Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Prostitute, Her Accountant husband And Her Policeman Lover

Have you heard the one about the Chinese prostitute, her White accountant husband and her white ex-policeman lover? Full Article
Chinese brothel madam Rong Chen, 35-years-old, trafficked and controlled at least four prostitutes and managed at least five brothels has been jailed for seven years. Belfast Crown Court judge Mr Justice Stephens said her “egocentric focus for financial gain was despite there being no financial pressures” on her. 

Her two white henchmen, 44-year-old accountant husband Jason Hinton, who shares the same address as Chen at Crestwood Avenue, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and former policeman Simon Dempsey, 42, were also sentenced. While Dempsey, her one-time white lover, was handed a nine-month term for aiding and abetting the control of prostitution, her white husband Hinton walked free from court with a 220-hour community service order for the same offence.

Her diaries revealed she raked in £282,107 in the 18 months from January 2008 until May 2009 while her victims were forced to live in “squalid” conditions, forced to have sex with strangers, given very little or no freedom and threatened with murder and deportation if they objected. Chen claimed her boyfriend was a member of a triad gang, that her husband’s relatives were high ranking police officers.  

Four women, all aged between 45 and 56, had answered job advertisements placed in Chinese newspapers offering £220 a week as nannies, cleaners and child minders. Once they arrived in Northern Ireland, however, they were coerced into working in brothels. Chen placed ads in newspapers, advertising how they could use the women for £70 for half-an-hour. 

BBCZeitgeist Commentary: Press describes Rong Chen not simply as a prostitute, but a 'Chinese prostitute.' With no reference of deportation, it can presumed she is a British National, Chinese in this context refers to her ethnicity not her nationality, if her ethnicity is of paramount  importance, why are the press not drawing attention to the ethnicity of her husband and her former policeman ex-lover - both are 'White men' colluding with the former Chinese prostitute into profiteering from the exploitation of Chinese women?


  1. It's similar to:


    in that they give full media attention to the girl whilst playing down the role of the accomplices involvment.

    Regarding the use of the racial description 'white', it's obvious they won't use
    that in British mainstream press, it's just assumed they are white as their names are given their surnames 'Dempsey' and 'Hinton'.

    From the judicial decision it seems
    Dempsey didnt get away that lightly but was never accused of the main crime which is
    'trafficking within the United Kingdom for the purposes of sexual exploitation'

    Both men got off much lighter, making out that she was the mastermind behind it all, which is seen from the sentences:

    Hinton:220 hours of unpaid work.

    Dempsey: 9 months imprisonment for association, 3 for arranging to controlcriminal property

    Rong Chen: a whopping 7 years imprisonment in comparison, 4 for controlling
    prostitution to gain and 1 year for controlling criminal property

    Was she really that smart to deserve all that punishment in comparison ?

    Makes me think about the majority of Chinese female/White male relationships - who is the real victim?

    1. oh come on, how many white people are called Rong Chen? its blatantly obvious shes Chinese, yet her ethnicity is still stressed. Its more the case that the words Chinese + prostitute - 'chinese prostitute' has become a inseparable phrase.

    2. The extreme difference in sentencing will leave the white man to pursue other women (white or otherwise) whilst a chinese woman is left up here in prison, occupied and thus unable to breed. Meanwhile, they have imported hundreds if not thousands of chinese women, thus depriving chinese men of potential partners, potential families, and children to call their own.

      Don't think of it just as racial bias (which of course is there), but as part of the wider white man agenda who is happily - discretely - depopulating the Chinese race across the world. Impregnate oriental women and deprive oriental men of their own families, whilst they get their white kids from an earlier marriage(s) and these mixed ones when they are past their prime (or are just weirdos/ugly)

    3. chinese woman is left up here in prison, occupied and thus unable to breed?..... Isn't that a good thing is She's now unable to procreate any more mixed race kids?

  2. Aside from the amusing fact White middle class professional men love marrying Chinese prostitutes (I don't think I'll be able to keep a straight face next time I see a professional white man with a younger uneducated unattractive mainland Chinese wife - 'psst I bet shes a former prossie!'in fact chances are that they first met in a brothel), the policeman must have been her former client too.

  3. the media are not picking on her being chinese per se but rather pointing out that all these foreign-born criminals are taking the british for a ride (in more ways than one :) If she had been latvian, romanian or gypsy it would have been the same. Most chinese women from china are incredibly mercenary and would prostitute themselves (like many young Western women) if the price is right. It just happens that the very very attractive ones do not need to run a brothel as they become mistresses or Mrs Rupert Murdoch at a very early stage without having to work in a brothel.

    1. Haha, sure, i accept other foreigners would be targeted too, however in terms of the 'headline,' have you ever seen the phrases 'Romany prostitute' or 'Gypsy prostitute' or Latvian prostitute' used? I don't think I have, its seems to me that the phrase 'Chinese prostitute' is widely accepted as a term now.

    2. "the very very attractive ones do not need to run a brothel as they become mistresses or Mrs Rupert Murdoch"

      Wendi Murdoch nee Deng attractive? Are you blind? She is not even plain. She is ugly and pretty vicious looking.

    3. Attractive to white males, maybe.