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Crystal Chan Model

In Hong Kong they are ’lang mo,’ in Malaysia ‘ah-lian,’ in Japan ‘gravure idols,’ in America ‘Hoochie TABs,' the cultureless British Born Chinese and British Chinese community being periodically sluggish in development, still use the genre of ‘glamour modelling.’ 

Although a lightweight in comparison to British Born Chinese pornstar – Tigerr Benson, naturally unattractive, an obvious Chinese victim of a white female and white male dominated western society with her huge unrealistic implants, our own middle shelf British Born Chinese glamour model Crystal Chan is rather similar but less acute.

At 5ft 2in with short fat stumpy legs, Crystal Chan is an unlikely model, neither classy enough nor tall enough, nor attractive enough nor Chinese enough for the Chinese cosmos pageants, however, this is not the higher class world of pageanting, this is the white dominated world of British glamour modelling, there aren’t many Chinese girls doing this in the UK, so for the moment she can have her cake and eat it. 

Her latest shoot reached the echelons of the mainstream - Zoo magazine. Zoo magazine rather like The Daily Sport is read by lower class white men, a reflection of the fact the models are also of the same variety -i.e  white and lower class, presumably Crystal Chan is the first East Asian (or at least BBC) model for Zoo, whilst an achievement, it’s not necessarily a positive one. The real question is... Why would any Chinese girl want to appear on a wank mag for lower class White men? (Note the St.George flag bra below).

 Perhaps the answer is all too obvious. Although Crystal Chan is a representation of many other young Asian girls in recent years that have entered the world of pseudo-modelling, Crystal  however, has avoided the Far East market, rather she is westernised, she was raised and educated in Cornwall, yes that very Chinese part of Britain called Cornwall, attended a predominantly white academy school, her heroes are other non-Asian models Katie Price Jordan and Kim Kardashian, her musical tastes are black/urban – 50cent, Rihanna, Rochelle etc, she does not follow any Chinese people on her 120+ long Twitter list, in fact the only Asian person she follows on Twitter is Yoko Ono – who of course was married to White man John Lennon, do we need to say more?

 Crystal appears to follow the looks of other westernised or Americanised Asian models such as Francine Dee, Kaila Yu, Tila Tequila, it’s not an East Asian look, she is also extremely tanned, another sign of her swaying towards black/urban or western culture, when so many East Asians are buying skin whitening products, the westernised Asian females go sun bathing - the favorite pastime of white people.

 In this photo, her tattoo’s are visible on her pelvic girdles and her belly button piercing, both are typical signs of skankiness. Tattooing of the skin is highly frowned upon in Confucian culture. Tattooing, tanning and hair dying of the blonde variety are all reflections of western influence although many trashy South East Asian girls also sport that look, just add a drug infested drunken night out in a dance club and the list is complete.

So two questions, is it pitiful that British Born Chinese females of the educational underachieving variety have trodden down this route or is she simply a product of weak British Chinese parenting trodden over by dominant western culture?

 Or... Crystal Chan empowering young British Born Chinese women to achieve their ambitions in white dominated industries in ways unrelated to traditional Chinese educational achievement?


Friday, 21 October 2011

Yue Yue China

Yue Yue China Hit And Run

This is the widely publicised story of a two year old girl from Guangdong China that was hit and run over by two different vans as18 people walked past and ignored her dying body in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. In the Yueyue case, the driver who ran her over said....

“If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3,125). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands yuan.”

Stories/photos linked here:

In another story from Sichuan, a 5 year old Xiong Maoke was hit by a truck, the driver backed up his truck a second time to make sure the child was dead - possibly to minimise compensation.

There are different perspectives on this subject, but one common theme has been the global press condemnation of the Chinese race, what are your views?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Occupy Central Hong kong

Occupy Central Hong Kong Anti-Capitalist Protest 佔領中環

The sight of Hong Kong Central Exchange Square occupied by local Hong Kong Chinese anti-capitalist protesters was rather strange, one rarely sees this from the apathetic Hong Kong Chinese, rather its usually a few ageing mavericks in the form of the long haired hippy, Che Guevara T-shirt wearing, 'egg throwing' Leung Kwok Hung and his entourage that cause an occasional stir.

In theory though, one should not be surprised as the South China Morning Post last year reported that Hong Kong's richest households earn 27 times more than the poorest households, Hong Kong as a free market economy  should be challenged, so there are legitimate concerns for protest. However, it is bizarre their protests have taken on very western perspectives.

Although the Anti-Capitalist movement and the Socialist movement are both international, they remain heavily driven by western Caucasians. I wrote an article last year on the student riots in London, in consideration that 90% of British Born Chinese are in higher education, surely BBC would be affected by student funding issues, yet there were no ethnic East Asian students protesting. By the same token, if one takes the International Socialist movement in the UK, one has never seen ethnic Chinese  involved in these organisations, its predominately a White Caucasian movement.

The Hong Kong Anti-capitalists are all highly influenced by western thinking as such there were a number of westerners attending the protest.

 There was a young Chinese guy sitting on the floor with his guitar singing in English - the song "Imagine" by John Lennon, be it with a noticeable bad Chinese accent.

Several others wore Guy Fawkes masks from the western anarchist film 'V for Vendetta.'

 Some bizarre influence from South American Mexican Ricardo Flores Macon.

Christianity - Homage to British colonialism
Chinese lack an authentic East Asian or Chinese philosophy behind their protest, merely trudging on the back of western ideals, indeed this protest at the weekend was in solidarity of its  leader - Occupy Wall Street. We need to address the original problem, Chinese are just not innovative enough nor leaders but followers of western ideals and western culture. Still, kudos for protesting, if the Hong Kong Chinese who are undoubtedly as apathetic as it gets in terms of politics (surpassed only by the British Chinese for apathy), isn't it about time the British Chinese (who are more westernised than their Eastern counterparts) asserted their own political presence in the UK?

By BBCZeitgeist in Asia
Photo Source:

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mixed Britannia

'Mixed Britannia' is a three part series on mixed race and inter racial relationships spanning three different periods of British history broadcast on Thursday BBC 9pm, part one can be viewed on BBC iplayer below...

As I'm in Asia, due to viewing restrictions, I do not have permission to watch this programme, but one already knows the 'Chinese' story, I read about it over a decade ago whilst researching the Chinese community in Liverpool. The story follows Stanley and Emily Ah Foo and how she became an Alien in order to marry a Chinese seaman and the race riots of 1919 that followed...British Chinese rioting? Now there's a shocker! The race riots were attributed to angry white working class squaddies and ex soldiers returning from the trenches of the First World War to a 'Land Fit For heroes' only to find their home towns and cities suffering from high unemployment, poverty and their white women inter racially married to 'aliens' that arrived in the Britain for the war effort, hence ethnic ghetto's were targeted, being the most visible and easiest target.  

I cannot speak for the programme, but the story itself is one that highlights the early history of extreme racism and anti-foreigner sentiment towards Chinese people in the UK, although the solution of assimilation is one that should be questioned. Lets not forget the main reason Chinese sailors married White British women was due to the absence of Chinese females in the UK, the early Chinese migrants to the UK were predominantly male, they married white women because they had no choice, not because they wanted an inter racial partner or inter racial marriage. Their mixed race offspring could not speak Chinese as they were largely raised by their white mothers as their Chinese fathers were often away, some repatriated. 

Today as it was yesterday, for a Chinese to be inter racially married in the UK is a slippery descent into multi-generational Chinese genocide, cultricide and linguicide, but the BEEB will obviously not consider this point, merely celebrating diversity- Mixed Race Britain.

Whilst early Chinese seamen had no choice, its rather different today, mixed race are mainstream and are highly promoted making them desirable, many Chinese are actively making the choice to dissolve their Chinese bloodlines by marrying inter racially. It is the British Born Chinese group, in particular the BBC males who should be  the most concerned by the dissolution of their community, BBC female inter racial marriage rates are at genocidal levels (see Further reading link below), for every BBC female that marries inter racially, their corresponding BBC males will have to marry inter racially too, the inter racial marriage rate will continue to spiral upwards. Increasing numbers of Mixed race Eurasian are a visible representation of the destruction of the British Chinese community, it takes on a new meaning to the term 'Chinese invisibility.'

When the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation, not British Born Chinese) researchers contacted me in spring 2011 after reading my blog, one was sceptical as to their reasons, after all my blog is not exactly politically correct on the subject, since when has the BEEB ever been interested in hearing a British Born Chinese voice?

Any programme on multiculturalism or inter racial marriage will be agenda driven. Why would the BEEB commission it otherwise? A programme that negatively questions racial mixing  - would not be commissioned in the first place, so of course such relationships are presented in a positive light - a struggle against adversity and how a beautiful intelligent mixed race baby makes it all worth while, just look how far we've come today...look at all these famous successful beautiful mixed race celebrities! It's always the same agenda - to promote race mixing positively. Indeed, as another commenter on this blog pointed to a link to another BBC article..'.mixed race ethnicity is mainstream now,' ( Recent research stated that mixed race people are "over-represented at the top level of a number of meritocratic professions". Mixed race encounter very little racism or discrimination these days, so why should we watch programmes like these and pity them?

In the end, the BEEB chose not to press my alternative minority British Born Chinese opinions any further, rightly too, my BBC perspectives would never have fitted into the mainstream mixed race 'agenda.'

Mixed Britannia Thursday BBC2 9pm

Futher reading...
Dimsum Website Review

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dimsum Review - A Relic of the Commonwealth Generation

Review of British Chinese website -

Dimsum was once considered the heart and soul of the British Chinese community, even participating in community activism with a British Born Chinese forum, however Dimsum has gradually fallen to the wayside reflecting a changing of the guard and a lack of homogeneity within the British Chinese community. 

The online British Chinese community can be summed up as follows...

Chinese (mostly mainlanders) that haven't assimilated use Chinese text websites: Netbirds, and

British Born Chinese use: BritishChineseOnline

Youngsters of the clubbing generation use : Neehao

So who uses Dimsum?

Web Statistics 

" is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range of 55-64, have no children and graduate educated"
Only one third of internet traffic is from the UK. Looking at the search traffic, the top searchers inadvertently found the website searching for dim sum food, not specifically Chinese topical issues. A sizeable chunk of its traffic comes from spam and harvesting.

 Although Dimsum boasts over 15,000 unique users every month, why is it that 20 out of the last 24 articles on its homepage stretching back two months have no comments on them? Over 30,000 unique users commenting on just 4 articles?

Its a matter of content. Despite Dimsum's homepage being a cornucopia of overflowing user based articles, there are no young  polyphloisboian voices to be heard here, the plug is pulled on the NeeHao promoted DJ's, this is maturer, classier, like a glass of Hennessy XO, this is not for the Asian nerd, Hello Kitty and TVB are not welcome either, rather classical music, modern theatre, art and fine cuisine are the order of the day.

Compare the articles on White Male Asian Female inter racial relationships on -(all very modern using quotes from Marie Claire etc).... with Dimsum articles written by passive middle aged Chinese women from the home counties (who are not going to rock the boat for fear of upsetting their White partners and the White community), you can already see where the website Dimsum is heading. If Dimsum is considered the heart and soul of the British Chinese community, then one has to conclude the UK is far behind the USA in terms of 'Asian' radicalism.

Advertisements or Articles?

The articles are on the whole professionally written, but bureaucratic, like a trade magazine, and of no real interest or concern to anyone except those who work in the trade industries. Dimsum's articles are thinly disguised advertisements for profit businesses or self-interest public Chinese associations/organisations and the networked British Chinese socialite cronies associated with them, it sums up the objective of the website - its promotional, if there is nothing to be gained either personally, financially etc, then no article will be written for publication.

There is an article on the website VisibleChinese, an of A-Z of British Chinese cronyism, the usual suspects are all listed, its self-promotion just like Dimsum itself. Mark Wu runs the website, he is also the interactive associate for Yellow Earth Theatre Company. Its the same people self-promoting themselves.

There are common themes with the backgrounds of the contributors who write the articles...

Wah Yin Rixon - FOB Chinese female Married to a Caucasian jazz player. She is also a trustee of.....can you guess?...The Yellow Earth Theatre Company!

Naomi Christie - FOB Chinese female, although you wouldn't think so judging by her name. She now lives in China, obviously either inter racially married, has interracial parents or adopted by white parents.

Sally Maier-Yip - FOB Chinese female - recently relocated from Singapore with her inter racial White partner to UK, clearly in no position to write about British Chinese issues.

Olhos Degato - FOB Chinese male Mainland migrant, has an Black inter racial partner.

Paul Courtney Hyu - Mixed race Eurasian

Jenny Hao -FOB Chinese female - socialite mainlander on a student visa studying medicine at Goldsmiths. How British is she?

Merlene Emerson - FOB Chinese female immigrant with a White husband
Philip Ling- BBC male with a white interracial partner.

Anna Chen - Mixed race Eurasian

 The only observable regular contributor with a Chinese partner is Susan S. Cheung, who migrated to the USA and is no longer part of the British Chinese community, yet still contributes articles on a British Chinese website.

Given their background and their pro-assimilation, pro-inter racial marriage agenda, pro-migration agenda, it is questionable whether they even believe in the concept of being ethnic Chinese, the website completely neglects BBC's, it does not cater for BBC's at all. In what way are these contributors fit to represent British Chinese community? Unless of course 'British Chinese' has now become a euphemism for inter racial breeding and the dissolution of one's ethnicity. 

What is peculiar about the site are the articles relating to traditional Chinese culture such as 'Feng Shui,' 'Chinese herbal medicine,' 'traditional Chinese musical ensemble,' these are the types of interests these older 'si-lai' fogyish FOBBY women participate in, yet they completely neglect the most important thing that makes them Chinese and their future generation Chinese - 1) marriage to a Chinese male and 2) having Chinese children. Its bizarre these Chinese women take such an big interest in very traditional Chinese subjects when they're married to White men, but it seems to be common theme on Dimsum. Turtle mothers logic Click Here

Featured Articles - Social Class Bias

Have you heard the story about the Singaporean student studying medicine at Cambridge who was hit by a bus, her white boyfriend committed suicide a few days later? Why this story? Is it because she’s a FOB studying medicine at Cambridge and has a white boyfriend (these 4 subjects seem to form the theme of the website, 1-female 2-oxbridge 3-FOB 4-white inter racial partner), therefore her life is of greater interest than a Chinese who works in the Takeaway?

Series of pointless articles about Taiwan that unsurprisingly failed to attract any readers comments, written by 'Rixon' whose husband incidently is Oxbridge Alumni, the latest article is on Yinsey Wang - 'a Cambridge' law student.'

Do we see a connected theme here? It's a tripartite network of FOB's, White's and Eurasian's largely of a certain social class acting to exclude BBC's unless they're a lapdog, of the right social class, Christian or attended the right university. Its quite simple, when FOBs marry whites, they produce Eurasian children, BBCs do not figure in the equation and are therefore excluded.

Undoubtedly, Dimsum bypasses the BBC and takeaway and restaurant demographic, unless its a corporate or a Michellin Star restaurant. There is an article on the Michellin Star Hibiscus restaurant, and what has that got to do with British Chinese culture?  Absolutely nothing. The Hibiscus is not even a Chinese restaurant. Dimsum's review's are a representation of the types of bourgeois Asian women and their White partners who eat at upmarket restaurants.

Extreme Bias

Here is an opinion on Ai WeiWei's imprisonment by Dr. Katie Hill (yes, She's White and married to Ai Wei Wei's artistic friend Cai Yuan), just how objective is she going to be? Well....

If I ever saw a piece of writing that was so westcentric, so one-sided, so blatantly promoting anti-Chinese Communist government propaganda, this would be close to it.
'We applaud William Hague, the French and German governments and the EU representative in China, for their efforts to speak up publicly on behalf of Ai and other prisoners, such as the Nobel Peace Prize recipient Liu Xiaobo.'
Kudos for boot-licking the western governments. Is she a Con-Dem voter by any chance? Oh look there's the obligatory reference to Liu Xiaobo.
'We also applaud David Cameron’s statement regarding the importance of human rights on his visit to China last year, which is a significant step in the right direction.'
Yes, that's correct, David Cameron the regime change orchestrator, the white knight saviour of the both the Arab and Oriental worlds.
"As an immediate priority we urge Western and other governments to exert strong pressure on China to treat its citizens with the respect that they deserve, as a matter of basic justice and humanity."
That's right, in China, there is no justice, no legal system in place, no legal framework, it is a feral uncivilised country with no humanity, just ask Morrissey.
"China's credibility in the world is at stake if it does not significantly improve its human rights record."
There's that repetitive westcentric view again that China cannot progress to be an global economic or political power unless it moves to western democracy and does what the west wants.

On the book reading list on one of the forums, there is a recommendation to read Amy Tan! If you aren't familiar with Amy Tan, she was described as a race traitor by some sections of Chinese American society.

One of the major criticisms of the British Chinese community is the lack of  leadership from its communities leaders, with these types of ineffective sycophantic Uncle Tam's literally running the Dimsum's content and running British Chinese society, pandering to White people to improve their own social, political and economic status in the eyes of White people, is it any wonder? Today, Dimsum has become the tumbleweed of websites, what remains is a meaningless, neglected, outdated billboard (that nobody reads) plastered with self-interest advertisements thinly disguised as articles representing the interests of a tripartite social class (that has long had its day and achieved very little for the British Chinese community), as such the virtual billboard deserves to be covered in virtual graffiti. Dimsum? More like DingLeiGorFai.

Reviewed by BBCZeitgeist

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Filipina Hong Kong Residency

Filipina Hong Kong Residency Rights

By BBCZeitgeist in Asia

Today is Chung Yeung, a public holiday in Hong Kong, whilst the Chinese have a day off to pay their respects to the dead, Filipina are out in force, the pavements are paved with Filipinas. Filipina have been hot news all week with their equal rights court ruling.

It seems to me the Hong Kong Chinese are to blame for their own predicament. If Hong Kong Chinese weren’t so snobbish in wanting to hire a maid from the Third World at such low rates of pay, to perform duties that lazy Chinese tai-tai’s should be performing for themselves, then Hong Kong Chinese only have themselves to blame when the ‘fei hung’ start fighting for their Hong Kong residency rights. Many workers from the Developing World will want to stay in a richer country, its common sense, they’re economic migrants. Did the Hong Kong Chinese seriously not think this would happen?

Hiring a maid isn’t only about practicalities in terms of help around the house, it’s a statement of class and status, having a maid presents you with a higher class status - especially as Filipinas speak English, speaking English is very important to those who want to get a head start in raising their children to be bilingual in privileged elite International Schools. Undoubtedly lazy Hong Kong Chinese women in particular those who have a kitchen phobia have to look at themselves as to why this is happening, there are many Hong Kong women that haven’t cooked a meal in years.

Its quite simple, stop hiring maids, get off your lazy backside, start cooking and raise your children yourself. This is something I’ve never understood, why would anyone want a complete stranger to raise their own child?

Sunday, 2 October 2011

British Born Chinese Discrimination

British Born Chinese Discrimination 

Differences in Hong Kong Chinese treatment of Mixed Race Chinese vs BBC’s

By BBCZeitgeist in Asia.

Whenever I visit Hong Kong, my first thought is... how long will I have to wait until someone insults me? I don’t remember one single trip I’ve made to Hong Kong where I haven’t been insulted, I didn’t have to wait long, the first person I spoke to was a taxi driver, low and behold, he commented on my Cantonese sub-dialect –
 “What are you saying? Where the hell have you come out from? No one in Hong Kong speaks that dialect any more.”
Minority dialects and sub dialects such as Hakka etc are becoming extinct to Cantonese, but ironically for modern Hong Konger’s, Cantonese is under threat to Mandarin as Mainland China becomes a super power, the future of the Cantonese language will depend on the relationship between the owners of capital in Hong Kong and Beijing, though Cantonese Chinese as notorious trend followers are unlikely to go down fighting.

So I speak an ‘out-moded’ dialect do I? Being raised in the west among other rural Hong Kong migrants from the New Territories who also spoke the same minority dialect was normal, many British Chinese did not follow the Hong Kong trends in the Far East. This is one of the ironic things about Hong Kong, in its fast paced quest to be modern...many Hong Kongers no longer recognise its indigenous cultures or languages.

More huge more gasps of astonishment by the taxi driver that I, as a British Born Chinese, was entitled to the government’s 6,000 HKD, he obviously doesn’t believe overseas BBC’s should be entitled to it), these are problems largely faced by BBC’s or FOB’s of my parents generation returning to the homeland, yet Chinese would not dare to openly speak to a white person or a mixed race person that way, but just because BBC are ethnic Chinese, British Born Chinese are open season. FOB Chinese seem to get off on the fact that BBC’s are ethnic Chinese and can understand what they’re saying, so they can insult BBC’s even more.
There is undoubtedly a lot of disrespect and discrimination towards BBC, in my opinion far more so than is directed at ABC, CBC or mixed race.

The other evening, TVB’s low budget chart JSG show featured MC Jin (ABC) and BOY'Z (Steven Cheung is Eurasian) they looked so American they wouldn’t have looked out of place in a red neck wrestling ring. A few days earlier, the early evening TVB entertainment news programme SCOOP reported that one of the American born mixed race Eurasian  male actors Michael Wong AKA Michael Fitzgerald Wong (he speaks Cantonese with the same terrible accent as a white person, his Eurasian brothers Declan Wong and Russell Wong are also actors in Hong Kong) completed his helicopter training and was greeted by a bevy of famous women and models, some white, some mixed race, some ethnic HK Chinese.

Next up on the entertainment show was an interview with Cecilia Cheung (mixed heritage), Linda Chung, a CBC Canadian Chinese cosmos pageant winner) and Kevin Cheng (ABC). So where are the BBC’s? 

 Well, British Born Chinese are nowhere to be seen. One is certain there’s never been a British Born Chinese fictional character represented in TVB dramas, whereas there is usually a splattering of mixed race or North American Chinese characters etc. Nor am I aware of any famous British Born Chinese TVB stars or famous British Born Chinese singers in Hong Kong, nor a British Born Chinese winner of a UK Chinese cosmos pageant – that’s an indicator of the level of discrimination and exclusion faced by BBC’s. Yet the Australian Chinese Cosmos Pageant winner in 2010, was a mixed race Eurasian Polish Chinese Catherine Piotrowski. Similar to most mixed race, she wasn’t raised to be Chinese, however since winning the Chinese pageant, out of pure self-interest to take advantage of the money opportunities in the Far East for their fetish of the exotic Eurasian mixed race looks of the Maria Ozawa variety- she decided to jump on the ethnic bandwagon and ‘turn Chinese’ – by taking lessons in Mandarin.

There is a fundamental difference between mixed race and BBC’s in terms of linguistics. There have been surveys and studies of British Born Chinese in which they were asked why they learned Chinese? The most common reason was to be able to communicate with their parents, grandparents, relatives etc in Chinese. Mixed race however, don’t have such obligations, they were raised by a white parent to speak English, mixed race usually cannot speak Chinese or if they learn Chinese Mandarin, it’s usually for financial or career gain. Why don’t mixed race learn Hakka instead of mandarin? For the same reason why do White people always learn mandarin and not any other Chinese dialect? There is no financial gain nor career gain nor personal gain from learning languages such as Hakka.  

It’s a tripartite network of Whites, FOB’s and mixed race Eurasian's based on high social class and privilege, as such Mixed race Eurasian’s in particular rarely encounter racism or discrimination these days, there is a book for sale on the Guardian newspaper website called on Eurasian’s in Hong Kong titled 'The Eurasian Face' by Kirsteen Zimmern, it contains many interviews and profiles of Eurasians, many state they lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years, they can’t speak Chinese and have ‘NEVER encountered any racism.’ 

So where does this leave BBC’s? Well, the following day, I caught up with another British Born Chinese for lunch in Hong Kong, he informed me that he had applied for several jobs in Hong Kong, he was rejected because he couldn’t read and write Chinese characters, being able to speak Chinese simply isn’t sufficient, he’s competing with literate Hong Kong Chinese natives for the same job, it’s extremely unlikely most BBC’s will be able to read and write Chinese to the same standard as a native. Consequently, BBC’s are treated rather like white foreigners in that they’re usually forced to teach English to Chinese schoolchildren, however BBC’s are ethnic Chinese, therefore BBC’s don’t carry ‘white privilege,’ teaching English is a job reserved for White people so BBC’s are intentionally refused English teaching positions in Hong Kong schools for policy reasons. 

Welcome to Hong Kong...the land of no opportunity for BBC’s.