Sunday, 30 September 2012

zadig and voltaire racism

Zadig + Voltaire’s New Hotel Will Ban ‘Chinese Tourists’


Thierry Gillier,  Zadig + Voltaire founder

If you make a mistake on the web, people will most definitely see it. And if you try to cover it up, well, that just makes it worse. Case in point: a racist remark in an article about Zadig + Voltaire‘s new hotel in Paris’ Left Bank.

The brand’s founder Thierry Gillier told WWD that a mansion in which the spring 2013 show was just held would become a “high-end hotel” opening in 2014. He calls it “a project dear to our hearts”, and it’s apparently going to be so exclusive that certain people, specifically “Chinese tourists”, are not allowed.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chinese Plastic Surgery

Being born in Britain, our parents wanted the best start in life for us. Indeed, many British Born Chinese excel beyond their parents’ expectations. Whilst British Born Chinese females get on with life, few feel a need to alter their looks to fit in with the western ideal of beauty. I know no-one that feels compelled to try out the outlets in South Korea or Hong Kong that perform the “double eye-lid” surgery, none that want to buy skin whitening cream, nor spend precious earned cash on calf reduction.

Opening a Chinese gossip magazine or seeing the hordes of fresh faced East Asian female students entering the UK, it’s apparent that many East Asians take their appearance very seriously, their skin is often lightened, their eyes widened, their eyelashes extended and their breasts don’t sit naturally on a slight frame - in many ways they look like a celebration of the western identikit.

In Britain, whilst many of our role models are white, British Born Chinese women do not feel a need to go under the knife to look white. FOBs on the other hand have been marketed to look up to white culture, its not uncommon for East Asian female stars to get by on their looks alone. The way the media markets beauty to East Asian women seems to be about the superficial things in life, especially in Hong Kong and China, this transforms into a copied culture often seen on the internet.

Statistics from The Asian Plastic Surgery Guide showed that in 2009, an estimated 74 out of 10,000 people from South Korea had gone under the knife. Typical Korean plastic surgery procedures include the classic double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and jaw re-alignment surgery. Other popular procedures include shaving cheek-bones to create a more smoother silhouette and calf reduction. Surprisingly, breast enlargement was not among the top procedures. Many believe a core is made up of Chinese nationals favouring top rated surgeons in Korea. 

The running theme is altering our natural Asian looks and replacing them with western ideals of beauty. Magazines are filled with western products designed mainly for the western market, but are pushed in magazines for Oriental women and modelled by Caucasian or Asian white mixed Eurasian models. This is the norm.

I believe that for many East Asian women, the competitive nature that has been well documented with the pushy Tiger mother/father upbringing has led to many seeking much more than academic achievement. Those lacking in that department, should at the very least have a presentable and enviable physique. Insecurity occurs when there is no real pride in our natural form. Our parents are ashamed, so we might as well be too. If parents spend more time criticising instead of encouraging us, how can we feel comfortable in our own skin?

As a British Born Chinese female, criticising and belittling was part of my upbringing. Being tall and pale was a measure of success. This can often lead to rebellion, or caving in to seek what our parents expect of us. Further from that, imagine being self-conscious and then being fed the idea that western beauty is the pinnacle of beauty. Yet, despite that, on closer scrutiny, there is a silver lining, our parents have inadvertently created a more robust British Born Chinese ready to rebel against all this superficial nonsense.

Here in Britain, you are living at close quarters, seeing things with warts and all, it soon hits you, aspiring to look like a white person is delusional. Perhaps in China, society is more competitive, looking like a white person may get you a better job, but here in Britain, you can’t fool the people here. Looks are not the answer, aspiring to look white will not earn you respect.

(By Guest Blogger- BBCNewAgenda is a British Born Chinese Female living in the UK)

Friday, 21 September 2012

A Tale of Two Chinas Channel 4

A Tale of Two Chinas Channel 4 More4

Channel 4 documentary following Anglo-Chinese businesswoman Carrie Waley, who runs a school for Chinese students eager to learn British culture and etiquette and make it big in the UK, as she returns to her roots in China. 

Body language, eye contact, social kissing – all are a minefield for Chinese wannabe Westerners. And that is where Carrie Waley steps in. At 48, she doesn’t have the qualifications or stellar CVs that many of her protégés possess. But as someone who was born in Beijing and lived much of her adult life in the UK as the wife of an Eton- and Cambridge-educated barrister, she has found herself uniquely placed to bridge the East/West social and cultural divide.  

Carrie Waley is a Mandarin consultant. For fees of £500 upwards, she offers coaching to job-hungry candidates from China and, conversely, teaches British executives how to ingratiate themselves with leading players in the Chinese economy. ‘We all prefer our own customs, but we know that learning each other’s will help us to get ahead,’ she says. Well-spoken and immaculately groomed, Carrie is everything you would expect of a woman running an image-conscious business. Her company has grown rapidly since she set it up single-handedly five years ago – she now employs ten staff as well as ten consultants.

 Carrie arrives in Beijing and listens to her mother recount the family's plight during the Cultural Revolution, and questions whether the country can reconcile with its past and embrace the future. Part of the First Cut strand. Read More Daily Mail

More4 (Plus 1) 11:05pm Mon 17 Sept
More4 1:55am Tue 18 Sept
More4 (Plus 1) 2:55am Tue 18 Sept
Channel 4 2:05am Fri 21 Sept
Channel 4 (Plus 1) 3:05am Fri 21 Sept

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Racist Attack On Chinese Man In Northern Ireland

 Chinese man hospitalised following a brutal gang attack.

John Wu, a 44-year-old Chinese man was punched and kicked by a gang of four men and a woman in the Long Commons area of the Co Londonderry town on Tuesday 11th September at around 9pm.

He was in his kitchen with his wife and three-year-old daughter when they heard a commotion and the sound of breaking glass at the front of the property. He went to investigate and upon confronting the gang, he was attacked.

Ruoyin Luo told UTV she found her husband John "holding his head and eyes and blood was running down everywhere...I kept screaming and screaming and tried to call the ambulance and police."

A neighbour, who came to the victim's aid with a wet towel, said he was "very shocked" that someone could be beaten "so viciously."

Dr Wu, a doctor at a Chinese medical clinic at the Diamond shopping centre in the Co Derry town, remained in the Causeway Hospital last night being treated for facial injuries and concussion.

Ruoyin Luo said she may leave the area.  "Probably we will find a new house - that is the first step. Then we will see whether or not [we will] leave."

David McClarty, Independent Unionist MLA for East Londonderry, said news of the attack left him feeling appalled. "Chinese people are extremely well regarded in Coleraine - they're hard workers and they contribute so much to community life in Coleraine," he added.

Police would like anyone with information to get in touch.

Full Article With Video Report - U.TV News Racist-attack-on-Chinese-man-in-Ireland

Monday, 10 September 2012

Louis Walsh Racist To Jason Viet Tien

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has been branded a racist by a section of the Twitter community for repeatedly correcting Vietnamese contestant Jason Viet Tien mispronunciation of 'Tulisa' as 'Tulisha.' 

Jason Viet Tien, an 18-year-old student from Hanoi, Vietnam, sang a version of Whitney Houston's 'I have Nothing' in a thick Vietnamese accent, declaring his love for judge Tulisa Contostavlos despite mispronouncing her name - much to the amusement of the audience.

During the X Factor broadcast at the weekend, Jason's mispronunciation resulted in #Tulisha trending worldwide on Twitter as thousands of tweets reacted with sinophobic humour.

Not adverse to racial controversy, Louis Walsh also said of Jason Viet Tien - "You remind me of a young Bruce Lee."

Reminiscent of the 2010 series of X Factor, when Louis Walsh described young black contestant Pajie Richardson as "You’re like a little Lenny Henry,” the only link between Pajie Richardson and Lenny Henry, Jason Viet Tien and Bruce Lee - is race. As an illustration of ignorance, Bruce Lee is not Vietnamese and Jason Viet Tien is not Chinese nor does he resemble Bruce Lee. Its an analogy of casual racism and racial stereotyping of East Asians, typically - 'they all look the same,' 'Bruce Lee is the only famous (East Asian) Chinese man I've heard of.' Through its broadcast, ITV, XFactor and in particular Louis Walsh, instigated and legitimised racism against East Asians.

Jason Viet Tien is not dissimilar to William Hung, a buck tooth FOB male caricature blissfully ignorant of western social and racial environments. In an interview prior to the audition, 'White Fever' Jason Viet Tien embarrassingly describes his craving for White British girls. Jason Viet Tien is a dupe, to further the media representation of East Asian men as 'sexless' short nerds with ghastly accents, out of their depth and out of their league, with no hope of winning the affection of alpha White females in her native country except through pity and derision, their FOB delusions of self-importance are pitied as a means of creating entertainment for the audience to laugh at - they're laughing at you Jason, not with you. (BBCZeitgeist)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

BT Ripping Us Chinese Apart For London 2012

Media advertising during the 'multicultural' London 2012 Olympics and London 2012 Paralympics focused on crossing demographic boundaries with British Citizens unified behind the Union Jack. There's multiculturalism and there's agenda driven multiculturalism, the latter is a visionary yet artificial representation of British society. Two examples include the middle class interracial Black White family in the Olympic opening ceremony and the Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO advertisement 'BT Bringing Us All Together,' this advert will be played throughout the London Paralympics until September 15th.

In the advertisement, a lower class Black family share a barbecue with their White middle class neighbours, they sit in unison Black-White-Black-White-Black in support of Great Britain. British Blacks are not always portrayed as inter racially dating Whites (Black families in Eastenders are a further example), however the same rule does not apply to East Asians, typically British Chinese are represented as multiculturally integrated (and inter racially dating) with Whites, Blacks and Indians, but segregated from their Chinese peers.

Representation 1. Chinese female is cheering on Great Britain in the Olympic Stadium in the unlikely company of a turban wearing Sikh male.

Representation 2. Chinese female is alone with her White boyfriend in the middle of the English countryside.

Representation 3. In this crowd scene, Chinese female is intentionally placed in the front row to fill the ethnic diversity quota, she is standing in front of a Union Jack with a Black, a White and an Asian.

'BT Bringing Us All Together' advertisement attempts to normalise the segregation of the Chinese female from her Chinese community, segregation from her Chinese family, segregation from her natural partner - the Chinese male and segregation from her Chinese heritage (hence support for Great Britain not China), whilst calculatingly circumventing representations that run contrary to the interests of British Multiculturalism - three invisible examples in the British media are Chinese with a group of Chinese friends, Chinese male/Chinese female same race couples, ethnic Chinese families in the UK, not the Far East. This is media agenda driven multiculturalism through stealth, subliminal representations with designs to erase the traditional ethnic Chinese family. (BBCZeitgeist)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Celebrity Wedding Planner

Neighbours veteran Ryan 'Toadie' Moloney is in town to take up the challenge along with fellow Aussie and former Ramsay Street resident Joe Mangel (otherwise known as comedian Mark Little). Will the pair manage to arrange a wedding in a matter of weeks, with just £12,000 to spend?

Putting their faith in this chaotic combo are brave British-born Chinese couple Kap and his 27-year-old bride-to-be Gigi, from London. They do not find out who is planning the biggest day of their lives until it is too late to back out.

Used to getting her own way, Gigi wants her wedding to be a whimsical, magical affair. After a wet and windy wakeboarding hen do, how will she cope when she discovers that she will be taking her vows in Longleat  Zoo and the guests will be entertained by an aboriginal storyteller accompanied by a didgeridoo player?

BBCZeitgeist Commentary: Rarer than Halley's comet, this could be the only chance in our lifetime to see a British Born Chinese ethnic Chinese same race marriage on a national terrestrial television a Zoo. Don't miss this programme, observe how a modern British Born Chinese couple live in the UK before our BBC community becomes ethnically cleansed by inter racial marriage. 

Celebrity Wedding Planner Series 2, Episode 3 - Monday 3rd September Channel 5 10pm  (Repeated Sunday 9th September Channel 5 11.20am)