Wednesday, 1 September 2010

White Male Chinese Female Relationships and Interracial Marriage

Explores the rising number of interracial marrriage's in the UK & USA & why the Chinese Community should be concerned about the statistics.

There is an assumption that China's gender imbalance does not apply to the immigrant Chinese living overseas in the UK and USA, that the gender ratio's are more equal than China, but this is a misnomer, the numerical male:female ratio's maybe more equal, but the availability ratio's are as unbalanced as they are in China.

UK Census 2001 (Rounded figures)
All Chinese Male Marriages. % married  interracially   = 14%
All Chinese Female Marriages. % married interracially = 30%

US Census 2006 (exact figures)
All Chinese Male marriages. % married  interracially = 10.5%
All Chinese Female marriages. % married interracially = 18.5%

UK marriage ratio for XM/CF is double that of CM/XF (30% vs 14%), there is a shortfall in the number of Chinese females available for Chinese males to marry in the UK, therefore to reach equilibrium, some Chinese males must seek a bride who is non-Chinese and/or a non-British. Indeed, recently in the USA,  there has been a rising trend in Asian American's marrying Foreign Raised Asians, its predominantly Asian American females doing this, but this further reduces the available Chinese American female pool for ABC males. In the UK, I know of a few cases where BBC male's have taken a bride from China, this breaks out a comical caricature of Asian women wanting to emigrate to the West, the most comical are those seeking White Males. It goes something like this...
Asian Female... "I hate my race, my third world country sucks, my government sucks, it is my dream to emigrate to a developed world country, I can't go to the west if I marry a chinese man. I can't get a rich tall handsome Asian man, so I want a white man who will get me a ticket out of here. Any White pervert man will do, I don't care if his waistline is wider than grand canyon."
White Male... "I'm too unfashionable, ugly and nerdy to get a good looking white woman, so I hit on any Asian women I can find instead even going all the way to Far East because they're submissive and they all look the same just like that girl in that movie that I watched last night, they love me long time too. I am a asiaphile fetisher."
What do the statistical figures show?

The census 2001, 30% figure is 10 years out of date, the next census is due in March 2011 and although the new figure is expected to be higher than 30%, there is not even a flicker of concern from the Chinese community. Reasoning can be attributed to the quantitative dual-effect of Mainland Chinese immigration in the last decade. On the one hand, the huge influx of Mainland immigration has artificially kept the interracial marriage rate in check, to give the impression it is not growing exponentially. It is comparable with America, American statistics  show  that Chinese females who are married to their own race are twice as likely to be Foreign Raised than American Raised. The UK is no different, the 30% figure is mostly comprised of BBCs rather than FOB's. It's not inconceivable for the rates of marriage between 'BBC Females/Non-Chinese Males' to be as high as 60 or 70%,  after all by analogy, for marriages involving American Raised Korean women, 77.5% are interracially married to American Raised  men and in terms of marriages for American Raised Chinese women, 55% are married interracially to American Raised men.

In the UK, BBC's ( only account for 28% of the British Chinese population, a  huge number of  BBC Females are marrying non-Chinese Men to reach the overall percentage of 30% for all marriages involving a Chinese spouse. Despite the fact the British Chinese population has doubled since the 2001 Census from 247,403 to estimated 500,000, the interracial marriage rate is still rising, this suggests since 2001, the development of a new trend, a growing number Foreign Raised Chinese women marrying interracially following the same footsteps as BBC females.

Chinese males do not necessarily seek White females but other non-Chinese Asians, whereas Chinese females seem intent on seeking White males
From the US figures...

13.9% of Chinese American females are married to White Males
5.3% of Chinese American Males are married to White females

4.5% of Chinese American men are married to non-Chinese Asian
2.7% of the Chinese American females are married to non-Chinese Asian

As White men overwhelmingly account for Chinese interracial marriages, the American 13.9:5.3 ratio is actually very similar to the UK figure of 30:14.

Many xM/CF couples are unmarried.

The UK Census figures are for marriage and exclude unmarried 'co-habiting' couples. Marriage rates in the UK are quite low, it is common to find inter racial offspring living in unmarried households, they are not calculated under  marriage statistics but co-habitation. I have been unable to locate co-habitation figures, but cohabiting ratios ought to be higher for Chinese females than males. Its a plausible reason why 'visually' on the streets, the ratio of XM/CF vs CM/XF couples appears be much higher than the UK Census marriage ratio. Personally I dont know any Chinese males who have been co-habiting with Non-Chinese Females for a long period without marrying, the same cannot be said of Chinese females who are devoid of such burdens of 'carrying the family name' and  its responsibilities, theorectically enjoying greater freedom to choose what they do with their lives, whether they end up having as much choice or not in practice though...that's another story.

Are Chinese Women Who Date White Guys...Self-haters?

There is this idea that some self-hating Asian girls are so adverse to Asian men, not only do they refuse to date them but join in with white people (usually White Men) and degrade them. Chinese women are notoriously prone to whining about their boyfriend, husband or son or family etc, its not uncommon for them to openly make a degrading comment about random people. A female friend of mine is prone to this behaviour, whenever she meets another Chinese woman, she deliberately enquires about her husband just to  gossip about him, in full view and ears of  her husband sitting next to them. This behaviour occurs when the Chinese female is comfortable with her Chinese surroundings, but she will behave very differently in the company of White people, she won't dare behave the same way, unless  its a westernised Chinese girl who has a  comfortable social circle that is predominantly white or a white boyfriend, if it is racially motivated, i.e she is heavily influenced by racial stereotypes created by westerners, arguably it is self-hatred, but generally Chinese women are apolitical and have less patriotic pride than their male counterparts.

 I hear some Chinese girls say...

"I'm not looking to marry white guys but want to date white guys just to show Chinese guys."
This is a recurring theme, but what are Chinese women trying to show us? Are they bored with their LV bag and need  a white guy as a new fashion accessory on their arm? Were they rejected by Chinese guys and need to show them that white guys wont reject Shengnu? Obviously, these girls have issues. I will highlight a couple of perceived issues.

1. Assertion that power and rights are unequally distributed in favour of Chinese men, Chinese women are subjugated, the West is a representation of liberation.

This stems from their upbringing and exposure to western lifestyles and values. Many have issues with their negative perception of what Chinese culture stands for, their elders (Zhang Ziyi is a good example had issues with her parents) are starting point, notably the patriarch, overbearing older brothers or uncles who are considered too controlling, misogynistic (even Asian feminists constantly highlight footbinding, wife beating with domestic and sexual abuse to spread the propaganda that Asian men are evil), hypocritical or chauvinistic whilst maintaining the power and freedom to do what they want, whereas women have to fulfil filial duties, highly pressurised to marry and give birth to a boy rather than girl, they feel a sense of injustice, they want to be 'liberated,' feminist liberation is synonymous with the west, but this doesn't necessarily mean dating western men, western influenced Chinese men may suffice.  Typically, such a woman is an overseas born Asian or she was born in the far east but living in the west or has lived/studied in the west for a period and was seduced by the openness and freedom of the West, she thinks along the lines of 'hakk fu'...
"a woman is blamed for failure in relationships whereas a man can have sex with many women, but women who do the same are called sluts, its a double standard,  " 
They're expressing a misconstrued jealousy of Chinese men, stemming from a misconception that Chinese society tolerates men who have mistresses in Shenzhen, but aren't so sympathetic if a Chinese woman does the same. In other words, she wants to do what liberated western women do or what she believes Chinese men do...but without the criticism or the stigma.

Here is an opening excerpt from an article on WM/CF relationships written by a Chinese woman (not a BBC) from British Chinese website Dimsum (the website is jammed full of self-hating Chinese female contributors who have non-Chinese partners). From the horse's mouth....

"For many Chinese men, it’s an honour to have a blonde girlfriend, but it’s a crime for non-Chinese guys to steal their Chinese girls. Not long ago, it was sometimes considered a disgrace for Chinese girl to date a foreign boyfriend. Maybe it is still taboo for some, but there are certainly more and more free-spirits joining this mixed relationship club, such as Zhang Ziyi."
Chinese women wrongly assume they are treated as inferiors and don't have the same equality of opportunity to date westerners. Statistically however, the opposite is in fact true. Chinese Female interracial marriages are double that of Chinese males in the UK, and there is an even smaller sub-number of Chinese males who have blonde wives, its not even a  logical comparison. To liberate themselves from the perceived subjugation of women within Chinese society and the shackles of traditional confucian piety, among these types of women at least, lies a propensity to move, the target destination is a highly westernised live, to work, to study to retire etc. Its a belief that only by living in the West or adopting western values or being  in the company of westerners can they be free, open and treated as  equals. Whereas in the past, Chinese men migrated to provide a better living for his family back home (his wife would follow him later), modern Chinese women are not doing the same, the modern Chinese woman is unattached, she is emigrating only for herself  to disconnect herself from their family in the Far East.
2. Passport hunting Girls in the Far East. They think their own country sucks, so the grass must be  greener on the other side.

This behaviour is observable from Chinese women in the Far East, skirting over the border into Hong Kong from the mainland to give birth to a child to acquire Hong Kong quasi-citizenship. 32,653 babies were born in 2010 in Hong Kong to mainland Chinese women who were not married to Hong Kong husbands, over a third of Hong Kong's births In their opinion, the western most developed countries are the most liberated and economcially beneficial, the glistening foreign passport.

The current fashion trend in China is a pursuit of anything foreign or western, £4.5bn of British goods were exported to China during the first 8 months of 2010 alone, they pile into the Shanghai Expo, its the globalisation effect. A social clue are the rapidly improving standards of spoken and written English in the Far East. Many settled immigrants in the UK speak poor English, they're not Anglophiles, rather they emigrated out of economic necessity, it is in contrast to the types of cunning females who want to or choose to study in the west, live in the west, work in the west, emigrate to the west and push for the top, no actions pertaining to this class of female is incidental, rather its all part of a master plan, like Wendy Deng who migrated to the US and had an affair with her mentor some 30 years her senior, she went onto marry and divorce him to become the third wife of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.
Famous Self-hating Chinese Wendy Deng with her husband Rupert Murdoch (the worlds most successful tax evader) and their mixed race kids 
There is a relationship between fluency in the English language and acculturated self-hating tendencies. Language attrition occurs with the greater use of English resulting in the lesser use of Chinese, a greater use of English is indicative of greater time spent interacting with westerners which will increase the likelyhood of them adopting their western culture and values.
Mainland girls perceive some White guys as "English gentlemen." In my experience, English men cannot separate their right hand from a pint of beer, their nose from a line of coke and their left hand from a copy of Loaded. The myth springs from an imagined idea that England is the land of fairness and equality, the 'English gentleman' is personified in literary fiction and the silver screen. Its the 'White knight' effect. Western produced films about China eulogize foreign protagonists and their heroic acts of exemplar courage saving these poor helpless Chinese from death or a life of misery. Look no further than the recent films, John Rabe, even  films of a balderdash nature 'The Karate Kid,' a Chinese girl is in awe of the heroic foreign kid against the wicked Chinese males.

Many Chinese women are naive and do not understand English cultural/racial stereotyping, they have no concept of "Asian doll syndrome," or "Chinaman" as a racial slur. They believe what they want to believe about the west and are blind to negative comment or criticism of the west, if the grass is always greener on the other side...the white knights must be too.

3. Failure To Attract A Suitable Wealthy Asian Man

Few reject their own race without reason, it is a natural first choice, failure to find a suitable partner causes the mind to stray. Chinese women are notoriously materialistic, engrained is an expectation a husband will provide for her (even for her extended family in some cases), spurious surveys state that 60% of mainland girls want to marry a man from a rich family. If they're unable to attract a rich Chinese husband, they will ensue the next richest suitor, so who will that be? Black men? No, Black men are impecunious, of course its White Western men. White Western men are perceived as better educated, wealthier, modern, less chauvinistic than their Eastern counterparts, even though in real terms in the USA at least, Asian men are the highest income earners on average, not that Chinese women are unaware of this. However, in the UK, British Chinese aren't as successful as their Asian  American counterparts. Despite the fact that British Chinese students have been consistently outperforming all other ethnicities in the UK for over a decade at pre-university level, with Chinese females outperforming Chinese males, it means little in real terms as it has been documented that relative to their educational grades, Chinese females are the most underachieving and discriminated ethnic group for employment, many struggle with their career. I know many that do not have a proper career despite being well educated, they end up becoming a tai-tai living off their husbands income, which is ironic given that they married a westerner in the first place to liberate themselves or maybe that was the ulterior motive for many of time, they want an easy peaceful troublefree life just shopping, especially after they've married or had a child.

Chinese women who turned their back on the Far East by either emigrating to the west and/or marrying western Caucasian men are symptomatic of  transnational attitudes that hold no allegiance to their own native country or their host country, they will go wherever, to the UK to be educated, to another country for employment, then finally go to Canada for retirement, like parasites seeking a new host, if the host country is no longer viable, don't complain, don't protest, rather stealthily search for a new host by emigrating. Some argue it is the nature of the southern Chinese as historical seafaring communities that are resistant to change and are used to migrating, globalisation empowers them to do this in greater numbers and intensity than  before. What we are seeing from some modern Chinese women, who now in theory have more freedom than ever before, is not just conspicuous consumption, but conspicuous breeding too.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. BBCZeitgeist, YOUR STATISTICS ARE INACCURATE. You should check on your statistic UK marriages. Read the book " Language Choice in Interracial Marriages ". It shows interracial marriage like these.

      BBC males married to White women equates to 44%
      BBC females married to White men equates to 56%

      FOB male married to white women is 22%
      FOB female married to White men is 78%

      I LIVE IN THE UK, most of the Chinese women married to White men are FOB. Without the number of migrant women, the ratio would have been 13:19. The other contribution is made by migrant women. I don't understand how you cause such an blunder error like this.

    2. Okay, that's exaggerating. Not most, but an at least over 1/3 of them are FOB women. While FOB men contribution to the ratio is only 1/6 or 1/8.

    3. These are 2001 census stats right? If you can confirm the source it would be great. I've already replied to your statistics here:

      What is the 13:19 ratio? Is it the ratio for BBC male white fem IR vs BBC female white mate IR?

      If so, rather than disproving my figures as inaccurate, it actually shows that my analysis and guestimates are pretty accurate given that I did not have full statistics at my disposal. You have provided a figure of 56% for BBC females IR marriage to White males ONLY. My estimate for BBC female/non-chinese male IR marriage rate was 60%+, which would include marriage to ALL other non-Chinese ethnic groups including Whites.

    4. YES! 1/3 like it says in the " Language Choice in Interracial Marriages ". FOB women contributes one-third of the total Chinese-White marriages on the female side. This figure includes first generation BBC women born to FOB parents. The funny part about this book it even openly stated FOB male lack of confidence due to speaking little to no English which prevents them from going into interracial relationship which is VERY TRUE. From my experience FOB males can't speak proper English to get an English friend let alone getting an English speaking girlfriend, so it never surprised me that FOB men contribution to the marriages is so low compared with FOB women. But on the other hand it stated FOB women who are married white men can easily bend over the language barriers, those FOB women with white husbands only know basic level of English. So anyway, the point is the average BBC women marries little more than than BBC men, but the fact there is more contribution of marriages from FOB women than FOB men which only makes the gap wider.

      ALSO...while media is partly to blame for promoting Chinese girls and white men, another undeniable factor is the average Chinese males are indeed less attractive than white males and usually more nerdy looking, I see Chinese guys like that everyday. Another factor is average Chinese males are not as open minded compared to White males. So aside from blaming western media, the Chinese men are also to blame for their part. I'm an BBC man I won't deny that I lack confidence when it comes to White females, I've never dated white girls before but I also can't deny there Chinese males who can get white girls, I've even seen short Chinese guys with white girls before. Those guys are usually somewhat your above average Chinese males or have some good qualities. But there is also significant proportion of Chinese guys that are so unattractive (not just physically) that makes you wonder thinking how the hell these guys going to attract white girl? there bad quality can range from being a boring talker, close minded, lack sense of humor, extremely nerdy to serious lack of confidence. No problem with stating this, it's just the facts of life. Not saying there is no ugly White men but the average Chinese man in proportion does seem to be less attractive by standard. Yet again, this has nothing to do with media it just the facts of life. It's the same with Black women on average.

    5. "FOB women contributes one-third of the total Chinese-White marriages on the female side. This figure includes first generation BBC women born to FOB parents."

      Ah, I understand now. I thought you were giving me a new statistics, when in fact the '1/3' and 1/6-1/8 for males is exactly the same statistic in my article. HERE...

      UK Census 2001 (Rounded figures)
      All Chinese Male Marriages.
      % married interracially = 14%
      All Chinese Female Marriages.
      % married interracially = 30%

      It is not white, but ALL IR marriages, not only to white.

    6. These below are the only 'new' statistics you have given that are not already in my article...

      BBC males married to White women equates to 44%
      BBC females married to White men equates to 56%

      FOB male married to white women is 22%
      FOB female married to White men is 78%

      However, since you misunderstood the other statistics, I'm not sure I can take these seriously either. Its not the figures that are a problem, its the way you interpreted and defined them - incorrectly.

      For example, 40% 4/10 BBC men marrying white women is INCORRECT. What you mean is that in terms of inter racial marriage between whites and Chinese, BBC males form 44% of these marriages, whereas BBC females make up 56% of these marriages. That does NOT mean 4/10 BBC men are married white women, nor does it mean 5.6 out of 10 BBC females are married to white men either. The ACTUAL percentage figure of BBC inter racial marriage VS BBC same race marriage is the vital figure thats MISSING. If you're going to be specific about white/chinese then we also need the vital figure for the percentage of white/chinese marriages that make up the overall numbers inter racial marriage figures.

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  2. All swearing comments will automatically be deleted.

    1. BBCZeitgeist:

      WHY THERE IS MORE Chinese women marrying white men? the fact that you have way more migrant women than men from China like Fuzhou, Jiangsu ect studying or living abroad, it's already an bad sign that more Chinese women would end up marrying than men. Let alone, even if the proportion of Chinese male and female migrants were equal in ratio, the Chinese guys and White girls marriages would still lose out to vice versa. So to have an contribution of significant Mainland Chinese migrant women will only widened the gap of the interracial marriage ratio.

      THE ONLY WAY....Chinese guys can do is to even or close the gap.

    2. They always migrate to Western english speaking countries like like UK or U.S, all because they know english in the world international language.

  3. Interesting and insightful as usual. If only more brainwashed, western-worshiping Asians would read your blogs and wake up before it's too late.

    Although I must say, from reading your posts, you sound like the typical griping Asian male, but more detailed. : P
    I think what needs to be done about our Asian problem is more activism and participation, unity and support for pan-Asianism (orientals), otherwise many of us (esp. the men) will remain invisible and stereotyped.

    Speaking of which, can you please find time to perhaps address as to why:
    "Chinese females are the most underachieving and discriminated ethnic group when it comes to employment, they struggle with their career."

    In the USA, recent statistics have shown that out of all people being laid off in Wall Street during this down economy, Asians (East) were the first and most to be let go.
    *IMHO it's time to be more vocal and aggressive.*

  4. Hi, thank you for the comment. Here's my 'griping' reply. Pan-Asianism is suited to the USA as Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese communities are sizeable with an equal footing as the Chinese, whereas in the UK theyre too small rendering them an irrelevance. For example, ethnic monitoring forms, Chinese often have their own ethnic category box, whereas in the USA, they're lumped into an 'Asian' category, hence the term 'Asian American,' and their Asian American societies.

    If you asked me 10+ years ago, pan-asian unity was necessary because in those days, just having an oriental face on our screens was an achievement, but its the 21st century now and it isnt progressive to still expect a mixed race or a Korean to represent our interests, specific representation is required for BBC's.

    In what way would you like the Chinese to be more aggressive and vocal?

    RE: Careers. Look no further than the familiar factors of institutional discrimation and White perceptions of Chinese women, the lack of leadership skills in Chinese living in the West as ethnic minorities playing second fiddle to whites. There are many UK industries where Chinese cannot excel career wise....instead they have to run their own business or practice, or go freelance etc rather than climb the white ladder to a glass ceiling.

  5. that pic of the old zombie Murdoch with a young Chinese beauty is disgusting. Worse still is that Chinese women are willing to go so low for money.

    About the article, this is a major issue with the quality of such relationships, whether its asian male or female, is usually not healthy. Of all the asian-white couples I have seen (I've been around) I have come across ONE couple - a white man and asian woman - who were actually normal i.e they didn't marry because of race or whatever, but because they actually loved it each other - not the perceived racial characteristics of the other.

    For the white men looking to date and marry asian women there are 3 types - 1 who is obsessed with "asian" culture, and thus are marrying into it, not the woman; and the other is a white man who wants to dominate their partner - seen, but not heard; cleaning, not complaining, You know the sort. Obviously there aren't many white women around willing to take that sort of abuse. Plenty of asian women who will though. The last, I suppose is an extension of the second - they date them because they're easy, they want to "conquer" as many as possible. And if you're a white man in Asia, that is possible. It's a shame the local asian men don't have backbones - they certainly have the numbers. The first 2 are losers, outcasts etc. of their own white society - maybe they are ugly, criminals, divorced, penniless, have several health conditions - all unattractive traits for white women, but none of that matters for asian women - they just want white men, regardless of the core defects.

  6. I think from your comment, Asian Fetish is actually very real, it can't be co-incidence that so many people have said similar things based in their experience. Have you read my other post on Asian fetish and personality traits?

    1. It is really amazing when you look at how black women are relatively untouched by white men. They are much more numerous and arguably have much more in common culturally with white men. After all, slavery predated white colonization of Asia. Denials of asian fetishness will sound more and more like a joke in the years ahead. Finally, it is up to asian men to step up to the plate, whether in US or UK. Use what you have to get what you want! WM and AF certainly have.

    2. Slavery has nothing to do with why black women are "relatively untouched". It's simple and it's basic. It's back to survival of the fittest. Men prefer smaller and feminine whilst women prefer butch and rangy. There's no point in skirting reality. Work it out. Black men are seen as strong and predetory in general. We are seeing South Korean students dating them as reported on the news recently.

  7. Nice thoughtful post. Insightful. Especially with the statistics. Be interesting to see the 2011 UK Census figures.

    You have made a lot of speculation on the reasons why Chinese women choose non-Chinese partners and why White males seemingly have this fetish for Chinese women. Though I agree with many of the points raised, I can't help but feel that you may have neglected the Chinese male's role in the skewed ratio of interracial relationships.

    It comes to no surprise that when it comes to dating, the task of initiating and pursuing relationships usually falls on the male. And, from my experience, Chinese guys are hardly the most forward of men. Many lack the confidence, "alpha" qualities (note the air quotes), and pushy nature of more sexually aggressive men of other races. Those that do carry the necessary "charm" qualities usually hang around within a Chinese clique and date within it, or they hang in non-Chinese crowds of equally high social intelligence where they go on to be in successful mixed-race relationships.

    Many, however, seem to fall into that 30-year old virgin limbo. Who knows the reasons. Perhaps it's down to upbringing. There is pressure from parents for Chinese males to be academically successful and bring home the bacon; thus they end up neglecting the important phase in their teenage years of developing high social intelligence. Plus there are cultural aspects.

    All of this does make an interesting thesis. And I don't wish to take away the relevance of the points you have made since I do agree with most of them. However, I have met some Chinese women who take on the self-hating stance, only to find them later swept off by feet by that rare Chinese guy that actually has some game on him.

  8. You met a lot of engineering geeks then? Chinese male interracial marrriage rate in the UK is far from low in my opinion, it is understandable but a mistake to look at the rate as 'unnaturally low' in comparison to the female interracial rate, rather it is the female interracial rate which is 'unnaturally high.'

  9. hi, nice blog, have you got an email? and name?

  10. BBZ,

    yet again I am compelled to comment despite it being way past beddybyes for me.

    You might like to bear this in mind:

    No matter how much the Wendy Dengs of this world make half breeds, the offspring will NEVER repeat NEVER be as beautiful as pure Chinese girls.

    I don't need to list the 100's of millions of names here but 1 will do; Gong Li.

    Ah Li is pushing 50 ! but how many half breeds look half as good as her ?

    This is the biggest weapon we have: every beautiful woman is a product of a "Chinaman's" genetialia.

    Yep it's true !

  11. Yes you can email me at BBCZeitgeist@

    Re: last post. haha. You are a proud man, go forth and multiply, have lots of lots of Chinese kids.

    1. Lets hope that wasn't Ming Rev you were encouraging

  12. This is the reasons I don't want to have daughter/s! A waste of time, energy and money!

    1. And thus still contributing to the uneven ratio of Chinese men to women!

      You yourself would be taking women away that could contine the bloodlines of Chinese men!

  13. I can see why there's 30% chinese females married to non chinese males.

    Just when i was watching the match of Shuai Zhang vs Svetlana Kuznetsova at Wimbledon,the camera was shooting at the audience and guess what i saw,a good looking chinese girl sitting next to a white guy feeding him something,then a few second later i saw another chinese girl sitting next to a white guy....and then they say white guys in Britain don't get with chinese girls.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Whilst I have noticed that some Chinese women may be "self-hating" and marry White men for money, it doesn't mean ALL interracial relationships are like this.

    My two aunts are happily married to White men and both are in fulfilling jobs. In fact, my older aunt is in a highly paid job as a account and her husband looks after the house. My younger aunt married her husband in her own terms but not for money and comfort.

    Also, as someone pointed out, where did you find the information for this sentense? I know that many BBC girls (my own age and younger) are very ambitious and independent.

    "Chinese females are the most underachieving and discriminated ethnic group for employment, many struggle with their career."

    I realised you answered this question, but are there any statistics to back this up? Also, I know that there is a lot of racial discrimation (I am British Chinese myself) that may discourage Chinese from taking higher-ranked jobs. But in my opinion, this may change as there are more BBCs going to universities, and therefore more will be in professial careers. This is a huge contrast to previous generations of BBCs/Chinese immigrants who didn't have the socio-economic means to do so before.

    One final word, I can't help but find the racist comments on this blog disgraceful. I read words such as "Half-breed" in reference to mixed-race children as well as "half-Chinese half-Ape."

    I couldn't believe you let people write such rubbish on this blog! BBZ, it is your duty to monitor for comments such as these. These comments are just as bad as what people say about the Chinese on the Daily Mail. I guess reading these comments only show that Chinese people (assuming they are written by Chinese people) can be just as bigoted as everyone else.

  16. One final word, I can't help but find the racist comments on this blog disgraceful. I read words such as "Half-breed" in reference to mixed-race children as well as "half-Chinese half-Ape."

    Well i don't see anything racist here,it's a fact.
    If you think that's racist then what about the many chinese women who want to have mixed white chinese kids ?

  17. "Well i don't see anything racist here,it's a fact.
    If you think that's racist then what about the many chinese women who want to have mixed white chinese kids ?"

    Oh for goodness sake, it is racist because you're saying that mixed-race children are below non mixed-race children. By using the words "Half-breed" and "half-Chinese half Ape" there is an association of mixed-race children being inhuman.

    It's similar to that bigot Alan Morrissey guy( whoever he is) saying "All Chinese are Sub-Species." That statement not only made him look extremely stupid but also ignorant. He wrongly generalised all Chinese people as an evil panda beating race. This is not true.

    So by calling mixed-race children as inferior "half-breeds", you are therefore racist. What you said was an opinion, not an fact.

    "Many Chinese women want mixed White Chinese kids". Do you mean Chinese women who specifically desire mixed race children? I have never heard of this at all. Most women have children out of love, and obviously will have mixed-race children if their husband is non-Chinese.

    If there are such women who specifically want mixed-race children as some sort of accessory, then shame on them. But the majority of the time, Chinese women have mixed race children out of love and affection than anything else.

  18. At the above poster - love and affection will never overcome the racist western imperialist brainwashing that has made you prefer white men over chinese men. if anything choosing a white man over a chinese man is racist and if all chinese women do this, our race will come to an end. but then what do you care as long as you have 'cutelooking babies' right? now THATS racist.youre just too thick to see it.

    1. It is characteristic of racists that they are unable to see anyone as a human being, only as a representative of one race or another. Mature individuals marry a person, not a racial symbol; whether that person is white, black or Asian is irrelevant. It is those unable to see beyond a person's race to the individual beneath who are thick - or at least lacking in some essential human quality. As for the Chinese race coming to an end, with more than one billion Chinese in the world, accounting for 1 in 5 of the entire global population, that's not just absurd, but totally paranoid.

  19. and at the white-worshipper who wrote this

    'My two aunts are happily married to White men and both are in fulfilling jobs. In fact, my older aunt is in a highly paid job as a account and her husband looks after the house. My younger aunt married her husband in her own terms but not for money and comfort. '

    thats fucking zulu racism at its finest - chinese women goes out to do all the work and lazy white man stays at home. because of the brainwashing they cant see that theyd take ANY white man because in their mind white is right. even if hes an overweight homeless bum , oh whiteness gives us so much security doesnt it?

    what about the overweight bum chinese guy? do you reckon chinese media will counter the racism by making HIM a hero? no, didnt think so. you uncle tom sellouts make me f--king sick to my stomach.

    1. Mate, seriously, youve got issues that go beyond this blog...I recommend a psychiatrist.

    2. Why dont you recommend him your stylist?

    3. happybritishchinese,
      How is that relevent to anything that was stated?

      It is true one cannot win an arguement with you,
      the 'white-worshipper' (not that I aggree with this) has stated that she has aunts married to white men, so what?
      I've seen other comments on this blog stating that white men only want Chinese women to be slaves in the home. But now she has given this blog an example of a strong Chinese woman who is the main bread winner for the family, and her husband is a 'stay at home dad'. Now this reversal is not good enough? He's the lazy swine?

      I don't understand. Many of these comments contradict each other.

    4. Try not to understand, I know it can be difficult at times. Go tend to your family.

  20. "At the above poster - love and affection will never overcome the racist western imperialist brainwashing that has made you prefer white men over chinese men. if anything choosing a white man over a chinese man is racist and if all chinese women do this, our race will come to an end. but then what do you care as long as you have 'cutelooking babies' right? now THATS racist.youre just too thick to see it"

    Dude, calm down. How do you think I am "brainwashed" by the White man? Where did you infer that info from my post?I think that's rather insulting that you think I'm enthralled by White people. I have White friends, but I do not bow down to them. You do not know me.

    You do not know my preferences to a certain race. In fact, I prefer the features of Chinese men over White men. So, stop criticising Chinese girls if they prefer White men. It does not make them anymore "racist" than Chinese women who prefer Chinese men.

    However, I guess I cannot argue with fools here. You only make yourself look silly over the internet through your bigoted views. The real irony here is that I bet some of these commenters are living in the U.K or some other Western country, and complain of the very people that help them. Go figure.

    1. I am a white male...married and divorced from a white woman-she was german, Okie and mexican...she was nice and due to my fault the marriage ended. Several years later I dated and married an overseas filipina, brought her to US. We were married 15 years, happy and had 2 kids- now we are divorced.. She would have married white, asian, or filipinos I'm sure. Between marriages I dated several chinese women because there was a dating service & I worked with many asians. I now have a chinese gf, we have language problems. With a gf 20 years ago we worked together and I helped her learn english. Anything I say will probably be twisted and misunderstood, but I am an example of a man who loves asian women. One major difference (it maybe a stereotype) but I feel asian women really love their men, wholly totally and fully....I have never been so loved as with an asian woman. My gf has problems, we are learning to communicate better but she loves me, maybe she likes that I'm white she says she likes the way I love her and the way I look. Is that bad?...many asian women I have dated have told me they would probably not marry an asian...why? because the father was a strange, mean man. Honestly it is the americanization of ABCs that I am not usually interested. No I dont want a stay at home housewife. I absolutely do not want a yes woman. White men are not all the same, yes I'm interested in the culture, but I am marrying the woman. Filipinas offer the ability to use english better, the chinese may not but they are not a third world nation, which has its own problems. Filipinas tend to be catholic/christian most chinese do not. I am on my 3rd marriage & 59, yes I want a younger woman but not a 20-something. My gf is late 40s---just right for me. My only problem with chinese (CBC) is that many require international dating and their english. Oh and my 2nd wife is now engaged to a filipino.

  21. 'The real irony here is that I bet some of these commenters are living in the U.K or some other Western country, and complain of the very people that help them. Go figure'

    people help because they are in paid jobs to do so whether its the AA man, postman, or your racist average policeman/woman who overlooks a Chinese takeaway that was broken into by robbers . That doesnt stop the zionist racism infiltrationing the media and turning Chinese into a laughing stock and brainwashing Chinese women into white male worshippers.

    I dont make myself silly. I just express what a lot of Chinese ( apart from this blog owner) and some other intelligent commentors on this article can see. Something that you with your laisse faire ' i have white and yellow and pink and green friends ' kumbayah attitude somehow doesnt seem to get yet.

    if you think my attitude is odd living in the west, then may i suggest visiting the dimsum or the british born online forum. people are more 'well mannered there' and 'moderate'

    lots of equality and love for the white zionist men on those forums too. you'd love it.

    1. Where does Zionism come into this? I thought you were talking about whites, now you drag the Jews into it. If you studied genetics, you'd learn there is no such thing as a pure race anyway.

  22. ^ meant to say ' few Chinese including this blog owner and some other intelligent commenters on this blog can see'

  23. As a white British man married to a Hong Kong Chinese woman for more than 30 years, I find the level of racial stereotyping here highly offensive. "In my experience, English men cannot separate their right hand from a pint of beer, their nose from a line of coke and their left hand from a copy of Loaded." Indeed? You are obviously mixing with a very inferior set of Englishmen. While I confess to enjoying an occasional beer, I have never taken coke nor read Loaded, nor do any of the Englishmen I know fit this stereotype. As for all the comments about "half breeds", they sound like the ravings of a (white) Victorian imperialist.

    I didn't marry my wife because she is submissive (far from it, in fact). She didn't marry me for a passport, nor is she self-hating. You should find better people to mix with.

  24. Alao, has anyone noticed that with most mixed race couples' children, even on the rare occasions where it is a chinese father and white mother, the kid still turns out "white"? As in, white customs, white way of talking, acting... culturally white. It's a lose-lose situation regarding our roots. I look at mixed black-white relationships, the opposite is true - look at how mixed black people speak, even with white mothers and an absent black father. How can that be possible? How can a kid, with no black father around and only a white mother to raise them up, still turn out "black"? Yet mixed Chinese kids always turn out "white"...depressing that in a few generations' time, China may be an economic superpower, but its people won't be Chinese...

    1. Both Japanese and Chinese enroll their kids in week-end classes to learn about their heritage and further their language. Not many white people enroll their kids in german school or russian school or even spanish school. It takes work and effort to mold a child, nothing wrong in giving the kids a different experience.

  25. Read this:

    It's so simple for the Chinese government to implement. The fact that they aren't, when the ratio is so one sided, at a time when Chinese women are outnumbered...are they doing this on purpose? Because there are better ways to depopulate the country without losing the women - I read a report where 60% of Chinese students in Britain are women, the highest foreign country - surpassing other African and Asian countries, who are traditionally more male - India had 80% male students coming here. Surely the Chinese government can see that Chinese women studying in Britain will possibly want to stay on, thus losing more Chinese women?

    Of course the British (and other white) governments also have a part to play in this. I have noticed in previous years, that increasing ease of Chinese women staying here after marriage to a white UK national, no matter the age, or how bogus the marriage looks. Apparently there are more restrictions now, the bride has to speak English, yet it doesn't explain the sea of Thai, Filipino, Chinese and other asian brides now granted pemanent stay here. At the same time, Chinese men - even the highly skilled ones, which British industry needs (a recent example of a friend - a genius in his subject and headhunted by major companies - was NOT given a visa) - are being deported.

    The white objective is clear - deport all Chinese men, import all Chinese women. Their reasoning is that if the Chinese can't be beaten economically, they can break China from within - socially - by depriving the men of families.

    1. Yes that is the unfortunate thing about westernisation - its evil agenda is well hidden under the ideal of modernisation. And until CCP develop a new cultural way that is a real alternative to westernisation, white objective, with all its nuances will remain the default.

  26. Chinese national law does not recognise dual nationality. Chinese women legally migrate to the west, in effect must give up their Chinese nationality (unless they keep it unscrupulously). The law is right in this instance, it forces you to choose, in effect a test of loyalty to your country, it makes many think twice about doing it. For every self-hating Chinese female that chooses the western man, emigrates and gives up her Chinese nationality, there are probably more that decide they don't want to leave, knowing the door will be shut behind them, this is actually a good way of filtering out traitors, rather like allowing Cuban criminals to flee to Florida.

    IMO, almost all the mainland Chinese migrants in the UK in the last 20 years that have become legal British citizens - are traitors to their homeland - they have given up their China passports. its another reason why I have very little respect for mainland immigrants in the UK.

    1. What about the HKers who emigrate to the UK? That HK is an ex British colony, does that give it the best of all worlds status with rights to criticize those who dont have that right ? If HK didnt have that privelige that would also make them traitors as well.

      You cant deny that the reason why Chinese both mainlanders and commonwealth emigrate to the west is because of better living conditions as long as there is stuff like pollution and CCP watching your every move, bad health aid, food quality.

      I think your little respect for mainlanders are probably more HK-based than anything else.

      I think in general us overseas Chinese tend to romanticise China but if it came down to giving up a british passport for a Chinese one, if we had to - Im sure I know which one most of us would choose. However, that doesnt justify all the political racial demonisation and the abnormal out-marriage numbers of Chinese women to western men.

      Unfortunately western 'freedom' becomes intertwined with out-marriage and racial cultural dilution, until there is a better alternative, or a China replacement, that is the real norm, for the world, whether we like it or not.

  27. The most damaging part from a white man-chinese woman relationship who then takes their child out of China to the west is that it essentially kills off the chinese woman's genes... think about it, even a mixed race child staying in China would more likely than not (based on the numbers, of course the white man might choose to school the child seperately in a private "international" (white) school) be "turning" Chinese over the next generation e.g. mixed child in a mostly chinese environment, then marries a chinese man... i.e. 75% chinese, and so on... the white man knows exactly what he is doing, by bringing the child to a white country they will become increasingly more white as they marry and have children with white people - for the white men involved, this is usually a bonus, because they already have a "pure white" family from previous marriages... and now this child(ren) who in the future will turn more and more white.... another words, his genes will continue and grow. The opposite is true for the chinese woman's genes, as it will be assimilated more and more into the white race - and as this is her only child, a half chinese child, a few generations later it will be gone. No chinese, no heritage. And of course the chinese men who would otherwise have married and had kids with such women... they too will have no children. No future.

    It is quite systematic racial genocide when you take a step back and think of the bigger picture.

  28. The problem with giving up Chinese nationality is that these women have nowhere to turn to once they realise that life is not all roses in the white world. So many (all I would say) are ill educated with reality in the west, prostitution, racism, domestic abuse... that when it happens to them they realise their mistakes - but its too late - they do not know the language, are afraid of the British police - and thus put up with the worse conditions.

    In my opinion the Chinese government should educate Chinese - especially women - on reality in the west - what sort of life they will be getting into. Maybe get perspectives from British Chinese, both born there and long term immigrants. Secondly, create a quota where for every Chinese woman leaving for a white country, 2 Chinese men must also be allowed to stay there. It will solve the massive male-female disparity in China, and put a stop to white government's motives of purposely depriving Chinese men of families by just allowing the women in.

    1. When i went to China i educated my friend, and this female student i met in Beijing tried to tell her too, but I think its like the kid in a candyshop, mainlanders dont want to know because its all new to them, whereas we do. You cant tell a child not to do something if its determined. Also as overseas chinese we have a higher level of privelege. I think a better idea would be to employ overseas Chinese to set up societies for mainlanders coming to the UK. This in my opinion is the best way for education - where they experience the shit first hand, and from those i have met, they do - within the first few months, and then fill in the gaps. Realistically this is all that can be done, whilst CCP are still getting their act together.

    2. There may be a small percentage of Chinese women out there who specifically want to marry Western men, but that does not mean ALL of these women do.

      My mother for example, is a pure Chinese woman from Singapore who met and fell in love with my father who had been working in Singapore.
      My grandfather was an educated man, a headmaster in fact of one of their best Universities. So my mother was by no means uneducated.
      She CHOSE my father out of LOVE.
      You cannot generalise women, or anyone in this way.
      It is not RACISM to choose someone outside of your own race.

      I am a BBC mixed Chinese woman, does it make me racist that I have married a Chinese man who has never lived in a western country?

    3. Love knows no bounds, but when it comes to orchestrated genocide, and diluting our race, culture and Chinese ethnicity, where is the love?

      Answer: its gone because the world apart from China is white-washed.

      Personally speaking I am dubious about the Chinese pride of many Singaporeans. Colonialism did a good brainwashing job that the majority of those people are a bunch of white-worshippers, not dissimilar to other parts of colonised East Asian countries.

      It would also explain why you are proud of telling me that your white grandfather is a headmaster of the best universities and why your mother fell for him. She was whitewashed too.

      That you married a Chinese man, is your own decision , but if you are white-washed enough to refute the mass-social engineering agenda behind dilution of the Chinese race, then no matter how Chinese you are on the outside, that would make the mindset of both of you no better than a bunch of white-washed Singaporeans.

    4. Excuse me? If you read my above statement, I said that my father was and English man working in Singapore, but went on to explain about my GRANDFATHER, my MOTHERS father after sating that she was FULL BLOOD CHINESE - please read and understand the facts first! , 'My MOTHER for example, is a PURE Chinese woman from Singapore who met and fell in love with my father who had been working in Singapore.
      My grandfather was an educated man, a headmaster in fact of one of their best Universities.'
      My grandfather was full blood Chinese, whom was born in Wenzhou; He was married to a full blood Chinese woman, whom was from Suzhou!
      My mother is full blood Chinese!

      You know nothing of my mother, so for you to call her 'white-washed' is rude and un-called for.
      My mother has taught us to be Chinese, and we respect our Chinese heritage.

      Stop trying to spark racial animosity between two very different places.

      China is a very large and flourishing country with strong traditions and culture.
      If you really think that the Chinese will disappear because a few women fall in love with men outside of China then you do not have much faith in your culture or your people.

    5. 'If you really think that the Chinese will disappear because a few women fall in love with men outside of China then you do not have much faith in your culture or your people.'

      That however you deem yourself as a citizen of the world, free without boundaries to endorse multiculturalism and free love for all, is a typically selfish eurasian female mindset, choosing to comment from a superficial angle, without real awareness of the promotion of white privilege social engineering can have on a western Chinese diaspora.

      We are coming from a political viewpoint that our race is being whitewashed and violated, and as proud ethnic Chinese it is our duty to speak out against it.

      If you are unable to respect our point of view and call it 'sparking racial animosity' I suggest you peruse this blog instead of just commenting on this one article and share your viewpoints, as to whether you think there really is a social engineering war of the mind, against the Chinese or whether you think we are making it up.

      However,if you choose instead to spam your narrowminded opinions on this one article only about how perfect your little mixed race life is and that we should close the whole blog down because of it, you are sorely mistaken and we will have no choice but to delete your comments for trolling.

    6. By rejecting my viewpoint, then you youreself are unable to respect my point of view, and therefore are hipocritical. Seeing as you are so quick with every other persons comments to summarise their lifestyles and stereotype them, I shall tell you what I belive is the reason behind this blog. What I think happened to you at a young age, was that you got rejected by the pretty chinese girl at school and she chose a white guy instead, and that has made you bitter and idiotically announce that any chinese girl that feels she is attracted to someone, not by the creed or colour, just because they are a nice person and it is the PERSONALITY they are going for, this does not mean they are trying to eliminte their race, nor does it mean they are not proud of their culture. It simply means that they are a human by following their heart. the fact that YOU are so narrow minded in all of this is astounding. Is the white man forcing the chinese women to be with them? No. People are entitled to choose who they want to be with, without someone claiming they are just after something else.IT is because of racist people like you, that people in multicultural relationships find it difficult being in the same country as one another, as someone out there is so unable to accept that two people of a different race could actually infact be attracted to one another. Because you are so narrow minded, you are not going to agree with any of this. Also to add someting else, my full chinese friend from HK has had two children with a black/indian man, no doubt you will have a field day about that...

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. its nothing to do with bitter, its do with social manipulation. if you were more socially aware instead of reading cake recipes all day you would know better than to make comments like that - but then cake recipes is probably your height of depth of social awareness lol.

    2. Comment removed for trolling.

  30. This is just another branch of racsim. You can find similar concept post's from white people (mainly bitter males) about how the blacks are stealing our women. With the post also reversed by black women moaning about how white women are stealing their men. Alot of the men who hate or look down on IR relationships secretly desire one. Unless there are a large amounts of race riots or an all out race war people of diffrent ethnicity's will continue to form relationships. Also trying to say that they hate there race and or nationality is ridiculous. whilst in a VERY small percentage this MAY be true, overall it sounds like your trying to cover your hate for IR relationships by blaming it on the women. RW

    1. BBC women to men outdating is 60/40. this is unheard of in any other ethnic group in the UK, how is this a very small percentage?

      Theres nothing to cover hate for IR relationships. If anything its love for Chinese ethnicity and pride above anything else.

      Speak to any other ethnic group in the UK and you would get the same response. Its just that amongst British Chinese ,white privelige and interbreeding is the norm because of white male privelege and chinese female self hate/exoticisation is emphasised above all else.

  31. Wow - there are a lot of angry people on this blog!

    I am a BBC woman, love my family, proud of being Chinese, well educated, have a good job, and am engaged to a White man! I do not hate myself or my race, I am not desperate for 'cute mixed race kids' (god knows not all babies are cute, but wait - this is not for us to judge, since all parents think their offspring are the cutest.

    There are so many racial stereotypes here, ouch - might need to get out more and meet more people - believe it or not, not every Chinese woman who marries a white man is a 'white worshipper' - say what? Ever considered she might have just met a guy that she gets on with 100% and wants to have a family with? Meeting someone you truly are compatible with is hard enough, are you supposed to get rid of him and go for someone Chinese instead so you can specifically breed pure Chinese children?

    Human beings actually have feelings, they're not just breeding machines nor does any one person represent or hold the future of an entire race. Over there is China, 1.3 billion Chinese, don't worry the race won't die out any time soon. If more British Chinese women marry white men, well, that's because they grew up here and are naturally going to mingle more with Westerners. Don't like it, don't live in England, don't send your kids to State Schools, Colleges or Universities, do what the Jewish do and create special institutions 'just for Chinese kids' - I am sure they won't end up screwed up at all.

    The Chinese woman I know are not easy going at all and demand a lot from their partners. If a White guy thinks he's in for an easy ride, he's having a laugh. If everytime you see a White/Chinese couple walking down the street together, you think that he must've had no options and just loves submissive women and she is just desperate for mixed raced kids then you are WRONG!

    Having said that a good friend of mine (White) spent time teaching in China and told me how she met a lot of women who wanted to specifically date White men...not something I understand because I judge people by their own individual merits, not by race. So I guess the point is...everyone is different. That's just life!

    1. ^ This is an ode to ignorance of the highest magnitude, especially the third paragraph - "Don't like it, then don't live in England." Shocking statement from a Chinese and you still deny white worship? Has the BBC female so over-assimilated into British society (and into the White community) to the point of their mindset being indistinguishable from that of a White British person? I can actually see the 100% white match that you mentioned now.

    2. 100% white person

    3. I've noticed many oriental women trying to make up reasons e.g. love, status, humour, "feel comfortable with them". Poke a bit deeper though and you notice quite clearly, it's because they're white.

      Not all, but the vast majority. How many white women, or women of other races, are with other men because of their race? It sounds (and is) ridiculous.

  32. Chinese from heritage. British from birth

  33. Let me explain it all to you in one sentence. Women, regardless of race, usually go for the same type of man - the ALPHA Male. In the western society it tends to those who are already established...Go figure..Nothing personal. Im an Asian female with a white partner. In the UK its difficult to find an Asian Alpha male. Now if I was in Hong Kong or China/ Taiwan however it would be a different I find Asian men incredibly handsome. Theyre just hard to find in the UK!

    1. Handsome='already established'?

      You sound like a typical boring Kong Lui FOB. Hows your LV collection?

    2. I think 'already established' means they have history of achievement in the country. i.e their grandparents were lawyers that went to edinburgh uni, their parents are doctors went to oxford and were headboy in boarding school, their son that shes marrying is a also a rich doctor also headboy in boarding school, with good inheritance, good trust fund, assets, big house and good connections in high places. Wealth takes time to accumulate and build over generations which is passed down/inherited.

      FOB males usually do not have such a background in the UK as they're newly arrived immigrants as restaurateurs, they started from stratch and came to the UK with just a suitcase, BBCs are their offspring and also start from stratch in the 'white community' because our parents did not work in the 'white' community but within their own 'Chinese community,' therefore and have no standing in the 'white community.' See how it works now?

  34. In my humble opinion, it is the chinese women from mainland China who are upsetting the status quo. It happens not only in the UK but in Europe too. I remember in the eighties when the chinese community was small and consisted of Cantonese speaking people mainly (including the Vietnamese boat people who also generally speak cantonese).
    Now the whole of the EU is full of mainland chinese and the chinese women who chase after the white men and the prostitutes. Have you been to Paris lately, near Boulevard Sevastopol, full of chinese prostitutes. In the UK too, they are everywhere. The girls and their white boyfriends. Small consolation, they so incredibly UGLY!

  35. I just recently been around southeast asia, Indonesia, singapore, malaysia, thailand...I was surprised to see a lot number of chinese females (in malls, restaurants, church etc) with dark skinned malay/southeast asian males

    most of these men are from lower income/status, I heard story of a wealthy chinese family, their daughter married to the family's chauffeur

    in southeast asia chinese female too tend to date or marry out even though the males are a lot poorer....I think the ratio almost as staggering as those in western countries

    1. I'm from Malaysia, and I can ensure everyone here that you're bullshitting. There are hardly any yellow Chinese women going out with brown Austronesian Malay. Everyone knows SG and MY Chinese are VERY PURE.

  36. My goodness, all this talk of racial genocide. Are you all insane.
    I am sorry, but I am sure the 'white man' has more important things on their mind than wiping out the Chinese.

    Do you not realise just how many pure blood Chinese people there are in the world?
    Approximately 1.3 billion in China alone, include places like Taiwan and you get closer to 2 billion.

    I don't think that the Chinese race is in danger of becoming 'extinct'.

    China has had a long and vibrant history, I don't think it will disappear that easily.

    And in response to an earlier post, I am, myself offended,being a half-Chinese BBC at being called half-breed or 'half Chinese half ape'.
    I can assure you that I am very much human, ando not some 'ape' as the poster suggested.
    If you want to have people listen and take notice don't become racist and bigoted yourselves. Act like level headed and intelligent adults.

    1. For me, the real issue is seeing half -Chinese like yourself being chosen by a racist socially engineering media industry to make us ethnic born British Born Chinese invisible.

      I also have an issue when whitewashed BBCs tend to fawn over the likes of yourself rather than forming their own educated opinions because they wish they were half white like yourself .

      And that in such situations they would attack a 100% ethnic Chinese for being too 'extremist', and defend the opinions of someone like yourself who doesnt have to deal with the affairs affecting British Born Chinese identity or even understand/care what the word 'whitewashed means' being that you are already half-white.

      Typically, half white-half Chinese like yourself rarely give a shit about developing a cultural Chinese identity for BBCs that embraces Chinese pride, nor do you care about any of the issues tha affect BBCs being that you yourself are a product of western social engineering.

      although you are allowed to fall under the category of British Chinese, you are not ethnic Chinese.

      It also not too long ago that older generations of eurasians yourself would belittle those of ethnic Chinese identity when amongst your white friends.

      Times change, and China is now a world power, so now its trendy for eurasians to exploit their mercenaric tendencies and consider themselves Chinese, but if you care to explore this blog and educate yourself beyond posting on the one article that affects your own selfish half-identity privilege, maybe you can get a better education as to why some us more militant ethnic Chinese are somewhat distainful towards those who are eurasian.

      By the way, if you think we are acting childish, theres a whole wide world waiting for you to exploit your eurasian beauty. Just please dont insult our intelligence on this blog just because we have a considered rationale behind our ethnic Chinese viewpoints.

  37. First of all, I was bullied in school for 'being CHINESE' so yes I have some experience, don't generalise.

    I have lived outside of the UK the majority of my life and find myself open to many other opinions and cultures. But never once have I considered myself English - I many have a British passport but it is only paper.

    No one has ever 'fawned' over me - except my very Chinese husband.

    I understand you have your opinion and concerns, but you cannot generalise against an entire group of people.
    What I am trying to say is that, yes you may feel some animosity against mixed blood, but don't generalise and call all of us 'white-washed'.

    I am moving to China to be with my husband, my children will be mixed blood, but they will be Chinese.

    I respect your opinion, but remember, mixed blood children are people too, not of one place and not of another. Who are we? I have chosen to follow my Chinese heritage.
    If that makes me 'white-washed' then so be it.

    I may not be full ethnic Chinese but I am proud of my heritage - and for the record, I am half Chinese, quarter Palestinian Arab and only a quarter English.

    1. Like I said above, it's a new world now, whatever your own personal decisions, the political climate is yes it's trendy to love China, but that that doesn't eliminate the larger scale of politics and social engineering war that China and it's people and western Chinese have had to 'accept' and continually have to experience on a day to day basis from a selfish western agenda.

      This argument is a much bigger threat than your family, this is a cultural and political threat of white privilege that has threatened the Chinese race,since day one, that only a proud ethnic Chinese, can experience, comprehend, and fully relate to.

      Go on your way, only time will tell whether your Eurasian pro-China stance and your Chinese husband will make any positive difference to Chinese culture or not.

    2. If youre so anti the western world, why are you stil in the UK? you are unprepared to accept ANY other persons view.

      How are people supposed to be proud in their culture, if every person that says they enjoy their culture and has deep insight into it, you claim it is because the westerners are making it that way, so how is someone EVER supposed to be able to love their heritage? Because it seems like you are the only person who is allowed to. If you want the chinese culture to live on, shouldnt you be happy an accepting that people are stating that they love their culture and are proud to be where they are from? But no, because in actual fact there is no point behind this blog, youre disguising your racist views to any other culture by stating that the chiense should stick together to maintain their culture and identity...the last two points I agree with, but by saying if you go outside of your own race then you are rejecting and adding to the deterioration of your culture is WRONG. Youre just running around in circles, dismissing anyone elses view who doesnt bow down to your feet. You are a chinese living in britain and you dont sound very happy to me, if youre happy to be british then doesnt this mean youre rejecting the fact that you are chinese? It sounds like it to me. but yes of course youre going to say i was brainwashed by the 'white man'.

      Let me ask you a question, do you have any non-asian friends? If so, the entirity of your blog has no meaning

    3. lots of obsessed one-issue people on the blog nowadays, i think i will become autistic too.

    4. firstly, autistic people have outstanding abilities in certain areas, and if you thinking im autistic as I am writing this, I will happily accept that with pride. at the end of the day, you cant do anything but insult those who dont agree with you because you have the maturity of a 2 year old, and thats insulting the 2 year olds. the fact that, that is all you have to say shows that you are unable to state that what I have said is wrong. you say this one-issue, people draw on the experiences because esentially this is what you are getting at, how else do you expect them to reinforce their points? Youre just a sad man, sat at a computer, thinking you know everything, and that what you have to say is correct. Dont worry I wont be visiting anymore, as I have better things to do than argue with a racist.

    5. How can I be a sad man when my name is happy? Arent all British Chinese supposed to be happy? Go tend to your family. Be strong.Ignore those racists.

  38. Oh dear BBC Zeitgeist, you sound like a very unhappy person. 'Angry Asian Male' by any chance? As an attractive, successful BBC woman I can be with any type of guy I choose but it just so happens I'm with a non-Chinese guy and this is definitely not because I hate my culture or failed to attract a wealthy Asian guy.
    I make my own money and I choose whoever I want to go out with based on a connection, regardless of race or economic circumstances. I think you need to let go of your negativity!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. HAHA!! This is you to a T!

      And this!

      In 2008, according to LFS household data, it was recorded that 58% of BBC (and FOB arrived in UK under 14) female partnerships were inter racial...compared with just 5% of Bangladeshi Females. It must be amusing to live in denial and claim such a huge difference in ratio is just co-incidence without any consideration of preference on race, economics, religion, culture etc. In fact her statement is so laughably contradictory how she implies she makes her own decisions and in her own words...'CHOOSE's who her partners are, and yet still claims its co-incidental that he's non-Chinese when she chose the race of her partner! You should just admit you have issues with Chinese men (she hates them), Chinese parents and Chinese culture, therefore a racial discriminator against your own race.

  39. Have you noticed how these sellout bitches always twist the negativity back onto the Chinese male? 'Nothing to do with me, it's your problem.' etc. Classic selfish Internationalist Female, free to go wherever she wants to whore herself out because, hey, it's the 21st century.

    Same kind of blase attitude from masochistic sluts who would say she speaks out against racism from whites but her partner is el wifebeater extroadinaire...or rather 'a real man'

    Ooh lalala...Quelle chic mon amie!


      Discussed here. The BBC male is of no concern to her. If its Inter racial, she joins the white race and is free from anything to do with British Born Chinese. Her husband is not BBC, her children will not be BBC ethnic Chinese nor will her grandchildren, so why would she care about BBC identity, culture or community?

      Its another reason the BBC community is doomed, it will never progress because IR rates are so high, the community is ethnically destroyed before it even gets a chance to develop itself.

  40. I've wondered for a while whether the Chinese government itself is promoting their women going off with foreign men, because every policy I have seen leans that way.

    Allowing more female Chinese students abroad (65-35 according to a British survey on unis and foreign student intake - China was the only country with majority female); allowing Chinese women to leave China as soon as a white man wants to marry her and "take her back"; allowing billboards and media to have mixed race/white man-chinese woman appearances as if it were the norm; allowing mail order bride "services" to operate in China; allowing unwanted Chinese girls to be adopted by foreigners, who will adapt a white surname and become "white" in upbringing - there are loads of examples where government, business and even people you expect to be conservative (I have heard on white expat blogs of chinese taxi drivers, old men etc. asking the white man if they liked Chinese women).... who the fuck would encourage that behaviour??? Do they not realise it is damaging their own race, the future demographics?

    1. Allowing more female Chinese students abroad (65-35 according to a British survey on unis and foreign student intake - China was the only country with majority female);
      That's nothing to do with the Chinese politics and governments, that is highly depend on the uk universities and whether the uk governments are willing to send out the visa or not. so in your opinion, what should the government do? forbid female to study abord?

      allowing Chinese women to leave China as soon as a white man wants to marry her and "take her back";
      it's same for man. if a Chinese man marry a western woman he of course can leave China too. and i think the policy applied in other countries like US as well.

      allowing billboards and media to have mixed race/white man-chinese woman appearances as if it were the norm;
      well, you should definitely watch taiwan and japan tv show. as a matter of fact, i can't even think of one mixed race celebrity that is based/famous in China now. where did you get the idea that it was 'the norm'?

      allowing mail order bride "services" to operate in China;
      never heard of that

      allowing unwanted Chinese girls to be adopted by foreigners, who will adapt a white surname and become "white" in upbringing
      so what should the government do? forbid female to be adopted by westerns? and from what i know the orphan can only be adopted by foreigners if no chinese family/individuals want to take over.

      and the people you talked about is less than 1% of the total Chinese population (i guess), how the fuck will these 1% chinese damage Chinese race or demographics? and why 'race' matters to you anyway? japan has lots of mixed raced people and full of westerns, and i don't think there're anything wrong with it.

    2. - naive - mindset.

      If you want to talk about Japan, read this:

      More specifically, the comments. A slowly depopulating country, with the only growing demographic involving foreign men and Japanese women. The native Japanese men are seen as outcasts, non suitable for reproducing. IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY. The same is applying all over the Far East.

      To answer your questions - yes, there should be quotas set. One for one is a good start, preferably more men leaving for foreign unis and jobs and marriages to offset the lack of women... it is what South Asian and African nations are doing, even if they have a more equal sex ratio than the Far East.

      I really don't know what possesses Chinese men, of all people, to be so lax with attitudes over Chinese women. Surely Chinese men, whatever age, see on the streets what is happening. Not enough women, too many men. Further compounded by foreign men pairing off with men of other races like its normal.

      Have a read of this:

      These guys are angsty over ONE far eastern (Vietnamese) man with a white woman... but they have nothing to be angry about, because for every one of those there must be a 100+ going the other way... furthermore, there is no shortage of women in Germany. Indeed, there are more white women than men overall. Yet what we are seeing is a form of protectiveness, even when there is no threat to their race.

      But there is a threat to OUR race. As we all know, women are the ones who give birth. They create our children. So if all the chinese women are increasingly having white/black/NOT chinese babies, where does that leave the future of the race? We already have a reputation (the women at least) of being easy, hence all the failures from other races even daring to hook up with Chinese women. They do it because it's possible.

      That perception is further devaluing us, the Chinese. And it's all linked, from the way we are perceived on media, to what is happening in relationships (and how common/normalised they are), to the resistance received (e.g. white men getting extremely violent over a single case of a non-white man with a white woman, whilst we do nothing over the hordes of white men with chinese women).

    3. It's cause most are MSc students and UK is only 1 year compared to 2 in the US.

      Idea is girls won't have to spend so long, but yes still a dumb idea.

  41. Look at this stuck-up bitch's comment:

    Why the fuck is she even in a group called British-Born Chinese on FB? I don't even know what to write because it makes me so fucking mad.

    1. BBC FB group is a great place to show how multiculturally cool you are:

    2. It's funny how absolutely no one takes notice of her comment. Can you imagine the reaction if she was of any other background. Even the one person who questioned her didn't sound particularly shocked.

      Honestly the people on there are pathetic, I've noticed that any form of debate is slienced and labelled as "terrorising the peace", they all seem content with just having stupid dim-sum meet ups or asking for the cheapest flights back to China/HK.

    3. That's the interest level of the average BBC. In the earlier days we tried to get attention by posting on facebook, and they just dont seem to care about social /racial identity issues. Funnily enough they used to have a slogan something along the lines of 'confused about your identity - are you british or chinese' and eons later, it still remains unquestioned.

      Thanks to the lack of our social definition from the majority of bbcs, I've met overseas chinese who ask 'whats a bbc' to 'oh my friends a bbc, he's been living here for 5 years' to ' is that what a bbc is ...hmm. anyway its getting late, i have a train to jump underneath'

      You would have thought that with the amount of traffic this blog gets from lurkers, there would be more participants, but evidently not questioning your own social identity is a comfortable place to be.

    4. Shes not a BBC, shes Dutch. The FB group serves it function providing material justifying our criticism of British Chinese.

    5. Here she is again and theres your answer...

    6. It's funny, she loves whoring and portraying herself as the archetypal, exotic, oriental female to play up to her white male friends, yet she self-loathes herself having a Chinese face and openly denigrates Chinese males.

    7. It isn't funny, it's pathetic and something exclusive to our race and peoples.

      This is what I mean when I say there is a lack of resistance amongst the chinese men - here we have, a chinese girl saying direct to us that yes "as long as I love him it doesn't matter - except chinese obv". Instead of outrage, the reply is "lol but whhhy???"....the chinese girl ignores it, and continues on with the thought process, which she sees nothing wrong with, exacerbated by the fact that her fellow men seem rather calm about it. No social pressure whatsoever.

      Now, imagine if a black, white or asian girl said this to their men! The asian girl would probably be hunted down and stoned, the black would probably be gangraped to "get some sense" into her (and the very least, impregnate her with an all black child) and the white men would certainly not withhold their anger, to the extent that white women are worried about what their men would do if displaying such a pairing to their faces.

      Where the men are weak, their women are exploited.


    benefsanem does a better job than me of explaining these dumb women.

  43. " In the earlier days we tried to get attention by posting on facebook, and they just dont seem to care about social /racial identity issues"

    very valid point, the majority of BBCs seem happy and content with the status quo i.e. inevitable whitewashing of us. Compare this to other minorities in this country - not just blacks and asians but also further divided into their respective nations - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalian etc... they are fiercely adamant about retaining their unique identity whilst infusing it with the Britishness they have gained that comes from birth and time spent here.

    The result is that, a couple of generations on, their populations within Britain have grown, and they have become a serious political force and demographic for others to consider. If you look at ours (according to the 2011 census), the population has minimally increased (and I wonder how many of those are actually overseas born, or foreign born and given British citizenship, by marriage work or otherwise - it doesn't distinguish between them and BBCs). We are not a demographic that others take notice of. Maybe one to mock, to disrespect, to stereotype and of course, to be used by white men if they can't get laid.

  44. Your baby doesn't look Chinese, so how can it be mine?

    Jeremy Kyle show!

  45. Wow! OMG. Find love in yourself.

  46. Obviously your attitude is the problem and it probably prevents you from achieving the success with women you clearly crave. If you could liberate yourself from all this negativity, none of these things you complain of would even bother you - but then you wouldn't want to keep this rather successful blog either. It all works out in the end.

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  48. I'm a Canadian from Hong Kong, and ethnically I'm Han Chinese with Canton roots. At first I can't date East Asian guys because they remind me of my brother - the first year I landed here in the 90s, I was actually the ONLY East Asian girl in my class!

    Then I liked the way Northern Chinese looks, they look different from Southern Cantonese - but the cultural divide is just too wide, and there is just too much baggage - I don't think I want to get marry, but in case of marriage, I definitely don't want in-laws from China, and I don't want to marry someone who could stay in a country so completely alien to me and doesn't have rule of law or democracy - in case things turn sour and he pulls a parental kidnapping or just move with our kids - I've seen "Not Without My Daughter".

    I'm definitely not going to date Chinese-Hong Kongers - because most of them behave and look exactly like my brother, and ditto for most Chinese-Canadians too - though not all, my crush throughout highschool was this Chinese-Canadian guy who isn't remotely hikikomori - except he shares the preference for petite girls with small waists and as a stout Cantonese girl I was completely not his type ;_;

    I love Taiwanese guys though, they are definitely different enough that I won't feel like I'm dating someone I'm related too, and there isn't a cultural divide too, as Taiwan is 'kinda westernized'.

    - My Two Pennies

  49. If you want your precious pure Chinese children to marry Chinese people, go back to China. Why on earth do you expect them to marry Chinese people in a place like Britain where Chinese are a minority? You're an insecure Chinese (not British at all) man who likes to pick on Chinese women who choose white men for partners by calling them 'self hating'. They're not. They're just in a country where white is the majority. People like you are probably part of the reason why Chinese women do marry white men. Who'd want to marry a man of any race who has such negative and racist thoughts as you? I am very disappointed that there are people like you in Britain. A lot of Chinese American men also have low self-esteem, so they like to pick on Chinese women who choose white men for partners as well. If you want the Chinese race to remain 'pure' which is a very old-fashioned and racist term, go back to China. We British don't want your racist kind here.

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