Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Burglars Targeted 17 Chinese Takeaways and Restaurants

Burglars Specifically Targeted 17 Chinese Takeaways and Restaurants.

 THREE burglars who raided a Chinese take-away were caught with a map identifying 17 other Chinese restaurants. Today, the trio are all beginning prison sentences after driving to Suffolk from Liverpool to carry out their own takeaway from the Tasty Wok in Nacton Road.

Stolen in the burglary at the Tasty Wok, and found in the defendants’ car, was a Rolex watch, £840 cash, four walkie talkies and two crowbars. A pendant belonging to the restaurant owner’s wife had also been stolen during the burglary.

Robert Sadd, prosecuting, said officers found a map giving the location of 17 Chinese restaurants including the Tasty Wok which had “Monday good” written alongside it. There was telephone evidence to suggest calls had been made to restaurants to check if they were empty.


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  2. Lets hope those 3 get punished properly. Makes a change from being murdered beaten or assaulted. Hopefully we'll see less of these incidents against Chinese businesses, but if Chinese food businesses are now being targeted, and British Chinese businesses still dont have a body of representation, unless this headline is fabricated fear-mongering it'll probably continue.

    Despite issues discussed here

    With the amount of money British Chinese bring to the economy through food businesses, amazing that noones organised a single national support body for Chinese businesses.

    At the very least, bigger the outfits could organise something but they dont care as long as they are doing fine, so with our limited and inflexible tribalist mentality,lack of connection with other Chinese, our British Chinese community is doomed to continue as pockets of independent self sufficient tribes for better or worse.

  3. Thats not the Chinese way. In the past you would move to an area where there were no other shops to maximise your takings.

    This led to a scattered and disparate Chinese community. In the 80s borrowing stuff off shops 2-3 miles away wasn't a big deal. Today nobody knows anybody else. So even with higher density there is more isolation.

    And TBH Chinese are not adverse to screwing people over. Over on the forum there was a post about concert tickets where the buyer charged her FRIENDS 250% mark up on the face value. Menu/sign printing companies for pissy jobs charge way over the odds compared to English companies. I was being quoted £900 when the English co nearby gave me a £140 price. Same with Chinese speciality insurance companies, guess who I go to?

    But I digress.

    I suspected something like this was going on tbh, as I got a lot of calls which hung up on answering.

    Finally the problem with a 'national body' is this is still made up of individuals. Therefore they may not agree.

    For example the Muslim council or whatever it is called. This is supposed to speak for the muslim population in the UK. But a number of Muslim people I know completely disagree with what is said. Can unity even exist in the British community due to the sharp relief between generations?

    1. If Chinese community still made demands for gov funding and complained in unity for some kind of workable national structure support network for Chinese instead of money being spent of BS like yellow earth, whitelicking orientalised arts, and our own online media channel, that would be a positive step forward. Even if that money went to complete waste, which I dont think it would, it cant be wasted any more than some of the crap its being spent on now.

      And even if the brand name groceries and big gov didnt care, if every British Chinese made a small donation say £1, towards a media channel to give us a voice for BBCs/British CHinese in the UK, that would , according to the 2009 figures, be £500000. Even minus all the expenses of advertising and printing you still would be left with a considereable fund. All that would then be needed is to find some trustworthy volunteers to manage that fund until enough awareness was created or funds ran out.

      Any volunteers?

  4. Keep up the good work in reporting and highlighting crimes and incidents targeting the Chinese. Sooner (hopefully) or later the mainstream Chinese will wake up and notice, "hang on, we ARE being picked on aren't we?" and will have their minds shift from passiveness to actually standing up for their people.

    1. Unfortunately if the mainsteam Chinese attitudes are anything like the some Chinese who visit this blog, then they too will probably look to other people to do the dirty work for them, whilst they later reap the benefits.

      However, as it works out, social identity takes a collective and not just one or two vocal members, who will eventually tire of preaching to anonymous fence-sitters.