Friday, 30 March 2012

Mixed Race baby

Mixed Race Chinese Baby Fetish - Is It Real?
Mainland Chinese with 'white fever' cavort their desire for White men and Mixed Chinese White babies on many mixed blood baby networks (hunxuebaobao) e.g.

Mixed baby fetish is based on 2 hypotheses...
  1. Physical attributes of the mixed child (it is believed the mixed race child is more beautiful than any other race).
  2. Potential for intelligence - a mixed Chinese baby is believed to be a super intelligent successful specimen.
Here is a shortened transcript of a conversation with a 28 yr old  mainland Chinese woman in her quest to reproduce a mixed race bi-racial baby, deliberately seeking White men in China as a result of her friends reproducing Chinese mixed race babies in the hope they will one day become the next super model or super child. It exposes the logic of Chinese 'hapaholics' and their love of mixed Chinese babies.

BBCZeitgeist: Ni hao, how old are you?
Guangzhou: 28
BBCZeitgeist: Why do you like white men?
Guangzhou: To have a mix baby with white man was my dream for a long time, you don't think the mix baby more beautiful and smart ?
BBCZeigeist: Sure. Did you meet a White man?
Guangzhou: Yes, he said he love me...but he also have other girls, he cheat me. Its his choice, he can tell me...dont need to cheat
BBCZeigeist: Did he cheat many times?
Guangzhou: Yes...he always say something different
Guangzhou: I ask .."who's that girl?"...he said "she's my girlfriend before (ex-gf),"
Guangzhou: After I ask .."I've seen your girlfriend before, she's different."
Guangzhou: He said ..."Mmmm..that girl was long time I know her..but didn't see her very long time"
Guangzhou: I think is not true
Guangzhou: He really make me sad now...I don't want to be with him any more. He already go to his country
BBCZeigeist: Why did you still date him if you knew he cheated? Did you want him to take you back to the USA?
Guangzhou: No, he's from France and he don't like France...he want to live in China...but he have nothing job; the first I just help him
BBCZeitgeist: Let me get this right, he has no job, and no money, but you love him just because he is White?
Guangzhou: Mmm...this is a complex story. First he have wife...his wife is rich...I know him that time we are just friends...normal friends, have many White man married Chinese girls just around me...also have baby now
Guangzhou: He told me he have problem with his wife... and always tell me the problem with his wife...I think for that time...I am a little pity him
BBCZeigeist: I see, so you love him out of pity.
Guangzhou: Ya...I still want my mixed baby...haha
BBCZeigeist: You want a mixed race baby with just any white man? You don't care if he is a cheating asshole and broke?
Guangzhou: That's past, I think still have good people la...
Guangzhou: I want love first...I mean two people love each other..and take care each other, after get marry...after have baby; the normal life
BBCZeigeist: They will return to Europe - with or without you, regardless if you're pregnant or not, they don't belong in China, they don't have citizenship.
Guangzhou: Hehe.. I don't like this,  I will find that one really love me...and stay with me
BBCZeigeist: That is not the nature of the white man
Guangzhou: Trust me, I will find one.

Is this Chinese woman just broody, naive or desperate? Is it a racial fetish to want a mixed baby? Have your say, post your comments below.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

How to become a whitewashed BBC sellout in 5 steps

'Racist? Only if you think it is!'

On the train, the other day, another BBC jumped on, just as the doors slammed tight on his backpack -    immediately I wedged my foot and squeezed the doors apart -  helped him yank his rucksack in,  he thanked me,  I shrugged it off.

Being a fellow Chinese, naturally I felt proud to help, but then as the train resumed journey, what were my first thoughts as I eventually tried to avoid eye contact with him?

'Sellout hipster!'

So who's at fault ? Me for being judgemental with no evidence of him being a sellout except his age, or modern BBCs  for not making an effort to develop a culture?

How about a bit of both?

Do I really feel that strong about it? Yes because allowing the doors to slam shut on that BBC would've been one less sellout to worry about!

With that said, here are the 5 steps to discover whether you are a BBC sellout....

1. Label anyone who tries to define ethnic Chinese cultural identification as 'extremist'

2. Ask them whether they consider themself  'Asian or British Born Chinese'

3. Ask them whether they think the word 'Chink' is offensive

4. Question them about British Born Chinese cultural identity and see what kind of reaction you get

5. Ask them whether this incident  , where a Chinese restaurant who fired a white student waiter was forced to compensate him to the tune of £2000-  was a racist incident or not?

Let's go through the list:

1. Call any ethnic Chinese who has Chinese pride 'an extremist' and give the biggest thumbs up to the opinion of non BBC EURASIAN / HAPA
2. Knowing that being British Born Chinese has no real developed identity, instead endorse the safety of Pan-Asian-ism as a replacement culture.
3. Consider the word 'Chink' only an issue once it's been used against their Asian hero, Jeremy Lin
4. Let a white person define your British Born Chinese cultural identity: 'Who cares if he's white or not - he has good opinions'
5.  Endorse bland multiculturalism: 'Most British people aren't racist, but racism still exists'

Are BBCS actually proud to be Chinese or just a bunch of whitewashed sellouts?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Why Chinese Females Don't Fight Racism Against Chinese

An anonymous commenter posted the following:
"Chinese women do not take a proactive approach to stopping and fighting out against White racism to Chinese... because they know that eventually they will pair up with a white man and have half white children, who will go on to have more white children down the generations. That is how Chinese women eliminate racism."
  How true is it? In Consideration of racism to Chinese people in the UK - I beg this question...
“Have you ever seen an ethnic Chinese female overtly fight racism or defend her race against the White man?”
Female critics accuse this blog of over focussing on interracial relationships and Eurasians, yet the irony is that these are usually the only articles females post comments on. It also follows that these are usually the only articles non-Chinese males post comments on too. Evidently, both the wannabe western Chinese female and the non-Chinese male share the same agenda - to defend their WM/CF relationship and eliminate the Chinese male. Chinese men express altruistic concern for the health of their Chinese community, Chinese women however, do not. The Chinese woman is a highly selfish creature indulging in narcissistic self-gratification. On the rare occasion, a Chinese female protests, she does so as a woman, prioritising goals for her own gendered gratification.

The net presence of Chinese female blogs written in the English language, it’s their own webspace – they can write about any subject, yet they overwhelmingly focus on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and inter racial relationships- it’s all about ‘the self.’

British Chinese females received schooling from British educational establishments, numerically engulfed by their White peers, they envied them, whatever these White girls have or do, they wanted it too, they developed an inferiority complex and a compulsion to achieve via assimilation.
“I’m Chinese, what chance do I have to date the most popular White guy in class? My Chineseness is holding me back from achieving, I must make myself more western and spend £££ on beauty products!”
Many British Chinese females compete with their white counterpart - often to gain acceptance. Infatuation with fashion/Beauty/make up is an attempt to compete with western female physicalities, i.e bigger breasts, different coloured iris, double eyelids, slimmer narrower nose, skin tanning or bleaching etc. Asian women claim there are not enough Asian female models/faces on the cover of magazines or roles on screen etc, but never complain about there not being an all-Chinese male-female couple on the western screen. The selfish Chinese female is only concerned with her own gendered status as a woman.

Look at the recent racially motivated attack on a Chinese female by a White male in Plymouth, not a single Chinese female condemned the attack. The female victim was mistaken for a male. The victims of racially motivated attacks are usually male, therefore the Chinese female cannot see ‘evil’ in the White man. How can she condemn the attack if her social circle is White, her work colleagues are White, her employer is White, her partner is White, her in-laws are White? Instead blame is attributed to the victim.

What happens when a White man chooses a Chinese female for dating? She exclaims:
“At last! The White man loves us beautiful Asian women more than you White women! We can be adored by White men too! They are so open-minded, so accepting of us into their race!”
I have never heard a British Born Chinese woman speak out against White male/Chinese female relationships, they believe such relationships puts the Chinese female on a par with or above the 'superior' White woman, therefore the White male is championed for putting her there. Look at this...

Dave Cornthwaite - ‘Date If you dated a new person every day how long would it take to find love?' The book typifies 'White' literature with a cover to reflect its white readership. But notice the token Chinese female on the book cover? What is she doing there!? Its the compulsion to compete with the white female.

The Chinese female is propelled onto the same pedestal as the ‘superior’ alpha White female (Black and South Asian Muslim women have failed to attain white privilege) in terms of desirability status for the ‘superior’ alpha White male. Chinese female feels empowered, high achieving, basking in her new found status within the dominated world of the White male and the White female - that she tried so hard to compete with. "If I can't beat the whitey, I'll breed with them instead!" The Chinese female on the book cover is Jenny Hao, former article contributor for Dimsum. Need I say more?

By BBCZeigeist

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Three Ways to Rob a Chinese Takeaway

Three recent press articles highlighting robberies against Chinese Takeaways.

MISSILES were thrown at an assistant in a Chinese takeaway by three masked robbers. They hurled rocks and a bottle at the man behind the counter of the Ho Ho restaurant in Lister Road, Atherstone. He escaped into a backroom and the offenders, wearing dark clothing and with their faces covered, stole the till drawer containing a small amount of cash before running off in an unknown direction.

Police are appealing for witnesses to a theft that took place at the Chinese takeaway on the High Street in Long Sutton on Saturday night. At approx 11.30pm, a man entered the shop and ordered food. A police spokesman said: “Whilst the server’s back was turned, the offender reached over the counter and grabbed the drawer from the till before running from the shop.”

Read More:  Cambs Times

 The murder of a Chinese businessman 16 years ago is to feature on tonight's BBC Crimewatch programme. Simon Tang, 28, who was married with two sons, was beaten and robbed as he left his takeaway business in Carrickfergus on 24 June 1996. It is thought that two youths attacked him and stole less than £400 and his watch. He was taken to hospital but died from his injuries. No-one has been charged with the murder. PSNI Detective Inspector Peter Montgomery who is involved in the Crimewatch appeal said:
"This was a racist attack on a decent man going about his lawful business. It robbed Simon Tang of his life and it deprived his family of the love and support they deserve." 
Read More: BBC
Watch Simon Tang racist murder Crimewatch BBC1 9pm Tuesday 20th March 2012

Monday, 19 March 2012

ESF KITCHEE Hong kong Football Match Sparks White Chinese Racism Row

The 10 year old Caucasian boy (#2) arrested on suspicion of assault causing actual bodily harm after violently kicking a Chinese opponent in the head during an under 12's school football match between ESF Lions and Kitchee Escola has been bailed.

The video generated a torrent of 'racist' commentary.

"These are English Men... Shame of mankind!" wrote one viewer on the YouTube website. Others called the coach and mainly Caucasian players for the English Schools Foundation (ESF) team "animals" and "white scum", and demanded the government stop subsidising the English-language school system. "The Hong Kong government should cancel its funding of the ESF. Gweilos should leave Hong Kong immediately," said one user.

Full Article Here 

BBCZEITGEIST COMMENTARY: Reading western press articles, white journalists considered the term gweilo to be racially offensive by playing the race card. Its an attempt to negate the damage inflicted onto the Chinese boy by turning the issue into a race row, i.e the white boy is victimised because of his Caucasian ethnicity! I have not seen evidence of an actual racism beyond Youtube commenting. Incidently, there are also comments calling Chinese 'chinks,' but the western press conveniently forget to mention that.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

British Born Chinese Marriage

BBC Marrying BBC? How Rare Is It?

A question was recently posed by a professional Chinese wedding photographer based in the UK.
"How do British Born Chinese get married? Any BBC have a wedding that they would like me to photograph?"
The question is amusing, one has never seen a British Born Chinese male marry a British Born Chinese female in the UK, its well known within the BBC community that BBC females and BBC males have a tendency to avoid each other. There are British Chinese marriage statistics by race and gender HERE, I have not been able to obtain specific statistics for BBC/BBC marriages, however social observation of our own community may provide some clues.

Recently, one attended a friend's kids birthday party full of inter racial couples with freaky looking mixed race kids with aberrant facial features and skin tone variations greater than that observed in the latest Cream Neutral Dulux paint collection. BBC (ethnic Chinese) are used to being an ethnic minority among Whites, but to be an ethnic minority among mixed race? Gosh, you need to experience it to fully appreciate the 'mudpie effect.' On the way home, I made a list of all the BBC that I personally know that are either seriously co-habiting long time, married or a single parent, the results were as follows ....

1) There are no BBC/BBC couples
2) There are no ethnic Chinese children, but 9 mixed race children
3) Only one out of the nine is an 'all Chinese' couple

Many  had dated British Born Chinese when they were younger, however post-university and upon reaching the ‘settling down’ age, the lack of community for BBC’s, the lack of a progressive BBC culture/identity, the fact that BBC’s are overly assimilated with deep self-hatred issues in wishing they were 'white/black' and holding down jobs within the White community amidst White social circles (or multi-ethnic) takes its toll. The term British Born Chinese of the commonwealth generation is degenerating into a euphemism for inter racial breeding.

One can ignore statistical clues, but one cannot ignore reality when its on your doorstep, at least in my social circle. Whilst one can accept being a Chinese minority in a White community, we could well soon be a  BBC minority in our own 'Chinese' community to Eurasian, Blasian and Chindian, in my opinion its no longer a 'Chinese' community. BBC? More like Bye Bye Chinese.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Niall Ferguson China Triumph and Turmoil

EPISODE 1: Niall Ferguson shows how the vast apparatus of the Chinese state has always been called on to subjugate individual freedom to the higher goal of unity. Ferguson also examines how, on the other hand, centralised control produces tensions that threaten to destroy the country.

EPISODE 2: Niall Ferguson asks how China manages to live under a Communist system of government but with a thriving capitalist economy. 

The succession of revolutions orchestrated by Mao Zedong killed more people than Hitler and Stalin combined. And yet this hard-line communist and murderer of businessmen is revered in China today as the founder of a modern-day capitalist superpower. Why?

To answer this question Niall travels from Beijing to Mao's birthplace at Shaoshan to the new supercity of Chongqing and to the rural backwaters of Anhui to track down survivors of the madness of Chairman Mao, newly minted billionaires and the Mao worshippers who believe tomorrow belongs to them. He finds the way China is governed is eerily similar to the way it was under the First Emperor. All the power lies in the hands of nine men with expressionless faces and what looks like the same hair dye - as unelected and as powerful as Emperor Qin. Autocracy that values unity over choice; secrecy over openness - not democracy. That has always been the Chinese way. It is the price that China is prepared to pay for the spectre that has always haunted its leaders: protest, rebellion and turmoil.

Episode 3: Niall Ferguson asks what China's growing global presence and aggressive nationalism mean to all of us.

Niall Ferguson China: Triumph and Turmoil Channel 4 8pm Monday 12th March
WATCH Episode 1 HERE
Watch Episode 2 HERE 
Watch Episode 3 HERE

Thursday, 8 March 2012

How The Takeaway Destroyed BBC Culture


Getting up early morning to bring in the fresh supplies, late morning spent preparing ingredients, preparing mountains of peeled vegetables, reopen late afternoon, busy at the front of the shop, serving customers.

This is a typical example of a BBC growing up in the catering trade. And in order to be part of British society, the catering trade is something many commonwealth BBCs have had to live through,

It's a common example that whether it's helping out in the restaurant or takeaway...Friday nights, whilst friends are out clubbing, BBCs are stuck behind the counter serving until around midnight, finally turning in for the night, for a catering lifestyle - the 7 day week can be the norm.

And the family business is one of the main reasons as to why BBC'ers don't have a real BBC culture.

Why? Because its a background most just want to escape from. Get drunk, get laid, anything to outgrow or escape the takeaway is the goal of many BBC'ers from their teens to even late adulthood, and it is this factor that often drives them to 'rebel' by embracing White culture.

After all, if the only knowledge a BBC has of Chinese culture is their FOB disciplinarian dad whipping their slave arse into gear in the family business, it's hardly a good reason that a BBC would want to embrace Chinese culture, let alone develop it.

In the 80s and 90s, it was common knowledge for a BBC to have experienced long working hours, casual racism, thieves, people who cant afford to pay, trouble makers, drunks,vandalism and for many BBCs they are still are affected by the brunt of tough times. Arguably today is a bit different, despite many commonwealth BBCs still working in the takeaway, Britain is a more multicultural society.

China is a superpower and for mainland British Born Chinese growing up in the UK still in their teens whose folks own  Herbal shops, arguably, have more of a comfortable background, and of course the benefit of the commonwealth Chinese having lived here in the UK for a while resulting in a more even BBC culture.

But the troubles at the takeaway remain the same, people not having the money to pay, taking forever to pay in small change, greedy customers eating 3/4 of their food demanding a refund,  the two white drunk chavs stumbling in just before closing time taking forever to decide, then puking up half their meal all over the floor and of course the good old casual racism...these issues still exist. But the funny thing is, BBC's are docile, they don't complain, not even against racism, discrimination, which is dismissed.

Is the 'dark unglamorous' association BBC have with the Chinese takeaway/restaurant the reason why BBCs run away from developing British Chinese culture? 

But rather than hypocritically embracing the same culture that discriminated against them in the first place, in order to 'fit in', isn't it about time BBCs stopped sulking and started their own culture?