Thursday, 14 April 2011

Chinky Eyes - Sexy Racist?

Among the Black urban ghettoised communities, there is an observable sub-cultural phenomenon...

Hundreds of Facebook profiles of dark skinned 'ghettoised' Black and South East Asian women insert  'chinky eyes' as their middle name. For these urban dark skinned women, almond shaped eyes are  a representation of sexiness, 'that phrase' is considered a term of endearment, casual racism is sexy. 

Judging by the facial features, the first female has suspected Asian blood, however, She is fully assimilated  into 'Black America,' the remnants of her Asian heritage has been reduced to nothing but a ethnic slur in honor of her Asian ancestors for passing down their genetic features.

Reverse analogy can be used to illustrate how improper 'that phrase' is.

Pinky 'Coon Lips' Cheung or Pinky 'Nig-Nog Lips' Cheung

Appropriate, flattering and sexy? Clearly there are no double standards in casual racism...


  1. It's obvious that if they use even the racist slurs that even apply to their own race ('nigger'etc.), black girls will use other racial slurs as well. I don't think they do it in a mean way, at least.

  2. i agree with the above . its innocent. if anything, its affectionate. Bro, to understand racism first you have to understand how other people see it. Not condoning it but by understanding how others see things paints things in a grey rather than black and white all the time. this and your white girls dressing up thing...i think ( despite what you think ) is their weird way of showing affection and connection to our race.

    Anyway good blog so far ive been leaving comments on here all night and its 2.47am

  3. Funny how when Blacks do it, everyone defends it as being innocent. Bullshit.

  4. The problem is, the words "Chinky" is still not deemed offensive enough. The usage has somehow gain more momentum lately. Claiming a word and twisting it for irony is something the black culture has put their stamp on, but borrowing from another culture and race is wrong. Sadly, not enough outcry has been dished out whenever it has been used creates a form of acceptance. We need to point it out and make a big song and dance about it, otherwise, it will be claimed and re-claimed by others making the Chinese seen further passive and nonchanlant. SF.

    1. do you find it in any way endearing?

    2. Personally no, because I'm not into the Black culture that's been promoted here. The culture is all about in your face and being aggressive. Not something I find natural in me, which I guess has been discussed a lot on this blog. Having said that, I sometimes wonder why I must change my ways to get some progression for BBCs or any ethnic Chinese.

      The "Chinky" eyes that these women refer to are probably more to do with social stereotypes as well as looks. Since many race view Oriental women as exotic and submissive, the link to something oriental might help to make these women seem more demure and subtle. You could argue, it's their way of trying to cave in to men's pressures of being more serving and less demanding. Something, I find black culture like to do. Caricature a scenario or fantasy that is often nothing close to reality because it helps them cope with their social stereotype too, especially women. SF.

  5. I am glad that I land on this page. I am myself a Black urban woman, so perhaps I could bring some insight to this blog. Some Black people, including myself, have almond shaped eyes. The picture you displayed of the Asian lady with the full lips did offend me (for all of 2-3 seconds), not because of her looks but because of the words coon and nig-nog...

    I have used the term chinky eyes to describe many people with almond shaped eyes, never a person of Oriental descent or an Asian, not even realizing that I was saying something that would offend for that I do apologize.

    I would like to throw out there that we don't mean it in any derogatory way. It has nothing to do with trying to seem submissive in the eyes of men either...But I guess it does have more to do with describing our features that seem most exotic.

    I think that people should just try to understand each other before we jump to conclusions about what someone else is thinking or feeling. Racism does still exist in this world but how are we to overcome it if we just assume stereotypes of the races are true before you take the chance to get to know the other? The whole Black race isn't aggressive and in your face...and please don't refer to Black as a culture because there is no such thing. That would be like saying Asian Culture...when clearly many different ethnic groups come from Asia. It's the same for Blacks, & Whites as well.

    I really think that if Asian people take a stand, or more of you speak up then your issues will be heard.