Saturday, 16 April 2011

Bobby Davro Racist Chinese Jibe in The Wizard of Oz

Comedian and former Eastender's actor Bobby Davro left parents stunned after making racist Chinese jokes onstage in Preston.

Story from the Lancashire Evening Post (16/4/2011)
Full Article:

Embarrassed parents said Davro, who was playing the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz at Preston’s Charter Theatre, made continual references to Chinese people eating dogs and pulled stereotypical “Chinaman” faces.

Mother-of-one Rachel Ralphson, 36, from Euxton, took her nine-year-old daughter Maddy to see the show, said:

"The Chinese dog-eating jokes were really bad. He didn’t just do it once, also he was doing Chinese impressions but really putting it on."

“It was very risque jokes which you know the kids won’t understand but I think he was a little bit over the top especially with the casual racism.

“Maddy didn’t really get the references but some of the parents were just looking at each other. There were some points where I didn’t want to look at my daughter in case she had understood and then I’d have to explain them.”
In a statement, the Guild Hall said: “The Guild Hall and Charter Theatre would like to apologise to any patrons who may have been offended by the content of The Wizard Of Oz performances on Thursday 14th April. Any complaints will be dealt with accordingly and in due course.”


  1. The problem is that the Chinese never respond to such acts - and never in violence. Note how blacks and asians respond when they are slighted, even in the slightest way. Burning the Koran resulted in relatiation attacks and riots, resulting in the deaths of UN workers. Blacks looked at the wrong way on the street go beserk. Chinese being insulted... moan about it on the internet.

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  3. haha. Theres strong vocal anti-japanese sentiment in China to distinguish Chinese in China and Chinese diaspora, growing Chinese nationalism in the mainland is not reflected in the British Chinese attitudes. I think the Chinese tend to take issues with Japanese but not so much with White's. But there is a solution, be more proactive, collectively in showing dissent and disapproval, zero tolerance of racism. I have the solution, I will post it up soon onto this blog in a few days time for you to read.

  4. It's quite simple really - nothing is insulting unless the recipient of the words is insulted. People need to lighten up and stop being so P.C. just because your government says so. And parents, stop mollycoddling your children, you're just adding to the therapy they need when they're older

  5. Preston is a provincial town, rooted in anarchic values, some would regard it as the back of beyond, a bit of a backwater.

    Barely, in the 20th Century, let alone the 21st!Eastenders WAS a good soap-opera, now it has lost all scope, and is appealling to the low-life of Britain!

    The Eastend, 'in-reality' is generally occupied with the so-called visible first-generation immigration minority population.

    If you know your history, you will know that Chinese people have lived, loved and died in this country for over 400 years!

    Since, King James's Reign!

    There were Chinese military personnel who had served this country in 2 world wars!

    For example: Frank Soo's Older brother!
    Also; see Royal Hong Kong Regiment!

    Bobby Davro is an 'F' list Comedian, lazy and vulgar! Similar to Jim Davidson, definitely not global material like Steve Coogan or Lee Evans.

    If you want to see Chinese culture, just google
    Olympics 2008, Shanghai World Expo 2010 or Shaolin; Wheel of life!

    As-fo-myself, I have served this country in the
    following capacity....

    I have worked for the CPS and BAA as an Airport Security Officer in an International Airport in the UK for over 3 years.

    My mission statement was counter-terrorism!
    Myself and others risked our lives everyday!

    Please; give us British-Chinese some credit!

    P.s. Try and bring your kids up properly, we Chinese do!

  6. what is wheel of life? not heard of it.

  7. @Anonymous Airport Security Officer. Well done for being counter-terrorist. Shame the only terrorism we have to worry about in reality is the stuff concocted by this Satanic government and in fact the terrorism you encounter on your job is just a job description as it is for police to chase 'terrorists' in between flashing their blue lights to reach the nearest macdonalds. On that list you mentioned above Ill credit you with having a nice paid job and hopefully raising your children to think for themselves and not being totally brainwashed by white cultural imperialism.

    And @ anonymous commenter1 . You are dead on. We need a riot. Unfortunately the only one you will see with any Chinese is at the January sales infront of a gucci shop.

  8. From Airport Security Officer:


    Just google;

    Shaolin: wheel of life

    It is a spectacular show based on authentic Chinese martial arts!


    As for Satanic governments; well can't help u there I'm afraid.... governments r a bit dodgy!


    As for riots; it's already happened....
    But; not from us Chinese....


    As for being brainwashed by white cultural imperialism.

    Very difficult for that to happen I'm afraid;
    I come from a culture that is 5000 years old!

    And Me and mine can read, write and speak Chinese, as well as having access to extensive Chinese popular media culture; internet, satellite TV; books dvds etc.....

    Also; Chinese people value a technical and scientific education highly.....

    Oh P.S.

    I donot own any gucci.... My humble salary donot stretch that far...And I prefer to wear more robust and economical attaire!

    1. Hi All;

      Sorry for not posting for literally years...
      Work and career commitments...

      Has anyone here ever heard of the:
      Chinese Military Mission. World War 2 theatre.
      Supposedly; based in Piccadilly Circus. London.

      Since; it is such a long time ago; materials are slowly being declassified by the British Government.

      It concerns the Foreign Office 371 Unit.

      That's all I know...

      But; it is intriguing that there were Chinese Troops who had served and were stationed in Blighty....

      That's all the info. I have for now...