Friday, 20 July 2012

The Bachelor 2012

The Bachelor UK is back on our small screen for a second series and I can't say I'm enthralled to watch a trash-rack programme that ought to be titled 'Pretty Woman - 24 prostitutes and only one can be honoured as Vivian Ward.'

The Bachelor - 'chunky tango-faced coke-snorting' Spencer Matthews insists he is searching for a 'meaningful relationship,' must take his pick from a selection of highly competitive gawdy women by giving them a red rose, well, its better than giving them herpes, isn't it? Standing on the curb are avaricious East Europeans, British slags and Asian queen of kitsch repulsion - Marissa Jiang, though heavily bronzed like a Playboy Mansion squatter from the Philippines, Marrisa Jiang is in fact Mainland Chinese born and bred, post-graduate educated and living in London.

In an interview, 'entrepreneur' Marissa Jiang, 29, is said to have jumped onto a plane straight to London to get away from Chinese people telling her how to live her life in China, she found her solacium among influential upper-crust socialite circles of philandering old white men.

She likes to openly remind herself she is Chinese by constantly referring to her ethnicity, ethnocentrically claiming her boobs are big for a Chinese girl and how she feels 'horny.' Clearly, class is something you can't buy, prostitution you can buy, so fingers crossed Marissa Jiang has cleaned out her cupboard unlike the last Chinese girl to appear on a UK dating show 'Take Me Out' Wen Jing Mo turned out to be a £200 per hour former hooker.

Watch the Bachelor UK Channel 5 10pm Friday 13th July 2012 (After Big Brother)
Watch The Bachelor UK - Episode One
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  1. Another brainwashed idiot who falls right into the hands of the portrayal the mainstream UK media wants to project of the Chinese.

    In fact I hope she wins, atleast then the people back in China don't have to suffer her pathetic self-hate and whining.

    Lol, search her name and this blog pops up on the first page. Wonder if she will read this.

    Honestly, I praise you if you're even able to wach something as mindnumbing as this.

    1. if you dont watch it, you cant review it.

    2. Oh just so every one knows her boobs are fake lol! I know from knowing her.... I love how ppl lie about plastic surgery

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  2. Well, she is an extreme case. However, does she not capture some common traits with the mainland chinese girls and the white boyfriends you see all over EU/US?

    1. Which traits are they? The 'outgoing' personality/character?

  3. I'm surprised that any self respecting BBC would be watching something like this. It's just another low-grade cheap TV show that uses people happy to sell their lives just for a glimpse of being on TV. TV bosses love it. They don't need to pay actors. These people are flaunting their souls.

    Considering China's population, one 'token' ethnic is always required to create the rainbow effect. Shan't slate one woman willing to do what she does. She's obviously sold on the classic Chinese ideal of being a female and Chinese. You need to be pretty as well as educated. Not the same as the English, where education is not a requirement. SF.

    1. Are you implying we have no self-respect!?

    2. BBCZeitgeist, not "we", but anyone with any self respect will hopefully steer clear of such trash shows. The onslaught of tacky western TV shows that have sadly caught on around the world is slowly losing its original appeal of being quirky and unusual to nowadays attention-seeking contestants with not an ounce of shame.

      I'm sure you'll notice, these people have no care for their families when TV crews and paparazzi hound them for the latest selacious news. Too many are more than happy to make a fool of themselves hoping their outlandish behaviour can land them further shows and fame.

      Sure, there's a mainlander there. No doubt adding to the equal opportunities categories and a bit of exotic. I'm not at all surprise to see this when China is fast becoming a consumer of western culture themselves. It's a symptom. SF.

    3. Reminds me of the obsession for those with spending power in China to buy anything western.

      I wonder how many mainlanders would purchase Japanese goods.. not considering the anti-Japanese sentiment many mainlanders still hold.

      Its pathetic really. If the 'western' in thing was to put a lump of shit on your head I can imagine it catching on.

  4. can't watch this bollo.ks, years ago, watched a similar earlier US version when a female had a choice of adout 40 blokes, guess what the first she rejected was a asian (chinese) guy.

    1. Why am I not surprised by that? Though, this girl has made to episode 3 thus far, it perfectly highlights the discrepancy of the western media in the status of the Asian male vc Asian female.

  5. I watched some of Ep one: Cheesy opening music, The tanned up topless bachelor himself comes across doing the false modesty posing for the camera, but seems to play the role as expected, some forced interviews from the girls about how all they want true love..

    Be interesting to see how she comes across being an ethnic minority in a sea of white women. Funny the asian woman came dressed in a saree introduced as 'a minority of one', so i guess Marissa Jiang isnt ethnic?

    Couldnt find Marissa Jiang on there apart from a glimpse of her briefly holding up a wall. Anyone know what point she appears?

    1. Unfortunately, you have to watch it all, its edited in a way that only gives you glimpses of each.

    2. For those not too bothered to watch, Marisa Jiang's intro starts at 7:53 - first to step out the limo and walk the red carpet shes in what looks like a red felt dress described by the voiceover as 'made in china but living in london' She asks spencer, 'guess where i am from' . He replies 'China?' and she tells him she actually guessed that she is from china, and then gives him a little present she made for him - a paper fan. Gosh how exotic!

      She also shares with us that one of the reasons she flew all the way to meet him was because she cannot stand the men in China! Hahaha

      Will keep this comment section updated, if I get round to watching the whole lot.

    3. Still on ep 1:

      In comparison to how the blonde girl tells him that she's good with his hands, he then tells the camera that he didn't like how she was flirting with him,because he's looking for a relationship not some fast sex, but at 29:30 Marissa says ' when guys look at me for the first time they see me as this Chinese girl with big boobs' at which point he looks down at her boobs.

      At 38:34 he gives her a rose, peck on the cheek and she says' so you will fancy...some Chinese?' he says' we will see'.

      So far so cringeworthy.

      The programme is obviously heavily scripted, but in a weird way I think Marissa Jiang is either so naive and doesnt realise shes being played for laughs or just so focused on her prize, she just doesnt care.

    4. Whats also interesting to note is that whenever you see her filmed, she is always by herself, not antisocially, just never engaging socially with the other girls, except so far in one shot ( ep 1) where you see her sharing the same room with another girl.

      In this moment, you can see how this example of the classic sellout Chinese woman does herself no favours. She exotifies herself, puts down Chinese men, the other girls are suspicious of her, whilst chummy with each other. So far, ( up to beginning of ep 2) Melissa Jiang comes across as being really thick skinned, to the point of almost emotionless, almost in a trancelike state. Persona reminds me bit like Analisa Ching

    5. Loving your running commentary HappyBritshChinese. Sounds awful though. It's modern day gladiator for the civilised. Since we can't watch people ripping each other's heads off, the next best thing is Reality TV with lashings of humiliation. Basically, we are hooked on seeing people making fools of themselves. Are we just a nation of bullies now? This staged reality format is being copied as far as India. No doubt China and Hong Kong will be following not too soon.

      The thick skin you note is the classic stereotypical image of the Chinese. Whether she is poorly edited for the western audience or she is that type hence her need to put her life for all to see.

      As for that Analisa Ching, what a let-down. Her actions has been damaging to decent Chinese women all over. I feel sorry for her family. The only way to get recognition is to play the classic oriental minx. SF.

    6. Ep 3 is not available, or at least Im having problems viewing it now. Shame.

      @ SF Thats a scary thought of humiliation for China TV. I actually think humilation TV originated in Japan. But yes probably less malicious than the Big Brother format we are used to in the UK.

      I think in beg of ep 3 which i caught glimpse of last night( or was it end of ep 2), I was mistaken- She is joining in more of the fun with the other girls, and reading out a question that the bachelor has asked the girls. Supposedly she comes from an entrepreneur background so no doubt that figures into how she carries herself on this programme.

    7. Happybritishchinese, it's obvious. If you go by the success of reality TV shows of late, it would mean we are a nation of secret bullies, since a huge portion of these shows rely on subtle bullying and humiliation. In this show, it's clearly for the contestants to feel desperate. It's this behaviour that allows viewers to gawp in horror at their desperation. The more successful careerwise for these women, the better the gawping and disbelief.

      Be sure that this Chinese contestant will sell herself quite desperately. That fan incident described sounds staged and contrived. Sometimes, you really do wonder when Chinese women can lose all that sweet and nice image. Because when that happens, you wonder how the western media can re-package Chinese women. SF.

    8. Notice that all these edits to everything to promote the all too known stereotype of Chinese women that the white world knows too well about. This is partly (mostly) responsible for the surge of white men who think they can just pick up any oriental girl... and then do so. Watching stuff like this, of the oriental girl willing to do anything for the white man, only serves to encourage white men to go out and seek oriental women for real.

      White media has had an agenda to do this for decades, whilst demoting to oriental men to that of insignificance. This is why media representation is so crucial to us. Without it, we are at the mercy of white men in charge of deciding what they portray Chinese men and women to be. THEIR stereotypes.

      Notice that black and even asian men (the guy from Spooks) have featured the past decade or so (and longer in America) in prominent, non stereotypical roles. This is because such people have taken a stand at some point in history - we are here, this is what we are, not what you say we are - the Chinese men and women have yet to this, thus white men continue to exploit this.

      At the same time the governments and societies of East Asia really need to look at how their women are so whitewashed into thinking all is right in the white world, and how the ideal life would be to appease the white man in their country whilst selling out your roots, family, culture, image and future children.

    9. here's an example:

      It's a story about a Chinese woman being prosecuted for attempting suicide whilst pregnant... in America that means she was trying to kill the baby...

      She was raised as a single child in Shanghai by parents she described as loving and caring. She graduated from Shanghai university as an accountant, worked for a year in a Chinese government department and then came to the US about 10 years ago as a legal immigrant with her then-husband, who was offered a job in Indianapolis as a mechanical engineer.

      Shuai said she was delighted to come to the US. "I knew America as the best country in the world, with the best education system. People get more freedom. I really wanted to see what it was like."

      "I remember the day I had to turn myself in. I felt hopeless and ashamed, for myself and my parents. I had never worn handcuffs before – when they put the cuffs on me it chilled me to my bones."

      Now released, her hands are free. But she is forced to wear a GPS ankle bracelet that is causing her feet to swell.

      Shuai's lawyers wonder whether it is coincidental that such an aggressive application of a law originally designed to protect pregnant women against violent men should first be applied against a woman who is Chinese.


      Despite all this....

      "Despite her ordeal, Shuai insists she remains dogged in her intention to make a life for herself in America, a country that she still regards as the greatest on Earth."

      A great upbringing, prospects in her homeland, no racism,... compared to reality in America - not the American dream. And she still says that. Call it media, whitewashing, the widespread popular positive image of the American dream - no matter how fake it is - it has enough persuasive power to turn millions, if not billions, into brainwashed fools who consider America as the best despite her own personal experience compared to that in China.

      Beggars belief.

    10. Just watched that guardian article's video... really pitiful.

      There is something about it that feels a bit 'rehearsed' tho. Maybe its just me.

  6. I just want to make the point , where there is a lot of discussion mainly about Chinese women, which I agree and disagree, i am relatively more liberial and open minded, but not sure if that is the consensus, but:

    What about Chinese BBCs men? And western dating couplng attitudes towards them?

    I suspect it is not an easy subject to discuss equivalently, I raised this question towards some trusted non-chinese friends and they are not comfortable talking about it, and are in polite denial that they don't mind, but like to know others experiences and what they really think. Does size matter or all BS or most people don't like mind coupled with a male chinese person?

    great blogs

    1. western dating coupling attitudes towards them? What does that mean? Are you talking about if a chinese male dates a white girl, what do the white girls friends, family or general public think of them together? Is that what you're refering to?

    2. I know of 3 cases where this has happened (all from the internet, and one was from America so does that count...have still yet to meet a white woman and Chinese man couple in real life... reasons? See above comments about the white media agenda.)

      The first one (American), she was a bit of a loner, no family or friends, so no resistance. She loved him though.

      Second, an Irish born Chinese guy, went out with a local girl. Her mum disapproved, her dad and brothers beat him up, left him with a ruptured eye socket and broken ribs. He stopped seeing her.

      Third one is in London, the white family disowned her.

      I also recall an incident from a forum re: race issues, a white man and asian woman (this was from an American forum) were eating on a date and they saw a black guy with a white woman in the restaurant. He tells her that he finds it repulsive. She calls him up on that - he's going out with an oriental girl, after all - he replies by saying "that's different".

      Read the comments on this article:

      There are several white men on there, complaining about how white men relationships aren't featured, about how they are more common (with oriental women) than black man-white women relationships etc... it's just another side of the hypocrisy of white men - they love interracial relationships, as long as the white man is the one "spreading his wings".

      Check out the comments here

      Notice the use of words "livestock", "carnal desires" (going on the assumption that she's with him for the sex) - white men are just as insecure as we are, as any other man, they can't handle it when a nonwhite man is with a white girl, despite white men being more involved interracially the world over than nonwhites.

    3. I don't think these types of answers and questions are particularly helpful if you're looking for consensus of opinion. Some will say yes, some will say no, some will say nothing at all. If you want to know if they're accepted or not, you're best off asking the white community.

      @above, well of course, can you imagine if the bachelor was not a white man but a Chinese man and he had to choose between 24 predominantly White women? No, I cant either.

  7. "ethnocentrically claiming her boobs are big for a Chinese girl and how she feels 'horny.' "

    "look, I bigger boobs than all other China girls! Me so horny, me love you looooong time!"

    It's so depressing that our women have been simplified the world over to this image. Even worse still are the women promoting such a stereotype. I'm sure there are plenty of Chinese and East Asian women out there who have self worth and would rather eat shit than sell their body to the dregs of society, you'd think they would be actively fighting this. e.g. the numerous feminist organisations - mainly made up of white women - fighting and campaigning against women being used sexually, stereotyped etc. Funny that I never see oriental women do that - do they WANT to be like the girl above?

    1. another thing I have noticed is that east asian girls tend to more readily accept (or at least not feel disgust to the point of turning back and going back to their men) being labelled the various east asian stereotypes. I know a white girl who studied abroad in China, she was constantly being called up on her race - not stereotyping and slurs as such as we have in white countries (prostitute, China doll, submissive etc), just that her race was mentioned too often in times when it was irrelevant. Of course she had enough and came back.

      Compare and contrast this with east asians who come here, they get called and labelled all sorts, but instead of saying "I've had enough" and go home, they stick it out, as if being racially insulted and stereotyped for life is an acceptable compromise to living in a white world.

      This goes in line with their mindset of breeding with the white man - acceptance > assimilation - they do not bother fighting the negative image of Chinese women because their ultimate goal is to have NON-Chinese children, thus making the point irrelevant. This can also be attributed to many Chinese men, the lack of willingness to change perceptions is due to their desire to not have fully ethnic Chinese children.

      You can always tell someone's desires for their future (as in, descendants) by what they will or will not put their energy into a cause for.

    2. @Anonymous 16 July 2012 20.23. Yes, it is very minimal to see oriental or Chinese women involved in feminist issues. However, it's probably the lack of us around in Britain, therefore our voice has been lost. SF.

    3. why don't you join up such groups then? It always starts with one. For such an established movement, and with hundreds of thousands of Chinese women in this country, it is shocking I never see Chinese or oriental women in such protests and groups. Right now, feminism is too western (white) centric, as such things like oriental female stereotypes are left uncontested. If anything, it's quite possible white women WANT this to continue to be the case... the only exception I remember a few years back was when Harriet harman famously read out the back page of a newspaper of an oriental escort offering her services...

    4. I agree CHinese women and BBC chinese are shallow, they don't know sh*t other than purchasing a LV bag.

  8. I have met and worked with her for a gig. She is such an arrogant cunt who speaks with such a thick accent I couldn't even make out half of which she was saying. Not only are her boobs fake, so is her face. And she's still ugly as fuck!