Friday, 20 January 2012

Mainland Chinese Televsion: Hongkonger are dogs

 The above video speaks for itself - its the age old antagonism between HK and China, this time presented by a mainland professor.

However when it comes down to BBCS and Chinese in the UK, despite sharing the same country, UK, the non-communication /differentiation still exists.

Then here is an interesting comment i found on this article

Her response is  in bold italic, and in response to a previous anonymous poster and the discussion is whether the CCP are contributing towards the IR of our culture.

Assuming she is new to this country, Chinese, and female, and presumably a mainlander as opposed to HK Chinese, here is what she says:.
anonymous 3 January 2012 01:24 writes:

Allowing more female Chinese students abroad (65-35 according to a British survey on unis and foreign student intake - China was the only country with majority female);

That's nothing to do with the Chinese politics and governments, that is highly depend on the uk universities and whether the uk governments are willing to send out the visa or not. so in your opinion, what should the government do? forbid female to study abord?

allowing Chinese women to leave China as soon as a white man wants to marry her and "take her back";
it's same for man. if a Chinese man marry a western woman he of course can leave China too. and i think the policy applied in other countries like US as well.

allowing billboards and media to have mixed race/white man-chinese woman appearances as if it were the norm;

well, you should definitely watch taiwan and japan tv show. as a matter of fact, i can't even think of one mixed race celebrity that is based/famous in China now. where did you get the idea that it was 'the norm'?

allowing mail order bride "services" to operate in China;

never heard of that

allowing unwanted Chinese girls to be adopted by foreigners, who will adapt a white surname and become "white" in upbringing

so what should the government do? forbid female to be adopted by westerns? and from what i know the orphan can only be adopted by foreigners if no chinese family/individuals want to take over.

and the people you talked about is less than 1% of the total Chinese population (i guess), how the fuck will these 1% chinese damage Chinese race or demographics? and why 'race' matters to you anyway? japan has lots of mixed raced people and full of westerns, and i don't think there're anything wrong with it.

Today mainlanders increasingly emigrate to the UK, a better life, not unlike the previous commonwealth generation.

But why is there still antagonism between BBCs and mainlanders that spills over into the UK? Isnt the debate in the video suggesting that one is less Chinese than the other when the real truth is that both have sold out their chinese cultural pride for western hi-culture?

Here is another comment i found from a commentor on the topic of Chinese culture

anonymous 13 December 2011 04:02 writes:

The problem is that white influences are so intrinsic in the world today, it is impossible to do without being "restrictive", which the kids are only too aware of nowadays. Back when China was actually a world leader and the whites were still fighting each other for fun, Chinese culture simply did not have enough influence to affect white countries' own... it was seen as distinct and recognised, sure... but kept seperate from the native white cultures.

Of course there was no internet, media back then. Children were taught by the teacher and their parents alone, no-one else. The time to create a race's own unique brand identity is over, because mass modern media will no doubt "make it white" by default

So if we are to assume the above comment is true, what is the answer?

Culturally it wont make a difference whether you are a BBC who lives in the UK or a BBC or FOB who lives in China... if Chinese culture is not moving forward, it's preservation can only be renewed by the constant arrival of more FOBS to the UK, but never developed, especially if BBC'ers maintain the rift between HK chinese and mainland Chinese.

There has been suggestions that Chinese culture 'sold out' a long time ago, and it can be argued that the selling out of mainlanders is an inevitability.

So what does this have to do with overseas Chinese or British Born Chinese?

BBCS are in the perfect position to be ambassadors of Chinese culture? Why?

Because we know what its like to be demonised as being 'different' and the realities of not being accepted into mainstream ....and rather than taking the divide and conquer that is demonstrated in the video, in the UK, we British Chinese / all Chinese in Britain should work together.

If we know our culture is at its best being preserved by renewal of immigrants, despite the constant demonisation
and perversion of Chinese culture by elites, shouldn't mainland FOBS and commonwealth BBCS look to set aside our differences and start to work together ?


  1. work together? to what purpose?
    as highlighted already.... exactly what is the purpose and is the purpose all that important in the minds of the modern young people?

    personally there are lots of good things from chinese culture that ought to be cultivated and brought into the mainstream.

    however, as already stated too, white influence is greater and wider. chinese influence is hardly recognised in the western world.

    if we were to start working together,.... then why not start by identifying what chinese influence we want the west to experience??????

    answers ona napkin here please :)

    chris li

  2. Your posts are very illucid.

    TBH I think you should go Thatcher with this, in that really there is no such thing as society or culture. Just that people act in a certain way and are persuaded via one thing or another to act in a similar manner.

    For example consider young women in the UK they act and dress the way they do because everybody else does and it forces them to conform. When really it is twisting that person to a specified ideal which doesn't really exist.

    My parents were terrible about this, they always thought TVB children actors were REAL and why can't you be like that? Thus people are merely making choices and taking options. They are going against the interests of the perceived group. In their self interest....

    Is this such a bad thing?

    Wayy back in psychology in school I remember the fundamental thing was that there is no such thing as a normal person. And any medication and treatments merely chipped that person away until they fit into the peg society had built for them. It did not take into account of how that person felt being forced to fit.

  3. @Chris 'why not start by identifying what chinese influence we want the west to experience??????' - its not so much what we want the west to experience - its about us. BBCS and Chinese in britain. Theres no connection. Because BBC culture as it stands is based around blandness and soaking up asian americanism, we dont have an identity. Its very unorganised. All im saying is that if we had a support network for all Chinese in Britain, we would feel more solid about being Chinese in britain rather than the usual feeling lost in a white world. Thats all. But you are right young people need to care more about their Chineseness to do something about it

  4. @Ken. By not making decisions we are making decisions. The Default is white. Simply by having some real established Chinese in britain network we can feel more at home. The truth is that the person who doesnt want to have his or her ideal twisted is being twisted in other ways. It just boils down to choice and self expression of pride.

    Im sure im in the minority when i talk about creating a new sense of Chinese pride amongst Chinese in britain, but just for something simple, like communication. In the UK why do FOBS go in one direction BBCS go in another. Even then BBCS are divided in their own individual ways, when we are all Chinese. You and I probably wont be speaking if we dint have this kind of dialogue or using this article as a way of dialogue.

    Im not trying to force people to do what they dont want to do. I just want people to realise the importance of cultural and political identity, and any way of empowering that can only be a good thing. Unfortunately it takes work and most BBCS dont seem to have time when they are as usual focusing soley on enjoyment and practicalitys.

    ANd the fact that you are associating , psychologically, this whole 'my parents said why cant you be like this TVB' star. that means - to me - that you are associating Chinese culture with being something 'old' and /or 'tyrannical'. i know a lot of BBCS want to escape the tyrannical takeaway background for 'freedom', but im not suggesting a tyrant culture, to be clear, im suggesting a more cohesiveness of BBCS and Chinese that acts as the safety net, that ISNT the default white.

    Put it this way, a lot of BBCers look to Asian AMerican culture, which is not a bad thing, because at least its the start of something different, but what can WE bbc'ers come up with? SOmething that HK'er and mainland Chinese can identify with as well.

  5. if the people of Hong Kong are dogs, bastards and running dogs of the British, it'll be interested to see what Beijing university professor Kong Qing-Dong (孔庆东) thinks of BBC's! Considering British Born Chinese are about 10 times more white licking than the people of Hong Kong.

  6. mainlanders are dirty people

  7. Beijing university professor Kong Qing-Dong (孔庆东) is a smart guy, he shows the world the meaning of "freedom of speech". Chinese has their freedom, finally.
    Shame on all Hongkongers. Shame, Shame, Shame..
    We white people are far more educated than those ppl.
    White rule the world...!

    1. The professor is a smart guy because he inadvertantly is telling you whites that your colonialist ways wont work on China as they did on other East Asian countries. White supremacy has been left in the dust, but then you know that already hence your sad attempts to troll this blog.

  8. One country two systems. Was it ever going to work? I suspect Hong Kong thought it was like East Germany breaking into West Germany once the wall was down. How do you create a smooth transition? With time maybe. It's the painful aftermath all ex colonies have to deal with.

    Having said all that, China is huge, and yet Hong Kong is tiny. Education is meant to be the natural way to curb population. Hong Kong is one country where birth rate is falling. Perhaps the Communist Party needs to be more Communist and offer true free education to all and at all levels. Then we might see less needing to sneak their way into Hong Kong to give birth. SF.