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Yue Yue China

Yue Yue China Hit And Run

This is the widely publicised story of a two year old girl from Guangdong China that was hit and run over by two different vans as18 people walked past and ignored her dying body in a pool of blood in the middle of the road. In the Yueyue case, the driver who ran her over said....

“If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3,125). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands yuan.”

Stories/photos linked here:

In another story from Sichuan, a 5 year old Xiong Maoke was hit by a truck, the driver backed up his truck a second time to make sure the child was dead - possibly to minimise compensation.

There are different perspectives on this subject, but one common theme has been the global press condemnation of the Chinese race, what are your views?


  1. anonymous232 said...

    Moving on to more immediate matters of personal security, I am more concerned with how people (mainly whites) are seeing us

    A terrible story where people ignored the kid to die, something which has happened quite a few times in white countries I might add... yet the commentators there are quick to use this as ammo as an inherent "Chinese" thing - cruel to animals, cruel to people - coveniently ignoring their own numerous cases of animal, child and human abuse. A woman even mentions in another story that "unlike the Chinese, we care for our animals"... someone with short memory then, as just the previous day there was a huge story on SOME whites (and their kid) taunting and abusing their dog.

    But this is where the Chinese are different. Unlike the whites, we don't insult and stereotype others based on the actions of a few, whilst ignoring our own failings on the same matter. What is also different is the level of abuse and pure malice that whites are posting on there eg.

    "It seems that ordinary Chinese don't value human life in quite the same way and lack empathy, don't they?
    - tony, Worthing

    I am genuinely concerned about this level of hatred. By saying the above statement in such a cool and matter of fact manner sets up future conflicts and interactions between whites and Chinese, as the whites consider us to be inhuman and thus unworthy of proper humane treatment. This could translate into inhumane (oh the irony) and merciless attacks on our people, families and property.

  2. You have to take into consideration sinophobia and the likes of the Daily Mail, Chinasmack etc that have consistently and deliberately attracted anti-chinese opinion especially anti-communist opinion, its all agenda driven. This story is just another in the long of stories designed to trash the Chinese race.

    Whilst I've run into a fair number of Guangzhou and guangdong migrants in the North of hong Kong around places like Lok ma chau, they are indeed some of the most repulsive selfish rude uncivilised vulgar shady looking lower class people I've come across, they have no class at all, no etiquette and are only out for themselves. These are exactly the types of selfish mainland Chinese in the above video that ignored the dying girl.

    However, I have no qualms about any Chinese criticism of mainland Chinese because we're Chinese, Chinese on Chinese criticism is legitmate in my opinion, but not when such criticisms are designed to pander to white audiences as white racists usually do not distinugish between Hong Kong Chinese, mainlanders, British Chinese etc, we are all 'yellow' in the westerners eyes, therefore as a race - open season.

  3. Further articles to read: Why Chinasmack promotes anti-Chinese hatred:

    Mainland Chinese give British Chinese a bad reputation?

    Morrissey calls Chinese a subspecies

  4. Yue Yue died from injuries

  5. i dont think personal security is an issue, highly unlikely someone is going to attack a chinese takeaway in the uk as a result of this footage, if however the incident occurred in the UK in a chinese area such as chinatown london with a white child as the victim that was hit by chinese and ignored by chinese bystanders in chinatown, then that would be a different issue.

  6. I really dunno why western media suddenly finds these kind of news so newsworthy when it's common in many countries!

  7. Quite simply because China is tipped as the next super power, the Chinese are the west is reacting to it, be it in very negative ways based on the usual yellow peril, evil communist feral country etc. There never used to be as much press coverage of China in the western media as there is today, although predictably it tends to be negative.

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  9. by removing the comments of the 'non-Chinese' such as mingrev the british malaysian who has never held citizenship nor residency of a Chinese country and therefore is not a legally recognised Chinese person.



    btw mingrev, as of today you're permanently banned from this blog for continued trolling, any new comments posted by you regardless if they're legitimate or not...will be automatically removed/deleted.

  10. So many racist comments on youtube! :@

  11. Tragic news story, very sad to the family or any family of whatever race...

    the point i wanna say, why do some sections of the right-wingish "media" tell the story as if majority chinese ppl are all like that?

    Some good points already mentioned why (BBCz)that the chinese are viewed as people not like their "western" counterparts (more superiorly moral etc), this is a view that needs to be countered because most chinese are indeed NOT cold-hearted self fish people and only out for themselves, yes there are crude selffish mainlanders who do don't give a f... , gambling casino-type opium losers.
    So my point why is there a relantance not to report situations when chinese DO do good things not just helping chinese ppl but other races as well (which does happen to ALL races).
    One possible answer... to see chinese ppl as caring moral intelligent ppl doesn't fit the agenda to many media outlets, but as competitive outsiders yes, that need to be addressed by more intelligent critical voices.


  12. competitive outsider does ring through a lot of the western thinking about chinese. the book on chinese parenting - tiger mothers sold well because it was a stereotype that pandered to the west's perception of the Chinese as uncivilized competitive parents trying to outdo the western children for educational attainment.

    The western press does cover some global china stories where they are helpful, one about the man who saved a child who fell out of an apartment block window and another story i remember about a woman who was mugged in the street by a gang on a moped and some locals attacked the muggers with anything they could find..i.e chairs, sticks etc. But the negative stories do vastly outnumber the positive.

    Anyway, if you have a personal story about heroic, brave, helpful Chinese in the UK that is unreported by the western press, email it to me and I'll publish it. if the western press doesn't report on the British Chinese, we have to report it ourselves.

  13. An update to this with regards to the killer -

    So it's quite clear by now - you would think - that this is a sadistic, detached guy who has no feeling for human life - someone the Chinese authorities would gladly sentence to death to, which the Daily Mail readership commonly call for in times of retaliation. Yet, what's this? In the comments page.... wait, people, mostly from the West,, are all saying that ALL Chinese people are like that?

    Like this hypocritical woman:

    One question, are Chinese part of human race or not?

    - Sheryl, Washington, 25/10/2011 2:15


    This, unbelievably, is coming from an American. And everyone else there - they are using the criminality of one guy, obviously an uncaring killer, to tarnish a whole people (and it is the people, no-one ever hardly mentions "just" China). After all, do outsiders judge the white race based on the actions of white murderers, rapists, paedophiles etc? Maybe they should going by what everyone is like here. What's even worse - they then follow their accusations of inhumanity and cruelty with a bit of inhumane sadism of their own, full of malice and hatred for an ENTIRE RACE.

    e.g. The Chinese are sick and twisted barbarians, I wish we could wipe them all out.

    - Mr G, UK, 25/10/2011 08:30


    What is most interesting is their "not moderated" part - that I believe when accepting all the racial genocide comments that will be instantly removed if they were directed at blacks or other races - remember, the Chinese are fair game, they're not a human or a race according to most people - but then they barely accept the comments who go, "hang on, all Chinese should die because of one murderer in their country? What about us"

    It's almost like the DM have an agenda in promoting existing hardened attitudes with regards to the Chinese (again, moreso the race, the people than the country) - stuff that whites already believe is true, which means their job is made easy.

    And you know what the most damning thing about all this, and the true reflection of hypocritical whites? 200 comments, yet only a handful of them sending their condolences with regards to the death of the Chinese boy. Indeed, I saw 10 times more mentions of the word "BOYCOTT" than "boy". We have to ask, do whites really care, or do they just want to use the death of a little boy - a CHINESE boy - to further their OWN AGENDA of hatred, something which I see close parallels with the Jews - shortly before Nazi Germany took hold and the mass ethnic genocide of their race.

    Be aware, fellow Chinese. Others will hate you for you lack of humanity, despite not knowing you, then have the nerve to say they are humans themselves.

  14. Lap Cheung, you raise a good point but I believe it is beyond that. It is not just the right wing media, recent articles from the Guardian (and more critically, the comments i.e. people from Britain) make the Chinese out to be subhuman and not worthy of any rights. My point is, why SHOULD WE NEED to counter such ignorant viewpoints? For example, when there is a story (there are many) of whites murdering (anyone remember the WHITE MAN murdering the petite Chinese woman in BRITAIN in coldblood a few months ago? Humanity indeed.), abusing children, raping or beheading animals or shooting horses with poison darts, readers from around the world don't go "oh, the British, they are so cruel and inhumane.... let's wipe them out".... but in the West, decades of subtle brainwashing - the long term and deliberate drip drip feeding of negative stories that put the Chinese in a bad light, whilst conveniently blocking the content that shows them as - heaven forbid - good people with an upstanding set of morals (welcome to the free press world, eh?)

    The problem is that from the above, white people ALREADY BELIEVE that the Chinese are not human, are heartless, cruel.... It is obvious they just want to hate us - there is no logic to their venom, for if they used reason they would notice we are more like them than they would care to think.

    Therefore countering their hate with stories of Chinese people doing good deeds is a dead end... reaching to a limited audience who actually care to listen (as I said above, there is no logic to their hatred, they just hate us... so why would they listen to good Chinese people's stories?). What is more important is that, over the decades, the media and hearsay in general has devastated the Chinese people's reputation - occasionally there is a standout comment from white people who make the letters pages who actually have a brain, saying that they actually know Chinese people - and SHOCK - they're damn good people. But 99% of the time any mention of the Chinese is one with intentions of hate. And the public go along with it because THEY WANT TO.

    So what the Chinese in China, and other majority Chinese countries should do, is respond in kind. Basically report on all the stories of white committed atrocities, their child rape gangs, their murderers, the way they commit business by dumping waste in Africa and ASIAN countries... there is a lot of bad stuff whites, who would have cannot respond to outright hatred with choice stories of good people.... however, you can effectively respond by arming yourselves with stories of white inhumanity, so in a slanging match effectively all the bile and hate directed at each other will be lost in the shouting... I know, not the ideal solution, but it's gotten to the point are so full of themselves they believe they can do no wrong whilst we are nothing BUT wrong....we need to make them see sense and truth.

  15. And of course this stuff has an effect socially. Instead of being treated as equals, whether in a minority country or abroad in the Far East, we are seen as pariahs to be avoided. It has gotten to the point that we are so used to being treated that way, that when whites "go down to our level", we should be "grateful" and "privileged" that a white would actually talk to us. You see it in the Far East, OMG a white man has approached us! Let's bow to him, even though he's a paedophile! Let's marry him, even though he's left his previous wives and kids due to domestic abuse!

    In Britain, this means having abuse thrown at us every day. Sometimes serious, but most of the time untraceable acts, things that leave no evidence - throwing bits of paper at us, name calling, taunts and a quick punch or knock to show who's superior. Then when you go to the police, in this day of racial "equality" with protection for minorities, they try their best to shrug off the incident. After an hour of tirelessly arguing your point, they reluctantly fill in a form and give you a number on a race crime.

    It has gotten to this position because whites have ALWAYS assumed a position of hypocrisy, arrogance and superiority, even when they have lost, even when they are inferior. For example - criticising others for their negatives whilst turning a blind side to their own - and praising their achievements whilst ignoring ours. This mindset has been going on for CENTURIES. It cannot be reasoned with, which is why you simply can't defend yourself and say "hey we're not that bad". It is irrelevant to them. Only by adopting our own racial, arrogant mindset can one not win over others - but adequately protect themselves from other arrogant races.

  16. To be fair, American foreign policy is one area that is 'seen as aggressive and evil' in the non-western world, but do Chinese national citizens feel belligerent towards white people?

    All the years of communist propaganda has created a nation of chinese cynical of their own government and wanting western solutions, products and services.

    Maybe the problem is that Chinese people simply are too selfishly apathetic to care, yes they should be much more belligerent towards the west and westerners, but have you ever heard an avalanche of mainland Chinese suggest boycotting anything western? Rather conversely mainstream modern mainland Chinese seem too preoccupied with worshipping westerners such as Steve Jobs and Apple. I doubt I'll ever see the day when Chinese will say ...

    "boycott LV, boycott English premier league football, boycott Apple computer company."

    But what about BBC's and the British Chinese community? would you like them to be arrogantly Chinese and proud and belligerent towards non-Chinese?

  17. @BBCZ ...Again a good discussion going opened by this blog, where other Chinese media outlets aim at a Chinese audience have dim-ly (nudge nudge wink wink) avoided these topical issues big time.
    @25oct1114 "My point is, why SHOULD WE NEED to counter such ignorant viewpoints?"
    Firstly thanks for your interesting and relevant points of discussion... my quik view... it depends on your personal politics and your view of "mankind/humanity" –whether cynical, progressive, survivalist, active vs passive etc , if you take for example the way other ethnic minorities in the west such as Jewish or black intellectuals have written, spoken and debated these similar issues of otherness portrayal, these is a rich body of intellectual and cultural awareness that now resides permanently in the main western discourse about race (look at the academics and their research dept from top, mid and bottom universities) which does counter racist ideologies very effectively, that most educated people can see the logic of these injustices and hypocrisies . It didn’t start out that way it grew as more and more intelligent critical voices grew, or more correctly allowed to develop and nourish that sadly not by the Chinese intellectual community (possible reasons, another blog), perhaps stifled by pro-democracy agenda setting policy. Countering arguments doesn’t mean fighting fire with fire or creating divisions. Chinese “critical” intellectual history doesn’t have the equivalent cultural trajectory, but that doesn’t mean it won’t evolve nor it has ceased, no no no Chinese people like to take their time. Now that is Chinese cultural history.

  18. ^ @above: you should write a blog article on the failings of the british chinese intellectual community because I'm unaware of there being any prominent academics who are british chinese (not FOB) that write on Chinese diaspora,race and identity issues except maybe in the field of Fine Art, so doesn't that mean we have to rely on westerners and FOBs to write for us? They're hardly in a position to write from our perspective are they?

    Can you recommend any british chinese academics works?

  19. The racist Daily Mail website is having an Anti-China field day!

  20. the reason the other chinese websites are not covering these stories is because they're negative stories, they want to promote positive happy stories of chinese.

  21. Right, you know how when ONE chinese man does inhumane things, ALL chinese are seemingly evil inhuman cruel robots? Well read the comments from these

    all the above are stories of black men committing violence/domestic abuse/rape/attempted murder. There is also a news article today about 40% of young offenders being black. Yet, read the comments. NOT A SINGLE ONE of them are saying this is a black thing (it clearly is), or that blacks are inhuman cruel evil robots, or anything insidious or seething with hatred. WHY DO WHITE PEOPLE HAVE SUCH DOUBLE STANDARDS, even when the truth is staring at them???

  22. All the years of communist propaganda has created a nation of chinese cynical of their own government and wanting western solutions, products and services.

    But what about BBC's and the British Chinese community? would you like them to be arrogantly Chinese and proud and belligerent towards non-Chinese?


    Very good points BBCZ, however whites are generally (especially in the US and UK) cynical of their governments... the key difference is, they are stubborn and do NOT want eastern solutions or whatever as a result... they would rather wade in their own shit then accept an alternative, non western "way" as the right way. Arrogance has allowed them to behave superior. The Chinese, when something isn't going right for them, don't ask themselves "how do we improve it OUR way" or even "well its our problem, this is the end... but at least it's still Chinese"... they always look towards the west. That mindset must be defeated before the Chinese as a race can even begin to see itself as a major player in the world. Other races don't respect us because we don't respect ourselves. Like in my last comment, even blacks get way more respect from whites than us, despite us being the polar opposites of them - we are pillars of society at every level - whilst they are the dregs. If you look at it logically, it simply doesn't make sense why whites would treat us with such disdain, but blacks as if they should get free passes.

    As for being proud of beiing ethnically Chinese and belligerent, well no I don't go looking for fights with whites for no reason, that would be stupid in a white majority country... but I will never stand down if a white (or even a group of whites) assume they can exploit their apparent superior status over me. And I have been boycotting US products ever since I've had money now, I had no reason to until I heard of these angry American (and also British) people, all seething with what seems like genuine hatred for all things Chinese. At that point I thought, wow, our race has an uphill struggle. But hatred will be defeated with common sense and reason. And these white zealots will hopefully die from blood pressure sooner or later, no man or woman can hate forever.

  23. Right, you know how when ONE chinese man does inhumane things, ALL chinese are seemingly evil inhuman cruel robots? Well read the comments from these

    all the above are stories of black men committing violence/domestic abuse/rape/attempted murder. There is also a news article today about 40% of young offenders being black. Yet, read the comments. NOT A SINGLE ONE of them are saying this is a black thing (it clearly is), or that blacks are inhuman cruel evil robots, or anything insidious or seething with hatred. WHY DO WHITE PEOPLE HAVE SUCH DOUBLE STANDARDS, even when the truth is staring at them???

    and those are good points bratwurst, but do the intellectual and academic minority community really have that much influence over what the vast majority (white) of the population thinks about others? I'm trying to picture a team of black race academics arguing their point across, and somehow tempering how whites should feel about things.... but like I said in the comment above, we (the vast majority) Chinese are good people, abide by the law, work hard etc.... a signifcant proportion of blacks are the complete opposite... yet somehow the white majority population seem to think that we are inhumane evil spawn of the devil whilst comments about blacks seem very clinical indeed.

  24. @26 oct 11.."but do the intellectual and academic minority community really have that much influence over what the vast majority (white) of the population thinks about others?"

    ....a reply
    can be, if speaks and reflects the feelings and gripes of the “masses” complimented by a collective "self consciousness" of conflict and inequality, I don't really give an account of debate about Marx, nor the Oxbridge or LSE academics who shaped recent UK econ policies, it is a blog here after all not a dreary thesis about race and social engineering . I also find some of the comments above contradictory by lumping all "black" people and "white" people together, yet at the same time saying others are lumping “Chinese” people together, which of course happens, but also doesn’t happen. Anyway it is difficult to discuss racism to those whose views are already too deeply ingrained with certain unsubstantiated beliefs without realising it. I not having a pop, just saying my piece for others should they wish add constructively or respond.

  25. "Anyway it is difficult to discuss racism to those whose views are already too deeply ingrained with certain unsubstantiated beliefs without realising it. I not having a pop, just saying my piece for others should they wish add constructively or respond. "

    And therein lies the unsolvable problem. I don't know how it happened, probably a combination of media, rumours in the community, existing stereotypes, decades of anti- Chinese resentment and - I'll say it - our eyes - after all, "eyes are the window to our soul", right - whites have deep racial hatred towards us. I don't see a way out of this?

    And don't take any of what I said personally as an offence or otherwise. Just to be clear, I KNOW that blacks or whatever other race cannot be stereotyped, no matter what the figures say. THAT IS GOOD. My major gripe is that whilst it seems to be (rightly) directed at the individual when a black criminal is concerned, when to do with a Chinese criminal - which is a LOT rarer - the white community lashes out on the entire race, and with such genuine hatred as well - just read the comments, these aren't your passing race jibes, these are genuine "we must cleanse the world of this lot" comments e.g. "Is there any Chinese out there who isn't heartless" and "they're an odd race, the Chinese".....I have NEVER heard this said of other races, even by hardline racists...

  26. white people do always stereotype blacks. youtube is a good example, you will find just as many hate comments towards blacks as there is towards chinese. the daily mail is just moderating badly. Try posting a comment on the daily mail outside of work hours and you'll find it automatically goes to moderation first before its considered printable or not.

  27. Rupert Murdoch should promote China since his 3rd and current wife is Chinese. Also his 2 daughters are half Chinese.

  28. Re: Daily Mail comments.

    Whites have quite some cheek, calling the Chinese inhumane and cruel, considering their history with the Chinese. Let's look at the facts.

    Who forced opium onto the Chinese population by gunpoint, encricling the country with gunships because - how stupid of him - the Chinese Emperor said, no, we don't want drugs foisted on our land, all because of their huge debts to China? That's right, whites. (Opium Wars)

    In America at the time of the railways being built, who started race riots against the Chinese ("coolies"), resulting in them burning Chinatown to the ground, making its residents homeless, before raping the Chinese women and hanging the Chinese men by noose who dared to defend their families, their properties, as a reminder to the Chinese who is boss? That's right, whites. (Anti-Chinese Riot of 1877 San Francisco)

    And from the above, only 2 of the hundreds involved were found guilty, neither of whom faced any sentencing. And the judge who gave the death sentence to a Chinese man who killed in self defence, because the law for self-defence only applies to "men", not "Chinamen"? Yup, white.

    In the past century, and which law has only recently been fully taken out of the books, who created the Chinese Exclusion Act that purposely targeted Chinese people and those of Chinese descent? Yes, whites.

    And who, in the 1910s-1950s, forced Chinese sailors who settled with white women and their children in Britain to report to the police, enforced a curfew on them and their family - including the white British wife's (who were no longer British for marrying an "alien"), measured their skull sizes and performed frequent eugenics experiments on their children? And after WW2 had finished, simply came knocking in the dead of night when everyone was sleeping, Nazi SS style, rounded up all the Chinese sailors and deported them, thus leaving their wives and children alone and thinking (many to their grave) that they had been abandoned by the man and father they loved? THAT'LL BE WHITES THEN. (Mixed Britannia, BBC2)

    So you see, for any white to call the Chinese inhumane, cruel, devoid of compassion etc would be extreme ignorance of their own, cruel race. But then, that's what whites are good at... ignorance and hypocrisy.

  29. some good comments with strong opinions, I don't know why you guys don't write some articles for the blog.

  30. @anonymous232, innit blad!!! Those racist Caucasians are such fucking hypocrites! If they want us to listen to them then they should be a good fucking example!
    @BBCZeigeist, I love to write some articles here but not sure how.

  31. Depends if you want to write regularly or just a one off article. if you want to write a one off article, send your article with your name or pseudonym by email to bbczeitgeist@

    If you want to post articles regularly, send me an email from your google account and I'll send you an invite. Once you accept the invite you will have blogger permissions to edit and post your own articles.

  32. @Kai They are white, not Caucasian. I actually got into a small argument over this with a Chinese girl (who else) who said I was being "blunt and crude" to call them white?!? I pointed out to her that us being called Chinese in white countries is a rare occurence... the natives prefer other "blunt and crude" terms. She didn't believe me...

    Anyway, another day, another Chinese related article.

    Once again there is nothing wrong with the article itself.... it is the reader comments, ie. normal people who we come across everyday, that post the racial abuse.... I wonder how many of us walk past and interact with such people who are nice to us, but behind our backs take the piss out of us?

    "Correct me If I,m wrong (or Wong)."
    - George, Netherlands, 27/10/2011 19:47

    "I am for ever astonished how the Chinese will often introduce themselves as Mr Liang etc and refer to the westerner by their first name. Really already getting too big for their pint sized footsteps. Couple that with the arrogance they now display because of a few dollars in their back pocket from copyright theft and mass production of cheap goods..."

    - The Alien has Landed, The Milky Way, 27/10/2011 19:42
    (This guy is obviously looking too much into things - and they call us sensitive)

    "If we are going to have to get out ther 'begging bowl' to the chinese, does that mean we won't be able to tell any more Benny Hill Chinaman jokes? Risten preeze, Rook, yoo stupi iriot."

    - Mr Teapot, North Herts, 27/10/2011 13:45"

    "Don't forget Sore Finger ... ( salt and vinegar ) on your chips at the local takeaway. LOL"

    - Captain Oates., The poop deck on the sinking ship Britannia., 27/10/2011

    They want to borrow money off China, yet mock the Chinese. But never mind who's doing who a favour for a minute here. The comment "if we have to get their money, does this mean we have to stop the Chinaman jokes" is very telling of the situation regarding racism towards the Chinese in the West. You would think, no matter who might or might not be helping the other, regardless of politics, regardless of anything - you simply wouldn't make racist jokes that you know are insulting towards the target - period. Say this was the Indians, or Africans, Muslims etc.... would these people be making such comments with such joy? I have read such articles about other countries and races - there is NEVER any racial jokes about them - harsh criticisms about their culture, but even towards Muslims - quite hated in Europe, you would agree - the comments pages rarely feature any racial mocking of them outside of extremist sites.

    Our race has become the only one in modern Britain worthy of mockery without consequences.

  33. It's fair to say that this is a very particular problem in mainland China (but not exclusive to China). There has been a lot of cases in the past where people end up being wrongly sued by the person they were helping, which is one of the reasons why most people are reluctant to help others in distress. It's understandable but not justifiable. This incident has caused a lot of uproar on China web forums criticizing the passersby for not helping but it does shows that many Chinese do have a sense of moral and empathy right? Otherwise it wouldn't be a big deal.

    You see I do have a lot of criticism on China, but the thing is I try to be constructive and analyse things more thoroughly. However when Western commentators do it they seem be more about asserting their moral superiority over others and tar the whole race with the same brush (though there are a few minor exceptions). That's why I prefer to look at Hong Kong news for information about China.

    Also black people do get dehumanise as well just look at the comments on Youtube videos during the August riots.

  34. Was it Michael Moore on c4 that organised a hoax death of a homeless guy lying in the middle of Kensington High Street during rush hour, people walked around the body ignoring it and it took 20mins before someone actually checked his pulse, but the difference is that it was an adult homeless male that could have been drunk, no one cares about homeless people ....however, in China they were ignoring a twitching toddler that was lying in a pool of blood, that is unforgivable IMO. Whilst I'm aware of the possibility of a compensation trap in a very money driven and money conscious society, its still inexcusable - even if you don't want to touch the child, you can at least make an emergency call, but they never even did that.

    Its not purely accountable to compensation culture although its a huge part of it.

    Mainland Chinese people hold a general disregard for the consideration or the rights of others, only care about themselves and their own rights to compensation etc.

    Just look at the way they behave ignoring simple conventions that are about being, civil, considerate and caring towards other people...such as queuing up, not speaking loudly, not spitting, giving up your seat to an elderly person etc, generally mainland Chinese people don't do these things.

    Just travel on the East rail line in Hong Kong and you can usually tell who the mainlanders are by their behaviour.

  35. reply @26/oct17;46
    wrong, the problem maybe is that you unaware of the audience and level of intelligence (not IQ scores) and academic level in which a discussion about race is taking place, you can’t compare daily mail articles, with the journal of politics/social science /anthropology xyz subsection Chinese race and identity, there are light fun or serious blogs, and there are more "serious" professional blogs which have their own conventions in discussing issues of race, in order to avoid these difficulties mentioned, certain consistent terminology and conduct (not racist of course!) are usually cohered prior to discussion, experts in the field already know this, the talk and content is often very dry because it is not about commercial type persuasion or whipping up hysteria its the pursuit of “objective” knowledge usually for its own sake, if its a scientific endeavour there is of course an obligatory option to debunk or confirm. This is not such a blog obviously, but it can overlap should more scholarly voices enter the debate.
    Anyway good blogs

  36. wow lots of comments on this article! why dont you guys get an ID? Is a BBC activist movement is getting active online?

    Well i only have a few comments. Firstly, as most have pointed out here, Daily Mail is just interested in sensationalising such an incident that furthers their agenda of dehumanising us and getting the usual dumb comments ( possibly fake trolling?) from ignorant and brainwashed readers.

    As far as China is concerned, im actually in agreement with BBCronin. I dont really want to criticise because China has its own set of rules, and although we dont get to see 'everything' about china, my feeling is that the government are doing a pretty good job of managing a huge population and during my stay there, people are generally quite happy, but of course with increased living standards come bigger responsibilities.

    As far as humanitarianism goes, basically i see it as a case of 'Chinese not wanting to get involved because of lawsuits' taken to an extreme.

    But yeah, as you said above, someone at least couldve called an ambulance, its a dying 2yr old kid for crying out loud.

    TBH i missed this newspiece but For what its worth i noticed in the aftermath on China TV this incident was being discussed and they were comparing the size of a road cone to the size of the 2yr old and debating as to whether the girl was able to be seen by the driver.

    The fact that it was accompanied by cartoon music and one of the experts explaining was smiling throughout didnt exactly help. But then again maybe i need to brush up on my mandarin so i can fully understand what they are talking about.

    The overall feeling i got was that it was an incident that was taken seriously but until they abolish the 'get involved and you get sued rule' these kind of incidents will unfortunately continue because people simply dont want to get sued for helping, to the point of doing absolutely nothing.

    Talk about human rights, id say the corruption that goes on behind the scenes in the west is ten times worse than what china does, but noone does /says anything about the moneyprinting and history of instigated wars( opium wars of which are only a small part). Instead we dumboes celebrate the royal wedding! Thank goodness some people are waking up to it and discussing.

  37. I always knew in England there is a major double standard when it comes to racism!!! That's even more racist! Those news website moderators are probably double standard racists themselves so they don't delete those racist/offensive/untrue comments!

  38. I agree with Kai, and I also agree with the comment above about how black people are also dehumanised... but that's on youtube, or the man down the pub. News organisations (newspapers, websites) have a duty to monitor and filter out racist comments. My point is that the racist comments towards the Chinese are not seen as such, whilst blacks and asians are more "clean".... have a read of the comments here

    a man is BEHEADED in a CAR PARK for SORCERY (you couldn't make it up). Yet I only read detached and clinical comments about religion, Islam, inhumane and cruelty - they are NEVER PERSONAL. Compare this to the comments about the Chinese in the YueYue articles, "I always thought they were a weird race" - "Are the Chinese really human?" - these comments have an undercurrent of genuine, personal hatred of the Chinese, a clear distinction between "Us" and "them", which whites don't seem to hold regarding other races.

  39. "Well i only have a few comments. Firstly, as most have pointed out here, Daily Mail is just interested in sensationalising such an incident that furthers their agenda of dehumanising us and getting the usual dumb comments ( possibly fake trolling?) from ignorant and brainwashed readers. "

    all very well but then why don't they apply it to blacks or asians (of course they would never do it to themselves). The reader comments show there is a significant difference in the racism towards blacks and asians (their culture, religion, upbringing is to blame) and the Chinese (because they are simply chinese, not human, soulless). How do you fight against that sort of racism, it's so inbred into whites... at least with blacks and asians they can "change" their ways/denounce religion etc... with the Chinese, we are just being labelled soulless inhumane monsters simply for being Chinese.

  40. ^ its not inbred and can be undone

    1. if we promote an independent media and not the whoring attitude of FOBS and hapas that we currently have

    2. if we use the independent media that is available to us online media in a way that is political and not whorish moneymaking. and i say whorish because a lot of western ( and even eastern)chinese 'artists'have typically use our culture to play up to the perpetual foreigner stereotype to earn a quick buck. this does nothing for those who hate being stereotyped

    3. if you sign up for a google ID we can start a movement on here and build a community. if you cant even be accountable for your comments on here, then you are doing the typical 'one foot in one foot out' non commital 'we'll see' attitude that chinese can sometimes be accused of .

    trust me if everyone did that on this blog, we would be finished and no bbc cultural movement ( as far as this blog is concerned) will begin because noone has the guts to stand by what they say on here. get an ID...please.

  41. the way the chinese passerbys just ignore a dying girl is the same way most chinese deal with racism - they ignore it and pretend its unimportant or doesnt exist. Isn't that irony?

  42. ^
    if you read this blog properly, rather than making off the cuff statements like that you would understand , that is if you are chinese yourself, the confucian roots of our people that whilst being peaceful, also dont want conflict unlike bloodthirsty white imperialists.

    but regarding your statement, not sure if i get the irony, are you making a blanket statement that ALL chinese see other peoples problems as nothing to do with theirs even though its the same race?

    to me, by the same logic, i find it ironic that ALL white english/americans ignore that their governments are the ones starting wars all over the world, in the same way that their tax money is used to fund the death of some iraqi kid that is being shot or maimed by an english or american white soldier in the name of patriotism.

    BTW guys, I just reread this thread> lapcheung, anonymous, anonymous232, BBCronin you guys write great comments. seriously please email the blog author and start writing articles on here...then we BBC's can stand for something more significant

  43. Just wanted to add this post

    Seems the people of Zhejiang have made up for Yue Yues death. The crowd of strangers united to lift an SUV to let a child trapped underneath it escaping.