Friday, 30 March 2012

Mixed Race baby

Mixed Race Chinese Baby Fetish - Is It Real?
Mainland Chinese with 'white fever' cavort their desire for White men and Mixed Chinese White babies on many mixed blood baby networks (hunxuebaobao) e.g.

Mixed baby fetish is based on 2 hypotheses...
  1. Physical attributes of the mixed child (it is believed the mixed race child is more beautiful than any other race).
  2. Potential for intelligence - a mixed Chinese baby is believed to be a super intelligent successful specimen.
Here is a shortened transcript of a conversation with a 28 yr old  mainland Chinese woman in her quest to reproduce a mixed race bi-racial baby, deliberately seeking White men in China as a result of her friends reproducing Chinese mixed race babies in the hope they will one day become the next super model or super child. It exposes the logic of Chinese 'hapaholics' and their love of mixed Chinese babies.

BBCZeitgeist: Ni hao, how old are you?
Guangzhou: 28
BBCZeitgeist: Why do you like white men?
Guangzhou: To have a mix baby with white man was my dream for a long time, you don't think the mix baby more beautiful and smart ?
BBCZeigeist: Sure. Did you meet a White man?
Guangzhou: Yes, he said he love me...but he also have other girls, he cheat me. Its his choice, he can tell me...dont need to cheat
BBCZeigeist: Did he cheat many times?
Guangzhou: Yes...he always say something different
Guangzhou: I ask .."who's that girl?"...he said "she's my girlfriend before (ex-gf),"
Guangzhou: After I ask .."I've seen your girlfriend before, she's different."
Guangzhou: He said ..."Mmmm..that girl was long time I know her..but didn't see her very long time"
Guangzhou: I think is not true
Guangzhou: He really make me sad now...I don't want to be with him any more. He already go to his country
BBCZeigeist: Why did you still date him if you knew he cheated? Did you want him to take you back to the USA?
Guangzhou: No, he's from France and he don't like France...he want to live in China...but he have nothing job; the first I just help him
BBCZeitgeist: Let me get this right, he has no job, and no money, but you love him just because he is White?
Guangzhou: Mmm...this is a complex story. First he have wife...his wife is rich...I know him that time we are just friends...normal friends, have many White man married Chinese girls just around me...also have baby now
Guangzhou: He told me he have problem with his wife... and always tell me the problem with his wife...I think for that time...I am a little pity him
BBCZeigeist: I see, so you love him out of pity.
Guangzhou: Ya...I still want my mixed baby...haha
BBCZeigeist: You want a mixed race baby with just any white man? You don't care if he is a cheating asshole and broke?
Guangzhou: That's past, I think still have good people la...
Guangzhou: I want love first...I mean two people love each other..and take care each other, after get marry...after have baby; the normal life
BBCZeigeist: They will return to Europe - with or without you, regardless if you're pregnant or not, they don't belong in China, they don't have citizenship.
Guangzhou: Hehe.. I don't like this,  I will find that one really love me...and stay with me
BBCZeigeist: That is not the nature of the white man
Guangzhou: Trust me, I will find one.

Is this Chinese woman just broody, naive or desperate? Is it a racial fetish to want a mixed baby? Have your say, post your comments below.


  1. hmmm i wonder how chinese mothers feel when they raise alien baby with blonde hair that looks nothing like them, does it feel weird?

    1. I suspect some of them will call the child a Chinese child and behave like turtle mothers discussed here

    2. Mm... I have heard my friend (he's english) stating that mixed offsprings possess better looks and also better genes. I also know a few western couples that want to have oriental/oriental mixed babies... There is nothing wrong with her wish/dream but being desperate is wrong. The western always stress 'safe sex' and the Chinese way is 'fall in love then sex'. China is still developing and changing, the old 'way' does not work for everyone. So you need to learn the western way 'safe sex' if you want to have anything to do with them.

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  2. 'reproducing Chinese mixed race babies in the hope they can one day become the next super model or super child.'

    Naive, desperate and deluded, by the sounds of it, sad. Media brainwashing did a good job on her.

    1. There is a market for them in China, they're exotic. They're often paraded on China sites such as Sohu.

    2. With or without Market BBCZeitgeist, she does not even have boyfriend yet, not to say, not baby, and she is already planning to have a supermodel baby.
      I do hope that future baby grows healthy and not stressed by the wishes of his/her mum presenting him/her to castings, with make up... I do hope a mom don't expect to have a super model baby when she does not even have a couple..I do hope she thinks about health and not just dating white men because SHE wants a super model baby!

    3. ... at least she has dreams, right or wrong. Maybe she is still young and have a lot to learn. If I could speak to her directly I would advise her to learn the western way 'safe sex'. Chinese way 'fall in love, then sex' does not work when the east meet the west.

  3. my mum warned me about people like her haha

    1. She knows them so well!

    2. If you're inferring she's one of those crazy people, that's slightly poor (she was born and raised here)- why is it a bad thing to marry 'out' of the BC community?

    3. Perhaps she will become someone like you and I, sophisticated. Life is not kind, sometimes lessons have to be learned in the hard way.

  4. I'm curious; how was this interview carried out, and when? Is it broadly representative of all Chinese women? Did you fabricate it in order to perpetuate your own, racist, agenda? We demand answers ;)

    1. If its a racist agenda, that would be one Chinese being racist against another Chinese. That doesnt make any sense at all. If anything, the real racist, as we know by now, is the Chinese woman who wants to eliminate Chinese blood by not wanting ethnic Chinese children.

    2. Conversation was recorded late last year. I would not say its representative of the majority of mainland women, just the 'White fever' types.

    3. 'Chinese being racist against another Chinese' - that is exactly what this blog is about and you have stated as much yourself mr notsohappybritishchinese...

      Youve taken one transcrript and 'created' this little piece of news, its not indicative at all of the wider population

    4. I didnt write the article. And as BBCz reply says above, its not representative of majority of...etc.

      Dude, dont you read before you post?!

    5. You go on and on about racism to Chinese people, yet you don't see the hypocrisy of keeping yourself to yourself? Isn't integration with the rest of society what you want? If we're all part of the same society, and have been brought up in the same country so our cultures are the same, doesn't that cancel out any barriers between us? To me race doesn't exist, and it seems totally absurd to say you need to protect your 'race' by keeping the blood 'pure' so your 'kind' doesn't go extinct. Hasn't Chinese culture changed over the last couple of decades, you can't expect things to be the same forever- change is inevitable, and whether you like it or not, I believe EVERYBODY will become more mixed in the future, so get used to it.
      First and foremost you are HUMAN, and Chinese second, if you could just get that through your thick skulls to see that everybody is the same and your proud traditions are not what will make you happy in the end, then the world will be a better place.
      If she has crushes on white men, who cares, if she only fancied Chinese men, who cares-the person you marry/fall in love with often ends up being different from your ideal type anyway.

    6. its blatantly obvious why you hold those views. You're too racially mixed, you have no choice but to claim we're all the same since its convenient for you that way as you don't know who you are, lets face you have no real identity, no real culture, you're so interbred and diluted to the point of confused 'nothingness' leaving you devoid of heritage or cultural responsibility. It just proves 'mixed race' haven't got a clue about ethnic Chinese issues and are rightly defined as a different ethnicity.

    7. What you've posted isn't even a "controversial issue" that needs to be discussed, it's one possibly fabricated conversation with a chinese lady. Plus your racist remark that it is not in the nature of a white man to stay with one person and love them is ridiculous, loads of white people do that. Are you saying that no chinese men cheat? The topic is not that interesting, I just wanted to say that your racist remarks are offensive and you were really rude to the girl above.

    8. Not controversial? Its the third most discussed article on this website, the fact you have only commented on this and not on any other article speaks volumes- that's how controversial the topic is. Fabricated? Haha, thats why I'm an investigative blogger and you're not. Classic denialist, if the truth is too painful for you to face, then don't read my blog. I have plenty more transcripts to come, one particular conversation with a BBC female is very interesting indeed...

    9. What you write really breaks my heart,of course mixed race people like me have culture(that just shows how ignorant you are), but I come mainly from the perspective of a Christian, that's why 'race' and 'belonging' doesn't matter to me, not because I don't have any roots, but because we are all the same in God's eyes. I actually feel sorry for you that you rationalize your hate for other people in this way.

    10. What is your ethnic mix out of curiosity?

      I'm talking about a collective or common culture/cultural identity based on your ethnic mixed, (i.e a eurasian culture) - that you dont have. There is no such thing as eurasian culture.

      You're deluded if you think christians can take the moral high ground on race - just look at their appalling barbaric highly racialised colonial history, not to mention the fact that christian congregations are completely segregated by race. You go pass one church and its a black congregation, then go further down the road to find another church and the congregation is white, go to another church down a side road and the congregation is East Asian/Chinese. Thats the reality of Christianity.

    11. I am half black and half white, my mothers family is English, and my dads family came from the Caribbean, I actually found this post when I was looking for blogs about Hong Kong, since I want to go there to visit my cousin. So I'm sorry if you feel like I'm an outsider or don't have a right to talk because I'm not Chinese or any kind of Asian, but I felt I could relate to it to because I am also a foreigner but born in Britain, and though I cannot protest to know all about your culture, the hardships you face, or how important it is to you, I can relate to the feeling of being the foreigner in your own country(I don't know if you were born here or not).

      By Colonial history I assume you are referring to the British empire, if so you cannot say that they were driven by Christian values, they clearly were not. It is true that over the years England invaded many places under the pretence of God being on their side, but this does not mean they were Christians, back then Christianity was much more apart of our culture, the laws of this country are founded on Christian morals/values, however those laws cannot regulate personal conviction, and those bloody wars and atrocities happened because of man's greed/sin, the true Christian politicians were people like William Tindale who opposed slavery (look him up), but there were, and are many people that were Christian in name only. Today we are still called a Christian country though many people here would not call themselves a Christian, being a believer is being born again- forgiven of your sins, not just going to church on a Sunday and saying you are Christian.

      Besides real believers have always known that we are all equal /the same, and the nations were only divided by language at the tower of Babel, why else would missionaries go out to the far corners of the earth to tell the good news to other people if they were racist?

      Congregations are not really separated by race, if anything they are separated by different denominations, which came about from revivals in different places, for example many people from the Caribbean are Baptist or Brethren, in the UK there are still many Anglican, Methodist, Calvinist or Presbyterian churches, but non of these are are solely for one kind of people, they are just a difference in theology.

      The definition of the church is God's people, therefore anybody who is a believer is a part of it, so long as they have repented of their sins and asked God to forgive them in the name of Jesus they are saved, it doesn't matter where they are from, or what denomination they belong to, so long as they believe in the fundamentals we are all one in Christ. Also if you are not a Christian and have never been to church, I really don't think you can call us racially divided you'd be surprised at the Christians from all over the world that come together- take my Mum and Dad as an example!

    12. p.s. I know that in your eyes I am 'confused' and have no 'culture', you cannot see how it can be possible for a mixed person to belong anywhere, well in my eyes you are completely blind! and if you are determined to believe this I do not have the will to stop you, it is something you must realise on your own.

    13. I never said you dont belong anywhere, I said you have no real identifiable common culture based on your ethnicity, many eurasians for example just follow white mainstream multiculturalist culture - there is no common Eurasian culture for them to follow. You haven't said anything whatsoever to disprove this.

      Of course Christian churches are denominational, but each denomination is often sub-segregated by race. If you are unaware of this, you're extremely naive or haven't seen much of the world. Go to USA or around the UK and you will see it. Black churches, Whites churches, Chinese/East Asian churches. I know people who go to different Chinese churches in the UK - pretty much the entire congregation is Chinese, they don't go to the 'white' churches for white people.

      As for some of other points, you sound like a J.W. knocking on my door preaching religious bullsh*t - dont bother.

    14. The school I used to go to met in a Chinese church, where they held (still do) services in Chinese-so that was out of necessity for Chinese speakers, I also have white friends that go to 'black' churches- that were only all 'black because they were immigrant churches, but now they are becoming more mixed, I also have friends from Hong Kong that go to a 'white' church so I think your point is invalid. You are right in that there are churches that aren't mixed, but there are also an awful lot that are.

      I don't know about America because I don't live there, but when I went to visit my families church in New York Brooklyn, I think I got a sense of what your talking about i.e. a specific culture/tradition of black church goers. I don't believe this proves that they're racist rather just traditionalists, and since Brooklyn is a mainly black or Jewish area, I don't think there were many white people.

      Based on my ethnicity I would say my culture is British, I was born here, raised here, my family is from here, on my mothers side they are proper working class Yorkshire, and I've never lived anywhere else so I don't know any different, the colour of my skin doesn't stop me being English. I'm not saying I'm a white person trapped in a black persons body, I'm saying the environment I grew up in has given me my culture, and my skin colour hasn't gotten in the way of it,(Where I live I've never experienced racism believe it or not). You use Eurasian's as an example of having a 'white mainstream multiculturalist culture', what's wrong with that? they are white but Asian at the same time! when countries like England have new people coming in, a part of their culture is grafted into society, this has always happened throughout history with the Normans and now many peoples from all over the world, countries are made up of immigrants.

      Why are you so against multiculturalism? can you see no benefit to Chinese people at all?

      I am not a J.W. because they believe that Jesus isn't God- in other words they don't believe in the trinity.

    15. The reality is that culture often has very little to do with ethnicity, in my last post I mentioned that England itself has, throughout history been invaded and indeed welcomed a variety of races from the Normans of the 12th century to the Jewish immigrants of the 19th century. Far from damaging or weakening English culture it has enriched and strengthened it. Moreover this has been the case for all the great empires of the world (may I remind you that we actually had a empire), all imperial powers need to create a cohesive national identity that transcends ethnic boundaries, for example in Ancient Rome, perhaps the greatest empire the world has ever known, being "Roman" did not depend on the colour of your skin or even (especially towards the end of the empire) on where you were born, in fact many emperors were not even Italian. Rome started by trying to exclude those they deemed "barbarous" but soon found that the best way to run an a vast empire was to incorporate them into the imperial system. This has been the same for many empires such as Ancient Persia, in fact I would go as far to say that the only reason the British empire does not exist today is that it did not sufficiently integrate the different peoples within its control into British society , my parents did just that by marrying, they are, therefore, true British patriots.

      Now I do not know much about Chinese history but doesn't the vast landmass of China include many different groups and peoples, I do not know all the different racial groups living China but do you consider only one to be 'Chinese'? If this is so then does that mean that you 'Chinese' are oppressing hundreds of other races under your control? If you are then I suggest you be vigilant, even the most iron fisted regime will never survive if it does not embrace and nurture all those within its control.

      I understand that for one such as you it must be extremely vexing to see all the beautiful intelligent 'Chinese' women go off with other men from different races but given that China has one of the most rapidly expanding populations in the world I'm sure that plenty of Chinese women are dutifully mating with their countrymen, I really do not see what the problem is...

      Is your seeming anger (and I say seeming, the very fact that you keep on replying to my posts has set troll alarm bells ringing in my ears)in reality due to the fact that you cannot find a racial acceptable 'Chinese' woman to bear your perfect 'Chinese' babies? Have you considered finding yourself a nice European or African girl? I'm sure there are plenty about...

      I will not be responding to any more of your posts or replies as I have a full an active British cultural life to lead.

      Have a great life and remember, there's plenty more fish in the sea!

    16. You've never experienced racism in your life! Oh, another mixed race person holding white privilege who has never experienced racism! What a surprise! This is precisly the point I've been making repeatedly - mixed race rarely encounter racism.

      This blog is about giving a voice to the suppressed minority ethnic chinese BBC in UK who experience racism, allowing this suppressed group to speak out and get their voices heard, for you....a highly privileged mixed race who has never encountered any racism to come onto this blog spouting pro-white Christian religious bullshit, promoting the white mans multi-culturalist agenda, bigging up your privilege as a mixed race, is not only highly offensive but agenda driven to suppress, disempower, undermine and dissolve ethnic Chinese identity, your comments are nothing short of violations.

      "Culture often has very little to do with ethnicity?!??!"

      There are academic departments all over the world dedicated to the study of culture, language and race/ethnicity, which are all inter related and inextricably linked. For you to claim each is unrelated to each other is sheer stupidity of the highest magnitude. Only in your experience of being a tabula rasa mixed race devoid of cultural heritage nor having a identifiable common mixed race culture do you conveniently want to sell this point. You also come from a half Black background which is quite mainstream for Britain, esp in popular Black music. However, that doesn't apply to Chinese.

      Whilst anyone can reproduce a culture or language, it still remains the case that ethnic cultures languages are largely only spoken by ethnic minorities themselves (how many white people can speak Punjabi or Hindi? how many white people can speak hakka? How many white people follow Taoism? How many white people listen to cantopop? How many white people can recite hakka folk songs?)

      You want to see the whole world wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music, having the same hairstyles, speaking the same languages. You want to see minority cultures and languages pillaged and destroyed. In fact your attitude is one reason why I don't ever want to have mixed race children. What Chinese person would want to give birth to a mixed race freak that wont ever see themselves as being Chinese and therefore wont have any regard for Chinese heritage?

      As the writer of this article, I am obliged to reply to peoples comments, you asked me a question, I replied to your Q, thats not trolling, that's called a discussion. Btw, I'm happily in a relationship with a Chinese girl. Oh, you're banned for trolling.

  5. So basically the message of your blog is to tell Chinese men that Chinese women love to get bang by white men? what will your next blog again be? will it be Chinese women love superior white men? or self hating Chinese women don't want inferior Chinese men?

    Great job in making white males happy, I'm sure they would enjoy humiliating Chinese males over your negative blogs. Can't blame an white guy for going to an Chinese guys face and say I banged your sister and mother when a Chinese guy himself keeps making blog that gives white males an super large ego and and great boost of confidence. Lots of encouragement for the white men your blogs keep giving, but I'm sure you enjoy that deep down.

    1. are you saying we should post spelling games and discuss inheritence tax issues instead?

    2. yeah this blog just reads as a lame attempt by whining Chinese guys who cant even get their own women! I mean it makes you look pathetic, whining about it..

    3. The blog covers the latest controversial issues and trends affecting our Chinese community. If you perceive and internalised the blog articles as 'bigging up' white men, then it says more about your own insecurities. Few white men read or comment on my blog, those that do comment react negatively to the content of the blog.

      What kind of articles would you like to see?

    4. LeeMar 29, 2012 09:34 AM

      Yeah but Lee, it's not just a few whining Chinese guys who can't get their own women... as has been illustrated time and time again, in real life, media, and the bare facts. Overwhelmingly oriental women are having children with men outside their race, whilst overwhelmingly oriental men are without children, families to call their own. Of course this is a race issue, when husband quality men are disregarded for unsuitable men purely because one is chinese and the other is white. It is a serious demographic issue for Chinese people, well those who care about being Chinese anyway

    5. Sorry but what you said were almost full of CRAP.


      Asian men/White women 229,000 married couples
      White men/ Asian women 530,000 married couples
      Miscegenation Asian men/White women 37%
      Miscegenation White men/ Asian women 45%


      For every one Chinese man/White women there is 2 to 3 Chinese women White men.

      SO WHAT'S THE FREAKING PROBLEM? the only problem is the gap and ratio difference. I've seen plenty of Oriental men with white women, and few with Turkish and Greek looking type. I see much more Oriental women with white men with an few with almost all types of men, but so what the point is they can girls. I've never seen an Chinese guy or Oriental guy in his 40's that doesn't have wives or children, accept for the recent migrant workers Chinese, sitting on their benches like a bunch of loners.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. SAME STORY LIKE ALWAYS...!!! Guys talking about western media influenced Asian women but almost no one mention on another factor and that is an large percentage of Oriental men being either too damn nerdy or too damn ugly to look at. As if 20-25%% of Chinese and Oriental men don't look like this?

      This article is basically useless, it gives Asian men no sense of confidence whatsoever other than degradation, like the someone have said the only thing it gives it's boosting the white's men confidence. It doesn't tackle the problem nor does it help anyone in anyway, or maybe it does help giving excellent and fine excuse for those Asian geeks who are too chicken and nervous to go for an girl in their entire life. However some B.S asian guys say no women wants them but the fact is they never tried, and in their heads they think there too damn unattractive for women to try.

      I'm pretty sure most of you here who complain about dating problem are bunch of William Hung, Bobby Lee, Rocher Wang look alike. Or have other insecurities like personality, English problem, closed minded, small penis, controlling women ect So blaming on the media is your only excuse or scapegoats to your problem but I see right through you guys and I know you guys aren't all that great with women, you can even be boring or annoying, so don't complain on why women don't give an sorry ass glance at your damn faces --> (referring to those Asian guys who have problem with women)

      Please stop making excuses and look at your damn selves in the mirror first. I'm a guy who's been single in most of my life and I know exactly my own problem. I've seen many Asian/Oriental men with white women before but I don't envy, byt many of you guys also envy but can't do anything about it. I also know for an fact that even if western media didn't had it's influences, you guys would still be here commenting are sore losers who never dated with White girl or even an Chinese girl. Please don't talk about how great your men are, even when it comes to Chinese women or Asian women you're still picky despite the fact you look something like this

    8. Oh look, the white/white subcategory troll signs up under another fake ID

      'I'm a guy who's been single in most of my life and I know exactly my own problem'

      As a white/white subcategory troll unable to attract Chinese women, spamming ethnic Chinese blogs to diss 'our men' will not solve your problem.

      Lucky for you,the moderator is open to most forms of intellectualist debate, even if, when disguised as racial slighting.

      But what if I commented on an ethnic Jewish blog and made a statement like 'Jewish males, unable to trace their own Asken-Nazi ancestry, jealous of China being the longest standing ethnic cultural civilisation today, under the guise of 'multiculturalism' are desperate to promote their ethnic dissolving agenda by promoting mixed-race as beautiful? no no slap-wrist time, call the authorities, how 'anti-semitic' of me.

    9. Again, I have to give the same answer I have given hundreds of times already, you are internalising the article which exposes your own insecurities. Its an article about mixed race babies, yet instead of discussing the topic, you merely resort to posting your own personal insecurities for no apparent reason, they're not even related to the article's content.

    10. Mixing is common these days. For example, I have seen many Chinese MEN get married to Sikh woman in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia (it's common for Indochians - Indian/Chinese- to get married in Singapore or Malaysia). But not so common in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea or Mainland China. Wherever you have a multicultural environment you are bound to get mixed race couples (unless people are controlled within their own culture- like the British Royal family is only sticking to whites only, otherwise Harry and William could marry anyone!). In South Africa it's common to see Blacks marry Indians/Chinese etc. So is in the West Indies (esp. Trinidad and Tobago). Anyways going a bit too deep now! But yes you are right, mainland Chinese women on the whole have a fetish for white men...and also Indian too (and a minority for blacks). Sorry to be politically incorrect!

  6. Happy, no-one's suggesting that. It's just really sad that you're now resorting to posting images of children that you deem to be racially undesirable.
    At one time Zeity was at least dealing with fairly interesting issues, like the Yellow Earth Theatre debacle, but since Happy's joined him this page has become as palatable as a rancid baboon turd.

    1. I write the article not HBC. How so? The photo is just for illustration.

      The numbers will disagree with you, the blog is currently at record highs for both commenting and traffic, far higher now than during the old days of the Yellow Earth Earth discussion, its because there is far more varied interesting content/topics to discuss thats relevant to the Chinese community than Yellow Earth Theatre.

      If you want to discuss BEA artist material, you can always submit your own material.

    2. Hurrah the empty critic is back. Moaning when they read something they dont like and then dont offer a constructive alternative.

      Cant have it both ways folks.If you lot want to just see us post, you'll have to put up with the odd article you dont like.

      This is just the opinions of two BBCs. if you dont like what you read then have the balls to sign up for a google ID and WRITE YOUR OWN ARTICLE!

  7. Wow, constructive discussion!

    Wow, constructive discussion!

    That Chinese women, in China, think like this is extremely damaging - for your "root" country's women to actively want to breed outside the race - regardless of income, support, loyalty or love - shows a sign that something is drastically not right with mainstream Chinese society, let alone minority Chinese communities like in Britain.

    The first point is the idolisation of white beauty. There was a 2 part series called "The Myth of White Beauty" on Channel 4 a couple of years ago.... where minorities were taking surgery to adapt to white characteristics. White people just laugh at how pathetic this is, but for other races it is not only damaging themselves, but their families and their long term racial identity - all to look white. Obviously halfbreeding with a white man allows this in a couple of generations.

    The second is status, and the image of whites in society as being socially on top... you notice even in the Far East, especially cosmopolitan areas i.e. HK, Shanghai, Singapore.... mixed race (usually white man-oriental couples) are not uncommon on advertising, media. Of course many oriental women will then use this as justification to go ahead and make it reality. After all, if society (as the media tells it) accepts that type of couple - why not do it? It's not like in asian countries, where the image of a white man with a local woman (e.g. Richard Gere with Shilpa Shetty, India) provoked mass riots and calls for Gere (the white man) to die....and thus why Indian women overwhelmingly are with Indian men.

    Also part of the point of status, is that whites are more socially privileged in everyday life.... they have more opportunties, in general are wealthier, own more property etc....whether this is true with their particular case (old fat bald divorcee left penniless by his white wife back home) is another matter... to these women, what COULD be the case is always true. Thus you always hear of stories of oriental men who are financially independent and well off, lots of disposable income etc... scorned in favour of a white man who is broke... because whites are SEEN as "better" - socially, financially - then it doesn't matter if the white man is nothing like that, because it would be somehow different in the future. As if writing a self fulfilling prophecy where whites are top of the social ladder, with no room for that to change.

    And the positive stereotyping is odd... if they believe themselves (Chinese) to be most intelligent, why would breeding with whites make them MORE intelligent??? Similarly with beauty, the Chinese people and society as a whole really have failed to prevent such positive stereotyping from taking hold in mainstream culture... the "white is better, more beautiful, more clever" is unique to them and I believe a lack of resistance from any groups (e.g. media through to gangs and supremacist groups) have led to this view being unopposed.

    Now compare and contrast this with white nations, where minorities are viewed with scorn, not integrating, benefit leeches, taking our jobs, criminals, terrorists... whatever the scenario, notice they are NOT IN GENERAL seen as pillars of society, more like the dregs. Thus white women (in general) have no desire to be with nonwhites, certainly not bear their children (only for "a bit of fun") as these chinese women aspire to.

    1. con'td....

      What I do find really interesting is that, despite the known widespread discrimination of blacks and asians in white nations, black women are still overwhelmingly choosing to marry and have children with men of their race. But Chinese do not suffer as much from that - indeed we are high on the charts in education, health, income etc - yet oriental women still choose to have children outside their race??? What makes black and asian women different from ours???

      Also BBCZeitgeist, did you talk to the person in Chinese or English? if the latter, can you put me in touch with her, you've missed a few questions.

    2. The core of mainland Chinese society does not like westerners, its really just the white fever types living in the Far East of which some are driven by a need to procreate mixed children, I do not believe those who live in the UK exhibit the same fetishized level of interest in mixed children, although I can't be entirely sure as I don't mix with many mainland FOBS in the UK. What questions did I miss?

    3. I must correct one point. Its a myth that Black women do not have inter racial partners. The Africans less so, but British Black Caribbean women (2008 LFS household data),for the age group 16-29, the IR partnership rate for Black Carribean women was considerably higher than Chinese women, over half of Black Carribean women partnerships are inter racial, though its unclear which specific ethnic groups they are predominantly partnered with.

      Sure, ethnic African Black women are less likely to IR, but ethnic Carribean Black women are arguably as bad if not worse than Chinese women.

    4. When we were young we thought 'grass is greener on the other side of the fence' but as we get older we have learned that they were the same. We are equal, rich or poor, black or white. Superiority and inferiority are human-twisted thoughts. All lives are equal, we were born, to live and then to die... 100 years later when our offsprings read this they will only laugh at those comments that we have made.

    5. Well said Jonathan.

  8. Also worth noting is that if you look into the profiles of those women linked in the article, many of them are intrinsically deep in western media and culture e.g. US TV shows, books etc... now this is a Chinese woman, in China. Even Muslim, black women in white nations are watching "black" or asian TV, magazines, culture... WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???

    1. and to further add, these Chinese women have high aspirations, and wish to attend western universities etc - nothing wrong with that - but why do they link this with being with white men? Other women do not do this. A good example is Baroness Warsi - rose to the top of British politics - whilst retaining her Muslim identity, marrying Muslim, even promoting Muslim whilst in office in a BRITISH POLITICAL INSTITUTION - can you imagine Chinese women doing the same? No, they go the other way - being assimilated into another's group, as opposed to standing firm and spreading her original one.

    2. Yes I agree, we have discussed this point many times. Cultural tastes/interests are often a reflection of where they stand on the Chinese pride issue. The more non-Chinese they are culturally, linguistically etc, the more likely they are to be partial to dating/marrying non-Chinese. Facebook profiles are also a good clue.

      Jungle fever BBC girls is discussed here.

    3. Well its not a fair comparison. Baroness Warsi is not a good muslim role model, she has been criticised for being a coconut etc, but nonetheless for a British Born married to a muslim, I agree she maintains her muslim identity much better than some of the Chinese female politicians in the UK who are all FOBs and married to White men. Its discussed here...

      Majority of FOB mainland girls that study in the UK are not interested in IR. Just look at the huge FOB cliques they form when arrive in the UK to study, they don't mix with westerners at all. White fever is a minority fetish. Incidently, the best thing that could have happened was the Tory govt scrapping the Tier 1 post study work scheme for non-EU students, they're no longer allowed to live and work in the UK for two more years after graduation, they have to leave the country and go back to China!

  9. Totally disagree with the view that CF/WM babies are better looking than all Chinese - pure crap.

    Kirsten Kruckshank ( I can't even pronounce her name ), Maggie Q, Caroline Reynolds ( Bloomberg Shanghai)


    Yeun Yi, Selene Li, Kate Siu, Betty Liu - any top TVB /PRC actress.

    LOL, you got to be joking, no way can they match the cuteness.

    It may be unintended but the article has unjustly self deprecating quality making the situation you complain of ... worse.


    1. How often do you get a chance to hear or read a conversation as open and as honest as this - fully exposing their tragic logic? Its insightful. Its important we report on all aspects of our community.

    2. Sorry, you'll have to expand on that I don't get your meaning.

      Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me, or making some other point?


    3. Hahahaha! How could you forget Lucy Liu????

  10. Ming you FOB he's refering to the interviewee being open and honest which you illogically referred to as 'self-depreciating.' Nay sik hm sik tayng yeeng mun ah?

  11. Open or not, it's still bullshit.

    please cut out your broken pinyin.



    1. broken or not if you cant respect alternative points of view that are above your dumb FOB brain maybe you shouldnt visit this site.

  12. What about the BBC/FOB MEN who marry outside their race?

    There seems to be this one-sided view that ALL Chinese women who marry outside their race are 'self-hating', but I haven't seen any comments about the Chinese men being 'self-hating, white-loving sluts'.
    I do understand that there are more WM/CW couples out there, but there are CM/WW out there too.

    So under this reasoning shouldn't Chinese men who marry White women be under the same scrutiny?

    1. Chinese men by and large do not voluntarily seek white women. The instigator of pro-white marriage are typically Chinese women. Its because of this imbalance that Chinese males are forced to choose outside their race and do not lionise whites unlike the women.

      Being that we live in a white default UK society where Chinese male media image is non-existant and perceived as weak and the Chinese female is hypersexualised, plus security seeking Chinese girls would rather go for white men, than a Chinese man on a similar income.

      Indeed, a white male with no confidence has more chance of getting a girl than a Chinese male with no confidence because of precisely the above, simply because he is white.

      For the above reasons Its typical that a modern Chinese high salary careerist woman living in a white world would also care little about the above facts, being that many Chinese women in the UK are apathetic and apolitical and view their cultural identity as a commodity to be bargained with once they have found their white husband and had their half breed children.

      In opposition to that Chinese males very rarely look to have hapa children with intentions to dissolve their cultural identity, because it is by and large a mans responsbility to be heir to the throne etc of the family name, whilst Chinese women in their desperate attempts to fit into white society have hapa children as a way to feel that they have successfully outbred racism

    2. It has been discussed many times, but not in a whole article. It was discussed in the comments sections of the Gok Wan made in China articles, and the Poppy Obsession article and also here:

      But there are far fewer to draw examples from. I don't know any Chinese males in China who obsess about white women the way Chinese females in China obsess about white men. If you volunteering yourself as one, maybe you can submit an article!

  13. I'm a BBC Woman. So I don't know how far I'd get with that article!

    1. Sign up for a google ID and submit an article anyway, we need more BBC women to share their honest viewpoints, as well as counterbalance the ridiculous 'BBC women'hating accusations.

    2. @Happy,
      I wholeheartedly beleive in your cause that the BBC community come together and have a voice. It is, in its essence a good cause.
      Although there are many Chinese in Britain there is not much in the way of presence, I'm not saying that the BBC community should smash its way into the limelight, nor push its way to the fore with racist comments to the white British in Britain or the FOB contingent.
      But the BBC community does need a voice.

      If I thought my voice would help in any way I would write an article.
      However, I have seen some very interesting and compelling BBC women comment on this blog and have been rather unduly shot down by yourself and other BBC men on this site, simply because they do not comply with the view (on this blog) of what a true BBC is.
      I agree with your cause, but not the way that this site goes about spreading the word.
      Name-calling and putting down of BBC women, and even FOB women is not the way to go.
      If you want BBC women (and the men who sympathise with them) to agree with you and help you in this you must not show such a blatant misogynistic attitude.
      I know that many who frequent this blog do not feel that they are this way inclined but I have read many of the comments on here and much of it is women-bashing, and that just in general 'Chinese women are like this'.

      With FOB contingent, it cannot be a sweeping generalisation that ALL the women are 'white-loving, self-haters'.
      I know my Chinese history, and I know how women are viewed in society.
      Unfortunately the one-child policy in China has forced an uneven split between male and female in the country.
      Boys in China are viewed as more important, and girls are secondary.
      Women are also aware of this (and in some comments even reminded of this - e.g a commenter named Kai, whom advocated telling Chinese men not to have girls because they are a waste of time and money), some may be self-hating because of the way they were treated by men in their family (and this thinking is reinforced by people like Kai), they cannot be blamed for seeking something they see as 'better'.
      I'm not saying that this is the right view, but this blog cannot demonise women and conviently forget how men are brought up in China.
      I am also aware that times are changing,and that the Chinese government is trying to help rectify this massively uneven split between men and women in the country.

      Also, I do not agree with the the very visible racism shown towards 'hapa' and pure-Chinese alike.
      Although you may not feel that they conform to your view of BBC, many mixed-blood Chinese can be and are proud of their heritage; however this blog deems this as only an 'in fashion' or 'trendy' commodity. When these people say that they are proud to be Chinese is it is their choice and their view.

      You wanted my honest viewpoint, but I am sure that someone on here will have something very negative to say to this post, as I am not totally conforming to the 'BBC' view inferred on this site.
      I am sorry that some of you may feel this way and call me a 'white-washed, self-hating' BBC woman.
      But, that would be your opinion, and you would be, in my very honest opinion, wrong on that account.

    3. @HBC,

      I comepletely agree with the premise of this site that the BBC community needs to find its voice.
      Although BBC's are one of the oldest ethnic minorities to have settled in the UK, I agree that it is strange that the BBC community is quite 'invisible'.
      I am not however, advocating that the BBC's should 'band together' and aggressively force their way to the fore (which I am sure this site does not advocate either), nor do I agree that to further this aim of bringing a voice to the BBC community that we should harbor any racist ideas about White Britons or CBC's (I am not really sure of the meaning of FOB so for this comment I will use CBC).
      But yes I do agree that BBC's need to find their voice.

      And, if I felt that my voice would help raise awareness of this issue and that my view would be accepted and welcomed, then yes perhaps I would write an article.
      However, I have seen that the few BBC women whom have commented here have been recieved negatively and quite so, even by you yourself HBC.
      I think (and this is only my opinion) that they have been recieved so negatively is that they did not fit the view held by this site of 'what it means to be BBC'.

      As I have said, I do not dispute that the basic premise of this blog is sound; that BBC's need a voice, however, what I do not agree with is the WAY in which this voice is being used on this site.
      Many of the articles and comments that I have read here are quite frankly mysogenistic and racist.
      I know that many commenters whom frequent the site will wholeheartedly disagree with this assumption.
      However, I have seen many comments which can be viewed as 'women-bashing' and generalisations that 'all Chinese women are like that'.
      This isn't the correct way to view and represent women.
      If BBCZ truly wishes this blog to be the place in which BBC's start thinking about this issue of lack of voice, then women (and the men who suppor/sympathise with them) will be alienated.
      What woman in all honesty wants to join a cause, or agree with a group of men whom seem to openly hate them?
      And, the racism towards the mixed-Chinese and the CBC's? More on that later.

    4. continued...

      Firstly, I know my Chinese history. I know how women have been seen, and are still seen in many places in China. Women in China have historically been seen as second-class citizens, and are even viewed as such by the women themsevles! I've met a few CBC women whom have told me that 'boys are better'.
      Boys have almost always been seen as 'better' and have been treated as such.
      Many families in the past and even today - especially with the implementation of the one-child policy - have forsaken girls in favor of boys.
      Thus leading to the massive unequal ratio of boys to girls in China.
      In many places, and by all means I do not mean everywhere, I can see how women under these circumstances, and depending on how they were treated by men of their own family can want to leave and find something 'better'; and in this case non-Chinese men.
      Don't misunderstand, I am not agreeing with this mindset, (everyone can build their own misunderstandings and generalisations), however, there is no 'better' when it comes to race. There is good and bad everywhere, and that goes for gender too.

      When reading this blog I have come across many commenters openly 'woman-bashing', one commenter in particular, has said on at least two different articles that he wants to 'avoid having daughters as they are a waste of time and money' and advocating that other men do the same.
      Comments along this line can make an already self-concious woman feel worse, adding to an already formed misconception that 'ALL Chinese men are bad' from their experiences (a generalisation yes, but what I am trying to explain that generalisations -not matter how misconcepted they are, are one sided) and reinforcing their ideas that 'Chinese men do not want me, I am worthless', what is she supposed to think?
      When I saw this comment I felt the same way, as with the majority of the other comments which view women negatively and stating that we are all the same! I felt this way and I am married to a very proud CBC!
      What I am saying is, please do not generalise in this way, or worse forsake your BBC/CBC women for a generalisation- that they are all the same.
      We are, I can assure you, not all the same; but we must bear in mind, that there may be other factors that this site may be ignoring.

    5. and again...

      Secondly, I do not agree with racism, of any kind; and I find it shocking that some of these comments are openly racist towards, not only CBC's, BBC's and white people in general!
      CBC's and even Hong Kong Chinese all share the same history, culture and traditions; and are all considered Chinese.
      The fact that some people here are racist towards any CBC's, HK or others amazes and saddens me.
      Yes, I agree that Hong Kong Chinese are more open to the west, but that is to be expected as they were a British colony for 156 years; however the Chinese in Hong Kong still hold strongly to their culture and traditions.
      And in the case of mixed-Chinese,yes many may be more open or 'intune' with their 'white' heritage, also to be expected seeing as they are usually brought up in 'white' dominated countries.
      In my case, I do know may mixed-Chinese whom are married to BBC's; but this is not the point.
      I've seen that many commentators have generalised that ALL mixed-Chinese only use their Chinese heritage to 'get ahead' and only use it when it is 'trendy'.
      I am not so blind as to say, 'no certainly not', I am sure that there are shallow people like this all over the world, but we cannot generalise them to all be this way. I am sure that there are many out there too whom are genuinely proud of their Chinese heritage regardless of it being trendy or not.

      And lastly, I tend to disagree that the 'White-man' is openinly trying to commit mass-genocide of the Chinese race.
      I know that this may be your view, and the view of many on this blog.
      But not all 'whites' are evil. I think (and again only my opinion), if 'white' men said, 'We don't want your women', it would be seen as racist, but as some do like us, they are suddenly evil asiaphiles hoping to take over the Chinese race.
      People have preferences, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      Again, I want to reiterate to you, I do agree with the basic premise of BBC's finding their voice, I have no dispute on this point.
      All I am trying to highlight is that this may not be the best way to promote this issue.

      Also, this is my honest opinion (as requested by HBC), now that I have given it, I am sure there are those of you out there whom will react negatively to what I have said, and even go so far as to call me 'white-washed', or 'white-lover'.
      This would be your opinion. Yes I do have non-Chinese friends, but I also have many BBC and CBC friends, but that does not make me 'white-washed'.
      I am a BBC yes, but I am proud of who I am and where I come from (referring to Chinese heritage here).

    6. Read this and leave a comment:

    7. I have read it. Why are you being negative? It makes me feel that it is only pure Chinese that are allowed to speak Chinese?

      I don't see a problem with them attempting to teach their children Chinese. Perhaps they haven't had alot of oppertunities to mingle with other Chinese, because as you say they have followed their husband back to the UK, and that the BBC population is widely spread throughout the UK.
      Even I had almost no contact with other BBC's when I was in school and there was only one other BBC (other than myself, brother and sister) in the school at the time.
      So for these mothers to MAKE the oppertunity for their children to be in contact with BBC's why not??

      Just because they are half-Chinese does not make them any less *culturally* Chinese than you, and I feel sorry for mixed-Chinese that you do.

      I have tried to be as open and honest as you in this, but because I do not fit YOUR view on what BBC is you vehemently disagree and this is the point I was trying to make.
      You yourself have commented on others that they are not open to the views of others, you are the same.

      I said before that I am a BBC woman, and that is all you took from it, inviting me to comment and even write an article for this blog.
      We have spoken a few times before, you and I, but because I made 'what' I am known to you from the get go I had been negatively recieved as a 'white-washed' and inferred 'miserable hapa'.

      Yes I view myself as BBC, I am able to speak Mandarin, and am currently learning Cantonese, but also I am MIXED-CHINESE!
      I speak mandarin firstly as it is becoming the 'business' langauge of China. Cantonese is the language my mother speaks and I can understand and speak a little, it is not, probably up to your standard, but as I said I did not have much contact with other BBC's.
      I have never met my grandparents, and I know for a fact that I would have learned Cantonese had they'd been alive when I was born, but unfortunately I did not get that oppertunity.
      But now that you have seen this, everything I say will be ignored as 'white-washed''Hapa' ramblings.

      I truely believe in the basis for this blog and that helping the BBC community find their voice is important.
      Just as every Chinese person, mixed or otherwise is IMPORTANT.

    8. Oh it's you again, the quarter arab,quarter white half chinese eurasian. Cunning trick using the adopted Chinese name to con us on here into thinking you were ethnic Chinese.

      If it makes you feel better, eurasians are counted as British Chinese. But not BBCs. And definately not ethnic Chinese.

      Re: helping the BBC community find their voice -if you're relocating to China, that doesnt really help does it? Or are you just trying to gain quick acceptance on this blog before you fly off?

      Either way, if you want to do something to help BBC community, by all means do it outside this blog, just don't troll on hapa articles using fake names because it just comes across as lame.

    9. Not a fake name. My name is Weng (husband's family name) and Yingying is my name.

      I didn't con you. I told you before that I consider myself BBC.

      So what if I am relocating to China? I am still a BBC.

    10. Stop playing the autist. You're allowed to be considered British Chinese, and youre allowed to make us invisible in the media, arent you Eurasians happy enough? What else do you want? Acceptance from us 'racists'? Talk about stupid.

    11. Blog articles reflect the opinions of its writers, on this blog - all are male, however we do not seek publication from males only, however, Chinese females are apolitical as explained here:

      I would very much like to hear a female perspective on many contemporary diaspora issues. Why don't you submit an article? You don't need to create a google account, you can just email me the article and I'll publish in your name.

      Taking the readers comments on this article alone, theres a wide range of views, some suggesting my articles are misogynist and others say they're misandrist, can't be both at the same time can it? The reader will internalise and interpret the article blog in their own way, therefore there is no need to change my angle of delivery as the reader will still have their own perspective regardless of how the blog is written.

      Any conduct or behaviour that causes moral outrage or questionable conduct should be publicly condemned, thats the functional role of the media to monitor and scrutinize society or in our case our Chinese society.

      As far as I'm aware, no article on this blog has condmened ALL Chinese women are in your words 'white loving self-haters.' Not even in the comments has anyone suggested this, it is your own interpretation.

      Without a doubt your 3/4 Chinese children if raised in a Chinese environment will be more culturally Chinese than me, but to imply in general that British Mixed Chinese are culturally as Chinese as British ethnic Chinese is laughable. Its explained here.

      Even their definition of Chinese pride is different. Discussed here:

      Contrary to HBC comments, you can ethnically define yourself anyway you want (whether its technically correct or accepted by other BBC is another issue), but thats how the census works. I'm curious to know, which ethnicity box did you tick for your last census form?


    Article from The Express on Tinglan Hong who was from mainland China.

    One of Hugh Grant's former conquests who has befriended Tinglan says: “Hugh Grant...pretty soon lost interest physically in her, and she knew he was seeing other girls, she played it just right, telling him all the time he was wonderful. Let’s just say it’s worked out pretty well for her; she’s got a gorgeous daughter and she won’t have to worry about any bills.”

    Its remarkable how similar her mentality is to the woman in my article.

  15. I had more to what I posted above, but seems to have disappeared! :(

    1. If you type the incorrect word for 'word verification,' it triggers blogger's automated spam alert, your comments are sent to my spam box instead. But they are published now.

  16. Still addressing our Eurasian friend, Interesting to note, as mentioned before, recent trend of more Eurasians wanting to be accepted as Chinese these days because of China the superpower, and in your case relocating there.

    In your case, you learnt Mandarin for business, not Cantonese, your mother's tongue. And like a white person, you're a typical mercenary eurasian ie speaking Mandarin for self-serving business purposes.

    Secondly,apart from desperately wanting to be legitimised as a BBC by a BBC blog, you still haven't answered my question as to why you want to help BBC community or what you even intend to do for it, before you leave for China, where you will have nothing to do with BBC community.

    For hapas/eurasians it's their own kind of cake and eat it too - by living in the UK they get to exercise both priveleges and in China they are seen as exotic, especially when they speak the Chinese language by whitewashed mainlanders as this article suggests.

    It really amazes me this eurasian is screaming Chinese pride, calling herself BBC and yet there are no ethnic Chinese BBC women doing the same thing.

    Does it really take a eurasian background for a woman with some chinese ethnicity to express their Chinese pride? LOL

    1. I thought this too, I have yet to meet a BBC woman (and not many ethnic Chinese women in general in fact) who follows the mentality of most women of other races i.e. marrying outside my race is too alien, and will cause my children (and grandchildren etc) to become confused of their identity, that marrying one who is the same race and culture as me is ideal as he/she can share experiences and things that most likely to relate to both of us.

      The mixed ones tend to be confused with their identity sooner or later in life... so they explore it. Whether that's visiting their ancestral home or whatever, the weaker half (i.e. in most cases, the chinese one as it is the mother who has failed to pass on her identity pride to the child, hoping they would become more white - the very reason for breeding with white men in the first place) is put into the spotlight like a novelty. But the main, dominant half (remember it's still genetically 50/50) will continue to spread, as that mixed person will associate themselves romantically more with whites.

    2. Lets face it, these inter racial fetishers are as pathetically ignorant as the western migrating FOBs, neither have a clue about what they're doing to their offspring and grandchildren or even care about confused identities. The former thinks parental love will conquer all problems and the latter thinks money/education will conquer all problems. Personally, when I see the likes of Brangelina and their rainbow colored family - it makes me sick, how dare they deny their adopted children their ethnic heritage?

  17. Whatever I say will be rejected, so why bother?

    I have tried to show that I AGREE with the premise of this blog, but have been rejected time and again because I am the 'wrong' type of Chinese for you.

    I wish you well on your endevours BBCZ, and I hope that the racism/woman-bashing dies down on this blog.
    Because, although I am only a eurasian, I am still a woman and the women you are trying to get to show their Chinese pride will fail to hear you if all they see are the woman hating comments on this site.

    Also, I was accepted while you thought that I was a pure Chinese woman, as soon as you found out I was mixed I was automatically labelled as 'desperately wanting to be legitimised as a BBC by a BBC blog' in all honesty HBC I couold not care less what you think of me.
    I gave my honest opinion and was rejected that is all.

    Much to HBC's relief this will be my last post on this site. Because, he is a sad and prejudiced man who cannot see others viewpoints.
    I hope that you (BBCZ) are more open-minded. I don't expect you to compeletly accept my 'white eurasian rantings' but I hope you do listen. Being racist and derogatory to women will help no one.

    HBC, for the last time, I am proud of my heritage, I do not care what you think of my pride. I know who I am and what my beliefs are.

    BBCZ, thank you for allowing me to post my opinion and views on your site.
    Good day, and I hope that you are able to raise more awareness of BBC pride and help them find their voice.

    1. 1/ speaking mandarin for business, not to develop chinese culture YES/NO
      2/ posts on just the hapa articles only to be legitimised as an ethnic UK chinese with no real intention to help BBCs YES/NO
      3/ still haven't defined what 'help' BBC community means or how this will be achieved by relocating to China.YES/NO

  18. bumliza k ching24 April 2012 at 17:50

    weng ying ying why are you saying sorry for if you believe strongly what you say? If you have an opinion and can defend it with a ruthless logic then DO IT without the waffle, I be convinced and many will be as well and may even join you.If you just here to diss HBC and Z mildly which is fine, that will show aswell, don't underestimate your readers as if they don't know the subtext of women/race and identity.

  19. helpless blog!waste time to read!

  20. I've just noticed this channel on Youtube

    Episode 1: Join us as my girl Yang Yang and I travel around China enjoying the culture and sights. She speaks a little English and I speak no Chinese and the results are entertaining, funny and informative. In this episode we explore Chinese New Year in Beijing, China and enjoy all this beautiful city has to offer. Enjoy and watch more of our episodes here on youtube.


    This is just one of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of White male-Chinese female relationships where the former cannot speak coversational Chinese, and/or the latter cannot speak English. I don't know about you, but relationships - normal ones anyway - tend to require COMMUNICATION. In fact, it is the most important thing in one. Someone to talk to. Help one another, console, advise. So if they can't speak to each other, what exactly is pulling them together? even the plethora of black men and white women in white nations can actually speak to each other.

    1. What is pulling them together? The same thing that with so many of these non-communicative pairings eventually ending in tears with her getting beaten up and being a disgrace to her family.

    2. well, the article on mixed race babies is one explanation. many of these types of women want a mixed race baby, thats one factor that pulls them together, she is driven by a motive/need to procreate a mixed race baby, whatever it takes, at any cost, she doesn't care - she has no choice,she cant get a mixed race baby any other way as she cannot procreate a mixed race baby with a Chinese male.

      Incidently, a Hungarian guy once told me a similar story. He speaks Hungarian, his English is really poor, he cant speak mandarin, his partner is mainland Chinese and cant speak Hungarian and speaks little English. What is going on here? Well, they had an 'arrangement,' she wanted a mixed race baby. I don't think they're married and I don't think they're not in love either, its an 'arrangement.'

    3. Fucking sick. Why can't the Chinese govt. scope out these women and block these arrangements? Or rather, properly educate Chinese women? They must be aware the Chinese population is dying, and that Chinese women fucking white men is not helping. Main thing is to change the perception of white beauty. It is beautiful to be Chinese, thus Chinese women do not have the perverse need to "go white".

      As for the legacy of continually destroying one's culture and thus family bonds, have a look at this:

      SURPRISE! White man leaves half asian woman after impregnating her during her childbirth years and in her prime, thus leaving her with the responsibility of the children - whilst he goes off fucking with other women, presumably so he can start an all white all too sorry tale. Myleene Klass was already half before (White Dutch father), so what we have here in just 2 generations is barely asian kids, coming from a broken family with a fucked up perception of their roots and with a mother who herself has fucked up perceptions of her own roots. East Asian women need to think about this, not just "oh me love white long time", which seems to be the done thing.

      White men are taking more than their slice of the pie - frequently you see old white men in Asia fucking and having children with young women.... these men are already divorced and have families (all white) back home, thus they have white children to continue their heritage - whilst at the same time depriving Chinese men from having their own children with their own race, by reproducing with the local women. So white men get 2+ families, Chinese and East asian men get none. The world becomes more white, the white children obviously getting the lion's share of his assets and thus higher status, the mixed race kids the leftovers and thus stay behind in life and the grander scheme of things.

      The only difference here with Myleene is that the white man had the mixed race

    4. Well, theres nothing Asian about Myleene Klass at all, like most Eurasians in the UK, theyre basically white people who happen to have some Asian genetic physical features, thats it. Though having seen her husbands photo, gosh, look at his arms, covered in chavy pikey british army style tattoos, says a lot about how White British she is and what she finds appealing.

      Chinese girls with white fetish /white fever are the equivalent to white men with Yellow fever/ Asian fetish, they compliment each other, i.e they're both scum.

    5. Myleene's Klass mother was Asian... a 50/50 split would suggest she would have dual heritage and equal pride in both - thus her being a "white" person with asian features shows how badly something can be skewed in just one generation.

  21. And look... yet another one

    She's just 20. She's from China. He looks like the first white guy who talked to her at a college course, which she thought "good enough", married, quickly got pregnant and now the half white child will ensure she stays in Britain and her kids will progressively become more white.

    Like I mentioned above, "occupy" and breed with our women from a young age, thus depriving Chinese men of their own families... China and East asian nations REALLY need to vet the potential students they export... they need to send way more men than women for starters.


      That is just plain wrong. She looks like a underage schoolgirl next to her middleaged school teacher...

    2. i remember that story from last year, I didnt cover it because it was promoting a marriage between a White man and Chinese woman that wasnt actually a scam, yes, these two cretins actually do love each other!

      btw why dont you become a blogger here instead and upload your own articles?

  22. BBCZeitgeist I am wondering what is your definition of "White", could you please help me with that?
    Are we talking about white Americans? British? Are Spanish from Spain white? I do need to understand because of course even inside Europe all countries are different to the definition of "white men" dont apply to everyone



    1. Yes Spanish are white European. Historically white supremacy theory referred to Anglo Saxons, but its changed now, besides we look at it from a Chinese perspective, not from a European perspective, Europeans will look at the concept of White differently.

  23. This is the most arrogant, racist and untrue article I have ever read from some white racist jerk probably from Britain. Just so happens I am in a loving relationship with my Girl who is Chinese. I am white. And guess what? I am moving and staying in China to get away from ass holes who think their opinion should be thrown on everyone. You make Chinese woman seem like Naive stupid people and all white men cheaters. Who the hell do you think you are to generalize this. Have you ever even been to China? By the way congratulations on loosing your world empire in 10 seconds and now loosing your beloved queen and country to the EU. Germany will own you soon I do believe.

    Bye or whatever the hell you say.

    1. You're moving to China to get away from racism like this... in a majority of racially Chinese men... yeah....

  24. Most Asian women are apolitical materialitic shallow "people" who don't even have an ounce of decency in them. So I'm not surprised.

    English man here.

    1. which makes you wonder why white men choose such people as wives and have a family with them...

  25. hugh grant tinglan hong have a second child

    "How desperate is that Chinese woman??? he wouldnt marry her after 1st pregnancy why bother with the 2nd?? Has she no pride?"

    - Leni88, London, United Kingdom, 16/2/2013 23:46
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    1. Well, we all know what type she is. But it occurred to me just how weird Grant must be in order to resort to someone like her - who, if you read the articles, also picked up on his weirdness. Here you have a incredibly successful actor, rich, in with high society, can have any girl he wants - but has to resort to a whitewashed goldigger, not unlike the millions of white men who are socially ostracised and can't even get a white woman, needing to resort to Thai and oriental underage prostitutes. His character must be REALLY out of sync if he has to do that.

  26. Angry white women... stereotyping and racism should be OVER... it's 2013 people!

    Was this stupid blog written by an immature 10 yo who doesn't know any better?

  27. BBC Zeitgeist, shut up you fucking cunt.

    I'm a fully-blooded BBC man, but this is the worst racist bullshit ever.

    I know members of my family in very happy and stable relationships with white people, but there you are spouting shit about those in more shallow, unstable relationships.

    Yes it is true Chinese culture gets walked over in the western world, but that's the way it is.

    You should remember an important component of Chinese and East Asian cultures is to show respect and harmony to others different to you.

    You were blatantly one of those horrible little geeky kids who asked girls from school to flash their tits on their webcam and quite rightly got ostracised.

    If there ever was an East Asian man who had a minuscule dick, it's you.

    A lot of Chinese people left China to get away from the oppressive aspects of the Communist government- even before they were in charge, freedom of expression was restricted under democratic governments.

    Are you seriously telling us that with these Chinese people willing to join interracial relationships that Chinese culture will die out?

    Of course it fucking won't, even with the one-child rule in China there's 1.3 billion Chinese people world-fucking-wide!

    Besides, the number of Chinese people in mixed relations are heavily outnumbered by whites mixing with South Asians, Arabs or Blacks.

    You must remember that in China that is a massive ethnic minority population, but they are heavily segregated. One day they will end up killing each other due to a lack of willingness to co-operate together.

    These mixed relationships can only help China to have more variety and tolerance for other cultures.

    After all, aren't Tibet on the verge of being recognised as an independent state by the UN.

    Yes that's right BBC Zeitgeist, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BIGOTED WEIRD CUNT

    1. "Besides, the number of Chinese people in mixed relations are heavily outnumbered by whites mixing with South Asians, Arabs or Blacks."

      key point - heavily outNUMBERED. There are 10 times more blacks and asians as chinese in this country. And even then, it is mostly blacks - notice the interrmarriage rates from the 2001 census (it would be a lot larger for the 2011 one) - 40% of Chinese women, 1-3% of asian women.... 25% of black men.


    Teenager Hughes Cousins-Chang, who was arrested by Metropolitan Police but subsequently found to be innocent, secured the legal victory over Home Secretary Theresa May.

    "The sixth-form college student from south-east London was detained for more than 12 hours and strip searched at a police station after being suspected of a robbery. Outside court he said: ‘I am very pleased. It’s been a long journey.’"

    Mr Cousins-Chang, from Tulse Hill, south London, is now aged 18. His mother is Carrlean Chang. Hughes brought today’s landmark challenge with the help of his uncle Christopher Chang.

    This is Mr Cousins-Chang

    1. hehe cousins-chang is the chinese-nigga right? oh man oh man whatever next!?! Welcome to the UK multiculturalism gone mad

  29. The one woman interviewed doesn't speak for all Chinese women. In every 'minority' race, there's that percentage of women and men who hate themselves OR want their children to look 'better'. In my opinion, there is ugly and beautiful whether pure blood or mixed.

  30. So interesting that the comments here have become a race fueled debate, when all I see is a young woman who wants cute, smart babies and has a physical preference for white men.

    White bred female here who always wanted fair haired babies, always had a strong preference for fair haired males (which obviously translated to white), honestly no reason other than attraction! However I'm now dating a Chinese man and definitely could now care less the colour of my babes hair! A loving, caring husband is more important to me. And plus our hapa babies WOULD be adorable :)

    Woman (race aside) are programmed to find the best suitable match genetically, it is innate. Clearly this woman isn't super intelligent but I think her and the author are onto something genetically as when you look at mixed races they do tend to be beautiful and take positive traits from both sides. She is not representative of all ppl with a 'physical type' (race or otherwise) however alot of woman have preferences for what their babies will look like. And HAPA babies are adorable!!! She is right about that. Nothing wrong with wanting cute kids!

    Some ppl will take anything and turn it into some war on race and culture. This obviously not that intelligent but well meaning woman just wants a cute, smart kid and obviously has a physical preference for Caucasians. If the right Chinese guy came along she'd probably go for him too. Who cares?

    P.S. I read things like this and am so glad I live in Canada. Lots of hapa love here <3

  31. I really didn't think there were Chinese fluent in English and living abroad with attitudes like the author of this blog. Thank god I never encounter people like this even here in China. I'm sure there are plenty of people that have never been abroad and have no non-Chinese friends that have a similar attitude.

    Perhaps this has something to do with his being in the UK. It's hard for me to imagine an American Chinese making statements like these.

    1. i think it would be hard for you to know anything since you're not even chinese but 'a white man in china'...ewwwwww yes one of those.

  32. I was born and bred in Hong Kong, and I can instantly tell that the author is an Hongkong Hakka, whose family is from Sha Tau Kok, Tai Po or some other village in the New Territories of Hong Kong. The Hakka would often only marry within their own, even amongst stepchildren and first cousins. I am not a Hakka, and I would not wish to pass comments on their ethnic practices, but it is wrong for members of the Hakka to say that "Hakka values" are the same as "Chinese values".

    1. Stupid typical Chink mentality.

    2. I meant the article