Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Famous British Chinese Top 25 List 2011

Famous British Chinese Celebrities. British Chinese people in this context refers to any persons of Chinese descent. Top 25 List, compiled by BBCZeitgeist in accordance with Facebook's fanbase, in reverse order of popularity - (updated August 2012)

25. (3,259) Katie Leung  - British Born Chinese BBC, Actress, AKA Cho Chang, Harry Potter's girlfriend
 24. (4,001) Max Minghella  - Mixed race Chinese descent. Actor

 23. (4003) China Chow Mixed Race Eurasian. Actress Model

22. (4531) Maggie Cheung - Chinese, born Hong Kong. Actress

21  (4,590) Cherry Lee TheBathroomGirl Youtube - BBC British Born Chinese Malaysian, singer
20 (5,709) Matthew Koon  - British Born Chinese BBC.  Dancer

 19. (7809) Eric Lau - British Chinese, Musician
18 (9,045) Emmy The Great  - Mixed Race Chinese descent, born Hong Kong. singer

17 (9,194) Rachel Khoo - British Born Mixed Malaysian Chinese / Austrian. Eurasian. TV Chef
16 (9,300) Lukian Wang British Born Chinese BBC, model, internet whore and girlfriend of Johnson Lee

15  (9,323) Rachel Stevens - Mixed Race Chinese descent - unconfirmed. Singer TV presenter
14 (13,284) Karen David - Mixed Race Chinese descent, Born India. Actress, Singer

13. (19,076) George Young - Mixed race Chinese Greek. British born. Actor

12. (20,186) Xiaorishu Youtube - BBC British Born Mixed Vietnamese Chinese

11 (22,356) Stylesuzi Youtube Cosmetologist British Born Chinese
10. (30,046) Gok Wan  - Mixed Race Chinese descent, British born. Fashion guru.
9. (44,770) Herman Li - Chinese, Born Hong Kong. Musician, guitarist Dragonforce
8. (62,351) Stevie Hoang - British Born Chinese BBC, Parents are Ethnic Chinese from Vietnam. Singer.

7. (62,790) Jamie Woon - Mixed Race Chinese descent . Musician
6.  (62,798) Vanessa Mae - Mixed Race Chinese Thai, Born Singapore, raised UK. Classical Musician

5.  (173,174) Alexa Chung -
Mixed race Chinese descent, British Born. TV presenter and model.

4. (238,459)  KT Tunstall - Mixed Race Chinese descent, British born. Musician

3. (415, 911) Bubzbeauty Youtube Bubbiosity - British Born Chinese BBC. Youtube's comical cosmetologist.

2. (487,137)  Naomi Campbell - Mixed race Chinese Descent. Model
1. (591,160) Abhisit Vejjajiva - Mixed Race Chinese Descent, British Born. Thailand's Prime Minister
Some Interesting Stats
  • 15 out of the 25 are  mixed race
  • 9 out of 25 are full blood chinese
  • 16 out of 25 are female
  • 9 out of 25 are male (5 of which are mixed race)
  • 4 out of 25 are full blood Chinese males
  • 2 out of 25 are full blood Chinese male (BBC) British Born and Raised
  • 7 out of the 25 are British Born Chinese
  • 1 out of the 10 mixed race females are married to (or in a relationship with) a full blood Chinese.
  • 1 out of the 25 is a full blood BBHKC male- BBC (Hong Kong) male - Matthew Koon.
Statistically, there are observable prima facie trends relating to unpopularity, discrimination and under representation, it is largely faced by full blood Chinese men, in particular British Born Chinese full blood males.

Against extreme odds, 7 BBC's in the list of 25 have garnered a fanbase, Matthew Koon is the first non-caucasian to play Billy Elliot, Stevie Hoang produced music in a makeshift studio, Katie Leung beat 4000 other Chinese girls  for the single Chinese role of Cho Chang, Bubzbeauty had no outlet except the virtual world of Youtube. Life before Youtube, before the internet and before JK Rowling, the odds of these BBC's gaining recognition or an audience would be close to nil.

Just how Chinese are these Mixed race?

Further reading: http://bbczeitgeist.blogspot.com/2011/03/mixed-race-chinese-those-of-chinese.html


  1. Did I miss anyone out?

    1. Whatabout Lord Wei? The youngest British Chinese member of the House of Lords!

  2. BBCZeitgeist, you should get your articles published in a journal, newspaper, magazine etc to help raise awareness of these issues!

  3. some media people have contacted me as a result of reading this blog, but nothing concrete has resulted from it.

    Yes to raise awareness is correct, however, do you personally believe there is a magazine or newspaper in the UK that would allow these kinds of opinions, articles or perspectives to be printed in ink? The mainstream certainly wont cover it.

    As far as I'm aware, the UK does not have an niche British East Asian magazine printed in English, unless you know of one? There used to one, but you can imagine the market cap is too small and British East Asian culture and identity too weak.

  4. bubzbeauty ugly, she has plastic surgery?

  5. If you remove the mixed race part and did a mosted searched the ansa would be Edison Chen, that reminds me I need a shave.

  6. Heres the catch 22 - Traditionally with our confucian peaceloving upbringing Chinese are scared of change but right now, that list above shows that we need cultural and ideological strength now more than ever. And it wont be profitable for you - in all ways. Anyone willing to step forward? Thought not. Carry on then.

  7. Tita Lau=too caucasion for a half white half chinese

    Polly Samson too caucasion,not sure how much chinese or white blood she has

    Lisa Scott Lee looks too caucasion to be chinese

    Emmy the great too caucasion for half white half chinese

    This certainly doesn't look good since most of them look too white,no offence of course.

  8. At the commentator above! How dare you! im a loving Chinese mother and my husband is a wonderful white man and we love our little Jemma to bits! i have just arrived on this blog and im absolutely disgusted at the racism on here! If we Chinese women want to marry apes who pull slitty eyes at us, throw snowballs at windows, and have bigger ****s than Chinese men ( because thats what the media tells me) then we should have every right to! Never mind the amount of fetish murders in the united states between white guys and east asian girls...that doesnt deter me...no sireeee because the media tells me that chinese men are invisible or gay, or ken jeong in the hangover...oh how i can eliminate my chinese gene and get rid of my self hatred by having wonderful cute looking babies! how exotic!

  9. Alexa Chung and Alex Turner have split up! Alexa Chung looks uglier and uglier with age, those whites genes taking over now!

  10. James Wong is Eurasian? Yet another one.

    Maybe we should be known as British Born Eurasian Chinese

    I just assumed he was BBC because a relative of mine told me he was. But then my aged auntie's eyesight is bad and Im not into gardening programmes so I didnt bother checking.

  11. where is rory underwood (most tries for england ever)

  12. rory underwood retired a long time ago and is no longer famous, therefore only has a tiny following.

  13. Let me make some facts. First, Rachel Stevens is British Jewish and has family in Israel and definitely is not of chinese descent. If you google "Rachel Stevens Jewish Chronicle", you'll find more information.

    Also Karen David is not of any chinese descent. In fact she is half ethnic Indian Jew and half ethnic Khasi. The Khasi are a "oriental" tribe, who are predominantly christians and live in a remote area of North-East India. On an interview, she once said her "mother is chinese, which is a matriarchal society called the Khasi people". She was incorrect to say chinese, but I guess she wanted to say chinese, so that the interviewer would know that her mum was of oriental origin. Saying just only Khasi, would have made the interviewer asking what is Khasi, so I guess she wanted to make it simple. that interview can be found by googling "Karen David Evening Standard Waterloo Road"

  14. you're wrong, it says on her own profile on a social network site that her mother is half Chinese half khasi.

    Rachel stevens has Chinese Blood, it was in an article in the papers a few years ago. Having a family in Israel doesn't mean anything, she is mixed blood.

  15. I would be interested if you can provide web links, as simply googling has not produced results.

  16. If you're interested to have articles published by magazine, try Extastic Mag (www.extastic-mag.com), contact: info@extastic-mag.com
    It's a new magazine targeted for East Asian audience live in the West, available in both digital & print format.

  17. It looks like a fashion lifestyle magazine if I'm not mistaken? Are you sure my articles are suitable for such a publication!?

  18. I think the title of this blog should be renamed to:
    "Facebook's 'Top 25' British Chinese"

    Not everyone on the list is famous.

  19. It's quite sad, really. Compare this list (or Wikipedia's) with the "List of Chinese Americans" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_Americans

    Check out the numbers of figures in local politics (~30 vs. 1) and judges (~8 vs. 0).

    I don't think British Chinese aren't given as much opportunities as Chinese Americans in general.

  20. there never been any chinese MPs in uk