Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Chinese Britons have put up with racism for too long



Chinese Britons are often referred to as a "silent" or "hidden" minority. For although we are the fourth-largest minority ethnic group in the UK, we are virtually invisible in public life, principally the arts, media and politics.

On the surface, the Chinese seem relatively content and well-to-do, with British Chinese pupils regularly outperforming their classmates and Chinese men more likely than any other ethnic group to be in a professional job. Consequently, we are often overlooked in talks on racism and social exclusion.
But academic and economic successes do not negate feelings of marginalisation. A 2009 study by The Monitoring Group and Hull University suggested that British Chinese are particularly prone to racial violence and harassment, but that the true extent to their victimisation was often overlooked because victims were unwilling to report it.

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  1. Racism is bad! no no no ! absolutely horrible dahlings!

    Looks like the bourgoisis has only woken up to writing about this fact and this blog is what - 2 years old? But no, we get labelled 'racist' by the multiculturalists until this guardian writer complains about the lack of roles in british theater available for her. Disgraceful!

    Anyway, if the whitewashed masses dont pay attention to this blog, maybe they can listen to the guardian tell them.

    'Denial gets us nowhere. But awareness, thoughtfulness and courage could make millions of lives so much better.'

    How to swapping cake recipes? lol

  2. I seem to have missed the rather narrow window for commenting. Amazingly, I was going to come on here to post another incidence of self racial hatred re: Chinese.

    But read the comments in that article. The vast majority are ridiculing the racism, turning it on us (e.g. how much racism do the Chinese do to themselves???) and somehow saying that being the hardest working and highest achieving in school equates to no racism. I mean, wow. Apparently we have to be failing in all walks of life to be even considered racially abused.

    If it was still open I'd still mention the fact we're not even considered British - i.e. the Chinese Tiger mums programme a few days ago - but really, everyone take time to read the comments. Now imagine if these were geared towards black or asian British - it simply wouldn't happen, and on this scale...

    and remember, this is the GUARDIAN. The most liberal, left wing paper in Britain. The same where its readership would be begging for an opportunity to mention our wonderful British Black or Asian communities.

  3. This comment sums it up

    "Ironically, the most highly recommended detracting comments here only serve to reinforce the author's point: that casual racism and stereotyping of the Chinese is seen as acceptable.

    They're not put upon enough, societally disadvantaged, darkly skinned or whatnot for it to count as racism? Utter bullshit.


    "The fact that British people feel comfortable enough to make jokes about a person of Chinese ethnicity should be seen as a positive thing. As has been mentioned in other posts, English, Welsh and Scottish people will quite hapily make and take comments that jokingly relate to national stereotypes. No offence is taken and non is intended.

    I personally belive that the underlying reason for this is that both the person making the comment and the person recieving it see nothing wrong with being English / Welsh / Scottish. In other words they are seen as equals and it's ok to joke with equals. If the Chinese can be included in this list then it shows how well they are viewed (probably due to their impressive culture, history and standing on the world stage - and the pride that results from this). "

    Hear that fellow BBCs? It's alright being racially insulted, abused and assaulted... we're equals!!!

  5. This guy in particular is a prick:


    11 January 2012 2:07PM

    It matters what happens in China because you are British "Chinese" and therefore cannot align yourself with an ethnic group and demand rights as members of that ethnic group ... when it turns out that your ethnic group's nation (China) shows no interest in extending a similar level of respect to foreigners in its land."

    That's right, our "ethnic group's nation" is bad, so it's alright to be bad to us!

    I wonder what the white ethnic group's "nation" is...

  6. Argghhh, the comments are just plain frustrating. Always deflecting the point - that BRITISH people BORN AND BRED - are being racially abused in our OWN COUNTRY. These idiots keep saying, well the Chinese are racist towards white in China... is it your country? Were you born there? Is it an excuse to be racist back at Chinese?

    They're completely missing the point. Probably intentionally, so they can let this matter slide.

    I do hope the comments there allow more BBCs to realise that... yep, things are pretty bad as ethnic Chinese. Things that are linked to us that do not apply to blacks and asians e.g. "In China..." etc., along with the general consideration that there is no distinction between British Chinese and the Chinese in China (they keep mentioning the "Chinese community" shouting laowai etc. - how can the British Chinese say that if we can only speak English???); we are not British (well backed up by quite a few sources now)..... this surely should be enough to make BBCs see a bit of sense?

  7. MisterMister1

    11 January 2012 3:02PM

    If you can't laugh - what can you do?!

    I used to go out with a lovely Chinese girl.

    One night in bed I asked her for a 69.

    'Fuck off,' she said, 'I'm not cooking at this time of night!'


    They are joking. At our race's expense. We ARE just a joke to them.

  8. RealUKCitizen

    11 January 2012 3:22PM

    "I don't remember the last time anyone was set upon by a gang of chinese muggers, or when a bank was robbed by chinese robbers, or rowdy chinese youths beat passengers up on a bus, or when I last heard about an unemployed chinese family claiming thousands in benefits or the last time I saw a chinese woman pimping out thier kids to beg.

    Compare and contrast with other ethnic communities.

    As far as I'm concerned the chinese are great, and I shall continue to only date ladies of east asian descent who are on the whole a lot nicer

    Wonderful... complimenting us by fucking ONLY oriental women.

  9. "Theethou

    11 January 2012 4:05PM

    I would love to hear a Chinese origin person talk about the Chinese occupation and repression of Tibet. I am not being flippant. It's just that people expecting fair treatment and eradication of racism are so one eyed when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Another one - apparently whites should only consider "fair treatment" to the Chinese if there is a British Born Chinese talking about China being evil about Tibet etc. Apparently he cannot distinguish between the Chinese race and the nation of China. Where do these people get their logic from, are they THAT ignorant? Why are the still grouping all Chinese together?

  10. "HaterBot

    11 January 2012 7:35PM

    The treatment of eastern Asians in the UK is a lot better than the treatment of any kind of foreigner in, say, Japan, where outrageous displays of xenophobia are commonplace.

    Not that that excuses any racial discrimination you might face in Britain, but it is food for thought."

    No it's not because WE'RE BRITISH BORN AND BRED, NOT FOREIGNERS. Food for thought my arse

    Anyway, there are many Chinese people on there who have been saying they were afraid to stand up because of isolation, or being taught to shy away from an early age. Maybe some central British Born Chinese organisation, aimed at improving self confidence and self respect at an early age, will do wonders from young BBCs, and as a result the future of our race in Britain?

    1. yes!
      a central organisation.
      i propose you look at this link regarding intergenerational communication.

      i propose we conduct the interview of the old and young, not neccesarily related... but it will serve a good purpose. then make sure the interviews and programs get aired on pheonix tv, promonintly.

      chris li

    2. tvb are recruiting:

  11. haha thanks for assassinating the comments bro, im assuming thats you all of the above. anyway im posting this post in the facebook forum. dont expect much response, but if you dont try,you dont know.

    'central british born chinese organisation aimed at developing self confidence, self respect' exactly. for kids. and id add - a promotion for british born chinese positive role models.

  12. mi fav is sponge cake i cud eat it all day

  13. then do something about it !