Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Asian Fetish - Dark seedy world of Asiaphilia

Seedy side of Asiaphilia

It is good timing the press covered two incidents of White male Asian fetish. 

English womaniser Hugh Grant, previously arrested in 1995 for curb crawling a Black prostitute to satisfy his jungle fetish is now rumoured to have turned into a rice chaser.  According to the News of the World, Hugh Grant is dating his Chinese neighbour Tinglan Hong who could also be carrying his child.

The actor has previously revealed his attraction to 'Eastern' girls. He said last year after a visit to China: ‘I must say I’m very charmed by Chinese women so far, I’ve been here only 24 hours, but I’ve fallen in love four times.'
There is a concurrent story from the Daily Mail (24/4/2011 - 25/4/2011) about another White male Asian fetisher, former actor, Canadian born Brian Scott Dickson.

Brian Dickson, 29, is charged with the first-degree murder of Chinese student Qian Liu AKA Qian Necole Liu, whose semi-naked body was found in her flat near York University in Toronto. Her Chinese boyfriend watched live on webcam 6,000 miles away in Beijing as she struggled with her attacker.  

Murdered Qian Liu
Officers from Toronto’s child exploitation unit are now investigating whether the 29-year-old is linked to any of the grizzly posts found on internet website...tribe.ca over a 10-year period...

...the former York student lists three women of an Asian background as his favourite adu1t movie stars including “ch*rmanestar” (a Filipina p*rn star) and talks openly about his infatuation with “Asian girls 12-16.”
He specifically targeted Asian women for casting opportunities and according to his father trawled dating sites for Asian women to date.

In another famous case in 2005, http://www.asianweek.com/2005/04/29/princeton-incident-shows-extreme-case-of-asian-fetish/

Michael Lohman, 28, a third-year doctoral student, was arrested for surreptitiously cutting locks of hair from at least nine Asian women. He also admitted to pouring his ur*ne and sem*n into the drinks of Asian women more than 50 times in Princeton’s graduate student dining hall and other places. Investigators found women’s underwear and mittens filled with the hair of Asian women at the apartment Lohman shared with his wife of four years, who is Asian. Police believe Lohman stole the mittens from Asian women and then used them to m*sturbate.

For the likes of Brian Dickson, Hugh Grant and Michael Lohman, Asian fetish takes the form of a sexual fetish, it is the darker seedier side of Asiaphilia.

One  stumbled across two perturbing internet blogs that further illustrates the seedy side of Asiaphilia, The first blog relates to Korean culture...


Right hand column of its homepage pays homage to the most scatological topics imaginable from Korean virgnity, sexual objectification of Korean girls, prostitution, pedophilia, STI rates of infection, sexualisation of children, lolita, child abuse, rape to feminisation of Korean men etc.

These unhealthy cultural topics typically intrigue westerners with their sexualised fetishizing and stereotyping of East Asian orientals, their bodies and their oriental culture - notably Japanese and Korean (to a lesser extent Chinese, a less sexualised culture, the fixation Westerners have with China tends to revolve around general human rights abuse), Westerners also typically obsess over battered wife syndrome in the Muslim world.

Whilst the aforementioned topics are synonymous with Women's Studies,  largely written and read by feminist women, in this case however, the site runner isn't a woman but a man, an Asiaphile, a White Koreanophile male to be exact - James Turnbull, his fixation with  Korean culture is entirely related to the sexual side of young Asian females, it is a familiar trait of Asian fetish. He fails to see the irony in discussing the sexualisation or objectification of Asian girls, when he is a White Asiaphile male living in the Far East with an Asian wife.
There are few analogous examples of East Asian's studying White girls in the same manner Westerners to do so with Asian's, in particular Asian women, except perhaps the likes of mentally deranged Japanese cannibal Izzy Sagawa, this is a like for like comparison. The sheer arrogance with which Caucasians continuously study, analyse and pass judgement on other races in the manner of a zoological exhibit typifies westcentric views on the rest of the world, Asians should reverse study these Caucasians, put them on trial in the same way they put the world on trial.

Whilst the unsavoury nature of Asiaphile White males is well documented, what does it  say about the types of Asian women who have no qualms about dating or marrying these types of reprehensible White men with Asian fetish? Given Hugh Grant's publicised track record, what does it say about Ting lan Hong? What does it say about the Asian wife of Michael Lohman or the Asian ex-girlfriends of Brian Dickson? The  creepiness of Asiaphile White male is only surpassed by the Asian women who are attracted to them. 

One such Asian female is: Crystal Tao (a 'Suzy Wong' from Chongqing), who runs the blog:


She panders to western orientalist mysticism of Chinese women whilst proudly depositing statistics on the width and size of Chinese female genitalia and male genitalia and posing ironic questions such as

"Why do Chinese girls wear bad underwear?"
 "Is Asiaphilia driven by p*edophi1ia?" 

Her faecal deposits attract swarms of White male Asiaphile diptera, all eager to sink their maggot infested minds all over it, none of her topics would look out of place on J*mes Turnb*ll's site. These Asian women in focusing on these unsavoury topics for a White male audience fail to notice what is disturbing about their own behaviour.

 In the case of the Korean wife of James Turnbull, she is fully complicit of their White husband’s sexualised interests in Asian girls. This is a man who posts videos of his own children on his website for a discussion on the sexualisation of young korean children.

This is how James Turnbull arrived in Korea...
"I am making a transition from an ESL teacher for 10 years to becoming a writer,  centered around the topics I cover on this blog.....I arrived in Jinju back in May 2000, and moved with my Korean girlfriend to Busan in September 2003...We got married in May 2004, and had Alice in June 2006 and then Elizabeth in August 2008. "
He forms the customary 'pre-route' taken by many Asiaphile White men. It is discussed here: http://bbczeitgeist.blogspot.com/2011/03/asiaphile-asian-fetish-asiaphilia.html , teaching English as a foreign language in Asia, a decoy to hide their real intentions of worming their way into orifices of local Asian women.

These westerners once they've poached their Asian prize, follow the same 'post-route' too...

"For the sake of my daughters’ education, safety and so on, my wife and I plan to return there (New  Zealand) to live within the next 5 to 10 years or so."
English speaking westerners in the Far East seldom turn native and trail back to the west with or without their lapdog, Turnbull is planning to do so with his Korean wife, Crystal Tao has relocated to Israel with her Jewish fiance. These unhealthy White Asian sexual fetishers find their match in the form of an Asian partner who is equally unhealthy and debauched.


  1. Just refresh the page if you can't see the comments

  2. I cant read this article, when you started writing about that girl murdered by the white guy it made me feel sick . thanks for bringing it to my attention tho. but once again...we need to stop worshipping whitey ( esp women) and things will start to change. in some way the women bring it on themselves.

    Read below:
    I was once like yourself, but I cannot cure you. It takes a person training their own mind in order to change your preference.
    Instead, I will help you another way.
    Here is a list of tips on how to HIDE your asiaphilia from an asian woman you are attempting to court:
    1. Wear sunglasses.
    The main way asian women can tell a man is an asiaphile by the look in his eyes, and a person can tell a lot about a person just by looking in the other persons eyes (their mood, their attitude, etc.)
    2. Make sure you are hygienic.
    This is a given for in any situation with a woman. Asiaphiles as asians call you, and once called me, are identified by a certain disgusting thing about them. A lot of asians have made the observation that a lot of asiaphiles dont shower, and some dont shave, and some dont do either. Make sure you are shaven and showered in the mornings. Make sure to get those hair cuts every now and then.
    3. Work on your social skills.
    Social awkwardness can come off bad. In fact, it almost always does. Make sure you are not nervous when talking to one. Try not to stutter, or say "um" too much.
    4. Talk to her like any woman of your own race.
    Not all of them are foreighn, so dont try to talk to them in some random asian language. And dont speak slowly either.
    When attempting to make conversation, dont ask her where she is from, or about her culture, and dont talk endlessly about how great you think asian culture is. Talk to her like a woman of your own race.
    5. Dont be racist.
    This should be a given, but dont talk about asian steotypes, or make fun of asians, or say that asian men are inferior to her face. try to be racially sensitive.If you seem racist, then she may suspect you are an asiaphile.
    6. Respect her like any other woman of your own race.
    If you have nor respect for women, then I cant help you.

  4. Hugh Grant thinks 'infatuation' is 'love' lol! His taste in women is so bad dat he probably thinks Jung Juri is as pretty as Kim Tae Hee!!!

  5. hugh grant is now the father of a one night stand with tinglan hong, their child will be named wangbadan

  6. No, their child will be called 'wambamthankyoumam'.

  7. So, according to this article, am I right in assuming that ALL white men who fall in love and marry Chinese women are these evil asiaphiles?

    I don't agree with this one bit. My father is an English man married to a full-blood Chinese woman born in Singapore. They truly love each other and have been married almost 30 years!

    This article is only highlighting the bad side of something.

  8. Help! I am an Asiaphile who desperately wants to get rid of his Asiaphilia! Seeing what other Asiaphiles do to Asian women makes me disgusted with myself and depressed. I have wanted to commit suicide because of it! If anyone knows how to help me, please reply!