Thursday, 27 January 2011

Jewish Men Asian women

In today's London 'Metro' newspaper, on p.31 there is an article on Shizuka Bernstein's Nightingale Poo Facial. Shizuka, a Japanese migrant to the USA, married Jewish hair transplant doctor - Robert M. Bernstein Just how commonplace are Jewish male Asian female relationships? Curious, I compiled a list of well documented interracial 'White Male Asian Female' relationships...

  • Vivi Nevo (Jewish-American) - Zhang ZiYi (Mainlander)
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Jewish American) - Priscilla Chan, a medical student (Mainlander in USA)
  • Brian Glazer (Jewish) - Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen
  • Woody Allen (Jewish-American) - Soon Yi Previn (Korean born, married his Korean transracial adopted step daughter)
  • Maury Povich (Lithuanian Jewish American) - Connie Chung (US born, Asian American news anchor)
  • Leslie Moonves (Jewish descent) - Julie Chen newsreporter
  • Oliver Assayas (Jewish french film director) - Maggie Cheung (Hong Kong born actress, divorced after 3yrs marriage) "Assayas was born into a cinematic milieu being the son of Jaques Rémy who had changed his name to hide his Jewish identity, his real name being Rémy Assayas from Thessaloniki."
  • George Soros (Jewish) - Jennifer Chun
  • Jed Rubenfeld (Jewish American lawyer)- Amy Chua writer
  • Bobby Fischer (American Polish Jewish Chess Grandmaster) - Miyoko Watai (Japanese Chess Master)
  • Bruce Wasserstein (Jewish American) - Angela Chao
  • Rupert Murdoch (Australian US citizen) - Wendy Deng (Mainlander) Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch is not Jewish, but is extremely pro-Israel.
  • Louis DeMattei (Italian American (unclear if he has Jewish blood)- Amy Tan (novelist)
  • Nicholas Cage (unclear if he is of Jewish descent)- Alice Kim
    • Tony Kaye (British born Jewish cinematographer) - Yan Lin (Chinese American artist) 
White Male Asian Female ...or... White Jewish Male Asian Female?

All the aforementioned Asian  women with the exception of Watai (Fischer moved to Japan) live or have lived overseas away from the Far East. The White male backgrounds are of immigrant stock,  overwhelmingly American Jewish (descent) and considerably older than their female partners. It is remarkable just how many male Jew's account for White male Asian female interracial relationships, at least among the echelons of American bourgeois society where Jew's are over represented in legal, medical, business and media creative industries.

These are successful bourgeois Jew's and Asians tapping into each others wealth,  its a marriage of wealth and power between two migrant races. Both races have a long history of migration and today globalisation has witnessed unprecedented waves of Chinese migration, with the Chinese themselves fast becoming the Jews of Asia and Africa, hated in many countries similar to the Jews with their ability to 'follow the money.' Germany, USA and the next superpower is...Asian? Do we see a pattern emerging or is it all co-incidence?

Some observers of the anti-semitic variety will immediately point towards conspiracy theory, is it the next chapter of the New World Order (NWO) or freemasonry conspiracy to divide and control the Chinese population through stealth? One has to be the first to admit to being surprised by the findings, it is conjecture, but if there is a conspiracy, the losers of this conspiracy will be Asian men. Establishing a trend is difficult due to a lack of research and statistical information available, it is further hampered by the fact that Jews have interbred or tried to hide their Jewish roots through many different methods, e.g. westernising their names etc, not classifying their ethnicity as 'Jewish' but 'White.' For example the UK census does not have a specific Jewish ethnic category, this encourages Jews to classify themselves as White, whilst others may not define themselves as Jewish per se, but mixed race, being only part Jewish or of Jewish descent, these are not orthodox Jews, it is unclear if these relationships between bourgeois illuminiati Jewish males and Asian females are reciprocated to the general American population or indeed the UK.

Census statistics show mixed race are  more likely to marry inter racially than other ethnic groups, for mixed race jew's it should not be considered an anomaly to marry interracially, however whether these marriages or relationships disproportionately involve full blood Asian women is the key issue, it needs to be researched. With Jewish ethnic identity obscured, these relationships are not necessarily considered as 'Jewish Male Asian Female,' but 'Mixed Race Male Asian Female' or simply 'White Male Asian Female.' The assimilated White Jews can physically blend into the status of a White male, most Asian women cannot tell the difference, it is foolhardy to expect Asian women to specifically target men because of their  Jewish blood, they don't have matzah fever, rather they see a successful financially wealthy White Male. These types of women are seduced by three things...status, power and money.

 If it is argued by some that miscegenation is a product of self-hate, isn't it probable self-hating Jews will seek out a partner who is equally as self-hating as themselves? i.e Self-hating Asian women?  ( ) Its a perfect match, they are both well suited for marriage as Asian and Jewish diaspora are heading in the same direction - into ethnic oblivion.

I know from the told thesis of interracial  fetishers, for Asian's at least, many wished they had more western features. Those who espouse a mixed race baby fetish often exclaim..."Mixed race Asian babies are smarter and more beautiful," so the journey begins into the world of fetishizing about how a mixed race Chewish baby will look. Jew's have large protrusive boney noses, curly hair, double eye lid, Asian women's features are the exact opposite, nose is flat and fat, hair is straight, single eye lid, could it be on sub-conscious level, self-haters want to interbreed with each other to neutralise each others undesired facial features?


  1. It's not just the Jews!

    It is quite amazing to see how easy Chinese women are becoming though towards other races... critics say that they are merely "opening" (nice) themselves up after millenia of being only with one race... but then you'd think the whites, blacks and arabs would be the same too, yet in the latter 3 I see no total collapse of racial pride that is present in just chinese women.

    It is a well known fact that men - of any race - will take any half decent woman as their other half, but it seems chinese women have an ingrained sense of self purpose to eradicate their own race. You can't blame it on poverty or unattractive physical traits... the same can be said with other races. Ugly poor white women for example, still showing racial pride. Whereas an ugly poor chinese woman will most likely run off to the nearest available white man who still has a heartbeat.

    I don't know about conspiracy theories etc. but one thing is for certain - the way things are going, the only chinese people who will exist in the future will be those of mixed race i.e. with other race's blood in them.

  2. Can't blame it on poverty? so place the blame on wealth instead? Since the Asian women in the article list above were already more than financially comfortable before they clawed their Jewish boyfriend, they are clearly driven by the pursuit of even greater material wealth.

    1. This man is a product of a Jewish father and a Chinese mother:

      He is also a good friend of Bo GuaGua (son of Bo Xilai), Jenny Hao (former Miss China UK in London), and a few other well known socialites on the London-China scene.

      There is also another British Jewish man, Roy Graff, who loves Chinese culture.

  3. Above comment has been edited for profanity:

    its a combination of white worship and wealth. in china there are poor white english teachers getting it on with rich shanghai girls. maybe thats sex , not sure if its taken further.

    re: jews intermarrying with chinese. i dont think its conspiracy. genetically khazarian jews are blood related to uighurs in china, but thats my personal opinion. and when you recall khazarians are turkish blood who were defeated by mongols ( asiatic).

    wish someone could tell this to the jewish zionists who are helping running the western global domination plot though.

    i think jews are similar to chinese unfortunately. both think they are too clever only to realise in the end that they are their own worst enemy.

    on a different note i wonder if theres a parallel between extreme wealth and extreme low self esteem?

    when you think about it people who want lots of possessions dont really seem to know how to be happy with themselves unless they are flying halfway around the globe, being worshipped or in a big house, car etc.

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  5. You guys are ridiculously racist. Stereotypes are just stereotypes. I am a Chinese girl with a graduate contract lined up which will let me earn at least 30% more than my Jewish boyfriend. I just love him for who he is, an intellectual guy with a big heart. Stop the racist nonsense.

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