Friday, 10 February 2012

Heineken Serenade


Need Valentines Day ideas? Gethin Jones presents a night of live 'Orientalist' Heineken serenades for Valentine's Day on Youtube until 3am. See also on facebook via heineken serenade app

The (bordering on racist) Heineken Serenade advertising campaign has been awash with dubious oriental  Chinese stereotypes of a bygone age...Chinese girl falling for the White guy, Bruce Lee yellow track suit complete with nunchaku, 1950's-60's The Ah-so's Band, Manchu styles crossed with cheongsam's, in true orientalist style @ 0:08 the White guy puts his palms/hands together to greet the Chinese chef - 'ah-so!' And yes, its a Hindi song they're performing.


  1. i'd love to serenade gok wan for valentines day

  2. HappyBritishChinese10 February 2012 at 22:16

    '0:08 the White guy puts his palms/hands together to greet the Chinese chef - 'ah-so!'

    That was the bit that annoyed me too. Slipping it amidst the heat of orientalist spectacle. Great way to reinforce the 'acceptability' or casual racism.

  3. The white guy's Chinese girlfriend in Heineken serenade advert whilst she is supposed to be Chinese, She's Thai mix with some other race, She may even have Red Indian blood for all we know, but we Chinese in the west are used to this kind of pan-Asian misrepresentation of our race within the media.

  4. Yeah I noticed that too, there was something a bit off.. but i was too dazzled by the blatant orientalisms.

    So once, again, hmm lets see..promotion of hapas and orientalism..ethnic Chinese as performers being unwittingly hired to perform to promote this racist farce...

    but wait - its just a beer commercial init?

    See. This misrepresentation is staring at us in the face. And we being spoonfed it as 'normal' or even

    'great to see us on tv again init'

    Guess as usual most people cant seem to see it.

    The amount of work and thought put into orchestrating this crap. This is what i keep saying BBC's or for that matter, any western Chinese who work in the media, should take note and use the same insidious tactics when creating our own anti-white media.

    'oh but that would be racist! and i worship white people - id rather work for them and do as im told. and us Chinese are peaceful people we dont want to cause a fuss.'

    Dont cause a fuss, and we will have to keep putting up with crap like this.

  5. The ACTA protest in London today was organised by a BBC.

  6. Really? Whats his/her name?

  7. They're all posting under anonymous everywhere - names hard to get, I know it's a she and she's a BBC. Don't have to take it as reliable source, but if you do find out more, it shows the Chinese aren't all the type that doesnt get involved.

    1. Source? Websites? I'm not getting any info about any BBC organiser.