Sunday, 27 May 2012

Daily Mail Racist Chinese Reporting

Rampant Sinophobia By The Daily Mail And Its Readership 

The above illustrates how British Newspaper 'The Daily Mail finds any opportunity to slander, degrade and insult anything related to China and its diaspora. The Daily Mail racist antics used to target ethnic blacks, now South Asians, however the racial group Chinese which causes the least trouble is subjected to the most racist insults etc.

By J.Wong (Guest Blogger)

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  2. has anyone noticed with stories on the Daily Mail concerning ethnic Chinese, they are usually unmoderated... on top of the "urrgh, THEM" tone of such articles, it creates an atmosphere where people - and I call them people in the loosest sense - can let loose with their stereotyping and not be afraid of retaliation...

    then compare and contrast with this article about a group of blacks hunting down and stabbing an innocent guy in a pub... because they can, it seems....

    Just look at how tempered the comments are. Not one of them mentions or is in the tone of "blacks again"... the comments are moderated, and generally it just seems that the Daily Mail are VERY tiptoey around the whole issue that they are black. Yet they (and the readers) have no gripes when it comes to ethnic Chinese bashing.

    This is the sort of racism that translates to real life. Where one would hesitate in racially abusing a black, but have no issues doing it with Chinese... the difference of attitudes should concern all of us.

    1. actually I say Daily Mail, it's not just them but the Telegraph (also right wing) but surprisingly left wing Guardian as well... you know, those folk whose readership are traditionally looking out for fairness, at pains not to discriminate etc... I have seen in numerous articles concerning racism towards the Chinese (can't remember the name of the Chinese woman who wrote it), business articles concerning Chinese companies (e.g. buyout of Weetabix) etc... that the general tone of the article and the comments (if open) are of a derogatory, sneering tone. Something that I do not pick up on when concerning stories of another races/countries/businesses of other peoples.

      I guess this is all too subtle for the majority of people to pick up on, but it does have a constant drip drip effect.

    2. I'm on a roll here so I might as well get this off my chest.

      On top of the general malaise in tone and content of British and western journalists (the few stories I've read from "respected" American news outlets is enough to make you think "surely this article is too far... surely the American audience will see logic and think, hang on, it isn't like that"... but nope, the responses follow the blind zealotry of anti Chinese bashing), there is a far wider, far more malignant attitude of whites and to a lesser extent other races - but mostly whites - towards Chinese. The growth of China has made them bitch about slave-child labour, unfair practices, devaluing the currency - anything you can think of really. Whilst at the same time, we hear of how the Great British establishment has led to improved living standards, relatively low inflation for the public... when in reality it was the presence of cheap Chinese goods that allowed the British and American public to have more money to spend on more things, as each product was cheaper than if it had been made elsewhere.

      So think about that - bitching about the Chinese whilst benefiting from them. What is up with that?

      And it doesn't stop there. In other areas, regardless of the facts, and the general way things are going - the British/western mindset is to always bitch about others, never to admit that "they" are doing a good job... for example, if a Chinese person was to get a job, it's not because they were better qualified... nope, it's because they were cheaper, more complaint, less likely to complain. Conversely in America, people of Oriental descent are actually being rejected to unis despite exceeding the requirements of their white counterparts - and the admission tutors make up excuses of them being too "by the book", "not sociable" etc... i.e. subjective topics that cannot be easily proven - or disproven.

      It is the same with the economy. "You're only doing well because you're taking our jobs/copying etc etc".... no-one has reminded them that this is EXACTLY what happened with Japan post WW2, when the British car industry lent the wartorn Japan a disused car blueprint, years out of date. 50 years on, Japan had far surpassed Britain in the car industry to become world leaders, whereas the British one is left to a niche market. Of course, the British still bitch about how Japanese cars "aren't right"... with no logical explanation.

      This is how they've been doing in for decades now... always moaning, always criticising us or anyone who isn't them doing a good job.... but the stats and facts are showing where the momentum is going. WE are always improving. THEY are always stagnating. No amount of racial abuse and stereotyping, whether in media or society, can change that. Maybe that is why they are being illogical in their behaviour.

    3. HappyBritishChinese27 May 2012 at 21:10

      re daily mail as we know by now its all western media spin and demonisation out of jealousy. But as a study in ethnic demonisation, blacks arent demonised because theyve already been colonised. So its okay to be fair to them, they dont present a threat. Muslims have had their turn, and South Asians are placated, with many in high esteemed white roles in british society.

      Its like a comment someone made here on the boxer article

      they were stating that the boxers were failures and because like British Chinese community,it never reached critical mass to have enough people interested in social development as a collective, because FOBS are content to mind our own business and just take white peoples money and BBCs just want to gain white acceptance.

      My argument was that it's not the impact of the effect, it's fighting spirit. Sure it's debatable whether any talk of British Chinese activism will ever go beyond this blog, but its the initiative that counts, whether its 1 or 2 people, the mark of social awareness was made, better than none at all.

      Similar to the incident in Beijing thats now sparked off a huge anti-foreigner whiplash effect that will hopefully start a ripple effect of purging any pisstaking eurocentric westerners.

      Local Chinese TV is now onto it. Simply, Chinese are beginning to realise, just because we mind our own business, doesnt mean we have to be pushovers. In fact when you look at the logistics, there's nothing stopping a nationwide Chinese pride movement. But because of our modest self effacing nature, meekness, and the rest of it, we'd rather it didnt happen.

    4. found another, more relevant example

      Read the comments, all moderated, all nice and civil (considering the context). Yet the past few months we have had several articles of a similar nature concerning (in no particular order): babies, foetuses, animals, cruelty, hunting rhinos-tigers..... yet all these stories were unmoderated and, as a result, full of racist bile. The only difference between this one and those were the latter was referring to China. What's up with that then?

    5. Just look at these articles, if the DM calls itself the newspaper for "Middle England", then why are they publishing local news from half way across the world?

      Pactically every week they'll have a story like this about China. They're never this meticulous with any other country. The DM knows the opinions of what they and their readers hold, but their blatant sinophobia is repulsive.

      Seriously just fucking look the captions of these photos on this newspiece, it even says "Quirky China News".

      If they expect all ethnic minorities in the UK to integrate themselves into society whilst they're constantly slandered at with racist taunts attacks, then they're fucking idiots.

    6. Heres another one, what do you think the chances are if the person in the vid wasen't Asian? Look at the photos they screencaptured of him.

    7. Lol at this one, apparently dressing up your children for Easter and being Asian automatically qualifies you as a Tiger parent.

      Fuck the DM, fuck their readers and fuck their writers, they can all go f***ing rot in hell, the most idiotic, bigoted lying sons of f***ing assholes.

    8. Whats interesting is on both of the above two articles, on the right, is a column called 'femail' that promotes the hottest gossip of white celebrity. Which the attention invariably shifts to once the main article has been read.

      Its also possible that internalisation of the comparison between the 'weird behaviour'of Chinese and the perceived 'glamourous' white celebs is the final nail in the coffin in creating racial distance and positioning Chinese as the 'other'


    9. To be fair you'll see that column on every article (I think), but it shows what a lowbrow paper the DM is. Its laughable how the DM considers itself an academic respectacle broadsheet, its nothing more then a discardable tabloid gossip magazine.

  3. So? Ignorant, stupid and racist people have always existed and newspapers for ignorant, stupid and racist people will always exist. You won't change it.

    1. The DM is one of the if not most read newspapers in the UK and with the slant and ideology of their articles, it can have massive effects and consequences (aka, encouraging sinophobia, attacks against ethnic Chinese).

      The fact that it actively lies in some of its articles as well (remember the article about the Titanic's 3D release in China, and about how nudity was banned because they claimed that all the men would reach out to the breasts? It was a hoax, yet surprise surprise the DM decided to publish it without even checking the facts).

      And no I haven't let selection of congitive bias get the best of me, I've actively screened the DM since a year ago and their active discrimination against ethnic Chinese is real.

      I'm not bothered if they actually decide to post genuine critical articles, but since they actively faciliate stereotypes and bigotry, it shows that they're a horrid newspaper with nothing of merit.

      Since when have we even discussed "changing it"? Such a poor and defeatist attitude to have.


  4. BBCZ.

    The reason is very very simple.

    China is at war with Europe and the USA. Not a shooting war, but an economic war on a massive scale. China happens to be winning this war. Look at how industries are devastated by the merchantile policies carried out by China.

    People could easily buy made in Britain etc. But corporates eye their bigger profits and continue to outsource. And instead of blaming the outsourcing corporates. It is easier to blame the Chinese instead.

    1. The article was written by J.Wong - a Guest blogger. You should address your discussion points to him, not me!

    2. And it just goes to show what a poor newspaper the DM is. Instead of putting the responsibility where it lies they decide to scapegoat an ethnic group who have little to no decision on corporate decisions.

      But the DM just doesn't focus on China as an economic problem, they decide to examine it with nothing to promote disdain where ever possible, not as a academic analysis.

      The intelligence of their writers and readers are too low to understand anything educationally factual based on positive statements so they have to resort to the typical low-brow rhetoric of stereotypes and racial slander.

      The DM physically has this as their agenda, sure all other newspapers take jabs from time to time, but atleast take take the majority of their articles regarding China from a pseudo-neutral stance. Hell I even consider The Sun and the Metro more journalistic then the DM. I can pretty much Control+F every day I wake up and find a derogatory article for Chinese, China, whatever on the DM, you can't do that for any other news-source.

      Lets try it right now: (read the comments, and its obvious why the DM decided to publish this)

      Oh look, 2 newspieces, what a surprise.

      Considering the DM is the most-read newspaper in the UK, its one of the main sources of sinophobia, the promotion of racism against Chinese, attacks etc. The paper is a reason why so much of the British population hold preconvieved views, biases, stereotypes and so on.

      I wish there was a way we could get our voices heard, but I'm no organiser.

  5. By the way, you've submitted your complaints right?

    What you've not done anything?



    i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.

    ii) A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion once recognised must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and - where appropriate - an apology published. In cases involving the Commission, prominence should be agreed with the PCC in advance.

    iii) The Press, whilst free to be partisan, must distinguish clearly between comment, conjecture and fact.



    i) The press must avoid prejudicial or pejorative reference to an individual's race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation or to any physical or mental illness or disability.

    ii) Details of an individual's race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental illness or disability must be avoided unless genuinely relevant to the story.

    1. And you can't really report the DM's ulterior motives either, considering theres no concrete proof, even though its evident through statistics.

    2. You realise the PCC is much like the IPCC - supposedly impartial and fair, but their senior members are journalists and editors themselves!!! The whole industry is quite rotten, stuck in their elitist bubble.

      It's essentially the "Customer complaints department" you'll find in every major corporation... a phone number or desk where some poor sod basically just sits there and listens (but doesn't take in) the complaints of irate people with a bone to pick. In one ear... out the other. NOTHING CHANGES.

  6. I've submitted multiple complaints to the PPC in the past, but they do absolutely nothing. I can't send them literally every article and comment from the DM as that would take ages of time and they would most likely disregard my complaint as a nuisance rather than a legitimate complaint.

  7. Just look, why do they obsess over local-news stories which happen half way across the world? Why only China, why only this country, why not any other countries?

    The DM is the only newspaper in the web to report this.

    I've published a comment under Jack for that article, but seeing as the comments have to be reviewed before you can post, you can bet they won't bother publishing my comment.

    1. And yep what a surprise they haven't.

  8. I agree with you Wong, but why on earth are you posting on a site that's guilty of even worse exaggeration, bigotry and racist cant? Your paragraph: "I'm not bothered if they actually decide to post genuine critical articles, but since they actively faciliate stereotypes and bigotry, it shows that they're a horrid newspaper with nothing of merit." could just as appropriately be levelled at this blog....

    1. That you choose to leave comments on a blog that you find 'guilty of even worse exaggeration, bigotry and racist cant' is probably of a worse obsession than Wong's. At least he is showing some Chinese pride and angered for the right reasons. Your vapid bourgoisis sporadic bitching, however, is just plain tedious.

    2. Its the nature of free speech in the west and creating a balance, I dont believe theres an independent press a such, they all have their own agenda to push, its just a question of how strong that agenda is.

      There are some websites that will not publish racist comments, but again, if you adopt such moderation, you will be accused of stifling free speech as I have been accused time and time again, yet conversely they say I'm encouraging racism by not removing comments. So what do you do?

      I would say much of this blog is a REACTION to Sinophobia. The problem is sinophobia, not this blog. The largest 'tagged' topic on this blog is racism/sinophobia.

    3. Anonymous29 May 2012 16:19

      Because this blog is the only place that is pointing out such discrimnation of ethnic Chinese. It's odd that you (but predictable) somehow turn it on its head and make out as if the Daily Mail, or anyone else, is the victim of Chinese racism. It's almost as if you don't want the ethnic Chinese to have a say about such injustices mentioned in this blog, that we should just put up and shut up. I'm sure whites would love that. (Are you white btw?)

    4. ^ Funny how its the same attention-deprived white /subcategory/ eurasian trolls that just can't seem to get enough of the verbal medicine. Whoops I made a mistake, hmm whoops I think I'll make it again LOL

  9. It's one thing writing to appeal against an actual event, about say, a Chinese student being brutally murdered by a British police officer who was put back on the beat shortly after, but writing a complaint to a racist tabloid institution that is arguably part of a bigger racist institution, which in turn is part of a larger western racist elite agenda is probably not too effective.

    As for organizing something against it, for what it's worth, you probably could spend your time more productively on other things you can change, rather than things you cant.

    As others have mentioned above, there are certain battles worth fighting, and those that aren't.

    And unless you are willing to get on camera and document your thoughts to a wider british public via online media, ie ridiculing the DM or calling out it's clockwork sinophobic reportings, getting your article published on this British Chinese community blog, is probably the closest you will get to bringing any attention to the Sinophobic propaganda machine that is the Daily Mail.

    Until British Chinese as a collective see British tabloid Sinophobia as a big enough issue , or until we have our own British Chinese media to raise awareness of these issues, as an individual and BBC, by getting worked up over a racist tabloid machine that is arguably, just doing it's job, you are playing right into the racist elite media's hands.

    My suggestion: unless you are prepared to take action with any of the above or similar, take a long break from reading the Daily Mail.


    Why does the DM have a fucking stupid obsession with calling China communist when it hasn't for the past 2-3 decades? Yes we get it, they're still communist in name when they actually aren't, we aren't fucking idiots.

    Seriously are the DM readers living in the 60s? Shanghai has hosted plenty of motor racing tournaments in the past, is this the first time they've ever heard about it?

    1. And why do they always insist on capitalising specific words in the news title? Do their readers have severe ADHD where they can't even process words unless its written in block capitals?

      I don't know any other newspaper which does that.

    2. because communist sounds worse, just another thing to differentiate between "us" and "them"

  11. About time this was written. The Daily Mail articles don't concern me much, we know full well their agenda re: Chinese. What should be of more concern to ethnic Chinese is the attitude and mindsets of their readers, regarding the hostility we feel every day regarding the whites in OUR OWN COUNTRY. Note the comment by Jack in London "All Chinamen should go back to China".... excuse the open racism the DM allowed through unmoderated, why not Chinese women? Is it that white men have the obvious agenda of depriving Chinese men of their own women and thus, Chinese families?

    And where do whites in general get off being brainwashed to the extent that the actions of a few represent all the Chinese? So many whites feel that way, even in articles where there is explicit mention of the SAME CHINESE PEOPLE opposing whatever the main point was e.g. animal cruelty. But the whites seem to SELECTIVELY CHOOSE WHAT THEY SEE AND THINK.... and before you say how does this effect ethnic Chinese in real life... well read the comments, if that's how "ordinary" white folk (and to be fair the Guardian - "left wing and good to all" - and their readers hold a similar feeling towards us, whilst blacks and asians are wonderful people apparently) -

    Read the comments by corvid in particular - one that since been taken away

    ""There is something alien about the Chinese that is disturbing"

    Makes no logical sense, but relying on "it's THEM therefore they should be treated with caution" seems to be the order of the day. It is this sort of mindset that is respnsible for the Holocaust of Jews - some of us keep mentioning that in the future the Chinese will be the new Jews - a very valid point I think. Furthermore, this mindset has ALREADY resulted in anti ethnic Chinese (i.e. not from China, but born and bred (sometimes for generations) in the country that the natives rioted in - read up on Malaysia, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, where Chinese men were made to watch their Chinese wives and children get raped by soldiers (but never admitted, funny that), before they were all beheaded or beaten to death. I sincerely believe ethnic Chinese outside China need some sort of protective organisation that caters to us, because we are extremely vulnerable if the law of our country suddenly decides to turn a blind eye to pogroms against us.

    1. To further add, in Indonesia people of Chinese heritage are FORCED to adopt Indonesian (Muslim) names, artificial social conditions make Chinese women to associate with Indoesian men more (and thus have kids with them) - and of course being Muslim they can have 4 wives. In Malaysia and Indonesia there are very strict rules on what Chinese can do e.g. their business must employ at least 75% Malaysians, even though there is no such rule for Malaysian owned businesses, who can employ 100% Malay....that sort of thing.

      I keep thinking that if China and Taiwan was allowed (currently repressed not only by their own insular structures but also by America, always waiting for them to expand ever so slightly beyond their borders) to act on such occurences of ethnic Chinese - America already do this btw, it's called NATO - then such nations with an ethnic Chinese demographic would tread more fairly towards us. Ethnic Chinese should feel safe wherever they live, from social persecution.

    2. To further add to the discrepancy between obvious, open white racism vs Chinese and the covert, subtle racism vs other races, see here

      Rich white girl running off from rich white hubby with a black rapper. For some reason though, whites can't be openly blunt and racist about black men than with Chinese men [why is that btw? Decades of "don't be racist to blacks" in schools - but leaving out the Chinese?]... so you get these "trying hard not to be racist, but implying racial stereotypes" comments. Most of them consist of the following types:

      > Black dicks are big
      proof, if needed, that size matters
      - Jamin, UK, 3/6/2012 6:50

      > Gangsta!
      Thats really put a cap in his ass, yo.
      - Kes T Fal, Plymouth Devon, 3/6/2012 7:00

      > Just a phase
      She'll grow out of it
      - Kev the Cynic, East Riding of Yorkshire, 3/6/2012 8:40

      > blacks are low in status. Humiliation of the white man.
      Could she have sunk any lower? God her children will be ashamed when they grow up. Could her husband have been any more humiliated by her choice? What man would want her after this rapper tires of her?
      - Ben, London, 3/6/2012 9:10

      > "Ghetto hos" - a whore for black men,
      Not the first case of lady going to trailer trash. Some women have a need to be used and abused. While nowhere near this "ladies" level, look at the Kardashian woman. Strange how women are always complaining about their status and not being treated fairly, and then they volunteer to be ghetto hos.
      - Terry T, Toney USA, 3/6/2012 9:49

      > just a phase
      rich white woman runs off with black rapper, mid life crisis cliche if ever i have seen one, it will be over before it has begun when she realises no one will want her round for dinner parties anymore
      - don keyballs, the north, 3/6/2012 10:13

      > blacks make poor fathers
      Glad to see she's chosen someone who would be a great father figure to her children!
      - jaemster1978, Aberdeen, 3/6/2012 11:09

      > Bit of rough
      Poor little rich girl and her bit of rough. Sad.

      Seems like she fancies a bit of "ruff".

      Also read the comments by

      - wsp, berlin
      - lk, Nairobi

      black trollers, much like the white or whitewashed ones you see here. Notice how all the comments do not explicitly speak of racial stereotypes (like whites do vs Chinese), but imply and suggest it... an easy way past racism censorship.

      Another interesting point worth nothing is that, whilst we hear of whites constantly make mention of Chinese being cruel and evil.... they (especially white women) openly ENDORSE blacks who rap and sing about death, violence, money, drugs etc....what's up with that???

    3. Its just another one of life's hypocritical contradictions. However, those comments about Blacks are actually very similar to those directed at Chinese, I dont think there is that much difference.

  12. Oh yeah some of the comments refer to the Chinese boy who suffered burns and thus needed expensive surgery so he could recover... the reality is that the parents created an open fund for ANYONE to contribute... where the MAJORITY of contributions came from locals (i.e. CHINESE), with overseas contributions making up a significant but minority amount.

    But somehow the Daily Mail spins this into "hey look what our readers have done, even we saved the evil nasty inhuman Chinese when they can't do it themselves".... strange that, considering there was ZERO mention of this Chinese boy prior to the mention that they raised money for him... nor judging by the content and general malevolence of readers' comments, do I think Daily Mail readers paid a penny towards his surgery.

    But don't let that get in the way of truth... after all, the Chinese can't complain or do anything about it can they? It's not like the Chinese read the Daily Mail or have political power or lobby groups that can actually do damage to the organisations that speak crap about us.....

  13. Talking about portrayal of chinese women who like black men and are prone to lawsuits - how do you interpret this particular piece in the NY Times?

    1. Very strange story, I had to read it 3 times to get to grips with it. Ms Pao is married to a black venture capitalist who is actually gay and was in a previous homosexual relationship and accused of sexually harrassing workmen/builders? Haha. Since he married her, they have a Blasian child? A chinese women has a Blasian child with a gay Black man? HAHA! Miss Pao herself also had a sexual relationship with another partner in same firm or previous firm? Damn am I the only confused? I give up, too weird, too confusing to understand or care.

      Anyway, there is no mention of racial harrassment against Ms Pao, only sexual harrassment, therefore its a gender issue, not a race issue. She is claiming harrassment because she is female not because she is an Asian female. If you want to promote these types of issues, I suggest you write and submit an article, female gender issues are not my department.

    2. @Anonymous3 June 2012 17:51

      Talking of making sneaky racist troll remarks on an anti-racism article, what do you think of this:

      Obvious murder or just doing society a favour?

  14. "theres too many chinese in this world"
    bothered, wales

    Imagine the outrage if this was said of blacks and asians (which is soon to surpass the ethnic Chinese population)... indeed, it wouldn't even be accepted for publication in the first place!! Just further proof - and a warning to all those ignorant ethnic Chinese people who are shying themselves away from any racism... it is most definitely not about China, but about our race.

    1. yes, but then again theres just as many comments posted by chinese females with white partners and mixed race eurasians saying that we dont need to worry about the chinese race dying out because theres 1.3billion, these types of Chinese in my opinion are just as bad as the non-chinese who make similar comments.

    2. That will rapidly go down to 800 million by 2050, as forecast by the chinese govt themselves - results of the 1 child policy.

  15. Oh dear, only 800 million?

    1. Compared to 1 billion whites collectively over white nations. 1.3 billion Africans. 1.5 billion Indians, another 1.5 billion other asians. The majority of Chinese are in China, the overseas disapora as we have seen are keen to be whitewashed, not carve out their own identity like british blacks and asians. Yes, only.

    2. besides, what is too few too much to you? 500m? 50m? 1m? A few hundred? It is obvious your agenda is to downplay the significance of a major population shift in races, of course this benefits you so of course it's no big deal for your race... you have only to gain from it.

    3. Unless hes an obsessed ugly white/subcategory in which case he'd have to resort to raping a girl like the british guy in beijing to feel like a man LOL

      But then if he's gay, could well end up like this freak:

      Either way it's the eurocentric gary glitter white privilege pisstakers that needs to be depopulated.World Peace, anyone?

  16. I just saw on the BBC news, they were interviewing people outside the big screens watching the royal family thing... they interviewed a chinese woman, first day in britain - she's here on a study visa but apparently came early for this occassion. She says it's a big deal in China. I can't help but think something has gone desperately wrong there, have the Chinese not been taught the history of them towards ethnic Chinese? Or are they just so dazzled by the glamour and glitz that they don't care? Steps need to be taken to correct this faulty mindset.

    Furthermore, the (white) people around her seem to relish in the fact she was Chinese, idolising white British culture - a real coup d'etat in their eyes. One white woman even hugged her. Yet this got me thinking, how many muslim, indian, black women - even the British born ones - openly support the white british monarchy and show open pride to it? I see those communities are so tightly knit that they have retained pride in their own culture, and thus reject others... whereas with Chinese women (btw she was on her own, no Chinese man by her side unlike the other white couples) they - because of the complete lack of Chinese men restricting and being involved in their lives - seem to do whatever they want - and what they want is the gradual destruction of our race. Maybe we need to take a leaf out of asians' books, they are after all - regardless of poverty, background, immigrant or british born - the least likely race to intermarry. Religion plays a role from an early age, but so does what their parents do - restricting who they are with, etc. We need to do the same, for the sake of our people.

    1. I've spoken to some mainland Chinese that are in China today, they had no interest in the Queens jubilee whatsoever, most were unaware of it.

      SO, its not a 'big deal' for the masses in China, maybe a small section of white fever western worshipper types as she herself is a pro-western propagandist. This is the spin of the pro-white camp, it is undoubtedly a coup for the monarchy to find these foreign worshippers, they seek them out for interviews, however, mainland Chinese TV also do this, they parade mandarin speaking foreigners on TV, its very cringe worthy how its done, but its kind of the equivalent. Korean TV also does this. The difference in terms of those paraded - the foreigners in China are predominantly male, whereas Chinese foreigners in the UK are predominantly female.

      You're right about distance and family. Creating distance equates to freedom to date who they want. Its in the article here.

      Its highly unlikely chinese females who are living with or near their parents will date white men, it usually occurs when theyre away from their family. i.e migration, moving to another province for work/study, or even internationally, thats when they will date inter racially. When the cat's away, the mice will play.

    2. Many British Blacks openly support the British monarchy especially the sportsmen and women, the ones of Caribbean origin and black mixed race. Kelly Holmes is on the news as I write saying Shes a royalist and how much she loves the queen and the Union jack. I remember seeing Tessa Sanderson's and her parents openly support the monarchy, she was born in Jamaica.

      But I did look at the crowds quite deliberately and overwhelmingly - the crowds were white. There were some black female faces in the crowds, but not many, I did see two East Asian faces, probably tourists.

      The BBC news coverage has been so pro-monarchy, so pro-royal, so biased that it makes the criticism levelled at China's CCTV as communist propaganda a joke.

      Watching this coverage has made me feel very Un-british, I really do not feel I'm part of this particular idea/concept of Britishness. I will never hold a Union Jack flag.

    3. British blacks are token puppets of white media, similar to some asians. And when you are accepted, you have to express how publicly honoured you are by licking the bum of British elitism.

      re celebrations, it's mainly for kids and stupid adults. eg wearing the stupid cardboard hats in fast food restaurants of all ethnicities. Of the few Chinese when I was out and about,they weren't holding flags, and the usual older FOBS.

      Anonymous4 June 2012 16:35

      re Asians, on the train the other day I saw an asian ( pakistani, I think) girl with a white guy. And elsewhere an asian ( indian) with white girl.

      I guess the point is, once you celebrate Britain, you celebrate multiculturalism with whitecentric hierarchy,which you are either part of or not.

      For Chinese, british identity works as a carrot on a string - how badly do you need the acceptance? Obviously the FOBS just play along, as whiteworshippers or for extra grocery profits, and apart from BBCs who want to feel 'part of it all' Ideally now are the times to be enjoying our own anti-jubilee get togethers as the correct alternative.

      Either that or discussing cheap flights to Hong Kong on facebook,it seems.

    4. Ooooh anti-jubilee get together, can I get an invite? :D You're right though. A lot of people around me are all excited and stuff but I couldn't be more apathetic. For me there's nothing to celebrate.

    5. Hi-culture tributes from Song Ziyung , Lang Lang and Andrea Bocelli

    6. I find it amazing that Lang Lang has paid tribute to them after the complete lack of exposure to his performance in the British press. I was reading the (numerous) articles of the Jubilee Concert in the Daily Mail, and the one on the BBC (found in their Have Your say section) - bar mention of the actual lineup (which they can't alter), there was no editorial mention of his name, as if he was to be blanked out. They mention every other artist there. I'm not even sure if the British journalists are aware of this ingrained bias when writing.

    7. Not being the greatest Lang Lang fan, IMO, no idea. From an ethnic Chinese male perspective though, could be that they only want single whitelicking Chinese females to be seen/filmed as part of the grand occasion, full-stop as you/someone mentioned above. Im just guessing here, though.


    Bottom right.... why are they ALWAYS creepy looking white guys???

    And your point about how these whitewashed Chinese are women, whereas the yellow fever foreigners in the East are men... is exactly my point. Men spread their seed, women make do with the best they have i.e. for every white man with an oriental woman, that is one less oriental family. One less oriental man (and woman) who can call a family their own, with roots and an undivided culture. With no confusion down the generations.

    White men of course, love this - much like black men do with white men. It is different for men. Even if the oriental woman they pair off with is for life (which is unlikely, considering how these women flock to white men), they know there will be other white men to take their place for any white woman they would otherwise have paired off with. Besides, that is rarely the case. More often the oriental women is their temporary bit on the side (impregnate then move on), or some last fuck before they die (old white man with young oriental women) - often leaving behind whites families they have borne children to in the process

    1. HAHA @

      "More often the oriental women is their temporary bit on the side (impregnate then move on), or some last fuck before they die"

    2. It's not a funny matter considering it's true. When a white man is young - they fuck their own women, have kids with them. Once that's done - the continuation of their race - their "pure" bloodline - they move onto young oriental women. Impregnate them, so they have 2+ families - one white, one half white-chinese - thus depriving oriental men of their own families.

      Every time you see one of these, you see a single oriental man deprived of a family.

      Not so funny now is it.

    3. I think BBCz may have been laughing at the old white bloke dying, after his last fuck, at least thats the way I read it.

      No wonder many BBCs are so apolitical and have the 'doesnt affect me so why should I care attitude'.

      Looking at the crap they paste on facebook if many of them actually tried to develop a political conscience based on a Chinese pride ethic their brains might implode.

  18. Looking at the Essex runners most of them don't live in Essex at all and half of them appear to be Samsung representatives from China. The whole thing is a farce certainly not local people being nominated by their communities.

    - country girl, essex, 09/6/2012 10:39


    Now and again there comes a comment that isn't racist per se, but just so racially ignorant you can't help but be shocked. Such as the one above.

    Samsung is Korean. It makes sense that the head people (thus Korean) carry the torch. NOT Chinese. But hey, we're all the same right? But would the same people be quick to say Walmart is British, Tata is Pakistani? No. But whites seem to freely (and without any hesitance, unlike they would with other races including their own) lump all orientals into one group. Why the difference? 344 people agreed with her btw. They're all Chinese. Even the Koreans.

    1. By and large, UK whites are ignorant to 'them slanty eyed immigrants' ,and trained to stay that way by UK media, and only respect other ethnic cultures when they can get something out of them like a takeaway, massage or a quick fuck.

    2. On the subject of Daily Mail and more blatant sinophobia, take a look at this hollywood film

      Yes the Daily Mail is as racist as ever but the actual content of the film encourages being violent towards Chinese. The Daily Mail is actually criticising China for censoring racism.

      This is an Asian American activist blog that discusses Hollywood racism or should I say Anglo american propaganda tradition that encourages violence against Chinese in his article

      Its stuff like this that makes me despair of all the mainlanders vs hongers who are just unaware of the sinophobic propaganda thats being made out there. If more British Chinese were more media savvy rather than stuck in their FOB nucleuses and BBCs in their cake recipe bubbles, ethnic Chinese in the UK would not want to be so damn pro-mainstream. We keep fucking saying BBCs need to have a platform ,create our own ethnic chinese culture and speak out against crap like this but no, the FOB UK majority wont let it, instead we just dissolve into our little cottages tend to our families and pretend its all okay.

      I wonder how many whitewashed BBCs went to see this piece of shit sinophobic propaganda and enjoyed it haha.

    3. Speaking of DM, look at the recent news article they published (and yep, what a surprise, they're trying to portray Chinese as unusual and freaks again):

      Its absolutely horrid and unmoral that they're trying to appear as if they're sympathetic to this girl, yet all they want is to promote more comments like:

      I'm surprised they didn't kill her at birth - this is China, after all, and she's a girl. Cute little girl - I don't think she looks that bad at all. Hopefully someone can do something to help her live a more normal life.

      - anon, anon, 11/6/2012 00:25

      Fuck the DM, fuck all of their writers.

  19. I read the headline about the gay canadian pornstar killing his gay lover.

    of course the daily mail had to say it was CHINESE GAY LOVER in their headline. Would they refer to his ethnicity if it was different ethnicity? KURDISH GAY LOVER ? No? ARABIAN GAY LOVER? no? PAKI GAY LOVER? no? Funny, they dont refer to the ethnicity of the chinese wives of White men in headlines.

    Also, why in terms of news headline it okay to mention the race of the victim but not the race of the perpetrator? such double standards.

    "Chinese victim murdered and chopped up by white canadian" or "White canadian murders Chinese?"

    Is it ok?

    1. It's an media wide effort to negate the influences of whites (Unless they are positive), whilst exaggerating that of Chinese, especially if they are negative. They did this recently with the asian male paedos and the white girls.

      Gay is still tinged with negativity in society, so for white media this is a trump card to promote Chinese men as gay, as reasoning for them to leech onto our women.

  20. The ongoing saga of how Daily Mail readers react to races differently:

    I've finally found an UNMODERATED article about animal slaughter that isn't caused by ethnic Chinese. Before they were moderated so you can't accurately rely on the comments being too PC just because they were monitored. But amazingly, they still are.

    Going through, there are a few comments of how humanity (note no mention of the specific race) in GENERAL is evil and barbaric... but ZERO on how blacks are, and ZERO comments calling for blacks to be killed/eliminated etc.- if you recall the countless articles of SOME people of ethnic Chinese origin carrying out animal cruelty (which were cancelled out by the ethnic Chinese trying to stop them, mentioned in the same articles, but the readers chose to ignore) - there were several comments - some said in a "jokey" manner, many not - calling for ethnic Chinese to be killed or eaten by the same animals that were being killed. Many more stereotyping them all as barbaric, heartless and all the obvious names we've grown used to. A classic example of how whites fundamentally do not treat us in the same way as other nonwhite races. WHY IS THAT?

  21. More Daily Mail Chinese goodness, this time from the readers....

    Just another boring, mundane article (except for archaeologists) about some ancient findings in China. But what's this? IN CHINA. CHINESE. Therefore....

    Yes, but who did they copy them from?
    - André, Peckham, 29/6/2012 16:48

    Perhaps they are not 20,000 yrs old. Dont believe everything that comes out of China.. Or maybe they are 20,000 yrs old and out previous assumptions are dead wrong...
    - Amused , CINCINNATI, 29/6/2012 19:06

    .....So, don't believe them... but then say, maybe they're right? Numpty.

    Yes, question is who commissioned the Chinese to make these potteries? Are they original or fake?
    - sabah, bath, 29/6/2012 20:38

    Potted shrimps?
    - Johnny Repman, Hassi Mesrollmops, Algeria, 29/6/2012 20:41

    - Johnny Repman, Hassi Mesrollmops, Algeria, 29/6/2012 21:20

    .........Seems Johnny's hobby is to make stupid comments on the DM.

    - MAN ON A SOAP BOX, KENT, 29/6/2012 23:05

    Early pot noodle??
    - nr, wigan, 30/6/2012 0:47

    .... and my favourite =

    "...China has a very rich and ancient history, I live there and am amazed at their capabilities in ancient times, they will get there too in modern times." - Steve, Reading, England------------------------------ Pity they are going via such a barbaric, callous route.

    - Ed, Midlands, 29/6/2012 16:08

    ........because whites were such wonderful people to get where they are now.


    More attempts by the DM to paint Chinese as inhumane, abnormal, wierd etc.

    Lol at this comment: "What I would like to know is, why there are Chinese people like this risking their lives to save another, when the media constantly paints the Chinese as inhumane cruel folk???"

    - Jeff, London, 20/8/2012 14:45

    Is the person publicly declaring and recognising MSM as anti-Chinese, or asking why an article is challenging his preconceived stereotypes?

    Only in China!

    - Misfit, California, USA, 20/8/2012 18:32

    Read more:
    Tung chow! TUNG CHOW!!!!! hahahahahahaahaha

    - Pablo, USA-1, 20/8/2012 13:32

    Read more:

    I don't even know what he's referring to
    What a loser, just like the rest of that country.

    - Me, Here, 20/8/2012 16:44

    Read more:
    Had to be Chinese again. Damn freaks of nature.

    - Nas, Essex girl, 20/8/2012 20:34

    Read more:
    Bad feng shui for Sheng Fi.

    - Jay Ramella, Lincolnshire, 20/8/2012 16:24

    Read more:
    Chinese takeout. Gotta love it. Doug

    - Doug wrath , London canada, 20/8/2012

    Read more:
    Why is it the Chinese have such bad mental health? Seems tree have been alot of stories recently with this theme

    - laura, uk, 20/8/2012 14:55

    Read more:
    . . Had to be Chinese again. Damn freaks of nature. - Nas, Essex girl, Its certainly beginning to seem like they are all total weirdos. They don't seem to have any respect for life of any shape or form.

    - LULU, NEWCASTLE, 20/8/2012 21:02

    1. What I find alarming is that these commenters can't seem to notice the stream of similar (if not moreso) acts of inhumanity inflicting by their fellow whites. The white man jumping on top of his pregnant girlfriend so she can miscarry, raping 2 year olds, cutting off a dog's tail or hanging it because he pissed on the carpet, killing their grandchild then putting her in the attic before going to the press appealing for help... they only have to look at the very same site to see such stories. Maybe they do. And they still don't realise the hypocrisy.

    2. what i also find interesting is that these are coming from women. The white men tend to use out and out racist abuse, name calling, taunting etc... but the white women play on stereotypes and are so quick to label us all as bad - which, as I've always said, is stupid to stereotype the world's largest demographic...I mean, a far greater proportion of blacks, asians are "bad", yet no-one but obvious racists generalise - yet these "normal" girls do with even a bigger race based on a small element of our community! What's up with that?

  23. And yes, I realise I just generalised in the above comment - but at least it's based on fact. Black and asians in Britain make up a far greater proportion of jail inmates than their demographic. This is not the case for Chinese. Yet we are still given the "we're all evil" moniker.

    Anyway, here's a sad story about how a Dutch-Chinese girl was murdered because her "best friend" didn't like the rumours about her sex life:

    WTF for this comment

    This is what happens when you import millions of immigrants who come from murderous cultures. We are no longer a first world, civilised nation. We have to live in fear.

    - Brian Williams, Dover, UK, 25/8/2012 00:27

    How many ethnic Chinese are abused, assaulted and killed by whites in Britain. Now reverse the roles and ask the same question.

    And no doubt he reads the Daily Mail, and can't have failed to have noticed the tales of savagery by whites. For him to have the audacity to say that we are a more murderous culture.... taking the piss

    1. Why is the DM even reporting on something which is considered local news at best in the Netherlands? Oh that's right they want to paint any Chinese as freaks at all cost.

      They don't truly care about the girl getting murdered, they just want to further their sinophobic agenda.

    2. lets ignore these predictable comments from whites for a moment, the story itself is a good find, from my experience of Dutch chinese girls, theres a couple of them on the FB group, now im not judging all Dutch Chinese this way, but the ones that have migrated to the UK from Holland that ive seen have all been female, they tend to be lacking in morality and very prone to dating white guys, I don't know whether thats the influence of the Dutch liberal upbringing or whether the legal Chinese immigrants to Holland tend to be of a slightly trashier background than the Chinese legal migrants to the UK, there are no stories about BBCs performing these kind of murders or beatings.

      I've seen Dutch exchange students in the UK and they are appallingly behaved, arguably the worst behaved foreign students I've seen in the UK.

  24. Another thing I have noticed in general by whites, is that when such incidents of savagery occur by them (or just anything wrong done by them in general), they have every excuse under the sun to justify or lessen the impact.


    ...Mental problems. Depression That's ok then. (incidentally it's obvious the Chinese woman obvious had severe mental issues, didn't stop the racist abuse from coming in saying we're all evil)

    And more recently, you must have heard of Lance Armstrong, multiple Tour de France winner and cycling legend from the USA, being a doper all this time. Obviously karma re: Yi Shiwen, but if you read the comments by Americans it is truly startling what they come up with to defend "their lot"

    e.g. 1) "doper or not, he was still an inspiration"

    (yes, and he only inspired by being successful, and he did that by cheating)

    2) "they all did it"

    3) "it's a witch hunt"

    Excuses to use when the Chinese are accused in the future. But then, they won't work, because it only applies if they're guilty.

  25. New Chinese related article about 4 quadruplets! Unmoderated as is policy re:Chinese. Therefore open to abuse.


    Maybe everyone in China should do this....
    - D Brown, Wellington, 7/9/2012 4:52

    Well they all look the same anyway normally so should have their heads shaved at birth.
    - paul, lincoln, 7/9/2012 7:54

    Anybody remember Charlie Chan?? :)
    - Anubis, In the Dog house, 7/9/2012 7:34

    The fact is that Chinese parents are not limited to having one child, this is another fallacy.
    - mike, suzhou. china, 7/9/2012 5:05


    So we have your predictable white-centric racial stereotyping of our race (all look the same, Charlie Chan).... and the last comment is quite disturbing. A white, in China, calling for what is effectively the racial genocide of the Chinese people through population limitation.

    That is why, when we hear whites saying "so what if the Chinese population is declining" on these posts, that we know they should be denounced, as they certainly do not have our best interests at heart, only theirs.

  26. And this one:

    god don't they all look the same.
    - paul, lincoln, 6/9/2012 15:38

    They all look the same.
    - Abbs, Dublin, 6/9/2012 23:51

    They all look the same. - Abbs , Dublin, 06/9/2012 23:51

    Mine got removed for this but I agree and I will say it again, they all look the same.
    - paul, lincoln, 7/9/2012 7:58

    Now, if you look at the previous article and this one, you might have noticed paul, lincoln, making the same comment... he seems a bit obsessed with going on China related articles and saying "they all look the same"!!!

    1. I love how all of these Daily Mail readers suddenly become expert historians and sociologists about China and Chinese people, when none of them have probably never even been to China.

      My faith in humanity has been partially restored thanks to this comment:

      The DM seems to have developed an obsession for foisting boring stories about China on its pages. Who cares what goes on there?

      - Heranthere, Canterbury, 6/9/2012 17:12

      Read more:

      I don't know if that person is Chinese, BBC, but atleast someone else recognise's the clear bias in the DM.

    2. Honestly the ignorance of the DM readers is so mindnumbing, so many of them honestly think the CCP would kill someones kid if the parents have more than one child. They're too shrouded in their ignorance to think by themselves beyond what the DM tells them to think.


  28. Here stateside, I notice the same thing with the AP, UPI, Fox, CNN, you name it, going way overboard with the China hating and bashing. And all their readership behaving like mindless, racist sheeple with their racist ignorant comments.

    I notice they also do it with the Blacks, Spanish and Muslims too. Only the Jews and Whites seem to emerge unscathed and unheckled. But then, don't the Jews run the majority of the news outlets?

  29. Anyone noticed that when actual decent reporting slips through the net, such as the case of this Asian gurkha turned the knife on his attacker,

    or a HK woman who gotten raped by some Moroccan guy in leeds

    ..that comments are unable to be accepted 'for legal reasons'-
    ie if comments would actually agree with the victims - in this case a HK woman raped by a british moroccan and a Gurkha defending himself from a white male attacker - that they arent 'legally' churning blatant Sinophobia like the Mail? haha fucking hypocrites

    1. that rape raises up another urgent pressing issue that needs to be worked on fast. Women coming from the far east are too naive and trusting of people in foreign lands... usually they are brought up in a well to do family, who themselves have no semblance of "the real world"... how in the west the civilised live side by side with lunatics, con artists, druggies, murderers, paedos and rapists...maybe the Far Eastern nations should offer obligatory training to everyone (because naive men are also targeted) who leaves their country.

      I guess this is part of the reason why we see so many oriental men with quite freaky looking white men... these are usually those who are deformed, social hermits, insecure etc... it is because men like these see oriental women as easy. Thus it is a self fulfilling prophecy.... the trusting naive nature of recent Chinese women immigrants + the belief of white losers that they can attain such women with ease is a recipe for disaster.

      Indeed just a couple of weeks ago at a university seminar (I'm not some genius, it was a local training thing for careers), I saw 3(!) white man-oriental women couples... 2 of the girls were the shy, mousey type - you know the sort - the ones that look away and fidget and always look uncomfortable - they were with a) a lizard looking midget whose voice was yet to break; b) an albino whose skin was flaking off; and c) a south asian gangsta wanna be type guy, who was with a girl caked in makeup and dressed like a worn out prostitute - you know in the movies you see of such women in their later years still walking the street - she was dressed like that. As they were just a row in front of me I heard the guy say she should meet up with him at McDonalds later... classy. And despite the trashy clothing, she had the sweetest, poshest (in a way that Chinese born students speak after having been taught English a lot) voice. The disconnect couldn't be more apparent, yet because of the lack of "street" knowledge, because they have lived such sheltered lives back home, and because of the extreme cultural disconnect, the Chinese from abroad are easily exploitable by the local men in this country - who of course are eager to take advantage of such women.

    2. that should be

      "I guess this is part of the reason why we see so many oriental WOMEN with quite freaky looking white men"


    3. Its the combination of naivety combined with being trained to worship the white plus the west = multiculturalism = freedom. If they never met a non-Chinese man in their life, coming to the west is a multicultural disneyland for them

      Its here programmed into their subconscious

      That South Asian gangsta Chinese prostitute example is not uncommon. It's not for nothing that the Chinese female image is commonly associated with 'slut' whichever way you want to address it. If Chinese women dont fight this media-image and only choose to play on it, then that makes them compliant, regardless of the minority that choose not to play along with the stereotype


    "comes in six different variations with different backgrounds - two are African-American and two are from the Far East."

    I don't know if its the author or the product description, but it's further widespread belief that orientals are not considered American/British etc... if they're black they're American - if they're oriental they're obviously from the Far East - this despite the fact that there are SEVENTH GENERATION chinese americans now...


    rape of young girl. the articles says its a black guy who did it, but in the comments, not one comment mentions his race. now if it was chinese or south asian muslim rapist, the commenters would be up in arms about race.

    1. Political correctness abounds. Also most of the pathetic comments were along the lines of 'oh poor girl' 'the authorities must do something gosh'. Ie taking the attention away from the attacker.


    more whites promoting chinese genocide, based on the actions of a few

    oddly, for a unmoderated article, where anything calling for our extinction goes, I made 2 comments on the hypocrisy of how whites and other races causing similar extinctions/acts of cruelty do not get the same type of comments, yet both haven't been published. Hmmm

  33. Two recent articles about animal cruelty in China - one of which was followed by the very same Chinese race rescuing said animals...

    read them and weep

    Getting a roar deal: Angry lions are sitting ducks as they are pelted with snowballs by laughing crowd at a Chinese zoo
    I hate chinese people - if their not hurting animals their eating them !!!!
    - Natalie , London, 10/1/2013 21:4

    Nature made the chinese the ugliest people on earth for a reason, their treatment of animals being one.
    - Anne , England, 10/1/2013 20:57

    They subjugate other countries so why would they bother about lions,they are a disgusting race !!
    - Mark , Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, 10/1/2013 21:07
    --------Says mark from the UK....

    I would give my house away to charity for a chance to throw that fat Chinese creature into that lions den and watch the look on his face when those two lions eat him alive. The Chinese are the worlds cancer.
    - FunkMasterFlex , Southampton, UK, 10/1/2013 21:19

    i cant wait until i see one of these chinese sorts.... they're getting a snowball right back at then in the name of sinba....
    - , larndarn, 10/1/2013 21:20

    Disgusting, nasty evil race.
    - susan , worcester, 10/1/2013 21:22

    Please, let me at them. It's not tough enough that these magnificent lions are living in unnatural conditions---in the snow and ice!!! I agree with the poster--the Chinese are the world's cancer. They have no heart or compassion for anything with a pulse.
    - Rammed Earth , Los Angeles, United Kingdom, 10/1/2013 21:25

    Oh and the English are so much better, aren't they? The most shallow, materialistic, self-absorbed people on planet earth yet they sit in judgement as if they were sent from heaven to be the world's police!
    - Dino the pleb , Grommet, Wallis And Futuna, 10/1/2013 21:26

    shocked at the amount of racism on here. there plenty of yobs in Britain who wouldn't think twice about doing the same. This is not a reflection on the nation of China, just a minority of antisocial idiots.
    - Pugger , London, 10/1/2013 21:31

    One day I hope the Chinese face extinction what an ignorant race
    - the good parent , England UK, 10/1/2013 21:32

    The chinese are by and large a disgusting race with little regard for man or beast. My opinions and my experience and ive no apologies saying it. Red arrows ahoy
    - Hercules , Dublin, Ireland, 10/1/2013 21:46

    One day I hope the Chinese face extinction what an ignorant race - the good parent , England UK, 10/1/2013 21:32 good parent my A2e you talk of ignorance and make a statement like that. what a joke .
    - zeusdart , llanberis, 10/1/2013 21:46

    A very very strange race of people. What kind of lack of moral compass do they have that adults around children do this. Bizarre and most certainly not any relation to my kind.
    - Eddy , Cork Ireland, 10/1/2013 21:47

    But when are the Chinese ever kind to any living thing..barbaric people!
    - platsy_ch1ck09, Chesterfield, United Kingdom, 10/1/2013 17:14


    1. I don't care if I get red-arrowed for this, but the Chinese are a very cruel race. No empathy in them, whatsoever.
      - Julie Thompson, Bangor, 10/1/2013 19:46 - 169 likes

      What the hell is wrong with the Chinese, literally every story about this culture involves abuse in one way or another
      - Amy, London, 10/1/2013 21:04

      - maybe that's the problem... every story you are given is about animals in China...

      They're Chinese? Say no more. Cruelest people on earth. I'd hate to be an animal living in China.
      - Freddie Mercury Fan, St. Louis, United States, 10/1/2013 17:33

      Wait isnt this the same country where those people kept driving over the baby in the market where the one guy even made sure to back up over the kid he hit to assure it would die to reduce any penalties he might be fined? The world needs to be washed.
      - downtownjoe, DesMoines, 10/1/2013 22:53

      I loath the Chinese.
      - Ebby, Cornwall, 10/1/2013 18:03

      I find the Chinese to be a really despicable race. They have no feelings for animals whatsover and most likely not a lot for their fellow men. I only hope these lions retaliate and get to eat a Chinese take away. Nasty people.
      - Lucy, Norfolk, 10/1/2013 18:43

      Nothing the Chinese do should surprise us. They are not bought up to have any feelings or sympathy for others, so animals are sure to be abused in a sterile culture such as that. Truly disgusting !
      - SteveC, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 10/1/2013 17:37

      The Chinese really make me sick, awful horrid people, hope they get their come-uppance.
      - queenie-3, Norwich, 10/1/2013 17:17

      but the chinese nation are a cold calculated race, look how they treat there of spring and the elderly.
      - bert, up north, 10/1/2013 18:02

      Disgusting, nasty evil race.
      - susan, worcester, 10/1/2013 21:22

      There are disgusting people everywhere.
      - Jane, London, 10/1/2013 17:20

      The chinese do not care about anything or anyone but themselves. Shark fin soup, dolphin massacres and now this...
      - Mr Gethings, na, United Kingdom, 10/1/2013 18:58

      I hate the Chinese as a race-no compassion for animals or for their fellow humans.
      - not in scotland, morp, 10/1/2013 18:0

  34. It would be nice to get the opinions of whites, preferably those who share the same views as those above - why such extreme hatred, mass stereotyping, and calls for ethnic genocide of our race based on the actions of a few?

    Additionally, why do you not share the same extreme hatred for indians, blacks, muslims - indeed your own race - for similar acts of atrocity to both humans and animals????

    And how could one say such lies so blindly, despite them surely seeing otherwise? (e.g. The Chinese have no feelings or don't care for others - they can't have failed to have seen Chinese doctors, teachers, families care for strangers and each other alike)??? What thought process do you go through to be able to say such a thing without any ounce of shame or irony?

  35. One thing is clear, ethnic Chinese the world over need to protect themselves and be wary of others. All very well when people criticise specific individuals for acts of cruelty, but when they generalise for our entire race - then call for our extinction, that's when we need to worry, and we need to prepare for the worst.

    I cite Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Malaysia as good examples. I do not want to be killed, beheaded, persecuted in my own country based on racial stereotypes. We are the new Jews, but perhaps we can learn lessons from them re: security.

  36. Oh yeah, did I mention the comments in the cat article were MODERATED? Yet still comments such as "the Chinese race need to be wiped out" were deemed acceptable on Britain's leading newspaper???

    How on earth did these racial double standards get so bad for ethnic Chinese? No way in hell would such a comment be accepted, indeed a white moderator reading it would probably be disgusted if it was targeted at blacks or asians.

    1. Your last paragraph is misguided. Just because they don't say it, doesn't mean they don't think it. The only difference is, both Indians and black people are now protected by the new PC measures. But, it comes out in other ways. The Chinese are not protected because we never play the victim. Our downfall is to always put on a brave face rather than speak the truth. And the truth is hurting us collectively due to this.

    2. Maybe, I have noticed that the comments that come with evil acts committed by other races are moderated - except for the whites (and they're hardly going to want to say we should kill themselves) and the Chinese.

      But my point is that it shouldn't matter whether we "play the victim" or not - the very principle of being anti racist - is to apply the same standards across the board. Indeed, I am less concerned about those who would say "wipe out the Chinese" but would have said the same if a black, asian or indeed white had done it... than those (the majority) who wished ill on us, but don't (and haven't) in similar stories. NO-ONE called Indians a "plague on the planet" because of the mutltiple incidents of rape and torture...

      ...but you are right. It seems how we choose to react as a race (or don't) does have an effect on the type of racism by others, and the severity of it.

      e.g. Indian racism is there - but when we see it, it usually comes in the form of an assault. There is no "in between" e.g. name calling, slurs, stereotypes and views of hatred. Which says to me that the Indian community are quite effective in shouting out about any slight, perceived or not. We do the opposite, and the end result is that we face racism to all degrees.

  37. You would also think of the people saying "cruelest people on earth" that they haven't heard of the stories of blacks and asians beheading their daughters, throwing acid, etc etec.....not forgetting the irony of whites not too long ago forcing drugs on the Chinese - then killing them when they refused.

    But yes, killing animals is far more crueler than that... which whites do anyway btw.

  38. Here's a good one

    So muslims telling whites what to do in a white country.

    But read the comments. So much more tame, civil, restrained - as if there was some sort of subconcious barrier. Even whites are aware of the stereotyping:

    " Please dont tar all muslims with the same brush as that is small minded thinking and you then are just as bad as these so called muslim patrol.

    - Russell Fowler , Cardiff, United Kingdom, 18/1/2013 11:02"

    800 green arrows. Compare that to the 300+ green arrows for those whites calling for the genocide of our race, based on - like the ones above - a few criminal elements...

  39. This and the whole thing about horsemeat, it's almost like fate (or God, Mother nature, call it what you will) are trying to tell whites something.

    Yet strangely the comments are rather reserved and civil - no-one calling whites a cold calculated race incapable of empathy. No-one calling them a plague on this planet that needs to be exterminated.

    White people - just swap the comments above for whites, because a few people of your race committed this.... not so nice, eh?

    1. That is human nature. Read the comments on here regarding CCP by BBCs, and you'll see there are similar elements. Also, 'reserved' comments about Muslim started due to the war in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. We are severely moderated by this country's media regarding this country's foreign policies. Be sure, without this, the posters will be far more daring.

    2. Ahahahaha

      Change the pictures up a bit so the tigers are "chasing" snowballs rather than "receiving" one in the face, don't show the white guys throwing the snowballs whilst showing the chinese kids laughing whilst doing the same.... whites are so easy to brainwash.

  40. The poster above who said that whites would say the same of other races, just that those articles are moderated, check out this one on child brides in India - unmoderated

    comments are so much more tamer than if they had been chinese - focusing on the individuals involved as opposed to generalising the race; no such extreme calls of genocide and wiping out Indians.

    Sad to say, this is something ethnic Chinese exclusively get, and I would like to know from whites why there is such disparity

  41. here is another one....a Chinese woman faces the death penalty for killing and then cutting up her husband after years of abuse:

    As anyone who pays attention to the news, this happens everywhere around the world... men beheading girls for going with 80 year old men to be their bride - stuff like that. But I read those articles. The attacks are always on THOSE men, THAT culture. Not the RACE.... see here

    "And once again the Chinese show the world what a compassionate, forward thinking race they are (sarcastic tone there for those who didn't pick it up)

    - Lisa, Rochdale, 29/1/2013 17:53"

    1. The problems is, the media have been putting "Chinese" in front of all things linked to the communist era. We all know what the world thinks of communism today!

      This 'Chinese' has now been ingrained into a generation's mind. The blurred lines between Chinese and individuality does not exist in the western media. Chinese are a group of monotonous, emotionless machines that 'function' with nothing stepping off the line. Correct me if you disagree, even if you are western brought-up, can't you see the brainwashing from the sidelines? This is the stereotypical image of China and its people. Hence the more 'basic' readers' views of The Daily Mail. It's not about the whys, but how can this stop.

    2. ESPECIALLY as I am "western brought up"! The WHITEwashing is evident, predominently amongst many western born and also those who come and settle here - within a few years they "act" and think they are white!!!

      It was only 100 years ago that whites still considered blacks as animals to be caged and used as tools, it took around 75 years after the abolition of slavery to consider them equal, and of course many whites still don't.

      So in order for attitudes of whites to change - to consider us as individuals, each with different backgrounds etc.... it would take at least... 40 years? If the ones making such race generalising are all in the 50s+ for example, it would take that long for them (and hopefully their mindset) to die out.

  42. Oh here's another casual racial stereotype that has been pushed so much by white men to deem it acceptable to print

    "Can see objects as small as six inches in size". So still won't be able to tell the difference between men and women in most oriental countries then!

    - K Sera, London, 28/1/2013 22:22

    Now if you read the other commenter's quotes you'll notice he's quite the sexist "man", but also notice how he focuses JUST on orientals.. why's that? Other races, if based on size (as in height, etc) are smaller or similar - and thus should also have "small objects" - yet white males seem predominantly obsessed with pushing the stereotype of oriental men and small penises.

    Two theories to this. One - white men don't want to shag black or asian women.... so no point racially stereotyping those men to make them look bad in front of their women - they don't want them anyway (whereas they will happily do it to oriental women).

    Second - lack of retaliation from the oriental male community. You talk shit about asians or blacks, they will respond in kind. Whites over the decades have realised this. Maybe it is about genitals in a way - having balls. The balls to fight back. Whenever oriental men face racism or stereotyping, let's be fair - we just don't. So that's also why the small penis stereotyping is so targeted specifically at us.

    Of course it also doesn't help that white males dominate the english speaking internet, allowing them free reign to spread and enforce the stereotype (whereas the vast majority of oriental males will be in the oriental languages speaking part of the internet); and it also doesn't help that within a lot of oriental communities, there is an inferiority complex - this racial hierarchy that places whites above them, when every other race is ethnocentric


    1. Oh dear

      "Hmm...I am also Korean though I have not had plastic surgery....yet. Growing up in America, I always wished for the big eyes and slender noses my friends had. Now that I am older, I pretty much like the way I look. I am proud to look like a Korean but I can understand the way it feels when you have small eyes and a round face. Even now, I would still like to do some work on my face but I will wait until I am old and wrinkly. But to do anything to my eyes or nose? No....I love my eyes the way they are but I was lucky enough to be born with the double lid thingy, even though it's small. Still hate my nose but I can live with it.

      - Sun Nam Bae, FRESH MEADOWS, United States, 31/1/2013 20:51"

      Inferiority complex, idolising the white beauty ideals as a nonwhite. This plagues our race.

    2. For an UNMODERATED (once again when concerning orientals) article, there is a LOT of selective editing going on! For example, I replied to the above Korean girl's comment about idolising white beauty ideals, something that many of our races tend to do, compared to the others - was printed for a while - then taken down.

      Same when replying to a comment about a white man's Chinese wife who wanted surgery, now changing her mind after meeting him - I told him that now that she naturally would have whiter kids, the sense of urgency to change herself had now gone.

      Yet comments such as

      "That'll be all the boys turning themselves into girls."

      "Note - India at the bottom - what does that correlate with? My guess is fatness and uglyness."

      "Wow, Indians at the bottom, no surprises there!!!"

      "Because they are among the ugliest"


      "Perhaps it's because the girls are all boys?"

      "Er, because they are so ugly? Could it be?"

      are all not taken down... yup, DM moderators with an agenda, who would have thought. Orientals desperately need their own "Daily Mail".... media does influence people's thoughts, and if all they read are the "unmoderated" comments of simpletons who get to spout their racism and stereotyping without retaliation (since anything NOT derorogatory and taking the piss out of our races are taken down), then those thought processes will harden.

  43. Here's another UNmoderated article about Indians killing animals.... if the above poster was right, they would be also calling for Indians to be wiped off earth... but so far, all very tame

    Having said that, it is obvious unmoderated means nothing of the sort

  44. They're still at it

    Chinese criminal gangs kill dogs for profit > everyone makes reference to our race, our entire peoples, how we should be wiped out.

    South American criminal gangs kill and mutilate dogs for profit > no reference to race or even country. Strange!!!

  45. Have a look at this article concerning Chinese and dogs.... it's positive - and MODERATED....

    it also shows how selective media coverage of China by white press has extremely skewed the minds of white people e.g.

    I just don't get the Chinese and dogs. How can they skin alive, wire mouths and front legs behind their backs. Then their are some who go to extraordinary lengths to pamper their pooch. This lil pup is so sweet and has luckily found a lady with a heart.
    - Ebby, Cornwall, 20/3/2013 18:55


    Fed with a constant negative press of China, what does one expect?