Monday, 23 April 2012

Mark Allen Comments Are Racist To Chinese

World Snooker Championship 2012: Mark Allen Accuses Cao Yupeng of Cheating

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World number 11, Mark Allen crashed out of the first round of the world Snooker championships in Sheffield accusing Cao Yu Peng of failing to declare an illegal push shot when leading 5-4. No foul was given and the 26-year-old Northern Irishman eventually lost 10-6. During a post match press conference, he said: 
It was quite obvious to me and anyone who was watching at home. Cao looked at the referee too, so I'm very confident on where I stand on that."
He went on to say that it was 'a trait' for Chinese players to engage in blatant cheating. Allen, 26, could face a fine, suspension or expulsion if found guilty of bringing the sport into disrepute.

Mark Allen's racism to Chinese snooker came to the forefront in March when China hosted Haikou World Open. Posting his Twitter account, Mark Allen racist tweets said:
"Journey a nightmare. (Chinese) People are ignorant. Place stinks. Arena's rubbish, tables poor, food is horrendous. Other than that I love China."
"Dead cat found this morning, Any wonder this place stinks. Must be dead cats all round the town." 
Here's the alleged Cao Yupeng foul shot. Was it a push? Judge for yourself.


  1. Yep. Mark Allen is racist against Chinese people.

    It was not a foul shot.

  2. Careful now.

    There are opinions and racism. Lest we go down a very bad road.

    Calling name calling and opinions we do not agree with racism is bad. Why is it bad? Because it tarnishes the REAL racism the people before us faced.

    Does nobody recall the old playground rhyme? Sticks and Stones?

    Well in recent living memories, those sticks and stones were very real. I'll always remember the start of the 80s and this was when it had calmed down. The violence that Chinese takeway places suffered. The fact that the police didn't care and still to a degree do not care.

    Name calling and sour grapes doth not racism make!

    Sure people making Bruce Lee taunt noises (which is why I hate Bruce Lee and would use a time machine to prevent his birth). Or screaming DVD!! is unpleasant.

    But its an awful lot better than being beaten up regularly.

    1. ^LOL wimp right there.

      What does it take to get us all on the same page to understand the mechanics of 'casual racism'?

      What idiots like you and other whitewashed lot who think that racism doesnt exist dont seem to acknowledge,is that casual racism is a specific racial construct aimed at Chinese that attacks on a personal level but demeans on a social level, taking advantage of the fact that a Chinese most times will not react or retaliate because of not wanting to lose face and our confucian nature.

      As a result, because you do not condone it, that same 'casual racism' is 'okayed', and the rest of Chinese society can continue to be seen as easy targets from white c-nt losers like Mark Allen.

      In reality however, in condoning the social construct called 'casual racism' it means you allow people to think little of you and its okay for them to treat you as a joke.

      Mark Allen is a clear example of an white idiot who has to resort to tweeting anti-Chinese comments on his twitter account to make himself feel better about not being able to abuse his white privilege to screw over a better Chinese player.

    2. I like Your 'Shakespearean' reply. The point you made about Bruce Lee is very interesting, I think the whole martial arts genre needs to be questioned.

      Returning to the article, what truly exposes Mark Allen's racial prejudice is his comment about cheating 'traits' of the Chinese players. Do you think he would say the same about Scottish players or Welsh players? It is purely a comment about 'a race,' putting all Chinese into the same boat.

      There are a record number of Chinese players at the 2012 world championships this year, Ding junhui, Hong Kong’s Marco Fu, Liang Wenbo(who lost 10-9 to John Higgins) 2011 Asian Under-21 champion Cao Yupeng and Liu Chuang.

    3. What a great reply, K. I'll be calling every white man I come across a paedo now, tis only words, far better than getting sliced.

    4. ^ And with sarcasm like that, no wonder most BBCs do not think of ways to confront racism because selfish tossers like yourself are unable come up with better suggestions than licking white man anus.

  3. The problem with you is that you generalise too much.

    Just because something does not conform to your narrow view does not mean I am an idiot or a coward.

    I merely disagree.

    For instance:

    How do you know I was raised with confusian values? Just because you have a certain genetic make up does not mean you are programmed in a certain manner.

    Like Sun Tzu, a clever guy.... for his time. But I can pick big holes in his strategies for sure. Like attacking cities. Wu was dead against this. Wheras razing cities to the ground is a more sound strategy.

    We don't come in blister packs. We are all individuals and are different.

    My father is not an educated man tbh. The only thing he taught me was a Christian value.

    That is consider how others feel from the opposite angle. Thats it, nothing else. He was too busy working all the time to teach me more.

    Everything else is my own making.

    I've fought back and liberally applied violence in my youth towards others as they applied it to me. The fighting grew less and less as I grew older. Maybe it was normal for that period but I can remember a lot of fights especially in Primary school. a lot of them in high school as well.

    It peaked in high school. I strangely find it a time I enjoyed a lot though.

    As time goes on fighting has grown less and less namely because it is pointless.

    And while you may well get your satisfaction in punching somebody out or getting punched out as I do not claim to be a good fighter.

    Repercussions exist which I am well aware of.

    I have things to lose. You really want a criminal record? Criminal records that deny you visas and citizenships to countries you might want to go to later in life? Two of my cousins have drink driving convictions. When applying for the Australian under 30 working visa they were denied. You have to balance which is the better outcome.

    And it depends on circumstance as well. So a guy in a car screams out DVD or you fucking chinky go home. I'm on foot, what do you expect me to do? Run after him in a car? I did this once. And woke up in hospital.

    But sure go ahead and attack people get yourself a record. Or go chasing after people who scream obsenities from cars.

    But hey I don't conform to your opinion. So I'm a white sell out. Or an idiot follower of some kind.

    1. You sound like you live in a real white-trash area and maybe could do with some local mates for support.

      At least thats what I'd do for any of my mates nearby, absolutely 100%.

      Also It's not about fighting it's about mentally preparing yourself - and if you are by yourself, as most of these cases can be, learn to leg it fast.

      Learning to be being verbally sharp back, if someone shouts DVD you shout 'sorry dont sell pedophile porn' grin, then leg it. if they scream obscenities give them the finger and if at safe distance, get ready to throw something like a can, dent the car, then run for it.

      As tough as it can be, because of the personal nature of casual racism, unless you be offensive back, and have your escape plan ready ( without , i'm assuming any backup) they'll do it again . To another Chinese, no doubt.

      This is EXACTLY the nature of casual racism - we take it so personally, internalise it, then do nothing. It's why i tried to hint about our own BBC media

      On the takeaway article, someone else suggested martial arts, which as a practical suggestion, is the right idea if you really are stuck.

      I had 3 white monkeys lurch up to me a few years ago.My friend was with me but his head was in the clouds. This huge gorilla-sized ape suddenly barges into me, knocking my glasses off. Two of his monkey-mates surrounded him, one was 'he's got a knife he'll f-ck you up man'. I said 'what did you do that for.' He said 'what you gonna do about it huh'. I was tempted to knee this gorilla in the balls, but like you said, it could have repercussions. So i kept questioning him,instead. Then eventually they walked away they called me a pussy. I shouted back ' go get an education, you moron'.

      A crowd had formed and I picked my glasses up and walked off. Like i said my mate was on cloud 9 so it was just as if i were there alone, which i was a bit pissed off about.

      In my experience it's about being mentally prepared and allowing yourself to back down psychologically.

      A good Cuss in Cantonese followed by an English translation, would work well too IMO, which I'm ready to do , anytime.

      By the way, welcome back ;)

      You me and BBCz should meet up for a drink.

    2. An insult in chinese followed by English would NOT work. Remember they are ignorant so would not care for the insult in another language - English being the default language in things now. But that's another story entirely. Translating it just takes the sting out of any insult.

      It ties in with the whole "everything is sided against us" theory. Notice in K's and your incident, there was nothing you could do. Outnumbered, outgunned (i.e. someone in a car vs on foot, or physically well built + numbers vs you. Why do you think blacks carry knives and guns? The weedy ones are nothing without assault weapons. You need to pick your fights, and it's very rare that a lone racist will attack you. If so, that should be something you are capable of handling. Even a big guy. Just imagine you are fighting for your life.

      We can win the verbal game though. Notice all these slurs on the Chinese race. Now, if another minority did this to us, there would be no problem responding in kind. They too have plenty of racial slurs they can be offended by. But what about whites? Minimal. Ethnic Chinese need to work on their verbal comebacks, indeed go on the verbal offense when required (e.g. if a white man is giving you hostile looks). EXPECT insults when you walk around, tell your Chinese friends the same. Don't just walk around aloof and taken be surprise. You are sitting ducks to the white man.

      HBC is exactly right. Your lack of response leads to the racist thinking he has the all clear to do so again to another member of the race. Maybe he will try something worse this time, several insults, a bit of taunting or even physical assault. We ALL have a duty to show that we are not walkovers, that any racism - no matter how casual, or slight it is, is brought up and responded with in kind. Make THEM feel uncomfortable, they may continue being racist towards us in the long run but each resist that the victim gets will make them hesitate and fear a backlash. That is what ethnic Chinese are guilty of not doing - not caring about the casual racism, then acting all surprised when violence or the obscene verbal abuse (unopposed by the majority white public - remember those not offending - but not stopping - are just as guilty as letting the racism grow) gets out of hand.

    3. I also think Chinese parents are just as guilty in not teaching their kids how to react to racism, and handling themselves in fights. Much like they are guilty of not teaching us their roots and culture, no matter how awkward it is.

      Surely they realise early on that as a minority, we will be picked on for abuse? We stick out like a sore thumb. Not teaching their kids how to react is like saying "if I look away it won't exist". I suppose this helped me a lot, I have brothers and they were pretty competitive. We got into fights often. This is a GOOD thing, because it couldn't get out of hand, as ultimately our parents would break it up. Good start for the real world of hard knocks.

      And I don't just mean learning kung fu or other weedy self defence classes. I mean dirty fighting - the stuff you see on streets. Watch how street brawls work every weekend - analyse and see how you would react in a situation, and what it takes to win. Most of us will probably be fighting a bigger, bulkier target, or be on our own against many. Thus fair fights are rarely an option. Learn to take down/disable opponents quickly, because if you hesitate, the others will pounce on you like wolves.

    4. Bit tired to reply to it all but if you sound confident, have a good distance, and as you say, pick your fights, and have a good verbal grasp of pisstaking whites, which i tried to share on the other article but was moderated maybe for trolling, telling the white c-nts in question to go fuck themselves in Cantonese,sounds good when its said right,because when you are translating it for them you are showing Chinese pride, in that theyve no idea what you are on about, so by translating, you are patronising them.

  4. Fucking cheat potato head guizi. China will CRUSH YOU

  5. I like to see a BBC union for the interests of protection etc and not for catering or business or religious interests like some community associations, just a professional support network that has proper guidelines.

    1. Think we'd all like to see, that, but truthfully, something like that will not get handed to us on a plate, has to start off at grassroots level, and at end of day depends on what we ( you and I) put into it and is what we ( you and I) get out. My next article will cover the tools to create our own media, if it gets approved by the boss.