Monday, 18 July 2011

Arsenal Liverpool Aston Villa Chelsea Asia Tour

London's bookish Charing Cross Road may not be illustrious for its football supporters, but a Chinese couple caught my eye, highly fobbish, in their early 20's, both kitted out in matching Steven Gerrard Liverpool Football shirts. The idiosyncratic manner in which these types of Chinese worship English or non-Asian football teams with religiose fervour is a reflection of their failed Chinese consciousness in shunning their own domestic leagues, teams and players in the Far East.

During a recent visit to the Far East, one attended a Hong Kong Division One Football match, attendance was visibly low,  lower than Scottish Division 3 League matches (that's saying something),  the sports news bulletins show similar low attendance for all matches across Hong Kong, however when an 'English' team tours the Far East, we see quite a different reaction from the local Chinese.

Arsenal and Liverpool have just ended their pre-season training tours playing local teams in Asia. 

A simple examination of the crowds in the photographs reveal local Asian's overwhelmingly wearing English shirts energetically spurring on their favourite English clubs to defeat their own Asian teams. Yet, do we ever see White Brits supporting China over England in sporting competitions? Do we ever see White British couples sauntering down Charing Cross Road in matching Yao Ming (before his retirement) shirts? Do we ever see a huge army of White British fans egging on Marco Fu or Ding Junhui to crush Ronnie O'Sullivan? The answer is an unequivocal no.

The Chinese couple spotted in Charing Cross Road may have an excuse - they're in the UK, however Asian's residing in the Far East supporting English football without equivocation are completely illogical, even more so in consideration of the fact they have no White English friends, do not have a firm grasp of the English language, have never visited the UK nor the city of Liverpool, nor are there any Chinese players contracted to play for any of these Premiership teams touring the Far East. So why do Chinese support England and English Football club teams?

Reasons for Asian Chinese fanaticism of English football

One would be hard pressed to explain 'Asian Odds' gambling, football comes first, gambling comes second, rather there's a more simpler superficial explanation...

In 2007, Warwick Business School conducted market research on Chinese football fans on behalf of the English Football Association. Their findings...
 "Interest among Chinese fans in international football (78.01%) vs Chinese local football (31.24%)"
 "In major tournaments where China was not present, 96.3% of Chinese supported England"
"Chinese fans were drawn to English football because of the players' glamorous lifestyles and their WAGS."
"England team shirt is the most popular football shirt seen in China followed by Manchester United and Brazil"
Its time these inebriated Chinese developed Chinese consciousness and annulled their conspicuous consumer driven tomfoolery for both western culture and as well their blind support for English Football. If British Blacks can proudly declare "I support whichever team has the most Black players," then so can Chinese. Chinese should support Chinese clubs, Chinese national teams and international clubs with Chinese players.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Lazy Police 'Could Not Be Bothered' to Arrest Robber Breaking into Chinese Restaurant

Police Woman Michele Selby 'Could Not Be Bothered' To Arrest Robber Breaking Into Chinese Restaurant

News source: The Scotsman (14/7/2011)

A police officer who "could not be bothered" to arrest a suspected robber breaking into the Moon River Chinese Restaurant in Kirkintilloch at 0530 BST last July,  has been found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

The court heard she told the suspected robber - who has six previous convictions, including one for a similar offence - that she knew he was trying to break in and if she did not have another call to go to he would have gone to jail. But the job that Selby claimed she had to rush to was not a 999 call but delivering letters to another police station.

Selby, of Cumbernauld, Glasgow, then told her less experienced colleague, "If I could be bothered he would have got the jail" before throwing his tools in a bin at Kirkintilloch Police station and clocking off duty at 7am.

She said in court she believed the man was trying to fix the door at the request of the owner and that she believed no crime was being committed.

The 38-year-old was found guilty yesterday of attempting to defeat the ends of justice by failing to detain the man and of disposing his tools and failing investigate the incident, on 26 July last year. Selby was warned she now may face a jail term.

BBCZeitgeist Commentary: This is a case of 'couldn't be bothered to arrest the robber' because he was breaking into a 'Chinese restaurant,' do we seriously believe she would not have made the arrest if the robber  was breaking in a bank?