Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chinese Restaurant Fires Employee For Being White?

 A law student has won thousands of pounds in compensation from The Ocean Dragon Chinese restaurant in Birmingham, after it sacked him for being white. David O’Neill had been working as a waiter to help pay for his degree but was sacked when workers were brought in from China.


BBCZEITGEIST: Daily Mail is so proficient at digging out reverse discrimination stories, however the fact the Daily Mail headline used BOLD CAPS for 'WHITE' is acknowledgement that these cases are incredibly rare, indeed, there have only been three other cases that the Daily Mail have covered in the last 2 years on the subject of Chinese on White discrimination in the workplace. Huawei Telecommunication's downsizing and laying off British workers, a Chinese restaurant giving its White staff a lower lunch budget in comparison to its Chinese staff and a White lawyer claimed racial discrimination after being sacked from a Chinese owned Law firm because he couldn't speak Mandarin.


  1. Glad he sued them, racism works both ways and we are probably more racist than most other races, regardless of the complaining on this site.

    Only yesterday a fellow BBC was telling me how she refused a certain job because the workplace was full of 'white people'. I bet if a white person said that out loud about any other race, they'd be crucified.

  2. really? I don't see anyone crucifying the white guy in the story? in fact they are crucifying the Chinese as usual.

    And I have no idea why you say Chinese are more racist than most other races since you're not part of their race, you are not privy to their conversations.

  3. have you looked at the Daily Mail comments in response? They are arguing for locals to boycott Chinese restaurants in the Birmingham area, so far from the mob crucifying the white guy for daring to speak out, the whites are actually crucifying the Chinese.

  4. Firstly its the Daily Mail. Which spreads hate anyway.

    Secondly it is a hate article, what was it the two minutes of hate?

    Anyway in effect the UK economy is to put it bluntly fucked. And in such times the powers that be seek to demonise sections of society. So that when the shit does hit the fan instead of going after the real people who are at fault. The people start hanging the brown/yellow/different people instead.

    History is littered with examples of this hate. The really big earth quake in Japan about 70 years ago. The local Japanese started executing Koreans and Ethnic Chinese and anybody different. WWII Germany blamed the Jews. Stalin, Blamed everybody for the failings of his system.

    Mao blamed the intellectuals and thus they were killed in large numbers.

    Chinese are the new Jews. The fact that we SAVE money instead of pissing it up the wall. And have nice things because we save money. And because we are an unimportant voting disparate voting block who doesn't really matter. We make an ideal minority in which to abuse. Y'know like a certain religious sect about 65 years ago?

    The muslims are large in number and are important voting blocks.
    So are the Hindus and the Sikhs. So are blacks.

    Whenever something happens against this community there is unity and it gets on the news.

    Whenever something happens to yellow people, feck 'em, we're an unimportant voting block and are ununified (lessons of the Qing still haven't been learnt I see). And fuck! China is fucking over our economy (forgetting that UK companies did the outsourcing). Fuck 'em.

    1. why does your profile link to an ebay -type website? are you artificially writing comments on this blog to raise your google ranking? Moderator...

    2. Chinese are NOT jews you tit.

      Until very very recently China barely owned 1 MNC, whereas the JEW controls many many industries on a global level including banking and media for the best part of 2 centuries.

      Chinese are NOWHERE near that level.

      So why don't you go F yourself, Jew lover.


    3. C4C, he said the Chinese are the new Jews as in a comparison with us being persecuted in similar points of history, like we are in the present now... don't take the phrase literally.

  5. It was just a radom URL I posted, because I couldn't be arsed to type in my google password

    1. You cant be bothered to type in your google password yet you could have left it as anonymous?

      And whats your obsession with jews , stalin and Chinese are the new Jews.. 'BBC alex'?

  6. Have you ever heard of George Santayana?

    He said something....

    1. what something did he say?

    2. heres what michael jackson said