Wednesday, 14 March 2012

British Born Chinese Marriage

BBC Marrying BBC? How Rare Is It?

A question was recently posed by a professional Chinese wedding photographer based in the UK.
"How do British Born Chinese get married? Any BBC have a wedding that they would like me to photograph?"
The question is amusing, one has never seen a British Born Chinese male marry a British Born Chinese female in the UK, its well known within the BBC community that BBC females and BBC males have a tendency to avoid each other. There are British Chinese marriage statistics by race and gender HERE, I have not been able to obtain specific statistics for BBC/BBC marriages, however social observation of our own community may provide some clues.

Recently, one attended a friend's kids birthday party full of inter racial couples with freaky looking mixed race kids with aberrant facial features and skin tone variations greater than that observed in the latest Cream Neutral Dulux paint collection. BBC (ethnic Chinese) are used to being an ethnic minority among Whites, but to be an ethnic minority among mixed race? Gosh, you need to experience it to fully appreciate the 'mudpie effect.' On the way home, I made a list of all the BBC that I personally know that are either seriously co-habiting long time, married or a single parent, the results were as follows ....

1) There are no BBC/BBC couples
2) There are no ethnic Chinese children, but 9 mixed race children
3) Only one out of the nine is an 'all Chinese' couple

Many  had dated British Born Chinese when they were younger, however post-university and upon reaching the ‘settling down’ age, the lack of community for BBC’s, the lack of a progressive BBC culture/identity, the fact that BBC’s are overly assimilated with deep self-hatred issues in wishing they were 'white/black' and holding down jobs within the White community amidst White social circles (or multi-ethnic) takes its toll. The term British Born Chinese of the commonwealth generation is degenerating into a euphemism for inter racial breeding.

One can ignore statistical clues, but one cannot ignore reality when its on your doorstep, at least in my social circle. Whilst one can accept being a Chinese minority in a White community, we could well soon be a  BBC minority in our own 'Chinese' community to Eurasian, Blasian and Chindian, in my opinion its no longer a 'Chinese' community. BBC? More like Bye Bye Chinese.


  1. That list is horrendous. Some 'friends' you have lol. Im assuming you attended the party out of obligation and not choice?

    1. EXACTLY.... I'm a BBC Chinese man, this guy is self hating Chinese man looking for excuse blame on western culture with lies and exaggeration.

      The fact is statistic showed:


      The statistic in 2001 showed 44% BBC men with white women compared with 56%. I know 6 BBC men + White women, compared with 9 BBC women + White men.


      1. All the Chinese prostitutes in UK are FOBS women.

      2. FOB women contribute almost 1/3 of total Chinese-White marriages.

    2. Your statistics are unreliable, no source no dates.

      However, lets assume your figures are correct. Your figures are inter racial percentage ratios by gender, you have not given a figure for BBC inter racial marriage vs BBC same race marriage - that's the most important figure. Firstly you said 40%, then you contradict yourself and say 44%. Make up your mind?

      You state almost 1/3 (33%) of all Chinese-White marriages in the UK are accountable to FOB females. FOB males marrying Whites is likely to be less than half of that of FOB females (we know from the 2001 census the ratio is 2:1. FOB males are considerably less likely to marry whites than BBC males), that would imply BBCs account for AT LEAST 50% of the all Chinese-White marriages in the UK even though they only make up 28% of the UK Chinese population. So on the contrary to disproving me, your statistics actually prove I'M RIGHT!

    3. FIRSTABLE, let's get some things clear. My source came directly from 2 books one of them is " Regulating Marriage Migration Into the UK" the author is Helena Wray. In her book listed the UK marriages statistic in 2001. Go search of it already. It's basically the same source from you, only difference is you randomly self exaggerated an superficial opinion which you believe it's true. The book states the marriages includes Irish, Black, Indian White, Chinese. It showed Indian and Black males are twice as likely to marry than women, while it showed Chinese women were twice like to marry than men, but it also mentioned FOB women contribution to the marriage is way higher than FOB men like 1 in 4, an significant contribution to the total Chinese-White marriages in UK.

      SECONDABLE, It's an fact that there is lot's more Chinese women are more attracted to White men compared to opposite.
      While I don't deny this, media is partly to blame, nature is also another factor. It's true that Chinese on average are less unattractive and having FOB men who could bare speaking descent english is an disadvantage and also another factor. I've seen soo many ugly as hell Chinese men, so the fact that some would act negative and never get girls never once doubt my mind. But please don't even give me this crap that FOB women are not brainwashed by western media bullshit as BBC women so therefore they are least likely to marry white men. You're wrong on the brainwashed part, because FOB women are 4 to 5 times more likely to marry than FOB men. I've seen plenty of FOB women with white men. I don't know where you came to the conclusion that FOB women are more loyal to Chinese men when even in China in places like Shanghai, their own local women would say " Shanghai women are born for foreigners". Even Chinese netizens are asking their own women not marry foreing men. Heck even in South Korea and Japan most of the marriages are FOB women. Not to mention all the prostitutes in China in European countries are FOB women. So don't give me this crap that FOB women are special and loyal to Chinese men when their women are spreading legs for free in Shanghai and promoting these white dream boys programs. I've seen FOB mainland women with old white men which was something I though only southeast asian countries women like Thailand and Phillipines would do.

      LASTLY, I said 40% to explain that 4/10 BBC men marrying white women. 44% is closer to 4/10 than 5/10. The point is you'll find 4 Chinese BBC men marry White women compared to 6 BBC women marry white men. While FOB women (or even first generation BBC women) marriage to While men is 1/4 or possibly even 1/5.

      FINALLY, I've met BBC men marry white women but I've never in my entire life met a FOB men who married white women only FOB women with white men. The FOB men can't even speak descent English to make friends let alone being in relationship with an white girl. I'm a BCC man, I admit I've never dated white girl, and I'll openly admit I lack self confidence on my part. However every Chinese guy you seen with an White women is almost always an BBC man. And of the Chinese women you see with white men at least 1/3 is an FOB women. And let's not forget the fact that marriage to BBC women is slightly higher than BBC men. But What I'm trying to say is the marriage ratio wouldn't be 1:2 or 1:3 if FOB women (or 1st generation BBC) din't contribute the gap would have been much smaller.

    4. Thanks for replying and filling in some of the statistics gaps. Yes you maybe right in terms of FOB women which is accountable to the size of the FOB population. But we still can't be certain because as I said before we still have INCOMPLETE statistics. You are mixing statistics of OVERALL Inter racial marriage with specific sub-stats of Chinese/white Inter racial. The most important key statistical sets which are missing are...

      Of Total of BBC Marriages....
      1) what is the percentage/ratio of BBC inter racial marriage VS BBC same race marriage.

      2) ratio for BBC/other marriage vs BBC/BBC marriage (if such figures exist).
      3) What percentage of BBC/white marriage make up the BBC inter racial marriage for both male and female.

      and...of Total FOB Marriages...
      4) What is the percentage ratio for Chinese/Chinese v Chinese/other race and
      5) the same figures by gender.
      6) What % of FOB/white marriages make up FOB inter racial marriage. Figures by gender too is required..

      If you can have a look through your books again and see if you can provide these figures, I would be extremely grateful!

      "LASTLY, I said 40% to explain that 4/10 BBC men marrying white women. 44% is closer to 4/10 than 5/10. The point is you'll find 4 Chinese BBC men marry White women compared to 6 BBC women marry white men. While FOB women (or even first generation BBC women) marriage to While men is 1/4 or possibly even 1/5."

      40% 4/10 BBC men marrying white women is INCORRECT. What you mean is that in terms of inter racial marriage between whites and Chinese, BBC males form 44% of these marriages, whereas BBC females make up 56% of these marriages. That does NOT mean 4/10 BBC men are married white women, nor does it mean 5.6 out of 10 BBC females are married to white men either. The ACTUAL percentage figure of BBC inter racial marriage VS BBC same race marriage is the vital figure thats MISSING. If you're going to be specific about white/chinese then we also need the vital figure for the percentage of white/chinese marriages that make up the overall numbers inter racial marriage figures.

    5. Just to clairfy the '1/3' for females and 1/6-1/8 for males is exactly the same statistic in my article that you have misunderstood as a different statistic. HERE...

      UK Census 2001 (Rounded figures)
      All Chinese Male Marriages.
      % married interracially = 14%
      All Chinese Female Marriages.
      % married interracially = 30%

      It is NOT only to White as you have misinterpreted the figures, but ALL IR marriages to all non-chinese, not only to White.

    6. Chinese-White marriages TABLE from 2001 ( the page it's a little bit foggy, but I can see the numbers when zoom the page)


      * Those who were raised in UK since childhood are not counted as first born British Chinese.

      * This table does not show the overall total marriages of Chinese men/women to white men/women.


      BBC men marriage to white women contributes 85.1% of total marriages from Chinese men.

      FOB men marriage to white women contributes 6% of total marriages from Chinese men

      Fist born generation BBC (born to FOB parents) contributes 8.9% of total marriages from Chinese men.


      BBC women marriage to white men contributes 65.8% of the marriages from Chinese women.

      FOB women to white men contributes 28% of the marriages from Chinese women.

      First generation BBC (born to FOB parents) marriage to white men contributes 6.2% of the marriages from Chinese women.

      OVERALL, the marriages of BBC women, First born BBC women, FOB women marriages to white men are higher than vice versa if we count total marriage. But one can see the gap between FOB men and FOB women is far way larger than BBC men and BBC women.

    7. Zoom the page? so the book is on the internet? can you give the link?

    8. BBCZeitgeist, I haven't misinterpreted the figures at all. Almost all the married inter-racially couples are with either with white women or white men, the same for Indians, the same Blacks. Others inter racially marriages with a non-white partners is too insignificant and barely make up for 1%. The only place I've ever seen other non-white interracial couple teaming up a few times is in central London like Leicester square and that is a place where White-Chinese couples dominate. But such couple is almost non-existant in other parts of England, and I've been to many parts of Englands. In some part of England you won't even find one white-Chinese couple.

    9. Does the book actually call the British raised FOBs as BBC? or is it just you interpreting it in your own words? Because that doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

      British Born Chinese BBC should be those born in the UK to FOB parents. FOBs raised in the UK should not be called BBC, but British Raised or UK raised FOB's, use BR or UKR. otherwise its really confusing. Is that the correct definition?

      I'm not sure those figures are helpful because I would presume the BR/UKR represent the largest numbers by population, so of course they will have a greater share of the the statistical marriage pie.

    10. No, it says those who were raised in UK and speak fluent English are not counted as British citizens. And some first generation BBC apparently choose not to identify with BBC.

      Btw I tried to paste the book link on your blog but than it doesn't allow me? properly because the link is too large. ANYWAY, go to the google an than click on "Google book" an than type in "Language Choice in Interracial Marriages" than go to page 58 or 72.

    11. I have skimmed the Helen Wray book on the net, I cannot find such statistics, where you're claiming these statistics from? Helen Wray book? If so, what page?

      What about this book- " Language Choice in Interracial Marriages" who wrote this book? the only book I've found with this title is on Malaysian Filipino marriages, it has nothing to do with Chinese white UK marriage.

    12. Dude, have you even went through the whole page? go to page 58 or 72, the table is there. It's in "Language Choice in Interracial Marriages". Also it's not just about malaysian and filipino marriages, there's german and other european marriages. Page 58 to 72 contains everything about interracial marriages.

    13. No on my google it isn't. 64-67 is about code switching between tagalog etc. other pages are unaccessible. I suggest you paste the link.

  2. Do a list yourself. Think of all the BBC's you personally know, i.e friends, relatives, friends of friends, friends of relatives, acquaintances that are seriously co-habiting, married or single parent, you'll see its the BBC norm.

    1. Thats the thing, of the BBC's im acquainted with and know, I only know 1 that is married - my cousin and his wife are both BBCS only 2 kids - so thats a unique case, but those I know are dating are in relationships with FOBS or BBCS or single, as far as I know. IMO its the married ones with kids, esp the older lot, like your play cantonese article points out. Be interesting to hear what others have to say on this.

  3. I don't think marrying fobs is a bad thing. 1 fob today = more BBCs tomorrow. Plus fobs bring much needed connection back to the more authentic Chinese culture of the motherland whether that be HK, China or Taiwan or even Malaysia, Singapore etc.

    Having said that the younger generation of BBCs that I went to uni with seem much more likely to inter-marry than is suggested in the above article.

    The Chinese population in the UK is too small to sustain itself without further Chinese immigration. Another massive disadvantage is that we don't have the "Asian-American" concept that they have in the US or to a lesser extent in Canada and Australia where there are similar numbers of Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Vietnamese etc. Intermarriage between different Asians in the US brings a kind of strength and plurality that isn't possible in UK. Here, you can see British Chinese culture die out with every extra Chinese-white couple.

    1. Yes, I agree, the term East Asian is bit of a joke in the UK, there's no real unity at all. The huge Chinese FOB population dwarfs them all.

  4. I married a fob. British Born Chinese girls only want white guys.

  5. Ive always wondered if it werent for the fact that if it wasnt for such a big global population of Chinese that the bloodline wouldnt have died out long ago. And its only the population size that can keep British Chinese culture going. No idea what BBC mainlander culture will be like. The few older and younger FOB mainlanders I know, in the UK I have met are quite nice people.

    On a very broad level, China being the oldest eastern civilisation , is the template for all East asian cultures, so in a way we have already done what westerners try to do by spreading our seeds, but long long ago.

    And if BBCS know they can preserve their culture by marrying FOBS and FOBS make up 72% why do we prefer to mix with whites? Unless that 72% are oldie FOBS. So then, where are the younger FOBS girls coming to the UK ie students etc. Flocking to the white men? LOL.

    BBCS and FOBS to the UK is the missing link, I keep saying that we need to encourage this dialogue, but because noone so far has agreed with, the default for both FOBS to the UK and BBCS is always white.

    Its because there is no British Born Chinese welcome for FOB students that they have to fend for themselves. This is a major issue that needs fixing.

    1. Mew generation of FOB students are from the Mainland and speak Mandarin. The BBCs were mostly commonwealth and speak Cantonese, not sure about the percentages now, its rather muddled, but I'm pretty sure they don't get on. Besides, there are plenty of FOB's to greet FOB's, BBCs are a minority, they should greet us not the other way around!

    2. I get what youre saying about us being a minority, but we are still hosts in this country. or ambassadors, even if we arent recognised as such. I can see your issue between mainlanders and commonwealth, but this can go on and on. IMO we are in the UK not HK so we should be open to all Chinese support, regardless. Give before we get, thats what I think Nat Wei intends to do, well at least would hope he intends to do, because right now British Chinese Comm is in no position to bargain for anything. We have to get rid of this face issue. Face only works in China/HK. In the UK we need social equality. Im going off topic, but I believe this would help BBC future gens/offspring much more and lessen the white is normal default.

    3. Hosts? haha. Do BBC's own Chinatown? Do BBC's run Chinese Associations? Do BBC's have a tangible visible community? What exactly do we have to host these FOBs with? Control and ownership of everything 'Chinese' is in the hands of FOBs.

  6. I'm BBC married to another BBC, all my closest friends are BBCs and more than half are married/partner with other BBCs. ALL our kids are second generation BBCs. I think your social circle is too small for you to judge OR you're not giving other BBCs a chance (judging from the article 'British Born Chinese Girls Ugly?', the consensus is that BBC men don't fancy BBC girls, so I'm not surprised).

    1. 2nd generation BBC? Gosh, not seen that before! Would you say the children are more 'Chinese' than you or less?

      There are probably elements of both: BBC females prefer White males, BBC males not being attracted to BBC females.

      I'm curious whether these all BBC marriages mentioned are all Mainland BBC or all Canto BBC or mix and also whether they're products of the catering trade.

    2. @AnonymousMar 15, 2012 04:06 PM

      If more BBC females married to BBC males would post on this article, like yourself, it'd create a new consensus!

    3. Why would they? The main reason BBC females post on here is to defend their right to have an inter racial relationship or marry whites or defend Eurasianism.

    4. Thats been the experience so far in the time I've been posting here. What did you mean by 'products of the catering trade?' - are you talking about introductions for sons to daughters and vice versa from FOB parents catering community?

    5. " the consensus is that BBC men don't fancy BBC girls, so I'm not surprised)."

      This is a myth that most BBC women (and asian american women) use so that when they inevitably pair off with a white man, they can say "you've had your chance". Same with those who date a Chinese man once, don't even give them a chance but is just there to criticise, then when they look back they can say "yeah I dated one of my own, they were rubbish".

      Just like white women who date one or two white men will turn to other races... oh wait, that doesn't happen. Because most women of other races don't stereotype.

    6. ^ Thats an interesting point. There have been similar related perspectives debated by Chinese Americans about Chinese girls seeking greencards and how Chinese male shouldn't date these Chinese girls as they primarily want White guys, Chinese guys are seen as something to fall back on if they fail to find a white male. I'll write an article on it next time.

  7. are you dumb? BBCS settle down with BBCs. get some new friends. btw we always hit up the BBCs in da club. 50 cent style

    1. Statistically they don't though, especially not the BBC females. It's the same in America. BTW, I'm happily taken! Not to a BBC though.

    2. You're on here banging on about BBC issues. BBC this, BBC that and you're not even with a BBC? Hypocrite.

    3. She's Chinese. Read this:

      Look at my social circle and statistics, the figures cannot balance. Blame is largely accountable to BBC females. BBC females seek inter racial causing a huge gender imbalance in availability.

    4. You can't lay all the blame on BBC women. There are a few who prefer white men but I personally know a lot who really want to marry a nice BBC guy but haven't had any luck (maybe they are not as pretty as FOBs? I don't know but if that's the case, you have yourself to blame for being so superficial)

      Doesn't matter whether she's Chinese or a white woman born and bred in Hong Kong who speaks fluent Cantonese, the fact is she's NOT a BBC.

    5. I said largely, 'LARGELY' does not equal 'ALL.' I'm fully aware some BBC females tried to find a BBC male but ended with a white guy, I've even given possible reasons in the article too. There is a huge a difference between marrying a white woman and a FOB chinese, a white woman cannot reproduce ethnic children nor can she speak chinese nor can she understand chinese customs, whereas a FOB can. As an earlier poster said marrying FOB's will produce BBC's. As for BBC+BBC, its not going to happen.

    6. I take it you're not going to go for a BBC? You're not even going to try? Shame on you.

    7. The only shame are BBCs that marry White/Indian/Black.

    8. Yes I agree but more shame on you as people who are with other races are not going on about BBC rights and the like. You are.

      I'm BBC married to another BBC and proud. We have shared experiences, similar morals and upbringing because we're BBC. Our parents didn't know each other, we're not even from the same town/city. We both socialise with a mixed group of friends and work for large multi-national/international companies. At the end of the day, I chose to be with another BBC, you're with a FOB.

    9. Good for you. Of course they won't 'go on' about BBC rights, they want to dissovle their identity. I, on the other hand am seeing if there is a BBC middle way, thus far, I don't see it. What glory is there in marrying a white washed BBC just because they're a BBC? She's won't maintain Chinese customs and traditions. Only a fool would have a problem with two ethnic Chinese marrying each other.

    10. @AnonymousMar 19, 2012 01:47 PM

      Whilst i respect that you are a BBC married to another BBC, its also BBCz who wrote the article, not you. As writer of the article, Its also his right to form his own opinions on BBC marriages.

      As we know, some Chinese love to let others take the initiative and do all the work, and once the work is done, take the benefit for themselves, including from this blog.

      Id also say its typical of Chinese mentality to criticize each other and yet when it comes down to the crunch have nothing to bring to the table.

      You are presumably reading/subscribed to this blog as an aid of free self education and choose what to absorb for the benefit of raising your own children as a BBC mother.

      With such experience about raising BBC children,or how your BBC marriage has worked out well, why not submit an article?

      It would probably be more productive than nitpicking someone elses opinion, especially one that you so strongly disagree with, right?

      Not to mention all of us on here could learn a thing or two from you. How about it?

    11. @BBCZeitgeistMar 19, 2012 03:47 PM

      If she was a white washed BBC, she wouldn't choose you anyway.

    12. its mutual.

    13. there is absolutely no point marrying a bbc girl if your intention is to find someone and become more Chinese to fill in the missing gaps in your self and follow your chinese traditions n customs, after all our Chinese values etc came from our parents who came from the motherland. you can only be chinese in that sense by marrying a fob otherwise it all gets diluted or white washed.

      if you just want to be British, then go marry a bbc girl or a white girl etc, it won't make much difference really. the bbc girls dont really follow chinese culture anyway, the ones that follow Asian culture just follow weeaboo culture which is not Chinese culture. weeaboo culture is even followed by white racists like logan Paul. weeaboo BBC girls are very partial to white guys. not only that, but if the BBC groups on Facebook are anything to go by, man, those groups suck, they're full of lame ass BBC that won't call out BBC girls that have white bfs/husbands n breed hapas, if that's the future of bbc, then fuck the BBC community, just let it die, it's not worth saving.

  8. Another thing ive noticed with the FB BBCS is there seems to be maybe a heavier population of BBCs up north _ midlands- Birmingham Manchester . Neehao is constantly promoting gigs in Bristol etc so unless im mistaken these are places where BBCS meet to dance to Kpop or whatever it the in thing nowadays, so maybe not now but future gens from those areas could prob have 2nd gen BBCs. Anyway this is speculation, ive no idea as its too early to tell. Also im guessing whites also attend these functions.

    Meanwhile this phenomena is more visible in the older gen where many of the hapa siblings comes from female FOBS marrying - whether arriving in the Uk for a job, or picked up by some white guy on his travels.

  9. Also to add, mindless gossiper that I am, on the now defunct British Chinese forum, I recall at least under a year ago a lot of BBC girls dating/ married to white guys debating and there was no dispute against this from the BBC guys, so this does also add to your argument, at least based on another social 'circle'.

    1. Exactly, I also read a more recent thread from the same site in which the females said repeated the same, their idols were white male actors, they preferred white males, they even used justification for inter racial marriage to whites using examples of Hong Kong actresses such as Gigi Leung marrying a white guy as inspiration for them to do the same. Again as you said, no dispute from the BBC males.

    2. This lack of resistance is the primary reason why other races' men can "get away with it". If anyone outside the race were to marry a black, asian and to a lesser extent, white woman - chances are their family will not only disapprove, but actively resist - hounding the outside man, threats in addition to the woman. Not saying it's right, but it happens all the time and is the reason why so many interracial (and cultural) relationships occur when there is a lack of father or the woman has left their family... and also the reason why Chinese women interracially marry and partner off with other men the most.

    3. I think the above examples shows just how widespread the shallowness of Chinese women are. To say that they prefer white males because they are better looking, doesn't that go against everything relationships are about? Love, respect, not looks and lust. You build up a family by being stable, by trust and getting along. Sorry if that sounds boring, but the longest lasting, most successful families are ones that stick together with a solid foundation. Even my own Chinese mother understood that, but I fear she is the last of a dying breed.

      If all these "modern" Chinese women think about is superficiality, gold digging and looks, how on earth could their children (and so on) have any future beyond what looks nice? Whites already have this crisis now, women who obsess about looks, sending their 10 year old kids for plastic surgery. Is that really what our race will become of in the future?

    4. Went out for mothers day today and f-cking hell talk about at least 3-4 WM/Chinese Girl couples with hapa kids. Seriously with 28% BBCs who have over 60%BBC women sold out and 72% fobs with some sell outs too, British Chinese community at least in my neck of the woods will be hapa in no time.

      Someone left a funny comment on the other thread - re FOB girl who got beaten up by a white guy.

      'i bet she marries a white guy'

      Thats the ultimate irony right there - whites are the most abusive husbands to chinese girls, and yet they flock to them like sheep.Unreal.

      Re: superficiality of Chinese women, thats why their hapa children end up as vanity projects. if it wasnt for FOB white-worshipping, and default white privelege, hapas would have been left in the dust like us BBCS.

      That hapas get more media privelege over BBCS from FOBS as British Chinese reps is seriously screwed up.

      This is why BBCS need to communicate with the next gen of FOBS. Obviously not the older ones who cant speak English im talking the younger ones who come here to study. China needs to know whats up with British Chinese community.

  10. I disagree with your comment about ethnic cleansing. This assumes that people are being forced rather than having free will.

    I would say that in my circle of BBC friends and acquaintances, the majority have married another BBC. Off the top of my head, 10 couples.
    All integrated into British society, all skilled professional, all socialise with non-BBCs.

    1. lesser of two evils, the former suggests innocence, the latter implies they don't want Chinese offspring- which is even worse.

    2. What are you on about? From what I understand, this person is telling you the majority of their BBC friends are in relationships with other BBC. Surely BBC + BBC = full Chinese offspring. What makes you think they don't want kids?

      Correct me if I'm wrong but as you read that these people work and socialise with non BBCs, you assumed they would go for white people. This goes to show that a lot of BBCs do choose each other even when they are fully intergrated into western society. Just not you.

    3. I'm refering to this...
      "ethnic cleansing. This assumes that people are being forced rather than having free will."
      "lesser of two evils, the former (FORCED)suggests innocence, the latter (FREE WILL)implies they don't want Chinese offspring- which is even worse."

      I still disagree, there's a lack of information, it doesn't say how they met, how they formed their circle, their age, their location.

  11. @AnonymousMar 18, 2012 03:42 PM

    As you read 'these people' work and socialise with non-BBCs its obvious, if you were a BBC to understand that the likely hood is that they would choose non-BBC partners.

    That there are a number of BBC couples contrasts with the facts shown on the play cantonese article, and the numerous other blogs. without a culture, without a media identity, without political power. the temptation to embrace a false white privelege will always be default for bbcs. unfortunately for you white trolls, there will always be a few bbcs who are proud of their Chinese heritage, which will make it harder for that selling out process to happen.

    white /western imperialism is the basis of all wars. so when you embrace white privelege its important to remember how that privelege came to be. some are happy to live with that because by nature they are selfish people, and out of sight out of mind.But not all of us.

  12. I am a BBC male and have been engaged to 3 BBC females only for me to pull-out for legitimate reasons......I'm now dating a White girl who is beautiful but we're both finding that the cultural divide is complicated (something which I experienced at the other end of the scale with a hk born Chinese girl)

    90% of my BBC friends (around 30) are with fellow-bbcs and therefore I have to disagree with the originator of this post!!!!!! This is the first time I have come across this site but I was interested - why bother responding to "Anonymous" postings!?

    1. haha, engaged 3 times and pulled out? You're a right Romeo aren't you? You should write an article about chinese male white female relationships and share your experience.

      Still undecided about the BBC/BBC marriage issue due to incomplete statistics, it may vary widely according to geographical location and age. People confuse dating with settling down, its the latter that matters. I suspect you're VERY BBC, deliberately seeked out BBCs who are also VERY BBC to form a BBC friendship network with, rather like the BBC meet ups from FB BBCOnline etc, this gives an inaccurate picture.

      Dialogue is important to me as this is a discussion blog. Sure, all they have to do is click NAME/URL instead of anonymous and they'll have a temp username. I guess people are lazy.

    2. Also i seen how bloggers like DY has been dissed bigtime, so better to say anon, one doesn't want to lose an argument and exposed in such an embarrassing way.

    3. @AnonymousMar 26, 2012 10:02 AM

      haha not sure about BBCz but i would never do that to you bro i love you too much - in a purely bromance way.:D

      Anyway after a while on this blog you can get to tell the characters of the anonymous by their writing. For me i just diss self-haters and hapas who want to make us invisible again with their empty verbal instigation. And Im also willing to learn in order to define the structure of my own Chinese pride as a BBC.

      I guess there is some kind of hierachy of 'standard' that BBCz has set but thats no bad thing. Since ive been on this blog about myself as a BBC and for that im very grateful. Where else would I have gotten this education? Dimsum? Other BBC mates /aquaintnances? Nice guys but let's face it they just took the usual BBC route of not analysing our own ( BBC) cultural identity, which is a mistake if BBCs can ever think of ourselves as having any kind of serious ethnic identity IMO.

    4. @uo1by Engaged and broke up 3 times to a If you engage and break up in your current relationship, I wont hold it against you if you end up with a nice HK born Chinese girl fifth time lucky!

  13. This is the same for a lot of ethnic minorities, I would however say it is a bigger problem for the BBC as you say, as an identity in the UK it isn't as developed as others.

    This is the reality, we are a minority, and this is the nature of the world where cultures intermix/assimilate or quite often disappear altogether.

    You certainly look at the world in far too a racial way, you really are not comfortable with yourself as a person, talking in racial terms makes the world an easier world to understand, but it isn't the right way.

    1. Culture is race. assuming you are an ethnic chinese and not a white/white subcategory, do you consider culture an important issue?

      Or is everything just multicultural to you? If so, it sounds like your the one who isn't comfortable with yourself otherwise you wouldn't be posting here.

      Once again your comment reveals your own insecurities in reaction to the article.

      However, If you are white/white subcategory then your ignorance is typical, being that white/subcategory culture is built on the backs off stealing from other cultures, and the introduction of western elitist globalist agendas including socially engineered multiculturalism.

  14. Interesting post! Very interesting read and so many views on this topic.

    Came here by accident actually, was googling chinese weddings in Birmingham and came across this blog.

    Don't know if this officially counts but I was born in HK but migrated to UK when I was 3 months old with my family. I and my friends do see me as a BBC and I am due to wed my fiance who is also a BBC.

    Hopes this changes some statistics!!

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  16. bbc marry bbc or British born chinese marry british born Chinese is a waste of time. bbc males hold very diluted Chinese values and the females are white washed as anything. because we don't have a community, if you raise a child as a third generation bbc and want it to be academically good, it's going to go to a very white school and its friends will all be white people and it will date white too, then you will have half cast grandchildren. you won't be able to sustain anything without a chinese community. it just grow up like 2nd gen bbc...lost or white washed. chinese immigration to a western country means chinese genocide, you have accept it.

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