Wednesday, 4 July 2012

simon san murder

Anger At Early Release As Simon San’s 
Attacker Goes On Rampage

Murderer: John Reid

A TEENAGER who was jailed for assaulting tragic takeaway driver Simon San during the attack which killed him was part of a joyriding gang who stole three cars and led police on high-speed chases in the Capital.

Keir Rodger broke into a house with two friends and stole three sets of keys before each of them took a vehicle and drove off across the city.

The 18-year-old, who was freed early from a 34-month sentence for his role in the killing of Mr San in August 2010, which had already been reduced on appeal to 24 months, refused to stop the stolen car when confronted by police in Burdiehouse.

Rodger pleaed guilty to housebreaking and a series of motoring offences whilst on bail, when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday alongside David Colley, 17, and Harry Tant, 20.

All three are currently on remand at Polmont Young Offenders Institution.

Politicians today condemned the early release which allowed Rodger back on to the streets to re-offend and the San family’s lawyer, Aamer Anwar, said the latest offences would compound their sense of injustice.

Mr Anwar said: “I can understand the public’s concern that repeat offenders are being released before they’re rehabilitated.

Victim: Simon San

“In the context of the case of Simon San, his family believes that they did not get justice for his death and [Keir Rodger’s appearance in court after being released early] will compound the belief that the family have.”

Lewis Macdonald, Labour’s justice spokesman, said: “At the end of the day, the courts have to make their judgements. They do not always get it right but they have to make judgements on the basis of the evidence in front of them. But sentences should mean what they say – two years in jail should mean two years in jail.

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  1. This case seems to have been a tragedy from the very start.Racist abuse, police abuse, light sentence, now going joyriding for this teenage punk after an early prison sentence is the final insult for Simon Sans relatives. So much for the independent enquiry that was meant to bring this family justice.

    Seems pointless reporting bad news, not much we can do anyway about it. Big risk for poorer ethnics emigrating to the UK in dodgy areas.That should be the unwritten rule for any FOBs coming to join the British Chinese community 'dont start a new life in Britain unless you have relatives who can help or decent lump sum to set up shop in an area that isnt in a dodgy location', because there will be noone there to help you if the shit hits the fan.

  2. This is so sad!
    I live in Edinburgh and know the family well. They have escaped from VietNam and ended up with this.

  3. You can marry a white person and have a Eurasian child, Eurasian's never get racially murdered in the UK do they?

  4. You know, Israel have a policy of hunting down and assassinating folk who kill Israelis. Wherever in the world they are.

    Just saying.