Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Chinese Inter Milan Football Fans Attack AC Milan Jersey

Chinese Inter Milan football fans attack a fellow Chinese football fan wearing a AC Milan team shirt, during an Inter Milan training session. Picture one shows the fan wearing his shirt and the second displays the fan after that Red and Black shirt has been forcibly removed.

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anonymous465203 - August 2nd, 2011 at 10:11 pm
Do those idiots believe they are Italians or what?!
To be a fan for a foreign club is acceptable, but to be a fanatic and to abuse fans of other “foreign” rivals..that’s stupidity and madness.

BBCZeitgeist Commentary: Chinese brothers fighting Chinese brothers over a non-Chinese team is disgraceful, why are they supporting a non-Chinese team? They should be  unifying behind a Chinese team. You are Chinese, not White. Further evidence: Arsenal Liverpool chelsea Asia Tour 2011 


  1. This was in Beijing so im not sure how long euro football teams have been visiting.

    makes you wonder if china will ever develop its culture when
    1. lack of skilled trainers/players
    2. lack of promotion
    3.solid corporate structure to promote as the west does.

    im sure one day the world can cheer for guangzhou vs shanghai, but for now, rabid lapping up western export will continue and as long as china doesnt develop it's own athletes except for show, like the 2008 olympics it'll continue. very sad.

    idealism and reality are really two different things. mainland cultural development seems to be trapped in this bubble and we are just watching a carcrash on the sidelines but we can't look away and only shake our heads. and i hate watching football.

  2. this is western culture influencing the mob.

    football hooliganism is associated with all sorts of violence and outburst as well as acting out of repressed feelings of anger.
    the incident above is not really about attacking another fan of a foreign team but it was an opportunity to air some vent.

    i doubt any of these fans would do for the clubs in question. like in England where they would meet and fight.

  3. thats right - 'western learned hooliganism'. spot on. another great foreign-made export that makes chinese look like idiots

    heres the video incase anyone needs to watch it

    made me cringe with all the 'chinese r cunts' comments...this is what happens when you have a country the develops at the speed of light overnight. theres no maturity or naturalness to its progression to digest culture.

    i really fear for chinas cultural future unless it learns to slow down. right now its just like a kid discovering chocolate and wants to eat the whole shop and feel sick afterwards is my best analogy.

  4. 'right now its just like a kid discovering chocolate and wants to eat the whole shop and feel sick afterwards is my best analogy.'
    That's brilliant analogy.

    This however has more to do with the crude peasant mindset of mainlanders than hooliganism. Despite Hong Kong being more westernised you rarely see such a thing happening.

  5. Wow. Just pathetic. It seems the only thing that gets the Chinese riled up isn't being attacked by other races, or facing discrimination... it's supporting a white (well, Italian) brand.

  6. in my opinion this was not related to any racism matter at all. this is call RESPECT each others.. you have to respect the team's fans (inter fans), because that moment was their show, why should that one wear milan shirt??? (while he knew that milan is the most rival of inter), where is the respect?? it means that guy didn't respect the inter fans.

    i think he will be okay if he wear the other soccer team shirt, such as MU, arsenal or something that not related to inter rival.