genes/parents when we're children and it's unfair that we're blamed if we look white/don't speak Chinese. I happen to speak perfect Mandarin and have a Chinese boyfriend, am I Chinese enough for you?

    To the user who said, "I always find mixed Asian/White people rather sickly looking, unusually pale and palid (I've known 3 personally)": that's racist, you've known three mixed race people and now all mixed race people are sickly looking!

    More often than not, we're dismissed as Chinese by white people, and white by Chinese people.

    To the user who dismissed Daniel York's claims of racism and discrimination as false: mixed race people are also the subject of racism. To deny racism against mixed race people is offensive, I experienced racism at school because of the way I look and my Chinese surname and now from the Chinese community.

    This post and comment thread are upsetting and offensive. We live in a multiracial social and it's only natural that we intermarry.

    - Proud to be Chinese

    1. This is typical of the recent proud to be Chinese trend. Hapas sail in on a trend when its suitable for them. Since when was it trendy to be Chinese? Only until very recently, and even then thats questionable. Am I jealous? No. Because the whole point of articles like this and this

      is to point out that hapas or mixed race asians or eurasians are higher esteemed because of the brainwashing that white is normal. Of course if China is a superpower then a hapa is proud to be Chinese. If China got sunk tomorrow, the hapa can choose to be white if he or she so wishes.

      This is a BBC blog. British Born Chinese who are 100% ethnic chinese have not had serious representation due to a racist western media, and this has been due to our invisibility made by either prevalent hapa representation as BBC or global whiteworshipping that is made to think that hapas are 'better looking' than pure Chinese ethnics by both Chinese and whites.

      Racism against a hapa may well exist at school but compared to the growing up and truths of racism aimed at bbcs in both childhood, adulthood and as a community, this racism is non comparable. unfortunately as adults hapas get the best of all worlds and bbcs are left in the lurch brainwashed by whitewashing , with no cultural or political identity. and whether you like it or not, the promotion of eurasians as outstanding british chinese is a major problem of british chinese representation. as stated on this article or many others. if the top 30 british chinese were 100%ethnic chinese and the next couple or so were eurasian it wouldnt be a problem. unfortunately, as long as we have a racist anti-chinese western media, that will always be the case.

      as an individual who speaks mandarin and has a chinese boyfriend, thats your business. as a promotional vehicle of british chinese, blotting out the existance of the real british born chinese, and playing up to the white establishment when its suitable in the name of self promotion as 'british chinese' its inexcusable.

    2. I dont understand? I ran across this blog, looking for I cant remember what. I will admit I am a white teenager, no mixed heritage as far as I know. But what im not understanding is that it seems that this whole blog post seems to only be supporting full blood chinese? I know you'll probably think I cant comment,as I cannot claim any chinese heritage myself, but I must admit that I am fascinated by Chinese culture, and no im not a wannabee Chinese, but I do believe that Chinese culture is rich, fascinating and filled with history. I guess what seems to hit me from all the posts ive read of yours so far is it seems that your completely against 'white' people, or Eurasians? I might be misreading - but surely considering you seem to offended by racial slurs on being Chinese, dont you think others might be offended by what seems to be an elitist view that other people cannot possibly match up to your perfect, idealist view of what it means to be 'Chinese'. Whilst I might not be Chinese - im going to continue with my attempts to learn Mandarin, and Cantonese - because when I do finally manage to visit China/Hong Kong - Southern China I do want to be able to speak at least the basics. So just please clarify for me - are you being racist against people who arent Chinese? Because I cant see anything else at the moment.

    3. Its not for you to understand, you're white.

    4. why dont you answer him properly? Or maybe its because you know that he's right?

    5. Are you white as well? Or just whitewashed? lol

  50. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  51. To happybritishchinese, forgive me for coming over a bit strongly here (though to be fair you did as well), but you're so wrong, fairly offensive and, it seems, quite bitter in your views of us.

    I'm a 'hapa' with english names, and i get 'ethnic banter' (abuse) every day for being chinese at school. While you disregard school bullying as being easier for a mixed-race person, it has exactly the same effect as it does on a chinese; even more so in some cases. We are caught in the middle, thought of as chinese by white people and white by chinese people. Not truly belonging.

    Does being half-white make me any less proud to be chinese? No, I'm a group leader at a Chinese youth group, and going to study Chinese at university next year. Don't accuse us of recently becoming proud of being Chinese because it's become 'trendy'. That's fairly bigoted and near-sighted.

    You talk of the 'problem' of eurasians being thought of as 'outstanding british chinese'. Mate, I'm just as happy at being chinese as you; there is no playing up to the 'white establishment' which we are allegedly part of already. I'm proud and always have been of both my parents' heritages.

    I apologise for the sad fact that we 'hapa' exist, but mate, we live in the UK, a predominantly WHITE country. Get real.

    1. Do you know what pisses me off about hapas? they are so obsessed they dont bother to read

      You post a comment full of self obsessed 'im proud to be chinese' crap immediately after i clearly explained how ethnic chinese bbc's have no culture thanks to hapa actors misrepresenting british chinese in crap like 'takeaway the musical' and that ethnic bbcs are blotted out from the view of sight.

      its always about YOU isnt it? so damn selfish.

      before china got attention in the media, before this blog gave bbcs a voice...did bbcs ever have a voice? nope.

      hapa babies oh arent they cute... you still had keanu reeves, gok wan, kristin kreukson, all as hapa actor role models... what do you have to complain about?

      that your thing isnt being accepted ?have your cake and eat it too eh?

      if you want to show off how chinese you are, look no further than hong kong - go get an acting job there and chinese people will worship you. or all of east asia. you will be worshipped, and judging by your attitude thats all you seem to want. me, me, me

      because you are half-white my friend, and yes its a predominantly WHITE country, you get to milk the advantage of WHITE privelege. you are WHITE. so embrace it. be white be proud. wave your flag.

      just dont bother visiting here.

    2. Hmmmm, not very welcoming. It is rare to have a half or partial Chinese to be proud of their Chinese roots. Most of the time, pressure of white society (in addition to the white standard of beauty you are referring to) forces mixed race kids to be "more white" whilst hiding their chinese identity, even to the point of shame.

      I hope Fred is reading this. It is great that a mixed race person like you has not shied away from their Chinese side - especially when so many others have. If only other half chinese would take pride in that identity - fight the racism for what it is, not accept it - which endorses the racists' view that being chinese is somehow a sin. That is the problem in white nations - this inherent, arrogant self belief that "they" are the default race, anything different is abnormal and needs to be shunned away.

      Fight this view, take pride in your roots.

    3. Fantastic idea - indeed, why dont we take pride in a new British Chinese culture, where Eurasians are proud to be Chinese, and British Born Chinese are proud to be white?

      But, surely, we must fight for this?

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. If its attention you are after why not troll these blog instead?

      hapa-heaven. youd love it

  53. No Eurasian actor has ever bee a real success in the Far East, that is for sure.

    The Maggie Q's and the Cecilia (porno) Cheungs have all tried but they have been rejected and relegated to disrespected low grade crap like Jacki Chan movies.

    The gold is always TV dramas and they will never ever beat the likes of Cheung Hor Yi, Chow Hoi Mei, Yang Yi, Chan Yen Mei and so on.

    Come Kristin Krookface to any of above and you will see why.

    The Eurasian Kid whose photo is on site is ugly - her colouring looks weird.

    Why not put a pic of the kid that was singing at Beijing 08 ? Hell even the one that was rejected is 3x better.

    Eurasians, particularly fathered by Europeans, should ask their WHY ! and then take it out on them.

    MingZhou shi Zhongguoren de dedede Zhenshi women dedededededede !!

  54. come = compare

  55. I'm a Chinese and Scottish woman, i.e. of mixed heritage and feel pretty offended by your views. I live in a free country (and presume that you do too). Your views of white men are completely stereotypical and racist. Would you like a white person calling you a "chink"?! You'll probably find (if you bother and get your bloodline genetically tested) that you're mixed race too. In fact the entire world is, especially since we all descended from Africa!

    1. Offended ?

      By what ? The fact that I say I think pure Chinese girls are better looking than ones fathered by Europeans ?

      That's my right, it's my life and I can fancy who I want.

      in any case, it is a fair comment in light of the deluge of false propaganda promoting the opposite - ie) Maggie Q is better than X.... Chinese girls.

      As I have pointed out - a load of bollox.

      MingZhou !

  56. Yet another eurasian casually using that slur on an ethnic Chinese blog.

    Note how you defend whites, blacks and manage to offend Chinese all in the same comment. Glad we offended you, because you are an offence to Chinese ethnicity.

  57. there is no such thing as eurasian.
    You can only be mixed race if you're half asian half black, so basically this article is useless and all the PURE CHINESE people mentioned may have white heritage or look whiteest of white, but they will always be PURE ASIAN unless they are part black!

    Let's give examples of mixed race chinese:

    Naoimi Campell
    Mutya Buena (half filipino)
    Tiger Woods
    you will find MANY mixed race people if you look, and for the last time, there's no such thing as been part white and the whole chinese-white relations are bullcrap, the most common interracial relationship is black and asian and white people tend to stick to their own or have black kids but that's rare.

  58. What a lively blog,
    the only thing i can add is that Mutya Buena has recently got booty implants, guess she not so much wants to be "white" but more hut gwai.

  59. Wow, some of you sound like the kind of people who go on killing sprees due to xenophobia.

    happybritishchinese.. you dont sound happy at all, infact you sound like you're full of hate and nothing else.

    1. Yet these feelings do not stem from nothing. We are all products of our environment, and one in which a particular demographic is singled out and socially isolated whilst their female counterparts are assimilated by white men generates such emotions. These men understand that how things are going, they will remain childless and die without a family to call their own.

      Of course people are heated up about this.

  60. BBC Zeitgeist and happybritishchinese,

    You pair of Xenophobic HIV-ratted castrated losers.


    Go and live in Afghanistan and see if they are able to provide a sanctuary for you.

    I'm sure you will love the extreme levels of violence and heartbreaks that country due to uneducated and illiterate people totally unwilling to go against the Quran and other horrific medieval practices

    I'm sure you'd both love it...

    ...then you'd be running back to Britain seeking asylum

    The pair of you probably waste your days jacking off to Kat Dennings and her beautiful white girl clevage

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  62. I love the way you grade people's "chineseness": Goebbels
    would be proud of your racist classification system.

    You seem to be quite an angry young man, and really in need of a hug.

    My youngest daughter could "Pass" as white, but my eldest daughter clearly couldn't.

    If there are people like you mouthing off about how partly chinese people should be rejected by the Chinese community (an attitude I've never encountered) then I do worry.
    Your website is a real car-crash of angry unfounded opinions. Not all white people are out to "get" chinese people.

    Deal with it.

    Don't complain about racism and then publish your own "How chinese are you really" graded scales. It's daft and unscientific.

    Don't complain about the sexualisation of chinese women and then have images comparing "FOB vs BBC".

    Live life, embrace who you are but welcome others.

  63. Anyone else seen this? Bit old but still.

  64. Another angry mixed-race person here, and like the others, I'm shocked at the nonsense being spouted on this page.

    It will be a very long time before there are more mixed race people than BBCs, just calm down. And why we should be perceived as some kind of threat is beyond me. We're just people. Like you. Like the next person.

    No, you don't believe us when we say that we suffer racism. You know why? Because you're not mixed-race and have never experienced that. I don't expect you to. But just because you've never experienced it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Have you ever been called 'dirty blood'? No? I have. Have you ever been rejected by both white British people and Chinese people? Perhaps you have, and to be honest, I think a lot of the problems BBCs have overlap with the problems we have. We're all bi-cultural.

    It is people like you who causes us problems. Why should I have to prove my Chinese-ness to other people of Chinese descent? But I do, every time I meet someone new. I have never had to prove my British-ness to a British person. I wonder why.

    I am also sick to death of being treated like an idiot, as I'm sure many others are too. Receiving applause when I use a pair of chopsticks and say 'hello' in Cantonese is just as infuriating as it is for a BBC to be scolded for speaking Chinese like a foreigner. Don't you think that we get that as well? We do still have Chinese family you know...

    We also cannot be generalised like that. We all have different backgrounds and opinions, and are not always successful and accepted as you are saying. We're nothing special, and the sooner people realise this, the better.

    In reality, BBCs and half-Chinese people have a lot in common, and I pity anyone who cannot see that. You are just driving a wedge between yourself and those around you.

    1. The author is an Hakka-only Hongkong Hakka (formerly) in England, not a "Punti" or "Weitou" Cantonese.

  65. Having a Chinese surname and a small percentage of Chinese blood do not make one a Chinese. Alexa Chung is never a Chinese, in the same way as an Englishman with a Scottish surname but goes to the C. of E. (Church of England) is still an Englishman, not a Scotsman.

  66. yeah man i agree

  67. This is pretty interesting. I'm not a BBC, I'm an ABC, but just came across this blogpost by chance. Could someone explain a little more to me about what's meant by not having any BBC culture? Where I live in the U.S., there are large Chinese communities, and many public schools in those neighborhoods that are mostly Asian in attendance. I'm guessing from some of the experiences shared in the comments that this wasn't so? Are there no Chinese communities, cultural centers, or Chinese language schools in Britain?

    I don't agree with a lot of the things said about mixed race of Chinese descent, but my understanding is based on how things are in the U.S. so I won't get into that here. But I'm wondering, if there is anything in Britain other than this blog that serves as a forum for BBC voices? And if not, then why isn't there? There seem to be a lot of angry people that want their opinions and voices to be heard.

    As a kid who grew up in a mostly white school, and was mistaken as Japanese, or "whatever, close enough" - it was really nice to discover in college that there was a place for my voice, and to listen to shared experiences, and to be able to take classes and learn about my cultural diaspora. We had workshops, conferences, etc ... From what I'm reading, there doesn't seem to be this in Britain? If there isn't, what's preventing you guys from creating these spaces (off of the internet). And I don't mean this in a , we're better than you in America, kind of way. I'm just asking out of genuine curiosity because I have no understanding of what it's like in Britain. And I think that it seems like everyone who has responded on this blog would benefit from having more spaces to have discussions, and figure out together how to create a BBC culture and community.

    Thanks to whoever doesn't mind answering my questions!

  68. Alexa contradicts herself way too much. She tries to look as white as a sheet inside and out - makeup and hair and has only dated white men and never has any touch with her chinese ethnicity, calling herself English all the way and idolising only Western women... yet she's ok with having a chinese surname and posing with a straight up asian man (her 'dad') for photos. As a eurasian myself she pisses me off because of that and I'd rather consider her white. She's a bad example of a mixed Asian, we should pride our roots instead of being some malnourished fake white hipster famous for gobbling band member dick and smoking on street corners.

  69. If you pussies don't want your culture mixed, then live in China. Seriously, you're acting like a bunch of faggots. You live in BRITAIN, but somehow get offended when your kids get whitewashed?

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