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Drunk Crime - Chinese Victims

 Two recent press stories concerning Chinese victims of drunk crime in the UK.

Grope Attack on Chinese Female Student Leaves Victim Too Frightened to Leave Home

Shane Hobbs, 26, was captured on CCTV laughing as he walked away from his shocked victim after thrusting his fist down her trousers.

Judge Phillip Wassall said the offences were so serious, only immediate custody was appropriate.

He said: ‘You approached two Exeter University students, who were both Chinese, and out for a quiet night in Exeter. You got right in her face and your hand went down her back.

‘You touched her bottom and you reached inwards and put your hand into the area of her private parts. The victim says she was caused shock and a small amount of pain for five minutes.

‘This was plainly not touching in an instant and although it was over in ten seconds or so it was a very serious incident carried out quite deliberately in your drunken state.

He added: ‘It left her very frightened and unwilling to go out (alone at night) because she wondered if something like it could happen again. It must have been particularly distressing because she was so far away from home and had come here from different shores.'

Hobbs, of Dawlish Warren, Devon, was jailed for 16 months after admitting sexual assault on one woman and common assault on a second during the incident in February, this year.

Chinese Man Racially Threatened in Plymouth Pub

A DRINKER racially abused a Chinese man and threatened to 'bite his face off', a court heard.

Christian Rustell, 26, of Holman Way, Ivybridge, admitted racially aggravated threatening behaviour on November 20.

Eoin McCarthy, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said the victim was a British citizen of Chinese origin who worked at a North Hill takeaway. He added that he went for a drink at the nearby Carpe Diem bar after work.

He added he used racist language and moved his face to within two or three inches of the man's.

Mr McCarthy said: "He threatened to burn his shop down and bite his face off."

He added the victim backed away, but Rustell continued the racist abuse and challenged him to a fight. Mr McCarthy said Rustell grabbed the victim by his lapels before a security guard from a nearby shop came between them.

Magistrates adjourned sentence for a probation officer to prepare a full report on his background. He was released on unconditional bail to be sentenced on May 1.

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  1. This is my point in previous posts relating to lack of resistance and countering anti Chinese racism whenever it appears. Because of us as a race "backing down", over decades whites (and increasingly other minorities) have realised this Chinese behaviour and exploited it.

    Where else would a white man get the mindset that he can so freely sexually molest Chinese women in public? Indeed, how do you think white men got the idea that getting an oriental wife was easy as breathing? Because over the decades of mind conditioning they have experienced, based on what WE CHINESE do - or DON'T DO. It is the same with the pub assault, do you think drunk white man would have gone up to a black guy so brazenly, grabbed him and challenged him? They wouldn't dare, because unlike with us, whites have been conditioned to FEAR blacks in conflict - and they've had good reason to, because blacks - whether warranted or not - display a "don't mess with us or you'll die" appearance. We, do the exact opposite.

    That is why the casual racism that 99.9% of ethnic Chinese (foreign or born here) brush off have such negative consequences. They don't realise that minor racism leads to incidents like this, because if you let people of the above sort get away with something small (e.g. sexualising chinese women as easy, verbal racism), they will increasingly get bolder and do the above (sexual molestation, physical abuse).

    1. Also adding to the above, on the part of the Chinese woman -

      "You touched her bottom and you reached inwards and put your hand into the area of her private parts. The victim says she was caused shock and a small amount of pain for five minutes."

      Why didn't she fight back? Maybe ethnic Chinese women are not taught to beware of men the same way white women are. Maybe in China they were brought up to stay quiet, regardless. Maybe they were scared because they were weaker than him.

      In the first two cases, foreign Chinese really need to be taught that in the west, there are paedos and molesters about who will not hesitate to rape. Maybe a compulsory course for Chinese girls to attend before arriving here, organised by Chinese schools or the Chinese embassy in the UK???

      And if the latter case, then they still should have struggled and fought. Clearly in a public place others would have intervened if he had the audacity to use force. As it is, I'm sure many who were there at the time thought the Chinese girl wanted it.

    2. devilsadvocate7 April 2012 at 19:20

      maybe she enjoyed it? then changed her mind later.

    3. you'll be telling me all rape victims secretly enjoyed stupid F*ck!

      you cant go round blaming the victims and say 'this is what they should have done' they were probably in complete shock and remember he was probably a lot bigger than them!

    4. devilsadvocate7 April 2012 at 19:40

      many girl get groped in clubs, they love it. they only complain if the guy who groped her is fugly.

    5. they werent in a club - they were walking outside on the street...wonder what you would say if it happened to your mum/sister?'ve got warped issues..

    6. And you're feeding the troll.

      There's also a class issue across the races involved here - how dare a low class white pervert have the audacity to just go over to some university educated Chinese women and sexually assault them? A Chinese male peasant would not go over to an upper class white woman and do that - it's not in their place.

      My point is, white people have a perceived elevated place in society compared to other races, that allows them to abuse others as if they are doing no wrong. And it is up to the race on the receiving end of that abuse (US) to prove otherwise - which we are not, currently.

    7. I dont think it is a class issue at all...people are animals no matter what class of society they're in.,The guy didnt think oh I know I wont abuse some poor lowly Chinese I'll deliberately pick on some uni students who are educated and higher class...I mean get real. and get a name if you're going to post on here...

      sounds like you've got class issues on the brain...

    8. You're forgetting this is drunk crime which many argue is random. Whilst I'm not condoning this, but does being intoxicated mean you are unaware of what you're doing? Or does being intoxicated actually bring out the inner hatred that is normally suppress when sober?

      i.e If you're not a violent racist person by nature, drinking alcohol is not going to make you violent and sinophobic, is it?

    9. Alochol loosens your inhibitions. So yes, if you're always looking for a fight but usually "know" it's wrong, alcohol will help you on that. Same with racism. So the random argument is nonsense, there are plenty out there who get drunk and just make a fool of themselves without resorting to racism or using violence.

    10. ^ what about the fact he also groped non-chinese girls? he is a serial groper, not an Asiaphile as far as I'm aware.

      RE: "A Chinese male peasant would not go over to an upper class white woman and do that - it's not in their place."

      Not in the UK, no. But in China, it does happen.

  2. OMG this is disgusting and awful! However I've found that this site is too full of criticisms and in-squabbling. How can there be unity amongst each other when people turn on each other?

    Can you see the irony in this site and the above article?

    The white attacker DEGRADES Chinese women
    This site DEGRADES Chinese women

    The white attacker has obviously objectified Chinese women
    This site has objectified Chinese women - (ie who's prettier, FOBS vs BBCs etc)

    Maybe when people on this site (naming no names!) STOP putting Chinese women in a corner and labelling them that they are too easy, open their legs for foreigners etc, maybe then you can really get to the bottom of this issue - which is quite simply COMMUNITY SUPPORT!

    That man Shane Hobbs is a F*cker and deserves the worst kind of punishment - I wont print here what I would do him as it would probably mean this post getting deleted.

    Like I said before - Asian women are the scapegoat's scapegoat..easy to pick on and bully by Chinese and White men...

    1. Agreed, we are doing ourselves no favours with these self hatred articles. At the same time, the wider community (all ethnic Chinese, sod all this divided FOB vs HK vs BBC bullshit) needs to really rally around incidents like this - it may not be "your" group, but with regards to race and everyone else in Britain, it is.

    2. As far as I can see, the articles on this blog challenge our Chinese mindset, and criticize from all angles. That a British Chinese would get threatened by a white guy is not something he learnt from this blog, nor is for the white guy who abused the Chinese girl.

      By posting the news, and the others like it BBCS and British Chinese are given the chance to unite against incidents like this and then its up to whoever to organise a rally, not this blog's. Self-hatred articles as you put it are an objective part of British Chinese culture as it stands, its not as if the blog told a BBC to marry an italian male and start up a play cantonese group is it?

      We have been advocating community support since day one, since the first major incident of Simon' Sans case, and at the time, noone I know except myself personally took the initiative to say/do anything regarding Simon Sans case. Regardless of the ingroup, The cycle will perpetuate until our British Chinese leader, whoever he is supposed to be takes some initiative to stop these racist attacks/murders, and us British Chinese take initiative to form an anti-Chinese racism collective, which has been suggested on here,numerous times, by emailing the blog owner.

    3. There little hope when there are people like Analiza Ching, who is trying to win votes by playing the controverial things mentioned.

    4. As long as we remain passive and do nothing except expect others to do the work for us, instead of taking tiny steps towards any positive action, as suggested above, then yes may as well give up now and dont raise any children in this country either.

    5. lee i suggest you shut the f**k up and stop beliveing what some stupid internet site says.. if you do your even more f**cking dumb than what i thought,,maybe if you was at the court case and acctually watched the cctv you would know what aload of bull this article is.. makes me laugh how you people just assume this is the real story.. and tell me what the hell has the girls ethnic got do do with anything.. all it is with students is money money money.. how can you all be so gullible.. for the sake of a bit of money what that girl wanted my baby has now lost her dad for 16 months.. and by the way if this story was acctually true why has the judge only gave him 16 months? have you thought about that? dint think you did.... and also why would the barrister put an appeal against it and said the judge was well out of order? can you explain that ..

    6. oh and the big reason there is no way in hell i would stay with him if he did what has so say been said.. this story makes him sound like a vile sick man and there is no way i would stand by him and let my daughter be round him if he ever did that.. you need to think about these things before you write what your writing.. i have spoke to the daily mail about writing that story and i am very close to sueing them..

    7. hahahaha! I saw the report - he even admitted he did it. one word to describe him - PERVERT and a threat to innocent women.

      2 words to describe you - DELUDED BINT. Must be nice for your baby to have a convicted pervert for a dad and a deluded bint for a mum...

      Please sue the Daily Mail - would love another good laugh...

    8. im sorry was you at the court watching the cctv .?? well i dint see no one else there so you couldnt of been.. so shut the f**k up because you do not know you silly little boy....!!!n i swear to god you ever chat about my baby again.. i will break your f**king jaw.. and you will wish you was never born.. belive me ... go and f**k yourself you pr**k.!!!! :D

    9. lee, i agree with you,this blog have seriouse problem about itself,,fact disgusting attitude for female!!

    10. it's a disgusting attitude of chinese and fobs who go around in hotpants, and tight t-shirts, thinking "you can't have me" when one day there will be a man who is pissed and frustrated and will just rape or molest them.

    11. Just read jodie's response... the most deluded illogical thinking ever

      " and by the way if this story was acctually true why has the judge only gave him 16 months? have you thought about that? dint think you did.... and also why would the barrister put an appeal against it and said the judge was well out of order? can you explain that ."

      Why did you perverted boyfriend and father of your child (great, another chav to inflict racism on us) only get 16 months? Blame it on the UK justice system. I think you'll find that WAS the penalty for sexual harrassment, or the most a judge could give.

      As for why the barrister - sorry, YOUR barrister put an appeal and say it was out of order for the judge? WORK IT OUT. They work in the interests of YOU.

      "this story makes him sound like a vile sick man"

      The truth is staring at you in the face, yet you won't believe it. Stop listening to "your man" and start using common sense. You are with a perv.

    12. @william29 May 2012 02:28
      it's a disgusting attitude of chinese and fobs who go around in hotpants, and tight t-shirts, thinking "you can't have me" when one day there will be a man who is pissed and frustrated and will just rape or molest them.
      I do hope Chinese women read this comment from william... apparently Chinese men are sexist...

  3. PS - thanks for posting this article

  4. For those of you selfish lurkers who like to watch and do nothing, with our 'let someone else take care of it' selfish mentality,ive personally taken it upon myself to take action, once again , by contacting two established organisations in our Chinese community here in the UK regarding these recent 3 incidents

    What a hero I am? No, doesnt take much effort to step out my Chinese selfish comfort zone for a few seconds,to write a few emails. You should try it sometime.

    Will let you know any updates.

  5. i am jodie thomas the partner of shane hobbs and also the mother to his 7 month old baby..if you knew him like i do you would know that this story is fake.. i am fed up of people chattin bad about him.. does any of you ever stop to think that people aint guna read boring storys so the papers add bits to make it better. the girl was a student trying to get compensation and it didnt work.. if you seen the cctv you would know that this all fake.. in the cctv it shows him picking her up and as she fell down his hands went upwards and no where to wards her frount can anyone believe what the papers say its so pathetic.. and if any of you have something to say then please feel free to email me at

    1. he shouldnt have gone up to her - reap what you sow...16 months? id have given him 10 he got 16 months for saying hello and being a nice person did he?

      You should be ashamed of coming on here defending a sexual assaulter..

      hes also been convicted of another assault - who knows how many other women hes assaulted that havnt come forward. Open your eyes you silly ***

      Now get back to your trashy hole and maybe have better taste in men. Be lovely for your baby grow up and see what a fine upstanding man their dad was eh...

    2. Isn't your partner a former professional footballer for Bristol Rovers? Footballers have got a reputation for sexual assault haven't they?

    3. Harsh Lee, but true. Boozing is a fundamental part of British culture, even for many white washed BBCs nowadays, British women like dating men who love their drink. I carried out research once on internet dating sites a while back, I remember one of the peculiar things that British women ticked as compulsory in their male partner was a drinker! They wanted men who drank 5-7 days a week! They would not date anyone who was teetotal.

      Theres a story today of Mother-of-two Tina Nash was blinded by former partner Shane Jenkin, he gouged out her eyes and left her blind. He had a history of drunken violent behaviour. One landlord, who did not want to be named, said: "I have certainly thrown him out of a few pubs over the last decade. He was on the pubwatch scheme for violence and general drunken behaviour, just generally obnoxious.

    4. I read that headline too. Didnt really want to read more. made me feel sick. Wasnt aware it had to do with drink, but now you mention it that says a lot about the british drink culture.

      Once on the night bus coming back,tall lanky BBC, his nose was bleeding badly he look like he just came out of a fight. I was ready to help him out, only thing is, he was staggering all over the place in a drunken stupor and started shouting at this tramp who took his seat lol.

      The obvious difference between BBCs getting publicly drunk is that if you are on your lonesome, like this guy was, you can be easy pickings, unlike whites who are more than often in their groups .

      I dont necessary agree that getting drunk equals being whitewashed, otherwise thats like saying that in the far east all HK'ers and Chinese remain teetotal which we know is not the case, but here in the UK, whether its a reaction to the heineken or whatever is the in-drink nowadays, what ive noticed is that
      unlike whites BBCs dont get violent , just mellow , then the classic redfaced,followed by sick and wanting to throw up.

    5. no your the twat.. im not being funny if i took somneone to court everytime ive had my ass grabbed id be living in a fat mansion and not have to work for the rest of my life id be so rich.. that stupid girl just wanted money..and aint it funny how hes got an appeal so only doing 4.. you lot are so stupid..the judge used him as an example because devon is like a quiete place.and where we came from bristol they obviously just judged him there and then ..and yes he was a proffesional football player.! he stopped that about 5 years ago.. so dont know what that has anything to do with it... you all just got no lives ..go and get a hobby you nosey bunch of c**ts..imagine if you was accused of this and people wrote all this about you.. if he was so muihc of a pervert y would they let his child come in to visit him.. you make me so angry just piss off and go f**k yourselves you bunch of complete and uter wa****s...

    6. What fine fettle of English parenting. I feel sorry for your baby.

      As an investigative blogger, its my duty to be nosey.

    7. So we've come to the conclusion:

      Shane Hobbs is a pervert
      Shane Hobbs cant get no action at home so he goes out molesting and assaulting women
      Shane Hobbs doesnt WANT to get any action with his other trollop half cos all she does is moan and swear and god knows what else (didnt the report say you two had just had an argument)so he goes out on the street and attacks women.
      Shane Hobbs doesnt want to marry his partner who is now just another single mother while her pervert other half rots in jail.....

      Jodie Thomas lets her baby visit her pervert father in jail
      Jodie Thomas doesnt mind that the father of her baby is a sexual assaulter - now shes got a baby noones going to come near her anyway so a clapped out footballer is the best shes going to get, even one in jail...
      Jodie Thomas blames the girl victim for being attacked, angry that her fella was putting it on another woman and not her...

      Makes for nice statistics I dont think... Now hurry up and sue the Daily Mail so I can see your ugly mug in the paper. Maybe you could join him in jail and you could bring your baby up in jail?

      Cosy days lie ahead...ahh...the new family scene in Britain...

    8. the only thing that will make me go to jail is kicking the fuck out of you and puttting you in hospital.. you fucking fag.!! go home and get done up the bum by your lover boy .. your a loser with no you know what is so funny..he got his appeal so only got 3 months tell me y would a sexual offender only get that much time? dont forget he got 3 months for gbh so where does the sexual assult come into that sentance.? hmm that is what i thought.. n i aint got an ugly mug.. im fucking reem mother fucker.!!! hahahaha pip pip cheerio then.!!! :-)

    9. ^

      The fact it started as 16 months for sexual assualt then wittled down to 3 months for GBH shows there's something wrong with the way white male privilege is allowed to get away with treating Chinese in the UK.

      This dumb cow and her drunk abusive footballer husband is clear example why ethnic Chinese in the UK need to spend less time on the cake recipes and more on social justice and taking our collective identity much more seriously.

    10. you can shut up you goat..!! dont do cooking.. n he aint a footballer you donut,he was about 6 years ago but quit.. so get your facts write.. and the way they get treated are you fucking kidding me .. they shouldnt even be in this country .. they come over here and take all of our money get all the free education they want and take evrything.. and what the fuck to us british citezens get? fuckall.!! all of our tax money goes on stupid nob heads like that.. the goverment and the justice systym is fucked up big time.. this is fucking england.!!!!

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. This is England alright. You dumb EDL c-nts complain about immigration when the whole of white centric english culture is based around you binge drinking st george flag shite and yet you still cry like a bunch of spoilt brats.

      And If you are referring to Chinese students who visit to study in the UK, if it wasnt for the money they pay to prop up your racist white-centric institutions, your precious land would be even more up the creek.

      But instead 'send the immigrants home' and the logic that your rapist husband gets away with 3 months of GBH instead of the 16 he deserves shows what kind of justice system we have. If they jailed people for being ignorant white trash you two would get life.

    13. no they do it all for money all about fucking money..taking all our tax money we work hard for.!! and he cant be racist cuz i aint even pure white you thick fuck.!! n ok dude whatever you say.. your opinion is your opinion. TTFN

    14. ok so your a mixed race skav. Big deal. Rule Britannia. Now f-ck off.

    15. Jodie keeps talking about money... you do realise that Chinese students come here, paying TENS OF THOUSANDS A YEAR on student fees alone? Why would they want money, in fact, they don't even know how the legal system works (i.e. getting compensation from being a victim).

      Regardless of their intentions, the truth is, and has been decided in a court of law - you are with a perv, and your daughter (heaven help her, I hope she is raised up to be nothng like you two, but I realise the chances are slim) is the daughter of perv.

  6. too many asian sluts means men do think all asian girls want this action e.g anal ching + curvey kate + venessa mae + all the rest.

    born to be hookers for white d*ck.

    1. you mother fucker!got lost!

    2. Art doth thouest a white-worshipping FOB, pray tell?

    3. agree with this comment .!! haha

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. why do white men love asian women so much? is it cos white women are so fat old and ugly?

  8. The 27-year-old, of Lee Cliff Park, Dawlish Warren, Devon, was jailed for 16 months at Exeter Crown Court in April after admitting sexual assault and common assault. But his sentence was yesterday cut to eight months by judges sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, who said the original term was “excessive”.

    The court heard Hobbs committed the offences in February, after a binge. CCTV footage showed him drunkenly approach several women. Some saw him coming and avoided him. But he then approached two Exeter University students and molested one of them – leaving the shocked victim too frightened to go out at night.

    He continued through the city centre and grabbed another woman round the neck, dragging her towards him, but she was able to get away.

    CCTV operators saw what happened and alerted police, and Hobbs was arrested.

    Original Judge Phillip Wassall said CCTV footage showed a “protracted display of drunken loutish behaviour”. However, his lawyers argued his jail term was over the top, saying the crown court judge was wrong to consider this was one of the worst offences of its kind.

    But, in allowing the appeal, Judge William Davis QC said the sentence was too long, given the circumstances of the case. The judge, sitting with Lord Justice Pitchford and Mr Justice Lloyd Jones, adding: This was undoubtedly a serious case, involving an unpleasant attack on a young woman in the street, while in drink.

    “It was further aggravated by the fact he then went on to assault another young woman.

    “An immediate sentence of imprisonment was plainly justified, but that sentence should not have been at the top end of the range for this type of asssault.” mate is in jail for longer for breaking his breach and another one is in there for longer for theft.! now tell me that that story isnt false? tossers.!! so gullible belive anything you read. thats when you know your life is sad.! go and jerk off to discovery channels you lonely sad bunch of CUNTS!!

  9. @Jodie, aren't you remotely ashamed at even supporting someone who openly admits to assaulting someone? What about being surrounded by people who have served sentences. Is it somehow cool to be worshipping such low-lives who will drag you and your child down? Do you have such a low opinion of yourself to be able to settle with such a crinimal? Whether it's sensation or not for the media, the fact remains, he behaved appallingly, and sentencing is not always reflective of that in this country. If you are honest with yourself, you are 'only' using the sentence as some moral barometre, to be honest, you really are sounding sad and desperate. SF.

  10. no he plead guilty for common assult not sexual.! hense y his sentance was halved. and he wont dragme down cuz if you knew him like i do you know that was not him.! everyone makes mistakes.! i even beat up a policeman back in my days.! we all make mistakes.! n i aint sad and desperate im far from it thanks mate.! the only sad and desperate one is you coming on this site browsing the internet cuz you have nothing better to do wit your sad life.! now whos the low life.! y would people sit there just browsing the internet all day commenting on things that they dont even know anything about.! now thats pathetic if you ask me.? if you was a journalist wouldnt you make a story worst than it is.!? papers and everything is just all about money fucking money now a days.! and yeah i do worship that boy to the ground because when i was going through such a shit time in my life he was the only one that turned my life around and made me a better person if it wasnt for shane i wouldnt be half the person i am now.! i know him inside out and trust him 100 percent. where as you dont have a fucking clue about him.! well anyway i have 3 weeks before he comes back out and live my life again but you losers will always be single pathetic goats commenting on posts .! haha you proper goats .!! ta ta mother fuckers.! find summut better to do with your life.!

    1. According to James Taghdissian (Hobbs' lawyer) Hobbs was so ashamed of his actions, he could not watch the CCTV footage and covered his eyes.

    2. go on on Jeremy Kyle then, you're perfect material.

    3. Jodie, you are showing classic signs of pulling rank i.e. sticking "by your man". People in love tend to do that, beyond all logic, even when the truth says otherwise, they back up their lovers regardless. Normally most wouldn't care, but seeing as you will now have a child together, it really wouldn't be in the best interests of her to be brought up in an environment where the dad is violent, would it?

  11. Normal British trash. Can we not do something, like what Australia did with there refugees. Send them all of to the Isle of white, in which they can the freedom to abuse, rape, beat and have as many kids as they want without it affecting the respectable British citizens or hard working migrants.